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Life Spring Low Cost Maternity Hospitals

Life Spring Low Cost Maternity Hospitals

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Published by Stuart Bennett

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Published by: Stuart Bennett on Jul 12, 2011
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Low-income women want affordable, dignified maternal care

LifeSpring is innovatively meeting the demand

To provide high quality and affordable core maternal health care to women from lower-income households across India

• More than 100,000 women die each year in India due to causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

• Almost two thirds of all births are unattended by a skilled health worker.
The majority of these deaths can be averted with proper maternal care and institutional delivery.

LifeSpring Hospitals is a growing chain of maternity hospitals that enable lower income women to access affordable, high quality maternal care.

50) 2 LOW COST OPERATOR • Specialization in maternal healthcare and “no frills” approach • Savings passed onto our customers 3 CUSTOMER FOCUS OUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT RECIPIENTS OF CHARITY • High volumes enable optimal resource utilization • Standardized procedures and paraskilling Women who come to our hospitals are customers demanding dignified maternal care. 4 AFFORDABILITY • Our customers earn $2-4 a day. generally have a 10th grade education level • Most of their husbands work in the informal sector • LS prices are 30-50% lower than market prices .000 ($180) Rs 75 ($1. instead of passive recipients of charity. with strict clinical guidelines • Quality-related metrics analyzed every day • Less than 1% infant mortality/morbidity rate.000 ($80) Rs 9. compared to int’l standards of 5% and under Our Service Normal Delivery Caesarian Delivery Doctor Consultation Our Price Rs 4.1 HIGH QUALITY MATERNAL HEALTHCARE • ISO-certified.

LifeSpring gives these women an alternative.800 6 Number of Hospitals 9 LifeSpring is impacting the lives of thousands of Indian women. We plan to scale up throughout India over the next 5 years. We aim to serve as a model for providing high quality maternal services to the poor. We are easing the burden of health care costs and increasing the occurrence of institutional delivery. . LIFESPRING IS ALTERING THE MATERNAL HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE IN INDIA Low-income women in India are usually forced to choose between under-resourced public hospitals and unaffordable private hospitals.000 1 2005 2008 2010 5.OUR IMPACT Number of Healthy Babies Born in LifeSpring Hospitals 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2008 2010 2.

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