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We celebrate the 10th year of the most awaited list on the planet by first acknowledging the lOlst greatest news in the sporting biz so far this year: former Gonzaga University offensive machine Adam Morrison of my Los Angeles Lakers is now a two-time NBA champ. He must now be the envy of Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Karl Malone and John Stockton (to name just five), certified superstars all who have won zilch in their lengthy and legendary careers in the NBA.I point this out because sometimes you can actually do so little as Morrison did (though it wasn't entirely his fault) in perhaps his last year as a Laker and still come out a winner in the end. It's rare when it happens, of course, which is comforting especially when you're talking about the lOO Sexiest Women in the World. We know it takes an astounding lot to rally behind the stars you deem worthy of inclusion in this list. And that's when you're at your best, when you strive to make the amazing happen by enthusiastically voting for your idols year after year. That's putting in the effort. These women are blessed to have you in their lives! Big cheers!





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AttentiQn giver Last year: 90 IFthere's one thing you've got to know, it's that the Former Viva Hot Bobe can'! resist a challenge. "Kung hindi ako pinspsns in ng lalaki, mas nanggigigil ako,· she says, "Hindi ta laga a ko titigil hangga 't 11india ko piMapansin," Yes, Ms. Seen, we do notice. It's difficult not to.


curves "head

New entry Carla Bianca is an FHMveteran. And with curves like those, you can surely see why, Her bodacious assers are all hers and she', not shy about p u tti ng them on d isp I 3y, and we are only too ha p py to oblige, She's candid, too" answering all Our inane questions with racy wit,

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Newentry Startedour innocently on ABS-CBN's Let's Go and Go Kada Go, but her wardrobe mishap on Wowowee made her more famous than any love team pairing could accomplish. After a short maternity leave, Eda came back with nary an unsightly post-natal sign, which is good.

Returning Now armed with two new ladies on the side, the girl known as Mocha would continue celebrating her sexiness by becoming quite controversial hers elf-by pro u dIy anne u ndng her bisexuality to the world, And thus ends this fantasy and the beginning of ours.

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New entry Three words say it all: Brazilian beauty queen. AFter winning the Miss Earth 2004 pageant held here, we took notice of this 5'10" stunner with legs that went
an forever. As we salivated over


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Last year: 9 5 She was Natalie when she first appeared in FHM, an d rha twas wa y before the lovely Jamilla submitted herself to 42 days of confinement inside Kuyo's voyeurfriendly abode in Pinoy Big Brother: TeeM Edition. She may have not snatched the top prize in the reality TV show but she definitely claimed her rightful place, gracing our rag as the M~y 2007 cover girl, this time with the name "Jarnllla Obispo" proudly blaring in bold print,

her drenched form in that Nescafe ad, we formulated the theory that Brazilians have sexiness inbred in their genes. Lucky John Estrada for buying into that genetic gold mine.


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Classic: Last year: 99 One of ASSCBN's telesery« queens was actually reluctant to join show business. But she ended up hitting it big by showing off her ac tlnq prowess and that unmistakably mestiza face that many have described maamo but we choose to call gorgeo~s_ She never fails to send our indio blood rushing,

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Dancing dynamo
New entry Television can either make a woman look fatter or taller. Saiey Aguila benefits from the latter. In reality, this Vis.ayan is just a shade over five feet. But you won't really notlee her lack of height in person. Rather, based on our experience, you'll probably mutter something along the lines of, ·Wow, sexy: And then when you are given the opportunity to see her danceeither on TV or-if you're that lucky, right in front you-you'll probably shout something like, "Sige, hata wI'

Now if we can only find a way for Sofie to be a newscaster. 0. in fact. knack for changing looks.estas all over the country.: >-o 0> « u « o '" t2 ~ z ~ ~HARIIlady SOlOMON Dragon Last year: 9. never-aging. as we've recently Early this year. C ha riz ca n be considered '" o o CD Standard bearer As u '" BUBBUS PARAISO Paradise found Last year: Bubbles Lt VI Returning FHMs First girl next door. Adam or Eve: Daisy Siete Season 26 Soundtrack. Their latest album. accident by calling the and television spots since she was IE 6: U ~ . of the notorious discovered. all. Curren tly 19 are part of the Sex Bomb Girls. determination. reo. knack for wear.dancing. arguably prettiest Pinay face. these babes have been winni ng the long way from bringing home the 2007 Girls Next Door skimpy clothing: generous amounts of disrobed pictures. • Todo na 'fa!". Anonymous gang on Twi tter. So fie ha s set sta nda rds. ARRACASTRO Last year: discovery. now a spa endorser. model and now part Vixen. comedic liming. she helped MMDA Ampalaya has. We hear she'.ccmmercials and TV shows Appearances: Solid 10! ruJ!~~lllHINl SHmlllllllClJrolU lImIl~N~ Unmatched singing chops. policewoman..10 Years ofthe 100 sexiest list HrnI WElllfBRAU[ ffiRHllif:iOO Hli WHIlSt ~URm Hm NffiRo[MMm (ORfAT1£N[!]) lli[ HAll Uf fAM[ I MA~RnN lARRAlA~Al Appearances: Perfect II! "'!U~I'!THIIlI!HmI!lloo:tlmrnlImIDIIIl Wit. was just released this year and is sure to make the rounds at various r.ingin members an an ay of projects. Their TV show Daisy Siete is now on its 26th and maybe fina Iseason -any it wou Id be The Golden Girls . reports a victim of a vehicular word" One gossip website. Sky's the limit! fMPR(SS European The prodigy S~HUCK lRUfAMU Perfect II! RflSU~1l1HIItlSHI'!lilflllhLlUDm~ IDN~ 1 Humor._ longer tho n that and FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . evolving curves..Female !5 g. liberal choice of clothing. 2 KRISTIN[ HmMOSA Appearances: Perfect II! Rll!Il~IiTHIIlI!Rml!lllllCllmmlnll~ llltimate lisay. IFthat's th e Case. Since then. she has been a Mossimo Summit finalis t and has graced A mainstay she now shuts 2008 calendar. Wi rh various fiIm Chariz has grown of wo man. z first discovered. Srsr Milgic personality has been actinq since she was a wee lass. the fantasy that she will reward her believers with an FHM cover appearance 75 Former 0 2::.1 StarS truck has spawned a number of media rncnste rs wh 0 do rninate the indus try with feral. and rnaqazines. a drag on of sorts. as well. ~ a n a II·sing ing. her two best "fnends" Appearances: It seems mixing blood with Filipino makes magic This GermanFilipins. Booba. her two best "friends" ::. a heart of gold. She's certainly evolved into SOmeone fit for a lofty status in the TV universe-sand New entry on this list. cheery disposition.. Three We love her. Bikini our her losrs of men by shaking: thei r on ramp stu ff in. Or teacher. into a fine specimen hotline. generous helping of cleavage-revealing wardrobe booties 0 nd appear.roup 7 Wi th what Seems like an unending lifespan. all.: ::. her teasing remarks gave ou r girl Fri n ds a template e for foreplay. And 2 ~ ~ as an FHM blogger and Premier cheerdsncer. Sweet surrender 84 A homegrown has come a Ana Castro Booty grinding Who doesn't appreciate 0.

and the other was when she teased the riley crowd as "Student Council head" of the FHM University party last year. FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 5 . Jaymee makes sure Wewon't forget how much of a stunner she is.86 JAYM[[ JOAOUIN Shock Factor Last year: so After her hosting stint as the game show jock for midnight show Games Uplate on ABS-CBN. Proof was when she fogged up our lenses in Ladies' Confessions: Celebrity Diaries bookazine.

. n who also knows a thing or two about getting Fei'ty. Showing composure and class all throughout her prolonged breakup drama. of course: is the reason she does well in hosting stints for Us Girl..ire.IIyeahl" M(GANYOUNG Talki"9doll 'last year: 98 Sh . 'Returning If there's one thing we learned about Julia Clarete during our brief chat with her during her fOth-anniversery shoot. heads above most everyone else in the SwStfuck factory. we hope.. But she can talk..J(M MilTON New entry Pi. s. "H .r even sexier in our ey . Ask any guy iFth .rn: after all Ryza's Pinay Features and sIight ~g ure are ca ptivatinq. Karylle IE Well. and ended up getting linked to many young actors along the way.rud("s Ultimate Female Survivor tide in 2005. celebrating hefnew status via a scorching billboard for Bench. soon.. Add to that a deqr . HARYlt( Notorious Last year: 25 Singing her way into stardom.try It is said that b. showing the world she's even hotter sinqle. She is conspicuously missing Front ends. Bu t rece nt events have made h. in the esse of boxing' champ Ncniro Don. s <roy m e mute... it's that she isn't as crazy as the Eat 8ulagal dabarkads say she is.rcing ey .s.rwinning StarS. th . "He can't win again'.. did she blast off. Can b rea s rstal k? RACH(l MARCIAl Knoo::kout beauty Ne". a list of which wou Id be too ted ious too enumerate. behind him is a luscious sporty vix .. And boy.hind every man's conquest is a woman. she has graced countless magazines including... FHM in August of 2009. we can saFely say she i.y would tap that and you' d surely get a.. More fire works.rolla 6 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . es e a re th e fea tu r.. That said.. of course. JUlm ClAREf( Rock-"-. en.. next time you tune in to her noontime show. cially) minds. do approach her on-cam persona for what it is: a character worth laughing at-but not a true representation of the woman.. sp . in psychology and th e gi It of reading people's (men's . s of mod . 1 Jem Milton. So.. creamy skin and a bodacious body that can d . Since her shift into mod e ling. IE Striki. But Julia is indeed a rock n' roll chick: a cowboy and a bit wild_ Her pictures and the interview in that March issue can justify this.. that Nonito. and he' new gig as VJ for the relaunched Channel IV] Philippines.g star 'last yea" !11' AFte. is one sci n ti lla ti n g son gs tress.. We don't blam . me in wres rl ing :'R echel says. can talk.. Ryza went on to make a cs reer for he"elf via the telese.. lucky rna n..

ry young girl or guy my age has the right to go out.From this years' list! 1H[ POS[S IfSlIllIIAIIIIDIOOKSfXYIORllIlS! utlllllRl1l11W_llfllllMlllll ~ LEANING AGAINST A WALL I~ ~ PUT HAND(S) ON WAIST DID THE" WALA LANG" PDSE (READ: JUST STANDING... that because they think I'm a beauty queen. on fire a year ago-topless.. that I'm the total opposite of one. sprit. tongue and Rayban in check. and probably your pants. pyrotechn ics pushed in the background. even during my reign." says Maggie." MACru( WIlSON 79 . WITHOUT ANY ATTEMPT TO ANGLESELF) Sugar and a lot of spice Last year: 32 Summer cover babe who set our pages. Peopl e don't know I'm fik. have fun and enjoy life. SMILING.. Do we consider her our OWnpersonal rock star? "I'm just a fre . Ev. "But I kept saying. in leather heels and bikini.

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she's ready to take on Watch her steadily imp roving ca ree r. he r Pin oy spirit which rna kes n circu it. last year: 57 Our country's answer to the Pussycat Dolls are so Filipino that you can catch them regularly on homegrown shows like Eat Bulaga! and SIJOwt. This Sfarstr(1ck alum's simplicity just add's to her smoldering appeal. s eve rill times in bo th p rint an d' online FHM editions. to her M idd Ie Ess te en upbrin 9 in g: wh ich brought fa rth her in dep en den t spirit. Ie gs and' voices like sirens. and Kim GIRlS Meow! taking hosting cues from Oprah. That was then. 1ft Z I look soft and smile through red-lipstick should be reason she made more than one ap peara nee on th e list. and you'd likely hear this TV sentiment: Wish Ko Lang. these ladies of hip-hop and RnB are both pleasurable to the eyes and ears. Alodia is not an actress. ea teh her on rna re GMA shows and se e how just sexy the dill~gang Pilipina can be. These days. has a senator with prominent nose holes for a husband. fro m he r Ch ine se he n tage tha t probab Iy gave rise to he r bu s i ness-m i nd edness. when Presidential Sister Kris Aquino appeared halfway up the senest ltst for the only time. #89 Last year: 87 Unlike most vixens in our roster. Peulene is still as sexy is ever. 10 Years of the 100 sexiest list KN(W W(R( ON TH( liST: KHI~AOUINO Year on the list 2001/#54 P(OPU YOU N(V(R IRanking: her belt. 0F VltKY MORAUS Year on the list / Ranking: 2001. Her cos tu rnes a re crowd plea sers bu t anime features is the real jaw-dropper. But post-Biruing Walang Ningningand preCrying Ladies era: you voted the M egasra r for sexy. she was more Dida and less Krissy.· and Gone green New entry Paulen e So is back for mar e. With a beauty degree under title and a college show business. To be fair. She is a happy mix of in Auence. 2003/ #49 . .me. With mile-long.RICH ASUNCION Be<lutiful heritage Last yea r: 42 Th is probin5 yima from Bohol is still in the running this year. AFter havi ng been rea tu red even before she met James Yap. she made a a role. and' Khai Lim comprise the new all-star cast.. FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 9 . or promoting cosplayer conventio Alodie's You would' not find her doing TV tapinqs movie premieres. Familiar faces Avanna Olivia.Jocelyn Oxlade. you put her on the list before the "Now nais. SHARONCUNHA Year on the list / Ranking: 2002/#91 She's now pushing ice cream and dairy products. Yes. and' her so seductively compelling. Alodla is a popular and' video qsrne That she's in cahoots with a newsroom full of serious-faced people but still manages to name for herself by assuming who frequents uncanny the snime cou rse. mention the FHM sexiest list. But still.

oes hand in hand with he. Dun daw niya aka pinaglihi. her huge sense of humor g. barely a mon. 79 This petite Viva Hot Babe discovery owes something to Cherie Gil. Nobody does classic sexy Funny like Rufa Mae Quinto. "My mom was so into Cherie Gil when she was pregnant with me. Proof is her scorching appearance in last year's FHM L. And MaricafS star is On the a. Celebrity Diaries-a. curves and all. New entry TV commercial veteran Mari. Rufa Mae taking on "Boobs" and "Boobita Rose' and that stint at Bubble Gang tells you.adies' Confessions. ability to effortles. with roles inAnd I Love You 50 and Miss You Like Crazy. but has since made the giant leap into has graced ads For Pond's and Whisper.73 SH(R[( Timeless Last year. true stamp of her timeless sex appeal.ftergiving birth. 10 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 MARCIARRE. This UST School of Medicine grad is slowly moving on showing some genuine talent and grit (not to mention that awesome face and model bod). Anot her reason to celebrate Sheree is he. equable sizable appendages.{(S Doctor on "all ." claims the lovely stu nner. RBfA MA( OUINIO Humor in uniform IE IE Last year: 58 There's an added air of sexy to people who don't always take themselves seriously. body in perfect form.sly keep he.

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~ c . :i o ::.. Featured in the Feb issu e. r: 29 Whether it is because she is in a state of undress or due to her teasing remarks.. shimmering micro dresses... Be ready to drop car trivias though. f- '" 't: 0.. . uhm.. and Gail Nicolas aren't just Italian. baby-faced persona that we get ofF the bat.J >' ~ u"I GG No..hots away appendages." Not a bad place to be pigeonholed into. now a DZMM hos r... too. ." Just two years ago.. or else we wouldn't have seen her in the movies. A number of combinations of words can describe the hyperac tNe j ahz iel Manabat He... Yes. Kristine Nieto.. x ._.1 frequency -o ~ . See for yourself by checking her out in the next car show. a Bb..-. they're Filipino. British... once blushed: "Well. U o o "..: . and when she does ge t ready to be bu rned. to which Francine. 'C 'C Last year: 51 Conspicuous I rn-up-to-somethinq time. but we have a style all our own.then we see her pose in lingerie and watch her go from baby to babe.. z Newentry Disco lights. 6 z 8 '" s '" -o co Lut y .try Car show favorite A bby.nited flavors of pretty 0 ~ ~ IE . radio shows and steamy Hicks makes resisting her lure lmpossible. and Japanese.. petite frame and bombshell appeal onty complement her spunky personality. She's like a time .. singing and lots of tasteful and tasty dancing..100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 '" ~ :::I ~ ~ <i_ bomb waiting to explode. they're not black. along with a hundred. (URASIA U.: . Un inhibited and unapologetic.. 12 FHM... I'm very happy that.J '" z . ha ha hal" Last year: H Synonymous with "Japanese" and "Mossimo Bikini Summit. her.. Eurasia is hotness set to music cut in five par ts.. '" Z . Kelly Gamboa.. i o JAHIIU MANA~AT Pop phenomenon New entry Frank and daring. she helpe d us celeb rste ou rIO Oth issue along with three other ladies skin splattered with king and animal print bikinis srnudqed Huffy while_ This year.. 9 fRANCIN( PRlrro Anc.. seen her really pink assets. dahil kadiri neman kung black di ba? Parang uling. German. Maui is a master at making you beg for her even more. 0> . Lana Roi. we're lucky it didn't push through. we're celebrating.. nauqhty face and once upon a Sexy is cake tH(RRY KU~OlA '" ::. " "" -o o '" z . or for that matter. only Sara Polverini..thus the name. "You could probably say we're a clessler Pussy Cat Dolls.A~~YfO~lADOR Petroljell'y New "fl... Pilipinas beauty pageant candidate. Appeerinq in a gamut of magazines. has a cute. curvy waist. 3' ..

hap pe ned afte r her thought-provoking. given tha. Of course. But. angelin.tion as an actual blessing. Tanya Garcia.'t she pick us~" we're viewingLJ's condi. That . She follows a number of FHM cover girls.distress cover shoot of December 2009.n. rather than sulk and say. FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 13 .t she once was alway. But.1ft Z I 63 lJR[y(S On the mommy trail Returning lJReyes is pregnant. (Jennilyn Mercado. it would be great to photograph her again once she gets ri. ow.s in tremendous shape. "Why didn.d ofthat pregnancy weight. she'll soon have a child of he. Camille Prats and Vanna Garcia) who were all visited by the stork a few months a ker appearing in FHM.

At I east you r career i. But while his angeliclooking daughter l. still dating Billy Crawford. £XPOSUR[S! 357 ClEAVAG[S 3. Flip through her photos from the past decades and you'd think it. to a son 15 years back. whose name is synonymous with foray and kiiay. IN THE WORLD 2010 Last year: 49 IFwe didn't know any better.ovi is not punching some villain in the gut like what Dad used to do. classy woman who's got the brains to match the body.ime New ""try Anytime with Good Times co-host Grace Lee is indubitably a good time. and too modest a personality. Maybe if we took breakdancing lessons. past work-for instance.ama. go rgeo U 5 Ko rea n Fea tures and bombshell body. ARMPITS Still taken Last year 18 C'mon. FHM cover lady of Fouryears ogo. s tillpacks a pu nch. something more audacious. with noteworthy performances in Bakekang and Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Al:ing T'adyang_ IE JfANGAR~IA NINAJOS( 58 'Hert. wi~h endorsernen t dea Isand TV h os t srl nts am ply d i'p laying the morena bea uty tha t keeps you a n Our Iist year after year. . twice a mother to a daughter five years since.4 NIPPl.: 471{ has been a wild ride since 2006'S Piney Big Brother Teen Eduion. we'd think Jean has cracked the formula for eternal youth. Ms_ Lee is a Grade A. she is slowly coming into her own. it's been lOYI PO( IE ~ yea. and sizzl es 0 n your to -og Ie list. on a high. Eternal sunshine Breaking the mold Last yea.Last year. Ranle & Roll X and then becoming. This yesr in July.mia! .[S 35 Hurr CH[[KS 4. and Amor Powers nine years in. Breaking into the scene in 2006. 12 Mothe. too. Even more graceful is her ability to assume roles that are polar opposite from he. i5 sex ier than ever. you'd look twice. Would it be too much to ask fo. now that she's shed some skin? What do you think. prized stars. the ingenue mold.ilke. While retaining. The once-innocent looking Nina Jose hss evolved into a fine specimen of woman. and you'". the ii-year-old ac tress now also has the body 0 f a swim 5 u it model. a dictator's wife playing as Imelda Marcos in her up and coming flick. She's been a media darling because of he.M.TOTAl. she has since been one of GMAs. which makes life all the more difAcul't for men allover. Nina? Up For the challenge? 101 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN. Daddy's girl Last year: 89 Showbiz mourned the loss of iconic action star FPJ. Her brand of graceful sophistication is unlversal. 84 MOUTHS OP[N (HUT NOT SMIUNG) (UlA YAlDU .admired by all gener atio ns. the veteran actress. Nikki. portraying a saintly nun in SI.

. is all Max. we guess. And with vaguely a go signal frorn her celebrated parents to do an FHM shoot. Max takes after the Eigenmanns' penchant for talent in the creative arts. A TV adress who also dabbles in makeup.MAXllGlN MANN Family girl New entry Our June 2010 cover girl is a prized find. But that smoldering stare and overt sexuality. she proceeded to accomplish one of our most unconventional outputs to date.

Regine won.. Skimpily dad sexy comedienne Maureen appears in many gag shows like Bubble Gang showing you her (com ed ic) goo ds. 2S OILED OR WATERED 47 BABES IN LI'N. But we don't mean to say that she's an attention-grabbing addic t. that's for Sure.tested formul'a in getting everyon e 's attention: she tak e s off h. AI! Ny Life and playing Lara in The Lest Prince are proof she's crossing over teen ho od to b on a fide sterdc rn. Which is why we consider the "scandalous" photos of her that recently circuia ted as bo th a di 'g race to Aubrey's "art" and <) total wast e of R(GlN( ANG(US BUlboardi babe from relative obscurity via the Bench Model search.Last year: Popular demand 65 Aubrey Miles has a tried-and. TATTOOS 30 BELLYRINCS 56 16 FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN! IN THE WORLD 2010 . you have seen this sexy bundle of mirth on this list. Transforming Last year: 2 Men's magaz. and last year's global winner who vacated her throne to make room for a blonde supermodel. MAURUN lARRAlABAl funny bone Las t y e ar: 67 N orh ing is sexl er than a woman who can make you laugh. Aubrey disrobes either art fully-for films like Presti and Xerex. those of you with long memories are right. And if you were wondering how many time. Nor that she cares about keeping up with statistics and' images. Instead. We h OV" never see n a hotter living mannequin for' those bras and panties. r clothes.GERIE 182 BABES IN BIKINIS 60 41 Crossing over KBIS O(RNAl BABES WHO WENT FULLY NAKED Last yur: 76 The Starstruck sensation that caught our eye in the teen-oriented show Boys Nxt Door has definitely blossomed into a serious stunner on TV.AUBR(yMIl[S . the top prize after para. And while she may out of the Trans forme rs franchise.ine darling.0 r fo r pes te ri ty 's sa jee: her three FHN covers. The joke is on us as we realize that this buxom lady has indeed defied the laws of science and gravity by staying hot (and therefore on our countdown) year after year.Last year: 64 Skyrocketing IE IE UNIOU[ fASHION! HANDS FOR BRAS BODIES 5. tongue twiddler. .ding her billboardworthy bod that was deemed worthy of joining its elite roster of en do rsers. H e r recen t wo rk in Tjnik sa Dibdib. sexpot. we '11 keep following her.

She also endorses The Ramp. which has her sophisticated form plastered on print ads everywhere. Andi was once a precocious "one of the boys" type. 17 . Andi has been chosen to star in ABSC BN's primetime drama Agua BenJita. Born to acting greats Mark Gil and Jacklyn Jose.AND! (IG[NMANN Ingenue so New entry The latest of the vastly talented Eiqenmann progeny to hit showbi.z. until show business beckoned and she emerged the next pretty young thing. where she plays twins.

ast year: 68 Attention. but. For further proof of her amazing talents. she did a starring role in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: The Substitute Bride. we will direct you to her said cover appearance and FHN's September 2009 issue. 18 FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . that isn't enough for our August 2009 cover girl. sadly. where Paw respectively showed that she can be an action star (see her bed-rolling skills) and can slap harder than Vilma Santosand that she can do all this with poise and mouth-watering sexiness. ASS-CSN bigwigs: We need more Paw Diu! Sure. Oh. we also believe she's a really good actress.PAW DIAl Got talent 49 L.

It's evident: She can do anything she wants and do it qood.toured artists her age.2001. if only we cou Id find a use for a IItha t Elesroseel we bought. She made our country proud when she became the first Filipina representative 10 the Miss Earrh pageant in . OPM on a Sunday has never been so entertaining. Seal the deal Last year: 41 IIfyou happen to know the guy responsible For hiring Jacq Yu 10 endorse water sealantsand. . cried in May Bukas PQ. This diamond in the rough's outgoing and approachable personality got the attention of pageant scouts. Provi ng that she's a worthy heir to a showbiz dynasty. with her ambition and striking features.JAcnYU KRISJA RANlllO Magical maiden Last yea. Cristslle Lauren T upaz Ranillo dabbled in versatile roles playing contrsvide in Wapakman. la u qhed in Banana Split and is a rna zi n 9 in Agimat: Ang Mga Alamar ni Ramon do tell him that an award is waiting for him at the FHM HQ_ Now. in turn. Did we men tion she looks awesome in a bikini? FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 19 .1 Ann Go is always a treat She notonly belts out song' that display the talent that made her oneof the most awardwinning and well.: 31 Theeldes t born of Mat Ranillo III has grown into a lovely stunner. was destined for beauty queen stardom.Returning Seeing Rache. 1ft Z 51 4S CARUN( AGUIlAR Unearthly last year: 20 Carlene. dividing. she also displays the sexy Form that talent is housed in. the whole water sealants advertismq world into th ose who go with b Iand te Ievisio n commercials and those who hire topnotch models to bend over a roof while wearing a wet T-5hirt-plea. Being crowned as Binibining Pilipinas World in 200S solidi fied her status as one of the Philippine's hottest bea u ty que ens.

FHM cover babe. She hasn't stopped Wheth~[ with it's not in any way like '" " her big sis ter Assun t a. Her sed we tive sm ile always seems ready to start magic. and lmpakrita actress Jean. Garcte--bot no less beautiful. pose. singing along Kyla and Faith Cuneta.Shy J[NNICA GARCIA Last year: 43 Bite-sized version Last year: work behind creative cameras belongs. a two-piece sizzle.. ur AUSSANDRA D[ ROSSI All moxie last year: 21 sharing 1:5 w Z '" . 13.aid that she preferred ofher mom. And be fo re once . T oni bas the wit and that sweet tone of voice that put yo u in her spell. exce p t For the qood sense to appear bikini on our pages. working. Mother and not without Garcia gave dearest already she did. us the blessing to gn shoot Jennlca given she wants to IE fn[ nut pages. SNN.: u o o ~ ~ z o _. Last year: 46 Toni has been charming in Our audiences since she was since. of COurSe. her hot. 0n April cover girl of two years back th is list the way' he did on questions that yacht. IE o " g hi c. an exp ress io n we wou Id neve r sO'y "Bollggang-bonggal" IN THE WORLD 2010 " " 20 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN . z 9 -< '" front of the where she rightfully We bet even Kuya finds her share of the gorgeous genes. answering out loud: PBB. at ABS-CBN's de pa rtment taking her place . 56 Bianca Gonzales to the scene s. or Pinoy ~ Dream Academy.


~AlOMA 36 Solid gold Last year: 27 Three years a.ith a voice that could melt you. N ow she's known as one of the main5tay hosts of the to p' rating sh ow a 5 well a 5 in the g'ag show Banana Split. the futu re. What Michelle should feel threatened. covers.. With a film. she was already self-sufficient.t'in another Star Cinema production entitled 5a'yo Lamang. And that'. hitting spots in the US. Chance Pempeng. RR (NRIn~(l Gag delight Last ye3r: 35 . Sarah Geronimo is slowly taking over the world one song at a time. With concert. She had the stuff but wasn't getting attention. she was comfortable being a sex kitten. the other half of the scorchlnq-hor celebrity sisters. is her natural ab. assets and talent multiplied by eight.gazine MICHUU MADRiGAl Il1clepel1dent woman Last yea . with eight members who've come a nd go ne. Vic and Joey as it is about dancing.vals other current it-girls. 22FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . Paloma started here but we do no t own up to her su ccess. here and abroad. Canada and Europe. she gets. She starred in Miss You Like Crazy and wIll be coming' ou. dancer on Wowowee. Sarah has grown into a Fine woman w. CI..RRswayed her hips to a game show's beat once a. She is her own surprising roles in.ography and teleserye history t'hat ri. Then there's the cos tum e ch "nges and catchy n am es: every thi n g from Juri lyn to Hop la. That's until she appeared in FH/I1. 20 She'. and snappinq back at Titc. we don't know what is. sure to deliver mo. IE Last year: 28 No lonqer the tween queen she used to be. Bea'.ility to laugh at her self and elicit lauqhrerln all sorts of stages.and e igh t 0 fRcia Ily on the current roster under the occupation "professional dancers but whose acts require as much acting" singing. all her-we're just the tool. IE 34 BEAAlONIO Delicate l3St yea" 33 Bea has been giving the masses the drool-worthy X-fact'or that most look for in al'lading lady. ma.ear and nUmerous. Ma king her s ta nd out. At 16. If this isn't sexy. it's fair to say' that this angelic' temptress is in demand.(B BAB(S HotnEtssmulitiplied Last year: 24 No stranger to the Sexiest list are the babes of Eat 8(1I~g~l. Humor.go she was toiling in the doq-eat-doq world of modeling. With endorsements for Kuhieca. When she hit lB. however. the more straightforward one that matches her well-pronounced gluteus.

But that Was before she decided to become the next refreshing find in the PinQY 8i9 8r<. Like we said. typical.ved with her mom in Parai'ia'lue. D<. F.>ther.Lynne was a typiGaI19-year-old once. She took up fashion design and li.on in Love made people no t ice the frail. Appearing in the reality show as well as in its spinoff Mela.>ubfeUp lot.te.1ft Z 51 32 SAMPINJU Ful:ly furnished New entry Samuelle . freespirited housema.HM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 23 .


who's been compared to Marian Rivera more than once-but has a special style and an even more special place in our hearts-would consider. Rosalinda INd woman and Psychology graduate with . Would. She also has a knack for hosting. And finally. even i·fher voice can get a bit screechy sometimes. Last year: 361z~ used to be fat! And now she looks like this. Stayi n g. We'. Pauleen. But why she continues to be a force in TV land is because she's hot. Her stint on QTV" n's Healthy C raving.e hoping the 5'7" 24-yearold.we're fed up with the situation_ So.'re reading Ihi. smol deri ~g hotness year after yea r withoot the be~ef. FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN! IN THE WORLD 2010 25 . brains. Sh e wa s cu te and innocen t but had a fi re in he" talBn ted! but still "reachable" as we would like to believe.fAUlUN WNA Overwhelming favorite Last yea r: 10 It pains us to write abou the. 1ft Z VAURI( CONt[PCION A notch above the rest Last year: 30 Valerie 51 is not Wowow ee. Heed the call girl.a Cum Laude. talent. which is both a gift From the gods and a reason why we're still bugging her all these years.. Time will tell if her ongoing stint as a stewardess in Langi! sa Piling Mo will continue milking Hearts charm.s. In other words: beauty.i t of meeting the woman personally_ Fr~nkly. if you. Her teleserye F"II House fu rther lue Ied this repu terion.'t you want to solidify your I~acy with an FHM cover=or two? The whole country is waiting.we really should get together and talk about it. fit 114 tAl1AD~ 'rollr·dimensional Last year: 48 Ubiquitous face cream model. Our bet is that the show will. she exudes a k-ind of class that is last year: 19 Heart is ~ dreamqirl. ensu res th a t sh € will' be sticking to this body Frame fora time. Carla has yet to appear on our pages.

Or you simply referred to her as Yina Morales' kid sister. you know this-you put her here. but also brains to be able to conquer.then-thick-but-stjllapparent Australian accent." wearing a bra. hel. as Bawana. But the FHM Nation willhave none of that-she'II." She has to be a big deal. that includes you.lways be the Cover babe who paved the way Forlots of good: things. You cou Id be forg ive n For rnis taking her as Fellow child star Serena Dalrymple.. Then making Pnwiew magazine's 15th anniversary issue. and referred to as among "the new batch of 'it' girls who not only possess beauty. drive and individuality... Fast Forward to her today. and when she clasps the microphone while hosting Wowowee. M ariel ce ne ffor tlessly grab your attention.22 C(ORGINAWllSON Hal·f English lII'ew entry Not related to beauty queen Maggie. IYAVlllANIA Hot stuff :Last year: 1 S You have a hard time picking up hall of what she's saying when she makes kuwento in Us Girls with her less. And not only is she surprisingly enjoyable to listen to.IFincluded. her hips sway left and right when she struts. 26 FHM 100SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . despicably. people gaze at her with glee. tight stretchy un derga rrnen t for pants and killer se<y heels. she's also mere than enjoyable to look at. MARI(l RODRIGU(Z Fatal attraction Last yea r: 14 Quintessential host and actress Mariel has CUrves in all the right places. she's now known. rnos t Seen in bi IIbo srds Featuring the word "uncut.. Our Lady Pea . IE 2. Full grown IE . idol Binoe. But you listen anyway. at 21' We're thankful she grew up properly.Last year: 34 Shaina at age 11. :e Last year: 16 To non·FHIvI readers. 0 f course. Whether hosting 0' en do rs ing. Everyone's attention" And yes. in TIle Last Prince. with Fullydeveloped woman parts and a well-oiled controversial love liFe. Her cheeks curve upwards when she smiles. but another halfforeign Wilson with well"endowed assets on the Sexlesr I'istas well. A.s iFher unbearable tisay·ness and spunk wasn't reason enough to put her on the 'list.

living in Paris while getting a degree in Theater Arts should have at least taught her that. landed a hosting stint. dabbled in Kabbalah.1ft Z I 19 HC CONC[PCION Food for the hungry Last year: 26 Breathy talker wh.rogramme's National Ambassador against hunger. has moved back to the country. Sexy? Of course she is. and became the United Nations World Food P.o '5 as muc·h pa-tweetums as she is "experienced" in the ways of men and women coming together. all while landing on this list. . pushed hair products. But long since after.

to Diana. to . So.can we call you Bab. Wer na u? DIANA lU81RI . Where the hell is Diana Zubiri? And although we might know half the answer-let's Just stay she's earning her degree soon-ewe still feel a little lost without her. in its ~lterrnath last year (together with this ye~r's Finest." do know that we only watch shows where there's a newbie actress we're eyeing to put on the cover or because we need to keep tabs on an actress we've been dying to meet. We love you. Sure.I RHIAN RAMOS Network darling last year: 12 The staffers of FHM are actually bonafide pr.. love you! IE IE Back to school last year: 13 We have the same question as everybody else. Rhianl See you soon. talk about Anne as if that sorry Boracay incident never ~ctually took place. aFter all-hke how she went out 0 Fher way and proa ctive Iy helped Ondov vic tim.ay about the Showtime hos t. Authentic:: 'Last year: .ph..isstill unmatched.? -w . . There are more pleasant thing. other hot" pretty and voluptuous Women had given FHM the pleasure of photographing what God had given them. Angel). but Ms_ Zubirt's charm and appeal. 8u t before you tag us as being "soft.8 Let'.imetime teieserye fanatlcs. we believe. Ann e . through field ou tresch ac tillities and by fou nd ing on line aucti on sire shopa ndsha re. F"orbeing $0 rea I. GMA-7 darling Rhian Ramos belongs to the latter.6 za FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 .


too. sense of humor. we promise you. 'but not Jennylyn. Started as a t"en idol. Todayis One of those days we thank reality TV and nationwide face sea rche fo r del ive ring a bubbly Chinese" Cebuena with nene-like innocence and appeal. wou Id h ave 'been crushed 'by th ings Com inq too much too soon. like snagging the S ta r Ci rcle Teen Ouest gran d prize and exponen tiallyincraasinq the viewersh ip of her current teieserye. and the prettiest. in a word. posed for FHM again. posed for FHM. and. inhnite charm and a body contortionist's talents right into our living: room's boob tube. Tanging Yaman She graced the cover of our women's mag counterpart. chitute. we're sure things willbe no different when she f. a survivor. Most women. and into th is year's Sexies I pe ges. KIM CHm last year: 23 Everybody's New entry Erich hits it big with everything she does. I! IE Porcelain pretty favofite skinniest noodle endorser in all the land=but we mean it in all the 'best wsys possible. got knocked up. She is.nally lands on this -rag' veteran Last yea" 17 She has COme a long way. Erichl 'IoFHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . That. then emerged a strong-willed single mom at 23 All these she did while srill 'being smoldering hot.

And if everything turns out fine. Climbing up the ranks of Rufa Mae doesn't look too remote a possibility at the moment.10 Years of the 100 sexiest list TH[IR ClAIM TO fAM[ WlOOlEUIUHlllllilllH[lAII1[S 1II0mUmIH[lJnOIDOS[ll[SISlaf! ACTRESSES ~m mJ SINGERS TEEN STARS ~6 m BEAUTyaUEENS REALITY TV D~ J~ PRODUCTS DANCERS 1m MODELS TV IUDWJT1ES n 12 1ft Z I ATHLETES IIRICf JACKlf Big serving last year: 85 "That's our girll" is what We keep saying to ourselves whenever we see Jackie showcasing her comedy acting chops in Bubble Gang_ Every time We see her anywhere. who knows. like a good father should be. and want to give her a warm embrace (and thank the high heavens were not her father). we feel goddamn proud. we might just glve dear Jackie a sweet kis~ 31 . in fact.

Or to a steady love life. To where does she owe it? Probably to a harmonious rel'a.z su pe . Most celebs would want to do away with chismis. For al] we know.0 tast year: 1 Ehra is quietly trudg ing the pat h to s howb.s that blotting her image is appearing in neWs tickers everywhere.(URA MADRIGAl Chill party . there's ahead line-worthy surprise she's brewing that might happen real soon. with very IiUle of h. too.stardo m. Or tha t she's such a d arli ng to the pres.tionship with co-stars in Party PilJpinas and Diz Is It. IE IE 32 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 .

FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 33 . she would have been another teen star who just couldn't graduate from being sweet.09 True morena BANGS GARCIA Last year: 11Bangs "Two-time FHM cover girl" Garcia is a fine specimen of morena beauty. had she not agreed to pursue her current career trajectory. trim body and just the perfect shade of Pinoy. awesome rack. And to think that. That would've been tragic. Some may vouch for the same title but we doubt they possess the complete package that the Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal star has: sweet innocent face.

Our own letter had this: "Where are the plunging necklines and the skimpy dresses? Damn it. Reg. there was the Pinoy version of Kim Sam Soon. simply put. you've probably written to GMA-7 execs about your displeasure over the recent projects given your idol. where Asia's Songbird was made to wear a fat suit for most of the show's run-heck. Then there is Dj"a where. First. the only time she was voluptuous Regin e was in the finale. yes she may be close to being 40 but she still has it!" 08 E IE 34 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 .R[GIN[ Y[lASnU[l Unmatt'hed Last year: 52 If you're a Regine Velasquez fan.howca.s e her still unmatched singing chops.n" is butt-ugly-although a great vehicle to .

Katrina with malee-up. sir! Insensitivity aside. but come on.. why doesn't h.KATRINA HAUU Lady justice Last year: 5 H ..II is p .d with lawyers. We watched her infamous cas ... on her date.ore room. "If you have m.. it could be judiciary ethics.. for lawyers.opl . d done... on TV and we wonder. 35 . some bombastic show of chivalry.. with the court __ Infinitely hotter than all the shoots . But if we're allowed to bargain with th .. we'd say..r lawyer look thrilled? Sure. that is sure. to be on . we'd Uk. devil...~ Then we can defend Katrina.

.OG ANGaitA ~ANGANIBAN Peaking Last year: 9 One look a.. "00...f. And geniuses who look this hot can certainly lasr a lifetime! . actually~that propelled the former A.. And yes. including but not limited to her Ie as thep uck ish . IE " .. . crazy people who are productive are geniuses .. March l007 interview.:_" TV sta r to great heights." she tells FHM in he... baliw talaga aka. - .-.. -_ .I> ~ .._- 36 FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . Here Comes the Br..~We're pertaining to talent~lot. l..ide.....0 .t Angelica and you know she has "it. .._.- . IE - .Ru b i and as the bride in the surprise hit."'"' -::. sabra.s of it.

Deadline looming. th.: We wrapped shooting her 10th ann jversary cover past 3.onductedthe intervi.d marry her. during taping. the deal was we'd interview her late. We're marry. were ushered into a dark room.1ft Z 51 05 IWAMOTO Afterglow last year: 6 We heard this said somewhere: I"f you think your woman stillloo'ks beautiful the minute she wakes up in the morning.ew with . half-asleep and cooing.en go ahead an." That Is why we're marrying Iwa! Here's the story."..Iwa on a laZ Boy. her. damn it! FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 37 .

we'll no doubt melt all over again. Petite mestiza. galawgaw. with palenglcera charm. But because each generation improves on it.s gene pool. Think of her as heir apparent to Maricel Soriano.04 MARIAN RMRA Paradigm shift Last year: 3 We think we now know where Marian is headed. 38 FHM 100 SEXIESTWOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 . throw in babe hotness in the soup. Whereas before we would feel sorry for her whenever reports came out about how her brashness were turning some people off. If we're right. it begins to make sense if you cast her in a different mold.


1 spot grew .dy. Victorias Secret angel..en in the World global winner is a S"8'.Irlyness. The bomb$hell who toppled last year's Megan Fox o. hazel-eyed. and went from apol~lcally ~conservatiye and shy ~ to "the return of the 41 . and this year's list of Sexiest Wom.ff the No. devoid of . Christian-schooled tomboy. natural blonde blessed with a runway strut and substantial cup sizes fuller than the typical runway skinny's (340-23-35).MARISAMllnR Modern-day Messiah Global Winner: Sports lIIudratedmodel..

she hasn't completely destroyed it. The latest in May 2010. Until back she comes. Best to set her again in the finest place in this firmament. But a feeling of apocalypse also sets then becomes erratic. If she follows her orbit. The fear is more palpable now. that our world is still together. o E IE . And then we find that we can move on to the next. When it happens it's a beautiful time of renewal. This will be the la. She almost blotted out the sun on her third return.ANC[ lOt<)IN The universal Last year: 4 She's the planet that realigns with ours every couple or so years. First in 2003. the next return might never be. Then twice in 2005. ilnd we are crushed again by her beauty and gravity.