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Food Borne Pathogen –Giardia

Food Borne Pathogen –Giardia

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Published by: karishma gupte on Sep 13, 2008
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Food borne pathogen –Giardia

Karishma Gupte V/05/0246 Fourth year.

Proto zoological deta
• Enteric protozoa.


• Ubiquitously present. • Order –Diplomonatida, Family – Hexamitidae, Genus –Giardia. • Morphology : Dorsal surface – convex; Ventral surface –concave. • Life cycle: Cyst and trophozoite. • G.intestinalis, G.canis, G.cati, G.muris, G. bovis, G.chinchilla.

• Infective dose: 10 to 100 cysts. • Zooanthraponosis. • Raw vegetables, uncooked meat, ready -to- eat foods. • Food borne outbreak. • Water borne outbreak.

Me at indust ry :
• Difficult for Meat Inspector. • No pathognomonic lesions. • AMI Sampling Stool samples Microscopy PCR and Genotyping. • Genotype A • HACCP and Microscopy – overestimate the risk of Giardia. • Practicalities ? Carcass rejection Economic loss.

Prev ention & c ontrol:
• • • • • • • • Hygienic practices in food industries. Human waste management. HACCP analysis. Filtration & addition of iodine in water. Heating : 71.5°C for 15 min. Freezing : - 18°C for 1 hour. Phenol. Disease surveillence & epidemiological techniques. • Health education –sanitary conditions and personal cleanliness.

Refer ences:
• • • • • • Zoonoses –Martin E. Hugh. Zoonoses –Mahendra Pal. Protozoology –R.P. Hall. Protozoology –Soulsby. Food borne pathogens –A.H.Varnam. International Life Science Institute (Europe) –Report series. • Internet.

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