3) The interviewing Programme. 1) Illustration experiments. There are four main phases to the Hawthorne experiments. 2) The relay assembly test room. . The Hawthorne experiments: The turning point in the development of the human relations movement came with famous Hawthorne experiments at the western Electric company in America (1924-32) Elton Mayo (1880-1949) wrote about Hawthorne experiments who is often quoted as having been leader of researchers.The attention paid to the social factors at work and to the behavior of employees with in an organization is called human relations. 4) The bank writing observation room.

. experimental group and control group. ‡ Experiment adopted friendly manner. ‡ Level of Production influenced clearly by factors other than changes in physical condition of work. rest pauses and provision of refreshments. ‡ The workers were subjected to a series of planned and controlled changes such as hours of work. ‡ It was concerned in typical scientific Management Style. ‡ Production increased in control group at thought the lightening remained unchanged. ‡ Workers are divided into two groups.Illustration Experiments: ‡ It was the investigation on the lines of classical approach. listening to workers and keeping them Informed of the Experiment. consulting workers. The Relay Assembly Test Room: ‡ In this phase the Experiment was divided into 13 periods.

‡ True feelings and attitudes are formed out with this programme . ‡ Despite of financial incentive scheme the group decided on a level of output well below the level they are capable of producing. a large Interviewing programme was introduced.Interviewing Programme: ‡ In an attempt to find out more about the workers feeling towards their supervisors and their general condition of work. . ‡ The men formed their own informal organization with sub groups or cliques. ‡ Being a good listener is more important for managers in today s work organizations and it is skill which needs to be encouraged and developed. Bank Wiring Observation Room: ‡ It is an observation on 14 men working in the Bank Wiring Room.


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