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Wildly Wealthy

Wildly Wealthy

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Published by: Honest Lyimo on Jul 12, 2011
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  • Introduction
  • Where It All Began
  • The Magic Pen
  • Different By Design
  • Powerful Secrets
  • Creating Your Millionaire Mindset
  • Turbo Charge Your Prosperity
  • What’s in Your Warehouse?
  • Your Intention Sharpens Your Attention
  • Abundance In a Minute
  • Change Your Focus, Change Your Life
  • The Three-Minute Money Marvel
  • An Attitude of Gratitude
  • Why Wealthy?
  • Pay the Person Who Will Make You Rich
  • The Eighth Wonder Of the World
  • Little by Little Start the Flow
  • The Universe Abhors a Vacuum
  • Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness?
  • Will the Universe Make YOU Rich?
  • Predominant Mental Attitude
  • Millionaire Plan
  • Affirm Your Desires
  • Double Your Attraction Powers
  • Discover Your Hidden Dollars
  • Open the Abundance Flow
  • I Love Money!
  • Embrace Financial Freedom
  • See Your Desire, Create Your Desire
  • Words for Your Abundance
  • Let the Universe Do its Job!
  • Raise Your Vibration
  • Gateway to Your Wealth
  • Your Treasure Chest
  • Brain Food for Poverty or Prosperity?
  • Mastermind Your Way to Millions
  • Soar with the Eagles
  • See Your Dreams Into Reality
  • Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness
  • Do What You Love and the Money Will Flow
  • State Your Desires
  • Perfection Before Prosperity?
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t
  • One Drop and the Flow Begins
  • Open Yourself to Receive
  • The Be, Do, Have Secret
  • The More You Give… The More You Get
  • Give Them Wings
  • Do You Feel Rich?
  • When It All Goes Wrong…Get Excited!
  • The Most Powerful Force in the Universe
  • The More You Want, The Less You Get
  • Ride On the Wings of Prosperity
  • Show Me The Money!
  • Spirit to Spirit
  • Wildly Wealthy Resources
  • Notes

‘Have in your mind that which would constitute a miracle for you.

Get the vision. Suspend disbelief and scepticism.

Allow yourself to take the journey toward real magic.’


After my conversation (or should I say ugly outburst) with my

daughter, I realised I had to do something to change my focus; I
took action. I decided to write an affirmation that I could run over

and over in my mind so I didn’t have time to think any negative

thoughts around money.

Affirmations are deliberately and concisely constructed
statements (often silent) which, when properly understood, and

applied, will totally transform your future.

The use of affirmations is often misunderstood and frequently

seen as metaphysical nonsense. You may have tried using
affirmations at some time and are now thinking, “They don’t

work; they’re a waste of time” and let me tell you, you’re
absolutely right – unless you use them properly! Affirmations

are nothing more than a string of words which won’t do anything

or make any difference in your life UNLESS you know how to
use them for maximum effectiveness. Similar to an aeroplane

being nothing more than a big piece of steel sitting on the runway,

which won’t do anything unless you know how to use it. When

you get that plane’s engine revved up, and you give it fuel, and

you give it power, it takes off and goes out into the Universe and

will take you wherever you want to go. When you give your

affirmations fuel and energy and power, they too will take off, go
out into the Universe and attract back to you all the prosperity and

riches you desire.

You HAVE to give them power to get your results, and there are

two ways to do this: with repetition and with emotion.

— 73 —

You’re already using affirmations, although maybe in a negative


I’m hopeless at maths

I am so fat

I’ll never be able to afford it

I’m always late

I never have any luck

The use of positive affirmations will change your life for the

better, as I will confirm. So after the scene with my daughter, I

decided to change my subconscious programming by saying, “I

am a debt-free

millionaire” because I

thought that would be
a pretty cool thing to

be. But the minute

those words left my

lips, my mind

screamed, “Liar, Liar
pants on fire, you are

no such thing; what a

load of rubbish; who are you kidding? You’re broke!” Well, the first

thing you have to know about affirmations is, for them to work,

you have to BELIEVE the words you’re saying.

As the Bible says:

‘Whatsoever thing ye desire, when ye pray,

believe that ye have received it, and it will be yours.’

Affirm is the metaphysical term for Pray, so in other words,

“If you believe your desire has already come to you, it has to
appear”. So I decided to put in some qualifiers, or take ‘baby

steps’ as I call them, to help me to believe what I was saying.

I started by affirming, “I am now ready to accept that I am now

in the process of becoming a debt-free millionaire”. Although that

was a mouthful, I could totally believe that I was ready to accept

When you give your affirmations

fuel and energy and power, they too

will attract back to you all the

prosperity and riches you desire!

— 74 —

that I was in the process and I was becoming a debt-free

millionaire. So I said my new affirmation morning, noon and night.

I said it when I was in the shower, when I was driving the kids to

school, when I was hanging out washing, when I was cleaning the

house and when I went to sleep. If I didn’t have to consciously think

of anything else, I would be saying my affirmation over and over in
my mind. I said it so often, that if I woke in the middle of the night

it was running through my head. That’s when I KNEW that I was

beginning to change the default from poverty consciousness to

prosperity consciousness.

After a couple of days, I dropped some of the baby steps and

said, “I am now in the process of becoming a debt free millionaire”.

Then after a couple of days of feeling really comfortable saying that,

I changed it to, “I am now becoming a debt free millionaire” and

then finally, “I am now a debt free millionaire”. The process took

around a week to go from my first very long-winded affirmation to
my final, ideal affirmation. As I mentioned, I said this morning noon

and night, and those few words seemed to shift everything.

Understand, that before I began this process, my continual negative

subconscious thinking was sabotaging all the good I was doing with

meditations and visualizations, but once I changed my ‘default’ to

focus on what I DID want, the outside picture changed as well.

So the sequence for my successful affirmation was:

I am now ready to accept that I am now in the process of

becoming a debt-free millionaire

I am now in the process of becoming a debt-free


I am now becoming a debt-free millionaire

I am now a debt-free millionaire

And the great thing was, a month after I began my consistent

around the clock affirmation, I had the best month ever in my
new personal development business. I made $46,000 profit in that

month alone; that’s more than I had made for the previous 3 years

– combined.

— 75 —

I was on my way to being Wildly Wealthy!

Wildly Wealthy Action Tips

Become aware of the negative affirmations you are running

through your mind and replace them with positive ones.

Use the four-part ‘baby-steps’ process outlined previously,

to create your own positive affirmation and repeat often.

Go to www.WildlyWealthy.com for a list of Affirmations for

Abundance to assist you to create your OWN powerful

— 76 —


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