---------------------------GRE hangman 1.10 ---------------------------1. How to play: Just run Hangman from Start -> Programs -> Hangman GRE Edition -> hangman.

Choos e your wordlist(s) (For multiple select; use the Shift key + arrow keys on the k eyboard or Ctrl key + click with the mouse). Click start and type the letters yo u think the words contain. Every wrong letter contributes a little to the pictur e of the man being hanged on the right. 2. Troubleshooting: #1 If you get the error, "dll file missing" you probably dont have VB runtimes i nstalled on your system. You can find them on Digit CDs or find and download th em from the internet. Search for "VB6 Runtimes" on any decent search engine. #2 If you cant see the whole window, you're probably using screen size 640x480. To change it, right-click on the desktop, choose properties, settings and change the screen size tab to something larger. (i dig 1024x768) 3. About the data: I got the data from Anand's GRE player, written by Anand Ramasundar: anand_ramas undar@hotmail.com. Its a great program. If you dont have it already, mail in to me. 4. Acknowledgements: Thanks to Anand Ramasundar for the data. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to appr eciate the original edition of Hangman (Digit CD Jan 2002). 5. Enjoy the game. mail in to me at ramuindian@rediffmail.com

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