Low-income women want affordable, dignified maternal care

LifeSpring is innovatively meeting the demand

To provide high quality and affordable core maternal health care to women from lower-income households across India

• More than 100,000 women die each year in India due to causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

• Almost two thirds of all births are unattended by a skilled health worker.
The majority of these deaths can be averted with proper maternal care and institutional delivery.

LifeSpring Hospitals is a growing chain of maternity hospitals that enable lower income women to access affordable, high quality maternal care.

with strict clinical guidelines • Quality-related metrics analyzed every day • Less than 1% infant mortality/morbidity rate. compared to int’l standards of 5% and under Our Service Normal Delivery Caesarian Delivery Doctor Consultation Our Price Rs 4.000 ($80) Rs 9.1 HIGH QUALITY MATERNAL HEALTHCARE • ISO-certified. 4 AFFORDABILITY • Our customers earn $2-4 a day. instead of passive recipients of charity.50) 2 LOW COST OPERATOR • Specialization in maternal healthcare and “no frills” approach • Savings passed onto our customers 3 CUSTOMER FOCUS OUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT RECIPIENTS OF CHARITY • High volumes enable optimal resource utilization • Standardized procedures and paraskilling Women who come to our hospitals are customers demanding dignified maternal care. generally have a 10th grade education level • Most of their husbands work in the informal sector • LS prices are 30-50% lower than market prices .000 ($180) Rs 75 ($1.

.800 6 Number of Hospitals 9 LifeSpring is impacting the lives of thousands of Indian women.OUR IMPACT Number of Healthy Babies Born in LifeSpring Hospitals 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2008 2010 2. We plan to scale up throughout India over the next 5 years.000 1 2005 2008 2010 5. We aim to serve as a model for providing high quality maternal services to the poor. We are easing the burden of health care costs and increasing the occurrence of institutional delivery. LIFESPRING IS ALTERING THE MATERNAL HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE IN INDIA Low-income women in India are usually forced to choose between under-resourced public hospitals and unaffordable private hospitals. LifeSpring gives these women an alternative.

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