There are number of forces that make marketing an endlessly changing activity. The constantly changing activity sociological, psychological and political environment may represent the uncontrollable marketing factors. To understanding these factors in a better way marketing research is of utmost importance. This Project Report has been completed in Partial fulfillment of my management Program, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) in the company “BAJAJ CAPITAL BROKING LTD.” The objective of my project was “TO LEARN THE WORK AND SOME BENEFITIAL INVESTMENT OPTIONS IN INVESTMENT INDUSTRY.” All students learn theoretical subjects in their classroom, but as we are the management students, apart from theoretical studies we need to get a deeper insight into the practical aspects of those theories by working as a part of organization during our summer training. Training is a period in which a student can apply his theoretical knowledge in practical field. Basically practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge have a very broad difference. So this training has high importance as to know how both the aspects are applied together. The study of management acquires most crucial position in the business administration. In order to be successful, it is necessary to give priority to the management in an organization. But it can’t be denied that the study of management would be more educational, materialistic and even more interesting, if it is to be paired with the work in organization as an employee.

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This project has been prepared as a part of an internship required during the completion of PGDBM programmed at IIMT, Gr.Noida (U.P). I was involved with BAJAJ CAPITAL BROKING LIMITED, LUCKNOW for a period of 45 days, and I came across a lot of officials who devoted their time and effort towards acclimatizing me to the workings of their organization. I express my heartiest gratitude to Mr. FAIZULLAH KHAN(Regional Manager) and my guide Ms.NITIN MISHRA (BRANCH MANAGER), who was there to introduce me to the idea of BAJAJ CAPITAL & its processes. Also under her guidance and leadership I was able to enhance my inter-personal skills. I would also like to extend thanks to Mr.FAIZULLAH KHAN (Regional Manager-Client Acquisition Team) & Ms.NITIN MISHRA, preparation of the report. These past 45 days were of utmost importance as they added value towards my path of knowledge. I would like to end this acknowledgement by thanking the customers, at large with whom I have interacted during the course of my training. With special thanks to Mr. Amit Kumar Srivastava

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DECLARATION The summer training project on “Check And Increase Awareness ” under the guidance of Ms NITIN MISHRA is the original work done by me. DATE: SIGNATURE RISHI KUMAR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The PGDBM course offered by the ISHAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY has its own unique syllabus which requires its PGDBM students to undertake an internship with any of the leading business houses for a period ranging from 6 weeks to 8 weeks during the second semester. The purpose of this internship is to enable the students to appreciate and understand the nuances of the practical world vis-à-vis the theoretical input administered during regular academic sessions. This is the property of Institute & use of this report without prior information of the Institute will be considered illegal & actionable. This helps in creating Managers who are equipped with the experience of linking the theoretical inputs with those of practical exposure [Type text] Page 4 .

With such a large population and the untapped market area of this population Insurance happens to be a very big opportunity in India. it adds about 7 per cent to the country’s GDP . Investment is making the money work for you. Recently all financial products investment opportunities come with some or other innovations. I took up this organizational study. Now there are a number of investments avenues available to common man. Assets whose value increases over time must be chosen for such purpose. INTRODUCTION The Insurance sector in India governed by Insurance Act. insurance & services like Initial Public Offers (IPOs) processing. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Act. Idle saved money will be eroded of its value by reduction in purchasing power. Bajaj Capital broking limited at Lukhnow consists of all functions of Bajaj Capital like registrar. 1938. effecting corporate actions. In partial fulfillment of PGDBM degree of ISHAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY. Nearly 80% [Type text] Page 5 . one must involve funds available in such avenues that may counter balance the reduction of real value. 1956 and General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act.In spite of all this growth the statistics of the penetration of the insurance in the country is very poor. Experience and knowledge that I gained from Bajaj Capital Broking Limited are elaborated in the following pages. Together with banking services. mutual fund advisory. the Life Insurance Corporation Act.and come out with creative solutions / ideas in enhancing the business. In other words. Investing smartly makes money grow. The investments must offer maximum advantages to the investor. investor information services and host of technology enabled services to facilitate efficient and effective service delivery. 1999 and other related Acts. Today it stands as a business growing at the rate of 15-20 per cent annually. It is on investors choice for investing where he feel he would get more returns for his invested money. 1972. share holder servicing.

General Insurance was however a comparatively late entrant in 1850 when Triton Insurance company set up its base in Kolkata. Life Insurance in its current form was introduced in 1818 when Oriental Life Insurance Company began its operations in India. The entry of the private players and the increased use of the new distribution are in the limelight today. The key element of the reform process was Participation of overseas insurance companies with 26% capital. Since then the insurance industry has gone through many sea changes . It was due to this immense growth that the regulations were introduced in the insurance sector and in continuation “Malhotra Committee” was constituted by the government in 1993 to examine the various aspects of the industry.The competition LIC started facing from these companies were threatening to the existence of LIC . Creating a more efficient and competitive financial system suitable for the requirements of the economy was the main idea behind this reform. History of Insurance in India can be broadly bifurcated into three eras: a) Pre Nationalization b) Nationalization and c) Post Nationalization. Life Insurance was the first to be nationalized in 1956.of Indian populations are without Life insurance cover and the Health insurance. Life Insurance Corporation of India was formed by consolidating the [Type text] Page 6 . This is an indicator that growth potential for the insurance sector is immense in India. INDIAN INSURANCE MARKET – HISTORY Insurance has a long history in India.since the liberalization of the industry the insurance industry has never looked back and today stand as the one of the most competitive and exploring industry in India. The use of new distribution techniques and the IT tools has increased the scope of the industry in the longer run.

the private players are active in the liberalized environment. National Insurance. General Insurance followed suit and was nationalized in 1973. There is pressure from both within the country and outside on the Government to increase the foreign direct investment (FDI) limit from the current 26% to 49%. the insurance industry in India today stands at a crossroads as competition intensifies and companies prepare survival strategies in a detariffed scenario. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). the public sector companies still call the shots. nine private non-life insurers and six public sector companies.26% market share in terms of fresh premium. National and Oriental as its subsidiaries. STATE INSURERS CONTINUE TO DOMINATE There may be room for many more players in a large underinsured market like India with a population of over one billion. There are now 29 insurance companies operating in the Indian market – 14 private life insurers.82% in new business premium income in November 2005. product innovation and enhancement will increase.PRESENT: The insurance sector was opened up for private participation four years ago. There are opportunities in the pensions sector where regulations are being framed. and as it matures and new players enter. United India. Most of the private insurance companies have formed joint venture partnering well recognized foreign players across the globe. INSURANCE MARKET. whereas ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company is the leader among the private non-life players with a 8. For this purpose Amphora Committee was formed during this year who submitted their report in 1994 and Insurance Regulatory Development Act (IRDA) was passed in 1999. Also as the private sector controls over 26.operations of various insurance companies. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company continues to lead the private sector with a 7. The process of opening up the insurance sector was initiated against the background of Economic Reform process which commenced from 1991.53% of the non-life market. But the reality is that the intense competition in the last five years has made it difficult for new entrants to keep pace with the leaders and thereby failing to make any impact in the market. The country’s largest life insurer. The IRDA has issued the first licence for a standalone health company in the country as many more players wait to enter. Resultantly Indian Insurance was opened for private companies and Private Insurance Company effectively started operations from 2001. Similarly. the four public-sector non-life insurers – New India Assurance. With many more joint ventures in the offing. The deepening of the health database over time will also allow players to develop and price products for larger segments of society.18% of the life insurance market and over 26. Less than 10 % of Indians above the age of 60 receive pensions. The insurance market have witnessed dynamic changes which includes presence of a fairly large number of insurers both life and nonlife segment. Oriental Insurance and United India Insurance – had a combined market share of 73. General Insurance Corporation of India was set up as the controlling body with New India.47% as of October 2005. which would help JV partners to bring in funds for expansion. The health insurance sector has tremendous growth potential.11% market share. For years now. [Type text] Page 7 . had a share of 74.

The battle has so far been fought in the big urban cities. and bancassurance. The industry now deals with customers who know what they want and when. GLOBAL STANDARDS While the world is eyeing India for growth and expansion.5% of GDP and general insurance premiums being 0. increased competition will drive insurers to rural and semi-urban markets. However. the opportunities in the Indian market place is immense. With life insurance premiums being just 2. underwriting criteria.ICICI Lombard has focused on growing the market for general insurance products and increasing penetration within existing customers through product innovation and distribution. products. innovative sales methods and creditworthiness. there will be considerable improvement in customer service levels. Fiji. but in the next few years. product innovation and newer standards of underwriting. REACHING OUT TO CUSTOMERS No doubt. With the industry all set to move to a detariffed regime by 2007. which has set its sight on becoming a major global player following a Rs280-crore investment from the Indian government. Insurance companies will vie with each other to capture market share through better pricing and client segmentation. Take the case of LIC. Saturation of markets in many developed economies has made the Indian market even more attractive for global insurance majors. are now suddenly turning to the private sector that are providing them new products and variety for their choice. Indian companies are becoming increasingly world class. Sri Lanka. insurers have successfully managed to tide over the crisis without any adverse impact on their balance sheets. and are more demanding in terms of better service and speedier responses. The company now operates in Mauritius. The next five years will be challenging but those that can build scale and market share will survive and prosper.65% of GDP. have always seen life insurance as a tax saving device. The insurance sector in India has come to a position of very high potential and competitiveness in the market. Consumers remain the most important centre of the insurance sector. Indians. Nepal and will soon start operations in Saudi Arabia. After the entry of the foreign players the industry is seeing a lot of competition and thus improvement of Page 8 v [Type text] . competition will manifest itself in prices. with robust reinsurance programmes in place. the customer profile in the insurance industry is changing with the introduction of large number of divergent intermediaries such as brokers. the UK. INTENSE COMPETITION In a de-tariffed environment. corporate agents. It also plans to venture into the African and Asia-Pacific regions in 2006. PRESENT SCENARIO OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY v India with about 200 million middle class household shows a huge untapped potential for players in the insurance industry.

Customers are offered unbundled products with a variety of benefits as riders from which they can choose. At present the distribution channels that are available in the market are listed below. health products.the customer service in the industry. You need help from a professional investment advisor. who sees investments from your perspective. WE CREATE WEALTH: [Type text] Page 9 .500 and Rs 2. In a study conducted by MART the results showed that nearly one third said that they had purchased some kind of insurance with the maximum penetration skewed in favor of life insurance.g. Computerisation of operations and updating of technology has become imperative in the current scenario. That's what we do.900 as premium each year. but the consumers are also aware about motor. There is lots of saving and investment plans in the market. However.e. More customers are buying products and services based on their true needs and not just traditional moneyback policies. Foreign players are bringing in international best practices in service through use of latest technologies v The insurance agents still remain the main source through which insurance products are sold. accidents and cattle insurance. there are still some key new products yet to be introduced . A research conducted exhibited that the rural consumers are willing to dole out anything between Rs 3. The rural consumer is now exhibiting an increasing propensity for insurance products. • Direct selling  Corporate agents •Group selling •Brokers and cooperative societies •Bancassurance Customers have tremendous choice from a large variety of products from pure term (risk) insurance to unit-linked investment products. The concept is very well established in the country like India but still the increasing use of other sources is imperative. v v PROFIL OF THE BAJAJ CAPITAL COMPANY In a world full of 'ready-to-give-free-of-cost-advice' people it is necessary that you choose the one that works in your interest. In the insurance the awareness level for life insurance is the highest in rural India. which is not considered very appropriate for long-term protection and savings.

consider the following factors: YOUR ADVISOR MUST BE AN ORGANISATION: Your advisor needs to outlive the life of your investments. Legal Experts and others • • • SEBI-Approved Category I Merchant Bankers Group Co BCIBL is an IRDA-licensed Direct Insurance Broker While choosing an advisor. CSs.bajajcapital.• • • • • • • 45 years of experience as Investment Advisors and Financial Planners We give you impartial. integrity. you never know which place or city you might be located at.www. It is much safer to deal with a company that has a reputation for honesty. CFPs. MBAs. This is possible only if your advisor is a company or institution rather than an individual advisor. • MUST HAVE AN ALL-INDIA PRESENCE: In today's dynamic world. in the [Type text] Page 10 . Also a company has better resources. research expertise. research-based and need-based advice We offer a wide range of financial products and services Personalized wealth management advice: We offer investment guidance and portfolio planning. transparency and ethical dealings than with an individual. standardized processes and qualified staff to render quality advice and services. The more the experience of your advisor. Find out about the advisor's clientele. Prompt. Countrywide network of over 200 branches Strong team of qualified and experienced professionals including CAs. courteous service. 24 x 7 online accessibility. the better it is. • YOUR ADVISOR MUST BE EXPERINECED & REPUTED: Find out the background and certifications of the firm you want to appoint as your investment advisor. Insurance Experts. This will give you a better idea of what to expect as a client— and learning about their security guarantees will give you confidence that you're making the right choice.

an advisor with a national footprint will ensure that you do not miss his advice and service. the financial services it offers and the planning process it involves to make your wealth grow. • MUST HAVE AN ONLINE INVESTMENT PLATFORM: Tech savvy investors will find this attribute very attractive as they will be able to keep track of and manage their investments at the click of a mouse from the comfort of their office or home. • KNOW THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Decide what you need. Know the breadth and depth of the investment firm's products. irrespective of your location. • MUST HAVE A RESEARCH DEPARTMENT: This ensures that you get quality advice on time and are update about the market trends and changes so that accordingly you can review your portfolio.future. at any point of time. [Type text] Page 11 . Then choose an invest advisory firm that caters to your needs and matches your expectations.

Our Mission Your one stop Financial Supermarket Our range of Products and Services Financial Planning Services Our Team Investment Advisory Products Offered by Bajaj Capital Financial Planning Services Offered by Bajaj Capital Future Goal Funding Bajaj Capital's Value Added Services Bajaj Capital's In-house Publications for Investors 8 Reasons for you to invest only through Bajaj Capital How to achieve 'Lifetime of Investment success'? Our Mission The single focus of our organization is to be the most useful. which will help you T achieve your life's financial goals all under one roof. We are SEBI approved merchant bankers. reliable and efficient provider of Financial services. helping them achieve their Financial goals. investment advisors and financial planners. We have a track record of ethical dealings for the last 42 years and have had the honor of helping millions of investors achieve their life's financial goals. o p Our range of Products and Services Investment Advisory Products » Company fixed deposits » Bonds » Mutual funds » Life insurance » General insurance » Pension schemes » Post office schemes » Tax saving schemes » Insurance linked investment schemes » Initial public offerings » Housing loans » NRI schemes » Car insurance Financial Planning Services » Investment planning » Retirement planning [Type text] Page 12 . Your one stop Financial Supermarket We offer you a comprehensive range of financial products and services. It is our continuous endeavor to be a trustworthy advisor to our clients.

This is the reason for getting yourself and your loved ones a life cover to give you peace of mind also giving protection for critical illness and monthly income. They also give you transparency in transactions. Replaces earning power if disabled. Pension Schemes A pension scheme is a savings plan that is designed to grow over time to provide you with an [Type text] Page 13 . Bajaj Capital offers select Fixed Deposit Schemes of reputed Manufacturing. Provides for auto. which could take away some of your wealth earned over so many years. Life Insurance • • • Provides for dependents in case of a mishap. We offer you over 2. Debt Funds and Liquid Funds. Protects your ability to meet accumulation. Finance and Government companies. realistic returns through proper diversification of risk by investing in debt and equity instruments. Investment Experts. Financial Planners. Mutual Funds Mutual Funds give you market related. While you grow your wealth. CAs.000 Equity Funds.» Insurance planning » Children's future planning » Tax planning » Short-term cash flow planning Our Team We have a well-trained professional team comprising of MBAs. CSs. home and personal liability protection. We offer you wide range of Company Deposit schemes Bonds and Debentures Bajaj Capital arranges taxable and tax-free bonds from Central and State Government Institutions. T o p We all have financial responsibilities. marriage goals. Investment Advisory Products Offered by Bajaj Capital Company Fixed Deposits Company Fixed Deposits offer better returns than Bank Deposits with minimum lock-in periods. Financial Analysts. and Law Graduates. Insurance Experts. it becomes very difficult to fulfill these. Provides for potential long-term care costs. in the absence of the bread earner. you must protect yourself from a stroke of misfortune. anytime liquidity and tax-efficiency. education. Plans for business continuation. General Insurance • • • • Addresses healthcare concerns.

given your current financial situation and future plans. Housing Loans We arrange housing loans for you while helping you save sizeable amounts of tax in the bargain. accidents. T o p Investment Planning Everyone should have secure savings for a rainy day. ensuring you very easy and hassle free procedures. To help you fulfill these goals. and other mishaps. o p Future Goal Funding Children's education and marriage planning: One of the most important financial goals for every parent is to plan their children's futures so that they can make the steps to success easier for them to climb. you have to start thinking about investing for the future. examining your current financial situation and formulating strategies for how you can achieve your goals.income during retirement. The government provides tax incentives that allow your fund to grow virtually tax-free. it has become essential to start planning and saving for these events well in advance. expenses. renovation. etc. Asset purchase We all long that one day we are able to purchase our dream house. Owing to the steep rise in the cost of higher education and marriage. we give you advice on how to accumulate the funds to purchase these [Type text] Page 14 . At bajaj capital we are dedicated to the financial planning approach and give you advice only after understanding your financial needs. and are from the leading Housing Finance Companies. Car/Scooter Insurance We offer automobile solutions to safeguard your vehicle from theft. offering competitive interest rates at your door step. It is important to adequately safeguard this asset to ensure that your cash flow will continue in the event of an unexpected disaster. We help you plan your investments so that you may reach your personal goals by investing according to the risk that you can bear and your recommended mix of investments. Once these are in place. assets and liabilities to see which budgeting techniques you can use to help you reach your current and long-term financial goals. setting your goals. The process includes gathering relevant financial information. Your insurance policies will help you protect yourself and your T dependents (if any) against any unforeseen odds. Financial Planning Services Offered by Bajaj Capital Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life's goals through proper management of your finances. car or other assets. The loans are for purchase. We can help you achieve these goals by suggesting prudent investment avenues to you. construction. Cash Flow Budgeting We analyze your income. Protection for yourself and your family (Insurance Planning) Your greatest asset during your working years is your ability to earn an income.

We do this by helping you assess your goals. You have to plan your finances so that you may maintain the same standard of living when you are no longer working. Need Based Advice: Our advice is all 'need based.assets by suggesting monthly savings plans and other investment instruments that will make your money grow to the required amounts. with our help. plan for them and finally implement them. In order to ensure that you enjoy your retirement without financial hardships. risk tolerance and other priorities in life. we help you reach your personal goals by identifying how to increase your income by saving taxes and by helping you invest in tax saving instruments that fit your personal portfolio and situation. Tax Planning By planning your taxes. we urge you to make your own pension plans like Public Provident Fund. We take a comprehensive approach to planning your future by including in each financial plan.' We give you customized advice only after understanding your financial goals. solutions in all of the following areas: » Investment Planning » Insurance Planning » Cash flow Planning » Children's Future Planning » Tax Planning » Retirement Planning Bajaj Capital's Value Added Services T o p Regular Information Update: We keep you updated on the latest opportunities in the World of Investments. Retirement Planning Planning your income for retirement is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. [Type text] Page 15 . Some of the additional services offered are: » Dedicated relationship managers » Periodic portfolio review » Regular update of portfolio valuation » Need based advice "Financial Planning Group" offers comprehensive Financial Planning Services for long-term investors We pride ourselves in helping you meet your life's goals. Specialty Service Groups "Wealth Management Group" offers Wealth Management Services for High Net worth Individuals Bajaj Capital offers tailor made Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services customized exclusively to meet the needs of high net worth individuals.

(Priced Publication) Money Multiplying News: This is a fortnightly newsletter that helps you choose the best options available to you for investments during that period. Investment’s Select List and others. (Free of Cost) Investment Outlook: This is a monthly research report which gives an overview of the debt and equity markets and a comprehensive analysis of the various mutual funds' performance based on parameters like risk exposure. [Type text] Page 16 . players. based on the principles of financial planning. Equity Mutual Funds. Tailor Made Solutions: You get easy transactions and tailor-made solutions through our 'Investment Centers’ even at the tinkle of a phone. celebrities. rebates and reliefs. Accessibility: We have branches spread nationwide. army officers and the likes Bajaj Capital's In-house Publications for Investors Bajaj Capital Investors India: This is our monthly magazine that will help you take the right decisions in matters relating to investments. Regular Information: Through our in-house publications like Bajaj Capital Investors India. Investment Health Check: We help you achieve your financial goals by assessing your risk tolerance level and recommending to you a suitable asset allocation model for your investments. Debt Mutual Funds. helping you to get services at your doorstep. in order to minimize their tax liability. (Free of Cost) Tax Planning Guide: This is an annual guide that gives you a comprehensive idea about how to maximize tax benefits by availing beneficial provisions in the tax laws. It educates the reader on how to avail certain exemptions. It also gives a technical trend analysis of the market. (Free of Cost) Investment's Select List: This is a monthly list of the latest investment options covering all financial products like Company FDs. Investors Outlook. professionals. and others investment options. doctors. covering all important Indian cities almost every nook and corner of the country. government policies and a close monitoring of global developments. deductions. Doorstep Service: We have a vast network of branches all over India. architects. we keep you updated on the latest opportunities in the world of investments. return fluctuation and other statistical performance metrics. Insurance Schemes.Research Based Advice: Our professional research team will help you with advice that is thoroughly based on the analysis of market dynamics. ambassadors. Specialization in all Client Segments We offer Financial Planning for housewives.

Take the Mutual Funds route. Our role does not end when you have made your investments. We feel obliged to solve all of your queries and grievances even after you have invested with us. and hence are able to give you truly neutral advice. SEBI Authorization. CAs. [Type text] Page 17 . Strength: Our largest strength is our vast and dedicated clientele of around 6 lac individual investors all over India. Bajaj Capital is a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) authorized Merchant Banker and Investment Advisory Company. » Take the long-term approach to equity investments.'8' Reasons for you to invest only through Bajaj Capital Old Establishment Bajaj Capital is one of the oldest and largest Investment Advisory Companies in India. Go for superior and stable returns. Insurance Experts. Nationwide Presence and Modern Infrastructure Bajaj Capital has a vast network of 109 offices spread all across the country. How to achieve "Lifetime of Investment success"? Follow Bajaj Capital's time tested Investment Philosophy » Do not invest directly in the stock market. Research Centre: We have a full-fledged Research Centre that constantly monitors and analyses the industry. helping us give you unbiased investment advice. SEBI is a government body specially created for investors' protection. Your investments should depend upon them. Financial Planners. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. economy and various scheme performances. We believe in a controlled (risk) approach to investments. » Have a look at your financial objectives. Investment Experts and Law Graduates. in operation since 1964. Our operations are fully computerized. » Diversify your investments. We are not promoted by a bank. Independent Investment Advice: We are one of India's few Independent Investment advisory companies. a mutual fund or an NBFC. » Do not let inflation eat up your money in a savings bank account. » Safety of principal should be of prime importance. Financial Analysts. After Sales Service "Service with a smile" is our motto. Our team of over 1500 highly motivated professionals includes MBAs. » Keep a reasonable amount of liquid cash to meet your emergency needs. Vast Variety of Schemes: We are a full-fledged "Financial Supermarket" offering advice to our clients on a large variety of financial products.

Risk and return are two inseparable parts of an investment strategy.» Take a balanced approach to investing. Avoid risky investments as well as an overly cautious approach to Investing. Always take the middle path approach by investing in a wide array of instruments to have an optimum risk trade off. immediately. if required. On the other hand. The very basic consideration of an investor while investing his money are how to maximize one's returns will he get and what are the risks T involved in investing in a particular investment. investing in equity shares is too risky. » Monitor your investments once a month and take corrective action. o p Take the 'MIDDLE PATH APPROACH' to investments Bank Deposits are too defensive. » Put no more than 10% of your total investments in one company. offering very low. real (post tax & inflation) returns. HISTORY OF THE BAJAJ CAPITAL [Type text] Page 18 . » Every time is a good time to invest if you have a long.term outlook and keep investing regularly. » Do not try to time the entry and exit of your investments. They have a direct Higher the risks higher are the returns and vice versa. Create an ideal portfolio by achieving perfect balance between Risk and returns.

1 1 9 9 6 6 4 5 : :B a B j a ja j a j C a C p a i p it ta l a l i ss e ti sn c o u r p p io tr sa t fe id r sa ts 'a I c n o v [Type text] Page 19 .

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n u c e l u ( d t e h sr o a u lg lh U a T s Is o sc c i h a e t m e e sc o a m n p d a n G y o ) v e o rf n m G e r n a tu e sr a v & i n W [Type text] Page 26 .

g e i l s c I h n e d m i e a s L it n d . a d r d i ig th it o n f r to o m C d o r m a p f a t n i y n g F io x f e d p r D o e s p p o e [Type text] Page 27 .

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t o l a it n e v r e sf to o l rl so w w e h d i c b h y w I o O u C l. d B lH a E tL e rB P b C e L . c h H rP [Type text] Page 30 .a p d o v s ii c t e s .

iC sL t e & n e o d t h a e sr s ‘. F iT n h a u n s c io a p le n P i ln a g n n if n l g o ’o d ig n a t te h s e f io n r v e g sr [Type text] Page 31 .

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a j a j C a p i t a l p l a y s a n a c t i v e r o l e i n a l l t h e [Type text] Page 33 .

s c h e m e s a s ‘ P r i n c i p a l B r o k e r s ’ .

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c h S o e f c tP o u rb l U i n c d e S re tc a t k o ir n g M su t (u P a S l U ’F su )n d ss t a i rn t I m n a d k i ia n g l e P d
[Type text] Page 35

u b b ly i c S B iI s. s u B e a sj a o j f C B a o p n i d t sa -l M T p N l L a ,y s N H a P C s ,i g In R i F f C i c o a fn ft e rr
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Ir n s d t i a P r D i e v v a e t le o p S m e e c n t to r B o M n u d t su ’a l f o F ru n N d R I sK .o t B h a a jr a i j P C i a o p n [Type text] Page 39 .

ie te a r l f b o e l c l o o m w e e sd tb h y e B ti o r p l a m o & b iA ll il si e a rn c w e i ti h n c t o h le l e f c o tl il [Type text] Page 40 .

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s f u l l t e a m o f I n v e s t m e n t E x p e r t s ‘ a s F i n a n c [Type text] Page 56 .

India 011 25265909 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • [Type text] Page 57 . Ground Floor Opp Jawal Heri Market Block A. New Delhi. Paschim Vihar. India 011 41693000 • Bajaj Capital Investment Centre • 19. Dda Market Yusuf Sarai. Delhi 110016.i a l P l a n n e r s ’ . 5th Floor Nehru Place. BRANCHES OF BAJAJ CAPITAL Bajaj Capital Ltd Bajaj Capital Ltd Bajaj House 97. 110019.9. Delhi 110087. New Delhi. New Delhi. India 011 26863789 G 8 .

Gurgaon. Ground Floor CSC Market No1. India 0124 2561388 9. Plot No.• Bajaj Capital • 269. 110008.Rajendra Bhavan Rajendra Place. 3. 011Page 58 • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital • • Kirti Nagar • [Type text] . Patparganj New Delhi . New Delhi. Tagore Market(Next to Post Office).Ground Floor.110001 Phone : 011-41790444.110015 Phone : 011-25117531. 6. Zafar Marg New Delhi . New Delhi .110092 Phone : 011-22233120. Haryana 122001. Ground Floor.4. 011-23314600 DDA Shop No :24. New Delhi. Delhi 110034. Dwarka. Sector V. HL Square. Herald House.P Extension. India 011 27312742 Ground Floor. 41508675 F . 01145515224 Shop No. 01123313551. I. Dlf Central Arcade Gurgaon. B. Fd Market Pitampura. B-5. New Delhi 110075 United India Life Building.S. Middle Circle. F Block.110002 Phone : 011-23317072. India +91 11 25734989 • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital Investment Centre • Shop No 4. Connaught Place New Delhi .

15. Near Mata Mandir. Kalkaji New Delhi . 011-27121605 A-13.Phase 1 Delhi . Acharya Niketan.110009 Phone : 01165515220. 01126443761 A. Ground Floor. 011-41553182 C .1st Floor. 01122752029 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital [Type text] Page 59 . 26188644 L-26. behind Defence Colony Market New Delhi .660.110091 Phone : 011-22751169. 9891441423 Shop No. Model Town II Delhi . Near Rajindra Florist. New Friends Colony.Defence Colony.454 Ground Floor. Mayur Vihar.110019 Phone : 011-26223507. Below Satyam i-Way. 011-27461651 F-14/1.110024 Phone : 01124338180.Ansal Chamber-1.25923659 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • 112. Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi 110066 Phone : 26164343. New Delhi 110065 Phone : 011-41729485-86. Ground Floor.110052 Phone : 011-65515221. Deep Cinema Complex Ashok Vihar Phase I Delhi .

`AKIK. Near Madhuban Chowk. Rajasthan India • \ • Bajaj Capital ltd Page 60 [Type text] . 4. Opp. Delhi . Pitampura Delhi . Ellisbridge. 7-A Janak Puri Dist. IInd Floor. Sikka Complex. Tripura India • • Satellite Rd • • Nalanda Hotel • • Ajmer. Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 380015 2-L. Lions Hall. Centre. 9811167800 Shop No. 011-22533270 Shop No. 011-27312742 5/201. Ahmedabad . D Block Market Ajanara Complex.799001 101 Silicon Valley. Mithakhali Six Road.110092 Phone : 01122509814. Ajmer Tower Kutchery Road. Janak Puri Transport Authority) New Delhi 110058 Phone : 25552675. Preet Vihar Delhi . Vivek Vihar. 1st Floor.110088 Phone : 01127315056. Community Center. Ajmer .11 & 12. Near Shivranjini Char Rasta Satellite Road.• F-107.305001 • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Agartala. Ground Floor.380006 more info » 26. FD Market. (Opp. Akhaura Road PS: West Agartala Agartala .110095 Phone : 43036073/74. Near Nalanda Hotel. 25551976 38.

APage 61 • Bajaj Capital ltd • • Bajaj Capital ltd • • Bajaj Capital ltd • • Bajaj Capital ltd • • Bajaj Capital ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • [Type text] . Civil Lines.211001 197. Bangalore . ‘A’ Wing Mittal Towers. Allahabad . 6. Road. Koramangala. Indira Bhawan. No. M G Road Bangalore . Shri Jayalakshmi Nivasa.560010 No. 759. Bangalore . Next to Kadambam Hotel. A Wing Mittal Towers. Bangalore . First Floor. 3rd Block.• Shop No. 81/B. M. Jyoti Cinema. M. Sampige Main Road. Complex. Malleswaram . Lakshmi Mansion. Road. 8th Main Road. First Floor. Indira Nagar. Near 11th Cross. 122. 4. Nagar. 1st floor.G. 3rd Block.560001 Shop No. F-5 . Second Floor. 100 Ft.560001 • Bajaj Capital ltd • 293/1. Bangalore . Jaya Nagar. 17th Main D . Bangalore .462001 Metro House. Rajaji Nagar.560034 Unit 104-107. Bangalore Bangalore .560038 No. Zone .560011 Raheja Arcade.P.I Bhopal . 1st Floor.560003 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Mahatma Gandhi Road ( M G Road) • Unit no 111.

D. 5. Shop No. 12. Ground Floor.600002 1/575. Chennai . 1st Floor. 90. 2. Ambattur Chennai . 66. Building.160009 K. Vijay Court. East Coast Road. R K Mutt Road Near Indian Bank Chennai .600010 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • • Bajaj Capital Ltd Shop No. (Upstairs of Hotel Suprabath) 3rd Avenue. Balfour Road.600004 W-111. 575.600042 No. First Floor Page 62 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • Bajaj Capital Ltd • [Type text] . Chennai . Road.600020 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • • Bajaj Capital ltd • 19. Wellington Plaza G Floor. Sahid Nagar.410. Anna Salai Chennai .600041 No.600053 No. Lattice Bridge Road. Anna Nagar. First Floor Sector 35B Chandigarh . Chennai . 7. Vikas Plaza. 24 Secretariat Colony M.H. 37/C Tambaram Road.B. R. Chennai .T. Chennai . Kellys.600040 Yes Yes Arcade Plot No. Road. Kottivakkam. Bhubaneswar 751007 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • SCO 341 & 342. Adyar.

Rabindra Bhawan. GNB Road. Near HDFC Bank Faridabad 121001 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • Tilottoma Enclave.3/MIG-I (H. M. Chowk. Near ICICI Bank. Hyderabad . Kukatpally. Babukhan Estate. Opp. 15-24-3) KPHB Colony.500072 • Bajaj Capital Ltd(Indore) • Shop No. Puram Coimbatore .500001 • Bajaj Capita Ltd(Kukatpally) No. Basheerbagh Hyderabad . Opp.G. Swaranjayanthi Complex (HUDA) Ameerpet. Hyderabad . Guwahati . City Plaza. 4 Ground Floor.781001 • Bajaj Capital Ltd(Hyderbad) • No. Near Regal Cinema Indore 452001 Page 63 [Type text] . Meedo Plaza Dehradun .641002 Pokhriyal House 67/3. Varadaraja Mills Peelamedu. Coimbatore Coimbatore . 3rd Floor.641002 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • 184 Avinashi Road. No.248001 • Bajaj Capital Ltd • • • Bajaj Capital ltd • 5R/1. B. Opp. Ambari. 3.K. Road. Ground Floor. (New No. 375) Rajpur Road.(Near Head Post Office) R.560016 • • • Bajaj Capital Ltd(Basheerbagh) B-140.S.

Jaipur . Short term ( d.831001 • Bajaj Capital Ltd(Jamshedpur • QUESTIONERS Q. Church Road. Can’t say ) c.• • Bajaj Capital Ltd(Jaipur) G-3. 53. Jamshedpur Jamshedpur .2 Are you know 360° financial planning ? a. Anucampa Tower. No ( ) [Type text] Page 64 . Other investment ( ( ) Q. Long term ( ) ) b. Yes ( ) b.302001 Room No. Second Floor Kamani Business Centre . Opp: Sangam Tower.1 Are you agree with long term investment or short term investment? a. Bistupur.

4 What are the return you expect as profit by investment in security? a.5 What you think that investment is a important to for a good future ? a. Can’t say Q. Minimum d. can’t say ( ) Q. Yes ( ) ( ) b. Can’t say ( ( ) ) c. Maximum ( ) ( ) b. As expectation Q. Yes ( ) ( ) b.7 what is the capital which you want to invest or how much money u want to invest? [Type text] Page 65 . Can’t say Q. No ( ) c.c.3 Are you agree insurance is beneficial for a future ? a. No ( ) c. Yes ( ) ( ) b.6 Are you agree that financial planning can help to exempt from Tex & reduce the Tex burden? a. No ( ) c. Can’t say Q.


. Don’t just dream. with a little help from Bajaj Capital. Tomorrow. Plan! Financial Planning is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries all over the world... Now. Times change. only at Bajaj Capital! [Type text] Page 67 . you too can give yourself the 360° Lifetime Financial Planning edge! Financial Planning is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries all over the world. People change. But what happens if things take an untoward turn? Or. You expect life to be much better tomorrow than it is today. you hope to fulfil all your dreams and aspirations..The only thing permanent in life is change. you too can give yourself the 360° Financial Planning edge! The question will reuse up that why ? Get your Financial Plan prepared absolutely free. if there is an eventuality? Perhaps it's time for you to change the way you plan your investments. with a little help from Bajaj Capital. So does life. Now.

For example. financially secure life. 360° Financial Planning helps you see the big picture and invest for specific long-term and short-term goals well in time. Now. it involves: • • • • Identifying your current financial status Listing and prioritising your goals Creating a sound investment plan to achieve them Monitoring the plan to facilitate swift corrective action. you could be dreaming of: • • • • • Owning a new car Buying a dream house Providing your children with the best education Planning a grand wedding for your children Having a great time after your retirement But in today's world of skyrocketing costs and increasing inflation. and up to US $1. if needed [Type text] Page 68 . you can utilize your limited resources to the fullest. And realising dreams is easier when you work to a plan that's: • • • Reliable Realistic Proven Bajaj Capital's 360° Lifetime Financial Planning Programme could make a difference to all those who wish to lead a worry-free. What is 360° Lifetime Financial Planning all about? 360° Lifetime Financial Planning is a unique software-based process that takes a holistic view of your life-long financial needs and charts a personalised investment strategy to help you meet them. Bajaj Capital brings you the same standard of service ABSOLUTELY FREE! Why do you need Bajaj Capital's 360° Financial Planning? You may have many dreams.000 for a complete financial plan. Who needs 360° Lifetime Financial Planning? Everyone does! Because everyone has a right to dream. how many of these dreams can you hope to turn into reality? By planning well. requiring investors to pay up to US $100 per session. needs and desires. Broadly.Financial Planning is a paid service abroad.

vehicles. our experts keep regular track of your investments. all-round view. The Snapshot gives you a graphic account of all your financial requirements. 360° Lifetime Financial Planning comprises: • • • • • • Investment Planning: To make your wealth grow Cash Flow Planning: To provide for assets and meet the periodic cash requirements Tax Planning: To save on taxes and increase your income Insurance Planning: To protect yourself. you can prepare yourself well in time for all these goals. our experts work out an investment strategy. Our Financial Planners then use the especially-created 360° Financial Planning software to generate a personalised Snapshot. 360° Lifetime Financial Planning helps you take a holistic. at every stage of your future life.360° Lifetime Financial Planning is based on the premise that every individual has certain basic financial needs that are expressed at various stages of life (getting married. The age [Type text] Page 69 . A Financial Planning session takes just 15 minutes. With the help of 360° Lifetime Financial Planning. or providing for your children's education and wedding). Once implemented. and is absolutely FREE! Make a life be happy for a future and any time . Based on the Snapshot. buying assets like homes. Briefly. How will 360° Lifetime Financial Planning help me? Instead of investing in an ad-hoc manner. your family and your assets Children's Future Planning: To give your children a financially secure future Retirement Planning: Because retirement is a time to relax. not to get worried How do I get my FREE personalised 360° Lifetime Financial Plan created? Here’s how Financial Plans are prepared: • • • • • The process begins with identifying your needs with the help of the Need Analysis Form.

c I can take some risks that are generally associated with greater account growth potential but i wish to minimize short-term losses [Type text] Page 70 .35 Years 35 .group I belong to is: a b c d e 21 .55 Years Above 55 Years 2 a b c I have: More Then 3 dependents 1-3 dependents No dependents 3 a b Which statement best describes your approach as an investor? I am very cautious about taking risks. and I can handle relatively small losses. I am somewhat cautious about taking risks.30 Years 31 .45 Years 45 . and I want to avoid losses.

I have more than six month's my account.. Page 71 5 [Type text] . I have enough to meet two to three months' expenses. I am more interested in long-term growth. I have enough to meet one month's expenses. I do not have any money for emergencies. I have enough to meet four to six months' expenses. e I am risk taker and want to maximize the growth of my account over the next decade or longer. d I am open to taking risks for growth potential. I am less concerned about short-term (less than one year) losses or gains. I am not concerned about shortterm losses. 4 a b c d When is your next big spending due/expected? Less than 1 year Between 1 year – 3 years Between 3 years – 5 years More than 5 years Do you have an emergency fund set aside to meet any unexpected requirement? a b c d e No.

c Invest it in an instrument that gives a return of around 15% p. 9 [Type text] Investments with higher short-term volatility are more likely to have Page 72 . you Decide on gut feel. Analyze all options thoroughly.a. with a downside 3 risk of 10%.6 a b You receive an unexpected bonus equivalent to three months'salary. 7 a b c How often do you monitor your investments? Daily or Weekly Monthly Occasionally 8 a b c d When you make an investment decision. Seek advice from friends and well-wishers.Will you: Put it in a bank deposit at 5% guaranteed return? Invest it in an instrument which gives a return in the range of 4 -7%. Rely on your investment advisor.

which of the following is most consistent with your investment attitude. Which of the five scenarios are you most comfortable with as an investor? 130 to 160 110 to 176 90 to 200 77 to 250 59 to 280 What percentage (%) of your portfolio is allocated to Equtiy currently a No investment in Equity 11 [Type text] Page 73 . Conversely. b I am equally concerned about avoiding short-term losses as well as meeting long-term goals. With this in mind. 10 a b c d e The chart below shows possible growth of Rs. c I am willing to bear short-term fluctuations to maximize the chance of meeting my long-term goals. investments likely to provide stable returns and minimum shortterm losses are less likely to meet long-term investment goals.a greater chance of meeting long-term goals. 100 over a five-year period for a series of different investment strategies. a Avoiding short-term losses is more important to me than meeting long-term goals.

b c d e Upto 10% Between 10% to 30% Between 30% to 60% More than 60% [Type text] Page 74 .

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