The Pooper

1. This models is best folded with tissue foil. A square of 25cm produces a 10.5cm pooper. Begin with the coloured side face up. 2.


Ronald Koh - 1999


Fold diagonally in half from left to right, crease well, and unfold. Repeat from top to bottom. 4.

Fold the lower diagonal edges to the crease line in the centre, crease well again, and unfold. 6.

Turn paper over. 5.

Valley fold, ... ... turn paper over ... 7. 8.

... and unfold, ...

... like this. Turn paper over again. Valley fold both sides as shown.

. crease firmly.... and unfold. 12. .. Turn paper over again. . 14. 15. Squash fold once more .. 13.. 10. Turn paper over again. . 11. like this. then fold diagonally in half. Valley fold each side in turn as shown. then fold down... ...9. Separate snd draw one layer on the right to the left and squash fold ...

. . . 21. to squash fold along existing crease lines ... Bring Corner A to Corner B. 23.. Swivel the flap on the left to the right.. . .. while drawing one layer in the middle up along a valley fold line between B and C. creasing firmly as usual. Fold and unfold. . ... . B. like this. 20.. C.. 22. .. 19.. Rotate paper. A.. and repeat Steps 18 to 20 on the left. Turn paper over.. then fold the white triangular layer down...16... 17. 18. . Swivel the top flap on the left to the right. Lift the diagonal edge on the right and draw it to the left as illustrated.

Fold one layer up... .. and this. until it looks like this. 31. like this.. The circled area shows how the hidden layers should lie. . A. 27. making the valley and mountain folds as illustrated.. .. . .. . 25.24.... like this. . Fold and unfold as shown. creasing well. 26.. B. . Repeat from Step 23 on the right... . 28. Draw one layer to the left as you reverse fold along the crease line made in Step 25.. Fold A to B.. 29.. 30. .. then swivel one layer on the right to the left..

then lift out the hidden layer as illustrated. Fold the flaps on both sides up. Squash fold. 40.. F J L Separate the two layers along Edge AB and squash fold. then repeat from Step 32 to the right. . creasing firmly. . Fold and unfold. then valley fold the triangle JKL under the edge JL. 34. then reverse fold DEF and HGF.. 35... 36. 37. M O N Reverse fold the two corners along MN and ON. 38.. A.32. E D H G C. K Reverse fold both sides at the top. creasing well. M O Swivel this piece to the left. N Fold and unfold along lines MN and ON. 33. B. .. 39. .

at the top. .. 44. forming little pockets as illustrated. Reverse fold both pieces at the top.. Fold this flap down. Open sink.. Reverse fold to narrow the flaps at the bottom. .. 47. reverse fold on both sides. A A B B . 48.. Valley fold.. .... Reverse fold both pieces. That done.. followed by the next two flaps. Fold and unfold horizontally as shown. .. 49. Fold and unfold on both sides. 42. C .. which will form the hind legs.. . 45. C .... That done. forming pockets at the base of each piece within the body. creasing firmly. 46. . Now fold Corner B to the left again and repeat on the right side.41. like this. creasing firmly. Now fold Corner B along and in between edge AC to emerge on the right. 43.

.. . then unfold the previous step. and this. Valley fold both sides. We shall now work on the ears. Repeat Steps 50 and 51 on the other side... .. Flip the model over vertically. ...50. . to complete the ears. 1/4 1/4 . and this.. . 57.. . A B C D Valley fold.. such that line AB lies perpendicular to edge CD. .. Fold and unfold on the left. . 60. 51... creasing firmly. 58. 1/4 1/4 Mountain fold both sides according to the illustrated proportions.. 55. 54. then continue shaping the ears like this. ...... 53. 56. .. 59. then reverse fold. 52.

.61... Valley fold to lock in place. 62. 65. 63. .... .. then rabbit’s fold as shown.. and again as shown. to bring the head piece down.. 66a. 65b. Reverse fold both hind legs. 65a. 64. . Crimp fold the hidden layers on both sides of this piece.. 66. along the crease lines made in Steps 50 and 52. . Reverse again. beneath the overlapping layer.. then fold vertically in half. ..... 66b. Repeat on the other side.. . That’s how it should look.. . curling the back with two mountain folds as illustrated. . like this. Narrow the hind legs with mountain folds on the two layers on each of side.. . Valley fold. .

. Crimp fold both hind legs.. . Reverse fold all layers of the tail piece together.... . reverse fold the second piece.. then narrow through all layers on each side.66c... 68.. You know what this is going to be. . . . 68b. That done. and add a little 90-degree towards the end.. I usually do a series of reverse folds... 66d. 69.. the outside reverse fold to complete the tail. You can do just about anything you want to shape the poo. 68c. . .. 68a. .. 68d. 67. Now reverse fold one of the points only. Crimp fold twice on both sides of the bdy as illustrated.. . A bit of crumpling helps. like this.

then crimp fold as shown on both forelegs.. Shape both sides of the head in Steps 72d to 72f. Lock in place by valley folding the hidden corners on both sides against the layers of the body. Inside reverse fold.70. .. please . 72c 72d. 72.2002 . 72f Some privacy. . 72e. Outside reverse fold. reverse fold at the head.. 72b 72a Mountain fold the tips of the forelegs within.. Check the proportions of your model against this figure. .. as close as possible to the illustrated proportions and angles.. That done.. Fold the tip up. and reverse fold again.. Ronald Koh . Check with Steps 72c to 72e for the correct proportions.. 71.

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