During the lunch or dinner buffet time he will have to first go through the menu and the food placed in the buffet counter. 2. Tables for wobbling. 3. Table mats& napkins for stains, any holes and if neatly pressed. 4. Check the glassware if its clean, not chipped and if it’s free from finger prints or stains 5. He will then check the reservation in the reservation diary and reservation boards are placed on the reserved table with special instructions, guest names, and B/day or Anniversary cakes if any promised to guests at the time of reservation. 6. He will then move on to the side board and see if the required mis-in-place is ready for service. The captain would check the following: He will have to see if the solid fuel burners which are used to heat the chaffing dishes are all light at least15 minutes before the food is brought and is not burning with a very high flame as this could damage the water-liners and there would be more consumption of fuel.. 1. He will also have to see to the refilling of the food based on the reservation. 2. He will have to see that the buffet is crumbed and the chaffing dishes wiped frequently. 3. He should also constantly bring in clean plates to be placed in the plate warmer and on the dessert buffet as well. 4. He should judge well and co-ordinate with the kitchen for re-filling the buffet food.

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