TNT Logistics and Michelin in North America receive outsourcing excellence award

26 Mai 2004 - 10:37 CET
The Outsourcing Center and Everest Group, in association with Forbes, have announced 2004's most outstanding global outsourcing relationships. TNT Logistics North America and Michelin North America have jointly received the award for 2004's Most Transformational Outsourcing Relationship. 'These relationships demonstrate best practices in creating and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships whose value increases over time,' said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO and founder of Everest Group and Outsourcing Center. 'The winners are superior examples of the strategic use of outsourcing to achieve high value in business transformation and competitive advantage initiatives.' 'Each of the winners demonstrates quality and commitment in all aspects of their relationships,'" said Debra Floyd, Director of Awards Presentations. 'The annual awards process is an integral component of the Outsourcing Center's mission to provide premier information on successful outsourcing principles to the Center's online community. The winners' stories serve as models of how to achieve optimal benefits from outsourcing.' Transformational outsourcing is about building a bridge to the future so the buyer will have adaptability and be able to leverage new capabilities for competitive advantage. 'We are pleased to receive this recognition on behalf of TNT Logistics and Michelin,'" said Mark Morrison, senior vice president of business development, TNT Logistics North America. 'This award would not have been possible without the partnership approach that Michelin has taken in working with us over the past two years. When you have a business relationship that is founded on that principle, so much more can be accomplished.' "This relationship is different in its result of partnership, trust and competence between two very, very large companies," added Bob Brescia, vice president of logistics at Michelin North America. "We look forward to continuing to work with TNT Logistics."

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