By Onyi, Melissa And Abdul

Unique Promiscuous Rebellious Wild Confident

Genre : R·N·B and Urban Pop. Label : Def. Jam Recordings (Major Label)

Rihanna is signed to a major label, which allows her to communicate to a large audience, known as mainstream. Def Jam Recordings, owned by Universal Music Group doubles her success due to the popularity and wealth of the company. Altogether she is able to be noticed and appreciated in a larger scale.


Rihanna·s main target audience are people aged between 18-25. This was done to cater for teenagers and young, to nearly mid aged adults. However due to Rihanna·s huge popularity, she is even able to capture a younger audience from the ages of 13. The gender of her audience are mainly females, due to her being a

Personalsuccessful woman which enables the young girls to view her as a role model Identity
and look up to her. For instance, this could be through clothing, many girls sense. Males are also interested in Rihanna, but mainly with her attraction and beauty. would like to dress like Rihanna, due to them being interested in her fashion

With a Major Label, like Def Jam Recordings, Rihanna is not just able to target one ethnic background, but over 95%. This is due to millions of records being sold globally allowing different ethnicities to become aware of her. Due to her being from a Caribbean background, she may also increase her popularity among those people due to them being technically more close to her, due to her being from that area, such as Barbados.

Personal Identity

Rihanna is able to appeal to a global audience, due to the funds and popularity she has gained from being signed to a major label. Many people over the world are able to know about her due to items such as


the Internet and Television. With these platforms, audiences are able to find out necessary information about Rihanna, For example; Watching her music videos on YouTube or watching her adverts on TV for information about her albums, such as ¶LOUD·. With uses and gratifications, her audience are able to gain Entertainment for instance her music videos, because it allows them to feel close to the artist, and they may even physically want to learn any visible dance steps.

Social Relationships


As the previous slides have shown before her target audience are mainly young, which means that they will be very interested in things such as; Facebook, socialising with friends, going out to places for entertainment (cinema, shops) What Rihanna is able to do is use these platforms to appeal to her target audience. With Facebook she is able to advertise herself on their page, which is a form of synergy. Therefore this allows millions of people to be aware of her, on the most popular social network in the world. In addition to this, her audience especially females are able read a lot of fashion magazines, Rihanna has been able to conquer that platform in either being the cover of the magazine or having done an interview. For example she has been the cover of Vogue and Marie Claire.


Method: Performing As A Guest On XFactor

This type of marketing shows that Def Jam Recordings earn huge amounts of profit, due to one of the most popular British programmes XFactor choosing her to perform live as a guest on the final. This shows that through their popularity, the biggest and best shows on Television would want to show this artist in order to increase their own viewings. Rihanna·s brand, from this type of marketing, shows how she is able to get people who may not have even watched XFactor in their life, to watch it due to her performance being the most talked about via word of mouth, print and online. This is targeted to a mainstream audience due to Rihanna being a global superstar, attracting millions of people from young children to adults.

Method: Rihanna·s story in the magazine VOGUE

With a huge fashion magazine such as Vogue; Rihanna shows that once again her record company are very successful, in the sense that one of the world·s biggest magazines wants to have a page about Rihanna and also have her on the front page. Major Labels are lucky to have their artists not only viewed in the music platform, but on other non-music platforms. For example, Rihanna talking in a fashion magazine. With this marketing taking place with Vogue, it will again be targeted at a mainstream audience because of the amount of people, mainly women who are aware of this magazine and can read the column, and due to New Media Technology now it can be read on the internet, which is a bonus for both the magazine and Rihanna.

Synergy- Appearing in Advert Campaigns such as Gucci, Totes, Iconic Fragrances, Nivea etc This marketing material reflects the amount of money available to the record label as they can afford this. Additionally the label will receive money due to the fact Rihanna is a mainstream artist who is promoting these products for different companies and they want major artists to promote their company. Additionally these sort of companies need a promiscuous character to represent their products and Rihanna fits in with this. This marketing material reflects the artists brand due the fact she is promoting the products mainly women would be interested in these products and because she is a mainstream artist people will recognise her and would want to buy the product. Additionally because Rihanna is seen as a promiscuous lady she fits in with these sorts of products making women want to buy to the product because they want to look good. This marketing material appeals to a mainstream audience because this sort of marketing would be featured in public places where people can see it therefore they would want to purchase the products as they would recognise the artist. Additionally this sort of marketing spreads the word of mouth more as people will telling their friends about it.

Merchandise- Clothing such as t-shirts, tops, hoodies, booty shorts and jackets. This marketing material reflects the amount of money available to the record label because the label can afford this due to the fact they are a subsidiary company of Universal which targets a mainstream audience. This merchandise reflects Rihanna·s brand because young females would want to feel closer to the artist by wearing the clothing due to the fact she is a popular artist .Also she is seen as a promiscuous woman and girls would want to feel sexier inside as they are wearing her clothing. This marketing material appeals to a mainstream audience targeting mainly females because young girls are normally buying clothing and since Rihanna is a major artist a lot of females like her or are inspired by her would make them want to buy her clothing. Additionally it spread the word of mouth more because people will be seeing wearing these items and they would want to purchase it.

New media technology- Twitter feeds/ Facebook Groups/Status·s This marketing material reflects the amount of money available to the record label as it has no impact on the labels financial model due to the fact it is free to create these pages. This marketing material reflects the artists brand as allows fans to feel closer to the artist, searching more information about what the artists is doing, feeling etc. This marketing material appeals to a mainstream audience as these websites are used daily by young people all over world which makes it easier for the audience to access necessary information about the celebrity, also it is free. Additionally this sort of material spreads the word of mouth as these websites are used regularly.

Stars as construction Rihanna, to an extent has been constructed because in her first song, the song type was more reggae whereas now she has changed her image as well as her song genres. With her third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad (2007), Rihanna wanted to head in a new direction with the help of music producers Timbaland, and Sean Garrett, and re-imagine her album compositions.

Stars as products

One of the main reasons why Rihanna changed was to basically fill a gap in the market by becoming the singer which was missing, and she filled in all of those attributes. This will increase the amount of money Rihanna and her label Def jam recordings.

Stars as embodiments of ideologies/ cultures Rihanna changing has also had a beneficial effect on her fans because not only has her fan base increased, but the aspiration of her fans to change just as there role model did was good for her too. Her attitude and her dress sense are both taken to consideration by her fans because since she changed , they may have the ideology that they could change too.

Stars as personalities Rihanna is an example of someone who changed in order to appeal to a wider audience. Maybe she's expressing her real personality now that she is well known . Here's some evidence: New York magazine described Rihanna's early look as a cookie-cutter teen queen while stating that she has the ability to shift looks so dramatically and with such ease.

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