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Recruitment & Selection

s.Birunda Jency

r.Sangeeth Kumar

Mr.Tibin Abraham

Flippo 3 Types of Recruitment vPlanned vAnticipated vUn-Expected .Recruitment It is the process of searching for prospective employees & stimulating & encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.

rocess of Recruitment .

rovide employees with job security & continuous loyment.cruitment Policy bide by the relevant public policy & legislation on ing & employment relationship. ntegrate organizational needs & employee needs. rovide each employee with freedom & opportunity utilize & develop knowledge & skills to the maximum .

.ntinued…. reat all employees fairly & equitably in all ployment relation ships. men & minority groups. rovide suitable jobs & protection to handicapped. responsible trade unions ncourage e flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the ganization.

lized Recruitment nt.nt Organization ed Recruitment Human resource department erforms all the functions of recruitment. Each department/unit carr .

Sources of Recruitment .

Techniques of Recruitment .

Considerations in Recruitment .

Recruitment Practices in India vInternal sources vPublic employment exchanges vCampus Recruitment vExecutive search agencies/Consultants vLabor Contractors vEmployee Referrals .

Categories of Applicants vSuitable vUn-Suitable .Selection It is a process of matching the qualifications Of applicants with the job requirements.

election Process .

election Testing .

election Interviewing Types of Interview vInformal Interview vFormal Interview vPatterned (or) Structured Interview vNon directed (or) Un structured Interview vDepth Interview vGroup Interview vStress Interview vPanel (or) Board Interview v .

teps in Interviewing Process vPreparation for the Interview vPhysical setting vConducting the Interview vClosing the Interview vEvaluation of results .

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