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Prisoners of the Past | Kuwait

Prisoners of the Past | Kuwait

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Published by Uğur Özkan

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Published by: Uğur Özkan on Jul 12, 2011
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• Adopt a rights-based approach to ending Kuwait’s longstanding problem of
statelessness in accordance with international legal standards. Make public a clear

roadmap and timetable for ending statelessness in Kuwait.

• Grant nationality to long-term residents with strong claims to nationality, including
residents who lack documented ties to other states and whose primary place of

residence, familial, economic, and/or social ties are with Kuwait. Give Kuwaiti women

the same legal rights as men to confer nationality upon their spouses and children.

Grant nationality to children born in Kuwait who would otherwise be stateless.

• Create a transparent mechanism for individuals to apply for citizenship with the
opportunity for judicial review to guard against procedural error or abuse of discretion

and to ensure due process in determining citizenship claims.

• Grant temporary legal residency to stateless individuals pending resolution of their
claims to Kuwaiti nationality. Cease treating the Bidun as “illegal residents.”

• Through legal reform, ensure the Bidun’s right to civil documentation, including birth
certificates, marriage registration, death certificates, and travel documents.

• Allow Bidun children the right to enroll in government schools in order to safeguard their
right to free and compulsory primary education and available and accessible secondary


9 Human Rights Watch | June 2011

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