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Chapter 1 Notetaking Study Guide

Now you are ready to answer the Chapter 1 Focus Question: How did the American
colonists establish their own way of life with strong roots in the past?

 Complete the following charts to help you answer this question.

Roots of Democratic Government

Judeo-Christian Greco-Roman English Parliamentary
Tradition Tradition Tradition
• Judaism taught that • A republic is ________ • The Magna Carta was the first
even the most power- __________________ document to ____________
ful ruler was subject _________________. ________________________.
to ______________. • Juries are • Parliament is
• Christianity became __________________ _________________________
the official religion of __________________ ________________________.
the ______________. _________________. • The English Bill of Rights was
• taught that all people _________________________
were __________ ________________________.

Commerce and Colonies

During the 1400s, Europe began to explore, encouraged by the growth of capitalism, which
is ____________________________________________________________________.
Colonies were important to the theories of capitalism and ___________________ because
they provided sources of ____________ and a place to ____________________.
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The Thirteen Colonies

New England Middle Colonies Southern Colonies
Forms of Representative The English took over Jamestown had a
government government, as the Dutch colony of ______________
colonists had agreed _________________. ______________.
in the ___________
Religious ties A group of English Pennsylvania became Maryland was estab-
Protestants called a model of lished as a _______
______________ _______________. _________________;
founded the Massa- assembly adopted the
chusetts Bay Colony. _________________.
Economy subsistence farming, __________ farms, __________ farming,
____________, crafts, ___________ ________ labor
Refer to this page to answer the Unit 1 Focus Question on page 31.

Unit 1 Chapter 1 Notetaking Study Guide 15

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