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Eng-7 Spelling Lesson 4

Prefixes and base words

restrain request explain exchange
incorporate denotation demerit proclaim proportion
dissatisfied discharge substandard subcommittee prehistoric
prejudge contribute congenial perfume permission
EC: misspelling

Eng-7 Spelling Lesson 5

Prefixes and roots
recession procession concession exhibit inhibit
prohibit constitution substitution institution dejection
rejection projection reflection inflection persuade
dissuade perspire inspire presume consume
EC: inspiration
Eng-7 Spelling Lesson 6
Compound words and contractions
background halfback network scoreboard roommate
videotape elsewhere otherwise whoever anyone
two-thirds forty-eight audio-visual left-handed brother-in-law
they’re who’s haven’t weren’t should’ve
EC: it’s

Eng-7 Spelling Lesson 7

Silent letters
designer alignment campaign gnawed indebted
doubtful psalms psychology spaghetti ghetto
solemn column condemn autumn
calmly plumbing numbed rhythmic rhymed
EC: psychology

Eng-7 Spelling Lesson 8

practice practical definite definition definitely participate participation
relate relative achieve achieving achievement coordinate
rehearse rehearsal blame blaming blameless separate separation
argue arguing defense defensive defenseless obligate obligation
persuade perspire prohibit procession background roommate they’re
should’ve two-thirds designer doubtful spaghetti column