Name (optional) : Gender Age: Occupation: : male 18-25 Student Business Family monthly Income Below 10,000 Above 40,001 1. Are you a regular customer at MORE? Yes No 10,001 20,000 20,001- 30,000 30,001-40,000 26-35 female 36-45 46-55 Govt/public others above 55 private

Housewife Professional

2. How often do you shop at MORE outlets? Daily 2-3 time in a week once in a week once in every 2 week once a month

Less than once in a week 3. Rank the promotional tools that attract you the most in making your purchase decision (Give 1: most preferred offer and 6 least preferred)

Flyer Discount on a product Buy 1,get 1 free Buy for a Rs XYZ & get a free gift Buy for Rs XYZ & get a product at an discount rate

4. Do you find flyers useful? Yes 4. A) If yes: How do you respond to flyers? Ignore Read &dispose Refer for shopping No

what was the reason__________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ .lower 5 4 3 2 1 8. Insert in Newspaper Door to Door delivery by salesperson Sent thought post 5 4 3 2 1 6. How has your shopping experience been with MORE ? Excellent Very good satisfactory Neutral Dissatisfy If dissatisfy . How often you have noticed MORE Flyers? Never Rarely Occasionally Often Very often 7. B) If no. 2. What kind of information do you often seek from flyers? Offers Save & Discount Product availability 10. because of 1. 3. Uncooperative behaviour of staff 5. Where do you get Flyers of MORE? At MORE outlet From staff visiting your home from newspaper 9. Which is the most appropriate way of distributing the flyers? NO. Aware of offeres 2. Not attaractive offeres 3. 1.4. Please rate on a scale of 1 t o 5 where 5 is indicate high satisfaction & 1. How much satisfied are you with MORE Flyers? a.

11. How often you have recommended about the offers in flyer to others. Never At times Some time Often Very often 12. Would you continuo to shop regularly from MORE supermarket in future ? Yes No .

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