1. Executive Summary Provide a brief overview and summary of the business idea, the uniqueness of product/ service, form of business, human resource , target customer and market, competitive advantages, strategies, and payment sources

2. Business background Background of the business Form of business Vision/Mission/ objectives/logo Location of business

3. Products and services Product and Service Description The uniqueness of product/ service Competitive advantages

4. Administration/ management plan Management team Organizational chart and structure Task and responsibilities Gantt Chart Management budget

5. Market, and competitors analysis Target market Share market Competitors analysis (competitive analysis grid) SWOT analysis

6. Strategy and Implementation a. Marketing Strategy Pricing strategy Promotion strategy Distribution patterns Marketing programs

Risk management Challenges and risks Strategies (solve the problem) 10. Financial plan Detailed of the cost for each item Projected Profit and Loss Projected Cash Flow Projected Balance Sheet 9.b. Conclusion 11. Operation plan Operations strategy and plans Raw Materials human resources Facilities and equipment Operation flow chart (processing steps) Operation budget 8. Sales Strategy Sales forecast Sales programs c. Appendix Management profile Gantt Chart Business location map . Marketing budget 7. References 12.

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