Sustainability / Place-Based Example

Pennsylvania Forest Sustainability Analysis
Example The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania used the Montreal Process C & I to assess forest conditions as part of its Statewide Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy.
Description:As required by the 2008 Farm Bill, states were required to complete a Statewide Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy (SFRAS) in order to qualify for continued Federal funding. A major component of the process included documenting forest conditions and trends. The Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry used the Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters¶ 18 indicators of sustainability (adopted from the Montreal Process) to assess and document forest conditions. The objective of the effort was to present a succinct analysis and statement of sustainability for each indicator based on available data. A highlight of the effort includes a visual, called the ³sustainability meter´ for each


indicator. Context:The results of the sustainability analysis were used to support and develop the Strategies presented in Pennsylvania¶s SFRAS. The assumption is that strategies developed and implemented from a set of established indicators will result in positive gains in sustainable forestry. The analysis was conducted using statewide data, but when known, regional differences were highlighted. For example, data for Indicator 3 showed differing rates of forest conversion across Pennsylvania; and as a result, statewide strategies can be tailored to meet local needs. Value Added:Communications among stakeholders is a significant value

of the process. While there was (is) debate on the conclusion for each indicator, the process enables stakeholders to talk about the issues, relevant data, and opportunities for improvement.

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