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48185945 Black Child Development Under White Supremacy Dr Amos Wilson Audio Lecture and More

48185945 Black Child Development Under White Supremacy Dr Amos Wilson Audio Lecture and More

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February 4, 2011

Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System
Including an Audio Lecture by The Honorable Dr. Amos Wilson“Black Child Development Under White Supremacy”

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Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 1

going to the movies. 2011 Black Child Development Under White Supremacy Open the Lecture Playlist In two masterful lectures contained within the pages of this modest text.February 4. Areas covered in the book and audio include:          Are Black and White Children the same? Are there any significant differences in the mental and physical growth and development of Black and White Children? Are such leisure time activities as the playing of certain games. Wilson challenges the all too pervasive assumption and false perception that the "New World Order" is somehow ordained -that if Afrikan people are to progress..V. watching T. listening to the radio.Q. Please listen to his audio lectures intently and then view/ study the videos in the context of his pearls of wisdom. Dr Wilson de-bunks this myth with an insightful analysis of the Legacy of Marcus Garvey and the proven validity of Afrikan Centered Consciousness as necessary. hazardous to the mental health of Black Children? Why do Black Children generally score lower than White Children on I. This of course is patently false. they have no other Alter-native but to remain colonized by White Western Inte-rests. Educator: Huey Freeman (The Maccabean Prince) Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 2 . Dr. tests? Is the Black Child merely a White Child who "happens" to be "painted" Black? What effects does race awareness have on the mental and personality development of Black Children? Is the use of Black English a sign of mental inferiority? Do Black parents socialize their children to be inferior to White Children? Why have integrated schools and busing failed so many Black Children? This media was originally provided for a 2007 Lesson by RBG Comrade and Sr.

another one of Africa‟s foremost educators of the 20th century. 2011 Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System By Hort. September 2007 As African children head back to school to face another school year I would like to make an attempt to explain to our community and particularly to young parents why and how the African child has been systematically mis-educated in the western world during the last 500 years. they are seriously mistaken. "The education of African people is an urgent necessity. it must have been because our ancestors worked as a group and understood that on reaching adulthood that child would in turn do everything to promote the interests of their group. because the purpose of an education is to improve and further the interests of one‟s own group and to ensure its survival. Our ancestors therefore never left the education of their children to chance because the cohesiveness of their society was of prime importance. Wilson. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 3 .” If it took a whole village to raise a child. We cannot abide another generation of children who have no identity and who are ignorant about Africa. posed a crucial question that all African parents and our community need to ask. However. when we study African civilization we can clearly see that it was well organized and group oriented and there is even an African proverb which states “it takes a whole village to raise a child. the Chinese. since that is what they do. then it is imperative that they no longer leave the education of their children solely in the hands of the western educational system.m in the afternoon. It is a matter of life and death. but rather to follow the advice of Malcolm X who told us years ago that “the black child‟s education starts when the school bells rings at 4 p. What is the purpose of an education? He said that most black people have been „trained‟ to think it is „to get a job with one of the „fortune 500‟ companies”. Yet.” (This may vary depending on what time school ends in your country) We didn‟t follow his advice then and today our youth are suffering the consequences. The situation of African children around the planet has considerably deteriorated since the days of Malcolm X. according to Dr. so that they can better understand the root causes of some of the aberrations and self destructive forms of behavior they see in our community and to help them realize that if they want a brighter future for their children and for our community. Our people often look at them and marvel at their unity and wonder why in contrast our community seems so fragmented and disorganized. the Jews and other groups understand this. so that we are now forced to follow the advice of Dr Asa Hilliard one of Africa‟s great educators who died recently and left us these parting words.February 4. Obviously the Indians." The late Professor Amos Wilson.

as Prof Wilson has again pointed out. at the end of apartheid instead of putting reparations and land redistribution as a top priority for South Africa‟s black victims. educators. yet we suffer the worst health. African people have never had so many talented and educated economists. yet the only thing that South African blacks have received to date is some propaganda about living happily in a mythical rainbow colored society. If African leaders allow the West to take their wealth to feed Europeans and leave Africans to starve and face death. today. Colin Powell. this new system of education ran counter to the interests and needs of Africans. how have African people become such a fragmented and disorganized group of people today? “Why can‟t we be like the Indians and the Japanese?” the question one of my 17 year old nephews asked me some years ago. if we want to liberate African people from oppression.” We do ourselves a great disservice when we compare ourselves to other people since we can only compare that which is similar. our people hold advanced degrees from some of the most prestigious Ivy League schools and universities and can solve any myriad of problems for other groups but since they have not received an African centred education when it comes to their own. housing. When slavery and later colonization took place the vision that our ancestors had of educating and raising African children was taken out of their control and a new way was imposed on African people. lawyers. Neither the Indians nor the Japanese have had that experience and therefore it is absolutely pointless to compare ourselves to them. who sent African American soldiers to kill other African people in Grenada. and our people were forcefully taken to another land and enslaved. We are different because Africa was attacked by Arabs and Europeans. reconciliation with whites. and education on the planet because our education was never designed to promote our interests but rather the goals and the interests of our oppressors.February 4. Worse. As a result. This is one of the reasons why African parents must be extremely careful with the kind of role models they present to their children. For example. Nelson Mandela is feted all over the western world and the British even unveiled a statue of him recently in London. because in their zeal to promote the interests of others they often end up doing harm to their own people. sociologists. artists. The self destructive behavior and derogative lyrics of the rap generation is a striking example of children who have not been taught to promote their interests. should never be considered a good role model for our children. etc. 2011 So. the criminals. all their knowledge is null and void. The answer is quite simple. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 4 . As a result. doctors. became the main goal. it is because they too have been taught to work against their own interests. the more alienated they are from African culture and more of a menace to our group. not dissimilar. Furthermore. Sometimes the more educated they become. We cannot be like them because we do not have the same historical experience. So. Danny Glover is a much better model for our children to emulate than Condoleezza Rice.

the whites move out. so obviously they do. If we are so mistaken about why we are here and our relationship with its inhabitants is it any wonder that our children and our community are so confused and have so many problems in their daily lives? In 1888. they are Chinese. Jews. I used to teach African culture in an after school program several years ago and the first question we asked the children was the reason for our people‟s presence here in the West. our people extract the diamonds and gold from the ground while Indians. “Jesus is coming back soon” or “we are going to reduce poverty in Africa” or “we want to help Africa” What date specifically is Jesus coming back? By what date exactly are they going to reduce poverty and by how much? or what specific area of activity are they planning to focus on? We don‟t know. In sports and in music all the owners are white and the players and singers are black. Yet. In Africa. They were brought to be the slaves and servants of the people who enslaved them. but because of our ignorance western propaganda has made us believe that it is Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 5 . a racist French philosopher described Europe‟s economic vision of our world when he said. Dr. Also very. to work. Wilson gives us an explanation. a race to till the soil. Once again. The language is vague because it‟s not meant to be taken seriously and they know that our people will not demand anything more specific. We serve our white masters. Ernest Renan. most black people will answer this question by a vague “we were brought here as slaves. 2011 This new manner of raising and educating black children however has always posed a problem in the western world. Lebanese and Western businessmen sit in their offices all day and reap the benefits. this racially organized economic system has existed for the last 500 years but sadly African people are totally unaware of this fact because they are kept ignorant and uninformed the world over. very vague. “Nature has given us a race of workers. In return. For example in the Caribbean most of the business and hotel owners as well as the tourists are white. they are Africans and a race of rulers and soldiers. they are Europeans”. This is exactly the world we live in today. This inability to understand the real reason for our presence in the West has led our community to the false assumption that we are here to „live in peace and harmony with whites. watch and pray and hope for a better day. None of them ever responded by saying that African people were here to work as servants for white people. we are asked to blindly believe.February 4.” Have you ever noticed that anything meant for African people is often vague? For example. This imbalance exists even in countries where the majority of the population is black. while the workers are mostly black. It is also this racially segmented economic system which is responsible for the persistent poverty and underdevelopment in Africa and the other countries where our people reside.‟ How many times have we heard black people say “they don‟t see color” yet when they move into a white neighborhood. because African people were not brought to the West to be educated. Yet what black people actually do is very specific. in other words. In fact. It is problematic he says.

The reason Chinese investment in Africa today terrifies the West is because they fear it may actually help lift Africans out of poverty and thus threaten their racially segmented economic system.February 4. it was better for the „negroes‟ to have at least a minimal amount of education. most of the anti democratic leaders in Africa are still in power because of the West. Now you understand why every country you visit and in every area of activity the owners and those who make money are always white or are close to white. Improve the living conditions and corruption and crime will quickly disappear. but when and where in Africa has the West ever respected human rights? In fact. A few continued to believe that “negroes should continue to be worked like beasts of burden and be kept in total ignorance. you will usually find high unemployment and intolerable living conditions because it is a consequence and not the cause. We are meant to transfer our hatred to our leaders rather than to the racist economic system that Europeans have willfully put in place to impoverish Africans. Corruption in Africa therefore is not the cause of poverty but a consequence of it. where ever you see crime take a good look.” however they finally agreed that it was in their best interest to educate our ancestors. everywhere on this planet. To keep African people impoverished the West intentionally bypasses Africa and the ghettos where many of our people live and invest in the Asian countries. Under globalization. its modern name. This is what African parents must begin to understand so that they can explain to their children why African people are consistently at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. In fact. the masses of poor people are passive if not there would be thousands of revolts every day. capitalism. People in Africa are corrupt because they do not earn enough money to live decently and therefore must resort to illegal methods to make ends meet. Luckily. Now that we know that African people were brought to the West exclusively to work and serve whites. To punish the Chinese. 2011 because our leaders are incompetent and corrupt. while those who work. the West has simply mounted a propaganda campaign accusing them of selling tainted products and of ignoring human rights in Africa. 80% of the world is still exploited by the 20% who still continue to own all the wealth. some of them began to realize that in order to further their commercial interests. communism and now globalization) is simply a strategy that the West uses to make us. socialism. cannot survive without access to a large number of unpaid workers or people who are barely paid. In their original plans Europeans had had no Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 6 . where did the rationale behind the education of black children come from? After Europeans had succeeded in making our ancestors almost as ignorant as the animals they said they were after years of chattel slavery. serve and are exploited are always black or close to it. It‟s a very simple equation but of course no one is interested in this option because the capitalist system. Changing the name periodically (feudalism. the ignorant masses believe that there is genuine change taking place in society. and not to “live in peace and harmony” with them. which is really the old Roman slave system under a different name. industrialization.

years ago. In fact. In fact. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 7 . black unemployment was totally unheard of in the West since every African man. one of the reasons that African children are doing so badly in the educational system is precisely because their education continues to depend on the needs of the western economic system. fewer students will graduate and thus fewer will enter the workforce. if the economy is experiencing a boom. This is the real reason why there is very little investment in black education because there is an economic imperative to considerably reduce the flow of African children graduating and entering the workforce. As a result. So. more students will graduate from college and university in order to enter the work force and if there is a recession. The education of the black child in the western educational system therefore was never designed to develop the individual personality or the intellect of African children and to help them reach their fullest potential. woman and child was fully employed from sunrise to sunset. since there are no available jobs for them and thus it is pointless to waste money educating them. Isn‟t it ironic that curbing immigration from Africa is the biggest issue in the West today where quotas and fluency in Western languages are requirements for emigrating to the West? In France they are even planning to test the DNA of relatives who simply want to rejoin their families. The western economy has not been doing well for several years now because the new technology has not been able to provide the large numbers of jobs which the old industries like steel and coal did. universities and colleges have been forced to reduce the number of people entering the workforce. 2011 intentions of educating African people. it will do the complete opposite. The stark reality is that the business world is linked to education and therefore whatever happens in the economic sphere will have an impact on education. We would still be uneducated today if Europeans had not deemed it a necessary requirement. The educational system works like a bottleneck to control the flow of students entering the workforce. How unfortunate that Europeans did not enforce these practices 500 years ago because they would have saved Africans a tremendous amount of pain.e. Europeans couldn‟t build ships fast enough to go to Africa to kidnap Africans and bring them to the West to work.February 4. The decision to educate was strictly based on the economic requirements of the day which needed a number of educated Africans in order for the West to achieve its goals. It is obvious that if the economy is suffering this will have an adverse effect on African people since our education since the days of slavery has been intricately linked to the state of the Western economy. Might I remind you that 400 years ago. I. If you listen to propaganda however you may easily believe it is because they are intellectually inferior and lazy. This has led economists to conclude that long term unemployment will now be a permanent fixture of the western economy.

This is why „tolerance zero‟ was introduced and why a 15 year old African American youth who stole a simple chocolate bar would receive a 15 year jail sentence from a US court. They were overwhelmed by its organization. its style. everything but most particularly. Knowing the kind of social disruption that able bodied. its tremendous wealth. When Europeans entered Africa for the first time and saw the tremendous civilization our ancestors had methodically collected.) To understand why Europeans were so afraid of the content of African education we must go further back into our past. its architecture. who only a twisted mind could call great. they had to deal with the problem of the content of their education. Philip of Macedonia. then it is clear why African children have become a liability rather than an asset and are underachieving in school.( African people have since become the minority. stored and preserved from millennia they were mesmerized. its opulence. he was killed while waging another one of his numerous wars. they inject drugs into our communities and pray for a quick demise either by a drug overdose or a bullet to the brain as our young men pretend to be mafia bosses fighting over turf. his son Alexander. its creativity. its intelligence. the West has decided to channel them into prisons as a solution in order to prevent the kind of revolts that occurred in the French suburbs 2 years ago. the most advanced African civilization at the time and own it for himself. in short.February 4. decided that as he was the most powerful person in the West he had to conquer Egypt. After the Europeans had finally decided to educate African children. Europeans had heard about its glory and its extraordinary civilization. young men of working age unable to find a job can create in society. Unfortunately. Before they had even set foot in Africa. What were they to teach these „negroes?‟ All of the aberrations and self destructive behavioral patterns that we see in our community can be traced right back to this moment when Europeans had to make a decision about the kind of information they were going to transmit to African people. When African children entered the western school system for the first time. 2011 If we accept that in the western system an individual‟s importance depends on their financial worth. Today in the western media we are inundated with propaganda of “a poverty stricken Africa” but Europeans knew then and still know now how tremendously wealthy Africa is. there was great fear among the slaveholders that if Africans were taught „the wrong‟ information. like the typical warmongering European megalomaniac. Fortunately. decided to fulfill his father‟s dream and did eventually conquer Egypt. it is precisely because of Africa‟s genius and its tremendous wealth why African people were enslaved in the first place. In fact. To deaden the pain of those who have lost all hope of a better future. Europeans were envious and wanted to have Africa all for themselves but they also felt ashamed and it was at this moment that the crime which they would Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 8 . (the truth) they would lose complete control over them especially since our ancestors numerically outnumbered whites in the new world at that time.

So where did the West get all its architecture. there has been a lot of talk about the end of western civilization and we have all heard conservative and right wing politicians in the West lamenting the loss of western values. Before they visited Africa they had none of these things. you will see an arsenal of weaponry and materials for waging war. In short.They got them from Africa. inferior. its so called values. you will see walled cities. In recent years.February 4. This is what he said. preparing for the afterlife. Even Jean Francois Champoleon who deciphered the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone felt shame when he visited the tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings and saw the different races depicted there. even inventing the very wig that so many black women can no longer do without today. It‟s a leitmotiv in their writings. when they came into contact with Africa‟s splendor. pistols. “(Asia here means people from the Middle East and not from China) this forces us to ask the following question. had spent their time on this planet mapping the stars. living not only in Europe. This may surprise many people but the West has never had a civilization if you exclude war from that definition. In fact. As a result. But what is Western civilization? What exactly are Western values? If you have travelled across Europe as I have. In my opinion. in short. laws. medicine. mummifying their dead. religion. studying the changing seasons. war is not what most people imagine when they think about civilization. So what has been promoted as Western civilization Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 9 .. but in Asia. which could not be otherwise: but there were some important and strange differences between the namou ( the Asians) and the tamhou ( the Europeans) …. and so they were envious and started plotting to take Africa for themselves and enslave African people and that is exactly what they have done. trying to build the things that we consider today as civilization. architecture. inventing literature. Africans in contrast. all manner of swords and statues of war heroes. military forts. Europeans felt inadequate. Finally (and I am ashamed to say this because our race was the last and most savage of all in those ancient times) but we must be honest and admit that we did not paint a very pretty figure in those days. “Why did Europeans feel shame when they came into contact with Africa? Where did their shame stem from? It is this shame which is behind our enslavement and oppression. “We also found Egyptians and other Africans depicted in the same way. the arts. worshiping their gods. ashamed. Here I am referring to all the people with blonde hair and white skin. One of the things that struck me as I studied Ancient Egyptian civilization was the number of times the word „shame‟ appeared in the writings of many of the European travellers to Egypt. human rights ideas. canons. and guns. mathematics. 2011 carry out later in the 15th century when they discovered the New World began to take shape in their minds. etc? . because they had built nothing similar in Europe. only weapons of war. Europeans had spent their time on the planet developing more and more lethal weapons to wage war and kill each other. their place of origin. inventing the calendar. writing.

Mr.February 4. So they can‟t understand for example how slavery and human rights can co-exist side by side but if you understand that one comes from Europe (slavery) and the other comes from Africa (human rights). As many people are unaware that the West has claimed African civilization as its own. Next time the G8 countries get together and begin to wax lyrical about how they intend to lift Africans out of poverty. Bush talks about god and drops cluster bombs which kill women and children in the same breath. manuals and other materials that Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 10 . Furthermore. . the ships our ancestors travelled across the Atlantic Ocean on had biblical names such as „the good ship Jesus” or “John the Baptist. Today. 2011 during the last 500 years is none other than the civilization of African people which they have simply confiscated and claimed as their very own. This is exactly what his ancestors. the West has reached the peak of its power and it is still in the warmongering business. Iraq is a recent example and perhaps Iran will be next in line. to the point where Rwandans exterminated 4 million of their own people in the short space of only 3 months. The problem was only solved when the minority white population realized they were the sole decision makers in terms of what information was to be taught or withheld from their black students and furthermore. poverty and exploitation on one hand and false philanthropy on the other in our world. please do yourself a favor and turn off your television. they had the monopoly in the writing and in the publication of the books. Do you remember that Europeans were holding a book in their hands which clearly stated „thou shalt not kill‟ while they were raping and killing our ancestors? Worse. as they do not genuinely believe in such concepts they often end up only paying lip service to them. and still sowing death and destruction in its path. they certainly couldn‟t allow black and white children to compete equally because the white children would have been humiliated by the brilliance of the Africans. then there is absolutely no contradiction whatsoever. If you have ever wondered why there are so many humanitarian and Christian organizations all over Africa apparently working to help lift Africans out of poverty. it now prefers to let the other races kill each other while it concentrates on supplying all the materials necessary for them to accomplish this task and rake in the profits from their deaths. yet Africans still do not have access to clean drinking water now you know why. especially from the deaths of African people who unfortunately have become infected with the western warmongering virus after centuries of close contact. The education of the black child caused great fear among the Europeans because they knew the genius of the people they had enslaved. This dichotomy can be observed in many areas in western society because they have simply juxtaposed their warmongering culture to African civilization and promoted it as their own.” Today. the founding fathers. however. Now you can understand why there is so much injustice. did when they exterminated the Amerindians.. What could they therefore teach African children whose birthright they had stolen? For a start. they are often confused by the contradictions they see in Western society. the original inhabitants of the USA.

Professor Wilson says that the education of the black child has never been and can never be the same as that of the white child because the white child must be taught how to rule and dominate others. this behavior is simply a self defense mechanism which they adopt in order to avoid feelings of inadequacy... hence the dual role of the western educational system. in other words. thus making this knowledge inaccessible to future generations of African people. Worse. it is the information they teach in the school system which destroys the self esteem and the will to succeed in our children and that is exactly what it is intended for. however. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 11 . Since most of our people are unaware of the importance Sudan in our history the impending catastrophe which the proposed Kajbar Dam represents leaves them totally indifferent. Mr. they continue to teach our children how to serve and obey which of course our young males totally reject. whites often give the impression that it is really of no value whatsoever. In short. As a result. hierarchy between schools. In fact. When black people dominate an area of activity or profession. 2011 black people would read.February 4. For example. begin to experience difficulty and eventually they drop out and become delinquents. just like in Egypt with the building of the Aswan Dam will erase forever all of Africa's ancient history in the Sudan. so instead they decided to distort both African and world history by teaching falsehood. This fear of being humiliated by African people is still very strong today and is one reason why many whites abandon certain professions and sports that black people enter and why they are so hesitant to allow black people into certain professions. In spite of all the talk about equality. inferiority and the pain of being outperformed by African people. or that this is where this style of architecture originated. So. etcetera. they lose interest in school. most people still do not know that there are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt. In order to maintain this two tiered system they have invented all kinds of covert strategies such as intelligence tests. yet Roman civilization had not even begun when Pyramid building stopped in Egypt around the 14th Dynasty.” the educational system in the West has not changed one iota since the days of slavery and continues to ensure that African children receive an inferior quality of education in comparison to their white counterparts. they simply decided to give our children an inferior quality of education instead. Bush‟s famous „no child left behind policy. many people today are unaware that Egyptian civilization predates that of Rome by thousands of years because they have erroneously been presented as contemporaneous. This dam. while the black child must be taught how to serve and obey. desegregation and. the civilization of Nubia (Sudan) predates that of Egypt. Teaching African children about their glorious past would have been counterproductive because of their fear of being humiliated by Africans. the same feelings their ancestors experienced so many centuries ago when they first encountered Africans. special education classes. In fact.

they were taught that Africans were an oral people who knew nothing about writing. God sent kind-hearted and charitable European Christians (Tarzan) to civilize them and to teach them his word in order to save them from themselves. both black and white and is one of the reasons for the rampant and chronic racism in our societies today. the ancient Egyptians. because of these distortions most black people are totally ignorant about their true history. they were taught that it was the Greeks and Romans. African people invented rock and rap but it is Elvis Presley who is known as the king of rock and roll while Eminem became the first rapper to win an Oscar. Instead of being taught about the great Shona civilization of Zimbabwe that built a city bigger than London or the artistic genius of the Nok civilization of Nigeria. This was how the theft of African civilization. devil worshipers who God himself had cursed and therefore we deserved to be their slaves. African children were divested of their names and their languages. (the pyramids. For example. like our ancestors. plagiarized from the Egyptian Osirian myth. (the slave master. Mark Dean and Dr. the computer would not have become accessible to the masses of people on the planet today. they were taught that it was Hippocrates. the brainwashing and the miseducation of African children and African people took place. understood that if you „train up a child in the way that you want it to go. 2011 Today. Instead of being taught about the first universities founded by their ancestors in Timbuktu and Djenne in Mali. and Africans at the bottom and justified it by saying they were “god‟s chosen people” and therefore superior and that God had given them „a land overflowing with milk and honey‟.Philip Emeagali. (Africa) while our ancestors were heathen. If their plan has been so successful it is because they knew that in order to succeed they would have to target African children at a very early age. This story promised African children a life of suffering (hell) if they were disobedient to their master. Instead of being told that Imhotep the Egyptian was the father of medicine. were the true builders of civilization. ancestors roamed the wild jungles from morn till night practicing cannibalism and that luckily. They. Instead of teaching African children that their ancestors. when it is old it will not depart from it‟ and that is why from the beginning of slavery. two African scientists. where their primitive. To add insult to injury. Today whites continue to promote African genius as their own. not a supreme being as many black people mistakenly believe) but heavenly wealth after death if they obeyed. Furthermore.February 4. to submit Africans to their authority. they used religion to terrify African children by teaching them the fictitious story of the bible. savage. obelisks and temples still stand as proof today).(paradise) Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 12 . These vicious lies continue to be believed by millions of people. they were told that their homeland was a “dark” continent. Bill Gates has become a household name and a millionaire but without the genius of Dr. Likewise. they invented a racial hierarchy with themselves at the top. as fact.

Westerners live comfortably. live in the most horrible conditions imaginable. The Western educational system therefore will always produce dysfunctional African children because having committed the most horrendous crime on this planet and lied about it they are forced to continue. We suffer the worst health. believe they must work hard to promote Western interests and all the other fantasies which our people accept as fact which are too numerous to mention here. are the most disrespected and abused people and do not live life as it should be lived. intensify their feelings of worthlessness and self hatred and increase their admiration for the West. eat properly. that western civilization is better than their own. destroy their confidence. believe that Africa is facing a demographic explosion (overpopulation) and dying from Aids (depopulation) at the same time (an illogical equation). 2011 The real tragedy is that this distorted African story that generations of black children were forced to memorize. believe they must fight in the illegal wars waged by the West all around the planet. injustice and exploitation has always existed in our world. enjoy good health and live long and happy lives. Reparations can never ever compensate for the incalculable damage this myth has caused to millions of African people who have literally put their lives on hold in our world because they sincerely believe that only after death will they truly begin to live. Their propaganda machine must continue to make African people believe in the fantasy of the bible. Many Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 13 . This is also the reason they treat us in the most despicable manner. The tragic irony is that today it is African people. believe that Africa is a continent without a future. alive. This is the reason their media feed our children negative information 24 hours a day that is designed to sap their energy. believe that poverty. The goal is to make every African child a Michael Jackson This is the strategic destruction of the African psyche that the West has put into place and why it is important that African parents and the African community understand these negative forces which are working to destroy our children in order to delay the liberation of African people. believe that whites are superior. In short. This is what I believe Dr Kamau Kambon was trying to get across when he said 2 years ago that “the solution to the black man‟s problem was the white man‟s extermination”. They are its most fanatical adherents in contrast to their oppressors own people who have long since stopped believing in this myth.February 4. believe Africa is poor. who are keeping this religion which was forcefully imposed upon our children during slavery. That is why black churchgoers often say „we are only passing through‟ in this world. the victims. But we can be resurrected by erasing them from our minds in the same way that they erased African history from ours. continue to be taken literally by millions of African people around the globe. they are alive while we are dead because they have killed us. What else can they say considering the lives that most of our people lead? On the other hand. who have spent their entire lives waiting for this ancient Superman named Jesus Christ to burst through the clouds and deliver them from evildoers.

We must tell the truth.More and more African people are only just beginning to realize this. 2011 people in their ignorance thought he meant the physical extermination of white people. Once you tell a lie you must tell another. they must kill the white man metaphorically. although seriously ill? Does he really exist? Why did the West lie about the war in Kuwait? Why was the world made to believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction when he didn‟t? Why was he killed? What is the real reason behind the so called war on terrorism? Why are they now picking on Iran? What are they hiding? Who can tell us the truth? These questions and a million more is what the Western world would rather not have to answer African people and the rest of the world after 500 years of telling them nothing but lies. They would have to admit the theft of African civilization. It is ludicrous to think he was talking about their physical elimination since the West has weapons which can annihilate every single African person on the planet. writing. the mass murder of African people and the perpetuation of lies. collecting. Why was it destroyed? Who is Ben Laden? Why have they been unable to find him. physics. recording. our laws and our concepts. then who are the people in Israel parading as Jews? Why have they been placed there? Why does the USA defend them so stubbornly? What is the real purpose of the pope? What information are they hiding in the Vatican? What have they done with the information they took out of Africa? What really happened during the Second World War? Who was Hitler? Why did the church protect neo-Nazis? That would raise more questions about the recent past such as. . mathematics. then who are its real authors? Is it true that Shakespeare was one of its writers and that is why he is known as the most famous writer ever? If there are no chosen people.February 4. but they can cause you many troubles. That is what the West has done but their lies are catching up with them and they will have to pay the consequences. if the Bible is fiction. zombied state and lead happy and fulfilling lives. What he obviously meant was that in order for African people to come out of their comatose. On the internet under the bible story about the stolen birthright this is the warning that you will read “It never pays to tell a lie. For example. their heirs. our administration. our medicine. and another to cover up the first lie. They come from Africa and there are 42 of them Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 14 . just like it did for Jacob and Rebecca”. We must no longer allow the West to claim African civilization as their own because our ancestors spent millions of years painstakingly observing. astronomy. our obelisks. mentally by replacing his lies with the truth. We must reclaim the famous 10 commandments which we have been taught god gave to a man named Moses. Furthermore it would raise too many questions. The West will never willingly admit the truth because they have too much to lose. who really destroyed the world trade centre building on September 11th. to allow Western bullies who refused to do the same for their people to simply come along. Not only will all these lies catch up with you. steal it and claim it as their own simply because they had more advanced weapons than our ancestors. creating and preserving it for us. We must reclaim our pyramids.

This is why they seem so unified and organized as a people. Our ancestors demand that we reclaim our birthright that was stolen from us. when African people want to work for African companies rather than western multinationals. when they prefer to give their children African names rather than European ones. when African people want to defend Africa before they defend the West. That is the price that our ancestors paid and our people continue to pay for the theft of our land. when they love Africans first before loving Europeans.‟ We must study African history to find out what our ancestors left for us and every single concept or object that they invented we must take back. We will know that our people have reclaimed their birthright when African people want to study and receive diplomas from African schools and universities rather than those in the West. when African parents prefer to give their children African looking dolls rather than European ones. Their propaganda has made us believe that the worst holocaust on this planet was in Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 15 . We don‟t behave like them because Europeans did not tamper with their normal behavior patterns in order to subjugate them and use them to further Western interests. It‟s called the „Ankh. 2011 which our ancestors called the MAAT (the divine principles of peace. when they prefer to pray to an African god rather than a European one. when they feel empathy and compassion for African people first before they feel them for Europeans. their own laws and their own currency rather than continue to use those of the West. This is what our ancestors did because this is how normal human beings behave. harmony. when Africans reject the warmongering religions of their enemies and return to the religions of their ancestors. and finally. their own political system.‟ Even the very cross that the church uses is African. when they remove the artificial borders created by the west and return to Africa‟s natural borders. This is also what the Japanese.February 4. when African people stop bleaching their skin because they prefer their own. the Indians and the Jews that our community admires so much actually do and is the secret of their success. our wealth and our subjugation. when Africans set up their own economic system. when Africans stop saying „they don‟t see color‟ and are proud to be Africans. when they want to study African history before they study the history of the west. when African men stop Europeans and Arabs from sexually abusing and enslaving African women and children. when they want African languages to be the official languages of Africa and teach them to their children rather than those of the West. when our young men and women especially our famous people want to marry African people rather than European men and women. when Africans want to use their resources to develop and improve the lives of their people first before the lives of Europeans. balance and justice) while the West calls them the „negative confessions. How do you think they were able to conquer Africa and bring us to the West to be their servants so that most of us today only want „to live in peace and harmony with our enemies?‟ Do you think it was by whispering sweet words in our ears? It was by exterminating 600 million Africans and turning us into abnormal human beings.

In a war. considering that we have been taught nothing but lies during the last 500 years.. All the aberrations that we see in our community and which makes us so fragmented and disorganized is a result of this horrendous crime. 2011 Nazi Germany where 8 million died. their sociologists. In fact. Why do they want to start a war in Iran today and remove Ahmadinejad? Does he know too much? What exactly do they not want the world to know? Why did they kill Saddam Hussein so quickly? I‟m sure it has nothing to do with the death of the Kurds.February 4. look after their children. The only way for African people to stop to behaving unnaturally is to learn how that process took place. we need to find out the real reason why they have poked that down our throats. you do whatever is necessary to destroy your adversary and that is what Europe did. when we become Africans again most of us will want to live in Africa rather than in the West. who will become their new slaves when we decide to return home to Africa? The Asians? The Arabs? I doubt it. brutalize murder and rape with impunity when we leave? How many Jenna 6‟s do you think they will have when we go back to Africa? Who will fill up their prisons? Who will do all the jobs that African people have done for them during the last 500 years? In short. Finally. their judges. We should want to know the answers to these questions. to talk about it and then to make a conscious effort to practice the above mentioned behavior. we should be very suspicious of every single thing that we have been told. That is why the return to Africa must be handled with extreme caution because African people are in grave danger of being reenslaved when they finally come out of their daze and decide to return home. The Iranian president Ahmadinejad has said that “the Jewish holocaust is a myth” and other people who have raised questions about this are immediately sent to prison or accused of antisemetism. That is why each person of African descent must become a modern day sleuth to find out exactly what happened on this planet. but we cannot heal if we continue to deny that we were intentionally made to behave in an abnormal manner by our enemy because it was the only way to subjugate us and to steal our land and our wealth. their teachers. and provide their entertainment? Who will provide jobs for their police. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 16 . however. This is the nightmare of the western world as it means they will lose their entire low paid labor force which they have depended on for the last 500 years. Can you imagine the economic catastrophe that will take place in the West when African people wake up from their anesthesia and decide to return home to Africa? Who will cook their food. It is this “slave mentality” which has been passed down from generation to generation which makes us behave in such self destructive ways although slavery was abolished years ago. and etcetera? Who will buy their products? Who will they abuse. clean their homes and their streets.

the bible. It will be painful. They were familiar with our workmanship. as the truth always is. our pyramids. what the consequences will be when the truth is finally revealed and their crime exposed to the whole world. Wall Street and the City are only betting shops where you place your bet. How were African people to know that somewhere in their development the Aryan (white) race became lazy and decided to adopt a “get rich quick” mentality without having to “lift a straw” This is a criticism which is often directed at young people in our society today. that‟s what their propaganda would like you to continue believing. isn‟t this the essence of western society? Isn‟t this how the West got rich? Once again propaganda has made us believe that it is due to hard work that the West is wealthy today. It‟s not because they want to live in „peace and harmony with us. The motto of the Europeans became “war means wealth. since they too have been kept in total ignorance of the truth? What will their reaction be when their shame is exposed to the entire planet? Their ancestors wrote down in their guidebook. it is our labor and our ignorance that has kept the West strong for so long and it is only African people who can destroy what is erroneously known as western civilization? If Africans around the globe decide tomorrow not to work. but propaganda has made us believe that without the West nothing can function on this planet. What will the West replace African civilization and African people with when our people finally decide to bring their oppressive system to an end? What will be the reaction of the masses of white people when they find out that what they have believed to be their civilization for the last 500 years is nothing more than the civilization of African people which their ancestors stole. etc. Do you now understand why the Miseducation of the black child is so important and why the West has spent so many centuries ensuring that black children believe western propaganda. “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. our obelisks. In spite of all the propaganda about the laziness of African people.‟ In fact. while they were unfamiliar with the workmanship of the people of the new world.‟ It‟s because we are their workhorses. and eventually when they came into contact with the peaceful peoples of Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 17 . the western economy will collapse overnight.February 4. if the horse and the jockey don‟t run (world wide African labor force refuses to work) there will be no race.” They decided to wage war and enslave and exploit each other in order to acquire this wealth. They admired our temples. It‟s not about some Superman coming out of the skies. (no profits for Western investors) It was our capacity for hard work why Europeans exterminated the Amerindians of the new world and brought us to be their servants. peace means poverty. 2011 This is what the end of Western civilization means. This also demonstrates the absolute power of propaganda which is to „make people believe that which is not true. That is why our lives have been spared. however. western society is nothing more than a vast propaganda machine. when in reality it is because African people have been working and are still working to enrich them.

This ritual is a warning to African people that if we do not want this planet obliterated by people who have never had any respect whatsoever for human life. there is a macabre ritual which takes place after every general election in the industrialized countries which have nuclear weapons. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 18 . and their world falls apart . functioning members of society in the first place. press a button and release nuclear weapons which can obliterate almost the entire planet. Africa and the Pacific Islands it was very easy for them to accomplish their goal. The time has come for our community to educate African children according to the goals and aspirations of African people. Before the racist government in South Africa bludgeoned Steve Biko to death.” That is exactly why the West from the very beginning of slavery and colonialism targeted African children and never left their education in the hands of African people? It is through the educational system they have been able to organize our children‟s education around their interests and goals in detriment to our own in order to maintain their control. Black parents must understand that an African centred education is an absolute necessity for African children if we are to offset the damage from the slave school which we now know was never intended to educate African children to become wholesome. And that paradigm shift will only come when our people have the right information. The outgoing and the incoming president are left alone for 15 minutes as they share a secret code which only the president has access to. we do not have another instant to lose. will they want to promote our interests and not the interests of others. when there are no other options left. the president will simply type in the secret code. Professor Wilson warned us before he died that our days on this planet are numbered if African people refuse to make the strategic decisions and the right choices required today. Promoting the interests of African people is one of the greatest fears of the western world because they know that when people feel confident and good about themselves it is very difficult to manipulate and control them. According to the theory.February 4. It is my hope that this article will contribute in some small way to helping African people and especially African parents get the right information in order to save our children and hasten the end of the unfair western capitalist system. African parents must teach their children the true history of Africa because only when they do. That is why there must be a complete paradigm shift in the way of thinking in the African communities around the world. In their bible. In conclusion. 2011 the New World. the West has already told us what their solution will be when the end comes. and that is the reason they have always ensured that African children receive an inferior quality of education which denigrate their motherland and the achievements of their people. he stated that “the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

com/unblind2/42. and it will be the genius of African people again that will liberate them from Western tyranny and bring peace back to this planet. That is why it is no accident that Africans were the first inhabitants of this planet. To be distributed widely. In other words. This article is dedicated to the memory of George G. This article may also be posted on blogs and websites or in any printed material around the globe without the permission of the author. Why and How the African Child is Miseducated in the Western Educational System Page 19 . It was Africa‟s genius which attracted her oppressors to her shores.M James author of Stolen Legacy who paid the ultimate price because he dared to tell African people the truth and to my nieces and nephews generation. especially to parents with school age children. The 42 divine principles of MAAT: http://www. it was her tremendous wealth and the genius of her people why they were enslaved.htm Related Articles on this site: „Skin bleaching‟ This behavior is a direct consequence of children who did not receive an African centred education. 2011 We should already be preparing to restore the African system that our ancestors left us in its untainted form after the coming tsunami has passed since it is undoubtedly one of the best that humans have ever invented.February 4. who are soon to be or are already parents.nubeing. so that their children do not grow up as ignorant as my generation and their generation were concerning the history of African people and of the world. It should also be translated into African languages and read aloud in areas where our people are unable to read and write. You can stop the messenger but you can never stop the message. the New World Order. Today luckily we have a formidable messenger in the internet to spread that message.

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