PowerCenter 8.

6 new features
Vincent Loosli Senior Sales Consultant Informatica Software (Schweiz) GmbH


What’s new in PowerCenter 8.6?
Charter • Improve operational data integration capabilities and the collaboration between business and IT professionals

Release Benefits • Maximize Data Value • Optimize IT Efficiency • Expedite Time to Value

Release Announcements Include

PowerCenter Real Time Edition PowerCenter Data Masking option PowerCenter and Data Quality integration improvements PowerExchange CDC improvements & connectivity enhancements • Role-based Tools such as Mapping Analyst for Excel • Metadata Manager business glossary enhancements • • • •


PowerCenter Real-Time Edition


Real-Time Enterprise Information Latency
Deliver Analytic and Operational Data Exactly When Needed

• Improving Customer Service • Business Modernization and M&A • Increasing Operational Efficiency


PowerCenter Real-time Edition
Single Platform, Single Package – For Supporting All Data Latencies
PowerCenter Real-time Edition

Universal Data Access Right-time Data Real Time Data Processing SOA

Product Functionality
Structured, unstructured and Legacy Federated Access Continuous Change Data Capture Guaranteed Message Delivery Zero latency, parallel data processing Once and only once and in order processing Reentrant data services Standards support (BPEL, WS*)

Relational CDC PowerExchange for EAI systems PowerExchange for Web Services Partitioning

Real-time Option

Enterprise Scalability Process Orchestration & Workflow

Resilience and Recoverability Partitioning Business process modeling (BPMN) BPEL orchestration and human workflow

PowerCenter Standard Edition


PowerCenter Real-Time Edition Changed Data Capture (CDC) 6 .

PowerCenter Real-time Edition Streaming Change Data Capture With Reliable Message Delivery Capabilities • • • • Continuous capture of event streams Transactional integrity with resilience and recovery Support for all major relational and legacy sources Guaranteed. exactly once. in-order data delivery for relational databases and message queues No data duplication or data loss even in unplanned system failure scenarios Transactional integrity with full rollover and resilience • • • • Source PowerExchange CDC PowerCenter Real Time Edtion Target Benefits Speed operations with continuous realtime data Improve business performance by enabling more timely decision-making Reduces risk through improved transactional recovery Lower cost by handling only incremental changes as they occur. not large sets of data repeatedly • • 7 .

PowerCenter Real-Time Edition Orchestration 8 .

PowerCenter Real-time Edition Orchestrating Data Integration and Quality Orchestration Control Flows (BPEL) 1 2 Real-time Option4 3 5 6 Data Integration Data Flows (PowerCenter Mappings) b Real-time Option a c d e Data Quality Data Quality Plans Real-time Optionx y z 9 .

while.PowerCenter Real-time Edition Uses for Orchestration • Sequencing • Start a process after the completion of another process or after a specific time has been reached • Synchronization of master data • Synchronize master data between multiple independent data sources • Conditional Logic • • Take differentiated action depending on the outcome of another process activity Different handlers for System and Business exceptions • Human Workflow • Complex decisions requiring human intervention • Looping • Iteratively execute a process activity based on standard looping criteria (for. repeat-until) 10 .

PowerCenter Real Time Edition BPEL Orchestration and Human Workflow Capabilities • • • • Analyst-friendly BPMN Modeling BPEL-based process execution engine for Data service orchestration Support for stateful. long running processes Human activity tasks through BPEL4People and XForms • Benefits Improve operational efficiency with support for long-running processes and human interaction Eliminate costly hand-coding to coordinate business process flows Allow process-oriented data integration to support advanced data integration requirements • • 11 .

Natixis) 12 . KPN) Event Driven Data Integration (Linkshare) Quality: Basic Structure: Simple Transformation: Basic Data Replication (BNSF) Orchestration: Basic Data Synchronization (RBS) Front Office Data Automation (GfK) Operational Data Hub (ING.Operational Data Integration Projects Data Integration Capabilities Real Time DWH (Deutsche Börse) Latency: Volume: Low Low High High Advanced Complex Advanced Advanced Real-time Data Quality (State Auto. BofA. Virgin Media) Payment Processing (Wells Fargo.

PowerCenter Data Masking Option 13 .

Data Masking Business Process Use-Cases • • • • • Development and Testing Training Support Data Analysis Outsourcing and Offshoring John Smith 654-65-8945 4563-3456-9876-6342 100 Cardinal way Redwood city Glen Carter 900-45-2643 4563-XXXX-XXXX-6342 342 54th Street New York 14 .

realistic-looking data while retaining original data properties • • • • Data remains relevant and meaningful Preserves the shape and form of individual fields Preserves intra-record relationships Preserves join / foreign key relationships John Smith 654-65-8945 4739-1146-8075-5716 100 Cardinal way Redwood City Glen Carter 654-45-2643 4739-1102-3517-8842 342 54th Street New York 15 .Data Masking Definition • Transformation of sensitive information into de-identified.

etc Pre-packaged sample mappings Universal data access Rich transformation capabilities Auditing and Reporting Specialized. Credit Card.Data Masking Capabilities and Benefits Capabilities • Multiple techniques and algorithms Benefits • • • Reduce risk of data security breach Improve compliance with data privacy laws and regulations Enable outsourcing and offshoring in conformance with your company’s security policies • • • • • Random masking Blurring Preserve referential integrity by repeatable masking Substitution Name and Address content Special fields like SSN. built-in rules and content • • • • Component of data integration platform • • • 16 . Phone Number.

• Data Masking Option Demo 17 .

Informatica Data Quality Integration with PowerCenter 18 .

Optimize IT Efficiency Enhanced Data Quality integration with PowerCenter Capabilities • • • Informatica Data Quality Provides consistent UI across Informatica Data Quality and PowerCenter Supports import / export of Data Quality plans as PowerCenter mapplets Enables the native execution of Data Quality mapplets within PowerCenter. Benefits • Improved efficiency of projects by simplifying the integration of data quality and PowerCenter Increased flexibility based on additional control and security of data quality processes within the Informatica platform. • Informatica PowerCenter 19 .

PowerCenter Mapping Analyst for Excel 20 .

Role-specific Tools Automating the Data Integration Project Life-cycle Mapping Analyst for Excel Analysts Architects Developers Operators Mapping Architect for Visio 21 .

Mapping Analyst for Excel Current Approach Business Analyst 1. Create source to target mapping specifications with transformation rules Mapping Specification Pseudo Code on a spreadsheet DI Developer 1. Translate mapping specifications into PowerCenter Mappings 22 . Gathers requirements from the business 2. Documents business information and business rules Data Analyst 1.

Re-use mappings for other projects 23 . Augment & Tune Generated PowerCenter Mappings 2. Gathers requirements from the business 2.Mapping Analyst for Excel The Informatica Solution Business Analyst 1. Create source to target mapping specifications with transformation rules 2. Auto-generate PowerCenter Mapping Mapping Specification English/Pseudo Code on a spreadsheet DI Developer 1. Documents business information and business rules Data Analyst 1.

Mapping Analyst for Excel Keep Specifications Updated Analyst •Specify associated sources. Auto-generate PowerCenter mappings Mapping Analyst for Excel PowerCenter Auto-generate specification from modified mappings Benefit: Improve documentation and auditability 24 . target • Define transformation rules • Standardize Excel format • Jumpstart mappings from specification Developer • Modify and optimize mappings • Synchronize mappings w/ spec.

Mapping Analyst for Excel Key Capabilities & Benefits Key Capabilities • Leverages existing mapping specifications in the organization • Easily define a standard Excel format for mapping specification • Automatic generation of PowerCenter mappings from specification • Supports translation of major transformation logic • Automatically synchronize mapping modifications to the Excel specification Benefits • Tightens the collaboration between IT and business with standardized specifications • Shorten project delivery time by jumpstarting mapping development • Keep specifications up to date • Improve documentation & auditability of business logic 25 .

PowerCenter Mapping Architect for Visio 26 .

Role-specific Tools Mapping Architect for Visio: What’s new in 8.6 • Workflow and Session Generation • Support for more reusable objects • Source and Target shortcuts • Mapplets • Reusable transformation • Support for more transformations • Stored Procedure • Create multiple pipelines in a mapping 27 .

Reference Table Manager (RTM) 28 .

Role-specific Tools Reference Table Manager (RTM) • Current Approach • Reference data used in migration from old to new systems are entered manually • Business subject matter experts (SMEs) document reference data in spreadsheets • Challenges • Costly. decentralized process • Goal: Bridge the gap between business subject matter experts and IT 29 . maintain reference data • Inconsistencies and errors due to manual. labor-intensive to capture.

such as valid values. edit and delete reference tables • Enter reference data.csv or . and crossreference information • Import and export reference tables as . App Legacy ERP Business Analyst or SME 30 .Role-specific Tools RTM: Facilitate Collaboration w/ Business Analyst or SME • An easy-to-use interface for business analysts/SMEs to: • Create. default values.xls • Maintain audit trail documenting the changes to the reference tables Source Data Continued re-analysis and redesign Sales System Target Specifications Analysis Customer Database Build Test SAP Bus.

g. how the accounting codes from a legacy financial system map to the codes in the new finance application) Data Warehousing/Other Data Integration • Manage lookups for data warehousing operations Source Column COUNTRY COUNTRY COUNTRY COUNTRY COUNTRY Source Value Arab Emirates New Zealand Hong Kong France Netherlands Target Column LAND2 LAND2 LAND2 LAND2 LAND2 Target Value AE NZ HK FR NL 6 31 .Reference Table Manager Examples Data Migration • Valid values The set of acceptable values for a data element Gender code M F Description Male Female • Default values The default value that should be loaded into a target field if the data doesn’t exist at the source System SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP Table KNA1 DOMAIN DOMAIN DOMAIN ADR6 Column REGIO BUKRS CLIENT2 DISTRCHAN DATE_FROM Default Value NN ACH 800 I 12/1/2006 • Cross references (e.

inconsistencies.Reference Table Manager Key Capabilities & Benefits Key Capabilities • Centralized maintenance of key reference data Benefits • Lowers risk of errors. and compliance breaches • Empowers business subject matter experts to directly manage reference data while preserving IT’s integrity control • Facilitates collaboration between IT and business • Eliminates decentralized spreadsheetbased capture of reference data • Easy deployment • Reduces administration overhead • Ensures enterprise-grade security • Web-based interface for business SME to enter reference data • Central administration of service and security from the PowerCenter administration console 32 .

• Reference Table Manager Demo 33 .

Workflow Generation Wizard in Designer 34 .

Workflow Generation Wizard in Designer 35 .

Workflow Generation Wizard in Designer 36 .

Workflow Generation Wizard in Designer 37 .

Real-time sessions with EAI 38 .

Real-time sessions with EAI • Improved Recovery Mechanism • The Integration Service writes real-time session recovery information to a queue. (src : JMS/WebSphere MQ – tgt JMS/WebSphere MQ) • Partitioning. • Resilience is available if you have the real-time option. • Resilience. 39 . • You can add partitions to a real-time session that includes a JMS or WebSphere MQ source and is enabled for recovery. The queue helps maintain data integrity during recovery so no data is lost or duplicated.

Performance features 40 .

Dynamic Partitioning based on number of CPUs 41 .

View thread worktime details in the session log 42 .

PowerCenter Transformations 43 .

• Unstructured Data Transformation • You can define additional ports and pass output rows to relational targets from the Unstructured Data transformation. You can create ports by populating the transformation from a Data Transformation service. you can specify the authentication type for the Integration Service to use. You can pass a dynamic service name to the Unstructured Data transformation with source data. 44 . Or.PowerCenter Transformations • HTTP Transformation • You can let the Integration Service determine the authentication type of the HTTP server when the HTTP server does not return an authentication type to the Integration Service.

PowerExchange enhancements 45 .

higher throughput • Message Queuing (all) • Exactly-once delivery semantics • Message order is preserved • Process messages in parallel with multipartitioned sessions • SAP • Support for IDoc interpreter • Performance • CPU offload • Multithreaded CDC 46 . DB2 LUW • Extraction process runs continuously instead of shutting down • Faster startup. SQL Server.PowerExchange Enhancements Real-time • CDC Option • Continuous Extraction (8.5) • Oracle.

5. Technology Standards • JDE World • Siebel • UNICODE support • Multiple library support • JDE EnterpriseOne • Source filter parameterization • Multiple source filter conditions • SAP NetWeaver • Invoke business services • Read/write business objects • LDAP • Support for SSL/TLS • Email Server • Table type support for BAPI • Lotus Notes • MAPI support in the client • Certifications • UNICODE support • Oracle EBS 11. 12 • SAP BW-OHS 47 .PowerExchange Enhancements Applications.

0 • Rejected row logging • Certifications • HP Neoview ODBC driver 48 .PowerExchange Enhancements Data Warehouses • Teradata • New source/target: HP Neoview • Support Teradata Monitoring tool • Support Teradata Parallel Transporter • Recovery/restart for stream mode • Drop error tables • Support multiple TPT versions • HP Transporter Java interface • Netezza Performance Server • Support for update as insert • Support for NPS 4.

PowerExchange Enhancements Databases • Hyperion Essbase • Relational targets • Outline Metadata Extractor • Allow multiple selection of measure dimension’s member • BSO: modify outline • ASO: full support for extract. load • Re-order mapped columns • Informix • Exactly-once delivery semantics • Order of records is preserved • SQL Server • Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) data type • Certifications • Byte data type • Adabas • WIDECHAR data type • • • • IMS version 10 Adabas version 8 DB2 v9 for z/OS Oracle 11g 49 . modify outline.

Other PowerCenter Enhancements 50 .

PowerExchange and Complex Data Exchange support same code pages 51 .Other PowerCenter Enhancements PowerCenter.

PowerCenter Advanced Edition Metadata Manager 52 .

definition.1.2 Erwin 7.2 DB2 9.6? • Business names • • Attribute of any metadata asset Option to show business names in lineage diagram Bundled custom meta-model template for business terms and nested categories Includes business rules. steward. valid values • Business glossary model • • • • • Object relationships wizard Excel-based import/export of metadata extensions New Metadata Exchange for Advanced Edition • • DB2 on z/OS Netezza Oracle 11g Sybase 15.2 • New version certifications for Metadata Exchange AE • • • • 53 .What’s New in Metadata Manager 8.0. owner.

owner. valid values 54 . steward.Role-specific Tools Business Metadata PowerCenter AE Metadata Manager 8. definition.6 • Business names Use Business Names • Attribute of any metadata asset • Option to display business names in lineage • Sample custom metamodel template (devnet) •Custom meta-model template for business terms and categories •Includes business rules.

55 .

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