Water Management Business Division

A TIITA Enl1!rprise

Bridge width varies fro mO. 7"5M to 1 .8tnon of Ftooou later and C larrifier.' IRadial1 half b ridge w~~h handra ilflng.$!i" of fioccu~atQre 1l.. Cla~flQccul aI~oris used for i ndu stria I wa.g: on thE:) slze a no process requi rernent.n.e·r Manag ement 18 usl ness Drnvis ion C LARllfiLO C C U LATOH M sc H.AN!"ISM: Cia rlflocco later rnecha nism ls a com oi n.~. aic§lieve com pact slzl ng . Clarlflocculators are m~mu(!r. desig ned to. eonstructlo n a rid cost com petltlveness.5M deiPend~ng on cl i.sThe Floccl!JIl:6IJlor·s re provided a w~th U'le b[fidge sp9Jtililfng ru 1. well as cu shionl ng: 'for tJ'heb ridn8' rotation.:i€s of a tliachon wt)eel. ~ Scmpers are h IIng from rotati ngl briidg@ and are' provijded with nsoprs ne S(]ll eS:£l'ees at '~e bottom end for sl u.g!Oll1lh~ t~rak"filOOr S.rrai1gement for overload protectlcn.~ctured In nNO config u ratjoilis vt2:.~ri ph~r~11driven tyP€ C larlfloccu later eorrsl sts of the f'ollowi I'"Ig:' . • Ce ntre pivot bearing is p.. lai d em amnu~ar wam top . Tirac~ion d rive ts provided with su itEl ble capacity electrlc motor with e~ther 1m eC~'iiardcal hear s pin Or electron lc shear pin .e hom I:he ~nQ€ of 4M d~Eli a to maxi mum u pta 70M dia.lu mill and D5provided with brailung & traction drive at the peripheral end.hOVfL • .enrs specific requ irrement.r. conSlrudiion for big size units OF in mi Id steel con structlon d ependi n'g.9:ry b etvJe€fJ 1 to 4 d'epe!1dj f!. oh~qu€ red p latss and gratings for vmlk_way and extens ion to cover 'f1looclll!a:t~oli zone ba rri er a no lloocul ai~:Or.d riven. ~.ie.an!'iJul r wheell top d ue to kr€Jg~lari. Sr~dl~Jerests on os ntre pivot beari~g on c€ntra~ ROC ca.ch fa ci Iitales smooth movern en t of the bridge traction wheel. '..s on th e .8t1on zona barrier is u'sulally provid sd in RC C.st. VaJiabl e F'req u 6rl!GY Drive (VFD} arffingemel1J~.$ ttlJU$ $a1rlf)g ua rd i ng I:he bea ri ng:s as.r'CN~d rj witt] gear driv.VOLTAS LIMITED Wal. Flloccu 1. lit involves two conos ntrtc tanks W'11eF8'i n in ner blink :lfe:rve:s-as a HQc01.menl and potaUe We!l€ r treatment.s€ Is to move on rails to be.JlatiQrl':zon'e and the outer one as a darif..ewa&e r lrea!.1 dliemeter depend ing upen cUenfs r-eq u irement.Peri pheral dtriven type a nd Ce ntral d riiv8ri1typ. Traction drive is made up of suitable g€®ring a. Greasing arrangement for ~he cerure pivot beariflg cen be accessed from the brldqs. e N u mi). Indlepelli!dertltly .e! and 5U itab~e capaCity el eCitric motor lor desi red 'Hoccu lati on.rrnnQ€m:~nt with v/11ee~s in mnd steel nJlbbelJ"-liriedor mild steel W1ith pollyuretliane bond~ng to move on an ann u la r ReC we II top 0 r 'with m:i~dst€®IfC I wh..on size..g ernent wnr. p. These 'cat) be constructed in ReC or mild steel deperldiFiJQi upon size and client's requirement {norlililJally ~arge size units are preferred in ReC construction].roviid ed wi th tr~filiODii arra. paddle type floecu Iatom a rs located on t~® b ridg~ extension and 3rre p.can also be provided with the traction drive mo~or for ctmtroHing the bridge speed d:ependi n 9 Gill cl ielllf's req u i reme nt.due seraoi n.

:r end in the guid'E!'-b@..spanning th. Scraper driv.eproVlided ~[n a two co nfLgurallons - VI!. . with adj ustmsnt facilil~y to rneloh \"iith tatJIk11 or slope.[J.@ diameter with cnscuered plates '& iuartldirailing and width rull Clf l'he bri:d.ridge.emerit ·i at th€ bono mend. which vary from t 'to 4 Nos. ilIoccu lators.~pipi~g and su pport to be provided by dilent as per requ~rem€ nt..su~ta size .aring_Shaft wm have scrapers for sludge $crnp~ng.• Bri.a:ste waroor ls fed to tlocculatien lone wh lch is hung [rom the brld'·g e sideways or rro In '~ile top fo:r which reqll.1lletors r. with handra i~iUlg and chsqu eF~d plates (iJr~cage width ra ng irlg from O"T5M to 1. .e. Cage {S!lfuctUifally fabricated} for rotation arolJJ.l drive is provided with mecha nleal shear pilnle~ectroi'"ilicsh ear pin C11~lnge metJlt fOF!" overload p rotectlon.75M to 1.crapers are connected to shalH at lower end aria are provided with neoprsne .ulators. ~ndepeD1d:entlydriven flocculators are tocated on the brcdge.h extension for mount' ng independently driven.ge Vc8 riss from O.l~redinle. • '..u:rgement and electric motors of . hie •' Centra.squeegees. S~e\!~ing drive located on top . .vlilmch provides approach to Gentra~ s~evl/~n'9' . .II'TEDI Water Management Business Div"si.ntl"al Rec colu mn for dlstribullo n of Cl!Jrmrtt to traction drive and Hocculatorddvelrnotor$_ EI. ring drive and supports UoctJlators and '~loocu latlon zone' ba rrier.TAS 11. Il] Ce:ntrral dlimverl type C:lar'ifDoccul.e' is ~ocated C€rntr-amyon the hridge with shaft connected at th e lOoPend \'a1ilh ~lIe drive and gu~ded a' ~OWtlt. are pmvld€:o wi~ glearing aJIT<.ndcentral eolu mn '\~tI1 flui d'[~ arra ng..d 9e mounted ClarmoGCulator (for small diameter: uplo :2:G~25M) aoo • Central column mounted Clariflocculator VJlithradial mtatJrig 'bridge: (usu~ny preferred! for largs:r diameter)...lgcollector is provided QI1 ¢€. 2) Centrall column mounted (w~th radia'i bwidge) Clarmoccrulator of: Cetltral column mounted Clari'~occulatoroonsi5ts ..e. rn Q unted C IarifhJ CCUlatQr B ridge mOUJI1~ed lariflocculator consists of: C • Stru ctu ral b.5M w~1.Nr'ic cables are laid through a 'conduit n client's.ator (fLxed bridg. o • Em ue ntlw..on til Telescopic V~111J(~ can be provided for the Clariflocculator depending 0 • req!JJke!iie nt. . 1) B ridgle.VOl.5M) 1. Rotating b ridge.ryf central column ring ..$. FloC(.e· type) Cer1"tru~ drive n CIa. S I~prir.:pending upon process requirement. riflocOl.

f'l:...~...'1j' ...~.EW OF' Cg...N TYP E: C LA IR~FL.V01...!!'OJ.NTRAl D.D. 'I~_'lJ. ~E:cTI·ONAL VI... ..TAS .. i':N . ~ ~~~ 't-t1(J.... ~ ..o._jH. '(I!.~ ~...lI'I:~ .::::::':.~~ ..![~l~ ~[-'I'I'( '!iQ: Ii"" .ff--f'I:-----lI.l"MJTED' Water [Management Busiiness Division ~ ·II~.l!: ~ . -..>if ~~iI..:1I.~ml'iOO..'1 t [J). ' ~ "'!"lI.ift.~ ~l:!ti!l'i~ .cJ[RCU LAlOR .u:_.RI'lE.1 ..~..>.1. . ~oo~_o.

'E 1>'S.= IIIII\I~~ j:..'i~!~ 11i!lt j'YED.-F. I:.06iliJU.(1.r:r...R~PHERAlDRIVEN TYPE ClAR[IF~OC. OI...~U::..:!: ~. FLO C C IJ LATOR.' -----..7 I&. R .... ri. AAC:tllE loSS-V... /JJ/fJ"J IIiiI " . HiIo.::~ FAA:'o'.. VIEW OF PIE.s.']!.~ '~l"o'.J)_lA"OR WIITH FOU..VOLTAS LIMITED Water Mlt::Jna'gement Business Division ~ & .'.T C.1' ~L'" \ '\' I·.u. ~."iJ/'..e. ~.: : . C. _ ~. e $\ i/lJ 1.j "!. I ~!>e.\1:[ """'T' :.' I ~ SEClIONAL. ~~Fl..) j)U1-'EI!!:o.. ~I'. ~~R.-:-O :§O.fI..!!r~ ~F.0 g.:o""..J'" :..O!...¢ _:4.

.:}. M~flw.1n':iH~I·k. DI'F'i::li(m Mml"liI) wi.«J6..6S6S89157 L.I!d 'W!l!~~T l\1]~Df1g!~'Hlielill: iB. f..K:«liU"ll M<r"S:...entr~~ slewlnQl ri'ng drive win h.90.:i. I~""'. " Vollta:s. C..jJ~L' HQUj¢ HJ:!Ulli 8.$ R' ild.&d. l~l~~~~ 66.-95002.21081.ement Buslness Division '. exten sian for m(JU nUng independently drive n '.tors (ind1ep~i1Idently.. MOI~.. ()JO) Vo~m. KoLkata 7001)1) 1.civil work.No. . automation etc ..:50SS.cll$!.'/hioh wm have.I~-ri'.the IO''o'ver nd with neoprene squeegees for $(:rap~ng of e sl Udg 8' wh lch '.ed construction as per client's requirement. AllnlJ&"'<.::+')1 44 ~4H2'1 ·9·1 7:fi. r .:Ji~ ~fumOOti 400003.·oltil:(.i1:':.rnm [.e'dfgalvani:z.hel~.RO.1~l(!:i!'~$.a.. !Fa::-:: +'9~ 21!l'i6:'i66592.'Iii I h ave adjustment· aci Iity to rna tch with ~ank'filoorslope. .c:fl by cl ie nts as per. ToC::-'I~~t"I1"lXt. e poxy. Cni'lIdll:II)J. IE lectnca II puping.iness.+9'1 1 ~ 2.]Jdl%n'k&!mar@ 'qil:l$. T-::I: +9'1 I m fI~j. to be a rrange.i:~~~{.us. Pad-elle type moocul..<Jh'QI!fls 22 ~b~ - 'COil!.1(" F. Gentral sliewing ring drive DS provided with suitable electric motor 'l.age.. Tel..'il CI)'OP' h~!. Ml!taji Sutlh. l 'ii' The CI$lriiflo(.....legear drive and motor. House B .th ~i r'reqLJnr~me nt. 44 -6f.::ihi 11'1 (1004.:J!ni. 1[. Llral £.pa inted co nsfruonon and ca n a lso be provided in staunle. driven type) local€d on bridge with sui"~ab. I:~m'~il. 1:i'llitil: l1l.cllJ~ator:s are' provided in mild steel.'li'.il..WII" A-.a.VOLTAS' LIMITED Water Manag.1J.$$ steel FRP coat.).T:.H!I~iL>i..Qo) . (iimm'I.\.B.~ve necessary flocc:u~atms . to be' a rFangled by chentto suit equlornent reqtfiremeillor' cli'ant's OWfI requirement.at. (I" (:[JnOli. TeL: . . either mecnarncal shear piJt1Jsrra nge meot Or etectroruc S11r8'a pi n arn.266'2.Iu!$l:ria.. N~ ~Jr!". '. 624!.O.rs COin nec'ted to ce ntral c..(uaml!llf~mwu .:uigell'rllen& for overload protection. (:h~M~i 05(100 i~."" Sera }e.' Approach lad'de~'s!p~atfoliTna rou ndi tan k alonq with handraijm n'g and .. +91 33 6{i(j.

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