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Justice Compromised | Rwanda

Justice Compromised | Rwanda

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Published by Uğur Özkan

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Published by: Uğur Özkan on Jul 12, 2011
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Gacaca’s success has been predicated on local community participation. The aims of
involving the community have been to uncover the truth about what happened during the

genocide, to safeguard the fair trial rights of perpetrators and victims, and to contribute to

the healing process of the community as a whole. At times, local participation has helped to

maintain the integrity of the process and to achieve these goals. However, the waning

interest of a significant part of the population and the silence of others (who have attended

trials but did not speak publicly) have limited gacaca’s success, as the public could not

always be relied upon to denounce false testimony or miscarriages of justice. Individuals

had well-founded reason to fear that if they spoke out, they risked being prosecuted

themselves or incurring problems with neighbors or the government. Manipulation of some

trials, with private citizens using gacaca to try to settle scores or the government using it to

to silence critics, and inappropriate influence exerted by other actors such as district

coordinators, further contributed to a certain level of disillusionment.

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