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Published by: McKinzie Knapp on Jul 12, 2011
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3rd grade Treasures Themes

Unit 1: Our World; New beginnings, keeping in touch, building communities, antarctic life, people and their pets Unit 2: Investigations; putting on a performance, wolves, past present future, out in space, being a writer Unit 3: Discoveries; food around the world, solving riddles, ecosystems in balance, making journeys, the art of illustrating Unit 4: Determination; what's cooking, getting along, protecting our natural resources, getting involved; a place of my own Unit 5: Challenges; making money, making a difference, in motion, hero's, animal architects Unit 6; Achievements; helping our neighbors, unusual animals, good citizens, working together, raising butterflies

UNIT 1 Our World UNIT 1 New Beginnings UNIT 1 Keeping in Touch UNIT 1 Building Communities UNIT 1 Antarctic Life UNIT 1 People and their Pets UNIT 2 Investigations UNIT 2 Putting on a Performance .

& Future UNIT 2 Out in Space UNIT 2 Being a Writer UNIT 3 Discoveries UNIT 3 Food Around the World UNIT 3 Solving Riddles UNIT 3 Ecosystem in Balance . Present.UNIT 2 Wolves UNIT 2 Past.

UNIT 3 Making a Journey UNIT 3 The Art of Illustrating UNIT 4 Determination UNIT 4 What's Cooking UNIT 4 Getting Along UNIT 4 Protecting our Natural Resources UNIT 4 Getting Involved UNIT 4 A Place of My Own .

UNIT 5 Challenges UNIT 5 Making Money UNIT 5 In Motion UNIT 5 Heroes UNIT 5 Making a Difference UNIT 5 Animal Architects UNIT 6 Achievements UNIT 6 Unusual Animals UNIT 6 Helping your Neighbors UNIT 6 Being a Good Citizen .

UNIT 6 Working Together UNIT 6 Raising Butterflies .

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