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Professional Skills for Managers

Professional Skills for Managers

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In an organisation, planning may be both formal and informal in nature. Informal
planning takes place when a manager plans institutively without any structure or rigid
framework while formal planning involves a structured process of investigation and
action. Whatever be the form of planning, it is to be noted that planning is essentially
future-oriented and a goal-oriented behaviour. It is also the first step of the managerial
decision –making process and precedes all other managerial functions i.e., organising,
leading and controlling.

Unit III: Organising and Decision making skills: Meaning of Organisation- Organisation
Skills- Principles of sound organization-Types of organizations- Practical Assignment

Organising is one of the fundamental management functions, which closely follows
planning. Organising is the process of assigning duties and responsibilities, grouping of
tasks on some rational basis, establishing the line of authority and allocating resources to
carry out the organizational plans.

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