Installing SugarCRM 6 CE SQL Server Stack on Virtual Machine

1. Copy file local 2. Made sure default website running; also set the script timeout to 180 secs to ensure there’s no long runners that get terminated. 3. Change MSIE settings…Tools/options/connections/LAN settings…uncheck auto detect

4. Select IIS .

Select installation location (accept default) .5.

6. Accept title bar bit .

7. demo data was present! 9. NOTE: post install was completed. No demo data a. Enter an appropriate password (Admin1) 8. No service .

oSQL.Accept default MS Sql DB name (sugarcrm_db) 16.10.1 .Entered SQL Server sa credentials 15.0.exe is located in c:\program files\MS Sql\100\tools\binn 12.Select Instance (SQL2008) 13.Accepted default web server domain of 127.0.Use existing SQL …local one 11.Create new DB 14.

17.Observations during install… .Accepted default virtual directory name of ‘sugarcrm’ 18.…install 19.

.1/sugarcrm page cannot be found (http 404) 22.0.php. http://127.Finished… …launch sugar CRM… 21.20.When launching..Right click the VD ‘sugarcrm’…check the hom/application/configuration/mappings…added .0.

.…which hadn’t been added for some reason.

0.After 15 mins.0.Updated permissions…. config...1/sugarcrm.23. refreshed the screen as nothing seemingly happening. shows that it’s continuing to load… .at last.IUSER full control over cache3.php 25.....Still nothing…changed the URL to http://localhost/sugarcrm... data.movement. custom. 26.Revisit URL http://127. 24.

You’ll see a screen (I forgot the screen shot) with a success message.Optionally register .(note bar @ bottom and cycling title bar) 27. and a NEXT button 30.I can see config.DB created in SQL server browser (visible in databases tree) 29.php has been written to this time by files size (no longer zero) 28.

31.Login screen… …use the pwd (Admin1) we entered in setup process .

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