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Accordion Service is the place to have your accordion repairs and midi system in stallations done.

With over 30 years experience in accordion repairs you can be sure your accordion will be treated with the utmost care. There's just about not hing that can't be done for your accordion. Here is a list of repairs that Accordion Service can do for you. Accordion Servi ce can replace base, shoulder and bellows straps, bellows taping, bellows corner s, pads, valves, reeds, key tops, back pad and many other parts. Accordion Servi ce can weld your broken key stem, repair a cracked body, replace microphones or install a new mic system, etc. Old school tuning done the way of the master craf tsmen in Castelfidardo Italy. Leon Zukowski who tuned accordions over 20 years f or Accordion International taught us how to tune reeds. Here is a tip for you .. .never use or let anyone use a dremmel grinder on your accordion reeds. I use hi gh quality reed stock to repace broken reeds. Midi System installation, repairs and tuning service. Have your accordion custom ized with a midi system. Select from my own custom designed system or a prefab M usictech kit. I am the only service to offer a custom midi system that can be in stalled into any accordion. Customization can include a volume control for midi channel 1 right side, 2 chords and 3 bass. Additionally it can have bellows pres sure controlled volume. The controls can be installed on the front grill or in a small box panel that can mount on the grill. The price for a basic midi system starts at $1000.00. It takes from 3 to 6 weeks to install depending on the detai ls of the work order. I have been repairing accordions for over 30 years and I tune reeds the old scho ol master way. I can repair your electronic accordion too. I have serviced many accordion brands. I am the only accordion service person in the USA that can rep air both electronic and acoustic accordion problems. I am an authorized repair t ech for Roland, Yamaha, Orla, Iorio, SEM, Musictech and many other brands. Accordion Service has repaired hundreds of accordions. Here is a short list of b rands. Guerrini, Giulietti, Hohner, Bell, Titano, Gabbanelli, Petosa, Excelsior, Beltuna, Tyrolean, Zupon, Strasser, Palo Soprani, Pancordion, Stradovox, Weltme ister, Nunzio, Crucianelli, Philharmonic, Scandalli, Roland, Orlavox, Ciao, SEM, Musictech, Iorio, Elkavox, Cordovox ...ok that enough? Please contact us with your questions about a midi system or repairs to your acc ordion, sound module, keyboard or amplifier. Email us at midi@accordionservice.c om.