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MCSA MCSE Windows XP Study Guide70-270

MCSA MCSE Windows XP Study Guide70-270


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A scanner is a device that can read text or graphics that are on paper and translate the infor-
mation to digital data that the computer can understand. Digital cameras take pictures in a dig-
ital format that can be read by the computer.
After you install a scanner or digital camera on a Windows XP Professional computer, you
can manage the device through the Scanners and Cameras dialog box. You access this dialog
box by selecting the Scanners and Cameras icon in Control Panel from the Printers and Other
Hardware option.

The Scanners and Cameras dialog box lists the devices that are recognized by your computer,
as shown in Figure 4.20. You can click the Add an Imaging Device option to add a scanner or
camera. If you right-click on a scanner or printer, you will see options to Get Pictures, Delete
(the scanner or camera), and Properties. Clicking the Properties option displays a dialog box
with additional options.

4412.book Page 150 Monday, December 13, 2004 4:06 PM

Managing I/O Devices 151


Scanners and Cameras dialog box

The scanner or camera Properties dialog box has three tabs with options and information

about the device:

GeneralLists the manufacturer, description, port, and status of the device. It also contains a
button that you can click to test the scanner or camera.

EventsAllows you to associate an event with an application. For example, you can specify
that when you scan a document, it should be automatically linked to the imaging program, and
the imaging program will start and display the document you just scanned.

Color ManagementAllows you to associate a color profile with the scanner or camera.

If you have a scanner or digital camera installed on your computer, you can complete the
steps in Exercise 4.8 to view and configure its properties.


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