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Its Time to Be Your Multidimensional Self

Its Time to Be Your Multidimensional Self

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Published by: mntamp on Jul 12, 2011
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It’s Time To Be Your

Multidimensional Self
by Gordon Artrias Rosenberg

We are all multidimensional beings. We live on the human dimension and we live on many other dimensions at the same time. Our human lives are interlaced with emotions and circumstances which are particular to this dimension, but which do not exist on other dimensions. We incarnate into human form to learn what this dimension has to offer us. Once we’ve learned the lessons of human existence, we may if we choose move on to experiences in other realms. Or we may choose to stay and express our multidimensional selves on this earthly plane. All that keeps us attached to living here in our prior human context is a belief that we still have more to learn from a limited reality. Once we let go of that belief and transcend the limits of third dimensional life,

there’s no further need to return to that belief system. We can then live here or anyplace as evolved and further evolving beings. Many beings incarnate here to continue the work of very specific projects or potentials from lifetime-to-lifetime, using the tools and materials available each time around. This, by the way, is why people, such as “child prodigies”, may immediately take up specific work of particular historical figures. This may be seen as multiple incarnations of the same spirit, and it’s actually quite common here. Contrary to popular vision, people really have no particular need to come here and serve humanity per se. The real reason one incarnates here is to serve oneself, or more aptly, to serve one’s “higher self” by having particular experiences here. One comes to learn what one needs to know to 1) be a more evolved human being, and 2) function more effectively on all levels of reality. If you believe you’re here primarily to serve humanity, it’s likely because that’s your own chosen way of learning about yourself so that you may ultimately transcend third dimensional vision. In this sense, no one really needs to do anything in particular here, including serve one’s fellow humans, though that’s certainly an admirable way to spend one’s time here. Each is here to learn about oneself by doing the very things which one’s soul wants to work on during each incarnation. This interwoven multidimensional existence far transcends all aspects of ordinary human consciousness. Human life is but a small part of all existence; a form which expresses but by no means represents all of existence. Humans are free to express themselves in all ways possible while they’re on this planet. There are no limitations to how one can act, think or believe while here, other than those limits which are self-imposed in one way or another. We’re free to have whatever experiences we want here, good, bad, or indifferent. Many of those experiences may be interpreted as horrific or catastrophic in some way, yet they are precisely appropriate for each being in that moment. We each have the experiences our souls mandate for as long as we incarnate here, or we go on to experience other dimensions to work on similar or different issues. When we’re tired of having human-related experiences, we simply choose a new venue. It’s quite possible that many people here at this time are fast approaching a stage where they may declare themselves done with human experience altogether and are indeed ready to incarnate elsewhere. In fact, the entire game that’s been played here may be rapidly changing because most people aren’t willing to play it any longer. The human experience, then, is but one of perhaps an unlimited number of possible experiences in all of existence. Why would one choose to be human, to see oneself in a world of limitation? It’s primarily to learn about oneself in ways which can only be done in this form. You may also be having lives and experiences in a dozen, or many dozen, other dimensions at the same time. Remember, time as it’s known here is something


specific to this human world. How could it be any different? How could one’s limited human consciousness have full awareness of anything as it may be in other dimensions? How could one see time as it either does or doesn’t exist on a dimension that one can’t yet personally experience? At least, how can one see or experience any of that UNTIL one transcends the limitation of thinking one is only a human being who exists merely on this dimension and then sort of dissolves into nothingness when one leaves here? You are not a mere human with no need to exist any other place. You are not limited to this reality, to this single dimension. You can learn to expand beyond third dimensional reality anytime you want WITHOUT leaving your human form. How does one do this? We can begin by looking deeply into all aspects of the human self – our hopes, fears, judgments, tensions, memories, everything that may be keeping us attached to the past in some way. As we work through all these issues, we begin to unveil our higher knowledge, the wisdom within us which can never be defined in a human context. We each have within us many clues to our multidimensionality. These clues were put there by us, by our own souls, to help us find the way back to our unlimited multidimensional reality when we’re ready. A diligent program of self-inquiry and psychic expansion can elevate one to a clearer understanding of one’s higher self. There are many techniques, practices and disciplines which may be incorporated into such a program. These practices may include meditation, psychic arts training, energetic healing and other body work, forms of yoga, tai ji or other movement therapy, chanting and vibrational therapies, devoted spiritual practice, and many other forms. The particular path is not so important as long as it resonates with the one who practices it, and that the person is fully dedicated to the journey. If you are committed to the journey, you may learn how to ascend to multidimensional reality and become the more expansive being of which you’re quite capable while you’re still living in human form. You need only let go of holding onto limiting beliefs about yourself, ways you may see reality in merely human or physical terms. You can transcend these limitations and become the multidimensional being that truly lives in your human body, and in many other forms at the same time. Of course, you must decide whether or not this is all true for you. You’re free to be, or think you are, anything while you’re here. It does seem curious from a place of expanded vision that humans so often choose to hold onto limited and potentially frightening beliefs about themselves, such as that they will die out of this planet and either no longer exist in any form, or go someplace really bad because of all the things they may have done or not done while they were here. That is a very limited view of reality, but one to which many humans still cling. When one is ready, this


limiting belief drops away, but it takes time for each soul to transcend to a place where limitation no longer works for one. Each being here is inextricably linked with every other being on the planet, and with every other being in any form in all of existence. Each is part of the eternal oneness of all creation; it could never be any other way. Each is one with everything because each has chosen on the soul level to incarnate someplace in a so-called “individual” form as a way to expand universal consciousness. Again, it’s just a game we’ve all chosen to play. Yet, no one is forced to hold oneself back from this ultimate realization. Multidimensional beings who’ve realized who they are have transcended the belief that they’re limited beings trapped in human bodies. They’ve found a way to express their true gifts while they’re here and grow into expanded beings of higher knowledge and ability. We can choose to be the powerful beings we are anytime we’re willing to let go of our limiting beliefs and see ourselves in truly multidimensional terms. Not that there’s anything wrong with being human; the problem is that we’re often attached to the limiting beliefs and patterns of human reality and forget our true selves. We must learn to transcend the limitations and perceived limitations of human reality in order to become more than we typically are while in human form. Most people on this planet up until this time have been content to see themselves in terms of a struggling or limited human in order to fully experience the disappointments and failures of human reality. Why would we do this? Usually it’s to learn more about what we are by being less than our true selves. We learn that we’re LIMITLESS by experiencing entire lives of limitation. Once we really learn this, we can go on to live new and more glorious lives elsewhere in the full knowledge that our limited human reality was only a training ground of sorts, a place to learn about our deepest emotions and sensations while being in a confined sensory human form. This “confined” human experience is typically limited to that which we can experience through the sensory apparatus of our singular body. Whatever goes on in that body is perceived as one’s full experience of this reality. The human body is a marvelous self-contained unit by which each person senses the reality around them. The human body contains everything necessary for interacting with this dimension, for learning about oneself “from the inside”. You see what’s happening around you, you hear it, you smell it, you taste it, you touch it. You learn through your five senses (or through whichever ones you have available) how to interact with your third dimensional existence. You learn to experience yourself as an unlimited being temporarily confined within a limited body of form. In physical terms, this works wonderfully. But ultimately the soul tires of living many lifetimes in this system of limitation, and we begin to transcend beyond it and expand back into our fully conscious, multidimensional selves.


Many beings are having this realization on this planet at this time, because it’s a time of great change and expansion of consciousness in this part of the galaxy. There’s much evolution to come here and it’s necessary for earth to raise its vibration and take with it all beings who are ready for a higher dimension of consciousness. If you’re one of the many who are ready to make this leap, you can take definite steps to greatly accelerate the ascension process. You can begin seeing yourself as a fully transcendent being who lives on many levels of reality at once. You can learn to accept your full dimensionality, apart from any need to leave your human form. It’s not necessary to leave your body to become enlightened. You need only agree to accept your higher traits and allow yourself access to them. Once you transcend a belief that you’re in any way limited to your former human experience while you’re here, you become a much more imaginative, creative, and self-fulfilled being. Life becomes a lot more fun, and much more rewarding. You learn to give yourself fully to this world, here and now, rather than waiting to give of yourself in some far-off time or place. You learn to express yourself fully and be what you’ve always known in your heart you could be. In short, you learn to be yourself while you’re still here to enjoy it.

Gordon Artrias Rosenberg is a multidimensional being, a visionary poet and essayist, healing arts practitioner and metaphysician. Gordon awakened his own natural healing and intuitive abilities through years of exploration and practice with many leading edge technologies and ancient disciplines. He has conducted some 6000 vibrational healing sessions and taught classes in relaxation, healing and self-awareness. A former journalist and long-time small
business owner, he currently lives with his wife, Debby, in Bend, Oregon. He has scores of articles, poems, ebooks and videos published at various sites online. You may see his main page http://lightreport.org for links to many of those sites.
cc 2008 Gordon Rosenberg

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialNoDerivs 2.5 License.


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