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banking and financial services to travel and leisure. Serving various industries.Retail & Hospitality Training on the basis of SOPs Supervisory Development Programme Management Development Programme Periodical Induction Programme Module developments for need based training programmes. insurance. lowering attrition rates and preparing them for a high growth career path. F-58. we have sector specific professionals who are experts. Kandivilli (W) Mumbai . Profit Centre. developing the skills of your staff. a training firm which focuses on quality training. which contributes to an exciting and challenging knowledge base. Our mission is to inspire and facilitate the learning process. with diversified experiences. Step by Step Approach in Training Service ProcessAnalysis Training Needs Analysis Training Tools Development (Modules and SOPs) Training Delivery Post Training Analysis (Feedback and corrective actions) Soft Skills Time Management Being Professional Business Etiquettes E-mail Etiquettes Interpersonal Skills The Customer Service Experience Effective Managerial/Supervisory Skills Selling Skills Being a Team Player Public Speaking Presentation skills Image Projection Effective Decision making skills Other Training Programmes Technical training . ranging from hospitality. and would help achieve your learning requirements. Mahaveer Nagar.We are 'Trainergy Corporate Solutions'. Trainergy has a dynamic team. Our training will help to enhance the overall quality of service resulting in employee satisfaction and customer delight.67 . The following are some of our programmes. Opp: Panchsheel Height.

Opp: Panchsheel Height. We offer personalized executive and staff search solutions. financial your organization's or other human assets is a responsibility understanding be taken lightly.67 . Training and HR setup from the industry training & mystery Audits" o ~ Divine HR Consultancy F-S8. Our HR consultants are selected for their experience. core strength lies in knowledge in various industrial names is constantly and industry expertise blended with the rich experience of database of and updated and cross-referenced to ensure top quality our consultants sectors they serve. Our firm's efficiency. we team up with authorised right candidates not compromising the legal formalities. Our methods are based on a thorough issues affecting you today. Profit Centre. Mahaveer Nagar. For consultants so that our clients overseas get About Us Human Resource Consultancy firm Five yea rs young . objective is to meet individual and specific requirement Partnering operational with us is a truly collaborative senior-level management experience. Conducting an executive or a staff search for that should not and of the strategic. Recruitment. assignments abroad.with over 25 yea rs experien ce" Specializing Customised Professionals in Executive Search.Committed to get you the best talent. expertise and geographic reach. Our extensive state-of-the-art resumes and contact We employ a team approach for every assignment. Our of yours in the most efficient manner. Kandivilli (W) Mumbai . which ensures the highest level of consultancy service to our clients.

Mystery Audits Mystery guest services audits are becoming the latest trends these days. Advantages 1. make the most of winning in business with powerful mystery shopping research. Feedback about Quality of staff / associates we have in a unit 9. Profit Centre. Keepsus updated on the working culture of a unit and can be compared with values of the corporate setup S. If you are lookingto make a substantial and lasting improvementthen look no further. Our mystery shopping teams are experts in turning pioneering research into measurable ways to make a big difference. These are planned audits carried out by professionals to judge service aspects in a business. Lets us know if we are correcting ourselves 7.This auditorthen checksthe services and gives a detailed objective based report. Mahaveer Nagar. Our mystery shopping programmes are unique and utilise the following suite of mystery shopping research tools: Mystery shopping (customer experience evaluations) Benchmarking (regular competitor progress tracking) Our mystery shopping programmes are dedicated to help increase customer satisfaction. Keep a tab on the operations from a guest service aspect. Aid to carry out Training need analysis. Mystery Audit gives a right technical feedback as it is done by professionals 3. Takecontrol of your business from a customer's perspective. resulting in increased profitability. We create tailor made mystery shopping improvement solutions to drive performance. Feedback are specific and Objective based 8. We do audits for telephones. boost sales performance and build staff competence. Unbiased and Right Feedback F-S8. sales and customer loyalty. Kandivilll (W) Mumbai . Helps in development and keeping updated with the changing trends 6.67 . A Trainergy mystery shopping programme is designed to make a significant step change in business performance. 4. floor customer service for retail and hospitality industry. 2. Opp: Panchsheel Height. Customers perception is reality.The Mystery audit company sends an auditor as a guest / customer to the business.

Kandivilli (W) Mumbai .Beyond initial recruitment These includes: Communications activities Reward schemes Activities to build the culture of the organisation Team building activities Leadership development activities and induction. Opp: Panchsheel Height.Great employee engagement strategy helps create a community attitude towards at the workplace both their and not just a and the workforce. develop for your organisation • • • • • • • • • • • • Organising staff / executive Picnics Employee suggestion systems Setting of internal house magazine. and service levels they form an emotional colleagues This affects their company's clients and improves customer satisfaction A survey reveals employees who are most committed leave the organisations .67 . Profit Centre. Mahaveer Nagar. Employee engagement activities we can assist. Monthly staff awards Annual staff awards Annual Staff / Executive meet Incentive programme Inbound and outbound for managers tours Setting appraisal systems Setting quality assurance committee Managing corporate launch events Customised Employee engagement activities / programs F-58. engaged with their organisation. connection When employees are positively with the company. perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to employee engagement activities are a must.

References can be provided on request F-58. Profit Centre. Kandivilli (W) Mumbai . Mahaveer Nagar. Ginger Hotels Destimoney Securities *Trainergy Corporate Solutions has provided one or more services to above mentioned clients either on its own or through 0 partner company in the past.67 .IlC Grand Maratha Sheraton IlC Grand Central Oberoi Hotels Mars Group of Hotels Renaissance Intercontinental the Lalit Kambala Hospitality DawnayDay Alkem Laboratories RKHS Grand Hyatt Coutyard Marriott Speciality Restaurants (P) Ltd Pan India Food Solutions /Travel Food Services Reliance Capital Reliance Money Reliance Capital Services Ltd Bombay stock Exchange Prumatech lata e-next Kotak Bank PCIES Hindustan Unilever Grillopolis Khana Khazana lata Institute of Social Sciences Food Link Yogi Hotels Martins Nook Indian Cookery (P) Ltd. Opp: Panchsheel Height.


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