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London and Area Services for Children and Families with Social, Emotional, or Behavioural Difficulties Collated by Monique


This information is accurate as of February 2010

Table of Contents Resource Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Program Regional Mental Health Services, London Child and Parent Resource Institute Vanier Childrens Services Craigwood Youth Services Western Area Youth Services Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System Addiction Services of Thames Valley Merrymount Childrens Centre Hopes Garden Svec Institute and Rehabilitation Clinic McBride Psychological Services Dr. Cathy Chovaz McKinnon Kids Help Phone Boys and Girls Club of London Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of London Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program Page 3 5 6 9 12 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Program Contact Information: Intake and Outpatients South Street Hospital (SSH) 346 South Street, Health Services Building London, ON, N6A 4G5 Phone- (519) 667-6640 Fax- (519) 667-6814 Inpatients, Eating Disorders, and Day Treatment Victoria Hospital and Childrens Hospital of Western Ontario 800 Commissioners Rd. East London, ON, N6A 5W9 Website vices/Adolescent_Mental_Healthcare_Program.htm Services Provided: - Provide services for children and adolescents (aged 0-17) with mental health difficulties of an internalizing nature such as mood disorders, suicidal behaviour, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and acute symptoms of distress related to family or personal crisis, abusive experiences, and/ or experiencing or witnessing of traumatic events. o Do not accept referrals for assessments regarding custody and access; child welfare; youth justice; or youth with primary presenting problems of ADHD, CD, ODD, substance abuse, PDD, LD, marked intellectual impairment, or physical illness without an associated mental health problem. - Ongoing services: Family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, and/ or pharmacotherapy. - Crisis and emergency services: 24-hour psychiatry emergency coverage through the emergency department at the childrens hospital. - Outpatient services: Assessment and treatment of children and youths younger than 15 and focus on mood and anxiety disorders; however, trauma and family therapy are other possibilities. - Inpatient treatment: Serves children and adolescents who are 15 or younger and require short-term admission for crisis stabilization and assessment of urgent mental health problems. o Coordination with community resources for follow up treatment is also offered - Day treatment: Assessment and treatment of adolescents aged 10-17 who require intensive services that are not available through outpatients but who do not require hospitalization.

o While in Day Treatment the patients attend W.D. Sutton School and coordination with the community school in preparation for the students return occurs. Eating Disorders Treatment: Inpatient and Day Treatment are available for clients up to age 17 who are experiencing Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia and eating problems.

Fee for Service: - No fee is associated with this treatment. Referral Process: - Family members, community physicians, mental health practitioners, schools, social agencies, and other mental health facilities can make referrals for services not listed below. o Referrals for psychiatric consultations and the day treatment programs must be done by a physician. o Referral to the Eating Disorder Treatment program must be made by a physician who accepts responsibility for medical care until the patient is seen. o Referral forms are found on the website at: ams_and_services/OP_IP_DT_Form.pdf or ams_and_services/ED_Form.pdf (for eating disorders). Other Information: - Services are provided by an interdisciplinary team consisting of child and adolescent psychiatrists, social workers, as well as a child family therapist, psychologists, nurses, child and youth counselors, advanced practice nurse, and dietician with support from office staff.

Regional Mental Health Care, London Contact Information: Regional Mental Health Care London, Adolescent Program 850 Highbury Avenue N. London, ON N6A 4H1 Phone- (519) 455-5110 ext. 48600 Website- Services Provided: - Adolescent Program: Serves adolescents aged 13- 18 through consultation, education, assessment, treatment, stabilization, and community integration. o Program uses a biopsychosocial approach. Treatment modalities include individual counselling, psychological assessments, group therapy, psychological therapy, family therapy, psychiatric consultation, occupational therapy, recreation, art therapy, school (on-site public and high school), pharmacotherapy, and milleu therapy. o Services are available as inpatient, outreach (where services are provided in various community settings), and a specialty resource team that works with community agencies. Fee for Service: - No fees are charged for services. Referral Process: - Patients may be self-referred, referred by community agencies, or gain access through crisis and emergency mental health services. Other Information:

Child and Parent Resource Institute Contact Information: Child and Parent Resource Institute 600 Sanatorium Road London ON N6H 3W7 Phone- (519) 858-2774 Fax- (519) 858-3955 Website: Services Provided: - Home Visiting Program for Infants: An early intervention program for infants (up to age 5) and their families who are at risk for or have developmental or physical disabilities. o Only available in Middlesex, Oxford, Eglin, Perth, and Huron counties. - Attachment Consultation and Education Service: Assessment and treatment for children and youth aged 0-18 who are experiencing disturbances of attachment or have a history of traumatic and/ or disruptive life events. o Workshops, resources, and system consultations are also available for others in the community. - Bipolar Clinic: Assessment, treatment, treatment monitoring, and parent support groups for clients aged 6- 18 who are suspected of having early onset Bipolar Disorder and their parents. o Referred clients first receive a prescreening before qualifying for a comprehensive assessment. o Primary treatment offered is 8-1 0 sessions of intensive group (or individual) psycho-educational treatment and medical treatment. Transition planning for other community supports and booster sessions are also available. - Emotional Disorders Clinic: Assessment, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and education for clients aged 2- 18 with a developmental delay and a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, or psychotic disorder. - Selective Mutism: Assessment and treatment for clients aged 3- 18 who have restricted speech in one or more settings. o Must be experiencing symptoms for at least 2 months and have demonstrated capacity for speech. - Brake Shop: Assessment, treatment, consultation, and community education for children and youths aged 6- 18 with severe behavioral concerns or Intermittent Explosive Disorder, with a diagnosed or suspected tic disorder. o Treatment is tailored to the clients needs and occurs in conjunction with other community agencies including the school. - Sexual Behaviour Team: Assessment and intervention planning for clients aged 6- 18 who demonstrate inappropriate, offensive, and excessive behaviour that is sexual in nature- and that has not stopped with redirection or correction and has occurred in the past 6 months.

o The client will not qualify for treatment if he or she is not demonstrating inappropriate sexual behaviour or is currently involved in a legal investigation due to sexually related matters. o Assessment occurs over three weeks to two months and requires at least six hours of interview time with the family. Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic: Comprehensive assessment, treatment and treatment transition for youths with ASD or PDD aged 0- 18 and their families. o If the patient is not already diagnosed with ASD or PDD then referral must come from a physician. o Clinical services include psychiatry, psychology, behaviour consultation, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, social work, and education liaison, sibling workshops, and parent groups. VOCPRI Family Resource Centre: An information centre providing user-friendly information about child and adolescent mental health and developmental disability concerns and issues available to all members of the community. o Open Monday- Friday 8:30-5:00. o Available information includes books, videos, audiotapes, magazines, the internet, pamphlets, information packages, community resources and support groups, and research centre staff who can aid in searching for specific information. o Materials may be borrowed for 3 weeks. Pratten One Complex Care Program: A 12 bed short term residential unit for children and youth aged 0- 18 with complex medical and developmental needs. o Staffed 24 hours a day by RNs and RPNs. o Have a suite and a cottage where parents can visit privately with children or overnight. o Family counseling is also available. Residential Services: Short-term residential services for children and youth aged 6- 18 with complex mental health issues. o Assessment and treatment is individualized but are influenced by the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach developed by Dr. Ross Greene. Homeshare: For treatment of children and youth who are developmentally disabled, medically fragile/ technologically dependent and/ or dually diagnosed. Clients are placed with families on a full-time and long-term basis for care. Urgent Response Intervention: for CPRI clients aged 0- 18 needing short-term, urgent admission to residential treatment.

Fee for Service: - There is no charge for services. Referral Process: - Referrals can be made in person at the intake office or by phone at 519-8582774 ext. 2024. - Referrals are accepted from any source including parents, physicians, psychologists, schools, or social service agencies.

Assessment and treatment are provided on a priority basis with those assessed as having the highest need receiving preference.

Other Information:

Vanier Childrens Services Contact Information: Vanier Childrens Services 871 Trafalgar St. London, ON N5Z 1E6 Phone- (519) 433-3101 Fax- (519) 433-1302 Website- Services Provided: - Crisis Intake Team: Crisis response, telephone support, intake screening, and initial assessment for children/ youth aged 0- 18 and their parents who are in crisis. o Self-referral to (519) 433-0334 will result in support services from Vanier Childrens Services, Western Area Youth Services (WAYS), or Craigwood Youth Services. - Day and Overnight Respite Program: Day and weekend overnight respite care for children and youth aged 6- 18 and their families who live in LondonMiddlesex, if they are currently receiving services from a Childrens Mental Health Centre, on a waiting list, or involved in Wraparound. - School and Community Intervention Partnership: For elementary school (grades 1- 6) children who attend TVDSB or LCDSB, are at risk of developing serious mental health problems, and have externalizing behaviours that interfere with home or school performance. o Treatment is individually tailored to individual needs and is provided by many community agencies collaborating together (Vanier Childrens Services, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Care Program, Merrymount Childrens Centre, TVDSB, and LDCSB). o Referrals come from a school based team. o Currently a pilot project in select schools in London/ Middlesex County. - Francophone Services: Vanier offers assessment and brief individual and family counselling services in French. - 0- 6 Early Years Program: Parents and their 0- 6 year old children living in London- Middlesex who may benefit from early identification/ treatment of emotional, psychological, social, and/ or developmental concerns in young children. o Services include family assessment and therapy, intensive in-home family services, parent support, parent/ child therapy, play based therapy for children, parent psycho-educational and children social skills groups, parent skill building and support, educational workshops for parents and professionals, specialized assessment, and community school support. - 7- 14 Community Mental Health: Provides support and therapy to families with children aged 7- 14 who live in London-Middlesex and are experiencing serious relationship or behavioral difficulties.

o Specific instruction in anger management, self-regulation, dealing with parents mental health problems, teen drug and alcohol abuse, and positive parenting provided. o Also aid families in accessing other community resources and services. Specialized Treatment Groups: These support groups are for children and parents who are struggling with issues related to mental health, familial violence, or anger management. o Parent Education Groups are offered to parents while they wait for other Vanier services and include the Positive Parenting Program, C.O.P.E., and Francophone groups. o Community Group Program for Children Exposed to Woman Abuse is a 12 week program for children who have been exposed to and affected by woman abuse and violence in their family and mother/ guardian is encouraged to attend (although this attendance is not mandatory). This program is only available to families currently receiving services at Vanier and who have experienced woman abuse. o BET (Behaviours, Emotions, Thoughts) is for youths aged 12- 18 who have concurrent disorders and would benefit from the 12 week psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic treatment. Participants will complete a screening, assessment, psychological consultation, group intervention, and community outreach and education. Court mandated participants will be accepted but those who are substance dependent where clinical treatment is the primary consideration, have a diagnosis or suspicion of psychosis, are currently in rehabilitation/ detox services, or who have housing and basic needs as their primary concern will not. o Kid to Kid Group: A 7 week program for children aged 7- 14 who have a family member living with mental illness. Participants are grouped by age and maturity level. Intensive Family Services: An 8- 12 week intensive in-home intervention for families with children aged 0- 14 and are experiencing serious parent/ child conflict or significant poor parenting skills. Eligible clients will receive parent skillbuilding, family counseling, individual child/ youth counselling facilitate access to child/ youth skill building groups and parenting groups, and safety planning. RAPP TAPP-C: RAPP is a program aimed at reducing incidents of delinquent/ unlawful behaviour in 7- 12 year old children while TAPP-C is a program aimed at reducing inappropriate fire involvement and promoting fire safety for 7- 12 year old children. Residential Program: A three phase program for youths aged 7- 13 whose presenting problems may include peer problems; aggression; depression; withdrawal; suicidal thoughts and behaviours; trauma due to family disruption, violence, substance abuse, or child abuse; anxiety; fire involvement; and significant school problems. In phase one Vanier, the family, and child prepare for admission to residence. Phase 2 lasts about three months and the child stays in the residence either for the day, 3 days per week, 5 days per week, or 7 days per week. During phase 3 the child moves back home and Vanier works with the family to support the transition. During this treatment Vanier and the family work


in partnership using specialized day treatment/ school program, family therapy, parent skill building, psychological consultation, psychiatric consultation, nursing, and occupational therapy to support the child. o A long-term residential program wherein the child stays at Vanier for 6- 12 months is available on a fee for service basis and treatment is similar to the short-term residential service program. Fee for Service: - There is no fee for most services; however, the 7- 14 Community Mental Health program charges fees on a sliding scale (but will not deny families service because they cannot pay). Referral Process: - Most services operate on a self-referral process; however, waitlist and support group services are only available to families already receiving Vanier services. Other Information:


Craigwood Youth Services Contact Information: Craigwood Youth Services Head Office 520 Hamilton Road London, ON, N5Z 1S4 Phone- (519) 432-2623 Fax- (519) 432-8964 Website- St. George Street Community Treatment Home 218 St. George Street London, ON, N6A 3A5 Phone- (519) 433-4630 Services Provided: - Crisis Intake Team: Provides crisis intervention and intake services for youth aged 12- 18 through calling (519) 433- 0334. - 6- Rivers Wilderness Adventures: An adventure-based, therapeutic initiative for at risk adolescent boys and girls where the outdoors are used to address the risk needs through rigorous physical, social, emotional, and psychological challenges. o Outdoor experience is combined with group learning; group/ individual ongoing supports to instill prosocial values, personal responsibility, community service, accountability, teamwork, cooperation, communication, boundaries, and healthy relationships; and contingency contracting - Family and Community Support Program: An integrated community-based response including day treatment (for 12- 16 year olds), group treatment, and intensive family support services. - Residential Services: are provided for youth between the ages of 12- 18 who are experiencing mental health problems including severe emotional, social, and/ or behaivoural difficulties at home and/ or in the community. o Aftercare is negotiated with the youth and family and may include formal, individual and/ or family counselling, social skills training, behaviour management, group sessions, and life skills training. Fee for Service: - There are no fees for services although parents/ guardians are asked to cover the costs related to their childrens clothing needs, dental coverage, prescription drugs, and similar items while in their care. Referral Process: - Referrals are accepted from parents, adolescents (over age 12), school officials, courts, and other service providers including court orders.


Other Information: - Family members must be willing to be involved in the treatment process.


Western Area Youth Services (WAYS) Contact Information: 714 York Street London, ON N5W 2S8 Phone- (519) 432-2209 Website- Services Provided: - Crisis support: 24 hour a day, 7 day a week telephone support for children and youth aged 0- 18 and their families, guardians, and community partners that focuses on immediate response and stabilization to decrease the severity of the crisis. o In London- Middlesex call (519) 433-0334. o In Chatham- Kent call (519) 354-4095. - Residential care: Youths aged 12- 21 with challenges including having experienced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; drug and alcohol problems; social issues at school or with their peers; breaking the law; psychiatric difficulties; or behavioural issues whose families cannot provide the support they require. o WAYS homes provide for basic needs and teach youth life skills, social skills, job training, and community involvement. o Residential care is also available on a family respite basis. - Youth justice services: Two custody facilities for open custody and open detention in addition to alternatives-to-custody programming for boys and girls aged 12- 17. o Must be referred by a judge, crown attorney, or probation officer. o Programming at these centres includes anger awareness, education, recreation, communication/ interpersonal skills, victim awareness, moral dilemmas, relevant life skills, spiritual/ religious care, and cognitive restructuring. - Foster care: Emergency, short-term, and long-term placements for children and youth aged 0- 18 in CAS care. Fee for Service: - If referred by CAS or the courts the family will not be charged for service. However, if the family requests the service than fees will be charged on a fee for service basis. Referral Process: - Referrals may be made by the family or through community agencies such as CAS or the juvenile justice system. Other Information:


Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System Contact Information: Centre for Children & Families in the Justice System 254 Pall Mall St., Suite 200 London, On, N6A 5P6 Phone- (519) 679-7250 Fax- (519) 675-7772 Website- Services Provided: - Website: has many downloadable resources for professionals, volunteers, parents, and students who are helping children and families involved with the justice system as victims of crime, witnesses of crime, parties in custody disputes, subjects of child protection proceedings, litigants in civil suits for compensation, teenagers in therapeutic care settings, or youthful offenders. - Child Welfare Assessment Services: members of a multi-disciplinary team assess parenting capacity in families involved with a CAS for child protection reasons. o Referrals are accepted from CAS in all parts of Ontario. o Within 3- 4 months of assessment a written report on custody issues is completed and the author is available to testify if the matter goes to trial. - Child Witness Project: helps children and adolescents called to testify in courts. Referrals are also accepted for capacity assessments, expert testimony, clinical victim impact statements, and criminal injuries reports. - Client Consultation to the Courts: Centre staff assist the courts through assessment, consultation, or expert testimony in issues such as the developmental ability of children to testify. - Clinical Supports Program: One-on-one, multidisciplinary, intensive therapeutic service for youths residing in one of 12 residential facilities across London/ Middlesex who are in high need or crisis situations. o Referrals come from facility staff. - Counselling: Have child and adolescent counseling services and play therapy at the centre which is available on a fee-for-service basis and may be covered by employee insurance plans. o Contact for this program is Lynda Stevens. - London Custody and Access Project: Helps parents, lawyers, and the Family Court to develop parenting plans in the childrens best interests as they conduct custody and access assessments and generate detailed reports. o May be court or self referred if both parties agree. - Parenting Coordination Service: A fee-for-service program for parents who are separating or divorcing and want help in developing and utilizing a parenting plan. - Training and Resource Development Service: Provide training for professionals in the areas of children exposed to family violence, adolescent suicide in residential facilities, anger awareness in adolescents, ambiguous loss, bullying in


and near schools, conduct disorder, depression and suicide in adolescents, cognitive behavioural approaches to intervention, interviewing children, peer-topeer aggression in residential settings, preparing children for court testimony, and vicarious trauma in service providers. Youth Justice Assessment Team: Conduct assessments to aid in sentencing following a judges order of medical or psychological assessment. Youth Mental Health Court Service: Identifies and supports the mental health needs of youth aged 16- 18 charged with a criminal offence in youth court and also having a diagnosed or suspected serious mental illness, traumatic brain injury or developmental disability. o Referral can be made by the youth, a family member, care provided, defense lawyer, duty counsel, or the Crown Attorney.

Fee for Service: - Most services are free of charge; however, the counselling and parenting coordination service are completed on a fee-for-service basis. Referral Process: - Youths, parents, and professionals working for community agencies outside of the juvenile justice system may refer for the child witness project, counselling, London custody and access project, parenting coordination service, training and resource development service, and youth mental health court service. Other Information:


Addiction Services of Thames Valley Contact Information: Addiction Services of Thames Valley 200 Queens Ave., Suite 260 London, ON, N6A 1J3 Phone- (519) 673-3242 Fax- (519) 673-1022 Website- Services Provided: - Substance Abuse (Youth Program): Offers assessment, treatment planning, and counselling for youths aged 13- 18 who are abusing substances. - Gambling Services (Youth Program): Offers specialized services and counselling for youths aged 12- 18 who are experiencing problems with gambling. - Awareness Program: This program is meant to increase awareness of problem gaming in youth and young adults and reach people who may need help because of their own or someone elses gambling. o Offer school based awareness programs for students in grades 5-10 in the Thames Valley District School Board. Fee for Service: - No charge for clinical services but charges apply for some training and seminar sessions. Referral Process: - The youth or concerned others in the youths life may make a phone referral. - Mandatory referrals are also welcome. - The Addiction Services of Thames Valley attempts to have the referred youths meet with a counsellor within 1- 2 business days of the referral. Other Information: - Office hours are Monday- Friday 8:30-4:30.


Merrymount Childrens Centre Contact Information: Merrymount Childrens Centre 1064 Colborne Street London, ON, N6A 4B3 Phone- (519) 434-6848 Fax- (519) 434-6851 Website- Services Provided: - Family Support and Crisis Care Program: A short-term program to help families with children aged 0- 12 during a crisis while connecting them to ongoing community supports. This program operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the children can stay for up to 23 hours in a 24 hour period. - Overnight Care: A temporary service that offers family centred 24 hour continuous care when the family cannot provide care while helping the family cope with the crisis, makes referrals to community supports, and helps plan appropriate care for the childrens return home. - Supervised Access: Provides a neutral visit/ exchange environment for families in which conflict over child custody and visiting arrangements exists. - Supportive Parenting Groups: These are designed to promote awareness and develop skills in personal and parenting issues. - Childrens Groups: Includes Moms House, Dads House (coping with parental separation); Heroes (developing self-esteem); H.U.G.S. (4- 7 year olds who have parents with addiction issues), and P.E.I.C. (for 8- 12 year olds who have parents or other family members with addiction issues) groups. Fee for Service: - There are no fees for Merrymount Childrens Centre services. Referral Process: - Phone referrals can be made by anyone and advise on appropriate services will be offered. Other Information: - Also have programs for teen parents.


Hopes Garden Contact Information: Hopes Garden 379 Dundas Street Suite 210 London, ON, N6B 1V5 Phone- (519) 434-7721 Website- Services Provided: - Drop-in support: Available for asking questions about programs, getting information on eating disorders, talking with a volunteer, or taking quiet time in one of their rooms. - Reading and reference library: Have numerous books and videos on eating disorders and related topics. o Also have information in the resource centre and on their website about how to access other services. - Support groups: The myriad of support groups run year long and no registration is required and include an adult support group, recipe for recovery adult support group, family & friends support group, and disordered eating support group (for 18- 24 year olds). o 8 week sessions including EVERY body yoga, creating balance, settling limits and letting go, and money matters are also available. o Support groups are offered as an adjunct to treatment. - Workshops and lectures are also available throughout the year. Fee for Service: - There is no fee associated with accessing Hopes Garden resources. Referral Process: - Self-referral through visiting Hopes Garden. Other Information: - Operating hours are Monday- Thursday 12:00-7:00.


Dr. Svec Institute and Rehabilitation Clinics Contact Information: Dr. Svec Institute and Rehabilitation Clinics 801 Talbot Street London, ON, N6A 2V7 Phone- (519) 850-0464 Website- Services Provided: - Offer assessment of ADHD, parent training, school psycho educational assessment, psycho vocational assessment, evaluation of head injury, mediation services for divorce and other conflicts, treatment of ADHD without mediation, and individual therapy. Fee for Service: - Services are provided for a fee; however, extended health plan, insurance policies or employee assistance programs may pay for part or all of the costs associated with these services. - Free information sessions are offered to gather further information on the area of interest. Referral Process: - Booking an appointment by phone or on the website. Other Information:


McBride Psychological Services Contact Information: McBride Psychological Services 408 Queens Avenue London, ON, N6B 1X9 Phone- (519) 860-4389 Fax- (519) 457-1021 Website- Services Provided: - Provide individual and group cognitive behavioural therapies for individuals aged 5- 80 experiencing concerns with anxiety problems and/ or mood issues for anywhere from 4- 20 sessions. Fee for Service: - This is a fee-for-service program but many extended health coverage plans will reimburse. They also accept third-party payment from short-term disability and long-term disability insurers and other agencies such as the Workers Safety & Insurance Board. - Their fees are $130/ session (a session is 50 minutes in length). Referral Process: - Self-referral by phone or email to set up an initial appointment before being booked with the appropriate staff clinician. - Health care workers, social workers, and other community agency workers may also refer potential clients. Other Information: - Open Monday- Friday with early morning and evening appointments available.


Dr. Cathy Chovaz McKinnon Contact Information: Cathy Chovaz McKinnon 99 Horton Street West London, ON, N6J 4Y6 Phone- (519) 434-5019 Services Provided: - Assessment and counselling for children and adolescents who are deaf and have mental health difficulties. Fee for Service: - Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis unless referred by a community agency such as Robarts School for the Deaf, or Merrymount Childrens Centre. - Fees may be covered by employee insurance programs. Referral Process: - Parents or guardians can call to book an appointment for their child. - Wait times vary with demand but a wait list usually exits and no wait list services are provided. Other Information:


Kids Help Phone Contact Information: Kids Help Phone Phone- 1-800-668-6868 Website- Services Provided: - Children and adolescents can anonymously interact with a counsellor by phone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fee for Service: - There is no fee associated with this service. Referral Process: - Children and adolescents can call or visit the website at any time. Other Information:


Boys and Girls Club of London Contact Information: Boys & Girls Club of London 184 Horton Street East London, ON, N6B 1K8 Phone- (519) 434-9114 Fax- (519) 432-9306 Website- Services Provided: - LEAP (Learning, Earning, & Parenting): Partnership between the Boys and Girls Club and Ontario Works wherein parents under 25 years old with children residing in their care who have not completed their high school education and are receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability assistance receive subsidized childcare, parenting activities, school supplies and clothing, transportation subsidies, and a $500 incentive for graduating high school. o Self-referral to eligibility meeting. - After School Programs: Drop-in programs where children aged 3- 16 can pick the activities they like to do and have a safe/ supervised place to go from 4:00- 8:30 Monday- Friday. o Specialty Groups and Social Skills Groups: These groups are run during the after school programs. Groups are for children and youths aged 3- 18 in areas such as volunteer and leadership, home alone, girls group, boys group, and kids in difficult situations. Additional counseling for youth in need is also provided. The Homework Club provides tutoring for participants and encourages success in school. o Supper Club: A nutritional program which offers a hot meal everyday from 4:00- 6:30 for only $1. o Busing is available from 38 high needs TVDSB and LDCSB schools to the Boys & Girls Club of London. - Weekend Programs: These programs are designed for family interaction and include Funtastic Fridays, Afternoon Adventure, and Bounce and Munch (for Bounce and Munch a $3/ per class fee is charged). - Teen Zone: a drop in centre (Monday- Friday 4:00- 9:00) for youths aged 13- 18 with a variety of activities including sports leagues, billiards, ping pong, foos ball, games, cards, movies, music, Extreme nights, dances, X-box, Playstation, computers, internet, homework help, and out-trips. o Annual membership for teens is $15. Fee for Service: - Almost all programs at the Boys and Girls Club are included in the cost of an annual membership. Annual membership fees are charged on a sliding scale from $15- 140.


o Boys and Girls Club clients may be eligible for a City of London Child Care Subsidy. Referral Process: - Parent can visit the club, call, or download the application form from the website. Other Information:


Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of London Contact Information: Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area 543 Ridout Street London, ON, N6A 2P8 Phone- (519) 438-7065 Fax- (519) 438-4910 Website- Services Provided: - One to One Matches: Provide 5-18 year old children and youths with a sincere and caring adult to guide the child in a direction of healthy decisions and selfconfidence through weekly meetings. o Currently about 100 children waiting to be matched. - Child Safety Training: A 2 hour session to discuss abuse and its prevention that the child and a parent must complete before the child can be matched. - Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: An in-school program for 12- 14 year old girls (grades 7 & 8) to provide them with the tools to assist them in making healthy choices around the issues of physical activity, balanced eating, and feeling good about themselves. o Schools must apply. - Waitlist Programs: Different activities for children aged 5-18 who are currently waiting to be matched with a one-to-one mentor. Fee for Service: - No fee is charged for the services. Referral Process: - Parent/ guardian must refer child to Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area. Other Information:


Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program Contact Information: Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities 2180 Younge Street, 10th Floor Toronto, ON M4P 2V8 Apply by phone (tollfree)- 1-877-616-6600 Apply by email- Services Provided: - Provide funding for children and youths aged 4-18 to participate in organized sports and recreation by covering costs such as registration fees, transportation, and equipment. o Applications are accepted the last 2 weeks of January and the first 2 weeks of June. o To apply the first name of the child, sport/ recreational activity to participate in, age of the child, full mailing address including postal code, name of the sporting/ recreational organization the child would like to attend, contact information of the parent (email and phone), duration of the program, cost of the program, and nearest Canadian Tire store location must be provided. Fee for Service: - There is no charge associated with participating in the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program but the cost of participating in the sport of choice may be greater than the grant provided by this fund. Referral Process: - Community agency, school, or parent/ guardian referral by calling or emailing the information. Other Information: