What is Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from female human breasts (i.e., via lactation) rather than from a baby bottle or other container. Babies have a sucking reflex that enables them to suck and swallow milk. Most mothers can breastfeed for six months or more, without the addition of infant formula or solid food. On the first 6 months the child was born, the best nutrient that the baby can achieve is from the milk that he gets from her mother. Then after 6 months, that’s the only time the baby can take some soft foods together with the mother’s milk.

Benefits for the Infant

Breastfeeding give nutrients to both baby and the mother, the baby having breastfeed can be done anytime and anywhere. As you compare the formulated milk in the market we can say that, the mother’s milk is more cheaply and yet nutritious for the babies. Cheaper because mother must be in condition by making her healthy to breastfeed the baby. While the mother having breastfeed her baby, mother can help prevent acquiring such disease namely osteoporosis and several cancers. It helps the uterus to return to its normal size. Serves as bonding between the mother and the baby. It helps the mother relax Milk of a mother makes the baby bones strong, It helps the baby to build a good resistance and helps for the development of strong bones. It prevents dehydration. The colostrums contains antibodies that helps to fight for any infection and diarrhea and other common illnesses.

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Gives the baby protection from allergies, asthma, infections or complication in breathing, diarrhea and heartbeat. Helps for the development of teeth. Prevents the baby to have Vitamin E Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia.

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Preparations in Breastfeeding

1. Hold the baby at level of your breast. Position your baby sideways forward. Your stomach and the baby’s stomach are facing each other. Support the head, neck and the back of the baby using your elbow and long arm. Hold the baby’s buttocks with your hand. 2. Hold your breast with your other hand. Perform the Moro Reflex to your baby using your nipple until the baby opens his mouth. 3. The chin and the nose of the baby must touch to your nipple. The baby will cover your areola. 4. If the swallowing of your baby slows down, try to give the other side of your breast.

Proper Managements in order to Ensure Healthy, Exact, and Clean Milk

Eating Right The mother should eat nutritious foods to prevent the lack of milk. Her body needs proper diet for her body plus for the right production of milk. Soups can help for more production of milk.

Proper Hygiene, Especially in the Breast Proper hygiene like taking a bath is a mother’s must. Wipe the breast with warm water before and after breastfeeding. It helps to maintain the cleanliness of the mother.

Healthy Living Enough rest and avoiding using cigarettes and drinking liquors and coffee. In the mothers who are working, perform milk expression in order for them to give milk to their baby even if they are at their work.



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