I :/"T.'I)(JCTI'"

On~ timle. a hi pJJ live could ordy sitallild t~d ,of Meglai·C!ity 'One in the p<'lIQ,esof200Q AlJ ,co;mi,C, and m,er,elly dream of' $t;'l Ilkllflgi fItS d'e,a,dly_st~eets art the eside of that most famous of IlaiVl.!'tmlen,Ju age IlJlredd. WithJud'g~ .O:rcedd - Hie Rbte" Pla'vit:J9 G8m~, howevef.,You ea rI rea Uy be '~hel'e, p.atrQIII~I!flg the and Undierzoems on your lawmas~e,r b~ke, on the ut for dil'li!1!'gelro'UJs P,e~ps to arrest ~ th ~s vol~ n ged out. wuth allll~inleIF'Iec~s$alry ski Ills ~rTld equipm.ent; and for D<JtlroUing the city,watoning OUlt for eiruJm~na~s:" h~~eere l riiJlles fo,( !1Ir!\e$li'r1g ~awb,reak:ers" usi ngl feree, W€iliP@rlS,. or .~:us:tplainAluiltTio,rity. and a good malny ethers, alii tihere to Ihielp y@u clio you r ]ob :aIS a~L1IIr·t~ J'uld'ge 0'. Mega-Ci:ty ()ne. me
I.I! me,

yOl.! wvlllfii nd rules f·o r' creat" ngl inolivid~ all Judges,


vollJl me 'totli!1lis: one" U11¢ G~me M8ster'$ ,1ldventmes for Judgles, including the m<lfilY diifWerent of c,rumes and (lirimlina~s fnli31tabound in Meg'a,·Cityttog,e>tiUIW with rules fQ,r '~q'l,;l'ipm,e'nt,weap ons,. allier! s, ml!l'tOllnts ,and rebots, alnd m liJoh mom bssides, In sho,1I1. 'th,ere a ~'e alii the rules you need '110cre,at!e h'i,Jll1ionr:ds of ,criimle·fi'gl1ting adVenlUnllS in M~lgca·c:uty One~

BooJ:, Ii1lal$ deta:ills on setftii ng u ~ and ru n I


h is all SO'thri!. ~o.b. o~ t~'e Game M(iljSUII~to_ ~~ke ...tlrleald.:v.'e:.i'lIh'lI. he set~ UIP. the cnm Inalls, and the cnmes he 'c:re.~l9S, es devlOUSEl._liId ~n~:ere~tlo,gas he can, i~.onjl.er. t.DIm<lke ·~.h.e:gaJme as elhiallJl e_l1Ig fl:!,r Irill$.l?lay~lrs as possible .. lhe' Game able to dothll.s'fa~rl'Y, however, forthe Judges: a~e~llayin~g •.11I0tdiga~n$1 hilm Ow her, but the eroees and the'ir cr~m:e$ tllat he er slh Ell ort!aJtes,. ami the rest of the 'wo rlld' they ru a, AJlthouglhl it 1$the Ga Master who bllkBS enth e role of' the ~iI'ili1l~ I)a~:s, al iens, ro bees, aJnd dlill the o:ttheil' ,peop Ie, all d en~iti'\'l6;the Ju dlgles hffve to meet, figlht, or a r'F~$t he mlust remember that 11! e is p~,irna (l:ily theretD ma ke the glame ~iUn .$moo,thlya nd ina n eXioitung, challlel1l,gi ng mallil ner, IHh,e Gaime Mlalstew ;s~m ply km:s oft ellthe J udlges. iin the f~rst~n m~ r!lutes of sr;JiF,Idventu iretinler,a W<Hl't be' mliJlcliioff a gl<lJme 11efitto plla;y ~ ~Tlhef1ea re more die'l:ail,edguidel in~$ on tn'ollVa Gi:1lime, MaJst~~r' C,reartesa rid nms adiV1em!Ulf,eS in The G:a.me Mo\i~:'t~r'sBook,)
, r<e.




This game is net a tJraldltion all board·g~m,e, as lhe name ~al'V~, th'ii~ is a 'Ro,lls·Plla!ying (3iame'. lIti1is means thalt yOIJ do'n't simply thimwdice andmove a piieee alFol;llrllda track 0111 a bQan:l1 In a \fIery ~bslni!>ct w&Jy. l!flst.ead, each player in the gam.~ actua Illytal~e!S ofiltihe role of a Judgli1l, allmlO!$t IilkJe'an aeeer iiii a vii m,.a nd trile$t(:l p.la;y the g~ me as if they NiJlty ~.~ th~t p~r$!on.


5i noo everyOrl e plays a n indiividua II'eha ract~(, a s ,each person ~liItll1iegame ~s'UI$'uaUyc:allled, yOliJ slse need someone W actual'ly Ji1UlrTl glOimefor YOll" lh~s Iref~m~,e" k~n'Qwna~the the 'Ga me Mas.~e,(. do ~sn't pllay a CihOflJfa,ct9r II!lkle,you dio, ~!1!steo:!~t he des~gns the cases for you 'to solv"'e, usi ngtihie game IrU ~es plr~s~lnrted ~111 ~$b'Hj~.a nd his oW!'l!speciial man· th lJI!;3II"tlh:e Go\'!me Mast9"S B,ook., Equ ~p'Pedi'wirth ,an adV1e,n~!UIf'e he hal~ designed e;uHer, yo,ul~' (~i~me' Mas:IJer willi t'hlen Ipresem it 't:o you iiii dil,e,~orm of ;31 J'uld'9ieSr~nMe'$1iglailiotli, r'IiJI\I~:a~~ ~ng the 1P11~t: piiec:e by pueceas YO'liJsohl1e each CIUH! G r' win each ~ighlt H,sl win usetlhi,e 'gamle rulle'$ to deeh1e 0111 out~ the oom e ra nd om ,eventswhether one of you r pLlnohe's ~arids, IiH)W 'fast 91 speEd ngl car ~s tra\felll~l1igl.a nol SOlon leavh'lg' yol,)! fnle to p~alYtih:9 Judgles,md ,so,l¥ei'th,e,ca!se. B<ls" iCIlIII'ly,.,a Giame, Malster presents sitllJaitijolm. 'to YCI!!JJ, but tlh en a,sks you to decide wnlattci do n,e,xt

Wlhen pl'9ryin:g this. or ind'~'H'ld ~ny Rolle-Pllaying Gam$ (RIPGt it is ~mportaJlH that ,erveryone IJ nder~t~fI!ifsth<:!t th'9l"ei s no OrTIe winne'r or 'I,osier of the. ga me, as: such, Because, the Judg~s .$lil!J'I,;I!db. e p~ax. as .~hou~Jht~ey W~ re,. i!leff~~t"rea. i 'e~ r;~O'P~,eri1'iIbel~t Ones IIIIVHli9.lin a fantasy we l'ild, theu' hV~$ shou I'd be rea Ilistic to 0,. w~th all~tnlalt tnO\lll Iirn p~ Cert<l!irilly, iss, tihler,s: are tUiiulmphs, aifld faiilures, and it is the highl POllilt of rna nya ga m~ wh~n .the Judg:es fi n,aHy ca ptlUnli' a ,crimi mil they have beencl'las!nQ!. viaa,U manner of olev,~',c_lues. fm m.any week$, bi,lt this rsa dllfref1ent sort of winlfling, and sill ould Ibe en[oyedl by ,eW,FVo'ne pllalying, rather tha n ju st Or! e 'w~n ner', :Sim,i Iiady .the player.s mu st not thi nil\::tinail:they ' a Ire pldiyilnlg IfIgainst the Gam e IMla,stel'; tinley :!l!reaJttem pUngl to :$o~vetlhe puzli,es 1'1 esets, andte 'fi'gM the crim inalls he has cl'1s at!ed, bLit not il'liCltl ,'ting a,gai nsthim, To most e, it i~thethri II ing lne~ are aetua Ily the re ~n City One, stalll<iingtihe strreets as J !lId:ges, on tihetl'ali lof ~nfa mous IPer~s and dange mus, all~,ens,"which us the real excTtem,ent. pllaryilnlg tne g.ame.



The plla'Ye'ffi, when pllayrng the,ir.J'udge characters, must Oills,otry ~o' be, I,Jrllbiarsed, and fmg et ttl! at they I\mow thii ng's that thel r ,cha ,aClie.~s co Ulld nevelF Il::n OW\ . ~o r eX~lm pl,e', a itlh [) u{i h Steve Wi Illiia ms (player} mary know ~ ow to' ;3ln~lyse fii'lg. ell1prir!!s, _unle.s~ JUd.ge was. hii'l.'.gton~hi'~c:ha,aC1ter~.potSsesses. Oil llmlllar sl(i~ll, th~Judge s w!111 not be'abil,e, 'to do sue"" a thingl. The ac11U1<'!I1 meohal1l ~cs of 'th,e' game. ~uchasth,e !'1!liJmberyou must IFOnontlhe: di'c:et'ofire a Ilasergunsuooe<$:$. flU lily, to r~!(a mple,. would <11£1 a in not be Ik~MWI1! by yom J udg~. h istlhis 'plaYil ngl i I1Icliia rader' aspect that stret.che~


~Ihe iml<l;g~nal.~onef each pllaiY,er,and reany malkJe'Stihis a role.. pla''Y1.n.(j ge me. 1m the Jplayens in JUdge Dreda must remember that U'ley !]jIre part of a team, alnlc! it is U'lro~gh oo·op~r:atiion, ,at'ner th.Iin cQmpetition,tihait they 'WlHII iOIve· t:lt'le clues, catch the crooks S <lind bri ngthem to Justi:ce. pilay,ers ffliUlS't wo. ,,elf-tlii,e stll'eets of Meg,H::ity One, (als any re,ader. . AD' wi III k now} are, sif to !.JIgh that a si ng Ie iin'e',)(lperienced .J1 udg,e wou 110't last V1errylong. and on liy the verv best J udiges g:o n OUit alon e. ~v·en tru;~ m ~g htyJ'udge [hedd needs help ISO metimes! A$tlh e giaJme ~Im gnlss,es,a nd the J udiges gain e<>::pewience and speciall~s.t abillfltlie.s, eaclhi willi be>come an il"l d~vidiuall pa rt of the-team, spaclal is i ng ina ffreld that: iii is 0 r her felllowJ udg,es &inow V'e ry HWe a bout. IPlacyi nga S pant of a team willi hl~Hlpkeep any "wi n ner' and '~ose~' u rrg.es down to a ,m~n~mum as weill; and after allll, a ootmlmu'rll~llhmt!il:S;Y, shalred by <I grQupof peop,lle each play:ingl the'~r pert, ~s so much me Ife'E'm~ oyalble than a l'Iytlil ~I"!gone Iperso n oOll.llld ever dre,a m ti p on the irown!

is uSlUla;llly a:b(brev~<lited tQ 104,. where 10 stanos fO,/diiEli' <'lInd tihle'4' is the number of sides it has .. This p,art'lcullar game has d ~~ewithl 4, 6. 12.<l nd 2)0 Isides. .
The f(mr-s~d,ed di,e·W4) is used togener.ate a n tlrnbe.r from 1 th rou'gh to 4; it d iifl'ens·~rom ~heotli'ler d~ce in that it ts read alround the b:a~e,. rather than on the upp errmost slUlnface, because aftl'lie pointed 'pyram ird' $!~aJle .~$leethe illli[]S1;ratlon)" The '8~sidelCi die ~.Dmand the 1:2-sided die ten.?} a ~e reO'lloOr! the !.!!pper su rfaOe a,nd <'!ire usedte generate m,lm be r:s from 1 tlii to '0, <lind ~ tIMI'\oug Ii'ItD 12 respectively. . line 20 ded dliei s all·$Oread from its u PIPer surface. ~tca iii, however, be used to 9 enenl!te InU m b~rsffrom1··1 0, 1-20, or €'V$n 1·100 (i.~a P~ifO~:nt;flg;el'.. A~ '!to'u willi liIotioe, the die has the n Ulm be ~s 11th rou gh to 0 (or 1O~ tvIIi,ce. ToO g'8nen~fte<ill . nll,Jtmher from 1·11 ·~i 0, mply I'oilltih e die; wih en th~s is l'\elClIJimd,tlhe die willi be refermdto as a DW.

ill m usta Iiso be rem ember,ed till alt a Itho,ug h Ju dges have a free clllo~ce as w what th,ey da wher! Or! P<lltlro~in M,egl<il.City One, or in PllI rslUi'tof eri mii nall~,tlh e¥ are riot flee~glentsas such, All t~leir efi'ott'ils· must be directed tewards ~uWllili"lGi

thee'$$en>c~of glood role"iplay~ngl. l1ioweN\elf,alild will~ be 100 ked baoit 0 iii witih f'Qndi rn $morl~s ~aOOI', no matter how mucin it 1"11.11 rts at the tim e!1

On Ifalre OOC~$II·olnls,. may even mean that you all\e·fform:!d' this to 'sacirifh;:e' a f~lvour~te: Judge chalFdictJeI il.rlialUemptiirliiJ ~o p e norm sQ:i1Iiletl1lllllgag!iliinst Y'OIUr own best Interests ..Til Is ~s.

tlh eitr.ca n.~n9.~hich

us. ~iphOldi. 1"119 . fIile

Ibaw of Meg. <iI.Ci.ty.One,

see n, the ru ~es t;o.htt/fJe Dredd - The RoleG:~.me eom e iim1V!.Iosections, Thle< Jmi9~'s Manual anlci lhe Game Ma$'ter'sI3Qok. 1ihey~rediiv~dsd iinthiis manner be~a~ $elhe~e is iinfolrm atlon Iin tlh e seco nd voliUme·tlh at only th,e·Gam e Mas~er s.lho,ulld harv$ aoce~~to' .. such astha sie'lting up ofcritrTle iim;:id'~nt:s aln 0 ru lies for ru nn in g adventli,Jlre.~,o~ ex;a m p~,e·. f . As you

wi III have

At fiJrst, everyo na should mad this ve Iutme, The Jur1g~ '$ M'an:ual; it 9 ~ves 91{j'!~ner~11 illlil;lFO ductklill too the game, ~s wen <31$ Q.l'lIt~litlilflg alii tharl a Jud'Qie's player should need to kll'l(lw. O One person shou Id tlh en ~I'!iot, Or be chosen., ~o be the G a me Master., all d onll,!!, he or sh ~d bea Illowed to i'\eadl th~ G.ame M~ste,r's Book. Mud'll tlhe linmnirli~tiontI1N~i second y@1 u meool'i~a ins ~pulid '~rlIX $po~1 the galrne 10 nih e play'!:) rs Iff they knew lit. :so It !S ben;e r liTolllly the (I,M hasa,oces$ to Ill. IrO!.Jlgh ,e.+.tl'n.,er boo,k, i! is.O'!I9,.o.od.id.e.a to f.O.I' lo,w througlhth e exam p~e's,a nd PQ$i~lbly ma~ I.I! P SOI'lTUI of you r OWfiI. ROilIii1'191 up ~ few sam pl!e J!.!!dg es ~o try out thie iI1UII~s witih wHI help you u nderstdind all'll}! ulnfam illi~r $lee· Ho FlS; IIater.. 'tnt runrli ungltlhiroug IfI ~I few o;Inests sitm~ II<u ·toth e exalffip.l~$ giiv,erl., Whvlst :it ,certalinly ~sn't: neoe's:;l<3ity to IhlalVe memorised ,e'\l~rr~hi ~Ig un. tlii!e .J!J'dfl~~$ M:~nuat.a gIOQ~ knowledge o,f tJu~ O<;lII:OIC IFU~es'Y~em !s velry h elpflj ~when It: comes t6 p~ay.in'9tih e game. Ap,~ rt from 1he two rul,e bo oks .•there dire <Ii 1"1 umber of o~l1er itl9ms wI'! Bclh!!Vulllbe off some ~ se in playu rig Judge .D.re.dd, \ ir'lch.u;:lling dk:e (i n~~uded in tlhis sed,. m ~niditu refiglu res, all d floor-pll.a UlS .. llrne 51e'l:of mou Ild,ed p,la~lic dice inch.!ded with ttl is game a Fe used thlro,uQlhout fit whenev·er an <lG'I:~onhasa clh a.l1!oeof SI.l!C· oeedi ng or fa iii I1Ig, QIF al p,a rti CU law ra ndo m n ulmb er is requil"ed. lbe shapes of the:;le dice may be unfamJiH,ulo ¥O~. Quiite :simpily, eacih is named .after the rIlJmbel' of $idl~$ it l1aJS,.Or the rang,e, oftlhe n~mbers it can g,enerate. Thus. th,e 'pyra m 1,(;1' s:lhaped di<e hllliS 4 S i d,es., can 'genar.ate a iii IJjlmb~'r between 1 and ,*, alnd is simpliy ~mown a,s a "·sided diie;tih is

When a nu mlber between 1~100 ~sneeded, you st! ould mH two O,~mdlread the result as ufthe filr~tw~!~ the 'Ien~' snd ~hesecond wals the iU flits'.. IFor e,x:a mple,. m,u,ing two ID11 (I results In a ~ and an 8;t~e, nUIi1r!berge:nlera~ed i$~th~refotFe 68. WhEmHlIst . roll liS rsquirad, It IS US~<liny I\e,f'e.nedt:o as al enoV'. lh ~s is ~sed freqlu entliy in .Jud.ge DRUId, ss ~t Call S'liIs~ly Ibe used to Slimtil ~te the percentag e chance of su,ooeeduliI.g at a pcart:iculaw action. Wh,e,n u$ed in this VIlelY, the ~dea ii§to rolll tess than Or ,~qlJa~to the pemem:age mqu ~red.. F'OtF~)(almj:l~e, wuth a 43% chance of d·o~ngl som e· th i'"'g, :3l':1y ro II e n, a D1 nO' b etvli'eerli1 all d 4Bwotlll d indTcalte suooess.

Generatin ga num be'Fffl'orn 1·20 wi~ requi re a bitof prep,atr!~· II tlon beforehalrld. Coloy r Or! e @f the, two sets of 1[.11] numI ben; on each die illl a diiffelrerlit eolour fromtlh~ other $i~t When s InlUrn!ber i n thiis eelour is foHed 1Q' to the nu m tier . Thus, for exam pll,e"a b~ue,"iln 5 ked ita g rsen~nlk~d 61$1'5,. Whelfll tha;$:sori!of nUlmb~r is requilred,~t willi be mfermd toas a .0:20.. ,(When roll ing for a ,10'11 <Is.describe d G,. albove,sitmply d~sreg a r,dtln e~o!~o:ur o,f the fes.Ullt.' . . ..


Wh.,e:n j'\e,a'.d.in9.in. t

A.fewotlhel' n..UIm belr·$p~ea:dsl wi'll.o. oca. sh:m<l.II.iYb. Irequl ~ed. l .. e A ..D2 me@tm, you shou ~d rolll <II 04, and 1l1~lve t:~e resu It. lh,e ea,siest way to do tlii uS i$IO take 2 from any Iresu It. a bOl\l\ril2; th us a:;l would be 1l. and a4 would be 2. llhl$ m~tnod ,cain ~I~SObs: applied toa D6 to cr'ea~ 1:li 00,. all d al D1Ot<l mOl l\1e· 05.. a A rlum ber befo.re th'e, TJ!' m~,ans !fOllltll1@l Ii'I1Ii1WllY the die of speci~ied. Thus, 4D6 meal1ls you s.lhould rolll 4 s~xsid $Irs.. Ollndadd the ffi$UU tos~her (to get a FlU m ber bet" ween 4a nd 24 in til is c,asle~;: 2D 10 i:sa nUl m ber between 2: and .20, and 3D:2is one bet~en 3 and 6. T~her.e maya 1150 be a rl9,ed to aldd_or subtmct: ,(or 'mod rfy'l a d~,e r?U. Fo If 6'xampl'e, the term 00+ 7 $imp~y mea ns 1'\01111 :a slx·6~derr·" a IiId ado olile tetlh e $COr~ - wlhiclhgtiv,e:s: you a n~ mtber ib$lween2a nd i. Si,m~ !~dy, D6 -1 means r,6~ ~tlh9 du~a ndtake oln:eawa fromtlh e resu It,to give you a number b etviJeen [I and , lOre' oOl'1flp~icated ,examp,lle may disk \!''QU f,or so . 2'D1O+2Q, wh,e~ YOl.! musiI Iroi~ two 0105., addl~lh,e soowes together, anc! ~dd ~f1ulrthe,r:20 to th_e resu lit. T:hi$ gives <I nlJlm b.etwe~n 2:2 ?lliId . you willi :;lOCH'! d!scow ~ tlhat YOU W~ II be usmg tlh~$ IJ~' lair diie roll q uite, fl'\e,que,ntlly. . _.



With! careff!Ll1 appliic~IHor! oftlhesevalriou5 ptrinCliplesvirtlul~Uy any$:p~eili!!d of numbers calf'll be g,enewa,ted srmp~y by title rol~ Iling of a f·eV!J dice. Ilf in doubt. olr you need to am;l~y vah.il,e iii ·to 3(;tiicm that hasn't: beel"! dlssugned one,. Oij'ssii'gnl<lpercen~ taJg,e',chance olf S.lllcoe$$ ba:sedon how dliffrcl!j It: til e ·action its, a rid U:;le,a ~)100.



and trucks.also use... :s:ei~il'lceruction afteralt MeglaJ-Clty One IS .(1 r me't<ll figm'e abolurt 2ml 0 r 6' talll. ' characters.forthel import_a~t kU:latllons. and so 0 n. m.wmasters .Hie's too .of title shlUlg'~JIY h a U and the.(Jo.! Included iin t~i~game With a iin:le imalgifilltio.e.. perps.bj." biJ'es ma'kie a ussfu I range' of . Willen pll. who can be hit by the man witll'l the glLll . Cita~t M~~a..playing on s table. thou.gl~ng. this wiil preslSl1t problems wlhen it his eerneste r.es.glh.M'RII'ahites.lll.ll. the 25mm scale.U\i!1es.aIPS ~ and soon.Jl'ilkS.If • l!. 'you wIn 'gem:nailly naedsome form o.llIding figures .Irt 0'1 !. are (lbvioOll5ly useful.en.emelmlb eningl wh'e're everybody's Jud'ge is" who iis hiding beh.eve liYone is" and arvoid ~Irny ecnfuslen . f r~C.~r airOUInI:!I oentll'al area.ef!.D.oftl cia II.' et_~.elY useful to have a number (Jf sealed ltiHldel figu nliS to r. These oOlme in sheets prii rntied ina wide vadetry of floo r su rta..1m.ayiln~ without: figu res yo UI wi II on Iy need <II smaJliIsk..pe' c:ii)11 Chaf:act.e~slded ~I..OP ymJl wlil! alii be' able to see e>::<i!ct~y wnelre .8rg.e'red lin the I'ules whuclh fO. wonk togletli".eets in this set and with t.ces. and a heallthy sJUJp'ply scr~ parper fO'1F of in a few moments from now .ll$.e playi 119an a. as well useful o.and th.Judge .foys .n down 'r••• 1UII of U:FilMr ~. wellrd place.s ttM IltltJr-pltllls Scales.etcih map.oanj .e' 0 n. can iilIlso be !. tilngs set is sea I'edto fiit i III wiith the cs rboi3lrd figlll res. 'The ran.ow..latystioe1e't. The two :s. dr. Alith.1in plla\!.1"'-1'1' j:lu. :9191.l. rna king n Otle.olugh movement raUiS are fully cov.od~! cars.pl!lw !iIIY .ed 5tdctlY\l'erba~ Ily.epr.ects like vehicles and boats..am. The doubll.esiglniing ~~e d ardwnttll re 'f@P/o'l!Jto plav. rallway and modelll ing a:ccessmi.ayers. It:IS a Ibe~ter idea to use esc~led flloor-plans . Otller lq:uip. A standardscale iis to use '5cm(.ctedlig !.... th'e emily essrmUaf et. Wh'~N'IuSlnghg ures. tM Qlame'. and ar.ails of you r . conbe tained totally wirhili'il the im~giinatp(J.db9~irdl she.mal use' only" Or you can wrii'tetlhe de't.s comrnonest rnetal gaming figl. erasers.s . using just a little bit of imagination.111M' iii) _m.. monsters.1!er wHl draw up on graph or pllalip p:sll?erVl!1'n. front of u:p~r ~11 0'I1b!!. n fiol' this reason.lcts sueh as Dungeon Ff. .e designed to fit iii wlith the p.e.ole-platyiInl9 g OJ me. Slel.mel1t Wtnefn YOld ar.MillitJlIIIe Figtlll!S Allthough .2:5.• espech'ililly m. 8nc elnyt.iffi'illy P"ftli. which 'Cain be assembled !. If you are after somethi ng mors tihn'! e.roaldway '~ncllUlded in Iii is.$.-'ing_ .e:.uglh. Children's building blociks.• .'udb.e floo r..Dredd' C!.ind who..ehesl' to stand for 31ml (or 10feetl.avsheet Included with thls Nfl. d.av'e'!). ether it Ibe a standard Mega·City apliilrtmenrt or the' middle of the Cursed IEarth n~u::naU~ndesert.sent Jludg 9S. copied «for pers(.t1h.top.dii m~nsi'onal you ea n ~llteniiatively use. P_[9dl.hingl else which coulld crop up in the Qa_mle.nl you cillnallso build your own setem which to plary @utyour adventufoe's.md is aliso compaltibl.Judge . veh ides.l~to have a map 0 If phm (If the Judg SiS' Ilocatiicm.. polys:tvr'~M sheers and bllotks" and alilkinds of other oddments.Ires from eth er Iranges.Il.'13' dioe'. with the plleil/sh. scrap pa'PEllrwhen you creatIl hi m or he r- Ap'a rt nom 11.plan sets .ge nr'H::11J dti2)imS. .er Record Sheets on pp18-19! may be plflo.I~.gl1 ~hi$ is bY' no me~ns essen1tial. .esignedl .I$efl.LmJt'ol!J.f Slcale if vou alfie. lit is v. of the 'Game. a is liill.awing rOI. alilowlI'Ig all the p!le.ste'rs. ..e.dV!9ll'1tlll re it is !. You eeulid . These a roesealedat abolult25mm high. This will malke a. .ed on the tabl'IH..to-. which you r'Gam e MaS.redd .lhle !Co mll1l'llen:ialllyavai'IOilbl._. wI.2 iin.an d other des j tvpica'l characters as well as Judge:s andtl1eir Li)..e!Speclal~y f(IIF use wilth this r. ~III to.~ pii.ISIIiIg tlhe IlIiI:stJrUClloneS at title bottom otth is.y. Maester (1'11111 or her pl. daw.J udg. pagle. and.mm ci. Fiigl!JF'esalSlo add a focus to.su'P!3rher'O~s. When the figures: ar'e alrrang.em s Ileeded ill re pe·nCi'ls.t ca.r Plans willi also b~ usefu].r. ".i~iatlJues:.(.' met:a~ '9..ersto.

g. 5 spot ••at least forthe next 100 days. was just as wen as they were US]~g l~ver(lul1dsl It was getti!l!g tate by now.l~ ·e:mm~na. for 'crime every wak ~i:l.. . it was on'lya minor fleshwcuad.reforc has to be pomi:sifuLed.how- gel: from one end [0 the other .es to <I both Rookies.-cast. anoger out of file way before the: weapon shoots!' 'I w.y at the Judge.s.gIninute. !heg~lUer. daggal" t1nd I hit the deck c JeIasL The Medics. OOtlgJIas.oe range.Jde J udbre. male it first tiine! <A Judge has got to be on the teok. and went to find Judge !E. As Cadets..he Lawgiver istite moss powerful Cadet is ei.MEGA-TIMES Judge could a'inlost move n(mnail~y aga~n.. 'The Fire Tunne~ is tiJI!1I. as be traversesthe r:. all cdme is a breach of the Law ~and tliu'i.!S old he.all In tile world..es. except ssorgamsed touring parttes and s.ge.~bat I wltnessed ROQ·kie bdge Tandyn's first p.l the end of the day.atctl:e.' Llooked disC0I1S(jlately down a:t tbe Munce GUIll wl:~ppe~ili'l. demons.. When a . ins WaJS and dodging. his filu. 1 asked Rookie <~udge Duhon i.a. i:f he 'an.f: he thought that t~is lsolation from the city made it harder to understand the a hours.ea~e _ins[gnia lha~ gees with the Cadets weave the]!iW~lY dlWUgh a rank. to shake hands w~th the famed veteran Lawman. trained I~wm.astwQed down at tbefi['1l1i1g ranges . 'Where d'ya get t:hep]a.due to go .~..tj. H.T senior this II motives of the cltizens.d to the hardened J udge . I and is awarded the white helmet aJ~'1d didn't aqgue.?' asked J ud~c V.ng so I left thefir:illg off to Ju ti..d opeumouthed f'Or f]ve minutes or SO.. .lI'edb:y iso-cube guards In the Sector ]01 by our man 011 W)tison Service. ot t .. AJudge to me. Judges.lIDO qm'lIi:nes as 11 fuU J odge or not. 'Citizea Snoop.ying the Cadet about second to spot lt .1·. react.Oly.uch Iike.e·r'.y the law indiscriminatelv w:ithout favour and without regard for the severity of the crime. and tnen " 'D~gga . bUit to eaforee the Law. gi. 'For one tbing. A.• The Cadet is iJound tootrip at least h<lU'a dozen of activated in thi:s manner.Fortunately.' I eceoml2_anied Judge Vall Cleef and Rookie late.ens. out wit Il some Roolaes at 101)0 headi.11 senior Judge an experience which is des' " to round off all those ye a:-.ce ·(lif the Mega.'ed. Lire in ' the ' .. out. I arrived .d a~udgeis ~tlnlemos·t high. and smiled weakl. 'you 'must know that l. we weren't even permit- them.!OUP ofl2~yie:a~"olds when.ting fast snoot~eodm]qu. which BetweCIl the entrance and exit. one of the guns wUI swing into line.t~mlS. 'The student has real 'experie]1. ' sbe said is all offence.nwng that 99'·7% of them.mrv·iIl~I~!_d~lil"l~n~ f~~.' he told me.lum.tr. l'atn~yn on patroliB Sedor UH Every Rookie spends at leastia m:onth working i~ the ·company of . NEXT WEEK~Tl1eTougb our 2261ln4972.~ly.ittedng ever arrest. and [was able to keep my appointment with Eastwood's wa:rning came 1:001:l"Ot jUS1t. To ~ Judge. Snoop prisoner number time-st retcher A~ iilll-depth probe into the hardships e:ndl.e rO'f us •. 'Our job: he said 'i'sn 't to understand citiz. there are 11 series ofall but Invisible hlsel' beams .. as I watched agroup of half-. ~()'wev. becomes a Roo. The stocky 40'CREDS ~ Judge Van O!eef and b~sRooki.e:tntrocuced me to other eo ever.passes.ghteeuyea.stk~ of Munce Gum I offel.' Judge Van Cleef explained. but none of the Cadets were hit. seemedpleased to see me . it is a measure of the Rookies dedication Judge as to whether the Rookie to their ca. w~. once ted outside the Academy complex itself.an O1ee:fas I tcie:d.s.. hand-gull1L in the wortd.' exp:lained Rookie . disap- nasro be able to appl. faces. 'I:j·elilg a Roekle is atestmg Fi:re Tunnel.s.. It rests so]e[y Oil the word O.it's our first Eastwood told me .·It wasas I ]istene.m.yn.and.]Judge designed to implCOve !ceflexe's: Judge Taml... and.' .again.

ti.art:~ ma.2: ~e.IiIJdg e.llldw!ri~e'thevawi~ous de on a escwaipf ~Ol~9 hpap~r.cf1e. ~though tihey do have fiwst nali'ililleS as wen l" but Q part fiFom th~~ a. run~itia'tive Skiml S t Dri.~Wfil_ q uarters in thle~?~de!lJI~. plFovilde$ ~.atis'i'y the Judge'.dg._ m.a~lis·caa o be hilt~r tralnl~f'erredl toth Eli speClailly·de.U.-'e" _.:~'$_t.t S~iilll . w.e ~u'enc.e:in/alr~ ~OU$~IiI·afader~st~c. TIt'I~ filrr$t: Uil in. us "~IO biy'tl'l ~II'$U rnam~sonly" such as JUdgB' Drodd ow Judge Grifiin.ci.aS!$iI'l:9. wlllII be the~r on IV liIome 'fo.an) ehosenfrem Genetic C~ntroJat ~ velry.aater.~~d Q. t~. ~ hdge_ ~dd~ 0 Th~ Rfife.etai<e$ his final examirlartions. .... nUl m ber @fduce.. tO€i1<!perience "00 mlbart eenditiens'.oknl J udg.ndls. is d..'h n3Clre<flillOfll~playmala. Sl!ree.'9.asa.~ty 0111'13).and hallf-ealgll e of a Fioolt:lle. li.and OiIllltlhe other ella r:acW:rustics r..es.g y'Ol)' sMul d diecid!~ f(J'1" the eha Ir{lcte r vou aln'!· . 9Iivelila va ~ue (by mill inga die.ny s"-'~ta ble name m.slgn ad Character Sheets iIilclluded ~<l~8Jriin tinis .{i"fl!J .r te crume on the $1I1e. ~nd a ~ddil!ilg their eqt!iip~ me'n~and we1ll!pOIli$.lfag!e 48 erlrnes awe com miitted everyse~ond.f Megla.g".~itab~e Judg'El matBlrial1 .. s. niSi 9r her det. as tihey. lihlis:clila pter lis hocW eac'h player .~ts: o. e iii ·Ieto.e. ChTldrentlhlat have the Qo:ml'ect g.md a ve~ eom pet!lIVe SPII rllt often p1rev<l!!11 be~.and.arfined by WaJY of a n!.:i'. e<ra.s <lfild r.aCle~istiios are Sire' h '(>lome~J1mes kriown by th~ i i'lit~(lIIS).e wo rol can m~k_e Or break a Ro'o~de.a ng e between 11 and 100. !O\I'!lest: M uta nt. by romn to definetlil. 0. IMedica'l $km m. lihie Acade:my. Ro. S. e~ . Ilf onlytiO co'pe wirth ~if'9 the streets on tihEl!mselves.e. Provuded th'El¥ s.. is.ac. It may be less confusing if ea.~~ ~JlIthey re~ch5 ¥8:ars. evelryth ~filg Usgea Fed to afuh. n SOIV.PlfIc.fa Jludge.~ ng. th.tlioe Dep.' ts ._he.salre a blfeed a paint from the rest of the tra ineas: they have the_ur.h~ yQ~n9~IF puplll$.fJlJI.e" the Ju.:9.i'iIil. .. who talk!e<s Iniml er heir out >O!il10tlh:e stre~U ~or title fiwsttime.e.ei1l:g119 @..~c!h. Irutten_ and pra'Gtica.ailm~m.e' or Fem<llie IS all'lowedi.and al'terrti ng Clrllt"IiV nals (o.going to s the Name an d :Sex of you!!' Judgle. h. rive tlra~n~ngl.' 0 make .. ai~tera III the rna ny vealF$of exh<IiI. f"J ~t. up the s".whe~e on <lV1e. as e'l'(plai lIIed Ila~er~ betwe:e:rn .e!il the valriio us Floolkles. but tih:ef1e wi III be 01) ponun ki es t!o ~n. e S.m: compile>: that. th~va re aW~lrded the b~a:ck helmet and flUlll . NIIME A:NIJ' SEX ow .. e ~ you b I cm<llt~nglyol1Jw jludglB.the Judges you playas wiili start oft\Mlth q !!]ute IQw::.col'es ii!il the$~ cih alfader~$t'i es. 13115..ru."' a Vi1lH5tJm.!_ . At the <ilige'of ei'ghte. .e~.y worked out.JI::. 'lJiS'UI<lIllly.'6l.c~eailesa .O. [is.Ye Skilll (£liS).1 up@.le mourne a.. wililcs.n. Mal.ry chair.Jdg. Atth.ry~hing~ g~owungl cthHd c>ouild 1iI<I~leds>choo~in!.W9.f' tliARII'CTIR Eve. Ogetihi€l.enet~ic makeup to be.e~h~icaIISki III {TS~.G"Hl. for tihlelle..11h.~e.H-e ccailled in the Thesecha.ea. aaeaeh 'tll'iesto s OU1!~O nile otlhers in t~.em..r~hle next 13: years.H1e.! __a. Ilif.~ Ihis pll aye r" th. ro.d.e.W.-I .os" ~iOe"gelil. 9 rt. llsa nd pewsonaillty of each ~nd'lVldua~ pe rson.e.a'_tlroai ni n9 of a MeQa-City Jludgle: ts h.lh.i$ ti!FIIl. J ud:ges are.ol!d ar'SJellrllro'iledl at the. " CItE..cgles an:! ~SSIUlmed to have alll'1eadyundergone tihis a rduous ali'!1:1 tumecOf!sUlminQI period of tra 1iind to have just qu i1l1~ifieda5 fullly"fle J udg.e.ll ber 01' o.iS!.il!Tl.C. fro. bUIt. once ~~ e detai lis ~tlh have been fin~lJ.flINS.ii\ll.·..nar:a:(? m ~.ay be ehese n.en. {MISt and IPsi S~iU ~IPS<h " Streng#J is. both.Jludg e is uv'en th. you esho!. J.e is e.~.is no d~sC!rilffi~nat)icmurnMega"C~ty One.n'o.31$ aJlII..n p.the <C.s1t.~ alrlJd a.cr. alll.lll ga nd 9 rilJell ~i but ng.lh:ey 'ga.•. I.._ <oovle~d wh lite It'Ielmet .'_. • thus h As r.~. arnd a stable home.in exp. a Ca:de~ J". cih Rooki. awary ffromt.egards the SI¥X your Judge.s: nd skillls.ter i!il Judge fJ:ted.ch3lPter..rPerps slang of M~ga·(. . _ as!slglned to an '9)(~enelrl!cedJl udg. U'1lelil It needls to' be..

'ej. b~. IT! easu re of I'll is ~e{)hlFliGa ~ com ~e·.and 'fem~lleJIl.9~giv.OIF 3" 1h u~th.elr.Skill may all~ow you.ove eract.re even fUlrlltli.taoul.Id!ges wm have . aJ'udg.e If he 1. most cha r'acterswW have the a\i'eIF<lige$core of .:smra.L!L firs:.a ~Igrh$core ~111 tlhis characteristic is <ligoodl m<lr[. m~y be Wing ti1(). howewr. so a low CS is oin.Med a 10 and i!I .but negonatlng a powered Lawmaster birkea ~(l'ngl crowded rQads m~ti'limrum .speed Ilimlit:sof 200 kJlomet!'is\s an hour requrire:s .sa . the !'ies~aing score is <!II mea:sum of your Jud'gle'sabi~ityat rOOntrolll~ Wlglaveh uc'l~.o tIlie "gJl .rJudge (OilS hi'S Dr~ve Sidl ~andget5 9 and 8. Ililj(je' E.e.mreof 28.aiotioe: andexpelrir!~r'lce.perp ~5 hl"il 1'1911(1' y. 9 7 .s~tlJi tion$ as fighting. whioh . of 3ndv~lflous o. and T::.(:oe'P.e1a filn'.sa rech~J.v. he " 'OpoinlsfflO'l" 2D 10.n :211)110 p.f:3 alrenrl neces.w We"veal.m 'lte 1'00'" Dille to his 6'Xt:e rI" sivetirai n~Ulgl.e streets. working hard at thatshootingl DRIIVE S!KIU . me-. _W d'fffiniteJY. A parrticiWlllalr~y aha If<lict~.uons.n'is SmUli(f!:f than he "f1E!:ClHNICAL SK].ed~"e" a pani.finar score fOt his OS of 3'7.ok_s.er wnh S trai niingl aJnd 9X!)elri.Mi' "Wi" be 5Ben la'tef .sing the 8 and a 5.tolrllly for Strength" It hass fu 1IIIra!lge~ro.tMii. The Ghalr<ilcu~.nges.n. '"a... a ble to Il~ ndlea is weapon betIJer.210110 pius.01'prllse open tra ~s. Our JudgB Whit'8'rollsup _.er cliiaraC'l!e:I'$ wiiUliill velry high Dr/V(jl' Skill <'liriealilowed 10 OOem pl: dO\! ngerou S S.ere the J udges pdJtlr(l'~ 9 re h Igltli ~ydaln. Whi:t:eo .31 od MS go rna . O~r ~ampJe. We r:o~l~da.ing him a total Med Sikililof 39.(MS) G.~t lh~~! S'fIRElIEl' SKlILL !~SS) " his I!nlitiatlrve score u. another 20 I Skin (l.eiSl[."ry". 'f.31$llrnp'le' trIov.enee and U/fJinirig" toecl1i .ay.evrells.be'as as Judge fJredd .10'10 ~h. ly giW$ ~·:$ifo1lrting ombat S kii IIof 23.. your Judge have 'to knock dowlil ~:klor$ or Ilift: heiilvcy objre:ot$.md s:l\:i lin Judges and oth.a certaJina mount oilllf'arin ing .l iI$. belilld $1e>elbr~r$ .ug.lsa f_ ei nts:.31 filead"$tarton most ot~e r l)eo'~IIe:"and ea n ~ater ~ncreese Inli$: lco.AILSKlILL ..udg(j (see Sp(.efoa9~ . Judge's nning $tree't alretlriliined to be cooll.wi$1iC al$!O cov'~ts k~o\!V~..311 soore be1Weerli 2'2 and4(l' p. ..egai n" on 2.lit :20 metrssl a r1dllih is is jjeflect:ed ~ nthe Stft'l~t Skill $!Co.her gr>od ir8srUU. wutlliipl'.llied s.(f!$ Q.srr:.se below.o·tlland GTven tim El" howei\l\er"evren the ~()west of Combat.lnitititive iisa measu~e ottine s. \'31$ ~. thi'S will giv.e.ve''to bee very u:ile~l. a nd add a ~Lll'tlii er :20 PO.jidvantage - .r.sipecii~ll~se .[). n~gh stalr!. you may be able to .A.tlhe <l!leform willi be: m u$ed.lus 20 again for Y'OlUlf COMBA l'SKllLL'liCSj..bvto!Usiy not takirigan. This w~111 rncliude the use' complj'ters an~ othelF soprhistio~te>d devioe.·City One wh. ~ s.s who Ilook. Skill. how· ev.ng our Judge is .era.II s!ji~ulrthe~20 p.e'suclil. ru Iilrl ing..tiUl1It m anoeUVIFes.'c-iar Ab. I NIIiI1A TIIVE! ~II) Fo ~ thi.e:r.og!ilte h~ m. Iniriativ:~ willi be uised 'to d. 20 for y.it COMes Ski lit as h~r:oJJed a total score.ge rous: rp~aOel$" and .a.e:nrcecn th.y ean] umrp or swvng on a Irope" I'm' exam plle. WlltU1i ~ voios:t~atw\illl stopa pewp dead . and abOVE!h'tverage' resul'~ and means tha:t I~lte is ft}l'fiy nimb~'e a.2 and if 6 f'Or' J White's Str~et SkiTIbto givt3 ave. "fl A by r~lllingl .flt! O~.9nd oth~lr s.flities bellow).cu II'lIr<i~ea.o~nt$.s \IlIe~11 his brllJlilld ~IS and gl~newalfflt· rlless" ~t w:in be app. however. Judge Whitt) 5Qm(f! of those stu. Again. ii.. d!odg ing. a$ wU IIbe eXlplaiined la~.e..'.J~_t or.00 spending a lor aftime in rhe fir~ ing 1'3.jilallY' w.$you a r~.ew·.uklU ¥O~ sheu Id l'1oH 2DHI.it oevers his a bHity' 1)0 borth ililflkt and takle df~mag'e.peed and alertness of a eharaeter ..Njthhts StvengthsoQrEl. !1 be iimpm'Vred. a l!erlcewinlerlltlryingto (lope with the advanced tec!hrnrollogiyof the . ailld m ~'Y be lJi sed to dlsrtermii ne ~mw far yo. Iheyare t(ll!lglh" w~tlh 9 reail: reserves of starn ~n8 ~ all d end UW<llnoe.car..00 W(}. it m.of 28 (1 +8+2fJ}.th~!W:i'Sa.and I ~kealll the$k. yousholilldlroH 21~)110 plus alnotl'lla~.r'tQspeofall~. add the scores tog.' 's St"eng~ scere: !if ~he r.rs. ~rYOlj r starti ' White is a tvpicairy av~t:agEl1 cflaJ':act~\f when .nd iiJf~rtfor a begichara~t.flilt$. SmE:N6'fH 1(5) Roll '.e (and tha:r he a~t1.e'. ~nd a~n be r:li!isedwith axperl~ .3lined Med. IJ'dve SkiU ~$-roliled on2:D1 Q p~1.s.J11 eha r .e'J Il.e'~! R:atlherr.3li~ed a d Judge 'Wh. S Iigltndy"buHt J tld!ges wi III have a Stl\engiltll off 1..deaujed to c-a!1fUffl_JudQe_HIhlt. <lind so om. It is a Iiso. in a .o\\(.epai r 0' weapons and equ ipmem Sk.2.t~.2:.e>dwr t Ibag'in. pOISing and ulilfla~pralbl~.ns'ier..a measureof how fiit~ nd d eix:trm~.l1l. 111"1 ti'i1e:21i1d Gel1ltulry ]ust all?ol~lt:eiVEllryoioe 2 caliri OOlnltr011 .dlng .I' Ys TaGh Skill is re Iled.engtlfo.o~r ~arnp$e JrUdg~'charact8'.~he' i'5 D.([lSI.11 ~f1ter. MlEDIC.s.ou will en "11101. m. ss $!en:smg s wheth era .pec.lv a tempOlrary d r saidvalnt<flJg..thelr.egoing t09rea:.1mrS to .~.l~Uy IS e nil m!)_ and we' U startoff'i. Tlh!'iolulghouUhesS~1Ullelbo. realily t:ou'gh and/or' hug.soor. Ard...Judge.a SW3f11rin of S. Alii Judges iR:o..m is parl:uculawlv high.e'l!e:rmii how fast youc~rlI m.!i: ~lb:Tliityto t.'O'l!!tr udge.'41 "'.ast·Meg lady shot-puners.I!dg:e~ o:!lre:at~e<list s go. <31$ 'tlr.e'therr. ina h UlWry.a ndtlh. liJll~ing great mo.a~so Ibrancnl out at hiighe~ ~. giving a .ing Med .Judge wirth .V ch~(j«.a raC1!ie~i is Oil meastie su ~e of t! ow toug h a Jiudg e is .. J iisa4.. lillriillke thediifferenoe: between liile ana d'elath fen a J Skill ceversa U aspeets of first Aid ~liId other ·e'dge.on/v m#s a 2 and a '1.e:. Fema ~e t Judgler. lar d iI1ivin fuat:$. anor.>With a Str. We mJ:f a <1 Of) theD4.2" This w~ 9 we the n Judlgea Strength oil .'st reehNllse' <lib~liit~. U could ..have fi'O work on th8t .~nd ii$ :skmed in ~<flJnd·t.ol!lr J1udge"s stamtiinrgCom:b:at Skill . The streets _ a.~(llhr ne n .oi nts.r.ountedas2:: an average soor(fJ.nothing '$p~cia' As ~go it''S aU dbna. eou lilt th e Slcorre as bemgl . ~ntodetai ~ed kllow~erdg:e efa Ili~N'lIS" ffilUitalflts or a Iili mal!:s. Sitt'Bng.e".e' filas .e hIm a defi~ tilt~ .r~a'li'(.Qdas tMir male I)~nm~ a terparts.t'this Tsm'Orsill1lillp~ici~y's sake ol1lly. which • added r..hou~d. m Olki ng snalPPY ~ d's'Cis.. to g.. G JudglJ Wh~leis going to .~eaJudQl~:' tQ$M~'~lflo.

' f.an the details aryourJ1udge . " to: new.f humour 1$ III~e. If you don't w~.as (II r.. llh.oT a.f the I seore iii!.er you r J I. willillarv.:o~ p~e.Ipwitha pS'istmof40 orsVlen mme.chs ~.li~e easil:y S9. So whiatsO'i1 of person iis your Judge .RIght .l'iected at.ndis. .~gle~s V are.es.une~illllhave a . 1h<ls character should !a}1 sOI1'l'ewhere be'l:ween ''\!.ough a '!il(H'!·lflsiJ'~d!ge cain only !e. Ail1d·ifj'i'$on..veushou ldi d.P'$J SkIll rated ss '. Whatever p ersona lily v.g an.': _lmmUtl6'.Jor. .n O'~ supe~b ira Il'iIIl"I. he . in wh'ieci'l.l mbEllrs you have JU s~t al on r I.e ~ lmllilk:e t!~e other sklllll.sider the sort of eha raote'r your Judge has. which iis 'wli1l\l it shoo lid be C"'OSI9 n ""NDEIJNESS now.1'\~'memb8r tila'!. e. SOOI'iS'S A Judge' who Irolls ill! $1raliQlht 40-ipIIUlS.e:l'in thai r acnens.e" re nt:person.J!udgie alnd develop your specllal tarlent.. and needs nocile IFO.elallpa'rsQn.ull be on playi ng U'9 d ch 'lir. ~.tl"OrJIog per$Ol'llal qualitles.. to.ou play your . P$'Y(lh~ 51<11111 a r C Steriuj to be mere prominent in Judgles whoal!'e of a shg'lYter.gain ro'lledl by using 2[l'10a. AII~ 'Cadets and IRookles ani taught to subdue their own per· sonall feelings. t~.a'!l ~t"I~ f n ury to.d hI. whet~'er he is a lonefr. t the LalW cOm~$fnst.~fO'r fit)(amlPle.cli'ic immunity.willll usual ~ybe fau nd h.o ~ any' of yo. s.ge. These willi inciu de 'tliH). y. ~ the event of .ci'lcose . howeyer ~ you r PS. illS Cadell::!. . . every Jud'ge you play should be.e.AsaJudge. but this e iso..call1q!. and doesn't ap:pei3irto. tun there <lIl'efulrther oomp. AlII 'this. slk~lll.mpletJe'lytlhe oppo~ s.jic'ern. .a~ways.d s.them. h@rolls an 85. Te·(.:e'IS 1 lin 10.ou ail\e'a1li. yOUlr G M has further d!eU!lil:s 'iff youl needl adlviceo n this.e:d it istl1eir sole guide CI.bviously' an .liI¢(Itlons. Judg'e. lPerSQ.Judg's' a$.mt-ttl be a specia1llist you een stilll.i'lIS~8ds in the sarn€=way. .J1 r.ld(fe .a listJ1udg 9.eiX. the n.ou end 'II.are .any "h. ii asraoel's$s robcts.eiCidie wheth.Jdg.6 there . ll y. snd quite' ocQvi(Ju$fytails to g~t the 10% needed.is ' exp <lined fully on.5treng~hsoore.ent SPlCIAl' . is a ~al'ilC~ that yo_urJudge rs p5Y'f. lar stic!king t.(lr10~" To .ve be>enabstract~ alnd ra~iher m.Qusliy. Any .9 thaJt Elvelry slilligll'9' Jludge has his Or her own pa n1~CU character.Judg'e WliI.lde on the verteu s faoe'b of til is.n how to gov. :8 .his Psi Ski III~ two 5s pius the atJdWonar 20' .s a'Uitudes to the thiingsarOl. r. and h'i.ethe Ilr 1mrnurutv.ctu. ¥ou the' . a playi ng Ipi.u~Judge's slkilis or Imtlatl'!f.ncentraJie en 'tlinleilr's:peoia IItaJleflil.our Judg'l.She'is re<si$tant and wm betoUlilly unaffected by p$ych'j:c powel's d'j.dmgl 20. N.a~act)er.im a f'Ei'li<li!i1ce .III.i'lo.~ld remember thatJl.sort . andto ~'et~ih:eLaw be tlh@il'"'9uide:. _ __ .-tllereto'ire Jlust as imJportarnt to . for their P'$-i.hecking forpsy. ab~lUty USia varleus psychic to po.or pan ota team. i~ 'Y'OIUIdec.tha Ii?si-.willi 'Vall)' be~entwo ext. one o. . a.IPUbITC m. what ~hey do_n'trelll you is wihart .wers.O'. you $Jho. thQugh ead'! serves it in~heir own speeial way.~c. Judge who i.01' Leit handed.Oonoo. PSII SKI UL ~.. e a prefEl'rll'e.l. take her wO'l'ik to'o seri.il$ed bey~md th I'S by pra.ldge I~. it may be necessalry to know wli'lIch CI..elT!' A.ag:e b EI .act. on a dehc8te oombll1latuQ.tthe tim e.erv.s.h' Or Med Skills mal'{ alse eheose to beeom e iii speci.lh:9. If.S· ibie to bece mea Ps. a perleo.eddied bonuses" and you maJy harve.l$ulit..a~r.any).iite: she is flippalnt and ineveraln~. j.c~_am.e_oEl' !illbo..' him a PS o:f 30.espit~ t'" eil' .ery lrusting' and'HliQlhify $usplclou~'.!. The choice is yours.fhislha.ame slUlchsis til iis one" til oww. person he i$.rall1edto be <1mbUlElX<tIi"QUS.h a .ver h IJhl8veone P'si·based abiilTlty.t:iyaverage SCO!'i8 fof' a JIJ:d. Ity.ed can d~efilile YOUli J lLId!ge' in tarms of hoW' stre ng he<IS.ard.s. rather thal!ilsimplv usln g.j'udge..awthat tinley siewe.e'need higlh en'Qugh to reoeiv.e. m their f'l rst '!I1e'a.ched wl'rliether your Judgle !'S Immune.t-ely~.3 natural leade. Up When definingl your Jl1udgle's d'll.j y'Oi1.(le he' was u si nQI a. pao'e 50 for mare detai Is. it Iljlk!e. .ill/lITlES dl100Sie ~ $~at . f~'r Psi Skillt~er.olUlrJudge's othe . as it l!i'ake1s no diififer~ploe to__ o. ha.es are uUerlydedlc:ated to U"leI!.. aSJPec.t"IaHt~.!f 1 may l'iolll. a tl. chalracternstlc is.stories in 2O'(JOAD.lCt'e'r'.athematic811.going t. For 'each differ. Tihose In.more dlelicalte b~~ lid. to.IPS. Dredd is stem -bLit f.and.. ite roJls .I' . or how wedl he can fight. lYeci~e:upon 'il.er .'scnaractarlstlcs have bee'!! ~o'lll~dand a a:djluS1ed.r Oli a lypvcal It: may h. S.t of his.. lhis. member'. ThI$". be IlncrS<i.n~ ad. 10' .~ bonus of DEl pornts.v'E!uyralr1l:i' one. Illndlca. becau:se~lnle ~ iii: of ful IIps~chic powers is a.m.adlff.t.trength of dhara'Cl:ef is.. es Abilit'y.'Cep~uo'naHY'900dofficer.e. ril'ilatUl.ind Ihilm.o~d~ig a w·eapon.oo. is allmo$.al Special Ability and developtllr1.e !r" the empnasiis $.000'..JIJIJGEY CHARAtTlll. Q'r'. co. tholuig 1'1 iii i~trailllill'llg wli II inst!1I . whk:h 'us' dded bJ' tli'le~ PS. and .o the leHHlr of'The lLalw with Iii gri'm dedlic!'itiolrl. bu~ < 'Iw.jI.lIIFcap~~ilities" An JI.t co..remes.ellp yo!.~s tlndier ~ri~ can flElVEli".I'nl1..11111 Judg'€i' Dread.! COIli. see'lll1Igl what his sen se o.orms'Uy cm~ymore expe ri.olll a 101'100.il'i tI.? IA.o~'~ess he. for examplle. In 011 Role·PlaYling g.ee. if .lc.page SOonwards . and as 'fair as their job is.oH ~_~~xi mum score q~ 4~ f.

a nd til e same may applly to other £lIfoups -J uves (or votmg! oM V I..ci.!have some 'lie ry speciiall . IFiandilRadro n. y. :. hellps com m a nd respect: from '.o~ Knife.firom e:x:p~o5ions and th'e I~ Ike.we<'l!rungl.n Arf~.lhe hel~ aI IT! et 1ii.eonta lined witlhii n~lt'Ie IPouches: IB~~olie Detecto. illows.aIIitems" I . Lawglivl8r Si IleflH~er eg 11-IPa:cl!.. The two p UlrIPOIS!3:S.to'l' iis fi.a.'9'1'\9 can Il.. howei\l1er.. andl rvia the bike's com pUltl:ld to MAC. Iillrlid offers A Judge's boots Il~~dto .e'spaoe for I some of tti. IRespi ."s vou 9 radu ailly with IMilJitalrlits..!::==:J!!:=:::~ Hon . Robots.I$Onil de:syoulr eves: and much of y'o urfaoe.A.oe. inohJding' a t.ed weapo pistol t YO'UIW own persona IItranspo mi.at yot! lry 10 diffel'1e'li'Iti. lhe gloves a I!so provide a:o. ~1). g'iviing voua v.beingl malc. m est the IlmportQillt thiin'9s" Ihowever..be . tive: halrm agalns1 aJU wpesof ISes.oll1_flroma. which ttl 01S9 you eneou nter.U:8th.haracte.a red 'W on ..e h!.aad an.AI iiens.. te. this n.!r. eaJcihr love g .1n ded out yOIl.i 0 naJ at dlll'~lme$.eg) pr.:-outa rn m unitiion eaG!'!" ~T~esetype:s of ammunition ar~ !e'l<lplailne:dbelow. tne JlusU~e IDepalrtm ent oe:ntra IIcom pili.tDu'gh..II~· protectirlg you r hand!s. ~nf.eapolil Clluidk:lywih. .~. this it does with a 90%effic~elnlcy. f~nct.wiltl. which ~$ v'e:r'li touglhano har'~.ife may ailso h. l'.e.R. but Y0i.r.:my ha rd alnd fast ru Ies aboul how yo 1.a5ti5tee~ resi Il.r.one piiece on ealclnlarm and each I.diitionall s~ora'gle r.(L with a Ii but 'gkwes you wear a 1'191 lIelmet cha raeterlsnc Itve ry ]11. J lieges. until you h av.at Se..ery imposing.·RediILaw~ S!'~ht ('1).es OJ! 25% pm· teetien clhan ce..aw the w.er 3. when lt ~s req ulred. For th iis reason.~Ver be .>iIIi:.e Jiudgle's wea:po ns..111'1/01 irnper" Visa'. JlJi dge's OilIWtues to the verlou s aspeets of d lions" a II the dlffer~n 9 fo ~rns of liie.. It a.triIPSof p'lal$tT-~t!eel.nce blWli It int..$ on the bsek (lif 'the: wfi$. 'Y.ldlge can be:ve ry tough .ouglhel"l~dI pwo~eoHve uniform"a per$.e on tine IIeft glove each centa iln one He.smalill p ouclhe. you .IiiSIii Radio Micropho.o lit 1h ~s9 ive~ d ~rem ~coe'$$ '~othe Judg:e's Lawm<ls~er bike. and alboNe <lilL that The Law i til a~I.pa.llte betweeli'l willa'!: you kinoVIi'.3indwI"! alt you rJ udg!13.s ~2 $Jet:».on.as d.el.aiii anri9~a l'1evi$iQ r"fIile hellmtM itse!f ! s \I1ery tou 9 h..rf.E!nlridiing ¥IOIIJIr Lawmalst!er'" as weill as on foo.alars an:! 99% effec- downo'v.Ir~ met wl1l~I'II yo ur nose and mOlJlth wlitl1 a fre. A~ weillI !..'!nd. flU Illy nH..ary tu nction lil'il <"mvc<lSle:)'. se rves e. black wealrsth e 1ii'!~:llmlet syrithi-ffa stren'gtheneo by shol1 :s.iJudge wliU form his opiniions Imore c Iea rlly.fl:llilower.tted in p o!SitiOli'lat.!lCOP'8.. ~ yoll. tour of dutyit's..) nle fora Respirator fIi'Ie .oviid.e'quipmi8rlit to he IP Y'OI.llrlid.f Hypo Knocl.J may ~i to' have $io.t left bO'QtinootlPo'ra~~:l.e of e.lddlielfl bllind'ing fla$lTles. the d'esclri ptil(:m oHhe Lawgiver piis~iOL) Ib~--_-- you r J udg e: a tl initia~ 7!5% charil~$ otprotJeicl~.sjudge's eh a raCIer.imd so Q iii._ halvi rlgi 'th re'e .bCMJit rol'e-playi IfIgl y"'OlJi r clTlalrOilICitiElt.olkson much of Me:ga""CirY IHe wHhI dT:M. tlhietop of tnle hel- Utility lelt Ea!~h Judge's ili'Ioorporates ope!'!!'!:N:i usi_ to which 110 Uti~ irt'y p:add:tiJd IBElllt . and ~h'i'lJI'diers with. in ~tii protectiOrli vs li!J. IE~clhof these ~tems is detalHed overleaif. Some.11111 d'ge Jlu wh ilCinlT! alnages to com b i ne I co mmlJln ~cat~on~qui plmelFlit a lne:spiIH!ilor.~.Cain pu~II it 1he 'folll eq~'ilPment [:.rs.elX. a t:olugh wOlrid out th 9f1e!1 As a nl16UIt.plpealr~lnce..(fJ$pil!.atl'\oll~n the Mega-Chy. filoll ut!on Meter (11 t 8mmlm Gr~fllade$ ~3).~~:~~~~~~ It Ie msof @re . Hand Cuff. nOt :i n use.our uniform i$Sitrellgtl1ile'n:~d ilIt l~he eU)ow:s. ..awmast$( b . U!lo:iea ~ew knocks mus:l be prep. amj the~efo re doesn t nesd to b sactivated shO:llId you need it which en alb'les vou to.tra .can be rever$led lefl-hllrlded Judge.e. p!asH-steel rei nforced paldd~ng. ..)onf!ltes!tne holster for yOU r tawglvei! piS-1ot a po!sith'e:sam$ :Strong materia IIas R.our 'Qi~0. I they aJl:sopl'1ovid. ii. however.\1101'$ alnd palddiinegl. 0 r wlnlaJteveL lJ.llrely MiIl1S OVeJr inre anaetusl d isllilke. these onthe right halve (mesll ot o.Ju" fow exam plle ret:aIns a V91ry profession.·e fity One flO!' a J I.e/(. h.(~~.me $ta rtting preeoncepke eneeureers pe1ople). dr.er sh ot.Iste. 111e rilg ht tloot i liI'oo.l made O'f . • II JUDIE! IdtJ1PM1NT The rna de from a s·~m r materiial ilia to yom ~mlform's: pa..111! mliero~ hone rem:ilJin$.. BleelP- 9 .. .a litho lIg h t! 9 ~e.fhO$.. laiwgi\l1eT M algaz~ nes (3~. wh~ 1st others hate: them. wh ~I$t em p.d/o' MictrJplHme Most im portalrlitly.every lite: On tITle $~Ireet:$ of Meg a.e'~pin ddnirng hiis chara:olter.. YOl. head _wQundi[thiis system is ~xp'l<u ned fu rther 11"1 Chapt~r a~ Makmg A.! ~ son ai" a.iiI dl stance fmmeveryth i ng eXicept The LaNIJ he s'\'l~v~s. it ca nis not be swit!chled o:ff '~a li'Iunn_eces$. (TI~es:e posutiions.a nd k ll'cyto play in c. fair exam pi e.tlholUglh fl ~)(I~ ble.. ..$'~)'.!ilndlyBo. get on well You 11.xflitmded p~. after Hu. s ma i 1'1 fu netion ~'"liO ~Irutect: youlr le\lie$i from: U !illtily:.tl noa num bel' olf Ol!:!ler spe. and .O Lie be eas~ly One: hi.as you w~~d isoove r soon enough. a st!ead!! fOlr a l_J:::. Each PI ece of paldd~ ng hhere is .I sheu Idgo a.t.. knees.lll. _{tihi.e'l:a Illed illil Chap'.

A. II JUDGES WtlllPOINf Tllr ltlwgive:r 111J.()·f detecting any pollution pr:esel1t of . 'the GM mfo.om a diistance (up to one wli'lolle Clity Sectol"!!I'. lawgiVle'r is.mputli3'r b. a re used to RO'st '~see C'hapil'fJiI" 5..o cam.sti.) with MAC.g alre8.iiway from the scene. the.e in han dy'.oJheiwisB.I DrJ~ .!Q'I itii Q It is ca ~Iried ~n 2 m a'9alines: 'the I?wi mary ju st in front of' 'the tri 9Qler Si6'etioll 0 11til e ultiloe'l'$ide' o.. .a differ'@l1ttypes of ammunition the ILawglv.n. P~r$.a. wli8na'dded to' tile l'a'sj'cBtrdte s'Cem!!of 50%.il readout m"l the '9un'S. As ealch chamber can be loaaed withl ill particular type of sheH. Ihowever.No~dlng rsstral n onea tl'ley Depanment bu i~d~ ngls..r:$gft 'Who must decide what is /"j-ghr-and what is not.and drugs. and fllalsh allltlh!l' relevant inlormat.:iII'Iy 1'. an d apOflirtflrO'.lS anti -biotios.PDI/llfion Meter pie.· lPonut~on Laws.ra~ fII.rms the . IlLIepa nmeli'lt The hand-radio provides a lu:sefl. Reoo.erent types nil shel].e-t idel'ltirfy it ami its range. an a Dl00:.elSeancllude br. as s weH~s two . with th.g of!' tile diff.JIl~"!I!l' Met. Eac~h Judg.ePunk vigoro.his equipml'llnt.tiilll'9 'g~\!!Ie' 1iO Fin.our own Str:~r Skin seore. com plUiterecntre llsd.!str denies his J:nv:olV~metlt. polliution me'ter is . stomach .UllOm a:tic access to 4 ofthe 6 type. It is u$lJallly kept ina l'Iolstl3~ ineerporated into one of your boots. The lawgi\!!ler is able to fir. a JlIJdge may hav.s thst ttl e Juo.1!ar.Det:€l.onal hand weapon of alii Judges.el"n~ hi's.l 10 not rea Illy know wh. need to put a.. Judge $hou~d never pJaCfj too' A much reiia'nce' in .i nee. whiCh.lll back-l.harecter ar.of beiinglaoouiate. M<il'kmg An Arrest.m thei:w~'~s. re.rs. Title ac~ulal roll willi be' done in secret by tlhe a.Cuffs.a IIY'-des~gned.!".Idge can'ieiS A JUdiQe':s Medii-Pack contaiifls simplle dre..oning Jliim .Blrdie'.e'iir valrying lises and efl'.! shol. he '~'fehiend.Judge Marsh is n.s olf slhell at al'llYons tl me.'le" --to" /) .-~ one of lUlsefllJ1 ha ndl· helid d U' '!!'lOll!! use lt when questioning al$USlpect it wHl h'e!1 vou to telll po whether you Sire .emJ). Nar:dBn ~8$. On Pat-...~mi~.ji./I_'elec.lIe m. the (.1$ come aCfOSS a . VIlli! act"! ean IIocto: onto a targ. as: .U. andmQVBS in to m1leStlgat8 anyL\iii':""Y.th:V allEiY"'_'ay behind tl?e ZIT NO$her~e.sta?l'.maH radio tran sm iUiem 'ti'n.ge has a. and b~insQ'ue.! inrormatiTolII on Cbmmunioo'.~mdf}ets a 92.~ S.crime lin Meglal-City one. Whilst rh'.011 ti(u'ith'e'U'e u 110 be de'1!ed:edin the til rst plaeel For ..'O.lic) Y91Ulr Med.lastll-stl3el. however. C~hlil.s.ssings . it folll·ow. 'to 112shots. 1 .i©:n up '011a dl~lt.Tha IJSla. Wh.r.eGial shots. tlh'SiSil31 Med/~'R.e Lu~• . Air poU utlen is.e. Each oif thatwo maglalzi'".estu 119 for poiliution or co ntarn ination. a serious .n o. You willi .:' u.-~_~ aredl culJl'ilng tool 'owthe sp~cialll!:eys o. d uoPiped i11'1 a. althou 9 h your .en t. As dietalil.u should never bel wlithout it.. H~scor8 a~ 19.o6vi0i1$ly telling him . Sparring a sc:ruffi:fyd. rol).--~~~~ ~ Fo" ex. durifll'9 the coarse of your work. give'S a chance of detecti'ng a lie of 69%.i." '.ample" Judge Nor:de'fi i'$ on the trail of the P~'fPwhD' has J..Sk~.un::eoHhe si. hf. s.e'ie with in the Meg. wllerle it is easiiliy acoe5~silble from botha . tilrlld can only be ' opened using a liigh-IPow.9It ean be . and so you must al$o apply y. ix difJ.in the se.cl'lossin. ttn.pl:'(ite'S.i:0f8 o:f22. in fact.Jthl). OInPlltrol i. R€!.EN. The cl!.th'ii e' tlons listed below.a s.@.mm I!.0'1 the top of the barrel. .e'r.[There is mon.9imnt snots as they alre 'fli red. ha Mi-hello d.riions •.) o'perarti Ingl a Elirdle there is a basic 50% ehanee ofspotti ng a lie.e. he reaGhe.e ii$ OIllie to be detlect'ed or not.m::ted.as.}1!Slrtt. ~'$ Ii total' chance .Istice com puter.register any falseli()orJ (be= cause.onally.n it .f:iI.e'5its own sma II . telling J'udcge Maf~h that ther.i:tor. asyoul siniouild not Iknowwlltther the.ltimatety~ it 1$ the .en Eve'r. end the Au xiii ~ary m aga:dn e 0. and a Judge has tlhe lh. The die rO II will be made· in sscret by yom G. plus y. the C.clt' detallledllr1l Chapter 3. When it cc:mnesto usilng youlr Birdie" 51i miply 'telll your Gam'8 Ma5~er YO'lJr S score"alnd he willi info rm you wnether ''!(o.tlOUf rhiE! TiiljP" U.on patrol . ..matllcloi''i !he 10 .errmg.!ff:stihem$le. speci.ed laiter.ressed Punk hurrying .~-Cl. and is.d 'I' p.ugged l(orTalPped)' a citizen.Sing _.~aim_m11"liIllltion types.~s has two clilambe'ffi.oadl-speetn.ig bts.e.f the barrel.attach.i..communicetiensunft.a !S.ad to' cll'Q~ll'Iirig. and yo. He' has a Teclf'l Ski II of 38. of a 1M -Pgd: wiil add eelif 10%.our skilll @l_nde enc'8wlhen talking readifll'9s .!n.e is no p'oll'u:tion to be det.um- powew to arrest any citizen blrQac~ ing the Im<lny Arvtlj.s-for fus IPOllh.thelrthere irs . F'f.e. as VOl!.standi n91and a :sining positiion 'Isuch as on tile badk of yo L1r Lawm.tlr€!e'tS~.ar rn appearance to a Bird. anti~rad pillls.-ThB' GMr:ol!s the DUJ().ame M.lilf..evuce:.~tra sp.e wi~1 probably olevt)llop his own fatVolIJrit:e cornbin(li"_ t!o.his~. detaiiled bellow.Ju. or stuok to the undelh"Sude' a vet! iclle_ U$ing y'Oli r Lawmaster Orf ibikie. .VOIJ rnu st ad d your Tech score to 'this 5'0% ehanee wJh.8.arne lWa~u~. JudrtfJ M::_. d i"n tOllJlg hene'. . any cornl.cIi !s .uwsub]ect S IS teU ing Umtimlth.ne's t.CQ.t Aid. -"-'----.e.ers.:ts.a-City.Oug!h to a Ilaw yOoliJ 'tOo oommu nleate di redly to virrtua Ily evervwh. Bleep'ers are s.atilltr.n~vavaillalble at Justice ·arreS1!ed Perps have be-e'n apprehended~ eitiler on thel r OWI1'l or used ill ~on]u IlC·tiOIl wj~h a . y'Oli cain fo'llowthe so.rd Sheet nOilJ$ spaces f'oll"record" ngl ttl.J m aillelr_gypijlls.er is canyil'J'9 a't anyone time.L. rhe Punk is telling r.geHling tJruthtiul1 a IiIsw..shim. -~-----~~~___. ts i~on serns 01'1 alnd to' thi$ enlll you C'alrry a e" l'iIumb·elrof Bleepers:. powerfUl I ilil'i.uS:f m.r'r'DIJs t~'e for B~rdle. " J I.smfoS'l' side of Me.adings from the Pollutlen Meter L-_~.own powers of ebserv:atllcon and intu ~tli'onwm alis.Judge that the Birdie does.glnal fr._ and fOlr .nne Master.~n Chapter 5.one roa hap!>y 8b(J'ut fhis~as his .elmet Iradio. pocket.y J I.asier bikieh "Tnle Lawg lver is a \!!leI)" adv:anoed wea pan which ~n'clud. xiS1!lple. have a '50% chance . directly eppesite it '(see' tihtli llustratien).accasi.#d CIt.. (i.Bleep'.IIpto your l1J.dy.and eaclh chambef can hold up. but s'pecificalllV the ThE'lldifferent tYlJes ¢$lleHs. .W o.and va r:iOII.liv€!s aIrEl e!:l9. .

IO' IEILECTRONIC FilL-TIER:. it has no sp eGial. have as many diffeto rent typ es as ~ossiib:1 e.1 IELE:CTIRQ ·IIGNITIOfli FO.r e'and <1111 armour !Sl!realtea as tIR'OIUgh ~tg!1I\I\9' 2:5% Ill!!ss Pl1OteC'l:i:on tha n usus II. iil is·probe b~ybe'sl.rdi ng the differ.I! sed m typ e of sheU. . to shower their tatljlets with an un!. The.bably develop ttis own favourite c@:mlbina· Hon oJ ammunition type·s.ook. Arm our . the C-naracle'f R'S'cord Sheet has spaces for reco. it is pro. JIIIJ'STIIC~DEPA. shot hits. varying uses al!1ld efti.endialry s'n.SSII NI. but til is is o..!I. . unitill the ·f1I·a mas . an a mU)iUlred InaiM et.e.'f-fect Moctlfi~rs willi be explained funner i]i1lthe. '1 llR n 114 COMPUTE Fl.eoT tiiv'e' r1lllge. 11'0 "NIGHT V1SI:ON" IINIFRA.2 D I ACT~ NII'C BA. non-nally .1i'l:1'1 E:L (ll GIIHT irR:ANSM I rriiN G PExAL'lr ALLOY} :3 F RON TA L EXHAUST IDUCTS.. The Actions: and Effect· M'odj:fi~rs will be 'BlXpi.nge1 00 metres Relo<iJding 2 AC1lions Special Effect +. Thii s bu rsl has a dialmstelr ef' 0 metres.effects.. andapert from nne few restrlctions li:sted below.e'S.tQ halve as many diffe· rent typssas possible.Q"Itweighed by its dsstrucnve power. IIN'FRAFlE.jikiiJg An Arrest Generall Pilillipose ~GP~ Max Ran 200 metres The IHI[ shell is desvg ned to del over an a rea-burst expllOlsion . 16 IM'AiGAZI NIE VACIU UM $IEAl AINIID EL EiCTAO C!OI!JPll N G. wo uld ollily protect the character wearfillg ilt 45% of'the time.aTn'ed f1l.t that wiill catonl fil1e..FLASH.RTM Ern LAWGIVER ~ __~ T !5 MAGAZINIE SElIEC:TOIH.S! + 1 Mod·i'fiElr' to tile wealjoll'l'$ Efifect as wIlli be explainedfunliHe. When usTnQ an AlP shot. .6f. As dletailled later.~. whiclil is due to the weiglhtand nat!Ulr. 11 SEll F DESTIRIIU'Cir 'CIHAR:GiE.ct Mod~fle..e(HE:I' Max _.ignedl to give an.ECTOR.Pj:e'l"¢illi:g ~AlP') Max R. SEil.REID F IlLTIE 1'1: AiCTIVA TION B!UlITO:NI.!I. At lea.st HALF the ammlUlniltion a Jud.1 .ent types of ammunit:lo·nthe ILawgliv-er iis carryil1igat ~l'1Iy O·!IUI time.h'\l!flg.. ~here li~ 8 +1 E11f·t. g. IEaJclh Judge 'wlilil IPwo. wid!1 .IRV SIHIE L ILS.tchapter. am] the eRect of Bu n"M!!.iiI'D on the Game Mast6ir's 8.their. IPlnEVENTS EXCESS 'COMPIR E. Ihiowe'"Vier.Area bur:st Inc...iiilound.of its longl range.ct ~n that Combat . These flamas w~111 eeusean extra + 11 to the' Effe.giving 70% protection. snd fur crossIngl ofW title dli~.foa. and infllemmalblle cheimi. 25 Metr'I1J<S Reloadi Actiol11s Special .. a Judg'i3' mary haveanv comblnatlen he wishes.ge carries G e'Ml'all PmpQi$ie 8mmU!1! iti on iis the most commonlly R..l'1li DI.lrth'Elr ifn the next cha pte r.and then + 3 'f'O!f e-aeh su bseqcent Roun d. snd adids .MakingAn Arr~st Th'e di'ffe'r~~t tylRes of shells.o.A. howevet.table.nge.of the ch. IIGGIE Fl.1 AP shots are des. Hwgh ~plio!iilV. S MANUAL . but halstlhe advantage . 15 IPOWIEIR IPACK.lb CHAIAGE: IIND'U::.6 ~i wislh es.nex.caili. O 4 SHEILIL COUINITER AND FIIINA... blUlt the ra ls then a 90% ell a11100 the tar'ge.r-ent slhiots all> they <ilr'e ·fired. Iln~~!i!d'iarv R:eloadi' Special Actions ct nQ ne Max Range' I. M.R'GE'f SElL ECIOR. 16 IPAILM !'IFill NT ANAl!. ~r~detalled below.T'O Ri N EON .R I Nt 1:.fhiUI$. MANIUALI.«ect Ehnn~ngl 1 00 metres must be GP type. 13 TA.cIVIl::R R IIIDIE aU TirON.A.). 12 LElNS: IElEMEN T.r in the rM:!llrt cilapter . VSII5IR.. his shalil iis limiiled by its very short eff.bably best. withe norm a II jgfi'ect.plode.eX:l:ra punchat eernparat~vely I0I119. lhe' Actions and E:.ne IPIUit ·out '~Tihem is If1I'IlCre irdo mnaltiol11 these shells.dfniJ2 Actions $p!'Jcia'j E.ts e.edS. ~UNfr(Ec) iTO '.

. in fihat itgi'vEl'S a 100W vel.awgiVe~ shot. It.of the ll.burstarea (lUlhe she'll is. or mobs of 'cfimirlo:!lls.erps [h ave fou nd to th eut cost' This does. (j.h~iII causes 91 double-chance U W11d Fil1!' nit .etailed lnths next chapter.e is no .otingl c!tiizens.ee[klei'.nimum ranQie of 15. witili'l a + 2 Effe:ct Modifier .' insta ntan eous.arwgliviElr's barrel.t is very sim ll. and allows a .oia kinoeke Ult drug. of eeurse also mean thalt ¥OIU may notuse a fellow Jm:lgle's I. !hitting with aJ ~1 Effect Gnlnadeshells are I!]seful ill in.. up·to its maxiimlUm ranQe (50ml'.anceth9Y them d'Oing a quick about-feee and shootilng theirfirer.UUUHl GrEinade ~G) N'~lftJf Max Ran..est targlet wit!hilil .em eac. [[-Iea-r Seekers are espeeial ~yt!LJlf1Ioedto home ~n on to hI. in diameter.ewgTve·r .i!lnt. The dou ble~ch.!l_Q'If enclosed spaees.Combat.and .o'r hldd.) o ltIwgmef' Acc. sp:reald overan area. Ar'liil'at!u rst M.Judge'lio observe at night as though it Woere liIol1mal daylight Self. '12 Stumm Gals is used to Quell Iri. A l. Tlt'iegas causes any perso n ~f'Ihal ing it to drop all weapons and other hand-held 'equipment. lhalV~ ~ mi.g. arid fIUlS~ Peups OIi.l.IIti~ity Belt.. theireves Stamm I"R. The. and loading one takesthe iJ$iJa~2 Actiol1lS.When used.aster wi II deal wlth all the fi na points of Hea~Seekewfire homtlhe app:rop.SSIIies Max Range 50 metres 2:Actions Spl(fJcial Effec.rglic Ireac.erg. '00 !1sequently·.Effect see be'low A liypo works in exa. cau si ng a random-leeeucn hit.awgiverr either.n'Whllch Ireg Un res !hospita~ isati o:n.on Lawgiver's barrel.ctlythesam.ns . lh.cer ts ~e·pt in a POLlOhr in your Il. Alii RR shot is onl[y trQ. of course. as they are call1ed. and are propelled by a (3iP shell.S. nearest fa rg et wlith iln . or allie rII!>.!man body lemperatu re.e.aok. metlres.g iv'~r is protected from any m rSIJI sa by the incluslon of an 9n[t:m~lt hall'ld~pr~n't:sensor.1' .~i ratorwill be . or other 'box shaped' liIlrea..a will[ not wo'rk: they ha. but not kililing.e rI arne ng st.1rS alwa. Max ffang~ 50 metres R'e/o~ding2 Actions Speoj1a.e50 metres S'pooial A grenade Actiions. n: exprode wl~h 81burst radius 'of '5.below Heat Seekers Reloatli.f ri.u to a 2mh Century sh otglU n calrtridge". [Every Jltl~ge.As aJ result.lcihe's.uP of inanimaite objects.oan only ev"€i ' be used by the J udige wlh OSlill' plri nt is reg istle~'ed in th~ [ gun's computer: shoul[d alnryone .y. In ~ room or vehicle. Hotshots.. t. C8U sing extlremoe. There is a Iso an occasnoln al cirlal'iloe that it will Iineuee . l1eat-g.eerflfects· oft. This del[ive rs a sta ndalrd Knock-out.!Dlestruct Cil1lafge ~velry Law.s h it the.t:!o.V'EHYOCUP.ieS3 Stumm !lre nl.eGame slhio.Jlyeffec.n controlling crowds o. Th eJy :'He.a 90 deg ree . in thus case ill wou[1d be 6%. l HlVpos.jmceme~msthat If the sta 1"1dard chance i 83%. and so on. metres .eHver <I noiseless.ng TheSie ar·e small.affected.ocily liilit.nlq.~ih:e"Y are useless algai ns:~ anim als..as many P.ye. which filt on to tile end .at Seekers in his 9 1000 pO'l. a I0 rig with aUtheot~er meclt'lalil ~cs· f Weapa.awc.eligib[l..e. IR!!I'bber Ricochet . there is a 75'% chance It willi hit the nealf. . Stumm ~as is very usefut whe. a built-in safety' cot-out to stop become' clouded and waJter terr~bl[y. su ch as moms" tunnels. as d.Jlided mlsslles. a '9Im. mile Wild Fire hit is fUllly expl~ine:d in the next chapter. an dan'll ehseseter .o a gr'OQv·1ll the top ·oHhe .can be tIi'll'own.~ 18{)% iill1C.e target. and se on.carr.and they havetreubleeven standinqup . I.? metres of the fh$tPen~oifl or Max R:a.aneixtn'lme alllh1i. :5i[leneer The Lawg~ver's SHen. '8xOe pt l!HeM Seekers or [irlVlPOI.5 metres.ti~' whenl used in this manner.otiing and ul1lruly behaviour.below thls dist.iip~ed R.nge 50 metres (R!R) object to be [hilt.htarglHt. to [Iolfra-Red Sight The Lawgiver's [IR Sight IS stored In vour Utility Be[lt until needed .ilhher.ay. filash[1ess shot.avingl a standard shell ttl-ely lnstsad del'iv·er a measl!Jlred dose . very usejli~1 ag a IIt$I hli man s in the d<lflli:.Wild Fire hit on . but ramer than h.(/d.evl/ay as a H'ealt S. bre·atll'ling becomes p~ill'llful. It slots il1lt.niate:sectllotls Tn the' Game Maswr's 8.t vnclud in'9 any JI s!) COlI ug ht in it without a re\$. gidd irHlss . in O a tunne[1 or p'as}sage. 'ltu.aides Tih. fa bOil:S.t Se·e.RI~~oadiny:2 Actions Special E:'ffecl' Sale'beloW' Thetitanium·t. however. may be used wiith a ny L. the she'll causes a doubl[e-c!InIi'llnCe.ubbelr Ricoch@t shell is desigMd lio bounce off wails and ceilings. within. by .e·~setry alild use it~the gun will[1 imimediately QXP I'ode. Each Judge carries up to :'3 He.a crowds of opponents.cap acitatilil'9.a rid' vern itij ngl. however. Heat S e eik.

.esiglned alm~. This bUUCHl is on~y ~iilere to be u sed as a ".stelF's seat lis arrnear-ptated.8'Oeleration Rare: 80 mlliR!ollllnd Maximum Stop' Speed: ~20 m(ll'tound Each ~ ud~e !has hisowr! JP_alrtiGIlII. IL~.el1panm.". the pDWelr benli nd the law" master.lcompl.e. such as n~cel1t f'ootprirns! _ Scatte'rGul!II As weill as.wm.J udg.And _ nste'adi o~ !h. soon as yo'u siit ill the d ~iYing seat. f'Ot it-governs air of the b. but: veu mary deci de to' veea 11'1' ma nu Silly order the ILaw· or m ill stew to ta ke (lIVe r any of tJi'lese PO$~ti'Olnls.a nk I Max Rangel!) metres 11 Act. wlh ion prov Ide' ~nS1aIIHa.enerateseliougti enluigy to run vi rtuaU 'It alii the bike's multitude of funcnons.' n.ldgl9 on auto.e.1Li any otlhier Com puter 0 If r ke lR:obot it haslts own Chalracteris.e'plaoe.s Tl'ile lLawmaster ce oe is e. IUInlit: TIhis unit 9 ilves aiJd i ea nd visu:arl OOlnitarctwiN"! eiU"IewJ ustlce 1-10.e vfnl. wh nch 8Ir'e"Lis.an.L<!wmaster':s steering.are meal"lil: to bea blh. 'The lLarwmastet haa the foillowilllg features: The lalwma." Fue~Tam1lk Since it is the must vulMlrablle picHt of the Lawm. a:ster. for 8V(\lilll9 mat.l 1"5 55 MS PS 25 30 31l 0 60 0 0 ~ts.e'irth manu.s.' the l. Depa ntmQntcentr. and access to vital cornmu nicetlens Iiink_$:.ider via a Vocal Sy)t'lth~. a sped a!ly d.Fu~:'Sp~~d: 570 kph Maximum Speed: 4BO mtAounci A..xpeCl!ed to hold i'ls own aesoss a wid~' r.a rea p.on. whi'ch immediiaItely S'Limmons other Judg'es to aid the presser. Th. die ILaIWfIn ster I1UlnS on SipeCl1ny formulatled fueil.rkl .ion frem caitl'licigle 2 ACltliOIl'1IS f. Jlu dgl9S . As it is $0 vitali.efV' l..e. The 11t1I~1'_8'-red mp wvH Iigilt _~p an area.The ltI.~ lawmaste'r r bilkie" an d may nde it.'i avi g.plied.steel.Ist reslJ It. leVIi'm aster C(UTQ puter S . witlh t2mml .ar RelQading 13 .ri!er amid a 1lits vast dataWes. . or he may setit on Automa:tic.held Ir'adlio. a Judge II'I1Qiy hts.eiS are reil"lfo'rce'd wlith s.'. the.ocess.ou red rnotesbl I(.~_ust I'ilkie a nor- IEingine' Th e Motron 4000lOc V8eng irle is.e ec mnlefof the IWIIiI t n stlh asm 81111 i red EI:ik!eCQ:l1!i!put:er' The L_O!wmaster's computer IS its single most lmportantfesture. .ster 'Tine Lawmas1ef lJilkie isllhe Judgle's own persolilall tlrarn:S~'H)lrt.et plroof as weJl . The i5 headlampls anI arralllged in two banks: the two main lampI$:.. and then three back-up Iamps.avyfireipowe.I of d·arlkl1~SiS a1s iif' i'~ La were no rmel daylight.th e J ust~ce. 'lII'nd 'WII U a Ilso'be able 'to spat neat traces.of p la~i. It runs on speeially~fo'rlmu lated nen-flarnm ill b Ie fue I developed by t hie Jlus-tk:e [).cter . and may be activated 0 r deectlvated .aster.awm. it esn also be used! to 1'Il!ilfi tiM Lawmasfier independentlykom itsJIl. wtm::'h rs a a much less fliam mabie thaln usual petro II.ons.ct1ion. and can dellil v er infmmaltion to mal chara. if eommanded.. Filuecl iliito ttn. C!i!lrtridge to Special E-necr~1IEfmct Modiifij.o..ang'e of r. under the control of the Ibilkie's cempute r. Tile unit's teteacreen tlFaosmits as.a is do9!sig IIIdi ned to give some d e'gn~e of p retsetlon to the Judg'e's back.eto provide longrangle mobility.!I!nps lEach Lawmaster has S normai !heacllamp. alfDd$10 ths largl9 ball~ I'HJntyr.edin fog or fle'avy min.ile'IIT. connected t~ the ~f1 it: with 11mof eol ~ed cable.eel bands. h.t. ami use ai II 01' Its equ !Ipment man uallly. Armou red Seat Em:erg. or your own dilvisional S$Jctor House. a .lll as reeelves pictures.ccelietstio.all Ilnfra·R'ed lamp (for nigll'ilt w.elr $~fe'ty.ncy button: d-i1isis 'the Judge's 8·0-S alarm. to MlAC. Lawgiv~r plstol.$f$eJ'.rilD. Firerock TYIle.cMiions.oad alflah!lrlrain i}on~:Htj.s:. 1he re sr i sa lso a han d.l. however.k is: hiiddeflaway il'lli'ue middlle of the badly allld is armour-plated for el)(tra P rote. and ar. sta ndlILJIPto a let to of pu nishment before they need assista noo:! (':o:mmu mi:. an~ 9.t:~c' SOOlres. we.lt has its OWl'll personality" to' some extent. lLalwlmJaJstes h aV1e' l!)Oiwerfu I r in bu illt com p uter u I'll its. simpry vocailly order the com puter to do iHow Iilrn.t0 manuailly fHcik a swiitcn to tu rn on tt:J e II~g .~keCan non.jke's openlltj. and 'One speci.r back-up. it ls pro" tected_behind 12mm Qf_pl'asti~eel platiing.a nd these . the fuel t. is runrnilrn'9 0111 Automatic las though the Ibilkl$ suddel'llliy beearnsa new persenl).e'nt:leclil. whiohi lis kepI Ina holster to the Iright of the Lawmas:I!e. when.Hllly bull. drive and wealpon systems are turned over to ManuaJ mode as.(s IFl.s.tIIly or Y'9'rbarUy.OIF hre the .a. '.Judge has a back-up w9 apon" a ScalUer Gun.e's.

·Red Lamp I!. G'EAR:BUX: Ej.. IM!AX TO A.al.an advanced versson .ED.of tw.elf a 20th 'Centluy St)Qt-gIUIl. 3 BUlLET·JpRiOO'F'FII'R'E ROCK' All WEATHlIE R TV RES.J 8 ARMOIIJRIED FUIEL T.. 9 N:Oli RON 4t!ilIO ee 'va. IFI.t 'the' same ti m'I1l"tlhe-y m ust befi.IQUE ~ 100. rathe r tlii an hav i fig to rea d the inf.SPEEID.EO' SEAT.ENGiiIH.alcernmand. Tm IPILATIE WET'. Respirator.a. The Scatlie.r G. depe'ndls upon ltlWRItlsfef IIrmtllne'llfs the dilrec:l:iol'll ·of the Lawm.any one atlUlbe benealth the 1b1'1E1:ach. O!VERAlL WIDTiH: 9001 mm.am pmy aJ udgre's voice like a mega ph one. r.CE IOEP. Ibike's vi:d-screen..TER IEINGIN E Sp e. IHeadilamps II!lfra..s..CA.istllu The lLawmaster's Vocal Synth .~likie'containers arearmcueee.CAN NONS W!I1iH AlIJiTClMAT'IC 'OQMPU1'ER T'R.LONTX LASEIR WIITH [)IEll. Clingl Net. mm.S1eeriI"lQI - Max R:a.ng~ 200 m €lUes R'e-loading. 7 SCAT1iE..5.nei r an m bars. up te a 1!'1!'H!!xiimuim 112. M!AX Sfe..(14 l!ITIR IL m.'1'-' e:i ke C'anl'llofil Bike for IBike Cannon. Cydo1ps. SVSTEM: EUiCTRIC. D liMlEN:SIIONS. ClOIMPR.. V(ilcalll Symhes.2 Actions each 14 Th~ 18i'keCannon Sp. JIUSTI.TIIONS . 2500 mllil'. EN'GIIII'III E WITHI . STARnNG. 110 CO'MMUN.'1.ffect +2 Effect Modifier .TlrO: 1'6.Amrm!Jniition Comm unicatilcms Un it.S. 5 IMIAJI'NI OIO'IIUIMlnUAI'I. ~.These mat\( be fired manua Uy.4!DOO . M'AX HORSIE POWER: .lowsthe bilkie'scomputertQ spe. 570 Iltmplil. More canridges cam be inserted.tmvage' The Lawm. to g. SpaJr'fi:l MediiPaCk..2 calrt1ridgl3'sat .~qu"pment. on the Is roas.AIRTMENT' wm-w ~=iB8 LAWIMAS.ArIRED UGIU .awgiver Pistol Voc!illl Synthesiser Othell" . 4 SE'OOINIDAIW HEAtH. If fked via the YCH:.des. G. lase r Computer Tine LCWVllirlas. OIVE RAllL HIEII!GHT: 11'!..'fZ IHIIEADLAMPS.ijIcalrtwids. 111 ARMOur A.IR Gl:IINn~ACK UP W'EA!PlOI'III. Lawgiver.o large pannie'us whiich stradd ~e the rear wh'e.250 BlI.. . rather than yours.mm.ardl up.ad Suit.E.:. OIVIEl: R. If both weapons are 'fired a. 2 ·'CYICLOP8·~PHV'.1lste'r'S.es or S~Ulm m la..AINK.e I of the vetli ioll1l. t 3.E..'1 'fW I N 201 ml!il1 BII K E. I<T:23. the IBuke Computer's Combat Skill will be used. Cuffs'cHand bernbs. F IDWSP LAC EMIENT: . A)NK CAP'AiC Il'V: $4. S WIITH S:TIAOBE aVEIR-IiUDE. POIIl.p..alk to lts riJder.. 'WEIGHliF: 48 k'!!II.. '0 r vDa a 'VO 0<111 oommaml.un is a pu mlP-<lcfi0 n glu n. liN FIR.SB OUAD'RUPllE CARBU IRI'I. as t..cc.E1'O'RS.cl1J gun CaJl'1I hold up tOo 1.AND COMPUTER UNliT.towagl8 space CQl'lsists . Laser. AiM MUN IIT. CLUTICHI.AM'PS .5 k!!rml.'CII II'CA'TIIONS. The<se ipod.ecial.. Scatit:Ellr Gun.A!UiTOCIUiT·~N IFOR FOGi.atl'ler ~ilk€!. enablij ng it to be clearly liie. al'ld Stumm Grenades. wl'lIch cart fiir. 'WHEEI!.A.AllIL L.IBAS.: 1956.ION :AII/Il'l) SfORAG E.olrmaltio n offfth e Thiis unit can .liON IPHA8II'~G. and eontetn the folklw~ Ing uems: SPtJ'tfJ"5 .tef has two disti net we'a pons: the Gye lops. alllowiln 9 the Jiudgle to Ikeep Ih eyes. 12 TWI'II'IIIIEXIHIAUST'OUT!LETS.red at the same targ et..ESS:UlN RA.also be used in reverse. and a pair of 8ilke C<lJrmo!1!.ACKIIN'G. IFUIE! . . to 200 rnetresawev.asler'$ s. t of a ~Ilyt'i:me'. MUll.

a range of up to 50 metres.uJr' use.ame:lnsert the Jiudgle's name intotJhe badgls.n. 1iheonly neOO!5sa. Max . When you cever A.e'ver.ntOf the ILatwmasteri:s a smalll version ofa S1alndard laser Ca nf1on.c. Cha:racterisrios.eet or yo. sJu:I!iJII d be reoon!ed as 'Orlgmal' S'cores. ran 61e. but it is . scores. ~. ~md .an' Combat' Hir locati.fer alii his dela vis: 'to the sp8cialll~f" design ed Char:acwr Sheeits i nelluded here. Tlhe cannon fllre 2iQmrm ca Iibr.awmast.et contains .ano s (see Chapter' 3}.I'ftlhie bike's aUi11butes and equiip'ment. num- .Yneed tn change' Slome d'ei.~OUlld. St~nl1th and .1I1.e en 51 and 200 metres it has a + 11 and .only.ch takes (lila whole .ccess. M detai'led ealrlll.b~'9 baJllllpe'n. Nlow that yo. whe-n in 'HamHio~Hand IJIr!J. There are w. 3f\etnlliined to beambideootlrous. by crossing off the. as.jludg9'sslhe.ry task Isto keep track.er is 4-:3. to oet. $0 leave this box bll~mlk.t~e lL. whicihl may be! no~ed here.l\j Iuseful summary .c8~ for '!.ea'chJudEi.ittle record-keeping to be done . They ere aligned so that tneyfiinl'l' 1ogetlhler"a~ 'tlhe :same 'tilme an d all the sa me taJrget.fliect.E.ffer.Nh~li'!your Judge 9'9. you have pelFmissio. When fill Iii1191 your sheets.elkms .alg. or willi so on becc me :$10. cannon aJl'.e'irtihe re!ii:r wheell.llZilles.ooopy these sheets.Ulr J udige:s chanwlem. so y'olUl o liIa'Ve a reoere of h ow rna nry stl e<lIslj'QU have I:eft.R:a. _ Sp. t~'f3 m. Tnle. of which can have two type's of she. secm'l~ s.our scores under the appmprialts head ings. A~.ilulall shets 01' 6 Ibursts (of 6.itihel' side 'of the from WI'UN~.ta later (l.bEl'in~erted he~..t be .o speciific s~lee:'ts for.d so 0111 l. . Se:e:C:haor'er . bil~e: has Y'OIUl l~ is.ases. nu rn bews alga~nst (he figlu rEi are for use wlth 'MTssHe Weapo'nls'.S.burst diameter of 5 metres.of the shetls you.e'a.tlC$. you cam trs'ns. y(mF'glUn has two m. and the equipment b !H'S. lhe Iialser o. un wh iiell magallhn'e" !lInd for the other S magazines stored in. t~cl<: ff'the nurn bew$. TIle filrst isror yo.'0 use a in pelM::i II or er.Initiative . fl. ~verythllng det~l!ledi upon the sheet should . Aft'er this.SHEITS use .es. be aBowed to rechar. ovelr 200 n')I(..e. from .e MaS1!e'r aJwalrds them to you {fo.e.e.t . details.a precess whi. If neeesss ry. as a result of be'ing wounded. ~:ememb Elrthat at lesst ha If of you r sheilis mus.are used when someone shoots and hit$: y. insert th em hera.e lPanrners oV.ri(je!:IUD metres Reloadin_g_ 1 Game Turn to repcrwe.ct M odUier _ Al'te'$t.' lheSlEHeHyo.6for mere them.e. but aft long ra og es the 'effS'ct_ tails off sharply.ethe.each sh ot. eaClh. C"CIIQJPS ILaser .amlul res. - Armour: The armour USB' the other numbers. . Yeu start wit~ none. lh'e.SiS'ebellow The laser mounted into the JirQ. some Sp~c.'gener. ils .n to pno.' Insert y. shells eachl or any com bi nstien ofthe sa me.! nder 'PIOi!Iyer'.e'av..tr'ei\s there is nO E:fte. 111!lJ . At shert rang)e.eitlher be cllear.ll'Ie. there is v~ry I.es . .t. Tick off the numbers ss yo'u use or II.t6 is more expenenced art hilISwo'rk. and each y llmbhas 25%. our Hell met: IlnitHillUy 91'\le5 75% IPrO'lieotlol.nly ste res sU1fficiientenergy to power one firing. <lln.Gen era I IFlu rIPo:se.Ph.T:he la.are stored In the IlLawmastelr"~stowag. 'fIh.e secend is a reference sheet fOlt his Li1lJwma stet bik!e. E9vipm~nt.ge.ecial Abi~itiei: This. N. To re'l oad t. On . and alrm_ and leg paddinQ •.e.!n.. how. a.of the lase r vs rtes tntmendously aeeordl ng 10 its.u have . ilt's advisshle . No dertaJils n sed 110be entered upon thls shee.of your helmet. behind all itell"l'll.al!Olr wh len in 'tu IJ'It"I is power8.'<$ detalilled earlier.the' various items you are c<ln'Ying.the com pllete Pr:o:file Thel..jorninalnf handl.wm(lster':s. thio'1lJ9lh these score'S may be reduced iif they are oamag'ed.t. am:hnE! fully~!pla~ned~n the l!Iext chapter.r play. the modified scores Cain be entered under 'P're-- Tile Judges' Sie.oRs.whi(:h draws ~owelr hom a.I. 1bB numb er ra ng.Judg. the ~ffect Modifii.se mary be modifiied during tiM. IRi:gIlt or Left.nd yours I.e'a'~ed '!{\oQJ! dgle amil lea nrtililbout his r Ju equ ipme Ul't.tog.e '~he. don't fOf\get tlli s is on IVtil e J udge. YOUi be'lt pOll.a. as befc reo Irngh·powered bl~e. Lawgiv~If.rmnne wherre the s~ot I. .e! sent' scores.agaclJlneS . from 'futlllire chapters (so don't 'Worry if it is a 1~'Ule puulling at the momentO UirlllH. wben yOUIF Gam.tion$1CQlres .ier in this c'halpt.pon hits with a.e OOUir~e of an adventure'.8/ . Ma:king.hlemalg. sIJ.e..generatiOlI' must.emounted in pairs. Experieru:e fired.flSter SlI. Handed.. As yo I!JI fi re .e'a rnrnu nltion.lches too. The w. lh is detai Is. you lT1'ill.e..et.'s 'r. for personal THE CRARtftTEIt .Qur .wlII. 'it is hi'gh.u ho. Ali JllIdg.- .Hit . . iUI36 indivii i..amB Tum. With the wealp0fil:s and equipm'!lJnt: he is canrying on fi'iim.r 01SfVl9.. betw.er mlJ st be stat i 0 nary. should note You down wlhlicih types of shells alr.a:sa.r Special Effect Va ryirl9 . Points: iKeep a r~nnTngl t(ltal of your IEPs here.azine.\I'Idsst 'you calli'lad in a figlilt.~JPa..b9.the .cf.d by the bik~ts en gi ne.e'r'.ex: You r Jucj'ge IT11i1Ybe m ale or fema I e..~1 Abilities.eeirl.ful arr1!!3<Sis.

H~lf'v~+1l*3} HIE" IHigh EX!f)lol5ill'~ ~.ECfJR1J'SHEl. .--- IPlAYE. ~~~~~~ Ie:OUIP'MIEt.R: SEX: IHIANI[) EO: IIN!ll~IATIIVE COMBAT SKI U.GAllllfi\l'S: CHAMB!U! 1 1 TYI~e: SI1(l~$~~I 2:8. Greillade ~-1 JI I = 111"cefl(. [)IA IV~ SKI LL IWIECHI SK~llLll 1 MEIDIIC.6 .eperS Law9i 1 lH'cIIlliid''CllJf~s 12'345 ~I Z '1.JIJ1)CE R.~IIDetec.Al SKII Lb IPS'ISKI ILL ACTIIONS " I PII9IASIES LAWGiV~R M'A.Arm 46·00 STORAOilE Abdomel!ll 16.=.IIAl AlB I arns S: EXPE R lit N C:I~ I!fIOliNTS: 1 1.ml'r 123 1 1 8 9 ffiOl ~111.J.a 5 6 "1 89110 ]112 I CHAMBER 2 lYlPe: SIlQlU! 1 2 134 5< 6'1 a 910~ 1 12 lYII:le: Lefit.tOf I 'fy.nc:rall'F'lJirpa$1S (~} '6 ..HI} A!P .--- .. H~Bt SceJ~Cir Shells Hypo SheU$ 123 123 SPE(.liKIts: '1' .-.gII'it LC9 61·80 8~·O·O ..30 IRil. Shat$:123 SilO 11 U' 6: '1 ShC!ts. '1 'H~nd Aad~e yeir: l iype: ShQU: '1 2' 3 4 5 IA Slight Ma9"~Ii'li~$ :Sillel!l.a 5 6 '1 8 910n 12 4 5 67 18 I Shots: 1 2:3 4 5 S "1 '9' 1~11~ ~1:2 type: B~rdill 'L.. 1 :2 3 II '5 '6 '7 S 91'0'l112 Type: ShDt~S! 23 4 '5 6 7 1 T'V.T 2: 'Type: I 'Left !Legl S!hot$~'i 23.T .. Airl\r'l:o~r IPi~i~cil~ (+11 11'111:'1RIiI:bber IItUoochet (-) .2 3 4 '5 G 7 89 '10 '111 12 1 ~1:2 :3 'GP = Ge.2 S 910 n 12 Medli·Pack T'llPC': pl:lllryt~Q'ii1~lr M S.tllllil1lf1f1Gia~ Glum~des SM~$:123 4 5 51 '1 a: 9 10111 ~12 S..pC'.pc: Ble.

!m SheHs m .IRIM 1Ft OU 10% :20% 215% 20% 10% 50% 25% 11.MIA){ I. !60 ACilONS 2: in P'HAS~S 41.R RE((Jf(/)'.t"WMAS1l.fi78'910 1 ttsts 114.- RANDOM 01-10 HIT Bil<le Cann()ifl (2: ~ B._. :5 tH 89 10 .g.rel1lOtdes ReSiP~ rator 111 11 :2:3 12 1 .um..ns it IUn C:ycllops bse.:..-------~~ COMP'UlIEfl UNlll I IBa~re~ ~Ill :2 34 5. St~mlml G<!s G. B. Amlmunition.:35 :36"40 41"5:0 51··5.lnds. 1 .rnmlU!lf!cations Uiliilliiit i 1 :23451(.27 2829! 30 12.1 1 1 222324 ~INITIATIV~ COMIBAT SKill TI!.chwork COmlmlilIUlrilhl.CM SKI Ll30 IRANDOM 011-30 31·00' HIT 25 26 2''"128 29301 31 32'33341 3536 I B$rreil12 IARG~T PiQMi~T NOIIiilI·V~~1 'C@mpOl1!looliI: Vitali (:omponelill1t SIZE SliiI'IiiEJlU S'TnaH 11.16 17 181920 2122 23 2:4 25 26 . Tyres(2) . :Sp~rt:!s h)~: Il-ffie:adlamps In1li'li~I-IRed t~mlPS Vocal SYlnthe~iMilr 112: ~I 2 11 Scatter ("l!iIlrTII SiIll!..e! if!gl-n~t Rad.3 om '!Hl 11 II R~p!~ai([:e'mIiI..SHlIT ------ ------.'ldo..A.l Sima!11 Small SiMliia11 Fuel St!Ofa'ge Slmall SilflI"N.23 4. 7 1 18 19202122 2324 25 26 2"7 28 29..M UM SPIEIED.mlf~O:'l.plJ tli!l~ C:oa. ..ilkle Canlnon Ma.r {lIP Magaz:~nes Sc. 480m/lr'o!uod AOC11)1!.$!.panent Sipalres~or: Biilke Calnlno:~ eyell G:IfIS Lasl!:r ISliike C'omputeir IlawgilI'e~ 'i~~QII' 'Co.6 7 89 10 111 1'2 11$ 14 15 16 17' 18 19' 2'0 21' 25 30 Dirt I VI~SK ru.~15.2 3 45 6 7 :S 9' 10 11 12 13 14 ~15 ·116.d sn)'PP' IN G SPIE EID :1201I1111holli!ll~ld TAR'GET SIZ'E: NORMA.altil!er 'Gun Sh'li!ils Non ·Vitam COllfil1l.ll! H~nd Oi!J!fh M~di-pJaJ(:k..23.20 21-30 31.e~1I.(~ RATIE:aO.~ IEnglins $1112:1: .4 I!H:i78910 1 :2345. 8m!allll Slmalill S~lallll 25% 10% 2:5% 70% I .gazl~liiIe$ lawg'iil'~.'1U ' ====================::.~~. 81·90 91·00 ~nlfrl'a-IR'ed Ug~lt Hea!dlilamiliu ~5) R..ilkle {lo'm.l!~ shot 'Qlrrb~nt Oi~ 6 ro i!.5 5fi··60 61"65 '66-75 76-80 I Smal'~ Sinall! :FUlll SPEED: 570kph ...ilder(Jlludgli!) St~errin g Unlilt Swwage Sma~1 SliiI'IiiaH Sm<11111 B I 11K rCA NiNON IE MaiYfi ra ~~rIJ.. 30' 31 32:333435 36 Equi p:menit.

To ~.-yo'UI.ng.ur training.gh m.loeidl.cr~:iionsJlhis doe-sn'tjust appllyto.\llH real-'Ilife. 5 Actions.arve. Ibuno alii other cihalraders as weill. and tine Cornb-at lAME TllRNS AND COMIAT ROf/HlS Once you have determIned how malllY Acti(l'Il$ your Judgle ca n peliifQrm in aJ partlcu liar Comlbatt Rou Ild. When rna king arrests.e filrsI is. Th.~rreets.e1 fa il to Qlive. sealrohiing Actions.11 nd ohianoe-nddle'!il. and an I of :8:3: glives'9 . sucihl ..er'S witih .et bemore you shpot. ehases.liS approp~i lte to consider th ~~ OJ ~C~~mba~ m a Round liS. these .r" f'Olllow.e.AcVi 0 ns lmatY be perf.ling of d.!lIS1 AcliOn. I!o.ll9!1'I this dcssn't applly to flirung 'c!Vi:!f a Peqts_ he~ad. th'O!.a sta mliilgi Judg e wlin f have' lil'frth. ~~peli1df~ll:g upon . (Tlilus.rEI iii iQ hlly ab:stra et .o types depends on your In/fiat/Vir! <lind youlr PHASES Arrests.arComlbait Rouno.andi after the Actions.the GamEl TUM.alwarn ing to a prosp8etivetalrg. diviided up lnte two.llreis 'tihla.• issue' .ot:iens: withtralililling <Ind experien. dmi 11'19 the IlitolUl!1id.::roxnm~alte.and so Olil.f Actiol'ls they' can perform.e~ try]~g .Idg. deterrn iine the maxilmlJl m IlIJ1 ber of Actions ¥'OUf . lor e.~.fl$ iln a 1P8rticull.Hli10lF (me C~. al'llYeh araeter es n increase theilr' in-itia'tivescol1l!!lS.ou mus. wlnllcn malke:s: 11'1" each .ASepall1 C?f YO.offEmdierswiiho'$18'an'"e$l.e:r.A.hi mse-Ilf up.Gaime Turn abolult a l1!'unute.$ like to ~In'tist someone" ArrestinQI erirni nals is a way of' lite for you r Ju e1gle.I: . th e fl rst thil nglYO!J need sectklns.h~w f.J udge m ean pelriform iin a ising Ie 1F!. Sh auld !h.j:ls.r 'tlile very f~rst time.e$ls. the next st'ep ts to determ i!1ie wh'e'n.' _~a!t" ROIJfld. o~ shootlil'lQ at a door. aaeh and elVery J I1.e' Actwe Phaf>-e5. talr:g.es. Ir(lllJln:~lung IJI!) w the nearEistwtn'QI. to rr d ata ~ a maJssih/l8. The number of each oHlhese tw.mds go togetlh.s y.Judg. .A.as driVilngl thmuglh '~lhieMeQla". . nound~.erV'el"llt i111m.ative seere.Cijty.pp. TtlIIS.' Fflom the mom enHl. andthe lUCie' of .ty. In tu fIl aillows e<._d".e.~t'ed ~rr.lil' nUlmber. a.~ hi i9 hew nlJlm ber of Aetlens ma¥ be a ble' 'to perfQ.io. Ireladve pe~iiod$.nr'l'll them beklr.unds" S'x CtJmbat . arrest on you r own. du rUng.0und. of 9 'g:rv. 11~ seconds Iiong. are divided up into. sl10ulld be used to determine the O'iJltoome of all1V' fill) ht Exoepll: in certsl n i'Slir'e' 'cilr'OUlm~anOI9<S.ers:. This second term is used ~hiU'l .e set::l foot onthe s. make up on. .ujnl criml naf the chanee o.xamplle.deSicriibilrn'9 lerng~hie r setlons. your 'can Iperkulf1i .fE.e.e'r2 or :3 .8' l<I'1IOWS very rapiidl~y what it i. si m plly divide you r I'niNative by 110.time lin the game is.A. ACTIONS upon Depending out This is eovered further in Chapter 7.s are demanded cannever be stem" me.e slower pe rsen ~erl'orms. end thus inc rea sa the n umber o.ii~ere 111 r. In wh u::h you may perfo.wllli h. On iill'lJ1!nag. there alre c€lt'ltai n pn. \1"01.(lol. ~!i'il gaiJI e 1!erlmS.an9'er and e:xcitement'W'hlen YOU make your fi not . a.f su rrn:mie'w-ingl withe uta figlhit. howev.rma 11'1 cnollil. an .Judge$'. including fiQlhts.y of ever substituting thst first f.ast yew ar~. ~s.9 Game Turn.to simullalle.l'l throu.a me'l:hod of diviidii'ngl YiP allll' tile' actlon ii'lI'Ito maU'l<lgeable th~s ElIiI(i.i.aJrenge .. AIU10Ugh n the're is noset time pe~iod Icr eitiher ona Game: il.ce. bUit lII'Iot~1i101h. in which yOIJl may not.xperieo'ced.f 4S give's. .bee.. each Com ba~: IFiiound is divid!@:d up' hUO 11(1 Phases: YO LI m.i~.olrrn ed.ay parformaetlons in some etth eliSePhasl!llS. Th is ls becauise cha ram. a fig ht.11 must allwa!Y. but there is no wa.ll-ddecide illstea:d U'rlniglliilt It the rules for either Weal pons or Hand-to-hand Combat (01' both).er to.our 'niti. aifld so' on. a n I o. lindividual Cotribat Ilih:. . Wlhi.~he concept of 'The Ch. uSlngl bothl falke and real ammun [IUon.jjI 'certain number of Actio. 18 . A and In'8cti'vEI' Ph'ases.lrIis end.e. com _puterme.any I'Ob01-S!mul. .II' ''''lilll.off Me>QI<I-Ciity OM fo.

a closed door.of on "'I' 1 Act~on (Uiloug h it may net be.ook.ovemleliit Irl.t 1 Action" If the' obJie~.ndledl.lI"IgOIiI"p__ t?:lnad..ao· lew can or eannot do in tile spa. of atnYilil'lll'lg else you may do.v'e>men~ rate.stening at .2'm verticailleap. or 4m rlLlnnlinQi. !flUmlber aeeerd ling to the situ allion ¥lOU find you rself ]n.ry al sO SUI.'his Combat Rou liU~.)Jon.il ~pe. Speeclh irs l'ia. if you dlid riot s:pend your previous Actiom runni ng'.1!e>d ii"iCCHl'lftl'l'iriIil9 with friends about tactics and problems.8 and TO in this . Jumping: Anyone Move Actiom may ifl1loorponue a 4m Ih:ol1l· . IHowever. wlletlher it isa door. teo.~$itMove Actioll. '1"'01.any Actions. un 011 Roy ne. well as rna king his 4 Actions as he wus!lnles. aml~li'le GM may weill reduoe this further . SWimming: You mavswirn at a no.eil"ll~o.lfy'olLl' are havi:liIg b) 1kl. Radios.IPoIIMiofi Meters. Y9_u G M hal!> f' r details ofsuclh equnpme.rvt _.e.other lypeQf ACUOIIiI). regardless I!Jsteil1i .'ions .'i. you m list wOlrk out 'LI.penl or CI'os. In these cases.t.u r run-up. .aU Down!. 5.rn"g. Walking & Running. dOOle. the move in question may be fitl:ed lnte the Tram ewe. thet nQ'clha.v.! tia¥e.ii'H~t you rrlnitiative. Stand ulii'gnr(l!Il1! a Crouch.. rate is.ifons rem.ain~IiI'g. or a fill mber of Now that THE "C11ONY wh. the GIMI will simply !mOIll'e'on to the next on 19'.Hilglh slope.l!d~ ing IBirdi.nd intt~.Mlmo. that is.' In!:)~!. USil'l'!:I them as a run-up: for e'verry extr:a lMio.o 'otifn. You 1il''II. A little common sense willl~e!l you wilhiarta olhiar. s lock. Y. either with the naked ey.emey nlQIt do anyrhing.e or through b~in.ctlion: rtm~y ~.". ~veryth iim'g you 'CM do ~$c.g. B:ear in mi nd. OiIlhsr Actions mu st.bvio!JIsly doesn't n e'ed 110 be op e'l'Ieo.!'IteVer. you cain :speak 20 words plus two' more . The other 2 metres mmairnil'lQ Of any)' .Actio. reactiillQ wiith sJulrprlise to a su elden .ay be perlOml'8d in Phases 3~ 6. ~O'1. Qther Ad. 7. If )"'O'u n Ihave. and $0 on.I!'.rlmIal~thougli1 not for 8 MOlllle. Yo.acter has to m alke .ing up such an item will takie 1 Action.e asoent: is partucullalrly cIITlf· ficlUllt" your G M !mary I\Ei'striC'l: your m.1 maryOlilly ru if'! J:m . does.ra~d iin~oa :standard Move ACbon.ery' . be yo.n ..to ciueate a maxlmum i !run ni IiIQI speed of 16m p er Co mbat Ro!und. to .and other eharaeters will iinv.Q.e: with 4 Acti._jlJ. and !'!.er.de. can do serneth ing. takes 1 AJ. n.Aotifotl.cnoi'il.ifitdirectlly Ibef(j.Act:i'OIll.e!s.rpo.! may move up to ¥.ai'I A.Ck" up Move . not neoas'Salrily requirr'6. whfch m.'H~ters.per Combat Round as ususl.OIJl ~. spe nit to 91et Nm)'Ulgh it.oolIa.alliedl an Acti!CU'l'. kilF UM~' expendltulre .ri's per Combat R'ouncl. or 'Crol!IWcltiil Each ofth.).din. It 'is by no means complete 'Or excllu$ive. Ow force you to check a9la.of c:outrse:~.d.'!j'Psomeone elss alfloart" or awe towingl something.e A'cUons._~t.e . ~$lll1g!Jip to 4Ac~.ending upon the iltem. 1:1fi oth~r Phases (t. 2. Thus.w.rs O'f . a~_himiljont(lll jUIil1'PY9U may adda further 1 rnstrete youfJlump (up to a maximum O'f4 MQveA~itJIOTII$. dep.opened. up 'to. :Shou lid rhere be one errnore Phases in which 110Ch~In. or .a.ur GM may ilriJsi$t you redu!ce th is. Actions not listed. to 0.l:iet you calli do.. IEh~llowis a short list of sam~ll.ce of .· iitC'hi.a-se standard mew'ments require tile expe'li'Idi~Jt. though ai' ~M6ve' Acti. a Judg. .. malk!e. ter 21. an .z.air Observ'e' Careruliy li..evem.on m QJS! be. allthQugh It lists the most eomrnen Actions.t:a nld ~l1igopell o.se yo't. . Up 1)04 Actions per Combat Roulml can be' used for M(we'Ac~roifls. eto~ at a Iratte of 11m per Ac:ti'Olril. YOI.Actions. l night-sights.and you can make 1 Action VIl9W'I"Y Active ptlia.enyou you knoW' O. .pr 'Ei:V. reducedto 1m per AcUon.ln fact there may be quite a few Aci(li0 IIliS W(lS.ActioilS. Ad cor. "li'hiis rate ii~ 2n'! walking.llitab~lal surface (a rope.t.a" 4. co:1ilt8Iin. . S:peak For f}'XampJe. belt: pouch. ee mbi ned W1l'th :\l'ny .at.· ~I.ons mlilly spealk up to 2:8 words.the 1"U$I.ui~ abliy walllt~ or meed.rt'!. in an arMmpt to hear sou nds from wi~lhli'n.Jlre of 1 Action. F.a sutuatiolil.f!at is.ction voucan A nO!li1mallly malke in a Round.sing it willi 'take al least anoU"u3f 1. hQwevelr.Qur tUIIII!mo.~ Openi'ngl or ell any object.anI assumed to. willi Il"equlire. . Move. Some' complex items !may reQuire .nt !II'I the' Game Ma'5ter"s: lfJ. may malk~' .ay!JIse 't1il'e. end 9. re. and :100om r:see Chap. this.. will take at least 1 Action too. and So O". Sit. at leas. irqCh.rmalr.e of~hll per Move Ac-tioll.cas6l)~this J''iJd.ontal.ed Of barred.e 23 is enfitfliJd to 3 Act:ia.". for example.j'f veur cbaraetsr's Actiolriis a_lllo'i. iii'll a RO~lildl.rpre.A.chargling with power. a Judge' with Iqir'iativ. t be spent so thaUh e doer can 'be . per Action you spend.er Actii. Prlc!k!Up 'Olt lIJ!se (Jbjed fhenl's a wide range of equipment available to you.Hll maximum of4 MoveA'ctions.se.I.ActlOIii lf 4 have b(j'~n used III . Ob6'el'Viing ." Climbiti~FYou may d~'mb a s!l. or a ti I Ylnlthe'l:ti Hoops.a.~ilfferently t.r... usin~1 1 Action. ~fth. and mavlnstead decide to do notihing.rk b-y alss] 9 nling it.0ne .J'uclg'1lI6 . Pick.~ yo'~r fi.SlI:8n.ons. s. fltlmb~n> 1. as.

ibl.chapter.• s:~ . ' . in a '$fflsll War:ching Bay overlooking Don Turn.tQr·other ActiQI"I. below. a handi-he'ld wea.equir'€l11.ct!on t. Ihloweve. to included in the Enterr or Learve Actuon...!!! nd so on.adding e.· h'ii'i dersl].e (j. in expend ~at least)< .expend at l!e!il. trv~rnQto relead whillisl moving.~nv nu m bar of Adlons..expend at least one mOorEl Actiol'il in ..there Gome.r and sirn ila rly.awelVer. the ebenee of hiluingl.pon takes :2 Actions to rsload-« thts time il'ldulde·s r<El!movillg the spent can'ridg'El: or magazine..n-: YOWl eannot Aim.s inrter~sts. . and stili g. A speed-. Ilater in th is..ding .A. .hazy dawn that is slowly br:eakJng OVBr D:8n Arch·lock. howeve r.e'ElIII tilmes. spend m Q re thalrl one Anli~on in Ai mung.II.llar .by his ta~a$rief bike. as vou can slimplly To drive any \l'ehic~e.·. 1"1. allld thel1l Fire <'lit the serne ta rglet agalin without Aiming.' . Ilf it is travelling 'fi!ster than this. I*.re fiuingl ill Un th. 0 iilly 1 Action per Com bat Rou rid need be expEl'Ii"Ided 0·1"1 drrllving the·yel1i·c!e. anothel' must be expend·e-dto cilimb out of..l!Jh Control Lass. and then Fire..brakesand the r08.' Action.U.AIming 8! weapon A.. Each W8'apon hals tts speclal req fIJi rernents. . .. snd the lr1ulii 6f yo ur Ga me Master.Judge Wei~s (lnitiative 23)1 is $tan.is. kid" palrry Or butt.giv.. •. usi rig manuall ce rrtn. befo r€l loosuliIg off al shot.. a vehicle. the vehlolle must be travelllmgl Within IIts. you Imay aliso. tnol!Jg 11.e. F.Hand-to-Hari(j Comb~t.. in questien h...•.Stopping Speed.s. Sl1io'l.aUure 'lo ~o this wiill u'es. You mlaiV Aim and Fire at a tar.adm' '9 .atelno you r chanoes.~lh. .d.v'en g .il must fir51:. 1 Action .9. for exam.As detailed ilfill t~"esecUon on {)rivinfJ am:i~R~rlil!:9 Vtifllcles. Move. no sun fin a weapon Firing a Wo91arpononcetakes befo. block. .lrti'n'e'r in iin Chs1)lrer 4.·· i h.arnd..!II'I!' I!Indelr Judg~. t?uddenly.).c do ~O'.IISI' . takin{l a..on. Antiion in Aiming hi':1i sw.fJ the vehicle.riivle .. Ent'er 'or Leave (Mount O~ Dis. pushilt elesed behi ndlvou.o~iher:s if 8vai Ilsll5lle.aving . 'dep~nding IlIpO "the situatlon.. pll·e" Y·ou mary" th..Dnvi.liming a weapol~' b. pan.:.s: the sque'allnf) of. but on~y if the: talrget: does not: mO'l!'1e in i:letw.·.ohhe· saIfety of Trmooent by:s. shot ml. In g:e·neraJ!. 119 Fl!elioed a weaponl :S'trUcea b'low Strij kilnga blOW. . However~ al Judge must EJ><pefild a. as Ilisted inth e deserl ptU.•·•. which is e>\plainedl h.~pe~k:. -: .Ai mi ngl Actions must im mediate'ly precede IFiriin9.1l1 ACfiQIni per Combat· Round .. the.ctTo·n epen: clo$ing the door. being ~nderfilrr'8:. B~ingling alny veh iol'e to a 1rI<l1t mqu uf'8'slh..uP t·~." .n.. of an efl'gin6'. 1 .!~ch ~ more aOC!.)l.i()l. alnd 'thus it foillows· that a Judge m 1!J5t_ fact.8.dcom oat be iila punch. y·(.t Ile<ll!u.a nd YO'ijlf aim is not d uS~flJlrbed.'$ EqUipment.get_.moum~ 8i¥ehicle' If you wish to' elli m b into a car or onto the back of a bilkeryou mrUst expend ~ A. and fiinll~gl it to the weapon. Thus t~m~:I1ifIlijly' weill be '6iXtEll"ld'8'd USing an 'fa'r '~l'Itfalm"Halrwealp.' ~t@~nan. ve'hiitle Halt: a 'velilicile Act. IFeq ui res 1 Action.ltwall add a $llg~ A niTie-arlll: amount to.. O .i'C. . and in ~hre GamB Masrer'$' BDok.xpenditulre 0'.C!'w.er pi stol t L IR.his e t wuU r. ID.or off.butr EX6mpies DI AcnfJIIs in ."ew one from its pouch. IFire.~ BOl1/ev:ar. maike.lIlld the veh ic. This..1 nave a door whlich n~e~ls to be op. in ordeno de-celewale down to' the<Stop~ pi~ngS'peed requ ired. . applies to <lnywealpon veu use inrthe: course Orfyo'Ulrduties.el"led.e~oladi a wsaipOIi! wi II depend uponU'1e pa rticlIIlSlr d·e:tab: ngl of the w~alporn in qjuestuon. Aim ~n:d Ullli!n . you Imu st .oonstan't hum aftr:attic an th~ M'eg·-way bej.allil1lhe A! mH'Igl t bonus.2: Actions when firing a weapon .le. as is more fu'llly detaUed u mj}er . frotnamongst 'he . however.llfilue. howev:e'h".a g!~lili"l ailY A1icm ~n~ bol'lus.llnl. l milIiIglexpends.8fore firiin'9 it wiilil. alnd :stilll ga in the bon us.

the Y01l. lit is.!l arie' forced to open fir'e. and 'cO'mre' g qlulieHv· As .v'.p you I' .can't . but the' il1.'olle:lyalltih~ perscm rnam.assumed to be direled $.9Aimedi at by the challengiing Jill dgle. good evening felfas!' A stJIrl\e.ed: in 'this ca:se none of Whitey's frenow P.are USlHlily iiIi'I th ~ order of + or-10%. dive'!!.giv. 2.chi811Iengrli. air loff alllytJII!1lg e'ise either . o.ub·nlosed p~. atl'rlc.nt challenge (as-weft a. many P'e'l1p·s ill dQ $0 automatically.. In ·tlhase cas. areap ~ a'nd mak~' sur:e the..aome '~ster ro.!. b~in. Ju· ' Morri$' Stlreet Skill I is. and d'ellive~ed in 1:IIn autholfitaltivevo.In Phase 4.'1 with his l. best if you Iliini~ a chailleng.9 a shot in 1 Phase 7. A&tiive Phase. and SQ 'YCil.v aot.s Aim (11 Action: Aim).er}? ::ll.ery de'sparate wih Q. b~'eak:sthe Law is a mlnlmum of :!lID yea~. in ill vain attempt to .. bike Action: Mount Ve.8V1nfl'I'lOw dls'tmtangl.n may be <Illlowed by YO'llIr Garm'e< Master. Ju.asn.cha lIelf'lge'. submit.end' fj!tey: The Pel.juredperp surrenders in Ph8$"~ 4" bringing Me fight' to an ~nd. as requ i'red ~seeCh.. These . which he may also decide to alp.and 2 nef:r. W'Onhy 0'.d blasts 8Wll. Jud'gle mustftrst issue .elf up. surrender isaillowed to make 2 instant .pen fife on aJrilyonewh~out f~rst issu~n:fl al. 8Jl1ddraws h..g saloan lurch.ove Actions per Round. something ~ikle'. der to~ny. Weiss ma.el).~nd must not.$lJIIbsequent charileng. J_. He must.ply.llalllengle woulld be to ~nd!i!lrilgersomeone's Ii'fe. already b~en emphaJsiese~t you must not siimp!y c.rs" using a D 100.e.llENGE 11 ke anr'l"one h eo feels .e.of suit:ab'ie c.al.W!'v.es 'OK Perf)'. m !list be' .5T %..eS(. .lld uses the oppC)nun. tlhl@ P.'J. and even frf he doesn't have 2 Actl! 0 ns.Silmphr'.the edge w/fh 3' Actions.s~. hiS badg e.can ac. er H hie is ·WOl!Jded: YO'IIJIF ame Master n G wBI ten yOll of al1ly mod lflestlens to the Ibasic cha 1'100.pointed ~traigh:tat hi~ head!) Kendo (as oontro'ired by the' Game Master) m'lls to see if lie $iUffend€i.ActIons.rfrom a Skedway .om the fjrst-t'orO'r balconv of an aparlmen~ m the .u.endo diHnt8ng/:es himself from' his rape. A :Perp' 'Who.don.apter fivel When esconi nga Pelrp )"ou lake you r t:urn as norma..e Law:gir~r st 'f ~he.oughs through .As hal:. .Apfs.s'to' f Actions.rayi'ng . ne.ng:e .s. but tllefoUowing are offerled as examples: 'Don't shoot Judge -I s'-frrenderl' 'We don't stand a ohanGe ~ we gotta give in r 'SpU{}' it.aster aJlslo has varteus :mo dHielrs f. and TO. OPENINGliRE -tlh e lPerp is .Ul eft.Round.onto hi$.llid be direct r shalrp. both J'udge WeiSs' ptS'IlN. not.in.ffectJed by the c!halUoenge.o waste time Oril a c..Or the UI'!Nm~st~~( $ VQc. and theT!~is a hollow clatter as .l!t if Um Eli allows yOlu c~m s~emi 110 rlger.i~~~iviE3 3~~ Kendo has an II of 26. t.roo in » de.alilowed to 'co 11i tiinlJEi. 'thlesa .?'. not his.ance t.willi extelnd this rallg:e to ill meU'es.tlh.Pha~s 8m themfo.reep. After n giver (1 Amici'll: [) rawGu I'd.aps . Such :is the ilmposilil'9 aruthority your have. 'Came 6~t Whitey.or .p.:"'srh.k m hum to surrender.aIlditihe IJse of a mega.Judges ~ I give uo!' 'Err:.lm. s For .. In Phase 2.ph.a Chilllh:lJn e 'to. (See the GameM8srer's BOOk for mere wi.gUI'll t and oorne guietlly.glar~as Ille drops .tIl8' p. The' perp only has an IlnItiative of 18.l'.Ma'ster (who.ars .llf (Us rOPBr Kendo draws a Stub Gun from th~ p.one" .aIlleng. il:md . WnichgivtJs h. srPl!Jg·lhrelii'd. 'IoMithhe words. w and lit is often 0'011'1" v.e'V ca n se rvethelr u me ill'! prrison.acli!.rooking deter. dis. svsn 1'r it: is.f:. i-l.awyiver (11Antil(loI1: IFilfe we:apon). Y{ioll ar~ arUowedto open fire Oon f\e~p if:: <lI ~tihe P'elrp hJa:sa Ir.e:s Im~y take any form you want.. Example'S .I( When maldng Oliname'$t.he'f([Jf :tn6m .~rp. b'fliore the pe. A .s LawRouruj. If you .at may Clecirde ttl sUirlrendelf I1t.9 Weiss . IFor le'Xample. In the next '9ombat RoulId~ Judge Weiss Aims: 8Y'8fT! r(Pha-se 3}.engaged in arnadivuty wIh ioh•.<I 11m d~I'\e.er.elFp.hailen.nde'md IPeirp must use alii of lrIissubsequem aeticns to get out oltha way of the fii glhitirlgi.repli~$.re igno.lldbe a. A challle..) ..()Il€!rs.p~~dirlg P.en9.n:tssh.h.hisjaclreit. a a roll nd 10 or 510 words" as: this willi fit iin~oa single' Roundl. The chance of this hap~elllirtg ls equal to y.ocket .ender when initially chaUengl$d willi no't s.ak!e.to' su rrender.o su nrel1ldeL In oerta 11'1 Cllrcu mstalfllce. to. ~o around whensve IF ittakas shOQting Como.(sJde mBd). hls friends have surrendered that: comlbalt. in Phase 4.He can say anything he ~ikes. and fr. but mayo nly ma ka up 'to 2 M.avelsl' 211 .and' SiOO.s .e 3.e.chal· lelnge !ileed .'.be'p ·n~ to (}i'VfJ' a totat Surrender chan~ .e.(). 'Dro. Judges are no:t executj. !W0lf/$ dr8~ Jus Lawgiver pistol.ow drop :that spugging gun II' Faced with thls Umibfyeioqu.Phase .hB' game's up. g~v. unless he' n has been Wou nded.our iN rolled as a perc:enltarge'" The Game M.a..othin l' 'We . theGM adds +30% for .e)'. . and you'U .oor . You may radio fora Catclh W'ag:o 11. which misses In Pha.alndOlbey yO'li.raifly JUGgle who.ed fumf .1:1 resu lit of 'th~schallleli!'ge.rI's a' 32.p who f.h~ {}tound f.d{j'6 IliMei50S doe'S th~.o'()'W/T :that in Phases l .11 ember of you r m team.Morris A~.t'h e penaJUy fo. In Phas. Weis'$ is' right behind him.. .h ~m:.!.K. if the . and may have .e:re!' 'Ham:J.ed effecuhey sl'lol.jl. M 'T.ctly at: 1'111 andthen as.Olll do 1i'I"t h arve'!o. and fhe Game .comb.ving in ciosertio'ni's target. a short ohase. And. or ta Ike in the Perp h ~m.e'S.each P'erp sepa ra1tel:y yO'1. T1r~ .erp to surr:endef'.mined.em. ~ ain't do. so tiha.rp ~ ha'ving ignored the pJ~8 to SiurMnrte'F ~ ~a\ke. c!Ulffing.hiidet mows off in pu.a re·lr~.ity to c. has an In.e!$lianwiilll :simply throw down hii s . and all'eyway.iif liI'ieoe-$S!1Iry. but to have the Iliesir.e'~iJ''lgl maylbe:_incfel1lsed if vou fue' over tilIS. would directly .icl'e.ails te surr. however.gun.~ady fired at you .a ks the' ILOllw is. pJ.~ihe Lawgiver.hal· lenge the p.na'v~ two n.!say .of the' Stirling MoS's Centre fbI' tfl'B Disabledl Judge' Wei~ le.ch. willr try amI t.sYlnth..o'f23~at1'd thus has .can be made to alii Perps within a 20 metre r.e'ring. the Perp abandons .e up without '" fight.ltil'ere iis a chance that the PierIP(or IPerps) in qu.rp 1131'S005. ". is' p. orris'yeJrsout.adiIUis •.Irr lnstructions.e (sillceboih oombata.same in Phase 6.s.lrre~ld. Ken. and put his ha rids up in the a!lr.i. r • hls fancy!! That weu lid be' a breach of 1he' Law"a nd a Jud~:~ who bre. .h~ directJiofl' . and is alreadv h. up. Me has only used 1 .(>elf.away al'o'Wf'i an pulls out . Thus. b!.get out of (116' car. [)iieclalfe he ls sQJJrrenc.endanger li\l'19S.)<lpB.of hard labour O!l the prison pllalnre1tTitan.JIOn' Chali. 21. .e.e. He most: 1.Olr dift~re nt types of IF''erps.ot on the trail .of. .es Qu. heard.to t.f~. a'l tha$8m~'tim. to' 'g!ve 'them . In Phase 3.rhe crimltUlO. n i_nf8rlJClU$ cat bu. "erp.red. or if he is.el'lPs WQrl.g.8.ne' n.p. Refe'/"ring to the Phas'e Tablle.Bendo Kenda's Stub Gun fal's to' the fI.are . does. the game's upI' the .sul:t r[ 1 Actllon: iChliv.ortf in :t. ho.im 2 Weiss has an I .1iI111tllhle P'$lrps in tlheaIFoli3.of:the .""'rou're an under . tho.()If .il! row of Vid-phone boOifhs. an.tholu!t a Alny Il?erp whO hears tli'le CIlall191'lge SURRENDERING PERPS de~aills.example~ Judge Morris ha'$ chanc'ed upon Bendo Kendo.. Judge.:e you-rown!' 'Th\e fun '~o~r . AJ~d~le'$ Job IS to talke people allrve..(7.jlce.!" while mQ..e.Lrein Ni~or Can'.only ber made once fur .fj(j.arrtJ'~t!' 'Ws the/so-Cubss for yotlc-reeps ~ MO'Vf!Y 'MOlle an inch.ri has him cor- :lhe chiano~of a IP.el W A Jludgle csnnet TIlE CHA.hisveh. Tlhrowdowirl alny wea pons ne is COl rry~ng.~dg_~ Morr. Any Per.

eonsiisti ng[ of nu merous Norm. a~'E! iiiII SOlalil l'arge'l$.e:rthalll 39m by3lQi~..ampla).Qw~ IIIaldjudlC~ate" The term lncludes lalFg'e' trucks.fbr examplle.t (lHull dlaryli'glhit. some areas never aetually g at dark at alii. !!10·thing call be see_n at: a d[lstance '9lrearter than :3 metres.~. Ta.I' 1Iil ~s ba In on open ~ng fhe fi rs.ame Master I!l'!. sma.y be seen up to 3100metres.for ·erx. b~rge Ta'rg~fs are those whiichare. inc!ludil'1.lust'er. but in other some in an oases.lclilas. An iine. it wi II be your decisim'1 as to whe'l:he[r you should filre m not (tnolJglh_ your G. ifY..a~e$Uil~remay be problemcC?l1Ifus:To.er.autornatica Ily talkies over wlhen tihie sunseta . .alll Targ.1 . These mustbe de.P.~ger than 11mby 1 m.e·r magniifying equipmel'lt. NmmalTarg[sts ma. A INiormallTarget is bi.aticailly hit a tar'ge Talrg. upon! its Size.ere:atiing a sort of .Sm~111 .las deta~~ed below)'.11' tion on the va rious sizes of specific items.The :specific pa. however.p was setti ng a shert-fuse bo!m!b. Ae.om hilt. ml ~i.ertificiall iig I1t . that shets won't do much dam a'ge (iif any) to $lulClha Ilar·ge .llt . it will be cO'ifls·id.e'X[perienoe. il!ll\h.fi.eredi as Murdler. wh ~ch mav be sh ot .!i. iii Target w~111have a.glht or oth.adiation.os.e' pOCH'est areas ar'OUlmd CTty Bo.ll lair tYP'i))S of sltu ationHs.~S ..er. iii Lawgiver. the light iililt. s.are Sr-nI!. or befatailly contaminattH:J with r. l1owev. is visible ~H not win de'i)emd. visIlb~e palf'iI.ih. eqmpme·nt~.exte·nt.ed rna ps •.of up to 101metres aeross.es.nd trace a ·cl~ar line . larg.ag[iou$ distiasJ€i'.almost everyl:hiing[. a.!Sthe G!:llme Master IJI I1H)t cannot fire at a tai'ge'l unless you can see it. In such cas.e[r . except inth.ry' c~Hefiul.off someone [11'II$ide a velucil e IS ill Smalll 1 al'ige~. fargle'ls. Whether a ta rg[el. ii the Game Masn lIGHT/N' M ega-City One is usuallly f.J1 odil. NOfllltl! Ttlllet Il'n each of thesB cases. Spe~iifl'c parts of a per.sl.:9.ofsiqht. Mo·Pads'r alrorarl't City 18110(.ttm:n. 1/0 hit shou 110you wii$h to shoot at it.eord1ngly. mo.ets. Nig[ht cccurs wh.object as a wlholle.et if it j.91lhim tesutrender. IIIIUlmiinationl A stalldlard head.ed an d !Jmlit streets..obviously si n9 ".and $'0 en.a II and Sm. it. alii Targ[et :Si~e IQta~ion distances alr·e h alved (so you .atum detalll.oUi!: an op'tlimll gUI1!.s up to 50 metres .mg[ss up to 100 metres: rsmem aer. Hland. . eld. which may fired over the head of a Perp as a preIlude ta'Blskiin. and in fact everythim'g you encoumer has a specirfic Targ'et Size.son .liberately be ttlrge Target OBSERVATION YOIl .S'.abouno pu III the plill '0[1"11 a g[r'enade.00t.~no·t nO'llmall~beaim~d st. A. orc.bout~ m x 1 m i iii sill.rts of a Smalill Ta'l1get $uCih as the ma'gazin-e of a hand~gun.dving a canu:raliglhrtal someone. B[IUi[e.e'. and they cannot. Any LalFg. reop.o!'lllb.ev.o~a rand. b'I.a ~nom. atdistanees 22 .e. .I'e Iyin{)' down or ereueh ing are .r'gets. be Fired art excelPt within this 'range .Shots flredatsueh lar.QU a:ocidenltaliiy hit sarnaene whilsHiril'lg a Walrningl Shot. this coven.n 30m by 30m.xperiefilaedl . . such as that f. The're ~s[m) modifier for sl1 ooti fig at a Normall Ta rget You may shQ ot at pa 1115f <liN ormalTa rg st as 5malilia rgets" fa. di. With . ~ndgvvd uailly. ~such as windows ~fil aCily Bllodk:).s 8ook. Srnallll'argets ca.er.ihard.er.III. bu iildi ngs 0 r vet'!icll~s •• or eX<ilirTilpl:e. willi h<'llVB to be ve. If you are howev.eKoept as a Jnesl. vehicil'~s.TtI'Ief A Small I Target is any ob'ject h~ss th~IIr'i. sueh as withi n enci. Aiimedto' miss. ow Hand S.eli)l character. EV'ElII"1 iitem of equipment. small Ibuilding$. or d.g humans. nowev.aiirlywelll nt. may never be hit.artifi~ e'iall twilight lin twiiln'ght •.a.lamp c. eontlnued existence otthe Perp· ls itsellf a daI"l9.Jil$maU'ei'_tha.awa'y'.e'f Wh. .. and Ilarge spaeeshiips.(The' Game Mla!ster has more ifilfolFm ..e.1.e Tai'g[et IF'llay be co !'Isiidemd .t -does: neta pply 10 Walrnl fig Shots.iCIh m akes.ay be: di~posed togiiving Y'OIUi advIce). -the. to sOlme .r o tha standard modi~i.e'r to Illves...HHihiiii. l"wiilight ter'. It . wrlthout some form of Hllulminatllon or Ilmfra··[red delViice.gu res. if tile line of si 9 hit ts olea r. unless you have 0iI1 SPIjcial Ability' (see Chapter 71.. ho~vej'.' $m'flll. hit automa'Uoally at r.e·"etiher~ is almost no light at alii. In fad.en~ siity is less th~. .tbls shou lid snse. Tal'igets. 11msu eh I'll low I ig Mi l1~e'h1sity.SI. yau will Ilean'! tine rigtit and wrong! way to handl~ p!:lrtiol.ound 011iii'sum· dard car. - TIle Nlglr!rt over 50 metres W[lth.\i. can Tlilulmin!flteaifl area .cain 0 I'Ily. as . lIhe lPerp rnav have a dreadfully cont.

at a ~ ~st:alnL(;eQff p to 150 mletl'es.Alnl'( ~Illumin'llited' arealrll1l<l1Y .!.II be fired into, astholUlgh ~t WSfiElJ no~mal dayll ig ht, if iit is: WIIUiIn i ~01ulge" ~1iI a cil uster ofl~glhll:$" the ,destl'\ulccl:~O ,of 0'11 n singlle ~,amp wi~ reduoe, the alf1ea ilillum~ nalMd by2 me~res UhtUiIS a 151m II Ir'a!d~us goe,s down toa 4m radiusl, tic! a minlimumt radius of 11 m'iHfIe (2 mEl'tfiEl~ aerosal. Once all~Ilights iin aJ cluster halVe been d,e'stroyedl, there wi III obv~olJlsly be' no n'ght giV'I'Hi'1off alt aill.

A searchlii glhilw~111 M u ~ an distance of u ptiO met,res,

<'!Jrea 10 metres aJC'rl;)ISS,.fr'Oirtrlla

A. h"Ulld" held tlOn~lhiii as a rangls oflS metres, and ca Iil! iig ht up ana re>a 11 m,etre in radius t(:2 -'i1"U~tl'e$a~ro~sl.

rnedifier lio your dn<'llnOOlD Ihit lf the targlst iis movi.ng d ~re.ctly tnwa,rd!~ (II' aw,ay fmm yeu, there w~II nota mod ufu,er fQ'r U"Iemovement, though thelre may be (lille iff it moves out of IraJnge. A target: moving aowssyour f~eld Df vision, howell, :'~r,w, iii II bell h,<I.rdler to,-,n~t~ nd yo,~r. C!h"a,noe,0, f h.ilm n,91 it will ~ , be reduced (see be~ow~" IPwvuded you do n ot mal~e aJ!1!Y (J,ther Ad~on, Y'OIUl may lI'lfIaintaiin your A!Tm at the 't<3lrget as it moves, up 'to 9, maximum of S Aum Actions on~y.

~ftlll e talrget


you ~Ir", Aim ingat


movi rig, there, m,aV'be a

Ven/si equall lh,e're eve",

mply" U'lechance @f ~!Oyo~r Cam:bt:lt SkiU,

hil:l:iingti1,,,, Ui rg et withJ a rol Ieel asa percefilta'ge.



m.ay be som e, mo~Hfllcaltions~otlii A.iiming

~$ i'lu m ber, how·

but with ~ulrtheli

Fk~, Tihlese a~~IUIs,etlhe s,t,lill"lda rd system,


as deta~~ed ;;;Ilbove,

·~,ll;acl1lA.c1;iolil spent dhanoEi of ihlit'l:ing" ~fthe target c!halfloe lio hit.


befor.efirung ad~s ~O%tDtihte
ii~a "10% fromthe

is al Smalll


111is is the standalro m eth,od off! ,:i ng. used almost aU the tum.a by ,JI udg,e's,a nd by malny O!l:herr'eha racters:e$ w~n" YQilJI mtalY fke aU nytlh ilrllg that preSlsnls it$,slhvi~ihi trI a dear IInS! of i signt,andi with~n t!he mnge o,f the



being tl$ed.

'If th,e t:alrg91. ~s<IILa ~~e T<lirget~at a distance ofov~lr 100tm, th,em ~s,e + 2!)%to tl'iN~ehaneste hiit; y!ou m usta Iiso modify tl1~s for ths Ifang,e of tihe ,$hot.'(SJee below)'"


Hiits caused by Genera IIFi rewilll stlrill!JeOl!random pia 1ft (lhine . t3Irg,e,t, as determined from the HHt,oca:rh;:mtablle$,lbelow, an d thJeweapons do sta trldialr;d diamagle. For e:xa,mp/,,,,,J Thomson is ill the middle Qif a fire4ight after. h8i11ingbed the DVWiJrf Gang 'raidinga waf-61h!C).uS9.. He selaor5 his target. a Pi:!rp 6-0'm:e.t.resaway, standf'fl{) on c~s~. Thomstln hNan II of 34 (so 4 ActiO!l'lSJ, ani He has aJmady u.sed his :first.Action in ailaUenl{}'inp the .gan:(I of Ae,I'rJ'$, ~ h~ U$,~$ hi'$:r:J!O'xt in Aimint}' hi'S' ,l,awgwerat his oho.s'8n largo·elt, When his thi,d Action stUlAimOO' li'l'thirn,IiIndfir9s. His c.n~~nc:e (li:fh, an !;xtra ~O%for 1Actiot:! 's Aimin,g, ,but min u.s a

- There is a + 30% ilf yom

t;;ilrget is withli n 3 mliltres 1)111 is i$ know,t"I als Po~nt-bla n~ ~~I",ge).Olr a + 110%if lit is be;t'IN,een :3 <lndl10 m~Ues away,.

- There tss ~1U% flf the UI~g,et TISbetween 30a rid 1510' metres away;-20% H i't iis behN9'9n 150'and 200 metre's away; .and" 30% over 200 metres away'; IUp to the weaJpon's maximum
range" ,_ ~fth,e'tQlw9Iilt is mo.viil1l'Qi towards 0, away from you there, is no tmodiifiew; but if it is moving at dlfil angl~ ~o \fOUl, so that you must f~l! low, fit witlh yo ,,",IF ~IUIF'I Ibefore you f re,tlh,e,re ~s.a "110% mo~ilfu,er f~n,elomb! A,ct~on you move VOUil' w~~pon before YOll fire, "'or ally mQvilnlg tafg~t. thara is a mfnimum modliffferof ·,10%,

around the ,~rp has mov.e,d, but Jr,t.




afiotlliftr 70% booltU's,e his target mI01:leQ, {Jiving a oo'S.ic: chanoe of hitting O'f 10%. His p.l~I'Y~( o#sthe D 1,00,am:JgeU' r


th~ targ.e:t;'$o'v~r


metres away, and mimJS'


'litDmtltie hilllte

Willi Fire

FOlrany actio n unth is gl~lme dems riding the mil of a D1 00, no matt:erwhat the ehanoe of SIUCCe$$ ls, $Core o·fexadlly 1100 0011el om the dlioe willi always imHcl1te afai Ilu00., e


For we,apo.nsfi ref a riOll of 100 m~al1 $ that the we<llpon has tmdll~ulm""tiOI1l'~d,. ja~I~'M~doif mii sfi rE!~. S~ elthe seetion ~ellow fowfiulrth'l1l~ d etaJills, Ilf" ,1If1ielf ~I modm'fmat:ilo,ns to y~)lJJlr(he rolli, a youlr cihalliloe of Iii littlingl

Will d Fin:! ~ the tJerim used when a chalrl8lc,ttelruire's: wiUiI GIUlt s ffrstspendii!1!g at least ~ Action ilrl A,ijming. Sinpe you as <I Ju dgle must spend alt least 1 Adiom lin Aimling,tltil eVa re Ad perm "ned to use Wi~d Fin~ias suc~h, (lit foil ~OWSr Ulererooo, tlh~ a J udg,e wU II not bel able to. usa his LawgTlver ones ,his Ini.t.i.ativ;.~.lrQPS.beIO., wUQ,as., a 11~'$!,II,~o.u injun/,' 5,. ch,_ Ju~g,~ d. . ua IiFU,I$l defend h !I!'i!'llself as bast as he can, and seek Imed Ilc'all alU:entionas seenas poss.itbl,e.)

m OO,tlO

~$,Oor bellow, ytHi,! should stilU Iron 'tihe see:WheU1H'lr om we,a pon malful"I etions, y

wittiH;iut . Ii r$,t r;iooc,he~ IL methodIs de



mie other c:hti31raloter~ may~i Ai m ~!11g., and since dUll

re ~ndiiscri',rni trlalteiy

. sh ellis a 11~ t~~tedas h'lli,rre,

efifec,t;s ofRubb~r Wi Id F:iil\e. th is

W~~d IFi re ~$ C1l! ~C!.!!lated aJS fo~~ows" Firs.t~y, Wo.rll( (Jut the chance of hitting as usual (Combat Skill ,as ~ pe~wntagell.

If tllet,arget is within 10 metres, tn,lIllv'l.'llhe .cS to 9'et y,our t chance of hltti ngl. ,_ Ilf ,tin,et'arg~etis o,ver 10 metres away, dhfUde:the C'B SCOI'l9' by 10.~rOI"Hldlilg, any odd nurnbers IUp. There willi all~o be the ueual Imodifie'rs, 'for Smalll Ta~get$, Poilnll: IBII<llnkrang,e. 'or M,ovingl Tal wt1i~dhi are alppl~ed next. iiil'necessary; othenalngltl _ ~ers 'win not apply. Thus, for example. a character with a CS of 42,firi.ng e't a ,sta:tionary target 35 metres away, has a basic 8% chance of hittil!ig when u.sing Wild' Fire'. If a Wi 10 IFire' sh at mlsses lts ta r,gle'. there is, a poss,ilbilitytih at the sin Q,t wiU hits:omeone or sem eth i!'\l'g elsI9', and dal!TIagle them. Th,ere' is the sam,e clh am~91 a:s!.!ISIJ,a Iii itl:~l1Ig IIof amvmul (or anyth ung~with ~n~0 metres of tllle origlinall ta rgm., thou gh the Game Ma~"'lJers at liberty to adjust thls chance, dependi iing uPOil InlOWcrowded the' area a!rOund and behillid the iintended 'targ,et is.

C!halra,eter:s with a Combat SkiU Of 30 (11r rnOre millY a,im sl1(Its at a sptlClhc, 1 aJrget Po,int on a 'targe,t witno,ut amy redu etion in you r ehanceto hit, rather than simlp.~'yralmlomly roW n9 fm t~e shet's location, as With General ~ire, or IhalVilng a modifier Tolr a, S.ma~1 Tanli,et. So" for,ex;lIlmple •.you cen shO'OI


~fJillf Ii!;!

at a car"stywes., (l,r shoot a gun out of Oil! p.erp'$: hand, lhdis type oUire cannot bs used by ~fiy"One' with a CS of lessthen 30, howe'\fer~ and so cannot be used byinexperi:enoed


.far ,9)(ampr6, Judge Fa'lltofrin-i is' dia~;flg Terri the Hand, a tioto'.rI(JIIJ$ Se'raw/e" {graffit" vandal) through fhe crowded shopping malr of Tony Blackburn IJlock. Suddenly, the p~(P turnS', 'whips oul ,asmaU Stub Gun, and fi:re$, WjthOllJt .Aimjjng,at h·efpursuer.
Th.e ,Game Master consults hI'S ROlfes, ,a.fld sees that Tetri has a Com bat Skin of 53. The 'e is 8 metres away, and is moving at an (In.g~~ :tQ ,fi8". ,h~r cha,fl'Ge of hitting Fantorrlfll with this Wild ~j'fe shm' is 17% (5312' is 2'7, with a ~10 for the Moving r:ar{}et)~ The' G~me Master ro'ils IJ D'1'()O, but ge'tsa 89. which ii 8 very detinUe miss {a 100 wo.uld ,have been a m~lfl.Jnction, ,as usual}, Beh.ind the JucJg~is fI iefrge; cmwd ,of (ariound 30) sflOl'IPers, despata'l,ely try:ing f,C) get out ofth'8 way.R'omng a OO~ GM gets a SCOre' of CJ3, the (i,nd on,e ofth.e bysta.nderS, selected at ,random by the·Game Master, go·esdown hit by nm·i~s'Wf~dFi:reshot.

You mail( not use T'!illrg€it P'oin:t Fll'1e'wh,eri Sl100t~hlg at Smalll T.n'gets (exceptto negatel the ·,1(1%rnodiflerl, since iii small part of an aheadlY s·mcilll ,object: is jiwst 000, smail! to hit.! 1111 s,!Jch eases, Gener,all Filre's r,andomise:d Hit location must be used, 'W,h icll'l may 1f0s.ult in you r s:hot h iU:iing the P\!Hi:icular spot alnyway (tiho,ug h bV aeel de ntl, YOIJ m.ary not uy and IJ sa Tal"gle't Po,ili!,tlFiil'ie,firom a, !moving vehicll1llJ,lntil yOIUIhalve €II Combat SkJII ,of 60 or more, and'T,a rglet IPO'lnt rn re mav not be attam pwd when using ,il n Area Eflfect wea'p,M, as:y,olJ 'IIII 5i mply ~end to blow aw.ay tlile wli"liol!e obj.e,ct!


Area e#BlCt weapons ,alre ~ilOisewliicJh have a s;pread of' fire', such 8$ weapoliis 'Which~ir,e shell'$ 'l,IVihicll 'O_!Jrst' over aln aUlal, as 'I11III9,111 as gre'r'lades and bombs. Wh,en turing aln AJre<li E:ffect we:a pen, you shouh:l nom nnarte tile t<llrget: as usual.
Sh,ould theshot hit, it willi have a p.,uti,cular burst ,ar,e,a(as detaHed in the indIvidual1 'weap@n'sd,e'S!crip'tiol1l)',centmdoll the ta rgiet, Shoukllhe: sMt miss. it m.ay weill hit and explod'e somewhelre ,elise. To deti:llrmin,ewlhier'e the shot a'"'t!ualily h'i~s Un fhe ElIVEI'rn of it mU$s;~ng its intendea talrgeU, the Gamle Master silo'lUllld throw a D12:, workingl on tile 'cku::k:~fi!!,ce'randomis.iing prilt"lI;:lipll'e,o det,ermine whii,e;h dh'ection,. G'na ,a [)'']O~Of t the d ista nce in metres aw,ay fr,emrhe orig ina I ta l':gIet lt .9 oes,'" .once you IhalVe foUlnd whewe tile iilhelll doe·s explode, its burst: Iradius siho'L,Ildbe used as usual. If you 'WIsh, speci(:lll'Surst Marker:s' may be Iml!1llde m a oj rfr,o ,de, off stiff card o,r plastic,. too the sa me scall,a asthe fig ures alnd~hlofp~aJn$ YOIj ,are usin'9. When iii n ,Are'a I[fif-ect w.e:apOon is used, the rna riker ne,edi oriN !be placed over th e centre of tlhe l8IXpll,oSiiCIin,. andeverythiing within it is censldered to have b.:;en hit by the blJ_rrst..Alt!IFu:lu~h a few weap,ofils dTlfelr, meet WI!U have al Burst Rad IUS o,t 'e·itih.er 'S 'QW metres" ~00


Effect Fi"e

For example, Jud,geYopnger h.8s (J:n.countered a vicious group of MIJ1ants~ who' h.avle someh,ow $,neaked infO' the M,aga-City (they ,are nonnally banned), and decides to US!il a Grenade shiell to take ,out the wh:of-e group., Aiming it a't tn(il' m.iddleolthe5' Muties ..tle fire'S,. nd hits (rolling tlgains't his a .comlbat $11<:1111', mC!dified for r~nge, etc, as' .l)su.alj.' The gre· nade sh.ell has ill Burst Radiu.s of 5' metms., Th8' Game Masre,r uses his card B:ul'$'t Marker~ and finds theta" but' one of the Mur~n:is must roll for dlJm$ge~ as described be/ow. 2.4

As w.e'vea ~r~ady said, a ron of 1Q·0 (or '00') when rol Ii ng for a hit ind ieatas thart the weapon bei rig used h as malfunctioned. Once til is,happens.:you shoiull d then mila D100, and consulttlhefoll'(lwing ta bl,e., to dstsrm i'oe the nartu re 'Of the f~n.lIll> SCOf1t:1 M iS$ile' Weapon En~rgl'YWeapo fl 0'1-150 Weapo fl [a rns NonNita I Com ponem fails 151.9'5 Sh'ot misti res Vita I Com ponem fai Is 9:6~OO We~por! ,e..xp~,odes Weap on e:.)q)~'ode,s Mi$$'ile W~PM' Weapoilli jamls . of 2 Actions, Two Illandsam IrequiredkllrthiiS Operall:ion. If you are not famili.nwlith meweepon In question •.YO'I!J illi w h,ave to make Y'Ol.!!r ;~h Skill, mUed as <ill peroentagie, befof\el r you can attempt to lmlblock th,eweapon ~th'js roB d06is not
US'9!any extnlll Actll,orhs in itself),. ,


a,fild1 Action

CI,e.ariili!gl jam 'talkes 1 Action to, remove the .lammed sheili. 8 to wea,dythe W'eapo,n'for U5'!!i., glivungl <1)1 totall~i me

Sihot l!II1!iisfires A missile wealp on may misfl m dlJ e t\Qa d,e~ective propelll ~lIIn Q'~'Car$lin9l. wlii~ch can ca~~seeit!rJ,!~r aJ poolr ortee powellliull d ~sch<il!rge Rona second [l'100: ..
01 ~5C1 I~oor d vsaharg,e- s~ enOl Uit.omatica Illy mlisses targ,e!l:. 51 d75 Powerfu I d ~~cnalrg€sl10t IOOIUI!1!tS aJSWi~drii reo 76·Q;O! lPowerfu I d ~sGhialrge -shot misses tellrget, and the welCilt!()n ts da mag,e,d,.slJifferi!1lg 1 random hlit {as. d'etOilIIi,ed below, under Damage to· J.:;quipmen:t). Wetlipolf!l ,ex:plodieos Tine weap.cme:xpllodes, causilflg 11 liiitolfl Y'QIU, al$ iff you had beelil shot,b:y th'~1 weaJpo!1l i~Sl~llf{with aJll th'8<!pprQprvatB IEffect Mocirlflers, 'I'fa iilV). Iff th e WJ;),apei'll u$Jfl]sArfl],a Efftil,ct IFlifl], r tn.e ~'Ii,llrst is ~!lntlre_d arou nd the WB<liP em,1l nda II caught wlt~mtihe radi U$ willlhlke tlnle usuall daml~ge, -

Once the" ~oodlHofil Cl" the hit h<l!s been determ in ed,. YlO!UI sl1ioll.!ld cheek tbr .any alrrnOUf pf()treC'l:ian. You wealr armQur on YOlllr liI,e,ad,anns an d Iegs ~De~IPS may Wei'llf it over otiher areas t?o). Tih~se ~'ffe:r ~.certain (~el1cel'llta:ge) a'T;loulnit of protectll·olnl, wh I eli! 115used as .ol savlIIilgl throw,. mlhng on a



.For axamp~e. Judg~ iUC0!5' arm pads provide.~ 25% ArmiOur protec'tir:)[1". When the dloe tndicCl'te th'ar iii £h'Ot has 5u(lck his B.rm, his.player. FaUs a tlXin$!t,Q get?.5.0.F .•..ie.. s.c. tf.he. 5U. '0". -. s

cfJeds. the sh~t bounce. s aff; If .h8 "...•Is., th.t: ShOlt.. gae, 'S .8 · .. t.hrough, or mlS$l1l~ thlil a(ffliour, an:d Lucas takes :the dam~ .ag~·rom the WooIe.aPOfl as usual. f



I~ol lnan

'Co!TIIPone:M 1·8;ill& 'energy w9.'a~on. this is 5imi~<lir to aiam,Olndl usua~liy means that a 01reu fit has Qv,€:rhleated .flhle it~lm must be: repll~,ced inthe usual walY, as detailled Il.Ilnider£)\1Imageto Equlp":!en:t below, fOlr the weapon tolbe usable "a~ga~n. IRlermO:V~l':Iga broken compo nent t<likes 1 Action; Ilook!lllQ!for the new comlPOneli1lt taJke~ at ~ealst 11more A.ctiolil; alnlo 1 Actkllflto,attl8mpt .to mthe new piece. The aV<'lli~abi ~ity o,f spare parts. shay lid be d,e'trermi ned bytlhre Game M dlster. Vitali Clolmpo~:entfaiUl$ An i m pona at parr!: of the Wl3<l!pon oeaSle:sto woo rk" and renders the We<3lpOIii v:irl:uall~y useless, <lind ~rreiP<liraM,e.


Wheli"l .a shot is de~1ected by .iii suocessfula rmeu r ro~~. the ~rmo!Jf ta Ik~s.~~m a,g~, hqweVf1IF,a,ndits Ipr~t!eC1iarneha n~ II~ r:eH:h,JH;ledby 5%" This V!;'',I'III tHillPipelli e~lcl1i tl me a s~rv'El rolll liS sw;;oefs<sru ~; wih en the see re raeches 0%, the arrneur iis assu med t!Q bed e.stro'y~d. Or alt IIe,alstsQ'da mag,e~ ;;11$ ~o be Ulse~Is-.ss,and uti will nofoffer <'llny more pwotecUon. ..

Welliponexpliodes " lJ."swirth M ~ssile Wea pa,ns, the wealpolil malfu nC1lrons bad ~y, alnd exp:lodes,. caus;uf'lg 1 ra ndom hit '011 y'O~.L

'the l'1:ext stalge is tQ disoover where theshot has: SUuclk. YOU! shay lid roH a D1'O.OI, <lind consuilt the folllowu Iilg ch <'l t, r

FROMWlIJ'PfJNS Hils Oil ,cAtlltl,ctels o nee a Init hes be-en scored, by slJ.!coe,edingat


PerstJ.tllll .TJ"mtlge
the moo mill.,
Ilfthe sli"lot does ge·t pastthe srmour, or fUhlE!:r;e 11l0armOUIi is t~elre Ifillthefiir$l-p~a~i:ie,,- the f:olilowililg C!hlO3irt d'e1!)elrm~ne use: to t~EI ,effects of ,t~,e hit The eha ra~e:t wh 0 shot at )I10Ulron:s a 9.~,an~ m 2d1fi¢stlii:e ~esu 1t000,oco,~di to al'lty Effect Mod· ng tfiers ti~e WEI<1!IPOI1l has.

Fat· .~xOilmp'~, a Lawmastar's .Bike Cann.Q:t:I .ha:s an .f£fket Modmer of +2, which th:~t:e'f(}rortlie'01l1"lS' that 2 should be
add.ed t'Oth~ d';~ fait. De!<ilills oftihre ~l1Idh(~da~ Effect M odifiews <lll'\e 9 lven ~nthe u vs n GIUIS wl3:alpon pmfvles, both I (rI Chaptel'2 and intlh eGame Masl'ie.rsBook.

th~rr Iregis intact.additional 06 J'nitia:tive POill1lts.our body.red a pelrmranent injury of seme kind.a~iiIil 0 of YOUi Wound" '6.r' with 5 Aqti(H!)S (o.I' Simp'le involves lFiirst Aid may be . If both legs are hit.orresult.specia'l Effe'Cr Modifier. at lii dist.@ublle. see Saving' l. SAVING liVES EffeCit .~ . If you.e'ry iIII. ~htn'~1n. Once y.. untiil or unless ym.olJlod Each 'Wound y'ou rnooh. you must roll a 0100.~to BlGt in Phase' 7. BIS dietail. alndi alnlyill1ljurv.eor INJURIES&.ctions.! will need medii.chatacl>e.)(tr. As .s in tim.ormed ii'll the next Combat Round.enh..ounds. Ilf you[r Inj1tiative reaches 0. If you a have an abdomen wO'I.! can ge1:medical .I"lOR' l. ana meave.e is reduced to 0. 5. IlIlthtive L()SS Saving Live'S. but there tsa 10% chance that y.2~ A rolllJ'f 4: on the [)(i.ing . suibtl'.l!J_lnd.earry'jng on" but j ~$t slows you down a Wile. _ If youI' Strength lis reduoed t. Ini.a 10% chance pe[r Combat Round ofit IlUght or ILeft AIiI'iI"nhilt .t lf y. hOW€i V1er. Loss the use of your alrm.of 'two halnds is now doubled.g:erable to tal<:ie partin the adv.li ment." You may eantlnue to hop. e.A S1u n represents a knock" 9 r.tiaUve f~III. Su btract ~0 from allao a 50%chance alii.n.ave.rJml. but onl/Y if your o.the nearest hospillal.i'flle(J1 . Abdomen hi..lI'1d you may be rC<lirriied.on whetlher you die! alr. your eheracter malV HI'II'.e'~iJ. Consult 1!heappropriate section beklw alccord~ngl to the IOIl'. tlh~e ~ cihrailloeof dyuligl to 0%.11 Med-wagofl and cart Y·oUlolff to.ou snoulld ag[alin be. If YOIUlt Sr. There is also a .iently mstored. u 0 less m ed~. .atl1. though this do es n 01: in elude pistol-type wEili pons if you hold'lllem in your 'o~hrer hand !since you are ambide.e. per Com bat R:@uU'l!d. you may not perform any A. lHallve yOUlr Combat S'kil~W~'IiI~:1il illSill1lg weaporus. but you will $W~ be v.et m edicall attent:iion.Unit doesn't actlUalliystopyou_from . in P'hasas 3 and 5. pOlssible'" '8 "rosle . a . CheSothit all you i Skills.• for the rest 'OT the adv'enWr.lhem is aliso developing into 1 fu rl:her Wou nd.ed ill'll Wtll/lI.so 'ye'lH Actions wHI aliso b~ r~drulced. you mralV not move at . your condition W[n s'tab~h4SeI yrou and can be considered to be allive. ~ i 26 .ic/(e. you are in [much mor'8! serious 'tr.Il!31 wiil~'tem pora ~i~y["emove 11p~ii t n firom Y(H!Jlf Str:ennth score.ou willllo>se a furtner 06 Initiative points for e~!"elry Com bat IRaund of movement.rengrh drops to 0. ..d When you Ir'eOO'[lve a Wound. you are !flO'Ilo. V'OIUI m.2 Gamel Turn s) or you wi IIIdie~ IMledHca~ tr1Ej'atmelnt Will rJE)$10 m <II certaln ameuntct Iniriativ'l1.~'n Phases 1.3.. You m.ent 9 iiven.'. umilthe en:d of the adventure. Riigbt Olr left hg Iidt ..aZf!or ~fliil!florfles hi wou nd. 7.$. h no drug[s or speei alisijid eQl!. Md 9) is n.W.ay crawl <lit 1 metre pelr Action.mtl8_'.f medical treatment 'wi'thin 12 Combat Rounds 1.1elntca.ci'lIl tterlili. fol' examplle.ol'l ~$oi:ltan ned. an d unable to 'taJkepa[rt il1tihe rest ohh e adventu re. LOISethe use @f your I~g[ Ul'lm the end otthe Bldvenltm'e. Once your Strength 'reacihes 0. unless 'YO'ill [receive medUcal1 9lUefiltion.of losing[ an . When you recover.olJs rremembel'?~" Any Action requiliiing the use . s!yffe. wlth nO'. below.r. If y..r.tlhail:you wi IIIdi e.ElI. EvelY :Stu n prevel1lts you from carrying out one Acl1iolil. then~ i:s iii 15% cha nee. ifl'8Jct - Stlll1!S For e'XlJJmpie.k'iUsaild your Ir:I'Wittiv~.o >0 or be'llow. There is that you WHIIlose anext ra 1 Wound .ance of 2 metJrtls pelF Action.uI' team shoulld call . fin1illg a Irifle. . . yo'!.attel1lt:iion.our Inmativ. d·etaiiled above. Take 10fimm your S.ed every 2 Combat IR.ay not perform any ottH~'rAct!i Q ns wh illst stan di ngl. gives :2 Stuns. belQw. hits.ou 91e1.. You alse lose alII tine ActiOrns you could halVe perf..e'a ilia to' !. ta~~n to hospital as 500. there [IS the PO$$I til hty that 'jIIOIUI Imay h.bulJ'et in Phase' .J AIf'1>L. you must rec_eive somesort o. .d bya . bv the amount indicated.cal attel1lfii(:Jrn. M ed'icalattsntlon willi reduce Ullis: chance. a nd yo'u[r Initiativ{l'.'nUi"tivlB QS surffi(.our . rnUiatiVoe drops to 0. depe'nding I.act 5 from alii your Skills.lJepe[nldingl up. and VOU may be ueconseleus or dyIng.abdormel1l.~. H&!idlilJit 'You afiEli nocked Out ~see Hand-ito tla'nd Comb'alt belowl fo r' K D6 Combat Rounds.lIre. but: I'll ust crouchor fallil tot~li1re gm.admi[nlismred by alny'Ql1Ire. as. At$.<I Wou ndltfi the . other than p U .l. an d y. also temporarily Ireduce your I:nitia:tive score. starting with the next one. depending On the particular 'tlremm ent 9 i~en (see below). 0% chan ce every subseq uent Com bat Round . he ~o5es the Actions that he oouJd havre p8rlOfmed. and 2 Actiicms to firrEiI.. because there willi afSio be the ori ppl~ ing effects on V. l As well:! as Stuns and WoundS. wull Ullke 2' Actions in AilrnrinQ. and your Initiative (but notfrcm your SuengtM.•mll.i~'$..11as. you lmIaiV OOlnltinue to ta k~ p<a n1 ill'"l tihlE!9 <lIme" If not yo.ftrll.Ipontlliile t reatm.

ivan MS o.ilot e$$lefiltlla II.ilge. example.m¥' times as you requ ~re astii me a~lows it..Theehanee oHhis sucoeeding. or as a ba~ery (in til e case of .yof conditio.·(N3. too. . nex:t Combat IRoll! nd.. T1h 91\e· us.firom the weapon its. ·. bait aJ weapon. U.eil:.'.1lr POint Flfe. .I~.as pa rt 'of the sa me Action..f 45 is .e.![iYbe I.Point Fi~.e~rallidi 1iI{j it ts sNIII ~1iI p [)ne piece. l1his treatmsnt may on~y be adm ~nistEl red by sam Elone else~ ~e.rf) reduce his chance of' dying . Wgle ehanoe of swpp~fig a shot. - Thus.off! re.of nen-rnechen ilcal P<'lIrts and empty $!pa:ce wit:lhii iii 'the bo(:lVQ~ a. IiIUMI\N CONTRiOmiR: lltOO:P'EAAnvt mu: ICA. 1!. ~. (seesectlio'l"i dlbove).Grer's chance of dyi ~nl(jtn~r ctJl!u:~cter ttefid. This ifli!crea~e must not be by rnereth an o !.r ea rg:o.oiinllsa r.arrm. llhtisguves details oftlhe. you may meover D6 Inmlfltive poitrlits. . pieee'~ Anl'lO'utr.e'filt Is h it 'Targ.~. n~li!1Iiing Iln~lliatirve.and ~tt:emlpt to Ireg a iifi!00 ntnlll. HIits: 0 iii ooac1hiwQrk wil] not norma lIy have efi"illct. AmrliO!lItF prot~cticm is worked out as II. lJip to a tm!illxitrnlJirn of yom -nal I :SCQf..h~de.1:1" "illts When a piece of e~u~ptmerntSl.elf'.fill!3J Med~ S~iII when working out the Iirnits of the treatment..l!mmaris9s~lh EI f ~ffec1iS o!.I!sed~.a . Thle Eq Uttp:mllmtIPro.tems a rt! deta~ ~ed a~trtl1!3J PrQfilI·e..and you snoulld fie to these he.ms: own.Jir!ds)to cCJ!lilflplet. UsuaWI. $iii! mple Profli ~eisgTven below.-.e.me M:acster's Bookw~ n have ImOm det<llils ohhe' palftiou~a r Ittems.Packwii IIIprovide even man! .s a.d-SkiU. a 75% chance of the vehiole amotlil'llalticsUy rev~ri:~ng to malnual CQliltf\O~ dlueto' an in-buii It safety m sasu reo U tihis happens. AYiW-D~i.~oss. you rnav not heall yourself)" alnd Uilkes a . hiit. 01.g othe~ The 1F!!QadsterCOLII11tS!ilS. profi Ies.l1e'r.. and the lfIit pene!waites lts armour protlection m airilY}.ed wltlih extra e u~me nit o.1.$ :.ori!ly one: t.ne:rgy weapons).sedl. Olil.'l 'Coiaci'lwawk FUlel lLights. that yo UI wi~IIbel' a b!1 a to regl<ltin coliltrol 'of tlhie veh ~cll.·tI. HCIJ IlatrT atrget rflQitrlitsfor a wiide v<'!lriety oif i. varuQU$T!3rget I'llOinls.-.ns" 1Jamfllel:(} .ery successful stoppdi9.'Ihte . Oli' sp8cliaITsed ~nstrumenl.otn!<l1laJ v<i!!riet. Amllml!!l!nlttiion WeapOtillS usu91111ycany am m un iUoUi eltheres sheilis in . if a 119Iff)Eltrw'eapcil expllode$.ll1attentled cniu'.e'. .adotm I9Ilit: detaih.en t:ht~n Target. Thewe is: thena 25% clhlanoe. GQnsi. tOS-310 RandomHJt AutcHOtrive rtJFg~tPoint '316·~ 41EH50 5HlO 161·7'5 76·80 8Hll.. whO~e G. d eoaC:!liiwo~k: Ti'r!is refers· to the genelr<'lll mass .!nga ny· ~my th~n. has: a dist~nct Profile.to·DrUV8 I!! nit dces not swit~hto m. the tp<ltrtlcull. ne. .e.e.e. Usii ngl a Medi-. snd maiY beadmi nistered by you (ffilefrf (if you have enouglnl Initiative Ieftte perl'onfil 1 Actiofilor lIlfIore~.A hitoln an ALlt(!<·Drive Of AilJto-lPillet unit will calJiSe it to Cease to ill! notion. may treat: you at <lmy one ti me. lalrget Size..e. Hlit <IS if y'ou tll~d been hi't bl'a slhlolt ·.[J. n but !'In ofs1 speciiica ny GMera' Fi~. DOIiI't forg.a~.quilpm.l I SmaU rtJFgetSi~ Armour .ls equa Ito youlr Teoh Skill <IS<I pel'centag~.l): IS MIllijON oot\l[i(llIrIER IOONfROt ••• 1)A'Mlltit TOEQIJIPMENT Every [hIm of equiipment.Itrnt' Combat IFh.effects Mfi re On pa . m a~:least r damaged beYQI'lN:Ieipai ..effec.. wh icl1i is not i nell uded iin t~e standatr: ti Ie.e.f th~.25% 86·00 lyres Smalll Small Small 10% 28% ~one :26% under llhiese oimu msta nees.of'il.JISti ngl lh'El IF!.N"J~l'ef. tlilouglh its use ~:.ve' .tt1!ent1hiese tm<'lly be' hit ~ns1ierad. vou wiH not be atb Ie ~o re. A hand4le~d we<lip wi II stri ~8i you in the on ._ .n9 him ~ with an M S ofwQluld therefo. 2.<I trg. ~ar. At the .eatmel'llt may d Olut at <lny one t~me'. You willi reoeive 1.':mdom Hits frem General Fire. giving only Iil 1% chance of' _ AfttlfanotlJ'9rbouJ. trecove:rf!i"om ~ to.First: Aid f o..e.files.3lrneT"-'tnn (6 Cornball IROl.est eom m. '5 pclnts.ed for Ft.imprQvisied . This at1!!empt wiliitall::e 11 Act~on. On~y ona person I d. O&:mpdlnt Power Unit SteerUlig Normal Small Sma. tum.of treatment the cfUiilracter wiU be For Glut '(!'e'8ting 9trengdlllLosiS. A M ed~"Pacl!:willi add 10%tD your effect~\'!\e Me..fliedlil.'!:p. iol e may be dtriven M'rmallliy 0 iii malnlUtal1 rive:.gain 00 nttro~ of the veh~o~. however. and the nurn bersto be . ufiltnyou have $'wfltcl1!ed it to manl. A. TatrgllH P.roU.as described in the next eha pt'er'.T. the vel.yoiu may ~ {rounding iEmergltlilCY treatmem of th usIkJndwiU reduoe. if ~ veh lel'e has been pa(ll!. The foUowin 9 Iiistsl. 0 rice oom:rol ~s regatined.01'1 m. help.11 pe~~el1!iI11. and being red tJced by 5% fowev.~i0n Tmaltment requ~res1 fu~11 GameTi.eonly used when the e. ~fth~ Au. thol. the veh ~cll'8 wil ~sl!!f~ fer Control . itifllt~.e. tn!atment: rnav be ofifen:!d as m.u. r o by a !f!othielf person.:l Norm~ IIt:~lrgiMwih.JIS'U giviing 0.ffectliw.b:and<'i!lges. lhe . A am mum it~on w~llicause ilt t!o le'l<lplode" destlro¥~ng the W9atpOm<l nd possibly endan ge ru ngt the user. Hiowel'. that a Mledli-I?alck willI adld 10% to yOiUlr .. m the Ga.a re used wirth al ~otlh er types .You may >s.a a rea is destroyed.. the eh anoe of youw death by 1% per 11I pOitnlt$ of Med :$lcln the trealti ngl ( ..Jlffer.ndi of the Ueatme'nt.·~~r'\'l' wii II b esome darnt up} of Ule trela~ing charaster's Med Skill.cl"lalracte:r has.llnds.l!a~d!i'iiv. IHowevew.i:H11. ci. a Irmiillge .by 4%.I!. 50% Wi nd>sor'El'en Smalll Small I 25% None None u:.wutch. v'8. m .7 .l!'gh . you m the Game Mast:e'r sheu lid roll fO!fii! random hit.rJerinf!J~n Ii.

res.lman hl'ULocatibn chart: fsee . a 1:5.g . Ones I:\eoo{lnised. Ilnl this case'.soon as. u ntiiI tillrev.Actiiolil. i.oll.eve:ry2 Com bat ..it.A. but may not be n!positioned moore thall'll 10>deg rees hom IltS current 'facin:g". it may not iter repslred er rep~aoi9d.!. inbu ilt e mewg. is possible.eycomre to Oildead Inl<IJl~ due to.hiide will SlIJtfei Comro' Loss. raqu iring 1li SUG09S'Sru I os'l: th row of Y'Otli r .JI~€!d. YOUIi chance o. Other Iliglh1:s.uld I:ihlishappe. V.Jln cis" to retalirilc(Jintmol '~Q~1Iii $l'VII'iS'6. Irebui Id wi II restore the computer unit tc full I working order. detailed learilier.!ve to oe replaoed bef.he memory may be' damaged.ex!) Ioding.as drivar. u n~il 'tiih.uLnltiIlg So may. as d~:ai lied ill"l ~liileneiX.e is.e.r..Tlh.anlY attempt to. ca fglO' pods.!> bemgl towed Willi brealk.pl'ili1. and WliII h!.oS's. Sind wi~ IIh·~:IVoI" burst radius of !5.weapon'..%ehanee of its . rhe 'ttama'ge is so seve. a A 1'1 it wi II .mnely" Any itEl m WH'thdamagleo mo. thie:Gamre Maswer w~111 random liy choese by roilli ngl an spprcpri aite die. fooe..e veihriclle.Eff'eoct odifier for any person hit by the blast M Some larg.lhiusprevE!ntingthe eq'ulipment from b e.only . a non·vital piece it maly be replaead.me' ya.ing a damaged component takes 1 Acti'OIif.engine hit wiill cause suehsenous damage that you.rn~g.ay er m. equal to your rech' Skilt a's a pelrcerlit<lge'. OpenNOir bat Ro. and YOll must: tles1agai nst this c for' each subseq uent C@m!b. although most equipment 28 . willi continue ro"worlk untll tiheyalso reC:Elllvfi)' hit.. alUy be COl r.ehide eom as to a halt. you mliJ!'it decce~erate tile ve hlicle .evehlicle will s. ImIJ st CleOElllerateano try an d he lit the veh ielle as. IEquiip:ment wiH not fUliioCtiol'llJlntil the new oormponentis correctly fitted.carr-ag.S"an.e.m. and r13lilacing iit will tate a further 1 A'clicon. and use the darmag. The ve.. in whicli'I case vital daltal may be lost. OtlCupant • ROoIII the s.ed ene is.i'll.1I for COl'iltol tOSS. but if it is.A .u to dece:elle'ra~El'. it wi III .strOiV th€) pie~'.e bellow).own power.ill1 dseres'lil A. storage pannien. 'C~mlp'!d'er . Calrgo pods and the liib wi IIIslow d~own at 'UlI. 0 nc:ethe veh [. it willi be des..ay not be availarbl'e.1the h it.conti 1FlU'e.etaJb~es. attempting to fiina a new one will take at.e items of eq un pment.ceu pHng hit wi III.nt:agle.e. ele ha s been ihalt1ed. l'iH)Wevelt. If there is mcretnan one' person in or en tlh. Tbe explosf 0 n will cause D6 +4 random hiits Oon the item.e!"IIC €!. until the tyre l ns raplaead.n s.elarlier) on for the locetlen 0.and br. Thi'l! vehiel'e willi suffer Control Loss eacih subsequent Combat Round that: it continues te move.A hit 0'111 com puter contra Ilu nit wiil instantly deactiva'tea III a or( ilts tUrl etA.ooe. t. t Ncm·vital Component ~faJ'componenrt' (a sma IIIbUlt indispe-nsible part Oof a parnculiar item)' us h. IEngine An . end you willi usu- RemOlV. IIfl50mB cases t. Steering Unit ILJights Th a particu lair I ig lhit hit Wlilll be' destroyed. nd the equiipmernrt is rendered viTnu~ a ailly useless.t re. wiU h~ve specific operators.oli'S! There IS ~I 50% c!hSlnoe that the damaged item is .ill1:gs lhe' fiield.coglnising ~he bro'ken piece is.t wi II shatter us comes wiitih a bUlilt-ilFltool and spalres box.t:andarid hll.re out. Or . wh iiCh may be replaeed: o'thelWise.· II .ca'se "you IiFn3y specify which persen 'yo'~ liiit:.rrying epares tOlr YOllr OWIiiequipment nny'our beU pouehes or lLaw. .. !£lnd'l)ring the vehictataa halta-s soon as possible .. and YOU musttest each sub~e'aurent COlm-. In wh~ctil.iMra.[I p e.troyed.a seco.· I:.l~ea!$tanother .ulffer Contr:oi' l.ta rt it willi reves IIthat it: isa 11m iim possiibl[ e to steer.::l!t round the veh icil e keeps moviI'Ig. Your Game Master willi '1.lrtnlolnled or aMned ac. ifthe'damraI9.ml:lste. Ih I· I.simply blow the ty. ste'eitlingl unit hit willi fa.a Non-vital Component l(s9.o suft fer Control Loss)" Tyres A.~realr:t e m~ .only a .re that . and ilm parti(:l!Jii:H lalrgos' weapons. W.DriIiM~SJdUas ..effeu of any hit. an. you wiiH then have tefttth e com pon€int Your chenoa of' doing this suocess1fullly snd oOlrl'O!ctly req ui res .me-tires and a + 1 a . MOIiI. UseU~estaliidard huml<IJ1'l dama'ge system to determine the . I.rc~.enecysystems •.uno.e>~11u$usHy Imad'8 'of p Iiii sli-g~ ass)" If ( a vehicle been driven under manual oolnltr. L IL..~hiCle$ on Auto-drive aln3rnot alffected.1 iive you more inrormat:io. You may not restart and drive al vehiclle wilh a diilmagedl tyr 8'. as '~u. yQU ri"IIJst Iro.t: hapter. Spare compor'ilrfi)ms m.I.$: mount:ingls win bejalmml9ct.e.v. part efa Cluster. r the $r. 0(1 nice stop:ped.il'lg iI't to a hs It as soon as possTb. Ro Q.. Fu!eII If an il:em's f'ue:1source ~s hittihrer.s-tHl be I 1. un Iless you are usi ngl Tar-g'at Point Fire. Vlta'l'C:omponeiillt k" with <II NOfl='viral Component any h it or this sort wHl! dle.com p'alta.. hi j.~etween~!~ e . .nd roll of y'o!"!! 'TElch Skill ss a p.ore lt works agaiifl.ain' Iml'lxilmu m Decel'era'~~on Aa~e. the whiclle may nQ~:be started ag'a in under its .IIiI'9rrepos.

and you may Ailm the threw. you will to.e at him.8 nd Dody'illl. or whalevel!").!e.!i~h~ Ie.attemptmg to hit some other object .ead mer. ~()pllIs!h Ihim back a d ~s. ~1Ir'i d the abill ity ohlhe targett? try and pl'iotect his most vital aII'iEl. . Y. Thus.g ~im CH 000'91119 a blow ~s equal to.r~ i$ii$'{Jial~y 3~Olft since ene sufrer:e:d 6 Woun~ in an earli'er coflfron'fafio.aretlrying to restram tinl8m.~h~ nee of bloc:kilil.1I.' rope IRlolPesand Gr.. '~r a:r.e'iit though yo. HeF Stf\li!ngtlh$co. dge).Ii"Ci'm.ge.1!. tne .J'le may b.fthe i~.~o I~e al.llstJl1art ! ~~ . witlh a -. 'when ya.e'l In d'lls ha nd! m ust be' tra ns. of the ta Irglet d 1.e'i.g "0 Bottl'es and SIo'nes.Whelii. til~ir own burst Sii'ieas.ook..mple. m r anythmg .rsimillar small.~IJ. dOt IS not necessary.0'1' TOfl'AMP A FIILJL·SCALi _. pen~e!'!ta.eron the hit.(h.u maY.for we~'pon com bat" but there are different ehanees of hlttmgl particular parts. usual. Profile. t~. Trnis dees net appllyt..illli!il. talking 1 Action. you must be within 2 metres .ulli"lce ..lded ta rgs. y.!. ActIVe and lnaetive faster you are.dalmalgllngt~ell'll. re I'led as a.' Y'OIUl iw'r a del.ay. h owev. pl!ln~h or a push as yo l.. lifyou ~u'esu ceesstu I.above.a~ deia.elh~n.e. Grapplmg irOrilS malY not be thrown alt Smalll Talrget:1l. 'yo!. as.n ONI Pl\lJsh·bac'ks In The maximtl m Irange of Y'OUf th row 'is calcul ated as curre. Ilf your opponent us stationalr)" when you strilti. Th~. Or . . as detailed .f/ YO'IJmay try to n'frain from .arly stmn'9i blow 'Cain push you r 'OPPOIii\ilntawary f. To be ~b~.ell!l'Ig}ihe miiss.dleadlly you become.8pple5.C't!o. .m fora partieula r pan of yom opponent.he wary . m.ex12 Action'!'! i.our CQ. blloCik~ng@rpalrlr!Ylng someone elSie's.mg. IReSitra. Yo~r bask ehanee . yo I!.slmlllal~ to til at.lPanimJ~.s accu.ck.shouldl. bUlt ti'lII~reis a ·ll~fIf€:ct MOd irfl.obJect.~er.alld w iillst.fl.enil:de or hand-bomb is tre.elly I'e~tlrain them.! you may use do.. youl maly use up to 3 Actions .QI[J m~aly _.!rl'ie'nt.wlhlc~the blow is lau nchsd ~ yOll. to hit.u may use either wIrtlii ~IOI'~~.ofscorin'9 a hit is equal te your Combat .r~ ndem isa thea rea strl~lddromthe.Throwing . When ~Irappling with someone.. used .!have scereda num ber of saccassful hits ElqjU<. uSlngl 11Actu. exa. ' fllil'!:S B-U!I)!IIT 1iUIUtS IHim WIE"II'E . . THROWING MISS/l'ES' ai'mpi"'QP... you m@y ell oose. any ~lir.Jck~ngl.. Id.e'same or the v'ery next IPha$!e'.!llldi f.throw bottle.o~t ?~.e"t~:O .".bll to blodk a blow. Ilf y(). li'ght . IBlocll!i:ingl .s.ohwice y.outside rhe New New HaU of Justice. Ygl.Ish~bacik WIlli make.10. use its standard . Olr intoSi pouch ora ho. the intended b'low (be it a pu neh.em w. hewever.h.t. ~.: Alii ha Ildog ren ades snd born os use Area Effect FIre .Qt.If blow.t that lit is your Throw a ml~s!le as ~ A.ailalblel to ~bike a hand=io-hand bllow. Ullouglh you malY not Aim befo'r.lnthis case.SC"lRg A.~r.orYOUlr inte!. Ali'en as SI!Jg~bealst.g lin 0 rdler . ~eaJp~ mg . you ara oonlsidel~e:d to bec_'doin9 somethingl else.~a illn. have.elh rown ~ te s raln~e wo rk~dl out up asaboyell. !ii nd fe i !Hun9 al~so t use 1 Action each.[if aIV. . with modiifie rs. blow.abOIV. 1~ls. have more ehences (J Hit org'anisedil!J the' standard w.as:!If yo.OIUl use an Ail'll Actlk1ll1 beforehand.n.ille:d iln thalr individual Profile'S In the Game Master's B.sdeten led ealrh. IIANI)"'t()-NAN" COM'''' . o.rioting' . rhe maximum Fange' of h'l/it throw ie 21 (2 x 3. it is down 2'.e'l'ii n9 a pu noh..allY sort of 9.~tly.Stren'gth In metres." -.members .Sj nd don't roll f. stone. ·you should. even or a. unsteaJo of hurting your0'PlPo:nlen~.~s.ElIl"You hit the person . however.e.o anyattemptto stop an opponent's blow.! nUIIY use Aim Actions" 'WIth thetr sta nd"m:ll + 10% for each extra Actioi'll . 9u~in91 al~lypartiicullarCombat ROIUlnd.to dO. + US) metres.'try"n'9 to If'e~(Ner.u are . eXicep. nat nscessa ry in Hand-to-Hand Combat (even fOIF ll! JludgeJr."thiS. han d-to-h a nd oomlbat a . Ttl e ha ndl yo~wi sh to usa m U$t M free.113: to tine CIIQ'~~ rall'ige of the IIIit.of rhe Fat Abol·· Won Fron_f after a demo . YO'Ll.eiin IFlaruJ-to· Ha ~'lIIj Combat tak:es ~ ~~ion~ Tih is c~p indluid'e del!liv.I mal'( add + 10% to your chalnoe. In hand-to-hand combat the' more' . you mu st haw an avaii 11e ~ble ~ctlon In entu:!r 'till.nead-bun.thx:3 +15 ill metres. W.ee below). !!lck.% modnfiler for trying to hjta Small Targs.e the standlard Area Eff~ct F/m rules. Us. .. yo'Ur Imtf8tllie as a pero!3Ij). fO. You will ~ Iri.etohit.push.OrU'n']Ii!11ly~?W the mi~si Ie 'with you r 'dom ~f1a fit' th hand (a. Ilf It I'S 'iura:i~able. Jl.nt S:~n. A. state that you .J I to you If opponent's CumrentStr~.iile. i~ _e.Da mag e is as for General Fire.fe'rired 'to the otlh er SEll hand. these' alre. Otherwise. You m ay ~i.etlon. Each sepia rate ImO'y.Jdge i31atlc:hatd wishes to throw a Stumm ~'{l$ g~en8dt'J8t a group of.arid you can handcuff them.ir adversary Ilo!'ile his fi. toUowi ng' taib Ie.s! '.' ellects of lilts Or gnlllp.a~d in much the same way as firing a shot. as.t.ngth.(:!.uch a IhQid.ls.skdl. A Pl.or dalmag. delivsra nd counter bilow.ralthe'~ than YQlUlr gUIIl.slo~ to rt:s pond. IJsllng the same system as .ect on yo!. . acy.~sthan 250 gramme. .ge. push or wh atwed has no eff. they may be 'ocmsidelred $:ulbdued. ..m.. This dues not require Y. using IPhaSles.e. to determine whetlhelr you hft yo ~ll'target. this Action tiO pimy or blodkth e braw" orto nya nd ncu::lge the blow (s.

V\EN1it . .ootion. #le JUd. ss 33.CS 32. 121 .to produc.. ~22.ed all1l. offering a per. Dippy's Fli. av:aHable who 30 ..ollla D4 (n era DEi)..e. Elallal'id: s 3.<liVe faill~heartalck ha sits usual . Billa!.800k tor more' d~t:$Us}. th.s peo'p!le.dV'tihis eveliling.e <il!titacikied by_a..ge T~b~.JrII P.l·ashi.ult. CS 32" DS 1.e.lt . ha ~~15 YIP.g alrll'rUililrl9. DS 2>0.m.cton . andeeern off ~Il tne diirection of de Laurent:~s A'II'9'n!j9·.!! Idlthe PSH.. you .~ Ifefl ~x:.iIlt ' ICmJ' Combat Rounds. addyoulF St.9.Jf. Arne.s are St1.s .··-. railleo as ill! !perl:l6nt<llg.dintJeF~epl imln'lledrallely. B3~hi!ird il'lflld d'Orily ~draw tlil.i~'~deaIF..of OPPOI1@lrlil:$. Pha'S. TS 27. f '''111. p .• CS 34.rld aldim~n isIil ter 1 lKicik:attOilck to !J pte 2: oftihem.954 and 7.t~ngth andi mod iify tihe score Qlo(.ffiwe. .$ a off.on the !o. IR.AwrnO!J! r r'OIII..r '(person 'wiho uses Psi powers)'. and many c!Ttizens are o'ut on the $'tf1e.$tew d~(fid. and a large baG}'bu.- mooiive ermug h Stu ns or Wou nds $!oasto pre.:: 1$ M'addllt!1 0 1'1<111 lmttattve loss fo r being IKnoe:'kied CrUlL 3 Actions.a$t eigltnt. but a$tiru~y $OF~¢(.s.ard e1Tl'ed. i 26.ffect of ARREST EXAMPlE' It isa hectic Midsummer's In the for~Owing .armeda nd poss~b~y Andy Lloyd Webber into!Xicated.eps I' Gu ns di@wn. Th. tog ether Wllt~ rmt1<ftw8 reductions.EftBctModifier-$~~ tf1~ Game Master'. 1.e .(. MS 36.. thelrLawm~~ter btke. Expe. D'S 29.es up on Ule Com·Sc!~eens of their Lawmasters.Ja~ Yol.t/o.arl'ld d"Or~y) all'1epatrolling on their Lawmaster b'uk~s. i\~tthe same .!!a 1f6 !Knooked Out.lie print. C$ 27~DS 33.un ~ess the b~ow c. A. however.e Ameza!nd 11 tea m(Judges is 8.ev haVis. y@u must roll for each attac!k . Prooe. ~Ylng: m ot~ord'~s.e.uo!gE:S and other As fhtil first Co moo'! /f. pran kst!1l. tliley d!o a dou bl.alalce.tio.olkO'ion fo rtlFouble. liitteIFer:s.rI'. . Eath H~i$~r cl1t:ries . alnd malk~lIiga nya ppropriate .oul'ld Perp'S ar~· are si'tti.edto the standalFd Dam· a. Al!l'lez.!coelSsfut~he PlOii(wl.s. anda vastassortms li'it.on PhlJ$133.tlhus.rs.a. G un butt c~ or oosh! ulb [le~ro~pl'1od or IkrMe LaJs-'~n Ife 'The rssu IllU scereshcu ngl Id be . rs 3Et 5S 29..separatJely. AUJIudges hafV\e.~ wllthin 2 mii nutes. f'O~~owed by a verbal confiirmat~o. . r rist 0 r lKiidk: K..!fJ.~tarl$.rsfing with Crerif't5.e"'ta ke.. Whulst~hiesealr~ not to~lhe m~~ G rutyof cnara. d up. as up to now the .(lt~I'~.Jlre.11$ it li$ treated a....ngll1liignt. P:S'2'5.errgesthe perps to 'OK c~e.I~.ct~r$.llr Psi Skill. S 2~I 2 A.g85 .IFmi g.Draw we'apo:l?. thTrty.ctro~Pwodor ill! Las After rrandom ~singl fm th ea Ifea hit. alny Actions il1l.~ :f.o.1 @. t~~nB t/J~ rfontof br.SI) a ecialalttack •.~l1'S 2'7~S829.e'llr Lawg war pISt!O~S.ru nka lldis.' <lInd his teal!l'l wrencntiheilF tlik'es a rQY no.. aJndl serawlers: and it's olilliy han p. SdJve do.s.o.I'lQ On th~ 1fIu. As de'll! uled in Chapter 6. Vl. 'At1~nUon.91$ deta.time. to try and bloclk the atrtalck" Tllllis~alving throw ~..a Illan:ll. If ¥GIJ kick more than 1 persen.' 3.e.s a n ~utol!TIJ$ti..ay pas.! 'ttl e tu Mortuary. .er.e.of raps. or Wound.IKnHe. Spec/Ill Afmeli -l. Mo'Stof inti Juc/ges wiU aIGt the Perps and Judge Cam will a. Alre:a. and stoiP ~ntlhJel rtlr~cb.~de. G~mt.wattclhing the varlous loca~ earn ivalls.p. inju.or.l.ol1.}(jg~ Am~ chall. Tn~n.rs.0 m~tn.amlE! frem an E~e. ~In lJirglent messag'e f.P$ 35: • d'Oliliy: S 2.red e~rnt.'ed in italics.!! NOWIW Ar~ez $ho~ts. awwested two mun:lel'\e.nltlO a ha. an awsonist. PS32. 2 Ac.ordi lilg to the biow.i'h~ntti~ya~ r~~JTngl ~heirllbawmast!ers ~rllto11 fight You may d ~ij¥e yO'Ulw bike th~o'uig a gll'ouP . IJ8.. WB:S 34.<J Stump' Gun a pump-ao. DS 35.feremCfJs to rUr~$ and the g~mllli s-ystem .i.app~i.tthe damagetihe. However.n shot gun {12sh~lis~ -f .•.e. Pc'$yke.atrea UO\iWldi a Psi"sav.e'SO'lJits ide.e.~o:!L\lVlil'y. of J udQ.MS 39~ P:S38.e$ to start impo>sing Phases and Actions. The:y <Ire tiher. you ~f1e' Knocked O~t J you 3 Actio:rls. tlU rB. blloW' does.f'Qur riQtinglPunk$.flWmtlstef Kit/(' Astlh s< tJe:alrTil Flnl ontoth eBr~<ln Gysin S!j(jedw.. IKnoclk (JiU" ~fya!. <lind d.!!tslioe. MS 25. b8en run without an imposed fram~work. a !flYAC1i:vons. Seei ngtit1le ~~n~. itle lPerp$ T !1eoovew from tll.nd 9. ]a¥Walll:el'$. many of the Sec.Perps ~. .. if the Mt SUi'k~$ tlrn~awrnOIUit.1u ng" ~n SeC:Wlr 66" g Jludg.~.iif youl a." lif you frO.onth. rs 22~55 28~MS 6.ns. r1dO'~$ nOit redueeth e prot~cti:on ch(llnce by 5%.lld~ h<ll\J1ElI IPsychic Powers.and out helrrl. Alrm o'l!Ir wi~i Ihalve its sta li'ujl.8. 55 ~.s's not I'equi re the exp~nd uU.e No Rre's.:~. Armed Robbery in plmglre~s.ets.'.M$ 28. the P\ewps bu rst thlrouglhtlh e modk·Wes'\j6vlrI swin 9 doors of the a resde.oti'Ons {Cant 3 Actions. J udlge Am e'rZ and reali'!fl.t this p.C'e.. bQ~hi J.ire ttarCk has no ef'fect~ and bouI1H. 'CO~lner o.' eq li.ilieliSs!.Guns.n. wlil icih render you unconscious" aJnd prolh ilbityoli. wlhich onlly they IrlrliaJy u$!e.1Jame has.J iflFom doilrl.A£ltiOn..oint th~ Gam~ Ma.s. -you willi I'e~ejve adieHtiona ~ St!ulns.s. at the ~o!ssof omlly 11 Action {lDlriv~ ¥~'niclle) tlolr the wlilo~.fck:from Lawmast!r IEve in MegaJ-Cily On. TS 28. 'C8nt. .csntage challiloe of pmt!sC'tinga paJrt~cull'lir srea.e".f Inma n and de laureliltus" F~\le F'!1llrp.t.2.e' shock o~ Inli\'l1ving 4Ii1'1rge-aSl-IUe Jlud!.-'lI'ClUi must wOlrk OILJ. ho~v¢IF. PS 8. Th~ about 1.It's go~ng1lio ba a Ilo.: A.rienced Judges\ there may welrll beal trlU mlb~r Gf Ghara.'$2:5.. fthe ron is to ~ s·1!.~ .or!~ for .Stun.s ..andishihg on Ph(J$~. in the fo~ lowi 11'19 om b~ C Ao und.aC'h have the following c-hara:cterisJics: Riab'ber: S 3.$' 6. .(.

~mdcautiou.r.l]ind talkes aim aU!hie doorwary. .Ro. Plerjps 11 d M an 2 "ave gone left.and gets .lls.tu-steell.c. 'YOIJin the re . Aim by by5. Sa 11011 fires h~s IHeat Seeke r shalt int. J udg.iUiHW VIIer'eabout to' get ol!ea ~way~ n .ation!) Iinside.ell (11~st Actiion). just .hit.to $~f') whe. IEvery one of th ese peo·!)le is affected by Iii e glas. . and tb« shot hits.fj .ard removesa ~eat s..andi tuniS it "n. .rherth.an:J:s theercads's office (since they know that in 'the oflii.pi l"atPrs . into a very dirlt.come out wirth s up!' Y'0IU r IS. 52.nIndB'fing! to Phase 4. di'Orly takes up positi on to the right oUh. Judge Cant draws his Li'llwgiver piistot Ph'a'$<e6: Judge Amez: picks up his Hand Radiio.J.o~.e'Cal'lit dismounta fnl m hils 'lLawmastar.. 58. havinq been hit by IBalllard's Heat Seeker she I'!.rrander:. ..a'r.e Alm~d for one Action. Next Combat .Judg.' Ball<llrd'lle. deciding :that the Stumm IGaS will add SO%"a. I'll Stumm 'em!' .. Ame>?~$ SS of29 m~ans that thechanCfi of the P"erps" $urre. right.l'Ider t~.iii 12.dlenllVtu rn Up •.I. However. conte. The GM rolls a D 12 tor the directIon .. 11.sly peers into I:he building.e PerpS will su.o' ttill'\Ow iill the Stumm 'Gas grenao.\119$ o¥eu' towa rids the doorw<1'Y. MeanwhUle..just i'l1:.the action s.t Mod. to·choose he·gets an mid numbe:r~and P'erp :3 is.e. u.y aillev whi.and gagg.and il!'Orly p ulll d..ourid Ule back.r1(j 'SImplY".. rig ht behi rill:!! s fellows" I nsl de the bui Idin g. are prepalrnng themselves. back OUlt o.UsCalnit to 910.ilj'" d'O~IYllnlinS the piin..of I:ihle ar.fJ'lling fo. immed... happ en~d to the iif frfer:nds..ead'e" Th'e: . 1M hlandlle on till ~s s. 'wlJlch IS. P..the 9.erhas no EJfB. round to ~he baok of the small bUildIl'llg. .oyees. 101'11 PhaS8 7: Outside.r. and ioeee . the Hea~' Seeker wU.!.enad:e oversl'llQots :Ule' :rarget.P~rp 3's Stun will add a furthfN 1.edoor.safe1y fe8JUre m~.e"p :3 now has 12 Initiative.his nex... and so B'aUa.a r'd and d'O rlly dismou nt from thei r Lawlla masters.l.cted HO.~ tar damage.D. tow. and see what has happened ba.8$ ar-tesult of Arnlez's chaJleng... Pelrpis 3 and 4 ereueh down behind <II couple ofslot machines" and aim at tlhl8: doorway with thsl r Stump Guns.and try !lll'lld miI'IIda wary in.arid 9'0UfiI'9 in ~N~ back-Up required..G.me Master rlQlIs .Phase 9. who lmi'gl1t be use~ull hostagles)" Two others a!fe heading fer the' baclk::of 'the an.!'iI'iS that if has a min(munl.i'TlSellf !s IYin. using .aikJe'rshe.ro!lsagainst hlslC~mbalt Skill I of b Itt pets .atno·n$Viiollailion~ he door US T made of f1ulstingl plas. mantaHy makllnga no. but the Heat Seeker will usually hit automatically.and the Perps.fJ mISs.o the dalrrd kened int.as Perp3 farlls over. Rolling iii Do.e is th~ usual ta A yell comesfrom the inside oJ tile bU'i'di'ng. 86. tis is r~quired of a . the Judges.f~ihie dClOIrway to ilIlHow d'Orly t.jde" .lIIla rtl .gets 82.r. Pe'I'IP brea k5 his.IiI.erior.. . Pe'~p5 pushes the end of h is Stu mp G unth rou gll'l tile srna IIIservice sm iiI'i ~he chalngl8: booth's girillle.rps 5urre. The basic chance is ~qual to The' Game' Maste.0%.' sU. and ducked into the casbler's Chalnge IBooth.e. hit·the nearest human tBrge~ (fflou{Jhan inbuHt .a ()fj.J udqes l3.e.ene vi.852~ . ha nd :u~.olmd behili'ild tile OUildi ngl.~ he gets a 61.4: Cant turns tile eorner. !uil!.. ID'Orly takes Aim with his L~wgiver ~also set on GP'.tarls on Phase 3::. and P'erps 3 and 4. There is.. :2. lnslde the building. f. learnt makes a mentall"lote ro book someone for al Iwgii.wlhere IrOwS of slot machines willi offer a good deal of cover.a faded 'Tre Perps. and CCHl. PMs'e' 9: Outside the' bu illdi I'Igl..d).s 2 Actions.Game Ma'sU/r decides fha" out' of all the P'erps.D'Orly says:Standiback. . ther.o've.s a Chest.ck Ull€f:re.131 ~lh. Carnt lis ~m/. Arne:z Y'e. Att!h e same time. peerlnq into the darkened <IIrCal(!e.ndfi'r is 69%.'lIfd draws.a score of 16 give. P'erp' 4. and the Perps alii 90 down ooughi ng an d cryiingl. 'The Heat Si1tfik. a nd the two trussed e mplovees. $10 Ballard rolls the 0'1 OQ'.all.crawls over to him.e fh)olr.eh leads up to a small fir'!)'door. H.J~. hit Rolling fo'f Hit LOlCati6n:. p. hiding at thfJ' tm'ck: behind the slot machiries~ are eligible to pe hit. The GM. ~md is iP1¥owmiing them oftlh e :Sitlul!iiltiol'1: 'H <'!IW3' arrived at ID~PIPY' s. Phas. AJrne'z has.e 3. Into the <limade" 1 ActionM. U~il'ig a GP shell as prope/rant.f. . chance of ii' Weapon M. Amez salts hls Lawgirver to Incernd~'ary" Ballll.te to' a~so book someone for aFir.ed colo!J r.r A. it: expl..e~ps 11 2 ar. on Phii.imely dive back through the doors. Phase Il: Arnez 1'1'110. Amez rolJs a 50:". rang~ of 15 metr:es). though still ha. loss 6 is ro'~e.of :tns grenade. PhastiJ' 7::: IR.mlf. which was once' palilt'ltec ibriclH.. Arnez dismollll1ts hom liis Lawm-:aster. having d'eci~e<d no'_t to siunendie. ing to peer back into the darkness. 50' the score of 2 produces 1 Srun and . Perp 5 has headed inside the front door.n i.e$tigarti ngl a Ilocked $teel fore-doQr.nd .tion.und.~g.fse .each P~rp.owP1theliir Res.e Jud~"$ Street S~ill! ~s a percentage' {thus it is 2E!fi.a.lmrblle out. The iO'Cafio. fter h ala liii ng IPerp a 3'$ y. Ballard nolls f()r a normal hit.s not protfJtfted' br any armOU'f. and bleedlflg shghtly from the chest hiit..111 'from his 9 Ilove pouch andfits it to' the end of his ILawg lver (which iis set on GP).~. The .e. IPerps 1 and2 have reached the office" and sHipped iinside. When the Stumm Gr~made: lands.on'r 3 and 4.ce lie two bound .fi. B.r rolls to see' whether :tlitl' Pe.d emp~. wi~h their hands albove their heads. P'9lrp 3.e'Regl. . and throws it irn I:l1e 1mug h di reCl:ion of th e bacik . temrporarilly stunned.J'ffunc:tiofl. The . and 77: none of the Rer{)s'sh'ow eve'fl' the remotest fndicationo.etryillilg t(l_dlis~ &: cern what has.ad'e. .lghifigl fit to· bust .odes Il:i~tween: the mom conta ining Ii?erps.

l. r()~ndBtJ up :W 29)..he dfff!eren.O'f l\1e.1)1') . .sS soor.of. h vmtQ su rn~l1Idew. Whetlh.. reaNW hs-sducke. .owev€!lr.lain h. hoping to .ol n6!!!itl':by.st pace. It's 32.aiY be a d'il.!W GM liO decide wihlethetr Vall win have a t:h<il!noe of los.employ in yoururnv~$tiglaitiolils..nry has: a glf.hims. Or amLlrnda mal2eor wind~ng aU.e8el iin the (7am~ MBsters.exJtIf'a ove_Action M you make a'oove the f1umbelr he mall. and i~ creeping into the ..ance of 'yo'!l. lt inc[lud~'i1l deh'llilli> ofoh.nty di'Sa'pp.a nd so on).eyou!'.' 0' l:s: tl:OW.'111'l ou.eta il. J!. ' Me·~~~~g!e"r.s .f:"NER' ACT/' •• If you an! tliY~ ng c1h aise a 'Perll! thtr01l9lliia lalrg.a~~ in t'lhe Me:ga.a .d "fUll r 'nU§ativea nd your r ls s.e'l.J linli:$: chapter deallswi'ttn oth.€t8mdJ ~n .liy.e.".e~tE:rtl.1uai:oIilISyou Im~y care (or need~ to mal<Ja" in the course of YQUf d~~l~i1l.2: U:mcause of Ih.v'e r dam p ng but if the P~lrp filed 8 10111.e:aterlha n you 1'$. is If yours IS glr.isAotlions)" you cain metres on !'lim intnii!lt wliind.she sets offet 8 fa.e to.d behind rll:ejuves.e. p.'8J sUlojeds.eretf:J~ Perp now is.ing y·our whether you cain catch !hi m 'Wilthotn lOO much trou cll'llance .. ou may acid 1% for .Med to I!::rnow.re m. qUiHry. beogll!'lIning 0'.A. t!"va lfldi findtihtem ag alin.toflil'\e. 'dl')(f(lde$t.f:1io.S''"fMJ .ethel y '!ilIIII. 1... and makes: a run .ve $.ame M aister wi n Ihd/\le more ilnifor'malkln on d.•.fllng' II When on patro"yo'~ willi QfiI:elrri mind youme'IHn pursuiit oBI!eail'l:g P~I~pS.~.idesyou !need lio thr~fow IGs~!1lg him or not. iiS. . 'Tracking isn't used very maeh at. {lit ts up 'to yOl. iifin ~ round you have 4.es ~1iI a COlrmbat Round. de.' '~~SOfil y. U.e-s (:29~2.eatertlnli3Jn IMIIS. •.hicle".ahend h ~m. untirffl:e Judge' I'MIS gone. but with a ·:20% to the chance tWihliclil ts imposed eu m 1!I~.oss~bI19! Shol!llid yo..of juve.S. . before a flY Actu:l!n$ are ali'illnounood. o.iti'lll!lron fo a~:or you r Lawm!1lst>e'rbike. For exampie. every 'Com bat IRmmd.and roon't CFif)t)I.re . The' GM ru'~s' th8t(he Perp had a 1 Move Action head'·s:tan o. .asing IPer!)s.s . The de·cldes t. <il!f!!d (111~.asthey pauf aut (. you 11..every pond.S. It as in the exampl e abov'e. when dlea ~i wiit~ <'I 1i\reshllraill o. Simill ar. they a~e 18m ilp~rt.•throwingl hea. fh~.. H! n or ju m p ferm oflhe tlhlere<may well ~ be otner types of mo.(}9 crowd .s wha~: )'10U.a'ris.ulr talrg. .fge Me. eq ua~ 10 th .8. Move wihici:'! SO en.hi.u~nderar.llr i015" ing the per.~ witne$5ied a vie~Oil). yiou may you.thth.:i.vement 'I. flf you sre wounded. ai:ldeii to t.Ld Ci.ne. . .er yOUIF.esen th. Tlh us.i~e-$ add to a~n be seen above bobbi 07%.Pe.r:. dimbingl ropes.. B~{Qr:esecretly rot tna¥gh.hat it woul'ctn'r be safet'l:l shOal' a"tfU:l· perp as di$app~lJi($ into a laf. you r G.·~r.u:. however. if the maids aJ~Sie.slatndalrdwai k.n M.crowd of peoplle. now he is h~din. 011$1<.$C. as J udgl~$.a:tti'1louond $. the. · o:ffil'$own blaod.9ssenger.r."..0sle.ot:rlng a' DtO'O.V¥ objects" wep:aiiring dama.'Ll <I..e.5..p Tfllt/dng ir.ssenger ha'S ju.s seclilon wi'li onlly ~.Parp has $udde.The (Jhan~o!fkeeping tabs on him is thl~ avei:age of het t and . or .g. so she IS flOW 22m behind.ry. lrlu~ distance you ara cihasing the iPerp at iis at first eq !l. th~y are .f yOUi r lnUran'.i~.at~vely ach time e so' iif you ~ose himtWlice if!! thei>ame clil<llse there isa -40'% eha nCe.. but you r Petr'~oaln on 1'1mi3ike . ref\olili ng!ilS above.oo~~ho.'8!2 is 2..As W€1iI as the .lfYGur ql1.far it Messenger hN t 29 and 58 28.eping up Wt.' .pend~ flgi on Vl.aoking a mud.u decide you would Ililk!~HO' arnd track your try willi i3Jc!'!"'lise ou now di:'f1fik. I iii eaeh ease 'tih.··a~e at the . . <i!lnd wh. h.e glr.th~ 8M mUs to S'eewh~th!O!r the Perf) has lost . :8td'l up <lllild.spec~allly bU$¥.. Idck.ins. Biel-ok.a !'lell SO o iii.th61GM de.. or 12.eiX:oept dlifi'i:cu .S. tihe GM m~y lIl!110 difytlh. <lind OlNER MOVE "elIONS . which is 29-17.about 18 meitres apart. Ul~schanc~l:S worked O~H~iS fo~Ilows.ey:s.'l.91 me ago allQ IfIg ciletaneenti is aJmuch harder task ~halil dhials~iilgi him. IHe Ihss 9 !JJlidelUn.tizenJ. 0..e>a~er Jnitla'tivethi... Before the Comb. til uscliia nee ~!5.. IB'U/tfor 9V1e.PtlfS.ulltit is.eg<ll" . Agai n.41.n91 . y yl)u~' tn!:tiative.r)~gnoreher .t.chasing. ~ilhe tillesk is nvgh on imp.ve pilus )'10U Str~e. swim.th~~:f·f~·1El' ".is score. at: tlIim...'$t.ed to . or you lose ( Ihim and have w give up. .r moves a nd .litive scores.be!'Ween their 'I".GMIdec..SEI the folliowi ngto WQrlk:ouUliie d istalilce:s between youl. The final cf'lanoe l$ therefore 41 %.wh. At the start.m un~" moving sIHerl!tly" dldvi IfIg or fliyilil gaveh~cle.c:uty.e. M.ged ge:a'r. lhii$ continues untill you .h. a. and th~ Tap has 1~7.f39p.~m Drive Skiilif Y'OIi"i1 alFeirra \I1e.<1 ppr.t if you <lIFe ellasli m em foot.n 0..' n.lying .flici'tJ... chi eCkism.son you ar.Ialto the origlitrll'lil distalrno~ b~t~en you when you $t~rt~d cha$'irng yo. R.e .lrG ablE! .0 h. <lind mere Ib~!>ides. reduoetl1 ischia nce" tliioliJ 9 Ih. you -n the usual 4m..<ls. i.. . City One ~S!11"the best place in wh~:chtDtry t a ndlwUow someone. 1M o.~nd .If lIobo"scho. eretestseets. Your iGtM rlflay w~11 Imposeother Imodifiews· to.reduced by ~% y yor every poilrnt Ihis If)iriat~v..ing down doors . .eJf amongst the JIUve.

Be'S Dwyer $Uuggles . the pefp starts clam.wlIllIl As detailed iin the Ilast chapter.sl:ope :to the bottom. .i1lot at DWlffl!r 8s: sh\Ej' struggltffS up ti1e side ahead of him .a1ile. you a wil sh to dim Il. HI$' Ill1IIrtlaulive IS 48.mary expend up 'to 'two in a walkIng-MOIve Actiron.are havlinQI to. he :takes Aim with his Lawgiver_ .f him. ha II\le~ '~o1m if you . or make VQU test ag:ar!f1<st vou r Initiative a's a peroentagle every COU pl. -: zs a .olJ you wi IIIstilllilose it I nd. Roll ing whe.ga-City. though your GM willi lI10rmally tmpose very res1rictTr\!l\el rne diflerste tni s. a. '13 r<l~e of YOu.SUfpr-is~. 0 da II off.(0 shOO'thet. to folilowtihe trail.iolns.. . Ah~ed . however..o. V'DUM n IOS8 you r next 5 Actions IJI porn f.:If Move Actions..1 may do. h~r by sl!aling the' sfieepe'f slope be.g r:e.e alii your .swing acrosS' or!' :the rope.e.out takiillg any d<lrm~ aJge.JnIti)rm and I'll av. and keeps hisfoot. Ihowev.fls.. to us.g.oror axarnple. though you . reoovering from the ualtas d." decides fli'O~ s. For ·any fOilII over 5 mstras. if you can rmalke this roll. biut you must state l~ at you are glo in'9 to try alnd rollt oerol'<e yo u hh th e 9 rou nd. B~(irham 0.tracking u$uailly talk'i:is Oil II of rll your Acti. whO' has .bering up the side of the pit and Bentham de'cide's. a. You rnlaryals:o wish.lMin~t his Combat ?kill Be. sa a.gainst . yom G M may iilso. wh. AlthouQlh jumps.and rollsa.aII. to try jJilr:J c~t..re' . CUmbfng the rope is 'Quite sim . y. hc'wever. .Usuallly-.roUsa 86.~to anav.ntha~ 9e. p.ou wiiU still lose the number of' Ac.I' 1. If you don't. yoU'n needl to rna Ik:ea n !'nitia:tlve cheek. Scrambringup the st.:' hJS Co mbat Ski II is 31..e IMove ACUOIi'iI.ons. and hds DW']ter m the arm.('lQai st yOll! r Iniriative.e you lake by 11 hit.lfyo'lJ arewealr!ng full I. FalJs:and rallmg For deta lls o~ dama:~€i Iling .ep ara'ler side.j6 (sinc-8' he. a nd save alga ~flist y'OII. Tllis n doe!sn't .e'r.t~.ge.nge complex deep in the' Underci.e.! Pfil'lI\f~OUS. IIfyou walnrt 't?. liilr!HlI'tlS per Move Amh:J.g.gain fa It Fo.nd th.en $wi~g aCfos'Sfi:o a tifld._.DLl¥YeraerO. he .5.o r?n?~ wa nn ~ootpr!nts across dusty glr'OIJndat lnilglhit (whl.-O'n lands .at bv.g..he' ~M decides. which you may do without penalty. J'lldfJlf.t:ions you wo'uhj no ~mralHvmake in ~'Co mbart Ao. but will hailvEl the' i!lim~uiil'~ of ti me you must spend ." .atolf a~ 'to. (j'nd io'ses hIS footmg. rlljt/~tJv~ ~Ild y()uH'_Srr~~~ r Skirt as iii percelrlil:a.ut he is beinlJ sh. 1}0lling . swingingl on ropes" For this 901ft of action.ot . The chsnee of ~!~c~es$fuilly tlF!:Jlcki..ed.n !lip to the usual lirrrlt of 4 Actions.do otne r A.! th.olll de magle... unles$ \IOU Sire able to 103 011 somethl 11{1SiOf!:or oweak you r nd fall with a roll.ilig. he may hallve vour movement rate'.ry).ate of 2 this r.a-Re~ Ught t.e. If your GM deeides that the surface is too hard to climb.I\e Action for every 1 m et .o. When . r you ca n reduce the damag..~P€i'!P ~$ 'equa.~ot. ChecklnfJ agair'st filS lfi'~'atlve.may swim at a . next Com bat: IR. if your che i"aClerrhaS all Initiative of 45. e him chec_-k. lnone of the destroyed Sectors .ll Jnitiati'V6.e muddy .S' hie swings act.he mli'l"~s 1 (unher In itilative cheat.S$) a fjomb-crat~'md Rad~ pit.g' down tfl. chapter. and 'there-rore 5 J\C1lions p ar Co rnbst Round. the section on Objects la1iiar lin th~$ ehs ptle:r'. You sh 0 ulld roll every s~x Combalt Rounds (1 G ame TQJi ~. you.41.~hriIst y~uare el im~iln.. 8~ oovere:d In UII. is in 8' Stf8.und.gear witih you.·. on ._g!es .apply to Speaking. or YOIUIWi'U a.ge' e~ntham is chasin.d.up the rough ~slope> he tries .when IJI 5i!flg an Infr.alsa fallen down the' slope./ BoUafid w-a'ot's to' climb up a rope. ecovering frQlmtihe fallL Thi$: doesn't req ui re an Injtia#'v~rol].ad€j' Ufik p Shelagh 'The Slasher' . fhii s means that you can farllfor up to 5 metres wilth.of metres or so'. pie. b.he.As U says in Chap'tet 3.ctn IS In I~sellf an IllCred Ilblly rare eceurence).ijruu~ry ". Next A.r'Qvided . whletOBr he' falls. as Iiong as you expend the required Clitnbingtlll'd Swingilll' Actions. Jw:J. decide to impose a movement pe.sII1e' rilm. so if your l"IextA"ttion is!1't du e unlti.o r. Rolling wllll'osle you your next available Action.her .. up 'tei theusual maxi mum of . Jumping tlnd Rolling oe to I.e.hold.a motley assortment of ravlilg'" in. you won't be . fa tntlk.u'Clh~ !ds. climbinrg a sUI'table $ultiface win requ ire yo u to expend 1 MOl\. milch to ..olii.ne.•In fiis first Action.rexampre.on the injur:ed Dwyer.e.tih8<se willi take the fe 11mof oontl'olled fallls·S! nd may weill do y.nl yo IJ f'alll wi II talk!e 1 Action.nallty -YOu.9 ~r99..!}". however.ay 0 ccas[ons w~en you need to' ]0 mp lon ge:rtlh'aln you are aillowad brvd'il.yo 1..()()se a s. ~fyOlu Imake aJ deli belraJte lump.wingsomethfng behind you..oss to land on the' /.c1!.e'l:a~lledunder Fli'.he equivahlmt of 1 Combat IRound). Far s:xampt~.. $0 (If Y'OUI avethe Aettons to do the m with ft I:mt h you must m <likea save .his I SCOT"".he reaches the reqUired Might s'afely~the (JM wiii allow .of fhe . . (S. tumblm.in effect this means dHllt you will' 1'0$8 t.eother aspects of eli m oi 11 suC'nl as III.lns! hiS In!t:1 at!ve eV9ryfwo MOVie AGtJOJ1S:~ "O$'ee. using S' pre-selected (JP'slwt.h/m :to' .~ Swlmtnlnl (lnd /}t...alilowed t. there m. kaeIP~o'meone is ~lfIo.Me. aga.

er a put Q.ed fr.~l'lIg on is made of cre:alky flOQrboa ros (W ooveired in smalll an d V€!lry loud 'twlgs~ .. you r GM m. as iit @1me.e..Ylr GiM :$:_ ' ~n st 'Your Sfr>eerSkm.n '8"nab~es you to c. the~e alreJludg e-s win 0 spendt:~ei" whole calreers posiinglas 9i~~~elns.. yo.t ~ didni't see lit!) .o. the:nil':s a~lPaII'\Elm!ly noth re' a.om w na. . see b ( Chapter . you s ~ng mlary we~11 just walk straight on Tmo ~H If you feell sl!.~d. lisglise tSilking On theappealraJ!1.lbat IR. you m.adven'~ulres •.! cen tak. .e'. nds.s:aIIof ~). if Mit. almjifo.$rhe cllue<(be· it' t an ~tem.be'~i ndl.~)n IS .aspe9ch.Act~oln par Combat !'Iou nd.. more advanesd disguiGl8i '8Il<perts. you wiH be.~th as '1 Act~on.f oorttroll.m'hi ill Judge t<lJkesi!!l 9 Nlat d.~. none d"lewiiser! . ~n sliJon 5itliJa~iiona. a rell'lflo. t(HI.n:~f~le.ay not halV\9I . Your GM may mod~fythis:"if the Moor yOIJ alre walk. eaoh '~r.an e'l eerrenie Im<l!z:e.litliiougItlJud.ay not Qlu.a much ~ amer.u:s· odi~i ers up on t:lhis m however. fir ~lhter9' isn't .fac:Td. wh ilcl1lr:n'!. tlt.e.!sp~cious.g" ora 'No.y Sq liJad" ch. u$JefullskiTI~ to use. Whe~lnl~r you area bl!e to h~de 0. i~w~11be sollelV' u p to YOl!.ltems IJRI'ING~ RIB/IIIIJ. (tholJ'£jlit of COI.Oe al.g~'Qd dealio¥ pr. m a.a.reet Skirl1io move wiitlh Q I!Jt <llnlY IiIQtiiceatbl'e sound. i!:.te'.paniculla rly If you must do $:0 at a mom~liIt.1 i.per Combat RJound. up tns m. you ~I"I Quid be .3~ YQur \l\eh~" ole w~111o 0 WIt o.I'\El' s~c~essfut he wW the n inform you what yOu have dl~s(lQvel'ed..aisa Spemai A:b~'kt". and ilfl~il~)r:at~ major crume syndil" cates and ga ngs.' IIIid'e ina place y:ou aren't fa milia ~ with isafi:e..n ob]ect Ol~whatever.II P' !o. :swu 9~ SNEAK/N"8 StA'CNING MDlvillg' filelll" A.iHln:!sted.]ite..e'S<s iits iimlp'H-ta nC€: atotherii. to ho'~d'it eu [NSistth~s t~m. etc).anQtherlp'ers.. ~lnleW~ily Squad.'. you th il'1lk 'that.ash ~ I'lIto it. ~ft1i:cu t. or o:midea ~ by Sl!llClleUyche~kir!i!g agl!i!in $t yOY'~ Stro~t Skill asa pelrcelnlt.~ta ~I$l'.ted ~nt\Qa st. ymn Stmngth..e.en. or to d ~sguii se you rseir andul'lIfiltra1i®" a Perp 91~11I9.able 'to. as <'l! pe r~elntt~lg. ~n~ilhte slpecific: hope of ~n thi!'s ClISS'.e· salmle ROillnd ~. and hallfetn~ PerlPs . If yo IiJ ara ~ br~glhIUy-IH r'o. ~f ou r y G M IrD~h.trya nd.~ .rlI. Velnli(::lle$may only have 1 Driive . to rema ~n h~dden. bUll you m. not wHII obvio. ActiOIil$91Va lIIable" wu 11f' you .!I. H not.l)WIfI alii.!gih Itmag's".Action in Drivi ng the vehic~9. Ql.Ilny sort. O.ub]ect: on.e< beto re or at'l!e. h.ruo.l)U WllSh.lfiddetl. If avaHable.enalt the scene' of a '(:r~m~ iis olen So me· tirnes you wi III see some'th~ ngl..o~ more d. r what:evelr. dull yo. with mall'llY pi lies of box.tho Iit~r peop~e InIlialY shoot at ~t.n. however" s.'u':SE:.nd.y be deli berartely s!e:al~chillflga room.e. illndlreqmres a.rY~Q th.lPewpismav decidelo s!et atrap for vou. ~n some of \liOIJr .f. and iit is nOt perm issible to. .e'l:a ~Ied below u ndar Control g LO. :t1ISd.e a br. as V.liI.. perSQ.IlllI'lrllo. Sim.lInd then hav·e aS13:CO!1ld 'mTveAotiron.gleta rou nd it~ cr even eiS!calpefrom it ol1loe it has sprung. .alnlythingel$~ done· to i~ in th.oul Qr iieing or fly~ ngl !.3.s·unaWal1'i9S. bri!'!iSh.of aln fl1Jlrr1Iiitu you r G Mwou lid be q u~te t\e.lIYb. you jus.cas. your Str~~t SkUl g1iv1 a n{)1 u !llPo~ som ethi'l'll.ai n. yo.ou ~$h. needs al$uocess·f"d rolll but of y.nlOirDU nd iota tr In the same way asabov.·$ ~ notii{:!~.$$.'1/'0 Ii.·'e ab!etD.~ has b~el"ll staned up. Tine whic~e uS moved dmu n91the Same: Aotionas yom Drirve Action.a ~eaiss~gn ed ~o tha Wal'l. houll d you be ~n a pitch~bleck S warehouse. Bei"*9 sl.e.e" with a SlE'l'CrSit GM IFo. end them hotd ilt tior !.. FlYING minding somet • Imake alsecret you wtH~thervou~e alny~n. swi«:h to! a second driver !. TttJpS f:ree~~ngl abeut on til p'wes is a.I may a ~k. ni only the bes·t J!udgle$ . more advlsa bl.Nldil1l T.Q'!ilice ~ a vehic~. there am 0 O~aJSII'OlfliS whe n It liS..QUr $J.!a nd yom $ll:iIIIto 'fiig:ull'\e out howte dii sma nUe Tit. Ilf t'lhie mill ilnldi:cates that youa.ed ~l1Iy' Q~helr ACtions. you wi'll~i nd th.! pot $!olrTlietht he willi t~ II you.e.<l very.anyth il'll'g to sp o~:. bu~ shl.aIm un (1! b!I.~yffa~~te see a l!(IartIY"'ihidd!e. \liOU must mil tw!oe.lo won..e:quin'l Y~l'I!litO re-mllla. waltclitil"l.aWh pee pi.C!u.lreI.dlS'.atel' .r ll'Ia~ted it m.i~arlly. Y·OII.. 't .ExpBriBfJc~dJudges f. - .gla'!fld expelri'ence.of ill p·UilZI !altiOIil or hidd'. A$ a resu lit" lit ca nOl'illy 1!JI$ll. mJflieda no' sente'ifIced' befol'\e they halve n!~o¥e.usliY depend UpOll'l1 tu~lreyou a 00. to sneak afild tiIPto. you 1""'111 ..lle:s in the muddle .lhem are <11190 evelil.iII1Id '~unles$ someone ils deli baraltely ~ookij ngl for ymd" Your 8MI willi !.llnds. Iflinding Simtilla r~y.ay weill decude to checlk I.ccH'It:rQI bo mb..Ilp ~$aglali na secret mil (by y'Olli r G M ~using you r Streef Skm as a pfliroema919.at theoegirilnlil"ilgl ah:wry Gombat Bound. ObvuQusly.to Ike..-IiI~Qh~p.s Hme goes by.omltlhJe sl1 ool!:! MO'IIing SillElinUy calm be inoorpora.' 1 (I m. .1I ag.open ···oor.$lO$rta ~n~y ilmlpose va.~ nd It !$ Un~ike~y that yOll.<lIl'lIdard wa Ilki ng Mlo~ AClt1Tcl'IiI.i'rlg Or Mit. l!'1Iflo'v.to set'! rc.Ilalllly e 9 a il"led .-aJll~I. to experld~he ~. riglhno note IIIO'W you to' h ~d. he wm~:e'll y'OIUI that you don't fiind ~1'l1y1h 1iI9. ofvehlcle (as ap~lro'~lri.ep~ratl.g. B~t you r o cJh<lll'lloeo.f sensl ng that there is atiF!. If y.ap willi be d~ffewel'llt: en <1mbush by glu nm..loamu m of 20 Com bat Ao!.SJ.void ..3lg..3IIi1Y ti me.wTU tH3'fO·l. a nd may r._ sheu Idl roll II yQU r Srreet Skill aaa p eli'oeli1tage.es alre meant to.6 .es ul'lIwillli ngl.n q.e) see wlitetheir you d~~CO:V.~.If ¥l01Ji wish t!o Ih0 I'd you r breath a nd m or dlve un derwater . a fa II$e 'floo!r ov.rll$WeL Silou I!d \Iou discover a nap.ep qu i¢t.s 'ow ~induliIg ndows _may be:dooe at . wihioh is d'e.g a· S:U!llpeclt~ol~'wth<litever.cr. '0 r iin $Qm e.r you h <lI\l1e· D9r1'olrm.e$ !lllild OOlitalinersto h~d. h~de qu it:e welL lin gen· era].1!.t. i~ yom' OM ru 1'9s~hall y·. wh~ch tmalY mal<ie.ul .

CQrlItroll. Sumilf~rlly...· lkie a neme ~g a eney stop. for ex~mp'e. illn the CQU r$ie .mdler youw di ~€l(:l.e!i1t~r pl~1lf lin ~lfIeir own It. thoug h I-iI over veh ie1lesdb not ha nd~e~!l!y!:hingl I~ als weill.Accelemtillg .elto m a noeuvre ilIno ·comlbat).e. you wo.<l'in:lI'allit. v(JoCa I .a .e much m orre Iike~y to be usiing 'vehiidesulil all'll anest: sl~JllIatiOIiI in busy tf~ffic.::adnl veh iel e has ill! Ma:)(~mUlm Stop SpBed. howevew.avy t raf'fl.' Alte~fiI8!teIY'.cert<llinly WOI.elilic~e Cali'llrllot be driwn at~ $.axllm um :Speed. bt. tholJ'gh thes!e< willi ot'!:>e vary from mod~el to model..ed inits panicli.hicies.t. Becal. d\epen.!! Auto ni. If S!.fife~'" its ~ng Cont ml Loss •. =AUJtom~Uc controll (Jfa II velii ~~II.1 es.Stop Speed Thus. :and its res.ce~e.!!"b~ r. . Ili'or.fop.% of its i)l!lI'l'\ent spe.mdfractions up to wiholle rll!Jmlbe'r$)'. .'Aotio.i'tcommulil ~c'<ltes with uts op e.11i !. In l:hi..!eJ)E!l'iId. .P~:ssibi61 Sp~~d I?f ~.Actlklns.oHm:or COl1ltl'\ol1Loss.e(ju(.romilat oan be taken u.nd tlh e.. re<lcih such sp eeds.e'rs. at ~ fix~d Irate. as detalill ed lbelO'W. and .. lIo:ver Vellieles Aat(J:tlJtlfic Ctll/fO/IIIJ'its A veh icjle~iittedwiilh airll Al.tlhm.1 !i1t~lr" ma ncl'e.n in a splilt second. aJla ~liIcludlingla.surface of r'oad!s. vou m "'::It r. aJnd are alIJle to save flsHhis ControllO$$. for wli'latt!vsr realson.mly. <'isthey'teflld to' appea rrand ~ace tlhro~gl1 tlf'le actio. uritil dkecitlly 001. as detai lied bellow.ndalHi Auto ~)~Ilv'ea~ im"t:iarive ::liD and Drive SkiI/3D.ometMs pel Riound.avelll~ngi alolilgat Q\l\e.e Action}.he~ir:l(J.n it must be:!$Jo~dbV 80 to (JO{u.le'{:atj()n_IDe.e<rag ~ $.'Cor'eS for <II sta.!! Idn't bsa b~.(11II~hif:l~ with anAoGe.lir..da..Jlt the su pen/~S'1 n of ItS: d'rwer or rider.~e your spe.e~ir:stoftihese. with wh~clii the !J n.s.fille'" '(au wiilll rlotioothiat mestvehleles ~re p OOOlnltia capable of' Illy very IIIi9 h .a Illy U filtH itls . u have to m. a \f.a L~wmNt![ir he.e'lerat:~o'n/DeICe~eraition Rate" wlhidll is the max~ mum ~dJteyvJ!J m alY iIi'U.oces:s ~o Traffio C~nrmtwhi()h enabll..ifIlly Iba: used when d!M€lrm~n UI1!g! speeds a ndl times for longl di:st.s an AcctDec' Har.ere traffic lis I1IQt a prolble:fiIiI. ..e~oond .usi~g a Ha~"Vehicle Action (which .e.top wl'rhout los! ngl control . as .e.s<sca~Jljd~!1~:otlhe:(:ombail Round sysulm.!!Iluristh:leclhrll·oII091Y of Mega-City One.co. AU units: have t-l n s~f'ety' featu ~s.ed ~I'\m.J~~I(Jwed down s'urf1l\ide. but .. rsase Ow decrea.ts: Vo:ice sYlnilllil~\$is>er.1iI 1!eH1ms of metres pe. Once a vemc~e ho.ur chlh/. vehi(l~e marmfaGttllrtllrs have deJ\I1e~opedaJfl! ilnteresti rig vaJriaJrUoll'l t:lile S:h~lllidard road vehide:s. .o.. the Auto' uTniitwillllk>eeptlhe·I"i\Elh· w ic~e $$f'eIIY on the ma. Ilf they were t.avelili 1119ail tihleir 'Fu II Sp eeds... Iif you wisn to W ~e . Each vehicle'$ AccllDec Rate ~s not. sU10h sitiU'altions: y'Ou . iit .peed glre~t~r tli1li3Jn Maxim urn Speed withou~: slu.. . a nd <'lit a co nsta lilt siP!3>edUlr!irfITi:~C(l!Il~ .. ~iijde a!. <lind so 0.uha nt . it willi <liUem~uo.i.reDrive Vehide Acrton you 8r8 aao~d..xt f{oum. howelo'\9Jr" a v'ehicle f1I'I1ustgradlu.eed + Aooe~eraltionl Deoelel'alUOIl Ratte. vehiclles may skjfm o\f'J3irth. it ma.!il·$$fui.his trtIV~mng at 100 metres per Combat Round may roduce its speed to SOin the fl8:. by intmd l[JJoi HQIV\er V1e.IbEialb Ie to come tea dead s. wiUi MQuire 2Actio'1ls (but no .~ih1$y Imlay be fiOWill througlii the air.afiQn Ra't8Qf to Iw:hic.. ss ifthey'were 1I1ormalWlileeledi veh ic. Fo'" ~xampj'e.off y'Qu r aJdverI" b.eir own eapa b~Ihies !tin US. lIsiingl the ]1I. Uniit::.of ":'N!I k!n.e'r cl1iar~ct~r. :ung th. lh.md).hicie UPQ'V€!:r its M.\Q on. all'ldofal~tij ~9Iw. D'fce/erat/11 A~ ~ndica~e<d~1iI the verlous p rQ'fi Ile:1i.ell· Hngat a ds~i berate~yslow speed. willi usualliy be u ndler your d iUlCit. m im ngl). steering and armament sections. In!stead" each vshlele has aII1lAcc. if your saV8 agaInst C'(... a~d Di~ at a rate of 50% of T'ISounent speed..d.f!toa Ma. . ngl lh.!I a vel1l1clle\!\r.aotingundep'eindentlly o~ alily ordelFs tak:e <l! turn as filon"'!lIall.speeda vebi ole may be tr~V'Elm rig! art to stop saf!e'ly. :i3Jlild<IS a r.J~n Ra~e~Jlf Iii Y9.in a Ro:t.wil:'!icn prwe nt.ed" is expressed illil terms of ku~ometms pew hour.e the veh~c!le<to 1TlI1lH10U. Auto units have thai r ownJnitiati'llie and s«OI"El'S.at:or. . Vetil iclle~ 0\1'1 Auto wlii idh are .a~ you r veli'licle.eee are much mora exp ensiivl~. a L~wma$ter bik8 I'n . 0 rllli at ofa notlii. If will come to a doods.Cllbythe op!e'r'at!Or .wilMler'!iI they w~1Ii needl to Ibe ~ontroilled.ill you must save alga~ nst ContmJ la:ss. hi~s'l ln motion..lI10 Drive or .el er. . a hover v'elii idl e mlary CUmb at a rate (If :2:5. . . 1IIII\.moes wh.'lIr.sped past ina bllu r ~a..ist~cs.. . Piro.palble .1'1.comm~:md talke lheirh.. To aeeele rate.as'exp'ained b(!~r~ is s~i>(!tate ft()mt.· Speed equal to.shaluply'eerne mdl. unless they arelralV.J~~ t1Q be 0 eh e roiereOilo plot alnd~teera oou !'SEl toOl gliv\'lwnIlocation. and shou!dlQ..M tlhie same '~imeas ¥O!J do.e 'facilJlhues" inciltiding dirirve. The f'Olllowil"l 9 reatiures ar. eaclhvehiiclel has.r20ij metres a Round. this speed iiS uS'L.albovs.uldn'~ seetlhem astlh~v .tinavelllilf1i9 a~ta sP.s m@detihey sh@uld be tJreated Ilill\'!e'rJlo'rmal vel1iiol'es. .VislU! no' .a Miaximum !Pm..~dto 6D~and t. whk. ihea'\f. .Shi(l!ulldu se the othe r 3: ra~:iirl!gs. lfoppill2 For e. ~ntlhie confusledl rush of com bat.>E'led tlilgihe r than your Stop Speed.. On th. .!lrn . biLU vehlloles wlii iohl alfie..C:llingl upon~hei" 'nitta-live skilU. n .!!! vehii cleon AdO W.1'Round (or m!:R).e of 80.at~on/D~~elelraili. its MalKimlu m Sp. you may aftrempt to C~ b Ow Dive at speeds 9 re:a~er' ~liIalii lm th is.eJ'.. Full'l Spe.lihem .Jnt:roiLQ6S If SUCC.!!se Ibrakes are l1easonablly efl'ucieli'lt. yo I[J w~lllnot. wh ich I is the glreartest.mmon to :i:!!111 I..g iIild. ke I Iil thea iir.!lres you a . and aile expressed 1.esu lit <Ire rather ehaotle wl'n en involved :r combat.elnlt dec!.the nrs.d pelf ROUfl!d.sing the sta.eVlre in Iii. MiMl vehT:cle 11:'!:fl!$roulr e chalfade.\<i"mum.sions. usualll\'" u nde r the co Ulltro~ of' your GM.IIII lriwat :i3i sipeed gre<at~rtihlalnilt$ IMalximum SPSStt for eXaJmpll.A!Ction.iif you am tr.)(8mpJ~.speedi.eventua IiIv traveW Iil!'l ail tihle nlquire<f..~ y.acti ng I.S1!Op.llalllly ~gheir ~)lhanthe .ad:~l!fg1UJidarllo~~Y~lem~.tlh ~ n thestl3irlldalrdl readCQnti ned ears.e<I standalrd . lin aln emlel'\gency.e nevenhel'ess quite . .common . swerved" s~idd!ed. Hover .n~ dard Driv.Acc./j in the rl'ex..6.Auto Pilot ~sca.may oome to a .

ff a car moving at 50 mlR h#!5 a!loth~t. yOtJi rn li.and speicif.s!~(')Jhll..hi. - Whe:1i'I Controll l!Loss ocoulrs. tlil:enj~lnlilfl9.ing 111 . ..) OIFlLce he has d'a1iarmi ned jlus. the IF~l1Ilidomhit 00 the veh i{1le' lf do:est~ rn Ollltt~ "ave h~t YOIll. by O~ilil$!lllllt~fiIgthe section ~n iii ~s G:am\l1l' M~~teif's:I!J()()t. ts n!: of .I!1lessyou happen to be pHotIln'9 aJ 250.. If you all\e wounded: ~n Manua ~cOfiltm. mcilllldmg 'gOllilg too f<list~'trviln.. deJpen(l_up on ~ what.a king 1iiorn a [!.f niltUrig a. ' so §li!1!yveihiole colli idling with orie \!ViIIlltake 7li1(iO "p err 20 m/R ()if speed.!IS!l ngl1' hilt F?r example.er.1 of Oil ehiole.:.t Com b@t lFiiomld (if YOlJia re stlll ilrl one puece!)..em ~~dl'e.. .i III talkle any seriollll'$ dalr.pf controt l ~ .e. :d~lPelildmg 9i!ll tlh. e$pe:cia~ ~yiifyoy area J tldg~cl1iasiing n <IJ ff~ee~ng. In this mode. IOIF you m~y use a switch" When the veh ucll.r ~h~ O(lrl~ro Is and d rag it back: LIP irilto the 1iIPlr. .mel other laJrgestmctu 36 .i~al$e rOll. ifftliHil ro'il suooee s.ls<'ll erm..lppened.ella nee.e veliJ ic!I. Ca I!.of y'ol. . wn~ever napperli$.i$ roll II'~$!uclfl<lssti ~Irnlovi r1Jg uonl roo.t in tli'le drMliIgseall:.llawe ab~eto br~n9 the vsh u@!I.ollut~ control ow. v.~ smgl102 ~ _1 IM:s on ttn.IlliItl1illslaUeroa$e. ~ Instelad. .il1:l'r'wi~~W(l.. ~err.oall..obodly contro~ ~iIiIg ttl ~s vehiclle! There Ise 11510 .cle is sm~ in a poSitti!on re'q~ I. falsU.-.I swe'li'Ve . 'flulfiI(:tionSCQntrQUe:d by an Auto unit: aretu med alii O'V'!'i[irto M.)0 IfItwollof your veh~de.er reoov~.QOOtonne . you need only !'i[iQ<pel'l Aetlens In Spe.at:'where:.~ed aps m are o~~ous~~ !Jsehlll.1It~~p~asteen~ufildowsc<lin b~ drive!1ltihrollll. Control Less means that the C~3ft:will simply start 10 p. '.m1Ul~11 asseonas y?U si.m<lige"Geliler:allly spea~~n{ilYO'UIWOIiI'tdo m!.~ildi'n!1s.1Ie1Jkles ObI\!'I0 UIS.egam c~liItrol'bt 1'01IIIi yOlu r D_riv8' S}dtr <. f1il:c.!lg<iunstyour D~ive.! t!O $t.ch velhlicl'e: invo'l¥ed. but you 'Ielse <llbs. ffi.you shoulld then rolll on your own Hit Ibooailion . u miil Y'O!. A oha ra~'I!e:r'wli'lo! Inla!sno.he n.e d the veh i cle 0 perate. avy trr.dsp8ed.a'IV8~- Damage To 8. Elu~Idlngs may bel (la_mag.$pective slpeeds.:i !llly 11! its wllt ?f 00 ~rse.ringl al COIiIUO~ ~(ll!.g~. a ve:h.to.II. Ilf yo~ fa iii you r m DFiv.s~.a!ge~o 'co 111!id~n9.or spin wli'lelil you lese oo!ltroll off them. g.tinlere:a re stilll n umel'1ou s d r~vers win 0 do not. butt ¥OIJi mary try and re'gai n cOlntro I In~)(.Ski/Ho rega iin s~m e '1.. you may regia In fu II corntn)~ of y'o~ r ve~ ieil e :inyour ne:ld [)'~i'v1aActiion.e will In .nUvl.e sp!e:ed of _the veh~CI~ I1litl'iing th'em.nyoliI'e' vl!'Ithm :3 metre<$.stliike nerrnel we:apolflcom.IOP tee sudd.!llgnt Into the ground! You may try as usual O to. to: and so on.. the .sua 111'1"'.o~ na.?bJe.()s.!.4 l:anc{om .llu.~ootlr.g~ lIy na g!omg at wnat13verllh. but may end up slPi:m-n ~IiIQthe vehIlc~!e.a:ctl.• s to . W '. e:sult. Evelr'!" 2Q met:lfesQffagg'lle:gate speed wUlic<lllIse1 Irallildom hilt or:e~. flf al tt1l.$ llllVeIJicles fJll1y to a safa halt Yo'u Wlne:n y'ou and y'oll.rnmet downw~mjJs..celmelr' of co '!aIF Slid IlLawij:El 1P1. lUll'll less the ¥e.perati1! On Auto from Gentra I 00 mptl~r cc 1fI" troll .:!lf.ng m 2 tilts. ehiclle$ CrOWCH!1:Q1onteth e 113V~ Tillion III il.mtage ngl p o nc~ pe~ Combat Rou n:d" You r G MI wi II gllve: YO'UhJUlneW details snou lid the cceasren 8ldse" C()~f'~'t. ami you shouldusethle chant ..galiUliIil9 speed v'e:r)i Ir~pud~y.!lch damafgeto ? city B~oek" bry n~lm m urng It:-· 'I!.s: been I_.ather than a H UIm<lIIilI"iIlitLocation cha rI~<lind oonsiden/. ~11l your Drive Action. ? deC'i de j!aM what Ihl:!l!p~ t pe:ns_ UQsuch mstances. bry Hl'~liing ryOUl" D:nv'f! SidMas a pewoentage.geti!1lto or-entoavehuclle. a ?5%clhance o.!! nred. ~n the event of sorrteene shio'otilil' ait your veh~de. . iil wii III obey orders. In 'the ffoi Ilowil"l g Com bat: Il'h)Ufld.l what has no:.S! rlgi neX!: 'Comib(lit Rou nd.n its roof Or on ~ts :sldle..ies Uywh@ is dol ngttrie driiving. ca.!J.$'tatj.ic!e .arou nd an obstrucnon.r!1I<llSon"!J.alc:rQwd:ed Meg-way. a le. .ly"veh Ieles many nl!! ndreds of m e1i:res.th. you shou~d II'IOI~e: which of you is s.at O'CCI. f s. . of Mlle ~niclle.t1rek >combinB.... the' ve ~icle" A M is'kiO' wm ~o les:s damagle. hai'llIIFil'[.e Skiff irolt the vsh uc'la 'Win suffer frern ..ll1lding aowiI'l' anry fractions.Iii'ow· e~er.ehlicles ~mddeta~.enly.I:a.rol loss ag a in.rmlne~ IllfYo!a1r Ie g'oes iililto a Roll it: may e:nld IJl p o._ .s:e. Remember. of i:t Spii nning.e:hiiole for amy num .cleV!l'i~ ~tral~e~ un d!UlfU th.m~iil Y~Llerth.age has vvh.ry .e co.e~5 onA!. es put. Once he Ilflas d!e~elrlmined: the dureotlkln. whl:e" YOUWGM wililagain dete.. but !t 11 sovery U lrdllkelly tJhi<lllthey W.there are ample 'opponul"liNes' _ _. them is n.1hi'c..!! hay.elS b City Orne".spa.f$ .~tTl~'ttere:d plas~:eeil'.('l' into TI Contml <111 d o.d. .J h~lIe kl~t control .eh~oIe and driver to be:'One talr. - - Dam~ge 'To'Vehiick:s: II)am. .enouglh.$l1ltl.t~tlhe Ga me MiaJst:El.actly IS UI'il the wavat the tlli'lle..tl1roulgh" tTle-.S'a hHgEl' FlU mner of veh ~c!le:$whictriti. ~o determi file eX<llctily where yol. yOluw G a me Mas. will usualilly be a~lorwad te order his bike to carry him to tn~e:neOilifesl medica ~liie:~p.get 01 OOll..e:h~>olesmliW)f be v 'l. Actiolr'!$ at a II due to i r1juries. it w~111 dlly damag's. .!rfeliorw cnawalcteIFs.eMMerers in . you . .ry ~na re'i:la.J$t v I~olllfor Control Loss. it IS \II rt!Ulalll'II oerl:a Iiii ttil~t It WII hilt other veh Ic~!e$.n to' de:rermiirne ttile_:di ~c~ro:nUlle V1en~.. you she ulkl then wo r~ om: wil1iat dam. You may VOC_<l!ly oroel'allil Aut!o urllUo t<llke O've:rcontrol of any of itsdu fictions... Skiddi or Roilling.:!illlcu~atS'd bryaddllng togetih er their rS'.cl<ia11. A~th there air.il1!co. il)lruv..e Collisions wm'l so manlY .fuw(o ea~ veh~'Cie.. model v.e:istlraJvelHng falst . Your GMt wlH _g~ve you fulll detalilis of what happelils tel' you ~Ind y'our velhi !(::I'~shlould allily Qrthe?ie Inappen to you.sreads.e.has. you lInay halVe: to ron o.Profiile for the vetilucll. n Cont-r(}/ l"s nO' yo!1i.ct_ th~ oQmbin'ed $P~~d' would be ·5fJ4-0' metws. and blre~ik~n~~lhe w"ndow. IBui Ild~IiI:9Is . res ar:e a tot ' .above the 9 round wi~ not ro II . lif Oilinytnmgl.mash str<. w~H traVielllTliIg at the: speed ~t W~IS 0 rii..cle..Cont.e. Te ~hi$ en(t lit IS U P .. ifrhe same' car a . ttTl~: \l!elilic~e. ~fiI th~!. l!ng a'ta5 m_!fl.nSlsqlJiences.!!r v.

m. 'Y. lfinary · tequi~e. the Game Ma'ster it ts rOIJ'gh er than may decide 'to' reduoe' tile weight - For oOc~rSi.rp ob]eclt (suclh as a r'ength of IPOllliitied rlj. S. IhalV.• .Thus two C'half.Of1'Swhe. Any fall from oil l1eiglhtgreat:elr thaln3 metres willi dama'ge you.eihicle Itself Iillalsa 20% c!h.is i5!"_9 for e'Yer~ ..imrlJ weig.acters with Srt~ng.trf .ht that ca n be briefly m Ilifted.bjects must be fairly . g(. You wiH be ailio-wed to dralg items wtnic!nl are ~DO Ihie'. Colm/ersle'~v.of Move Actions..(DIUI should give each h. you shol.lIjision. or 1.len ~'r.. .examples . the 'Game Ma.t: Ire dl'~tance.~arge o Items.thTs end.e tabil.j.ey.be.objects.eroIMil$"$ the ob]ec>t.· ring at the sam e'tim e.lfores o.tlher words.e..wed Carty Or Lift weig:ht~$ dI~tai'led below.llly· have .. you should aU be a.able to malk. a rmoul' 01'11 y.l J'!uly'tlh row arsmal ~.it ~n ' If you are wearing . an~.d .p.vehir.$.alken. merit.ovung S!o!'fletliil'log._ ftoo.Action s.ega· · City One.o. slIbj'e:ctto th€l'Gamel Mas.e-2 .ifting up or puttl ngl down items .mourS!:M3'. wirn. m i:mjs tlh.pendililgI1ulpon fora ~)hesituat'io. There is: also a eh ~moo' of Co.ard tai'g:sts. can Ibe. If you .e' fD People.f a nUlmberof peal) re. Obj. etc.avy it~:m wil'l IH::ew. it may be easuilrto as:sulme that €latlnl storey 0'. 110% aha nee for (l.pending upon tilhre Iheilght of the h!'".ere' be' the illsuall mrodifierfor ar Movingl T. bl.!'I. and " hit for every 50 killos. you must have both im y. but un the event 'Or al fall being lor.. 0 r lesser a:ident d'Ei. and wHi need 2: Acti'ons: 1 to Ilift:" and one to.Tlhe l FAllS & l. there are mro faotows t!lhiat need to be taken into -li!1coount ~ tilewei.. Throwi'ng 'Weii. un SI.11) on.of the' co. i)llnd the' hei'gl'lt it iisfalllirlgl~rom.moreti'nan11 hit!'llo matter Ihow f:alr they fall before they hit (tlilo:ug_htnl9 Game Master Imay daoud..ayYto ?~mv. y.~all'l. the filumber of Move Amio.r.lIIlmgsl) maly aad a +1 Eft.05kg. . what y.(6 Combat IRiOlllll'lds. .. !iii heavier irtem._me to Iirfi. T1h Iff two.6 Acl. Ibe earried fo.•.re .lI'IYother veil leIe. . Tw.g: Tlhlisweight is tin e maxim urn ~hrat you carn drag" without rUfting the item offlh.lIlng Olljecis Bt)ok. and So on.flllN6' (JIJIC.ugI9t.$ cli~~I·n at.large.e floor.trength . Max . with a mfnlrnum d.toUheir.'s 1 1.~n ob.e.!! not ma Ike.1:! : rycme's Actions ocelli r.l1 1f1lllng maxi m':J m _ VI!'~ight of ~!UICIhr .I'.r tothet of a weilglht·lirfielr.e Imo dUieirs for the weight of the object If there alre aJny difficll.a porl'llt o·f WirtlhfalU rig .r up to (Current S:t:rength x 31 +1~ mel're. and a.determined th.are a bll. at the' Game Mas1!e( s du~cretllon. with . Ih i's is the :mrar.ey. alrm$ (l'r legs.e1re$ fa 1.any. wiill ObJe·cts being droppeql Qou~t as s~and. t . 7QI<ilos MaxCar:ry 301!::ilo:s MaxLi'ft 50kHo. ~ ald~usttlhe Effect Modifier if they wallI 'rom a velrY gi'ea~: height). As detaii'leo in Ch.eet Modliftier. anlYthilng which weighs mora than ti. bomb 'fo. n will ceuse 1 randcm Iii ltfer .range It. starndani dis.ele :slrilkes al person. 10 ha nd~sfree.~: pa'rtiiculla.iD.a_. over tlt'll$ weJlgfd". by water. or 140kgl.eV1e'liY(1metres o. reduoe tile .fn M .ns a Re ".o cr mO'n~ people tl'yiln ~ threw a Iheavy objlect win add an extra metre to the' nce fOlr each extr.objects Willi' take at least 1 Actllo..:i:r Max tift.eu.sel rather com pll ica~ii)dm'illnOeUVlres. vou will i lose a Com bat Roulild's worth of A«:tiol'ls r'ecov@ril'lg.!lldta~e 1 Mt:for ~elY 5 metres the .glht of the .calfry' ?(H35.nr there :'W! tW'OQr more p~o[Jle liifili 1'19 the . yOlu ~@!se'Your next 6 Actions. thr€ie such people could ca r ry 70 +315+35. a J Uldge. an d other fa~rly healVy and inca IrIVel'1iem ..I'n Q.Ar."tml l:o$!S: 50% aha nee for a b'ike.ise halve the numbe'r .ject .objects wilillilklewisle require both hands. will g~ve a norlmral.!!iS.et. iin this case.eq uli i?.! norma. 1hese fig urea do 50'k:ilos. that the object \l'lieigltTis (Irol!.e. to a glreater.THROWIN' I. rQ:IIU.e m.eases.8.ewah S'fr:engths (.e macie th a fa III. iW'. g.lnd ~l'Ig down in botlfll. The Game Master Sh'Ould hopetuilly lhialV'ElJ .rnce of receiving 11i1.gr. and you may not run o.dl. if ye.oving . Ilowa I"IC$S the a tor s:i2!9or a.10 .gundinQ upJ'. bottlles.wHII ralre'ly d. Tbe' y.n.!!.!I oftlhi'8 exac.alfyoulr aillo.reh.gl'l'ty .!JJulrhead.o..newVl!eigltit limits are a half.object has fallelll.aD ki~()S 12'Olkil.[)I8m.i'st. thlrown by 1 metre.' IOIil'9tii'. p~ople •. peo.at .rlly~ha.·.o!..O Ulf GM will be.s~u mad to.th3: ean threw Famngl o.Jllties in wo'rikil'ilgl 'OIUrtthe.fspeed (tr'Oulnld~ 2 ~'ng down agaliln}..e1cts that weigh more tharl'1 the Max Carry Ii mit cannot be thatcen be dragged acrass it.are..1IXD'Uig I~ffect Moduflet of ~1 (al"ld thus take 1 off the dlamag'Q die.lm.object artall.:lrIee -of 0 metres (ie' you can't Irealilly throw the .wih:ich needs a longer tim~e to_9.J!jIW\e igll1lts of various objeots be'fo. Max Carry: Thls weii'ght is 'the maximum that esn Rounds)'.IIi)lJSS vases.and So on .a. a brulil'd~ngl WlTII be 5 m ~1:r. albIe to he. is: offered as.and~ based almcIJndtll1. of furniture or eqmpment are obVIOUS . thoug h you may ~illl be a hie to dlrop it!).e in a round is hathlad (:roun:dimgl up].wkw. each expendingl their ActIO'il~..ri319ginga he'.a.lrI.<I re us' m.r cl..ta ilCe of :2:4 metres.substantial in order to: linflict heal\iY da magle. obJects SIJ chi as...e!s in the Game Maste. it. IJsin'9a methodsimilla.2:&:9$ . nOI maWl'r - 37 . The 'Weiiglhrt ~lssrUlme$ ~1i'Ia/t t!ll'Iefloor su Inface lis rea'So nabliytllat. Sof:!: Il\'Ir':I~ing~sa.mo.Afier you IhiiIV.q~mp... or m:alke a rulling lj.os.l.of fum it!IJre.a rOlUlg h guide to. Y(W cann atth row anything yOIJl carlliiiotc.apter 3. OI'I'~ obje. throw.oll"n hand's.ol welghU agaJi~.'rany length ohime greateithan 1 'Game Turn (6 Combat herd up tor mo.t!ii)ir'S diusmetll0.o.d. to a minimum of 1 hiU.l.. we.s {51d1QS 1O()tllIo:ilos 160 It:ilo$ .ll. hi1nd!ng on_.. yOIQ. (l'r wharteve.it as <II result .I'p.e to 1 Tlhe fol'lowJ ngchalrt lift. boo~s.D. l'lITINI' &.luh. Wlhrel1 you have the object lift. usual.l'@.object: s~'clhi as ~ gl'le'nadoeor he n.~ tlhl~m 1 Game Turn .igtht veu are allowed to carry aJcoordilngly ... You willtalke1 random hit for every 5 ~.ll$ you are .object.sterwiill of adjust nile we.. Rea lIy heavy objects may need the cQmblll1:e.anSlle you :aln~'firi'nglfirom.~ualny !Tft. .

w~ y'Ou wiH ralf1e1ly esdto do more tha III kJl a door open. d.Qf.YQu will II take 1 I'm fair every fun 10 metres that the veli'llcle liS travelling·this tum.ctlly tihie Ilock's rmeclhariilsm actually is.da1!e..attemlPt wlill talke 1 Comb~t .!'Ilor. '!I10U rnay !iJlttemlpUo.SIJ:"ting . to assist: yOQJ when. in secr'$t. (Auto-Ikleys .lle out.r's Bookhas... m t rat:li'ler like a ersdjtcard.nicular ell/zen . .t even/ dooe in the city ts kept I'ooked a. Thes)e' <lIre· norrnajlv to befou nd (I.Ule.>iIled~y n y f. orr can be oonsidered vno!lent and d~lngle_Jloluls.e in the Game Mas. but: cam be' broken Ullro.'l. and may complet:e~y ruinthe element of $lUlrp rise. In he" flrst·Act.propriate v. may be shot at. bursting through into the kitchetieue/'U'S:I' in' time to see a f).and mus~: be the oorrect hand to.e·pendingl all other elrcumstanoee.2'5. A chair wedgled under a.IV. "fihis sec> tlon clieals wiith all types oflocks. the chance ·of br.o! FOrl!U1llately for the would-be· IbluQllarr. ilos wei'gihrt put: behind the door .e of «If'll otnar Wh.off'CO'lLIise.io.The Game Mask telr may decide to {idd 0 r subtraet furth er m odiifvers.a'ge ornliya .ore U.r:ringno .nev.l'lswer.example.. The G03ime·Mast~r has mOr.TlttfJilgfl 1001'1 U nlocl~~d OOO'fS will stUll reqlu!i re ·tbe. HeltllJtJtJfS A coer mary be held shut. but with a. Mos:t doors are not buU et-P!foo.!r.s. Jnsid~~ me. though it wVl11b\!'nOlus. Ii nt·o which <:II specific rwmoelF-coae must be pl. open it" by forcill1J.ak~ 'fIIltingDowlI' Shooting thrOllgh a do·olF which is clurrendy being held is aooeptalble as loOng as there is nO other a Iternath).ockingat the door {Judges never ring the: helm.r tJJVle·ry .but iitwi lI. though Slight. kev..akilng lit in is reduced by 10% per Slrength pOiint the Ilold'er has. on the back.e Game Ma.lways be aoce.maohi'nfl' .also a cha nee.t rJirffi cu ~t..~ the TJO.w~$$.hoot: off a loc1k..fa pa. IR.ta.a..ast ttlelrTllll.. You may lij.to crack. or hand !prints . and has C81'~d the .fo.ii gllnit.Aim if he wis!hfJfs to shootthrou'glh.!th Qftime).Acd.ii..aIlYthinl!) whuc1h may be w1l'thTn The .'1 Qr sc·w a..1 marv .anyth m Go.he taw!' G.'Ppea·r into the .es. ww If it is an obj'ect that is bllockirlg the door.ilyOne b~ing what it is. usl ng des! glrll$wlh. wtillch has aspeclfio code wntten into the magnetic strip. ThelSe locks cannot be bll'oken by aln Autp =. beinQthr·own ·ourt.standalrd modifl eatlcn eo vou r die Iroll. a IfICare detali~. ho·wev. by eomeons or :something. she has a 40% chance .. for eXaJmp!le.cks.uglh Q tiite aasl Iy ~$ee belowi .asthey can only be opened by the perso.es. there is dlefin itelly In!ot~ "fJll People Ih@h:illngl doo rs st! ut m ay b~ til it bvshots com in 9 thro liS h <II do or.n who pn)g!ra m mred the m. listen/ltl lit /JO'fl wm A lock.ay not perform .~· Qr . there is a -15% ·f·o./dovillg IreAltles Anyone fallingl from.YOli r basi:c ollance o·f it sllco~~difi£ll is..e..isled where· exa.s· • Judg_eMin:te.11 times.n. Ir(Nn . Iroundil!'lgl dlown..rom.ed the rneeha nism andthus d e..ed linle ever h!.o ·the room bey. There are aliso sven more sophisticated locks involVing vocal commands.For . 1 . a ntiique veh~cles. as delai IIE::d Chapter 3..s.e. Ilf an unarmed J1uw Slcr. mll'ed asa p~r~ oe·nt:age.tt'l'r's B·ook. and the llke.expEmd Action to op en. Thsi Gamle' Master maly dec:ide to impose al lTIod~ iifi. but can be opened bysiimp~y di$'mantlii ngl the lock.el 0 r by b reaki n9 lopen the dOOf it'Self.fl .. which may be usedllby 31 computer to break tile lock.IP·~:o.a.en faced with a locked doolr. a moving vehicle will_sufferda~~ge· .stroved al[lY ehence oHM rOick ·wer being epened. or oth er lalr'Qle.e info·rmaUonr ttilis. at .!' In the COUlSe of your dailiy patrols you wiiII come aCrO'SS alill sorts ·of different locks. of v. but hearing various sounds of scurrying from inside. .nee is 45%. .... ~ the doore pen. however.. you iliuempt 110 s.ind yourself 0 In the wr. You. minimum of ~ hit:.Handi.Fa/Ii".ecorded voioeswilll not a. ple S a voca~ com mand to open a Ilock wulll t:alk:e the usual 1 A per 10WQl'ds.o!' oounW)gl as the targlet.bodyof h.armoQJlred stmctll. in j. and you willlliJaw tlhe.ere ~u'·ethe standalrd mechalillical locks. or you may just not iii ave healfid it. Each u nsucces·sfu I attempt willi add 51%to you r 'chanrce of br·e. Th. whill st he is he lidin 9 ~hredoor. Jlu~tioe Ile·partm ent security doors.01'. we. Rou nd UIl!is i11'101 rna n(J il):r. ery effective M keelpingl alII out ths strong. or trying 110 escape f.!! n dreds. n ck ~·(J·tlted''(J·(J11 MegIOilI-C.~she decid~·s to fOcrc8 the door.using Ik·eY$or bo~ts.Dnoliled forthe lock to open .• i1il'IVil'ig only 001'1 the eerreet volce i. 3S . The fi.oice pan:eml.e.er.a S. with .rtrie'Sth~·door a. but the th i'ee maim types are as foll·Iows.n she mils 865. ou wi IIIu ndoUlt.house . Time hollde r m.est peop.rst recoglnise botll the words said andHlle voice pattemsef the person sayiing them . buildings and apartments have silmiilar locks.e'$!il)' usuailly need the speelfle kiElYto epea. WUh a StJrengfn o:f 2.or.lly rig] o also aJddkl ~lfIe tirm.e·jfor_al stlronger or~ealker f dOo'I" ~tliem.mvhilil!i r. that VQu have not IrecogIn.nd an operstor with a ili'gh Tech Skil'l) ill comput9·r Voioo SYllth may be able to come up wirth the <lIP.-.tllny olthe r Actions .··.).you are takling.ert.Kn. Oonlly Ilearving the woulld-be deor-eraeeer w d isoover the Irigltnt ce de word hhoug h rm~ny c1hrealpe r Iloc. The Game Mast.Sler may decide to impose a modifierto the chance @fs:eoringl. lh. Iilowe-v·er. door handle willi not have rnuehofa moduflier becauae of its.e.e.hill· citizien is hastily fee(J:.ela rs.d lo. these units l1av'i3 Oil safety over·-rid·e ·circuit. It 'the Perl) Iilas us~d 'fireawms. in ~lhralthey read ~ maglneHc ~~rd. Judge .in-g: ~O.Jvlring yom ear qu ietilryag ain st udes 'the do.o·lseto hear.ongeli" .are on liy USl9d by criim irillil ls.yOWi' shoh.ely darmag.. trying to figlum oluil the exact voioe. that a b roken lock is not n e.lly s mashinA it in . To d e1!ermi ne wh ethe U' ymJ harv·e hea rd .any chalraehn holding the do.en up! tt's :t. a door.w r.sien at <:II door in an aruem pt ta try and nea.Minter is fo/towiny' ups'ome mutine' enquirie.'k5 will accept any words .p·rin~ oper· atlld Ilocks arle'th~ mos. apieil a door willi oost 1 A·ctlon. 1)10 not forget.cessalril:y epan .<lttempt to brrealk the dOQr ov·er a nlumber of .'! me Master wii II roll. un it !wh ich does take tlim.e details Ofil :such criiminal activit. palttem take much I. and IIisteni Ilgl for an adequiUe Ilell'l!.e/t.Jirt:l'i'fe'e't disa.RS ~ tihe course (If your invelStigr!)iltiorn. heless be v. oo'ssf'ull pentrative hit~ Shots fired thrOllgh doors count as.iCh have ~hi:mg. There is.. th'!!Ire is jilistifi caUon. op. an flii!ls into me ffaf.f. a keyboalrd . alga iil'ist youlr Srr:oot He rolls in secret because in the event ..Judge must stiill. and fai~. M'olre m·odlern locks h<lrv·ea keyboard-style access.(J. partiell Ialrly whelll dea Ii ngl with oomput:erise.lll d l'i!live jammed it shut.An Auto-key doevIee wi IIIbea breto decode the Ilewk a'lld op en i~:.tlh.ol.r .s baked hi mseilf in a ~a\l'atory.'You in there. old preAtolF1T]licWa r bu uld~nglS. Many vehicles and a tilVlfdElnce (the.other Hi an Sl]eak.ons.ond. Wi'ld Fi:re int. but glivefl time (a.o. she c-alls . 0 r com pll. lit ta kes 1 Actii 0 n to d punch ilflJa code 'on.r h a.ang side of a barr-ed door.. in an anem ptto cpen the door.. She' rolls 8 05. ""I~1 T.IPt.thelre may not be a n. tl10ugh '11'01:. equal to your srr:englh X2(1.awle. II not put this i nforma-tTo·n to practica I'use. Tlhis is for dam. living pelrson. The· hand plrint must be fimm a warm.of failure'. it is uns'Ulrpriising tl1~t allmos.out. iLocks alre ecnsidered SmralU Targets. and how to get p...lfthe do(n is held by SlOlTiI·e1one. break.pted.~irltlhe case lOf barnlk vaults.

The total range' for the sn\ot is Ih6r. You shoulld rolll ag. it m.he Aiming.e'. the equip. wo'ull d usuailly nll3lV1e' slPar.olmiponent.es w' fire through a d.anempt to re'pairthe item.ed.attempt to repa~r the equl'p.s away from belie've.~.gedl.lart of the equipment has beer! .Ili'Ir. lar item REPAIRING EdtJllMENT 0{'9. and Willil therefore be l!. wis'h. replaoed a. f'Of exam pie.1gii'llilnl.. you may attempt to fiit a nsw_pj.etres. without ' the door.eoe.ay use ii't i'lga~n. you may . on the other side ()'fthe door.(!Jj'fMirVed down to' 16%.arid the item wi III be' un usable. You ml. and varlous bike perts. .oor.. i. flln:cli'ng out el)('actly whicll'llialle: has bn:aken can be rather difficult.qlJlipme.u .. H~ is 3 metre.nelusillg Wil'd fire' to hit the door lnthe first place wlill have the effect o.m In the COIJi"S. in the' Eff~ct$o:f DameY. SIiQuldthis halppen. er be"dama. .ay not be an d must be Non-vital oomlpon~. for wlh. 11 Action to remove the part fr. lnto. tm Once yOUi have fCIII. an adve'l1tur.and the nearesr Jvdae is another 4 meree away.. Your lawmaster l1as spll3re .~~.ava~ r Ialb:le. hO'b\W1'V8r~ this SCOr:e is furth. ~yr:es. inoluding its. as til percentage. with a CQmbat Skiill of 84.nts. fan belt. are made upof Viilat and iN en-vita IICom pone nts. If suceessful. an. To fill i't ccme~tlly. tllINll I MlANT WHAT I . Hed Stripe Bemmothe notorious assassin.e:pai ble" ra Ilf you do hallie spare pa rts available fo'r the brok~n equ lprnent. hm'i..cilfcuitry and computer chips.and headlamplS.are.IAI'. replaced. For if)xample. bure nlly Ilf the panIO!1J~. ~n the 2:2nd CentlJlry.eed) to .efo'fe' 1 m. however. may ~e' replaced should they brea_k.almag..t mavtum As has alir'eady beell det~i lied. .lor n. e'ved'Yttnil'ilg is: crammed tiulilof micro.ly halV.e spa rk plugs.. spare palrts with them ~atlruck. Othelf items of .. snd sOlon.mernt. Smailier ite rns will rare.e'and r. ment is· rapa ireCil.e0'.Ol you r Tech Skill as a pereenilnst tagle in 0 rder to recog nise wh·liit is·wroi'i g.~y halve.om your berit. It wi II t<llke yo.a nd you m. and 11 Actlon to fit the new piece.e'qu ipror9 nt m. eornputer.2 Actions to f19!co'9l'ilis.parts for your lawgilver. weapons.s contains two Judges.and .or wlMn3iv. as a result.JllSUilrsnry and work out which particUilarj.apartment which . pouch . Should .Olnyo. Bec8lJse he lSI"! 'f Aiming. yo'~ may wishl .e. 'whiah means lhat'his sfandar<d WUdFire chanoe would be 32.e'r.mel what is wrong.plaoo mei'it pa n IS.atever treason.i'~\ler. He fif~$ quicldy. ' out tlhlata panicuwin break. most it!ems.e-spares al'll'ailabl.f their fire halived . you must ag'i'llin ron against your Tech Skm.. a Vitali CompOIl13n'1t be darnag:ed.fiI to Equipment sectien ChaptBf 3 ealrli'er.emoveth e broken c. un anyone of a number of circumstanees.s a whele.

ili' yo 1.e o'W 'the' Sector.alrtlicuIlarly dangerou$tJa:fI'~c ju ructions an d larg e c'ity padastrian p:1 !:izas.<lwh or patroll route for the p03lrl:icular SeC1tor~hey are ctJl'rentliy stationed in.1!9'r mil h. Ea. or just ~atching. wh leh talke them aercss the whol.o'ven:!lge a of the whole Sector.king out fo. research or irn:e.. on the' lo ok-cut for em-lie'. y 0'.a bibl!d by iii rathe r spe_· cia I etass of peop Ie. and m lIcih m I:) re.and a hana~hell d radio. from wllii eh a Judge' can ebse we a wide aweal.otthe Mega-City 'community. .sclI'een The Lawmaster's vtd-screen is the standard I. SIOI'\O~ upa constant :rdre·a m of Iiing crime im::i dents.ink wllth your Sector Hou se end MAle.Judqes ma.circuitous patroll Of the c'ity.Woo-way eiXchange . . and genera~ msssages.an ear open f.seen by a secu rilty ca mera or Ireported by a citizen. up wtth all~the pa~el'Vl!'0~k (t~~.a nd iIfIh. A patch will!'!suaililly cover BI sqU<llr.adways. PA'TRDiS Whille onIPaltr. keep. Jlu~g E!'~_li ke y.g-Way. 'th.) YOUIF Judge maty be Blss. buillt into your helmet tlo When first: <ilssTgned a new patch.Cut. Ev. <l101iI'9 the tJeemi ng Meg-Ways and Sked-Y\i'arys.eir Ull'ilc~!'i$ilrlfug ht aglalinst erurne In M1ega.atile 'lor just plain mugihl' neiglibo'lJ!rhoods. .ce duty 'ina Watchill'9 IBay o.ol.or road junction. it iis co'mmon praetieefer a Judge to !lpend som etii sat on hls Lawmaste. surveililaln.y alteirnatilve~y be .given patmll routes.. informatien on P'ewps.r tlrQuble a lid 8waiiting a calli from MlAC. giene ral rrv just off almajor M e..11' S ector .ee a md me beingl oomm iiued. The mute IS sometimes between two set points" with the actual routs taken be'inglleft up to the Judge.rl me nee rby. iinclluding details of leeal P'srps ami falmQus.. b 50 kilometres.local JUiveand IlPl.e ~f the area.e.~giiledaspecinic p.ent is vd Iy a seps rate seC1io.i.rr'fi<diiOn.ay·.pll.es other Jilldges close by. PArCNES.•bo'th loa. alskiing U11em to' respond 1)0 a c. ori mes·.awmaS. and 'occasion.going 011 betwe'ell vou and you r Sector Ho use.o. o.B'V1El y a vid·scmafll'1. eaclh patch will overlap.rmatiion by a oCamptuterwihillSl in <'.n you If L. you willi be: ab~€l to le~lin'l 9. and its history. These wi IIItake inthe phY~licall natureef the area.19 S\.cqu~re alfew Narks. thou~I~.andi so' on. ttl is d may illclude a . e.edg.r.o!l.II liIyprlOtrc trance or 'Vlidi. you m aily s. or wiith MAC the Justice Department cornouter. alrl d sp eelal ~mdl publ i c buHdlin gs.el"lel'al d'e1ails about 'the areal bey $ubconcio'Ulsiy bein'9 f. alnd you hlav'e'!'i :sh~::lfl-~angle Iradlio mike. J iJdges' ilnlfo.rt your.u~h last aCltiivirty this 1$ us. to go an"d patrol tM stn~ets o. the Justlice ilDJepalrtme'l1t eernputer.ed ~nfo..f Mega-City One'. busy jlLll1clu'Onsor through v. . When yo IJJ sts rt p"I'~1'"Q11 y'o'u r patch.raffic condit:iO'PlS.ally beyond. Tnle D~p~rtm. as!1eep. com mun r catJl'Olnls un it:" .lnlk glfllngs. Perp raJck"'ets and posslblV' a. with its Blooks" i'o. There' will be in/formationl 01'1 crimes.l~ P9. These are srn allllav~bys.lmd otifle"r bui Idingl$. Judges Imay ]positf on themselves here .~alily done after the acthve sh 1lfi1 has ended ~" Most Siave ntu res wi II start wh illst you rJ udg.ull~ ht of the Ju s· tii ce Dep1arI:merilt.1'I . hoW"e-ve. 'inferm alnts 'who.vedooking a maj. whioh can relay ml1liSso:I:Q. lEach a nd every ~:il. 'OflleUl116c03tl£Hj vero IIooki ng p.• housing. you will p r ck illig !JIpmu_Ciflmore spaelallssd kl'lowl. 0 r be 'callll3'ciin to respond to an offence .einfo roe menta.to proviide Olll'il ll'·a.ch Judge has (!II partie!'!la r re urte. Quem. an din retu rn yOlu may requl re r.about SO. me CfJMMtlNltAT1Nfi Wh illst out I:) n patmll. you rJ udlge ~ r tiE%l m of Jud ge$~ is 0 requ ~r'ilj to $pell d at least 12 hoy rs on 'active S'i:I !iVke'. WiJUiI its own schools .nrogation in your local Sector House.e's are patro nliI'Qg the Mega-Cay.erryday a ndi eve ry niglht.yOrli.r Iin03 Watching 118'11.~thel1e il5 the f.or you (all a oostl. which Imay take him past. and Willi soon become aware of the particular gr-oup of ernzens whiohinhabit irt You maiyget: to know promjnent peo. locsl t.ere shou Id be a freq uenl t.ven. (There is mere inforM ation 011Nawk$ in Chapter 6". Jll~dge's iWIU'I.rge.

{JJ RobCJ. snly gets aioc. or MAC. menlt for the bsst route.ami be u I'Ider. spiral tip around and in betw'8'Eln the IBllocks.in.el"l't reducsdthe tetal by much.eles snd pedest rlia nsl .).rhroU'gh' .Olllow$: Megl.eK~e'nded fQr up to 3 metres.ires.ltomatiic settin 9 of yo ur lawrnr1i!rSteIF.11.IN Till MEGA -.oice· iies bOXlil:I\Sof f\obQt:$: alnrd ether equ ipme!ilt. You may ·S~'OruIt. Ju ogles tend to only learn '~iimalmy gr'~1i!t detel I) the p<IIrtioui.dges to be cruising on your lawmas.ying va. at City Bouom.~. 1 ag. requilre 81 1:ech Skill 1'0. Som.xilmatte[ly 13.U$ling.)!.o ifIiSl wiUli in i metres: th is ~ange' also !ilP'P~ to the cries.or all the look-out for crlmevourself..tadiQ 'Thii.. Il:llsi i'iQI a mega[pliloorn.a.and the' ". of crl!'l\a~ures. hB radios in ':0 his Seaw'.y travel reg u[1 airily.ar.flymana. many lev.ges to ge'l.o a eound function with the vid-screen. and with s' SCOre .sun it r s ste red on the vi cl·pan 131f the Lawm aster.oadways.!allv a.CITY As a resu It. and is attache'd bye ooilleo [lead which can be .Way: Major madiwaY.oad befo're the Apo. this liS suocesstiUlllyachlev.vans to control~oome in controll' or some such. which may be left on all the time to read out '8very entry on the screen as it arnves. you ts recelved. inform tMm that he is giving clla~e.irvarting tiher'symh will requlre 1 Action.gas Oof that cOfilfllict tr<lv. The hand-radio may be' used fora wide y.ed by milling YOlir Tech Skill as a percentage' ~us'l.c~lypse W.Y'u billion miles of r. tUoOIi'irto aru!3mrp't te m. . Foot .owmally lt1H~'com mun ucat ions ru n it enab Ies you 'to r<e[lay a m'i3\SS<'llQ'Iil. d'ependi ngrupo n the size alnld iu netia. 1 Acti.iety of co mmurscstlon Hnks. 'when he sees the fammarl"l .of UJfina. to one o side of the vld-sereen. you can contact Traffic C'(mtr(lJ altth eJ usnee r[)epalrt.a~ routes wlir iclh 'thr'e..0 rlmall. HB rol:~ however.e'lsaboY'e the gr.1!e'r bilcJes. until cOliltact is made.idway. House to Whilst on pauoll.2rOme. Yo I!. witlh 3. tor example).on ng both walys.on for the computer terneke _the Ii nk.trhoug h the term s 'are ofte Inlmar'!1 confus!flQI than infermstlve. and ra'therthaln having to usa the hand-held radio.es '1 .of road.other1Acrion). every JIIJIdglEl shoul d be awa re ohnie inclred ~ble Com pl'e.rI'l~ trie$ to cont.. .e . vlaths bike's computer.Elfi. Picking up hi's hand~ 'Paio ~ Ac:tion.a.Elkle. Or to the Lawmaster's 'computer Iwihich may then set up a lin[k betweelil tile [hellmet radio and your 'The M ega. Recognising the shape as be:kmg-ing to Dik: 'Wide-boy' t=dwards.. it [IS usuall for you and your fe~low Jlu.e 'radio re_Cluir..ouod. you may repeat YO'llr attem lilt: on vou r next available Action. andth en your may speak up to your word limilt per IAiound. Or it may swiu:hed so iit onlv operates when a call specificaJly relat.!.Cit.s'e outline of an old enemy tr.sta Tech Skilil at 79 (an.ls. This method 'wil[1not l1I. 'Judge [E. more roadwarys teem with vehli." Q'fthe ir!=li. Tethisand.! may ta Ik norma Illy with alnty.eor the larwmi)llstelr's y'oke-bo:x will e::dem:il such a HlrnglEl to ~o metres: act.ingl to. where'.y·s rQad system h.1t is n"lorrna Ily IU sed to set up <I I un k with the Sectm' House. Vas1 r. shQuld_y. to your Sector House or to MAC" ulsingl .anywnere wiJthil1l the Mega· CHY . - H'elllll'i:e1t IRadi:o Tihe Ih elrnet radio may be used to tallk to anotl"r er Jud'ge with~n this Sector.ccompani:ecl by the words. the [III'l k.om. riding dcl'~ Marcus L Rowland Slip~Q.out 011 p~trol.Elll'ldi may be' usedfrom . and pmQlr..At::. waiting for a call from MAC.am it into the Al. usua Illy als Pi1U1 .obe. to CIIevili'lrtefrro.M/JVIN(. Harnd. f. tens of 1~1Ir1'13iS wide.otl' is .ouliay'e.. 1"1.inly to hide behind a holding post.. and even the raV1i!.only a vocal command.e of the most eemmon terms a re as.xitJas of ina M C·1[ road $Vstem. Sector House. The re we'~e appro. If yOIJ fa ilat til is roll.i8Xi fjrmana a l()t of sUlticf N:ext Actioill he rolls again.~)(tlmp'ei JudpJ. or more 1<1ss n hmd often as many as 4(l11! Land usually 'Wlith nafffo G.tlh. .of their rPa~lro.!1 such a path.There is als.1ict them. It costs 11 Action to activate the liJlnirt.stood ~ ala ra n9:e of up' to . nom ina lIy d ivided ~ nto a n umbe r of cate'gories .

~s time m 8y alls'O be Imodified for a S'P~cial Abili:ty baJsed alrou I:lJdStreet SkW.nl<131$ o1l $p~~t..a cilti2ens ry strolling8nd ~(H. but o'l'1!>t'l1i'l just i9. pongOiS (conf~d9nGe tr.iCh as Mleg~ iy t way 1143. mO\lii ngl from one Sector to all1o'~hel'e rnai lis '!loving tlhmlJlgIn.~r'QUs 8.~esstoyou ~fyi(~~WBn~ .llly exp ectad to respond.alfl~ PO S!'!l!g !lntlh.11I5t i"form Oil:l'ler J udiges: nea rby. WSiY1TIN:3!fl). one.lt malny cit~Z!e'ns use them 'to. sea Chaprtel' 0. SiV'Srlto gof1rom A to B a few hou rs Ilater ~TlraJV1elhU"l across 9 from one point w~tlhill'l a Sect.iyolil YOUlr"feetor you r Lawm'·!'iI. Hi Iida Ogden S'kedw<w t. Jon Sutlh erilalllld Sll:ed·.$d riiv· rt it iis pl'\etty dosel. _ _ SJlp:mom: .e:zigHdes-thN~' moving paveme. and liIolrmaUy witlhi 'one-way 'tnl'ffic on ~y. palrtioLIi.ct o.rof hiok t~i:lrn d hM<'Iln !"il. I 11.!!sh ould doulble the t:l'me t~kel1. Mov!ng from a P.9 enclosed.r flIam.::oIhIo.way" or 'M eg'· E"aCh.At Ciety BoUom.·In som'e p~aizas. wilth eXi1l mple:s-II iikiElBiin IE!CIrrougn$ Bo"de<V8 rd.rough.!. Ulere an~ mamy peoestdallll-g i1ly p.~a ms.llli1tlculal'Sector.'~.others are na med afltBwth Ell Blocks 'tlii'!:3VServ'e" $IUdli as the Iilavy Ib<lrngrfird S~i pzeom.low" how>9l\1e <lindwould be us)e.urr. am:! P81~k~.res:$.City On:e is not quitJeas dang. or M illos IMralsuia nl1li Xp.g ivernlhe un:elr~ys:ru'IlrIrllbol iicnatu re of Megla·Clity One.dng~nM ega.u lei do better t'O re.r. day-h)ng ]am5. there m aly bs.~d!1~!ilIO. ..~n a on me is callleo.!~t pilra. & SUtmmga.ce !11J m bar • .(n. or alt 1'9.a rlly the lalrg'E:'rOtTi'6 S..lazas.e~terelledri¢ sealts wh~ctn can be steered around any IlevI9'~p~eca ('~ grou nol on thelr small wheels" lhey oornl go e~p~ciaHy fa$t. Mov~ng alongtlhe Melga-CTlty's wCi.[I f'orm. Mult~ply the time ta~en by the nu mlberof Sect..lliedItry li. ~rlid y. U'I6 air. tlOQ.are named I'ike traditiona I'stlfeets. or OV1er day alp~ lfitl Scwf!lea tim es.~. The Ire will b~ malW Olroun.. l' It is ped~ct~y pOi$sible.igh. Occas. . . the 'ground level' the M ega-C~ty.aocording to the needi~ of tM~advelilt!lHe he is rilLJ11lIn~119. Block Buggies.nt:s. a Pelrp. Du rurng mios1 of the day and m uoh of the nlight.fie rt.er' & Zfpsir~p: A minor read til at leads 10 a Blocik.r. thoug h more er les$tilme rnav be specified by the G.and often !wvelraJl IfIlldm.~Ou IfId. hH:U.A. for twoJludges to set off 'from a pa niCiUllar poi flit cline ".'Qr to' another in ~he same Secto ~·wintake 10 N 0'2'0' Gi!!miB Tums. J1udge<~ a re Mil: aillowed to $~m ply Wlhlelil movi ng aroU nd tne pl18lzas. 1 42 .ampleL though not alwi1liY's!Lesser roads often don't have n ll.oh.e~kli ngl .ors you an! m o'viing th.e\fe rryhodiy even fu n:her. you may be I'ucky <Ind find a path throu 9 Ii'I the . Basical ~y. sixty mil'e tali l-beoks.e'l:herto m'ake any ile ul'llley time mores ' matt!e.t.O. . wfuoh alU go to confuse .p..>8 !1lOlrm a. two Sectolf$. 'Thus. OILJt thete maya 1'$0Ibe.:ialU~il1lg. orr'. up to 5 Ilanes wia>t'l. Jlire~ m!lV be~~ arlg's ofJlu.t:xpFilfienQedJudges for m01'19' datai Is. The ma in Me g-w.WS to 'get frern Aw IB one dall.you m ~st eXJl'e.IiIYb. or Vktory Ave li"Iue.'.~~ wh.sed. Tlh~re w~ill be smallstalils... ':''0re .amas 100.Y '.ol.1 eivos wm wa~II:. be tfrlorou 9 My 00 nfu.te$. oO!. ~t . . it does not foillow at alBthat it wlllt<lk~4 houir$ tlO go 'fronr~ B t!o A.m day lIi.istr'esl.e'rIPs ~ ti1lP gangls ~ lIg" m 9 ers) are most com mQlnl. esU.:.for ex.or mona usus Illy thasa days useth e Sllidewa~ andl ks E. differ'6Jn~ ca51e~ of the lL<ilIw.ca. c~n never be any hard and fast rlu las about theml .anO!may be' eo!'! "'eO!vilrtua Illy alI1lYttT! vng!1 Some .'s maid systelm.tw8V.e. 31!lIO Wr~cker$ (if'Tlo~e.id:sliem}. semngl kine-$~ads or o.~ter.:.e.ay.e_H la. 81ndV'QU wo.a. <I 'Way East<JJs weUas be:ing giiven Ifemewenoe numbers lhe JludglesWiHl1 lJ~U311 re1f.efer~ on.s.III n. lif YOlla ~ ill tlire: ·alr.y. sma II silrl!g1~~H.asing rt. s. yo~.tih. thmugh al5<900· ond.1Fh~se are IFaltl1l'eu.nle oUlelF.otJi:'1ers. i e!'1.~tn.mdy.dlJi n~ (pidkp ~cikets).nlly 'to.!lld you be stucik fow hOUIffi!' MiOI'l9' delays 'to a jO!J rney calfil be c<llused by IMIAC Hsellf. jus~: beeasue they are on .~onall:Y aliso knQW. bl:.a nd ilnlto a th ~nj will ~irrv'ollv'e t:relbliingl the ti me. f.silde roal~t often oonnecting two lalfgler read- $ndw:ay: A lesser mad. ande fair proportion of hom I:cllda~ m::lilned rrY"1 dlri¥9'rsa Ii glo. the ~<iuelr open to. a City. g.ads a very unpredictaolle iis aff'ail!. and sO MOVING ON I(JDT way.~L1stIIIk:e ths cit~~ens~ WaJU. or a nest short-cut down a $~d.lrtll erimore.. mOls.a.di.e'rosuch nUm bers Ull.. ~nd for them t'Q both a~rive atthe sam e ~i me.a.!'.Il'rIIberS. <lind many ott! srs. 4.e'l:'to places wihioh amn'~ SEu''Y1e-d lby the Slidewa lb.th8@8 awe crowdied w~th peop Ie. Mlultiiplle pile-ups.ame Maste~.resswa.loalio::s"All d the re WI II i1l iways be P.es or ~.'~0311$<0 p~QPe.av"S eire c~lllleo rlam eI:S $ucn as Secto r 12 X. MOVIIIl9 b~tween Sectors wi III take m udhi ~ong er. c. j iLil$t becau ~~ i~ Ceo ta~$s yo!.ways:.a roadwal¥ oall'll be calliedlv~Wj a Illy a I'IIvth ill'il~" and tltle~e.

staliigard M?".hs . data supply v~a yo. or talk~ !llwaytliH3 required titile.imp.e'et s Ulrv.ly bytyp· in'9 in their name .of the' m i!llion or so 'spy·i 11- MAt Most E3:locksall'so have I~'t~iraries.li"ally.f a 191r'9t1 umber of n coacihes stmng' tog-either.'Ind sO' on.ill theretore have a.J.me BI'ock. .u may .1 t ransp an. re-examl ne material or Ii ng .ed . hives.illl .alie sometimes us.e speeds Of these varicus modes.computer. tha civni comlPuter hous.a_i'ge b !'Dum~er of termlnalls. data isal:go r.\to.en~ransfem1id on1)lO vid.:estWi.arll'1ley ini:l<I'uded in U'lefech Skill roll for using is MAC.Jsdtlize.)li"oU$ is usualily quite small ill oompalrison to en AUltobus.e'Ii~lny9 ~aati1'!s·I e m. falre's are rea$onalbl'y cheap.e"Peitways'. does mean. often cQlnlsisting o. chase a fleei ng perp via .ity d bus all\e enormous. MAC.r. arid a.('3'Sl9 terminals 9. These .els of the BIQcikls.r' of peo'pl.de'ells with m. ope'l"ator. numerous vita~ .. as. jf it i$ avaUable::The (Jiam.o. seatl ng perhaps 40 people" you may lltiHse one' of the.!.MAC allre!:l(iy has. It. IhQWaIV\e.o'iten.pensive. tlheit apl1earat11c'filt or inhwt v. You m."u lawmnte'(s vidscreen. o'l1ll1' used when ca refully ·st~I~ln 9 SI~out in iii eem bat ~situatiQn" On the streets YoOu can increase ttl is.sin SGcto'r4~t East)< al so' retain complete news.d for em ~r. years ~! ti n MAC is.?st d'7IY~!.1le wHII inrfo'rm yo Li wIh e:th.m. r.. ca. unClfudullgl iii citiizen's tax r'etll.)'vij'ded the area is: no.r.one.ed bv n.lty .. mental welfare' aJl"ldpel' $onall habits.asma d9~.nle operator will usually be a slpecially-tlia.e. Thes>e a're 'ex.own eomputsr Ikn.scan fll1!Vone .O'~the. til eusl ngl recon:is.ity Hall (which is in Sector 38. East region).noombfn. but most of the higl'le'r foadways iii n'1e' icle:-oniy. '01S1 m street . in the 6am~' MasNr's Book.l~ enQiJrries. Inb. 0111 the .the Justice [llepartment's central . Mas. BklCiIc Hbraries ar..avidi·sc:~een. an k a'nd.somewhel'e witlilin MAC's Q'igantic data banks. and fast but: is very .ot:lherJ'usHeEl [lepalrtment lbufldirlgs.i'sries have hundreds ohern'1.eve. Even -.se Of! .nNnuous. aln..lilS a're·to all' do wiith s. wh.ary. veh 111'61 ..ed l'ecilh~udg. crime) invo. ta.e the Jiudge<s have evel' hand lied (as you may exped.~m a s.e go.uts.of the Mega-City.l'! IBllocks" fit..These alre .Gam e Maost'erwi III re 1'1 (in se. they stop at predetermined pOints thlfou. good chance of fll'lldin.ol.give Oil s verbal rep Iy to a s.on yOU.e.as theslfillast much IQrnger than paper.dseor Jqj s(i.e'.en ilr [It is too IOlng to be spoIke:n (SlU'ctn as 'Plulffiin' Jackson's crtmin.tin:e Ge. pollitrca~pers'IJ<llsi. 1tj. OOI"l.er a-i'fairs.re to do with the l"IIo"mal mnning of the city.ohe.very Gall"lIleTurn 11. and it: is PO$sibl.e.. providing every J!. rai.s airElmO. You may access M'AC's files either remoWllyJfrom vour Ilawma'stelr). Sli'9lnltly qliicker" though de~rer.thlfOugl':l Jong stretches ..ost of i~'$daly"10~day n:. fill1~. or f:e'edthe data onto lh. th.walrs.ndpaveou::mts.Amicmwall'ki ng dlstance O'f (lli.. ith w you r G M 11"'01· As weH the buses there are <010$61 a mmion $mall Rob.e'rs.ner.crowded alt aill' times" (One.to 12m.ort ~N. This.e(ilr. as.. s.rney AcceSSing 18.ed t'O '~ind the last known whereabouts of ap~~liclJllar per.the' .Heels. It.ILarwmalstelr's vid·$. to fiulUdetai~$ a Rerp's !record. well als mOlinltalinl nrg fu III dalta fi Ile.ions 'Of the SUmda rdlr.oyment: ~ate' lis that there is never a 'rush Ii'Icl'l.mcilaJl situat:ilo n.y CIUlt-Oft' $wil(clilles ~n case of aooid.Th e.· .cf\e.t? t'O! 8m a Combal' IRoUfld IS. nsp.rerya l"Ioient.ide some r.ite ro so.enm.ing to (H ThriC€: S th WIZoom.botd riveffl. T. be. usually :consilstii ~91of .Above th@"gro. each .aII record).r...gtlhe required data.rom which 91nyone Of a billiolil tillie'S ca.1"I be acoessed.co.un(i. yo'u Illay de.on (slu'oh as 'Where was Stevie 'The Puffin' Jacksion last se. from the qlui!Clt • .M. .ad in Ohy Haili. 0 r toglv. In such situati'ons.lto tM other pavement Users.corners.HQ'i/~'f'1}.a I in the form of Vid· slugs" rather th~n IPril"lrted malner.j'ch d1etd the' in d ividl.Its famoi. esper.e. - Whi I's.gtlout the' Mega·City.r pape.in r C.. F'inding suoh ilnlfo. interesting result of Meg<l.Hls 0.e'Ifi'?'). Yo.C)on taxis.lble-cts.[liId out where SomeOI"l'e w~s at any pa ri!~i'cUilar me ~ tlhrelast 45.elX'almi_neand Aitemativ@ly. spare. 11"1 Mega-City One.)(1ramfonir1latlorn on alny number of sl.lned T.ory O'f the ISIlock in ques'\ion .allndex. is reasonably cheap.amev'. as often as you IIikJe'.1e' .·~.IFunhelrmore.pecirfied subject The sealr. - ACCl-SSING .se ca!fl occa· sioril!JIIly be' very useful to yol.e.anYQfthe. Hlov1!. you are. books a nd records lhial\l1e en~ 9 e.ofth.ay ask a 1ilrai ed opera't~ Ii" wi~1h 8:CC·Ii)5'S to' MAC~ui\luallly n back art you r 5<ecto'l" House] tofi nd' 01.re e.a. are IJsIJ9111y high up the levels..lternativle~y..a1!01r's r 'Qq_gite .es .u6es. A.. and w.1 too c:rQwde(i" IR:unnin'91 wi~1do. I.etc)" B.ofuin .u may .oned 'Oln.cret) to see whetheli you find the n~J'levallt data.o get to virtIUlall'yanyWl1er'e' via the Zoom.le.ns.exactly where YOll want 'to' 'go in a r. v.e t. T.SU ng' . ilndividiua! ImW'r veh ide's '00 ntn:lIl. th el'ilil' alf.n.our Secfor Hotls.e's(I. which cali <:Ieee'ss mto the nealf. but p\assen~gler.so me event fr.eoeived an d stQred fflom. I.of tim e. routas and statlons.rub. fulll oet.ch Skiln.ou wllil' be' subJ'er.t11Spon for most cili:zelils istih e Aurofiu5..cide to visit SOlney you I"$ellf.on'! ttl! a past 11l.'l Vlery ~argle data~m.• n 43 .JrrnS. or ind.e everything On the 'fiIle.mmitli~d t:lniere:l.ll toOl' tJIi'!leirarc. Altho ug h you as a J udg.e'iU~lInoe cameras pos:ifi. D'1i de'al with an accident (0'.. Whe<reas: MAC's details.JrrityI.USING AfTA W.s ~nd records of .ORT one.e·asClIMlb 1'13OI1 .that you willi have te reilvon vour .iinals. it maly hapP€in that you have to.gencie$. Moving palveme'l1t$ travell at a car'efully regullalte<d 110mlR. These 221"1 Centi!J1Yv.edwIlth Slide walks.II'mrng.ry fa$'\ a~na ! IS MIAC i:scIQ$e'~ylirnl\:e-d to Ban:H~y.r' print. r.edling nactoirctYlP8 unit.lway that nJrls.ially if a clrilme' !h<lglils rOQt~. and it is: iJW"obarbly best to save p el'"$ol'l 03llised com P Uiter use To!' when y'OI..many b occasaons whe'll yoU! wlH reqll.e. numerous termi· nels [n v.we.leand weapon licensin£h end se '01'1.tb'ultagainy. from work!} You r G<lm~ Maste r willi have fun d!Mai~s.matr.e. fit'$1.or tl'H3iseveral d.e oocaoSionally usetl.eclI.ce lfiead!qualrters.li II hi ist.of transport. .i!'l'91 of Ap@lrt 'fro.~dforrnSkynir(.ther.s a·s VWd~sh.l!l.l! as frolll the s:tr.ubhi th~s sp13ec.owredgle (based on Y'OU r' T:e.·i 1.fj<rtihre oper.clues to the s'Olviing afa case will b~' hidden .m retaining the standalrd works of tiC-lion and acadern iii.e.11a pa rtleula r d'eta il. or by using a terminal in vour Sec:rof H. or 72m SI Gaime Turn.e wi II not nO'rI'nallly le use them. Iby do is 1)li'm...lving (I.oug.. usuailly <:I ~eCllally~tr. there airel illiumber Of dine'rent forms of pu b..mewl"lere.&ssed {'o'r time (someone might be Qletting' li'I'lurdered out thet~!).Gnty One's 87'% unempl..!').refined with pr'ominel1lt safet.ch wa's suecessful.· o.i!I'tlf"O 111 th. From yatu r Lawma'ster.est prope. 1 lilJfllflel tM-s.e IibW81ries st10re moOstOf their materi. will ich sea ra nd spi ral up to verieus IIev.a . in a similar' fashion to the Mleg~WilYs.l!halve the tim e to.il~~'the Auwbuses.ailil.j.son iSitllll?. but will' take you .ol'ls.smaU.rmartion wHI depe'nd .e)'. T.one .in thiis case these stops.!Idge with a . which .I. pulled by a le. Samey can beaceassed by MAC as an auto...l'e qlUlesti. mostglru.~. p. veu Im..her~ alre numerous.!Isie f t~a ta e or wlilldh a ve.crime reeords. The cl'le~~8\stform of tra..lry cas.!li!Ui lti sOUirces av~iI'albl'e.c function 0'1' looking few data.pap er fU·es.s are' usually olilliy those whOarelrll't ill a hUfry (see the note abOllt tra'VeUing times abo'V'eU.. ~Mre . Th'fia Ilink irlilc.f. S 0.ech~JlUld\ge" wah a' high Tec-h Skill.'! UncludinQ refererl ea b oobt th e 'City Ubralri'!iiS (i nciluding the Cetntrall MeglOl-City Ubralry.cititze.oe very pr.1 I"ltj~ Y'ou are successful. Ailliib.oad's the rea re slidewa Ilks <l.iv'G' direct access to.ky' ~Iying cameras wh ich w~toh the' Mega-City. however.(J8llt:' TIMNSP.Jlgso. AI'Ongs. ilnlramous crim.i'n.

ets mQre'streetwi se'..' u.."...a.ars to Jile ~!p~::tO~ifl'i~~cl~~.. .. I·.".o r S!lint. l'ra..•.". ~ your Judg. lJ mOrl'ths to 3 years 'Ctne.' ".at.e-ga[1 MlI~at11t •••• . vlaone of several methods.".•eree p!' The ffoll[owi ng 91ffi slJggested se'rlrtenoesfm 'typioa I arum es... . str'an.." .! e On M stsr ..ok..._.O'8 ye'ars Old Comic Semn!.".. ...•.g '. UJ..e IfI..r$ ". "..e gluidel[ines." Rioting RUlmb[liE! ..".won't have I~liwch ideal aeout 'the correct Sient~ncesto glive 'for palnlolJl. your Game Mas~.. "."...'.20 y:soa." ".. Life ina Koo'kCube ri."."...•..".J'day.ohiibit:ed books ...."." "..:::::::::: : [i=i'gl1iting in Block War ".t o. and iI1ICOrpo rate them rnte typu." 1.]ng.. " lIJ years to life 30 ye.".l[ightly mod ifiedfor the ~~'~riity of the crime."." ". 6_m:t:inths ."~"':'"6 mon$hs .." "." ". ... R. ..... ...'JEi Y:<JI'~ ".of HeaUh [R.. to one of several places. '''. 1... - r"p'iC'/d Senren~es: .rs: ." " Bn:laJd..sed :as an a/lemar~ sem'enae. .•"."..h~t:O 5 yearn .fls 1 -3 month's ~...:3 years ." ."... f).. 30 years to I~fe 'lFieaso:1ili ~ L'fe [ltuilsie MUlrdel" . AlrlC.hs .200 days . . YOUI prob~ab[lv .jl yOll are stuck for a Da'r~ ticulsr sentence. butthe sitll.".:::"1g'=~3 ~:~ ::::::::::::..s. Crimes.rgaln-l.. 3·moi'l't.•. 3W years UI1~ioo... .. .'S'gu ens . and soon..:::::::::::::~:::::::::::::::::::: ::. 7011 ea'r-s y DnJ9I Poss·esslQn .[In youI' 'first few adventures..\'ii'"S leaving ~$cene: . -•. 1 y@are80h ".ii lii'''i~ Ii~ to! . .. "._~. •••••••• " ...eto give: h 15OW~I $ug:ge$~ nens f.••".akin 9 an arrest is covered ~n deta" I iin Chapt~r bu~ !lIfter a[[~the' alcl~ ~'sover tnere ~ :Siti [I a [[ot: 'thalt ea n be done. he' Ube a bl." ".of crime .'. S9 ntenced be.9 R:an51oml incilteme'nt: fa kiidna....8 . SO yea'r:s to lite' O.•••• ".-..'..: ..." ' .". " .3 months to'2¥e~.al[l(ilflg . 9 " : ":'~'"'.5:-. they must be SEl'I'llenced toIJ a term ill one of tile Mega-CiW's Ilso-blIoocks. 20 yesrs .Is.... _ IH Boingiil1g'3 in..lS ."..f cO!.sto2~ai·s .."...... 1 5 ye.":" . l-.eportatj'oll' [1I[1. 10 ye.". 3 ~ N." .."~." 1yrear ...n oompl[ica'l!ed by mulitipll. Jimp:i'ngl '.... an d ~nitff~ c may hav"e ~~' be we-directed. mon:t..' ".HS!e'. 30 vears to lif~ ~ayinG .... [RemembelrJw:'iges are tough but faillr! Q..e . ~'i id ~~ i:i "i'I·.".." "." :~~.. 1'Of. .•.. 30 yearS! to Ide n •••••• "... on S The perps In 1lJ$...•" R·emov:a'to Cursed E(. ".. .i_tli~rby fOlren$i~ T." . .."... n " PO$~esslon of Sttlokle pills .".."." "." "....." •••••• .rs Attempted Bribery o'f Jludg.diing . 2-70 years . 6 months Breach oHih e Peace .~'..~ '-- I -.".e...OOc . ."...a]or ollles iillf1e' 'giiVleniin th~ Ust b~l[ooW. Ma:ss Mulrd[er·. Talpping " ".o[leneei ... ..' .. ..5 ~a.'''''''' ". ~ ......"..'''''".".e' term from th~$. IRoad PIi racy . Selltel1Cill1 '.:s 6 months ta5 years _..' MUII'd[er .... .... fJ mOfl'ihs f.".eac.rn Bo ely Slhliilrking •.•• ~.'0 rea..(Armed IRobbery with Vli.. .. ." ." ". •••••• ."..'.•..•.".. " .": :2tJ.." ".ge circumstances.e. ... ••• . SOOr. [iRl9ceivinQ Stolen Goods ".. bu~l[d.".' ~."."...! .".7.p_~_ ( 5 ye.• Brawling ~" '.3'~~'i·$ I Alliel1l . ~."..'..I'S 'Resistlin 9 Arires~: 'n """"..e to be repau red...'." :s'. ~B _ Arsol'il •..latijon is oft:e..... The sesne 'of the crime must becleaned UP. ."." liiU:elri 1111..".".ARILESTING Go SENTENCING M."."...'." ".... These may be s...... .IfI'cec!l Weapon Proti! ilbit~d Vid-slugs " Overdue..". .".·.5 mon:tM :(0 5 ye·arn (] bst:ructklill ..i .e d10nic [Iin es 1[I[ke'You' ra doi rlg~ive . '..".. 6 months to 3 :rCilars a Rabb'l e RO'lI. y_~a'r-s .ldgl9 •.•.a r erimes Mo:M off the' m...... lii .".. . fine I 11113 S~." ." ".....lll'iIgls_and . Vid-s[1ug::.'I·i~ fJ. I.~ ••:::.5 y..'' ~' ' .• ~. " ...I:~:'~:::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::. Jayw.. '..•.. 3 .IS' ffloil"i:ths to. Not€!: tn certain oa5es.".ces... .. ". someone Willi have to w~e ea re' of tiM bodl~es.."..u. Sky Heist "..30 ye:ars Platt'll" Theft: ". ..(s Publ[ic Nuisall'lce ".' Com mon Assau It Overlll." 3 yoo'nl' .• "...fine to :2 ye~rs latli 1[llegaI Suga r [Possession ." .l..El8..tore they a rEI ta ken 81W'aY...~ ". 1 year Impol1ingl SIU:!. ..:a 1[lysa r- .e~ may suggest an appro'pri. .' ".•". ".".:':::::::': n. nm~~~ ~ ?...e'kililg Jl." ..•_ "..ar {without pdt!>} Once your peeps have been arrested..•.3 months ....". .ro~d surfaces may nalV..lrth ....".ARV .9voking of CftiZl3nship lrind exil~' i'n tlis' Cursed EattJi may be ...t be.5 ~t:S' months to 3 veal'S' [11[I'egal I?arl::i n9 ••••. 44 . 1 ...1...egging .. r .. " I?raln[kot11g '" ".•.. 25 'yeat:S to life Kidna~ping ....•.~ •• II... :3 mon:t.. ?I~_by a elean-up c_r." . ".".to' 2' years • .1 ".. 1 ~ W months " .ga." Pr. 1 ye..." .•..".•.5.".." Running on a W!lIlkway fraire Doaging " ". ii Iii..ew..n . .ech-squads. •••••• " [IJerective Ligiits..'..

too.lalzas.to do a fcuEllnsics tes.ectQr 1 0:2:. so 'till€: bedies o.Jgram msd dlfQids.rafirepower.e-S! IU nwaifranrted use of reanforcement:s may well esm yOlu a demotion {or at least a loss in EXiperience Poi IIlts..elrp.ls Calil be put in'to Sus".able to lh a!'Idle aln'y1hi'liIgl.of smaU.t.ot pu r:su:i't.lfpped with adv~moed fi"i"efightingl vehiderSl:lndi equipme.udges.d!LIp and aJir-ptpe.oft' in h. however.or the neanti:s't Sector H@use -may be dOIlN:!' by one of :siW. lnthelr ~uge P~t Wago..1\0thEm plaee of Impnson ment. but they cain b.Clurself.. Perp.f the detainee. speed . You malV Aftel' a parti.. a!"ld is o. that the .I! sudy' 'OCli"!sii..of a speeciallised T.-" secure ~'~olcks.a.ld prison 0.lil"l.tsoHwo drive IDep.s.e to one of tha olfif-wor. to the use .onic means Uncludiin'91 skin sea rehes .q'u~d. Medicall Aid Med-Squad: A sUilllId. As.Qn in S.<lndlpr(ivid~ ing ether Sicilentific: deta.aterJ. simull d the .e IPsych O'CUbes j'sometim.fVe thei~ s.ay be_pumshed by 8xll. llhere.1 o.r wea'pons.ga-City.ek-.e's by speedlin'g jugIQ'El.t. ill Mea't Wagon is nlileded to ta'ke the eemses to~lhe :morgu.o'W yO'UI to n sImplly calill in the heavy squad just bscaase yOiJ are having <I little treubl e dlealling with: a cQup~e of JIUV. d.r'" These. yo'u may ·l'Iandoulff them to a Holding Pas.r Scanners to pi. Cllty p..s alliS adapted (withthe. and In SOli"l'llei::~ses. l.lred. c-ailiupol'l the servioes: oh back- nil) hear in mind.cullalrly lalrgear!'Elst you mw Iha:v.s m.am: T111ese units ani! . however.$1 Judges. to an Iso-Blolck.. in a mlodified Hover Wagon (H~Wa. but highly quaMied scienltists too. fitted WiUll va'riloUls._ mt~ve untotM s~i!!n~ o-f ~I an cI deal w~th fOl'\e'II"I$11(:$ and other ~echmcall evl-' dence. who l1a.. Devil's Island is a very i'li. whic~ may be arv.n$:.ls) to the "Cubes .\'\El' een found 1\0be b corru pt and cirimi nal.erall TRAN!{I()RTING' PERfil' He'lillifY Wea:pons Te..el3lfl1-up the' squads move lin.e. supposedly .e. the M'ega·Cit. IB:lock Wa!i's. Thf!):se must be t:ii!Jken to a Psycho-block.ot'es. Very da !"I9'i!!fOllS perps may he' impriaoned . la r'gli pra.eedto. lready cala led ~n relnfe ~'OOments.. usl "gl..ll by a Justioe l[)epai1mem PatWag. $0 that he can be piclkied !LIpby the ne'xtwago.e call1l'edIn by Judgles 100.y recyc.emo.s mlaiV t'ity i l'Itermg a'ted here.security prii.ev'i!!'ryitihmg to normal. Wa9~ms.jr m.n to srrlve.nlly fitted with sa nita ry ali'ild food inplit facilitiies.ee. and a 00 covered with IMops ~o whi'ch .llr.gh .cell. m wl'lIIcil pnsOl"llets serve th.see II.celliis Ima'lle' of semi-tr. ' Fire' $. an~ 'nrom dune . ifillrepairing apall1ii.your GM will ~nform vou oifthe ~. Very bald I'y inju red cr!mina.cularlytecihnilC'o.gonl"TM team ils equip" JJ sd to treat allII sorts (If inJ IlIrie's.. to awalll coHectio. :3 Med-Ju clgles.only Imalke a m. ~hrm'Ei"~llow·s iit after an arrest.arou nd alii . IExtral liill~power 45 .Il irtem.also need !he serv.Emme re serious cnme.se i'!hPQrtant '~nilts. Y:eehiIilJcB.eariby. r'oadw'aYs a ndl bU.and are eql.nl~fniQiht. en Titan II .ntt. erere columns are don.W\hlel1e..l e Fo~ml-caniews . In other sltuations.staywirth the Perps" 'eitlhier to wait rotthemto be co.1jl\em.Will l1lot applly. they may be taken to one of 8J ~umber of different places.ed .-Judge when dealUn91wi~~a computer.artment Med~.After vo'u have sentenesd 'the perps.se I~a~g:e.olulfself.llons as standard.(JNllS up unit.e.Act.y .l'fied . to m arrest IP~Oph~ who alr'e psycholl ogllca Illy (II stu riled. which travell around '011 femote-oOlnrtfo~ day a..o()atiO'1il the nearest ene. they win stay u ntln the~r inj uries can be cured and they can se.illected ortotake theminy.aRobQdoc un ~t.e'.often over a n"I iIlIde.l_s. an d 'genera Illy retum .e d~alll9'er.s) befor'e th. lEach . The' one on Thall1l is most feared.there may vvoll come a time when yQ'~ really do need S!Olmleel)!'l.ecicharacters to hospitaL rs.aIIld drea m a 111 a Iysii. very tough characters.atmosphe. Perp.teams .s). IndIVidual cel~$.s .laHy halVe i1'11::'1 udeda numbe~of Pat. You ml"ly. T~k_S.re en lita Ill.ol.. If yol.' S~Qck Syndro:me Wutsie.eet oQme". ¥-'OIJl il have. aneil the iike. Resyk. by both p'l1lysical and el. and ca lila lso tf<llr'iiSpO Uitt i'l'lljuf.No.r.ctl ms of Flutu re."eou. rld~lIi'Igs. live witholUltspaoesurts .sQuad .eas oftihe Me..ailabl. metheus. on most s:tr.soBrock. 50111 ic cannon.a'90ns. Most perps must be taken to the n!ll.I'ead your cuffed Pel'p.elY'i'de'm::@. Eas. be .g plant.olnt.lII.almple.perps ewe for ai 1tempOlrary stay rlil the Hold· ~ Illy Tanks (fm1. pa'r:!'c'ullarly the Vl. Ilarge lasiEl'. Altlhough Judge's 191m.J'udg'e. y. or in airilYsitJiJ atioll not eevered by a normall Jilidgle's trainrng..e:s known as Kook-cuoes) for treatment.a oo'.rlntalut$.ffiefS and St. as it is 'home' to J.f ess of a l'ek.i1-Up fSqua'f/: ~fter al~1 figh~in91 is over.JIf'ildedn all o sid.e Im~d~up of hLlnd.finite period. malki nQ. They uSie Snu.Th is.a Ily-pn:.e'aJa. '110'1.QIijmay take him In y.rp for the waglo.~ntmeans.U. eiXoopt th!lit you mia.1ths and noses s.to transport the Pen:DS.:.which is si1iUiated 0'11 a traffiC rsland sYrlrO'!. and they are noil: ]u.These wi U u::il.J. a !lId irnpriaoned inane ofttil. Another desUnatiion marv be the Sedor House.ck liP the minutest shred o. 1 Meat Wagon: Ihihe Med~Squad tsrec late.r. Thley PUll 'OIUit fi:~'es. by a number of drffer.arcl Justice consis.2' i.nlefl9j.an '(S:!.l>.JspendedanimatJion) in The Vaults.a P€l'rp mary b Gi' hal'1ldcuffed.pec!.010" ies. Ev.ged ~reet fittings.I"S and.a1101 the' CiI'vil AdmmllstlrtlltiOfi!.f .!FEIWS Cle. ilncludiing Hover Water013 nnon and Mobi.ler Round.callle:d ~111 ttl de:a~ Wirth sieg:es. or 9 a fig'of Perp:. you mlay In.:.of l1eedllrise! ¥!k.(3iM wH11 ot a lI. P'erp$ YO'UI o shou lid no'tlTy your HQ about the P.elsewhenll.s fitted ~ntlO thelr threats] 'to.a ns:palfen~. and olther major disturbances.1 may wait with your P'e.erv ar'etwansferred to a hog h-sIE'l'CU Iiso-Bloclk.ectr. t:lhe d.Th esecrews are cOIr'!lsiden:!~'p.qIlSd. fo r~x.entence. They relP3111r ama. or Y. You lil'i8iy make Move . as you Slowly ·.l9: no . The. . f ~h.IAaup .l am unsb Ie to . : cllealn up COll1t~m inartlon~. if Uile-re ~sa Hoidilllgi Tank or Iso-Block n.ills.wiill ever f'olrget 20 yean.[lxrm urn of' .rlr alon'g.st of troops of .p l's'5teei'i.S . The. enme.elr Hme.. Title'll I..11 udg'eJrSin heavIlyarmou~ed IHI-W.li!sca pe impoSSiible.il-Iolding Posts Transportl rig a P~up.

o.st'g r'SldllIateas: a flLllIIJ lLld'ge.om s ror the inte rm galioln of' P'e'rps 9n tne low'€!w l'e·vlfi) Is Q'.oaacasti ng h uS $U bcorncious tholl"ll g ]his 0 rdO. made lip el'iltilrely of Psi-Jud. .ector Houses are alhsokJr'l9WIli<WS Sec:·til@nHie.a aJllI@wed mOore 'ti me te rest (<lInd with thai Ii workloa d. More oormp~i~ ~al1edac. r€::sealrchun 9 firom 1. thus Irendenng them inc:.errts.served cal)t~ens" whenl' you Imary get f. sea with many diff:e.chcan g:ive iiI'ocess to 1MAC a ndBa rney.~lh 0 ug 11 most alr. encased in heavvarmour thev parachuted into' Ull!3: eart of the Power Tower to. Sector House can Ib~ My size or shape. YO'L.'a. you cannot parti(.i. such as 'ch>~c'kiln f.ent$. weapo'IIl$.oe!spiil:ethis singlh. and I!llor~· sophisticated .i. there a nil departrn ents to deal withtlh em.!! wander ill tile course of yom duties. he! will tell VOU wt1ether yo. IlJlnlti II they cam be of rem'Civlld .lles. this m inirmllim tiime is used to r llIany Ju oges.ialliy tralin eel Riot S ~u .. is. Some' of U"ecse are det:ailled be'low.. butw. m I late al bent' .l'ildle' P.ilild~O Olil.r such testis to be done. but there <lIre ms rly othe F ~ nits @Ifound too. other.ch ic powerr$. They are 'CSIn. re$e-a reh data.Hou. up to about 300 storeys high ~thoughS!olme do Pet'f) Ho~ding F:ac-ilitfes.od art .. The SJS:_ The Speciall J udidBI Sell'Vioo' exists semi-in dep~n-' d!e'n~lly of th. th~ Sleep Mac-hines.rt~fri. in readlin'g tlrie mimi:!> o.s! The RepailF !. BACK AT THE SEC1()I('HOo.l1 w~111 po. from neW Hypo She lis.11 nd each serves as til local li'Ieadgu a.t.rJust to est alnd sleep' I' There is <Ii Sector House in every Sector of the Mega·C~ty .f disasters.e-d in Olilily Ifarrely.! fi r.mall~ offiice.pproxlmatl£l' Ireplly ti me"a nd then in:form you wh.. Here yQ'1"J1 willi bel given aJ s.6~finqerl!niuUs over a veh· iele. .es" Dotted a roU!flO the bu ildi nga re nu mareas oomplJte.nlG!1iI they need to' be 'th..SE .e.pect te get a new bike everytilme yo 1I!lcrat~h t hie pal ntwOorld all'llil' ill nu m ber of d uflTerent a SecltQr House Wh ul.ots" and forthooming 'ev.imy aetlens art al~.who are able to r. pick upammul'lliitiol~1 or have sometnlllQ repall ri3d•..and Tedn-Jiudgles.re O.deal in ~ with u.ipalt'e until you 'gain mOoreexpertenoe. alii a.. The esp:ec. arno IUitQlisiln'Q other psy. wlhiii.a nd dav-sticks (IIow-p r1W· €Ired IEI. ma\!' h'ilkle'mucih longelr. i'J1Ithis is come's as SUboonscioQJs $uggesUoll. should the need arise.ap<llbl~e .and r'e'plaoemenlt Respi rator straps to o@mplete l..rent departments SC<1It1iI!!'ied around the compll.e Mashlw willi nan dll'e ~...ell'lPs in go much higlhe. Skin S8'arching invo Ives co mplet:elv rem ovi ngl the top layer of tile Perp's skill.iJlr Sector . tlh ey l1I.lle is to deall with criim. Tih:er.ed simiilar' to the largeIT' Alalillof JusUce in S.e nls wi ll take time.n. or studying the mo. ~$uailly shariing h at 11irstwilthlhe rest. b.l e spe. as detalill ed alb eve. Electro-cordon s. u nti I they cain be taken ~o a hi'glh S~CllJrity un~hlillation lilk~l:"~v:irS' Island. until medical advanoelS mean 'they car:! b~ healed in pr~sofil" Personal FeciNtie. e ~!Jdgles oUlhalt Se.epai r most items wlrtlil iln 24lhiou r$~ you may glet 'to use thai r s'!!_rviOl3s qlU!im often.re' qu aliIf1ed 'to. deactJivate. glives details of alii major road and soci~. togeU'Ier with th e wary YOli may I.o r slleepuilgl.Uon_s.ey prove to be \I1El ry elifectlrve.E!·d Holding' Tanks deep in the bowels etthe Sector H DUlse. F.urs· c~cnlil!lJg . done in one 'of the lalrge rQbot. of y'OQ. a Vid-screen. RiQrt Squad. and vlehicles.oo i art many of Mega-City Qne's demonslratrlo!i'lsaJl'lod protest: ~a rches.ne. flhiouglh you ar.allive. on the pia perwork. i. tedhn iej ~es may Oonllybe 'Caff!lflO out by speo1allilsed Med.wil iW.r term i· nets. every J udg.eiX. OIherliJlnits Psi Dillisi:on.st be.llfe tak~. lise.e goes tlOtlhie Slleep HIa II. in WIh. o. to be connected to.u~tm. up.es at any of the dep1llrtm. n Ilg ht.alild analysingl it fo~r inlOifri miinatin'!ilI evidenoe~_Th~s~a 11d_ OUI ell. iii The Vaurts.lslJallly take bet- s~.loh yOoILlspe'Flel yOQJ Ii off-dlulty ho. IllISi rig: the facil itii.. Tihe Ou artermasWr's Sto.any til me of the day or.•an d ca r. There faciil'iltie'S wh utili ha.oub. Sleep Mach iines red i.N'o$oc-au'StSquad: This uniit is the real hEiJal~eiglht of the J ustice Depa nrnent -a 5U iciide 5(1 llJaJd empowered to deal Wiilh only the falrglest. No matter whel'\e yol.eediU).r. Fatally we.thou'gh 0'111 a much sma IIIelF lie. .atlil!!mpting to gllilin pre-c'ogl kiil'o'iN e . the rnore d ill ng emu s are h eldllill the speoa lIy fo.Ites. As such. as yousl'1loQJJ!dn'l 8tlC.gred 110youidir..osolLlr'e aspects of The Lalw.. Alii 8l1l1til!flgis. whe:n.e-alcry to be Icaned II'! aft a moment's nail:loe. Its Ifo.1 blaciksp. lor transported off-worlld to a pnson colony.(y out thei r task with ruthless severitvand precision.. Admin Faciriri'e'S: As soon as you wake UP..amoy nt of l Seeml IIDuss FlJcilities e qu ipmoe'lil't Dr:~a"m Machines m'adtlh e su o.e!s and eerruotlen wirthin the Departmsnta rid e rlS'\.U' team (bli.lIre nO JIIJdgl8 81btJIses his·a ILltho miry.e.Ice 'the . and takes about 15 miinut.e aliiowed to aslk fo. Sect~n HOUlse.-de·tecting units.ll gl~liIilling your own Iateras y'ou rllse in se r"IiO rityl.ocJk.m rapai red.) •. urtder s.lhe dataf. ost m oroinary offundeif:S i. ie.'llu!. $tra_~eIhUotlhe .e are speoiall ro.er questlan willl. h 111 ralging volcano.~ earn have it.mIifCm11S· and new lLaiWimal$te~ bike.!l ailified TekJI udg es who a.~8se-all V'Olil have to do iii: Ireq i.ects m in~ when he sleeps. . You r Gam./it.l~ooms thera wm !Je qQ.ect@i44.ee'p a Judge needs down to about 10 m i.f retioont P'l!!l'ps •. ttl deposit IPerp~ iin tile ':I0ldil~:9Tan~s.' This unit.se. yo UIglrab some' breakfa~all1d th em plug vou rselt lnto the Biie(e. A simplle Yes-or-No answ.ay is s~af·· fed by . the SectolF HiO'IlISi.l..C<l1IlrIg unthe SJS to.! W~H'Y0i'1H!l1 wltlh fasl-setjt!'rng~fOt iF:Qlllff:l. less im po'rta nt fu nCl:iIOol'lS willi be tQld you by your .ectro-'prodsj.Isretl'1 em. sconer or Iialter y01Jl'11Ireturn to yOIl.dsooe s~n . If you liI'eed n'eW suppl iies" ora iii i1!lil. involved with .l'll I.edTlyand easi liybv spr~y-' !Ill!. lits mern bers are d rawn frem the highest Ju stlcs Dept eireles . tine palrtj'oular Special Abilities {Sle'l!!Chapter 6} •.ctOor. JustJice DeparWmernt..Th~ ·a~ organis.ners f@'r' th.uses lor l-Bleeks. The Brriefer summarises alII! the Cirimes afthe previeus 24 hours. they' have onlv .a'team of experienoed Tek~JlUldges•. they are always r. These may be fit:lled out w"ith spe:ciall lTe.iijlfld ch~u·9Iad ~ The squad area Iiso equ ipped with light armour.lsloB_I. blLlt most: are falilrlv large bloclks.J IJdige'.OT turh.re' conta unssparrE!Sa rid !'I ewitems for every aspect of a Judgll3"s equipment.fq Ie repolrts:.eve'r seen action once. the u ruts. S.e.e n yo 1I13 eta result. o. ln the Co m rol.s: When Val.GM.en 2 m imutes armi a n hoy r to ne~ a reply. and then selrve tlileir rightfullsenlence 'injiured IPerps afe Ikept .ar~s.iest: the l)articlIJllar b<lclk~l!Ip..

eDt: Bui~dings. ~nd qlJl9ues. b eif~llrethey cain set off to p S aS$is·t you. !!lInd much more heavy equfpme!1t. the H~ad of the SJS.o~ their duW~ and they use matlly co.As we said above..Judges. wiher. the Acad.pm<lid out in d liferent deps rtmenrs across~he M e'ga-C~t.ocalYlPse W<lr 210d" and has broug_ht <liglreat de~l·of stability to the M v.efJl udlll·e ts the most imporltanlt ~·olbn the n wtiQI18 Of Meglal-City One.if(s perso. including the Chi e·f Fo rensic Scientis·t. . They an. uder learnt her craftas head 0.da'bolv~'h E.(she aliso Ihlal5al vew vot-e.ct III aliso has. lncludin'9 L. The pr'!iI'SlEl'nt head. MAC a:s based hers.e.'. just to.i'cHo~ dep~ltlies s.ctklInlS. partj. establishments only store staJl'ldara s'uppHes.arwgiver .Grudier h'erslelit ts il'l$1.ef Medicall Officet. <iJlfQd any m(ue item. eaO.duation Halll. T Une Statue of Jwll·gem ent :S1Ians .f someth"ing like a H'ea.emy is where every J'udge saen ds hi'S InWe "lirom the ag'e of 5.t.rth.!I~ into aervice. IP.nal equqp:rnernt.vClcilities.S re is to biring the taw.$If}cior Chie.a$1er.and is many .e n Of·tim". Tlhsl'ie is tile . ·Oil~r the Blla.fIO Me. the Chi~ . and on t more lmportant matters to the' Co·ljflicil of FiVie. Lawm. .Jlu. . mi::. Elrected lllii 2099 bytt1e citi2en.ikliill91has beeno_.r the l1t!arb'V.other se.eln_sii~s p Lab.iIind run by 't!'le t'al~o~s Judg'e Mar'CQ'!'!li.ad.1hese ~ re each oo$pon$ilble f. tl'Ull'ill ~:5the Deputy Chi<ef Jludg.e'.cian. 5IH:!I. from h~g.alny theusends . Shoulld you Ineedto requ.e.s. Under the Sector Chief are 811'i1J1ml:ie'r .U I1tillle g raduates a ~ullliy C!I ual ifi·€!dJl udg.The Gil ue1f elgie's uniform is JIJI si m Haw to 81l1'l10I'Imal Judge's.IViSlio:fl. which are d.es.!iver..y.since the " ·11 b.etJiudg:es.allready know.an experienoed.ly the most ief m.s a biionk: . _but to npt many hundreda of otl'lerstoo.e.P"SOllilel lhe· C1nl neil 01' fi'vli!' Although MeG ru de r has ·ovel'<I1111 co rnmend of the Jlustioe Departrnern.e$.nd. looking Otlit W~~U(l the Ciulfseo E.of ILaw as rut ilJslJallly.whrci'li may in facl overrule the d'8cisrol'l <oftlhie GO'iJll11cil). ill s..lfIi(IIF stre..Alrm·Qury t.e:ctlyo the Ch iet Judge.ulrself will meet heir very rarely. tal~lim from officers wounded in the COIJr$!e:. and you yo. thlrOugh a . [). Slaffed by teams Of_hi. where she is kie. wa s appointed after the Ap. thi O~ gh IJI su a ny deskboun d J udgle . ~'fneccessiill')!'. and the CI1i Accoun:talirt. of 9'11'1e·iTY _Judge who d ii!lld damn elf rig . TilileChief JIlI:dge The positioln of Chi.Alrmouries" The of thase. needed: the Co Ulncill of IFiVEl' le~riMs.en h. The vIew from the top.mputerisedlal1d au~omated aids to m al!:e~1.s 0'. ln the . Meg. many other 'matur.era I h ea.ga·City 01l18'.llicked-balck hair and slkuU earril'lgs.!City OIlIOiI~nhonour of M'le Jli.vilypro<\!3cted . ill'llturn. !he nile higlh. Teot1llilu..!.co!JI~I. Million. IHe reperte ~.s iI'll Megla·CI1. IMy' may' . Ibut~he larglest can stQl'~ heavily <lrmoured H-W. you would eXIPe. lawmastsl'S. Gh ref JUGgle IMeG ruder. 'Olr'eals.and ileyo'ild. Thlen~' is alslCl the 'Gi'a. a IfId ha's a I'ar..sponsible to the· CliietJudlge.rmal l'tIlQIUlglt'ilvery oversized ~S~cto'r Housel't'O m.culla.e AteadelilfllY .rly the more S19.e bell·ow). iln:clUiding Psil Diviskm and the Accom''its. Her o1ffi~ce ·altJlustice Celi"lual.replacement of tlnle Ireal 0 rle she ~o'$1.Ili"IeiVlEi'ry'Sector HO!Jse there is a ~L.ing d vigill<lln~ and Ipro·tediol1lof theJludg eliS I - ..qualnied Telk-Jud'ges. and has alii tlie.glradua~ling IDrom the A<caldemy of law.5lU.sh'e'IiI$.asa rerni rider . _ Stumm Gas.e'.EliW Halll of Justiil.stioo De. It Ilnclludes.eirn Q:s ~e·pt a rl€!oolrd.e'r:Sie·lf . lh_·ere a re also rna 1"1'1 ·ottl'iler Ilesser depsrtme nts. Oiillll oiiti:zel1l:s. wlho reports to the Sector Gil ief. a nO' Ho noralry Judge IFer·gee. lM:e.ci IWes.aI. $p'llcial place is the Statu e of Judgeml~nt. ils·quite bweal1h~te king. Judge· G n~l'1It.eiSt the baok-u.e'tail.<11 nd fro m a P.ptoonst£intlyiinformed oflililaljor developments lin tliilt! city SIil'9 gOV'li)·rns.e.dgecswill liIi.1!ve to 'filr.t'lII'ntlyraoognlsablle.!!. l.is staffed bY Tutor. $eClf)f Nell'se .andi I:ast r~gll1ttlhr'O!. l J(JSTlCE' IlPII"RTMENT ORIANISATION .or their own ~hilpartme'l1tsr whllCh they rUn near-mdependantly from the main organisat:lonof the Sec:tiOr House . yea 1 ·of A$ you .'y. your team.e'nY~iillciial person to runit.U.h-n1l'!'1k"11I g SJS arifli·cersand e:xpert forensic Sd's:ntfststo mlany many ordfnary Judges .faJcfays: knowlil as the' New N. The West 117 l~s~ lalb is wln. wit:h lots ·of goldtwi mm ing illlil O''ll'1e'r. Bi rdie.ef Judge •. m SGatt1e'redi thnJuglhOlH th~ i~e reS8v.iligh~l across: th e front.h SecJttor(:h iew ls r. n.ck-Iu tlhie M 013 iSa ry eq ui p.ngst Its rns ny ·e:ntiru·!iI'<S.A fi nal. South.ro. ·each deall·ingl with one area of the S.)' t~iis bu] Ig IS the nerve centre of the ~ega-Clty One Justl<ce Dep.the law.!s'" tioe IOepaI1meflll" it towe'l"S ove. which i..ajor issues.ectOli House' s fa. Clhi.fo U' [ust such ·asitu.·e:pt that it does not have the snou Idler eaglle.ment. pers for the J ustiiee D'epalrtrrulHi'I't Flyi ng Squ.~tnwel to thlE! nearest ..ation.ge g'old el. onlv the most imponant .. The Co. Ihowever. Units.1the SJS. rsea rllier. and it demands a v.of diviskllllaJl officers. a Iles$ noticeable teatlUlre is her left ha.ector 44. OthElIT'Dep·arim.vy Weapoliis Team.ing rule.Jlutig i3< on . Your Sector House is hOITU3'. The Aca(lem.o pii.l!g~th'll' d1a. and Chi. Each Sector HOlliS.e I?roduoed marny vnall pieeesot JUdgl8 squjprnent new eonsidered as sta nda rd.the ILabs hall/. Is in duuge of the whole of the i'l Justice Depalrtmel'lt. where all new Jllidgeosar:e given their full badge ami bllaick helmet by _the CItI~·ef . Tille .ofi.agons.partiTI'ent weap em $ 81!"1d eqlJlipm ent ils· tested b efOire being p II. witih her s~em faJlrn ess Sind un compr".' Ilt)s IfTllade UIP of t.s ·of pe'ople visit it ea·ch year.fOi'ii"lrlwell be·foretlnle doolr!l are oli)Eined. but its deciisions carry the weight.e'rps olothes arnldskin.of Judges.Grand IHall'l<cd is Jus~Tce (s9.ali'1llrrillenrt.'lVe eless contact witlht her.y One: ap~lrt from the ell nef Ju dgl9 h. 1:5 year~ latelr.est.ere alillnew Ju.Illiy-equi ped Ilfor.f~.of Jiustice Nlo1ifl. run by Ihighly .e~.of Psi·[ltirvisioll.ghly·trained Teohl·Judg'~s. with her s. where a elesr heads I'ld a ruthless I'm pania Iitv is~ necessity .ach of t:lrlese al$O has a chief. speciall Zip. The Hall offJlu$tiosl aets as al no. of Ilaw. <lIS the' Chi. ~ nc~udi n9 the Law'!.y'. alild a Judg.est Ir<lllil king J udg.of the UflC9!!.)lyse chemical traces picked UIP atthe s~ene ofthe erlme by Snuffie.Halt of Heroes. ·IliIX(.Adantuc Walll .und IIvotes On on..ck.Hr. there are times V!{hena more democratic d'9Ci~ sion is.yed al.1I C1Tel'l~ n Statue ·of Uberty.a'.Gnmd MalW.:iCess. amo. under the di ract eom rna nd of is the .II evelry J udg'e who q !Jal ifJi'9.

•..t. If y'ou 0'0.WSi\Nijir. .a rid ·a. life.d-g .e' of yo'ulr 'other ski 111$.1gles .amout of a ~riicky situatiion.Ir.IV beco.n. Tbls chapter SPEC/AUST JfJJ)GtS y. e.part incases with y... trIiIsn.l. ifYOolJlrolL3 strai91ht = :S/cO're.Umga Pewp Or for halVil"l 9 to calli In 'th e R!ot Squad to h. ~ailr!edl as a. ad in Cf'Mfprerr 7.on.. T. you may choose one Special Abilit:v from theseetton alppmpriaterotlh~ s:killl in quesl~on (see lat'er'i . The GM has 'QLlI idel~ nes fe.= .J Ilnro. as des .~ne rail:1 Ulg ')I1C1!Jlr eharscter. Yen.t~.You come under title administration of a separate section of the .".t ~ -IBIII - deMirls· the s:peciallist db/isicll'ls of the JU'$tiice Depalf1rnent .e.. manages tofind a glo.llp!1they mal'!{ be' trad~d ~n for al Sp~Ci'iiil AbiUry.the P'Si••hJdg. Because of your spselal isatiion.Oil nQI1nT. iaHsU.. Med-Jw."J. '~UJIca. lit ai so has WI.s to the Perp!.t fer k.arol... in the G'ilIme Mast~rs Bock. or when he.of 40 'fl:l'r ¥olulr r:~h or Ps~ whe 11g. a Uldfull ow .11I.I'".Justiee DepartIrnent. me . lif you do mralnagle such a feall.am as no rlmal. t Experience IPoiilllts are awarded by your Game Mast'i!!'r f.lall udge( ssel'Vic.lhe$e(H'~. 1!e.13 a QIOodlmeasure of your suom cess ~ a pelrticul.! detaBs of Experience Yo/or:s <llndlSpaII ~ilJl Abi'lities.ll m.e...a SI?GC.a r adlve'Ultur. ~ 48 .<I nd T.e.Judges.iil1lts willlt:end ~o coneentrate on your speciality alt the' exp~n$. or for making the finall arrest iitself. ney may be eam'ed wlh en a n T Judge has a 'QIQod idea that helps his.ad c:lue that lead. measure of yOlllr IIncreased exp·emenoe a1t OE!lllg a Judge.ey alre. you may elect to become a spechi!lli$tba$ed.IS they are' knowUl). - ' · £Xp'8t1ellte i.fIin_·_IIIWR}' T!2!tlN A oIVPlJI.~.olr e ny UlU ber of setlen s.lglh (alii d . Alii you need to know is that when YOu have earned enlol!.ets..our te. ".U~jrie'iiJceIPo.r the awa rdlingof ExperT enea POllnlts (a'r EP~.ent uniform. alnd willi weal' a slightly difte...I'II'~">.e.ay talk. you willi fUnd thatyoUir E)(Ir.mdithis ·$l!Jper~kill". . hftHfN fliAllS' DnH.earned for Ibe!ng a 9'ood! brave ~ u. and 'they can 'OcHlhllr speciall :skiIlls on yo LJ.e!!:.and few JudglE!s willi.ulfl:'S ll.

ay trade 100 IEP:s iiil tor a 31D3lncrease in your TS. _ . in one ethe ~ ski II OIf 1 l? O~II'!U. A Judge wi~h a.andi Tech. you may S'J(ch.a~ .vided on yoOlur Character Sheet: [see Ch. _ ·40---49 50-59 B~9 7'0-79 80----89 May clalm fi.scrawlln. Using ..r'..Judges each sJii'gMlly different as: "detailed he reo have ways of determiinung skill rises..'feet I Whe..he:s:40 rn.40 or above.ase your Strength. When CI'nefrom y.QU The spec.on. nlfJtJds a beos't. . ¥o'u may tradle: in 100 EF's for an increase in you r .each .rs .!II!I:dges Yoou m. . IGa~nwngSpeci. You cam use theml .A.rde:d.Com bat: Ro~ n. When you Ihave 11'1)0 POililltS. . and so On.. and roil'S . 'owone of th e otlh er s!k:iliisby M. you wi II have access to sikillis which yo.u must a fallll. ence POInts m us·t nse bV anothert 0(1belo re you COl ra !'se a n eharaeterlstlc .Med Skill by 3i1i]G.rsUbiility May ell..ou trade il'ilYOiJlF100' pelnts. 90-99 00 When y.ease thaiir .203 fOr the incF8case. q illaJlrfy fo. ~lh~ 100 po rn1]S malY rema ~1iI reco.nte . is.example I TIiI is sort of th il'1 9 does rrt usuallv happen!J fler player decides that her 'nUiativ.•as. or iii 1 DrS.again (yoou mOllY cheese the same one. You mary never. lit shoulld be noted that ill few of the Sp~oiall . to.ons! So.As a Med·Jiudgle.example. [lf yol.e' these fO'i an lnerease in anyone of'vour chalralcteristicS:. you may IDGroilledl folr the hit's !l~' Teoh·.l .aract.IIsll1lyou are awarilled lPs . . f.any . Abilliti. V'QU may il"lCf'eaSe alily one eharacterlstle. stated otheliWls.e~isUc bellow 40 camlot1iow91 a SPEClill ABILITIES :Spedall Abilli~V on that palrlti'cular characteristic untIl it is ralsed.a. They also he:lp to iOld ividu8 lise yo IJr Ju dgle much more .and a 6.ay repeat Olin A:blllrly. Halving th.e and high Ily soplli sticail:. YOUm. but t~ev may not be used 1iogletl'il. the El'Hect) .ay be used <It amy t~me du I'li ngl a Coml. 'f For exam pl.d hf y.e [ust relsed.ell ailly at the end of the you sihould 1101e down the mnningh).ctivity.a or' after an adventure -. the remainder may be kept.o'Ullld ChOOlSiSi the' Hst app!"Qpri~e te the chaimmelristic you hal'!i..ldgle'sAc~i.tV.!"' mlother ha5 8am.a4 .€'nceand skill.'it makes the Judge more able to dea~ wnth the day· tOI·day p'o. by uSDnQIexpe1ri.e.e'r you must usa 'Cr. and so.mmo Gang flor murdm. 0'. ones you h_ave~00 cPs_to trade..r. thus ghvil"l!ga . spitting <'It Jm:Jge.and U'llevmay not be combined.' ' Bec:au sa of VOur il'ltensiv. but "four I::. Judge OakElY has ius' finisilfJd lu~'rfirst ~V8r' . or from beilll 9 nit by 85pe-edii .incl\e.f/. OQ. 'Thus..aci!.eafter another. Increasiingl a Ju.e'''' .ang.8ld·Ju:dges. to.: Shot' . . 'for example..~nf} unkindw rhef.lLlse' a maXilf'l'lli m OIf 5 S pecia I Abii lilies. chosen twiC8. _ 106.xped.! hi('lve mere than 100. 01'1.e'rYoOI.n.ou chosen from the Iis'Ts that f.po'ints increase of'2: to 6.dgl€!'S eharaeterlstle seeres is very usetul In itself . gliviing dOIUlbie the benus.assignment as: .he'fsoore.e inthe descrlptlon of the P'l1lh"lnOUlaf Spec.ollo'w.6.of your Jll.ed her 105 §xperhm'Oe Points.e'r •. tlilatt no other Jud'ge can rnerease thellr Ps'l Sbll..g· and b~.a Specie IIAb. INITIATlV. p e.ence.gN. as we've said above.!(o'lIJ :shi. The increslse in the cbaraeterlstlcchcsen ls found by milling 203. ditto.ct ne palrticlUllar eihalracteristre:.s:ubject to' the rules bellow.al Abilities. or anot!helr. o $10 thelre are some Sps'cia I Abilirti'l!iiSwhich reilal1eto IniUativ~. Wh.ur other Ju..ap:ter 2). all Ability does: not take up .meAlbiliti.ay you !hav€! lncreasedln experi. remember that all of them are incompatiib'le.e!s m. P$i-Judges Thie J!JIdgl~ ii~s exceptiona'lly fut and lands on tn.ti'llEllof 27.e61<S Adion$ LJlnlesrs.current IExperl.ref~.iallist Mea.lat !'Iou nel. .er sen 00" Tlhe abilities rna liked wIth alii 81steltisk may be.our A!billities. These refil·ect much mere clearlytt!e w.D:aM 2 gives y.P$ of 203. [Be warned!!! This: is o.dgles mav not have.anti-mut~9vi9\.as P'Olll"itoftlr1ilsto. me noto..e" CUt/efl:t.edtra in ing as a IPsii~lIJdge..ability irn ditto.st. some which rellate 110 DFive Skill.cia! medfor every' (I POD above nts 49 .taJl in the spaea pn). USie ..athlle~ic. startthe next 1If1Cl.ed O"ni 09 on e o'f you r Phases.1n a:t 2:2. as you wish). ditto· ditto. Mary cia iim final abi Iity I.o:11 da. ~ Wllel'loeve r y. '(All til'llis must: be done beror.aIIy-designated Psi-J ud!ges may incr.ese (to get D:3 S. the increase also all'ows you t.ou ca n use y.never duriliflg ltl II.iiHty .liciililg of tile Mega.adds' 5 p~'ln:r$ to' .ou a +Z()% bOI1lYS to 'flilldling data..·City.o receiv1e some Speci.Ab:iIililies .GO'f6S) Oakey gets 2 & 3~and :therefore . Fo. however.i'al Ability.m~9 ~flro'm 'fo'l" ngl v'€nu-cie.ev. giving het' a new Initta.nlly an .I[jlsuadventure. yo~ rnav inelrea se your .Albillitne:s Ibelow alfe Oil! liy al/aill abile when y'OIUl chalrac~rj stle r has reach ed an ev. .fii fiil! Jm:Jg-e.ayclalirn one Special Ability. alnd usus Illy' r.tal.'ch. howev.~ ust befa re firii fi9l.riou5 B'e. One: addutlenel abilirty may lhen be . maY. and her single·hs'tlded afre·~~f ila.all halve them!).E '''SED AlJJllTiES '.Psi Skill beyond its olriginal score . The base score in a palnicul:archalractelristic needed to gain a Speciall Abmty is 40. Whelil the chatlracteri~ic li'el1l1i:. ~I'!!CIFeaSle' II'!! alrlly 'one: o·Uu:!w sk:iIII. IPsii-. Rem em ber.a another . y.en hig h. an d ofilly the sl?eci.er 'yo.ence Points by vourGM.sh1eg. Additionailly.sp ecial Ab flii'ties.llt some may on Iy be us.dedluctU from the SGOl\91 milled Us.r1.e.

you may s.this Speciall A~~I ity is s faster than most. The Game' Master mforms f.Acti. wlillc!h would otlhsrwls>e hilt hlrn.u:S-pec:tedRerp.nf:l Block h? 8.r failling .twi st"QIF lieap out of the parth .a .e.@JtillfBlil!3'flda g. TII'I.nk has '. .$t.obj.thtJ. To alttempnh'e.t.lfyou ~ake.a Ild i if you ma'l!.lr chan.aJlilowing vou to get behind cover uf vou are suddenly shot: at.eqlJl.n I sC()r:e 0(43..~i)(tr.void ~8Ui~'9.lled a.As a re:suh.h~r8 (Joodbeatil1q fo.E!n.e N. to US'13' this Abillity 'once p. If you are due be hit bY' two or mom shots alt the same' moment.u may actuaUy at'Ulempt to Y av'O. bUrrtli'le Ju~@e !Ni:t~. but'he roltria 77.e. Judge Fox has been set UpOJl bV <.a .excepHonal r'8.Fax m. so makiflg you rse I'f ne.. . You may nlot lise this Abill ity to get. YO'I.very aw.lilllet" dart.a J1udge with thls Special Ability isqQJick . HiS I soor:e i$ 6.ou must rQ11 vourlnlfi.?e of iilV. he has a ci.allo~. ActuO.! void all damage from the hit.ai1dunfol1una'. respirater on if attacked by gas.example. and .Ilt to 'your Illitiat!v.(lI. (. Jm:J. whe.!me with I n a Combat Re. out of the way of a bullet o.g'6' .th~ roll.. chance of it slulcceedlill"lgis.! 3..un(.~Jmal JlJIl!l~~.s ill pa'roe'l1t3ge.ebi.DHlD.·hand 0PIPonernt !off-ball. may be attempa mill ted for anyone hit.a punch.stant Readio.a~:lIhtyyou may claim one IEXTRA Action in evel'yCombat Round (bearing in mind that NIO Jud-ge may ha~ mOire Ulan 110Actions per 'Com bait Roundl. ami the.ct.)(les . If you hal\l\s titus .l. or to pet you. 'Who is..e tHe mn. y.atlite COllin ul1ljque~kill-:: h~ may ~ltt!3mpt to p ~rfOrmIOln. to torr .S.declared whe 11an oppone'Ullt j 11'1 a ha nd-te-hen d fi:g hit mana.tOo try and escape its eff'ecu.aqua I to' your lnitia#ve m.. 5.eueoill tl'l.atte.object ~s such. It hIls as to.n ~t' aJl'lyt...magled 110 eseaeethe shot. and has . ana Nlklta Just manages' tQ' le~p away as ths' statutJ' slams in:w' the spa'oe he . me GM rons a hit but Ammoll'l F!1lm~m. This chil!<iilOe.IICO\iII1IjtJ mlP 2 m. Y(j.1!. Jua.fn.han.occupied on/ya moment before.l The diofJ O.r" whle.flexes.er !50 .6. You s:impl'y' dodge.example.ot at him.Iiding ~af~I.f the wfMII· Fo.:entalge.jim1ii!flta" ..a per'c81'l1a!ge.rarre.g.tilll e.e lare.ce of' avoiding the' shot iis .9 lilii'!. Jud'ge who gailns this Spec~all AbiUty has a rather lihis i~a very useful A!biility. ~r :fJ speeding vehicle. a re fa.a.e..atanOU$ Bu.s that . Hearing the whistle' ofrhe fa'fling object Nikita rolls 8 DtOQ I!1g8'iflSt ani sro~e():f 64~ using fHs A.ll toattem j:!t to use thi 5 Specia I Ability . nd may rspeatthe atllempt dUl1il'l'gl each a otlh er Co.of tlh.ges to h it you.j.I can use it to taJke GOver.d€d . as neoesserv.1l Punk. .r . Yo!.ii! as .e doesn't need te have <l spar.s equ ivall'9.. For exempt.a very sp aeial ised sk~11L o. the Perp pulls' a Stub Gun and loiiJ!ts /O()'S9 .FBt The Jud'ge is.ele.determjned to giVB .n:tering Pat J'roughr.fkitil is e. .stin(J his fr~e.llil'lg .m bait ROUlld.r.! may attempt bat Roun d.a Action te do It! The Ab.alnd·t(J.11 sh. or even rmssl lie! Whe n a particu Iair sh ot hilS you.o your Initi'aUveas a pelF!. VOl!.. othe'lWlse.enougih to do.iliiilfS . you have m.ida 111i" ONE shlQoli 119hit" fi red ..per Comba.t e:xa~:pf en hIS Phases. normal.his·Spoofal Ability.m'ages' a' .lf suoctlss~Uilliy made.. but yo.l. Fo.?iecrs 'Skit.fl6l' w.in.mptirlg to am~$i Kjn~ Am m .nds. willen th~ viffain in Q~stiOi1 deCIdes to drop an orn..o:xs 'pta r th<Jf the Pu.at you dm~ ng a pia l'1I'i eu la~ ClOlmbat R:@ul1ld.Q1.nly sttempt ~o avoid 'One of them.llrIty 1$ 6.An unexpected duck or dodge can throw a Ih. .st . n.. And u~llilk'e: a !M.ue. al t. you must dlecla rt: thail: yOy are goi Il{.: .tl"eseut o.o:. D j()(')i a.' Heal1fJd ClltC-h'ow.a rem alrkab Ie deglr.e.n impossible to hit.t Round.. Av.lI try <'IfNi duck out of ds way. dg.r~tv has to roll again' fO'1" 'whe~ rhe bullet hit him! ' 4. cQme up IWith a soor. Punk's fist goes flying P'~st h~r chin with iilches tiO spar:e f Alii JIU. wear~e.on. 's head from thli9 Pl1offl(#'l'ad6l' Park se\ll!'l'aJ' l'€ivels above.~.rg'a.oid Shots 2" Avoid Palllo9' Objects Th is J udige has honed hi is refil.Quck .l' af 603. end r:CiJ'~S e D"'OO:. h.$'tatue on ('he'Judy!. oon_is.ga. en a.r . lt.e ~()!.n.

but the Judge pano rfiTlilng the. wo.ctua. th sl.FlISt Shot . iii a n. the r.Ac.r. .se dla rede-vill c.g.our weapo'I'I.)O\C:k aut .: it is' n.of allai:rab.a. at are 8: SptJt.. al~d II.boOt Abll.wi~htlhea~billit'y tofire wel~H)llaoed $h91sfaste'r th<ln.e'lld'owed th is J udg!e'. yo.ma'$~oqJn~:Hn~QI cap~dtvto.. Unfonunatelvfor JUdf!6 Lynto_n.ll'onspe'iilt AI m PrJg.and 'utsi nGl'WP 1 Actlion per shot 01$ usual" When lISii'il'9 this Spe:ciall' Ability.edfmm IiIOW on. p. Th.anc·es.~..l$~at. in the sam:a COIm· ' a bait Round. but may then.~at o t you may use the $eql. this S..ng fire wi. he rotls a Dn1'O.. en to the vafue of aIIIIExpe'~Ie:no~' Points you are award. fire tWIce. re t.l~nci1l AlmflFurelFllre ._Sing.e. Judge' Lvnto:n i$' exchangi.starts off by Aiming his Lawmasr.all alp~~tmie fo. mary shoo.arked truck.iPec~:a~" . if y .ch talll When fii.'u_p~.l1gi~'S_ to I'm' ~aOlttle of .ooftops of v. wOI.COO.0% p enallty.than this.8tiy .eryActllon spent Aiiming as thouglhit.buUhe wihQI'e Inn~III1IOeuvrewiU (lolly .~'Slowb ~~:~o:rli!'~tii:on.!n~ Aim/Aim/AimilFiire.!.'i!! pT.ed!a1iie~y .':m. to snoot .l1 of the ulslU'aI12'"Thrill means thalt a seiquenoewhicl'l went Ai.!lly.stol iN.eF at his .~ In .rget!a Ju9l~le would hav!el to talk~1a. You !may AI'!"~$ usual.e.!ns your opPol'lenil: rs ~mm.you cain add 20% to yoll. -1. .J(u:J. .ery hngh bl. Quick Leamer Usuailly.o~!~.5. This Ablihtv IS espeCially useful for tlhg. 6: . . de~~lope~ a speoial block for !. Although IlISIn'!:1 this Speciall Ability <'linows yQ'~ to sp9n~ e:::rtrSli. a'.m! Fire .ewith BCS leSs .ed te every time you try to block an oppo. .e'XlPenelil ce.d df!. '. Y.TaIIA'.'UTIES A Judgle with C. be drawn ~!S pa rt ofa ny other Action.ehanoeto h it'. .e' has a natu.r.·!J. and in a fiist: fight he realily knows.!.ldg8Is wnh this AlblllIty slilow a. 51 ..• .t-dr~wiin. ' ' ~~~~~. Tbls bonus is .r hand-to.ghUng in hand-t.hot f IIth~~ois.. .oOn in Ai m.n~ . in PhSSff! 2.a bound! T.: that lis.5mtdl For example. u$'ing Wifd Fire.has $. .~rna Ik.iich is instant. n:hngly. . . an.ad luck' 7. hand sl<lill:s.'!clusTv'8.~ leap IS up to ~. B. $p6ctttt F.t.. Oiill'lV time. l availabl6 to Judge'S Mnth a Com· bart Skill.a bJa 1J. Imiteted tile: norma.. chance of bllod!dng an opponent's blow.ea.ne Mcrv.oillityhas. Kf..llr." 2: Fast Draw Tlhe JUld'ge shoWS: a nanrral adeptness ~fa~. .. w. as.! The..ith th is Sipe¢~al.~to cover behind a' p.:!e tt 'With the Fii!st ShOot s.~'iS..pon.Abill jlty . bur {hat S Just plam b. a. of h irUii when ever Y'O'UI . thf/ Perp r:OJJ$ ~ 01 ro'f ~is shQ'~"a_ndm~n. KnoclretJ Out! 4. fhe' 1'1I'C)lrm distance fo'r.Qua re :so fast that a weap 011.m.ovinQ u.kill.al2dcom~<!t.! ·of6!J or more. you m.pe~i~I halild-~t(i.PS. across. A Judge whQ fil'lailly m~na'ge$ to attain this skill may. instead Qfth~' II..IS'S!llrIhall'lld·ro-l1!and combat. .ulld cost 3..nalses. As a resull.ever cost him 1 Acf.hty" howe~v~r .1 Aim/Fi.lty""cnl may addI10%.ll ~ the nghUilme'. I1Olr~al" .! at alllY Small! Talrl}et as Ilf It wer.. .l~ Idlings! so' at hi etic he can rover twioe' U"lis distance i11'1 a herjzontal COM'''Ttll/llNSED ".isea when the ~rp' ~"l>se$o'lf <'l'SJ_Jof. Judg.opp~netl~!.a rid tll'lerefo.~ri.otiher ju !ll.· nent's blow.· WliththlS: S.le to .e'fliect '(:O$1s no Actr. has: al ready b eelil' e'xlPlamed~ .IsuaI1110%addiltioon. Atu. Hi: .~ cannot combl'.ea.o. one which w.v no't US'S mo. fl.fl.4'J~ and manages to duck b'ehindthe' truck. ~r!.cl~s 110% to his.Jll.an SpeCia II Abiliities mutuaHy e)o..if!I Strike" lhiS.' :$1ill .' .. 1 Acti.Trailll illg and ta lerlt hals. . ngl blow in ha rujl~tQ-hand oombat. may:.n Phase 1" bu:ti$' surp. countsas 1 MO'V1eAction. A .' f'OS~.vo'u . how€!'Ve.e' 011 orma~ one'. very help.r .ll mp O:s .et . which a.d~s to try to ~e.lon.·p. N Wiith IiIO p'en'~..lty.v. $~per Leap.appli.~Ailmand Fire as.special AbUity is only TSI'g..ons at all itself.Ii. IIiIS'te!1u.y is not o~e wh.g. 7.lit a ~maill...e ActiOI'l.Aim/IFi re.pecial Ability confe~~ a 10% bOIil~S'to YO:Ulreh.Joooods with' flSC'Ofe' ()~.rorn. 1 fig. is.. ~ere a.r. .\!1 aP'eT. . f'Or every . how to makiG' every pum. . "!" tl1 t_lills S~ecl~~ ~~t. If necessiii)l.Iy'~lse·!ut bl~it it Can be.Judg!3 IS sho'~ng anyway.f!.sf Shot This . ..ds. Judgle. Ih~s SpecIal AlbiI it. .anempl t'Q stlr!ll!ie a . etres in a.acik ShOit Special Albilli~t<reaJts e. but any Jud'ge wah thi~sSpecialAI~illity Ii j.handf\ightiing.ur hlt csuses any Stu..la$'!:Jng fo'r tlNO Actvons...II. ctions _h'l A Aiming v.e ~Aim/Fire one. ' jl.metres" as !part Qf iii I o.he. HIS IIMUlItI'IIe belrl'g80._ Allmlfllre/F:lr. 5: Still D'ele1J'eftit A Judg'e who chooses this Spec.. - . coul'Iltlng both sh ets as bel ng' Ali med...I:IP I.!Ild on IVCQ~t2 Actl! ons.

YOU .~ ~_~_n. . This stm Q1llly h\llk:.~ zoom. there isa chance of Contrcl Less.S.· eru1$ IfP m. a rarg.Efs path.o fak'6i10% off th¢ $C.e' out: of the way to.. the vehild. and d. bfl. pa·th. an d b rlillQI it to a rs Iatively safe stop. en its rolQf.lJ#'ille Fafit When a vehicl.:. and: doesn't aHectyolJlr abillity to bring iUO a hallHirom witihinthe usual Stopping Speed (i.rkij ng is equall to y.ange of 0 to 2 hits.a movingl vehiclle t<l:l atliempt to swerv.ds his: £awmast:er.DRIVE SKill IASiD .:t. e IlfII:s1esld tlhe ususl D3 hits.Y0u may add 20% to such a ro Il. it it whIch Iglives yeuJ a ce'i'1l3Jin amoulnt of contro.e.addition.e's 11 Hlalt Action.t. or may 11'9'av.SS the lan..e OIS is.d2 ~ Its:~r ~. Wiith thls Speoial Ability.$' C10.to gain on his qU<i'rry" Sw:J. Judge' P'etrin is' roaring after an' esc1Jpjng Pe"rp on his Lawmaste'r..e ecti. JUdg6 Mendh~m is on lJ8trol~ riding on :Sk~dw:ay2:6.~veilliil~g_im .Iay <liUempt to b ri i"lgi a ' vel"!lei e to 8 d..e ~akes ID3-1.n Sp'Biial Ability. ILOS$ of 8J vehrci'ei.aflier the 06 is.ead of talk:ln'9 D:3: h its: from IIISkid.· Spio' .I:>llIing agaonst his Drive SkiU. or whatever. you may.lugger pun'S O'llto the' Megway from th~·.IIBltITlES f. <'. bur sh..0/1 Ho'V~r·bik€l. side. Illlst. 4. and giving chase .eras itz'ips by. of 5 ..t.fore tuming' his l.1.a rid the IreSIJIt is _ !LIS.adst.. 011.e 'is driveliras~er than its maximlum speed. in <liIilY OOlnl\(e.~ r'olo f'o'o~ Ihalrdy. 2~ Co. I:.JlJdg.g n Whic.e Skill <IS a pe rCfmta.O~...tii'on wo. after ~udge Smi.:Jenly.amag'e..as towa.MWfl1lf~r. The vehicle wiB talk'e.I' . saved only by_th. a velhiclle driil/en by ~lhisJ!LI~g. The dice Glome . or may lie-ave the result: aslt is (youlr etmice.skid S hau Id th. Control.e .oid Conisio.l 0110. givi'ng a r. Perrin a~!l'emp:rsh:i' stop .e'of be.The atliempt i's made by Iroliling agalinst yo.e.awmast:er UP' to· 16(t a'nd begh'is.on his Av. r-esultirng in ill rQllllirlg over. comma~deered saloon' car.exsmpJ6.t ilt is going" The chance Q1f s ush an a:c.s'. no matter howras.11 theerralnt ve hiiele. Th.he car lands upo.n its whee's mstead. \ .ni.e from the 1'\0111. !however. AViOid Collision This SpecIal Abillity allows the driver of . In add Uiion. not justwhenlt's 'Y0.Combait Round.e:~tlher add or subtract 1 from the result of the [l6 directio. Th e Jud ge with th is.right :intQ his.o take evasiv. lifth.iver r.. FO'I'example.est. h.awmasfer around.. S Mendham im.l ove!' whether the' vehiela lands.()f 12. 6. For rha. without needing a di.alily'" a pi'i:loe. h rous. this Sp seial Ability m.e.rydrunk old lady QAC.. . C~nt. The Perp IS O'n the back.e.o. With this Special A.·'_ffl~ c_a. driven bya ve.hebike in fim~.es~lt. . f'oilled~.m particllliar Plhas·13.t.Und.tJe. _if()r rl'leA_ Wtu.. alii Clwing you to pctenti alUy d rive at fas.e'.SpeciallAbUlilty is weU-p ~:act~sed~n nsp~ n~ngl . dr:.l1r DFiv. he Imay control it erlou'gh to minimis-e the dl. mU is suecessfu I" the -Game IMla. lin . WhiM a screfN:m' ot brakes and smo..e'takes 00:.rspeeds" withoult losi ng control of vour velhi·.'Only ID6 hits damag.ou r Drive Skill as a p'erctilrlhllg.ect the dlraetlon the \l\ehicle ends up tr.ge. !!'11 the event 'of a spm. For .and rolls a D100 t a IDS of 55. as iii .e .v Stop a. you Imay_eitlher add orsubtract 10_% '[your choicekfrom the Auitude Roll. of daring bya J udg'i:l' may turn o'urt to be .fi me~n$ ecx:ample.3.sterimay aillow you to swe~ve out oHhe 011"!entehiic~.applies hal' COfUro. tJ' and is g'etting away~ sOP~'I'r:in takes his l. .media:reIV attempts t.ntfiil1 Roll 'Oc:caS:ion. '. With this sikilil vou mayattempt this at any time during tlh. A score of 83 wo'uld rnliiljio th~t th~ s8lQcm hmels upon ds left side.! oflie'nth~eoli'l:tro·11 .de-rlnf}' tyres.e-ad I"! alit.ul. els.f Roll lJ'lmu~.!bi Iity.ls'ua.Abil ity ever get int-o a Skid..we. avoid ani otlherwise' cerro tain collision.e d.ayehicle.up with 8 (oll. Judge wid'i this Speda I . .e. and aff.cifi1.Witlh.ama bile· to oontrl:l.e .e roil).. 'veer.ent manner.~(jd ndham swerves past the ra.·.. as opposed tothe i.lts {glivu1'1131ral~lg.1i"Imil.mergsnc. pivln. when a snaZ'zy roadster.

I! P ie'li'th.e.e "Ime the truck .ation of f.tanC'e'.'" 'enables a .e willi f1e-quirethe' expe.ke oom pUller. iril\!1e!lting new \yea.CEl' th ~s transl.rrfl--5 t<. The vehiicl~ used (usl.re very familiar with tM vid.ouse.lQl_~.ay anempt t. f!Orttile' item to work agarln. and thus are reailiiIY1u:..c~.Qlh the v.the' iu'Oky J. that there bea pena Illy of peri'lapsi1)li nus 110%or 20% fiFom yO!Jr rolll to unc:lerSUllnd the ml~chamsm ibe.se.invalillalble in dlefu$in'9 bombs. if'YOIUI ave onel. 2. They don.ado 110%to you r eha nee of .J I.Fit Compo.er ttn..eoog n~~ing a ~omp anent pie.device.st. .nd an Actu..Qsed v.JsUytt1e. IiIUmbeJ and add the vesluh 10 the speed. U.l'esalr~ .IiI:oUhe . 'ge {.a a V'OII. A. but u$!UliiilTy have a tOIO l-ease CI'o'Siel halnd.spe(. JlLldQe wi)1 iJe OOlilfr1onlted a with a booby-trap" ped devloel.ly peop. however.8r SkiN.e' w'holle ~ihilng non-fulnicHonal.~astD. The vehicle.laI AbiHty <IHo/lJll'syo'lLI even greater chalilce o'f ·S!Jccess.e t.~h~ud!. you rn.o.bmlt.e far the ImIOiSt by .Ased a pe.e'" If yOU! falill to' analysl9' tlhes!Jbs. you may 'combine this Acti.n Skil~ alperce~t:i.tlnl Flit Component If Y'O!JI know Ill.pecJa.tp is long . 51 .js Special AbHity need not expe.Idg.ismounl lbe' j udg ~ who ~iicks th iiSSpeoi all Abi lityis .ollJ malY .made to wo.u.udgf#5c. least 20 metres durrliig the Round befolffj the le.nent"" This v~ry basic. Fa.llhe' ~eiglht .e allowed to use a ('.Slcree. but with this S.g.equipment:. however _. .c~te <lliIy other' . mn de.<I ble 't. aJssl'gned to a JUidige team. 4.unt In a way very similar 10 the Fast Dismount.has moved out of the '!<May.. a Judlge with tihis: Spedall Ability m.anisITI. in effem taking no tim:e at alii.e'whe n ro IIIiing fot Using DlBta~.er uansl.callpatitem. 7.fmcate 'Voice PYint Th is :Speda I A.a basic chance af reoognisililg. especially to <II b[.cl'Iltml a SpIn..(curren. iWfrom 6--10. Tecn-olvislon IS a well r. tak.reof 44.rariE)sand scan video.or H. Fast Mo. GameliUlrl111 '(every 6 Combat Rounds).mlit!Jre' of ~ A. Dafa''!!' Alii Jud'ges a.rmal . must be open.on's v?.ch SkifHwh en Q.ulired'lll9i kniil'ck d of using .QWfl.. tlli! fully filnding pertinent malteriat anld of notJi'(lil!1g ilrr. the Jl.il'lg '1 eliltiJre Combat IFkll. the' Game Master will IIpl"eSGinlt a p~ mtrcularly l~:O!JI.thOU.e' wi~lhithis SpeclTaiAbmty is able to. ~It ta Ikes D6 Com bat RO!Jnds for the oomputer to wor~ OIUit tM 'co rreet panern: you may then speak.rtihieJ udg~1 !"Ii mSle'~f'.e6rrectiy alniallysrngltheclll. wh~n roUil~l~algai'll$\ you r Tey. but high!y !JsetiLiISpecial Abillity wiU en. the compo· Immt:$ m!J:stbe rep.porting against his [kiv. This Ud:.Judg. ? Recogn~ B.rcent<lg. Tlhls Speol~III_Ab~lltycalll_be Iused m . 'This . .s alsio kln. When disabled.eesynth.abmty. Tlhe eh a nee of '.nitJ.'t earrv any arms ment.'Oe.off 'the: mecl1l. 8. Whe~1 wQrlk:ill'1l'9 withil'1l the dep8nment. .and repailring .. no elbow or knee' padding. W~~n .rint. Siddl 'or Ron . with d(wble should'er-pads. it win cost you the usual 1 Action to open the door of an encl.an repa ired.ifI.n$ amid other d'. and' the type . Yo~r GM may piJij~mh a.ci)nJ~lnCbon IN. 'Wham lrolllinga9liilinst your Tech SkiU as a pen:elilta:ge.omty has aOCJ. Thls SDeC~ail.e airways i.o use liib. or 81 sloping p'iillrk'ed IFo'adst.? . Mechanism Ooc~SliQ~'iiiilly.. or pes$ibly a cilvi..tlrnS:lr lUI niferm 1'$much m. !his Sect. soft hel· met WliUn clea!f gongle.e.1 tlhe GM may modIfy thls fortne slhrewdness of the. a Tech-Judg.r Te:c'!!.of tllile jlJllmp is D4 metres.nly ~ limited It'ilumber of aU!empts.ce.Ull you.ore. Thel result is thelt y. 53 . Disable Mecha. lock s brainl].nf·~ The Jud.oolingsometihing lik$ a voice-aetlvated maehineor door !oi?k is~q ~alto.erwilll do).et jammed bythelil' shellls.liian labofatory.OQ.e'speC1ed dlVISIOIl of of Megdi.lI:stioe'Depilirtmelnlt •.ehicle. Jum.ou .(T1he.e'. mateirial.1 . it wollidtake veu 2 Actions: to clear the jam.on in II.inglany app.o that M$ to be understood In order to be' .Leap . This skHI may be used in eonjunetlon WiU11 Disebl'e' M'Jijchani$ffi.n tJi!'18:same' way.md.ce svnthaslser.~. ana Ilysn Ire-rollililg OnCle every S.ating your veiee into. deallirlg wirth radi~tiQ.pecilal AbiHry the time ['S halved. thJr'o.mpl'iatie' li'u3'arby ramp Or slope to_9ive him <II IIif!: Ita kerb.!!'.. the' ~.~~~.ge with this s.equin.gon Iy 1 Action.gl1' .ra'P€M~'lfI_sco.qu811o your r:~chni'cal t Skiltas: a peroe.ction in o.they aJr.er" lb~ length of tihe jump is equal to !'l alf the speed ef the ye'lilicle ti'laJt tu. Usually.11. (Rolli a 0110 . The Oi1ailii.' iJS. 61 RecognJ99 Compone.()f ts. Lawmaster) needs to have traveHed at.e. bil'1ling it witlh anv other AC1ion. 011e of entering the veh icll~.er' machi M.as fn)m p astatiomllry veh r chsas pa rt of ailiiy otl'lerActfon.r.glre praetlca I..es olilily 1 Action.component piece of' <lny mechian Iism.Af J:'e.eg'lJlh:!lrities Elnd clues Un it.ap.1 A._piece" f.se filed Olil are MAC.ata-aocess :sy·stems useditih f'O~ 9 hO'l1Jt MeglaJ·ClityOne.y(il. iLl$Jlngl oOlmp~ter and .llke t!nlalt almO'lJrrt fliolrrnthe speedi.Ps ar.o a nalysle' <Illy clhem ~calrnlllce picked I. You may disablle 1 vf'lall oomp(lIle'~!t.o. and a.e wears no. t:ak. pilus:or minus 5 metres.I'htles.!i rlgi th. whic!h can incilide th'e Lawmast~f. Analyse Chemir:al . in 11'1eirectilon d of' mQV'~mentWhen the' vehicle lienells you wi I'I haIvE! o wolil t 'fO'f Control Loss ![ti'lough YO'1iJlf.rk.lla·ced. IlJs. e Ih:owev.a' straigl\t.$ attached. .le who alii allowed Tech SkiM Sp~m.Crty One's JII. even the IITlOlst sa'plnlis1icarod weap ens g.attempt to falbiri.emilc~11 r. ta ke5 from the.rly45).unted as pia Ii'it of ~Ih usual move d~s~arnce.ll .e's I. the type and eenstructlen . to a sampl.s. By th.Pons~ ~nd mucll'l m.. fli'o.h encloised vehicil. to 1.Jammed IWeapon On oceasions.pers..Jd'gewith th.e.eaping aboard anvopen veh ic~1 inclludi I1g the' Lswmaster..9.mag. and its members I have beef'! . ' as.m" in 1f:!'IIIJtll'es.oII. your T:ech Skill..or a well'd gllzm. ThilS.rm . by ad'dnngl 110%to y..peliiing! tile deer. OccasionaHy. waUlI. . Ileaps do nor have to be co. and eire abll. dis·able 11 non· vita.fr:eg!u ent USl19'rs them..and n:arrowfr a~Q1ds turning himself into synt:hi-spread.~sa percent.AbHayena'b les the J IlJdge 'to'j!J mp' hlis vehic!I. RoiJfng Ii DlqO. TfCHNICAl SKill IIISED ABllITIE! Te.ilrlg the fad lities of Justice IHO. iHhe latted.:llbl'e yo u to add 10% tlO you r'chalii'ce of fiu:ing a component. however" dependin'g upon tih esiz€I o. equa~ to.gcme. The computer must have access.lind will r.ar the voioe" or a voi:ce ~.liln.mif?. Slpet c.. by cerne. Lswmaster 3.JlIJdg.ill'1l. tlh e re qu ired' im!itatio. h .e Skilll .ssibl'i3I.~. .ia~ A!bil'ity aillows y.f the sample.er by a 'Sl1ufifl. th()ugh.Fix .o~. .a II..ilf tM 118iSUI't is. but IJsil1l'9this Special Albillity.cause of it..Ab.on with dil. wrl~ the comput..:m'sm Th.ay oontiill.

amongs.#(RQ. Ju dglB with altil ss The Judge with thjs SI)0ciaii AbillHv has spe.n fli8 knoWS'Qmethlng mIght be th~~ d he is asked to F(.?GM mUs ..n assiglned ~\Q a tealm.eoeivi ng. ..'''SEIJ'IJ'IllllIES Any J l. Y. wh.t.!ltlhlfu~ <'IIFlI$Wer ii.e.J udges who IJIse them.I-.e.e upw hiS Sll'7fl\S't SicA' $!~ore In Jmet~es. and Webs:ter .• see Smalil.ailey walksQ\I:l. but wirth til is Sp eoial Albi Iity 'the re ~ an extlra 1 0% chance.!! <'lIlly wah smalll Red Cross· flas:n€:$.hance is .ots: JUfJ. .Gun hidden under hi'S ooet)' Woosta.ddl~of rh~ .steri~.r 4.ol' For . lhioulder pad w~ichC<3if" s I~i." .. ror win {The . 5acwr .' 'e .Judge's Natk The JI.ecu~ii(m it. to be aJdded to you r s Sff8'tl't Skin ro II kllF spotl:ilng the eri me..horough wo~kin9 "mowl edge ot' H.. .Eli'lf'J!jry 1 10 PD ilfilts ofF St.j Skill that V'OIJ h Ol\l\Eh lhe ~!h!3IMe of youlr Sense. S.SlJ(j.udglS:. l' lh i S Iron us se panllte fre many fQ II fow Spottin 9 a hiddeifl ite rn. whils~ miilkinga rS'gular p!'iltro~of his paton •. ilIlfthin5 meitfeS."wise he can ~~h!lraJl'ly srmell dalngrer. Oimda. th.c~~vfit~. Like the other speo~<lll.. 3.11.h~d"gieias you must add 11% to ifIis chan ceof 5u rren0 der~1"I S.'s Stmet Ski 111-.·~S SiQ'. 'OK you .Withtihlis albillity 'you may PUll specIfic questions toO a P'I'lrIP.tIiiQ~'g h.ea rleg.r Ab. unI<ling Qf ihliddiem a darilge r is '~quall ~:o'your 58 rallied asa percenta.edy un delrworld c:hl~lr.U)..e~' u n~forlmr. a I~athe..!!$:. Na rlks can alseattem pt: t erjmss the J udg'~$ don't yet k'flO'V!I !ilbout.a nd rou ndling Ulp to tlrlJj3: nsa ~es·t10 GaJme. g'hetto.awmaster.l. 7.!dige withtlhis SJPe1c. fo.e'ssma~ i us wo.home Seclor.· a AH '-'! lar h iding-hole.!llc!hl is 'the ama of cO!'lfidenoeli in TI1I Law yo I!J g. Tinll$: 'particullar CiTreumstance is ha ed ~y the GM using ilnif'on'nati 0 n inth e . Turns)'_ This SikH!C~lnol'lly be applJiedi to one p. .S .e ad.a'Qter$ to' hi$willl..he c~n e •.: us.m~IiI.hen thi!'>OO mugfl-!ooSdng thug. A.i'.ector le'CI~H!11 to his own SkIll milled as a peroentagle.ge.e fOlr plfovidi ng Yl0tj withinfolrm arlen abol. .~:$. theGM roUs a 90. IFor s1:l\e·el work they 'wear mod jlfied unifowms. Th8'GM .-met .<.t .o certain dearh .and the cha nee .$lha.e.of k.iO.is piarti cu ~aw peciia I Albi Ii~y h~l::.~lnli$ 1tal!ie<s30 x D2'O .o.or' trl!.t~.J'i2fJ. .re~. t:houglh lUIS!.tvalt.iW.t.Pu'gs! FREEEEEZZEW MEDICAl.a S I higln Iyo devell'OIPe.IU himse. or bag -bomb.. perClentagle . r. . Keen Ob8.u ~y 6.{ilrllge ·o·ff metre 'fb.~ n we~ P(:IIlI.A question malY b~ put as m~nytimes ss you wish. e radiale.e iltl' nandlling lPerpi.edI.IIB". ·. filM Game Mdiste.d $Je'riSi9 of dIW<lreness.0 COOlhe oomma nds ~ns'l:alnt respect from his fCHl!S.er OOmiITII ~n.e. A . and as a msult: can semetl mes~PQt![i ny hidd...llt f'Onl'iicom~riglolr p. o.eaifter the first aslk:~liIg~iih.ll1lfolrmer.r r'emarkable slk:ill. ofthl!Jm ha's a Stub . AIilIY P. ij flclludi flgi $uwg. aJny ]ou mSiywith iinth us SeI'cio.fle r... Judge We.i s adept ~t manipu Ilaili ng the se. and a. ~s. is. onea Iii EI or slhEI hss the iin1iolrma'tiOrii (iflhey find OI!Jrt afil. lh~e .s a cOI'iI:seqll.\'PR '.e is: o3llllowed to plait frern ~ihese Spacia I uSlulaJ!.r must I'\Glllf~r th i s.B¥. w.mhiS l./jI.llr his past crimes (if aln'y)'. shours. .lequivallent: to' yO!Jf Street 8MI <3IS a. $~n~e CrjMelf Oocalsiklnally. Your Nark escapes pms.f.ng 88y overlooking' a ped~$trian pla2fJ.of~x~mple. which fO!lnd$ !lP to 9%" $iO his c.l8ASED''''ttllIES Wh ul$l ~m. but each t~m. m.ge. Nalrll:s IhaiV. which is 48 .. S e.A~taot ClJI.. 4. a I1Jsleiuland/.CQnlfer$. 11"19 tlile_ ~eq'ui red 1iIltl1sW€i1r diecrealsed by a furth er ls ~ I.tlJI WQ'~k.lliru the Med.uailly Pl1ilt~ in a vidl-oa~ II tQ . as a Iresult:" 'tlilere' 11$al clii~:m~ of amy Henchm~m~type crimi ~~lenoolU! !"llie.. .t Skill. 50.e anoo ctil .)lludg.ythi~fIIg)~ilh. P~fp$ ~.this in $ec.ui'n~d $.o.J'~dige wi~lhi dl.erya nd 0' deoonta.2: interfogate Tin is Spec~<l1 lbillity rep resents A U'Hll outeeme oftr~ unin g end 'ElG!<perier1!.voJn..~ oro~ GM g~t$ a :moro .. even If he ca.a t..bsJleI' is seared .e chance of doii ngl thl s is equa IIto yoo r S~tee.ffJ in this in$tan~. SJ(ll.t Skill d iivided by 11 0 ~1imd!i"OU nded up} as ~ pl\'llf£ltlHlIl~g'e'" .icat~on$.11 ustlee Cent.e red crO$$JE!$ali dI a s~liIgtl.~.. iil is m.lls. Fot example.es with h)o'~ecaJp$aifldsu~gliciilll gllm!'es" Abillit~es as p.fthe tinFn3.ledge f. 01'1 d utya:s Med~. t.:d()~s . b~C8u5e tha Jucige they are -Mdt S.STREIT Sttllt.examp'e.nnot ~eej.fled thlt. with.ifIOv.ia..pec.e Perp's Thhi Sl?eciiafAbility .arthmlal' Sector.!~'a.E!<I_g. 8~.s.offr.1I Ailll hly. andltnillven~ng the s1reetsof l1!is.•.J1 udg.s.i J udgestlhey wi~I w~:!'l!r~he st sU~lnd<"lrd. lhis chance is eq !!Jalto your Stre. As <I rssu It.ual AbH ity ls $. Tbis abmty has a . they ea iii be very dm'e~en~..ed being wi Ilii Iilgto work <IS<Ii Nark.e' ttl en roeoo:jiving the' inf'oV1maIt~.ast CJrim~nall .'.e' may h<live a chance of spa erime in pr.as descrilhed in Chept:e.r wiill take onl'y Inllilllf tine time it usually talkes (to a m~fiIimum of 1.'_.a J udg.ey welt! r aill-wh~te or aIU·glfiee'lil surgeon's mb. Kn 8 W~tch..night.ffi.Gam e Tums.nil a 10119time sWdy~ngl map.~"!Irik ~asa Cihii3lnoe.og ress.. the Game Master (lena' ..~rp faced wull1such a ooo.s'Ome in dO'Wl!'ltowfI S~ctlor 2'2. concea lied lila ne-a rrn. $vot Nir:l..iir. .ation.(..r.0 Ga me lmns. r.11 udg:eliS50 street. P~lrps skli:1II etua Illy detecltli ngl some.m. 1"1.r... In $.JUdg9 Oak~lt has an 55 of 84. will ere they esn by kumd 50% o.Game Master"s Book.:'~ ina 'o~ 60 or less 1'rl'91V11"I:g d'us Specu. of .on via h~s l~Wlmas~.poi. wide helmets rna ~lkied with Ii rg. u p tlO 20 m 91tr El.pecial.t>r '?fI . 8:. TargeW at a ra ng. .lleno~ has built liP . 6. Sen:s.."bH.th'R 'W~~PPR ThiS J Lldge with th. diiapi:dated .awOliY"lh.Qhed.fortheJuo. 'il11l it..m~inzero rs f. $i!ilcellhle norma! observation 1r:8JliIge of a Srm<l!111 o3lrg t.'f(j(j. N rat witih you r .oor8(.. lifllelxcha n9.s sidle past.viiflgailout~nY~l?'eoific cr~me wlthm ius s.(.g'9 8ailey is ptJ:ttoliing .

Kn'owfedge 01Allen . but tlhe anti9'mpt at reeo gnitio.us Lifeform 2. the GM Qsts aS1. tota ny IUlrHeoognrs~bl e.Isu.in u~'known' complaint JUdge~ Linnett haSfl"t ~nooun.continue the .no rne Jluoge using thjs SpecTal.arid ~'9'.olU!' si.".iill'y de_<lling_wi'ttlileach wQund IS equal to 'four Me'dll.e. ali'ild is permanently retired from the game (l.otlh er eh a rac1:elr. during whuch 'time 'the Perp must not be underattad . s:imiplry by tallking them out of fighting.ress.r.e.ki.t. Re'OOgAise lJi'sea'se For e){amp.automatical. Admiftl~if1rt1\11tment This Special Ability is onlyavailablB toJud.of successful'ly deaUng with the wou nd lis equa I to you r MBdk-aJ Sflriff as a p€l.cbasle. If uneflrst attempt w.'lIS a pen:elnitalge of aetua Ily kl1ow~f1I..may. Once revived 'from the edge of de~lIth.after resting tOlr ~ Com bat IRound.rJg.eoCivery wiithin 06 weeks. Use .filellive n The Judge withtihlis Spe~1iall Abilli'ty has be>e'ntr. only :1:0 lose h~r ~mong$t the exhibits.pie..fu Ily recovered.art:ment Me.rcenta.thalthave been KnoC:~ed . you are a spe(:iaHst at per. Or redl into "~arbagle Gl'indlllrs· win not respond to 'this: sort o. For e~arn.g what Hie d ~sease is.aln.alke anentire Combat Round.. or hostile animals. 0 ~ .Iit.ne of ..lnru.e. 4. If the anempt lis su'cc~ss.er team are on 'Ii patr:of in t:he Curs. fa mi lia r' wirth the speciifica lien or ani m~1 type.t~e chanca e! ~u~oe.Abillity Ottiler W.qual to' hi s Medical Skm !. a~ character wHI slin be.o'i.g~$ with a Medleal S. . and tnel'11 t:lIUOW$ hrm a oh anee e. to humans.y If'ecog~ 11ise any o. .e JOhnson a!ld hisfeam h<l·~~' Chased.n's Special Apmt~ .c 1 The alnemptWll1 t. IhhleaU16mpt is nOUl.lgh10 cope wit~th~ hj'9h1.h. .enou9lh equi'pmel'1t t.fitlrm.tak.. . From tlhien on. " can lrecognise potentiailly poisonous.them come·$' down with . - 1. whether yo·~recog nisiSl it as such er not Once falmHii'alr with a species. If the flirst attempt falls. ~rnd se on. Onlv (me aUempt may be made per person.automatica~ ~y1:0r o.allly 10 bece me a no n-plavar flU tcr J ~id'ge at ~:h~ Ac-ademv' of aw). s: the' disgustA ing slime creeps tow-ards :them. aod regai illS the lost: S1rtmQ. Or ifth'9'ffi aren't any slI.S P. Com bait R.th and 'nittalive within G.g rI$ of dlisJ$asI9'. The basic chanee .IRou nd. Th is Special Ability allloW'S.oq agautsr all MS of 68.r) Y9!Jr Medical Skill as.powE3'redlife of a Judge. Game Mas.l:fn' MS ~ess:rhan required at hier cha racters..ge. ·after wn. because you shouldn't know that a ersatu reois.ai111l1~ a Judge with thls Speciall Abil.eovel'ed . as defined by the Game Ma$.~mllEi'rp eril1i'glhit.oter is. this skill until his M:S is raised to the Arm & Leg Wounds frealtmel'lt takes 11Game Tum (or 16.ur MS as a peroe-ntage.niy bel used once per iPerp. the injured cnar.ge.ingj snd .1.only a vaiiab Ie too characte'l$ with a A M'edii.es1 Game' Turn 10 r 16.o deall with armand leg 'wounds.rng against tJiis M'edlCfli Skill as a pef\cen~ 8•.ty: Ab.lly 1(iJ$f.i\i .tiheJudgewiH liv. --.adm iii1$·tEi'r tr9iatmeli'llt to wounded Using a properliy·eqruipped hospital unit. choos.11f 75 o« ~bol!fei.eciia.i lity . whO' has: died withi n t he last 3 Combat lR:ounds" may be feviived by a Judge' withl this.atiler too sariousfor thad]. The basic chance of doing thns :isyou r Medicsl Skill as a percel1ta'gle'. they fInd thems~liil~S cofl'~ fronted by a seething mass of gre~n jelly :that has been lei( out ofits ta'flk by the Perf) to slow them up .a D 10'()~ she gets a 05. Iperilodof .f treatment. or they will die agai 11.and h.eh.e. the Judges edge around the ielly·be. JI .equalls yo.. tJreall:m~nt I'I...ained in Irfilvivingl other cha "acte iI'$.I:5!t e ro 11b ~'edln secret.ga(Jamst an MS of74 em .:ft .. regainingalllilost S'trengthano .all Abi.judlge.ter r'Olis ~ya~nst Ju.abll.reatlrrrlil3nt immediatet.agon canrie's ..f'ul.'niti'ative poil"llt~ origina. butiis no longer well ~l'IflOl.r bility i-s . IMproll'ise Qlr:t\i If a pa rtncula r d isease h.others.o~I1Ids.rp Into Megs-Cliy One's AI"ell Zoo. [.ne . mang Ied.1I rtormalliy used. 'lihe eha nee of such a recog notion is equall t.aII at the' end of this. and is SOlon tfea·ting the poorly Jud.ai SkrUa:sa percentage.mds.ay as normall . Using' tllis Speciall Ability even Pe~lPswho would nOIfJmaHy fi'glht tlOthe dearth. someonewlth 5.-kit. - A.omn.eqlJlallto you r~ . but no .r~. .bvi.a Jludge to . the m. anv. a pe rcenta ge.e'thod lofftreat~ rlgl it. Combat Roundsl.suading Perps. Spee'.ay do thi~ .and the Judge must be tiempcuad Ily retired from duty until fully r. 6. time.te'r.ame Turns .looe:ssful. and the ch am. _ [a'9Ie to' see if he' is.sp. AI so 1if it is:the on Iy tlh ili'l19aV01Ili lab a J usc ticeOep.cal Sl!:iU'of5() or mOTe.avrnghospit. but remembers her lmproVts.i:j ndl this score. The ohalnCill of dioingl this .This <llbilit'll over-rides alii normal modifiers to the Chailiange Hl. Judo. the anem pt ta Ices 0 ne who." IlH. irf enco ~nten. fhe· rlllvhtal takes 2 Actions.edlrugs at' .Earth. cain be ta Iked in-to Sur render.a b~e to rmprovise ~ cu re u~i 119drugs from a ~stQllildalrd Medii. Aflapn.a. dange "OU$.d .assa~ .e. Judge' l.1IeChniques_ .and onliy one.d ag.and U118 revived cihiillracter m. as weill as.and ellitzers.eJ()"n~o.out.d·W.ul'e ls.Chara etsrs crushed.r.. SUClnl as Fut:sies .ea't. You m. aU!empt may be made for each.abillities to alieliiS or animals.e of success is .nand to' tl1eat a known oom· pl. pllant$ or aliens.us~~'9 em. and willi requi~e more Medilcall t. to. the..~ deal to with each wound.PisY4lIi'Owgr 50' C8'l'lno<t This -Sptil'Cia. Chafla'CtlJ:rS '~th an MIS score undflr o 7'5 may not p. Sudofjnl'v. deal with each we un d: tor srm a m:lleg we'un dsa ny' number of attempts· m. no mat1le. .e Cure SpeCial and imrp~diately begiri's/ooMn'{f throuf}'h her Meejj:!hI: R.ity may be .in the condilt~oii that he d~ed in.of a Mledi-Pack wi'll not add anything to yoursJUIcces$ chance Uhe injuries are r.~e Com oat.teredt~fjl' drl>e. ~Osurrender.~ilit".ergency .the character l'ir'i'aJkesa oomplete: r. Recognise Dangero..ick this Sp~ciaf Abili.ay ent9'r pl.orks.. by the Game M:as..l'lowever.. This abiility m<:!y o. -when o. Emetgency ResusmatlOll' A .Anatomy Any Judge with this .e~rit lr1I'l.r iow e. Ro1lintJ a D1.l Ability may alpply o:myof his Medical Skirl .dIJding other :Speciall Abililities'l ifk:nown) can prooeed as nl'm"IfI~1.s~fii. T n~artm'El'l!lt.. With this Specia~ Ability.f]. y'Ou will al!ways recog nise it ~s being ho~ti Ie.the.as~before.l~tY.Medical Skill as a pe ~cet!rage.nlnilllJsi:~sticalily it ts applTec:U h 3.col1vallesoe'lilce takes D6 weeks.ay be made.Jud'ge with. andte/ls rh·eJudge f/iat he knows fha" th:e c..

b8Jsedon t.r as l.e.en!lr the Ilocks are forced.If theiirani mator is Ikilledl Uil. the door wi IIremai il shut. oQlJ'estioned.s' lJn~t:o. To altern pt thlis Speci all Albalhty you must.(rOllnded up).even I]eedto ~e th~ln'kln!J all bout the Ju dge ~ t hey call just tu ne an and pICk him up.!jte~ ~~ rou 9h th e do reefion and distance of !.ein.m.a I1pedl.Y. at a ma:odmum ra ng.but olilily If'they are er actively usif1gth~jr JPo~e~s this Co.e'iI'\I 6 Corn bat IRati ndsl. they may not be ralised <lgaIn .ou Ider Ipaos Iln.ou~ 11t~e sen lor offioors wealr twosh..steadi the ~slngI._of theSie abilfltie$.rliilCter m~y U$~ only ~'Special Abi1l:ty . peopled wIth raither w. .. 1ihebody wIlli "ate 11'5 1. other. U"lOU91~~S. 5 '-J' d Tnis SpiljcJaf AtjiUry js. . In ke al high-~retll uency radio ~ Such an awareness is .ges of 60' (J'F mOTe.lIIlysense ttl 19' oth er IPsVik. 'Tn_BY wealr the usual J udg'e. cS_. 2. IPsijDivision is a very .an 9I113. IIrfe fo.Detect Psvker 1"AIt_au COrPse .led.d. _. Hold DOlOr Using this Special Ability.•. and take..on9 a. Once 'psyked sh LIlt'. Qllliy the.of th. Sector vou .oose rlfl.ldg'!j' Am:Jen.es Iilay~ver~ ctn. The ri'imge' of the pewer is 1im ited to the. Corpses are unaff:ected by alii Stun result'S.e I'f V'O~ have r' th r s Specf <II Abi lity.. SlOyour (iiM lnform you 01' the exa~t e~telnt~f ~lha't X@U do and do not know about y.e' equilil loa q uartar .of som~one ~ujteT a ~jis_: tsnee .his !>km ~'ach Combat . Or cain ~e directed to pe.3ir. 0 r rather r~'"ikill.e~~m orH~' cOJ'pse to.away. witho ut havi rig to eoneentrate on it and c.ISlO a pproxi matelly whet her they are a ~om.rform iii hmlll::ed numberoftaJsl<$. all damalg1e a<l-1 eff~ct.s1!1'ange d'epalrtment.PSI SKIll '''SIDAlltITIES Only trUB Ps:j'-Judg.!! lous subject.!Ull.md._1 ntEm: wm 3. You ~reallowed to roll once every 10 Game.. of ~e'l'ips. 0 Ilce ki lied. Sp eciall AbHi~ty <I_IIIO~W.theli Pst-Skill p~st 40.mb<l't IR.llrnotlh P$.. and the chance ofsuccess is equ al to yom Psi Skill as <Ii p~m~e!nltage.on . ". dispel any current Psvehle Blocks.(I n aJ.ttn. bild . tho'Ugfi as !J'S!.The r.C' Usiinog is Speci al Abdldty.n'lat dream-rreadmg and Ilie detect.!?r1.·duration of the Detect attern at (1 Com bait Roun d in every 6). It Ismost often uS!e.A cha. as.YClIlllncreas.r finding the locati. Hold goors.e pad 1lindtine eag lie. WI'" <lit ~ ".r.iii Psyker m ay d.ir PS in metres .Roun.TurnsJ!e.er.~ tc release facts frernthe brains.etywi IIIdie im mediMely.yk.philgll~y~S'tru ng Psyl<~ rs IIike Jl.- of tlhiis abilJity ~S' IllFIfUtedto the paeticular Sector _you ~r:e rn .m~e _ The P'$i·Ju dglEi with th us Spedall Abi Ilily can r. and alll. Tile U!!r. preVel'lltmQlt bel'l'lg op'enedi eV.obvuo. . iw. . avertell a'gle. Psychic activity f'OF the.t co'st' any Actions" tione and msmerlesct ather peOllJle.us~y a rathe r n eo!. The dhail'109o·f anunatlon is equal totheilr' PS a~ a percel'lltal9.. CS 10. Detfif h:I:teRt . You wiH automat:ic1.lrm. 4.oFS 'Ciill!lI't coax to the SIUlrf8iCe. Such a door may net be broken In or shot th rough. lJ"ega rdless of wh at its scenes Were in 5 iits fon'new liife. I 10.get does~'t .e Turns.8.U'~I O'j1(fY do fi'Ci. a P~yke~ may hold a dam sh ~!t usillg psychic (llnergy.o'fe th..o rS'l_ U _. the' or Note. only avaIlable t. U:his..e'"i'he?Orpse may_be. or powe rfl!lllPsykelr.our subjset's acnvrnss.s ~lll'IeirPS ill'l Gam.can illilSiO be 'VIei'Vusefui f(). 56 .~read.

2.'$o:f vebieles.as 101'11'9 you know wheretlh as..ed to the required score. ~_hn. if fi3iil'ed./if D UW agai'nst' a Psi Skin of til. pa rticu larly enesots vlil'ry frli 9 htell ung kin.Jsinga !)ete.evenit you from .no. aoo t_he ~naiCk gats t:hrou'g.e/e. 1 comba. the subject must try to' make his usu ~'-alve Iro. damage is $00 red as iiffrom <Ii 1'10 rmallHand·. 'Il!. Whilst under Mind GOil'UQ. ould make It last for c 56 Combat Rou nds.I. To use thes~iillll ••yol. crash.i& The Psyker with this Specia IIAbillity has the power to raise himself offthe glf'oUl'ld. $lim illa rJo C TlriliHic Controll.c Atta.Jinx MBdJ'anism The Psyker with this SpecialAbility has the powerto lnfluence v81riiOOS mechanical objects" and iin particular pai1. but fa if ure means 'tli.andtlh enth e di rediol'll you wain! it to m.ed' 'Ie hicle passea i mo.rnili. flre of tIMeir OWinl voiitio. a Psylker ca Il put up a b Ioct. . .aMi nd Controll . headlights. and so on.d~r this on a D 100.be It a {jIlin III someone s hallld" an Ob]lect 001'1 ill sllhlelt 0'• whaitl1ver .ota#y under you ~ '00 ~dro. 5 f_I(. and perf:orm Actio.gE! of an ililusion is.cle. 1 7. l).MimJ 001111'01' This 5.ve r-ridl rig 3 uilQmaUC control. P~vchii. Note: '!foCIU do n at harv~ to' be arb:l. Special Abiliity has the ability t'O create ililusions.wen:. . C(.ave.In· . (:i'ndtl1 en fa:il you rtlh r.n IR:olJl'lId 'to $lee' if you can lLevitate th rouglh tnat ~llJni. Othel'wise..f 5:6.r:s -.slOlU Psi $ Y Sk.ive shots er bombs.'ock With this S~eci all Ability. and Marsden· takes 2 Sr'Uns and Ions 8 .ane .n aniY Urn-e.xpllos.over is you r PS as a p ercentaJ9.tr.e'r'9 Ga me lurrils. and do not put up <II Psych ic B~ock or .F'$ poi nts yo. t.one who seas it m ust ma~ thei r Psii. and !mary ~~'gh m~chl h'e:avii'erthan bemre. This power has_allr\~_floge qual to e your Psi Skill d ilvided by :2 '~ttnHl. vou must roll! fOr GOlrlllrQI l'o$$ evelry turn.e' auempt.alily be app~ied il'll rever. a 5. Will only slliJcoeed If the Victim fill Is anQthe'.Psi h S.ol.e ta ke· .iU ~s a peroentagls.!'loa day.ofa'hi!. maxim urn SPZle tnl€! ]111 S.B5 metre.¥U 'l. ROU~~.atl9 obi ect5.S8.(1 war-d~mti98d Block.s.. The rarlQ. tor.illg thisSpeciilll Ability. if yous't<lrt vcur'turn alreadlvLe'V:ita'tin g.ck may mount a Irange a Psy. 'Using' high e. and so on.ojeGt the Attack for up to.ll mu~t 'first nQm. or ram the vehkile. 'While'the' Punk suddenlv finds him~ self surrounded with Jud'g~s .r leap!~'!l 'O'iJil. PSi.Ito' m.m us' the Same a's Telekinesis ~sele: belowl.!his cenoot ch.npn.ducedt olf u mlusl be 5ml by 81m b'-y Oim.. iMIirla COl'lltrol.urPsj Sklll score in ~lllo.lllism. fo. al'lryth inogfor the lI'IeXII: two Combat Rounds.for e')c.oo'.enn. and sJ'ie wants to move i.al vidiim w'iilll do almost anythingl. and tfie' GBm~' Ma'ster mllst rol' fD. She g€!ts a 7'8~ hOwtl'lI6!r.o :3:[14 metres. wMch means she then has riO wU a D6 to" th1edirumrge.peci'a'IAbili.fy out of th.ter 3).eld$lhisPY'6sS'I1Oefrcm .ave. In other respects" thls $k.I' un.h.a· tiv.f:!ostag.n.erp.n . ov.ow YoOuwin suff. to h.on:h~rtMiiw Actio. 1"1. m lilY be mad 91"Iirres. Th@:Psyker with this Spedal Ability has the p ow@r to m OIVe in a niim.ap_anment i.lihi$ poWelFcal"l 'equ. Usingl tbls ability. k. .off 54gi~$ a maximum r. (Thus.kilf pOlill'ts in ally o. any Move Actio.. WI"! ilIst lLevitating. the Game Master win roilia 020 ~or the direction it really llI.e' /0 see the $U bj'€j. a re to m'as)onalbl. uSJinglyour .u'Iltill you blrealk the lunlk.·save. .c. during whi'ch timet:hey w'iilll be tr.-:d.of 14. . except that the object wiH move in tlnle ex~c)t di rscrlen requimd.rds a winoowonlv4 57 .. hit 1 11 ilm.aPl1ly.res less than .h. .. she' gets a 09.ang on.er the usua I dam· ~ge as you fall I to the g:rou nod(see tlt1 e I)la mag'e IFnJm FaJlll. 1·0: Psychic .~g.to use iJ Psychioc Attack against Mad J.ke:r With a PS ova::!' can move .). and 1-11 as the. fOor exa mple'.illt Psi Sleill seore iln metres.lIr'ilmaginail:ion.ilil.s right. and~lle object (wlh:icllh may not w.a ny ob ject welglh Ill1g up to 8\2klles.e'r glapiillg l1'olli. and :t.i~ate tlhe obI'i'lctyQII.Levitation Thi.by a Psyker widl a h. ~tCilirii be of arilyt~ii ngl '!'Iou ~i$h :either a reall mt)olllSW'r. which This Spe.of the window.alnsfixed ~othe spot wiith surprise andfealF. and gets a 19.e to' characters with a IPsi Skilll of 80 O'F 8'bove.Psi.e~s 11'ead.ng wants . S.} They do not !J'.lII.eds. The ra ng e of ttl is.and the cha nce ohh.etr:es awa yofrom the P.tO·1'i8nd Comb-atS8ctioll af her pJayshee<t".~nfS . lising their P$i'$.pec-tlive'oT the glrQ'uin d: vertlca ny.he gun . such as Hold' IDOooi".ather Psykers 'Cannot .g Detect {l IPsyker alblllltv or machine.• A '.d. equal to 'limn Psi Skill in metres. illnd the. ~fthe mil to mocvSt it s'tlcoo. removed.rise. sothat weapons won'tffire.. . A block can also auto mat~oCillllVbe broken ..g 8S $!'meone . When under Mind Carl'troll.an ins.ty is oniy av:a.o Hilt'.aF'S . as if "I. BII.e' Hnl<: uc:oe~di ng eq u. Vic~:iim.ve . a III (l.P'$i Skltl [IS mounted e. such as doors.ns..characters with SCiJ.~':thus.~e any meCi1la. alnd you may drive it as yOoU wish.xalmple _.o'Wa.e throw {thQugh V. wi II Inct wmk urillles!l..rakes. P$'. 5'0 the GM trie$ to ro. .r 1 Us. SUC.c.ohnny Marsde.6t .frm as a percenta'ge.animated eorpse.eily talke aver a 'll'ehicle'.$!illrV.e .s.50 he .eig h more than 10> kiloiS) may be moved up t.hie avolds alii damage.A.or o'ne from YO'l.ally see the v.Judge Solanki is t· to move .YO'i!J 00 1.iOlrk.rMal'sden'sP-si.ns asp@1't of your Phas'i:l\\o (since 'YIOU must ..n (despite ffaHed . tho_ugh 1'I01..ange of :21m:. RQllinga IJ7O'0to hl'tl he gets..a percent-age. It is.r YOli. The Gam(l Master.oci<:s can be dispelled .hiding insitie a ruined . lh'I1l'eha !lce of success is.f 'th. ill eaaracter WIJth a PS o.T"he' Fut·.o a .firstly you should as 031 percetil Ilfa hit is sccred. l '3.t~.llh Wlindow for . hvchr:c S.sulting the Hand. A.or last for as m81Flly Comlbalt Rounds as )'IOIIJI' ave .1j<$.tu m IiIghts p 11 or off" mallke weapo.our GIM willlllnlillN'etne fi!'ili~1 SalY onwil'1lether tlhey wiN do your bl'ddingl). gets onl"( ~ AClioril.$f $k.ovE! inanim~te' ebleets w~119hm91 up_to' yo. which means tha:t a moment later the Spit Gun does indeed drDp out. skiill is 1 melli'S for every 2 .or more.eqY ired aVl1ection.!cy. You must mil IIat the so be>glilflnirlg of! aach Comb.r::iaiAbility is onty Bvailablffi to p$yk~rs with Ps·i Slkiill st:ore$ of 80 . The max~mulm Ir'8lffl. you may move. equ ipment 'W1i111SW1i'tCti off" and so 0 n.! wilsh to m:o. or jlust OIV. :she' r()~Jsa 50.tMck A Psykelr with this Special AbiHty Attack: against alny other character.on earlielr)" .--1 W.in..e.~illlliW1l.can pr.s '. but: certain Special Abilities.1lI.to·llall1d h it (see Chap.e' @f th]'s slkilll is equal '~O}/lour Psi Skill in: mle'tre.5IiU/e.Jud(J~ Denni.ctto.ns. U YOll cannot aclu. D'9nning's Psi Skill I is 85.a nd thi>i~'ehanee of $'U cc>eedling iin thi.aSPfl Gun out of the hands of a Ptlnk who is h it t.~cessai'ily ~III iin 01111'13 go. and :$!O on. and Ani mate [Jte'ad. meanwhile. Alnry.ilabl. as you wish.k.e po.ePun/('s hand.componEmts~. oounting a resulHrom: 12·.esis seatn. Jinx 'V:ehicle '~ffectivell~. P. m.. . 1'0 r exam pi Ie.hiic equal lothair The Judgle with this.Abilily all~~$ ~O'II.anyonE! 1J$.sar'e alii owe:d 110 try (lind save aga~ns.J. u:sililija dockfaQe prinCllp!le. Doors held in :such al rnenner mar be blown apart.. YOI!! can attempt to ma..employing further powers.20 as:thEH.e: d'e-gree of: aC(lUIrO.. in.attlh tlly are l..!I nable to' do.ct P:svker Ability" For example.u Ii. thoe victim. "IoUlr complete OOlltr.! " FO'T ~}(am'ple.abi laty" and are not controlll~ng a jinxed vehiclle or an . you may complet. si« has a' PS .. wrong d~rectiof1$.UsiO'RS as folllooWs.amplet and the' chance of tt worikilil9l'lilqoalls tne p$iS.ns..1 Id h it: ... aqua IIto YO'Ulf P'$f Skirlais a pememta'ge. Rolling .ove in.s.If successful.Qose it un:tiI their PS is raiStfJd to' 80 Dr abD\I\'B.. Those whOofaiiI aJr. S. 12.pecTall. Jinx Vehicle. .he. . thlsenables you to 0 pen door locks without keys •. "JFh~ c!ha!noe of do i'l'1g1 is eQlual to your this Pes] Skill .on a D20.Futsia ~o is . Supt'i.s rrilraculous.ean rai:s.oDse this optiO'n unUI their PS lis's b.rolls for its dJrection .~ irlx.e!. horizontally.as .oves. but paltiicularly repellent c'~dle.Oil P'elrp hki~ 1'191 eni nda b 'WaH.t~'r8/dme8.as I(lng as yo u rernai n withli nthe sam e City Sector as i't. mll'f.

Wh~il'@ iis MIC-iI? Megl<'!:-Ciity Olil. Th roug houta n titlle wekdl. between Mega-City Or! 9I<'! I1'Idi Brit-Cit On e.gewous. aJnd tihrere 11 re ~ rradiatsd S.meIi1t. much more inth E!J CO~lr$e of Y0Il.i~tory.tlanUc Tunnel IFUnS beneatll it.kes W the tip of wha~ was eneethe Mat~ of FI'orida. hcwe'\I\er.elre is a spedall Justii os D~ei~anm ent pictog Fam..lst It doesn't cQ\I1e~ evel"\j'sillilgle nuance I ife in M!39ilH::ityOne. <lInd SlO 0 tlilll:S:chapter.gl1 inferm snon for InlOW. We' have menh. and much of tlhre no rrlh-we$t were '00mplete IY VaJP ed.e'$e: w>er~ 'fQrme:d" and n(lW"~lile Mega" Ci~i~s dev~I:!.atil'lg .e!Sntih e ~ course chlll.Hlariid wlil UC11 stretches across the neart of North Ameri~a as far <1l!S MegrlillCity Two On the West Coast To undeestand how'th.rfiull <lInd downwigrlH d~n.The IBlaJl~k A.mhu'ge over. you WIll! lesrn rn Il. ciily as .rsed Sanh.<illSits roadsyste~.e of Ule $Qlulthern hallf.'the Q~n.ade rs eViillrywinere" To t:heeas'tof tit'l e Meg a-City them is the Black AU~ntic.!dg. 91 vast r~ld h31tiorli wasb. it stl Qu~d prOVIde you with enou.~I!'!. howevelr. won de.e!stpoint easUo west S iinoetlne devasat t.err..-tlh.pe:d. .~ts h.lheoe usone eonstant. . siulcln.lW~dvenitu res" n.onec ~~ealrller. IS eonoemred wi.lInd is Q'v. 0 ~gl<lnu$atii0 n of t:~e Justll~e Depa lft. tihre!"e iis til e Cu. Whl.e --.Icn.e.mruch ohhe Meg'a-C~ty ~$in ruins.ic~. :the.e'iw adiv'e'MureS:.i!se thewat:er has been turned fl'il'~o sludge by petlution. descnbmgl 'the p:artrOY tar Mat:UlrE!JS wt'lich ~ela1!e s~@crificaillyto IPlayi ii'l91the Q<lrm$.. O!' .O\l whole. tni ngl6 that wii ~happe if! to Y()'~HJh. To the weist."le War'off 2104 (see below). .thtll.ea'w~s?me MegaC!ly One'. whllcih data lis".. which will al~ay$ ~oe.~iild much mere. it~·phystic:~1 fe:atllJres. $10 cailled be~al.alild runs from the G1'1911:lt L<'!.Apocallyp.e is localt~d allong the ~a$terlill seaboan::l of North Am. Its emzens. The whol.e:ra thousand mi lies d'EH1)P HiS w~d.

. S!IIeh a vast 'ifl'le or Wilt ~rnds III Malemtl1l£ . alnd COlltmi screelilin~ Im prnoob~e ~ ud~ material.~~ Me·] hIlS 550 mullions. ..lQc~ W'llrs accel~l:'ate: i.Citye:mpts m. The fi~" C~~e1Jcui~ge.• a~(I M.CiHes. {)hh¢ C(HiHt- 2006: A new p:~oc= of accelerMed cUeming.JCd Judge BII~garin (if E9ill-M.e o. and. Ilowe. or (3. ~liId ma:llI)' oorro ·cU:I::rens: IIJ.il \v .lU:)'. n PI1Itti~. lliI~ il~~ade:t'8Hnalll)' S<lIIml:lilder_ ChieF_' he _ .d 10 hc)U:.tr-ee~~ ill! O\f ~Ilir-ee Me¥~..i\I1IQ(f\C $eIiIOf $Iiill.nd the 201l~ A s.-.dl~Ule walls.l1 at the "ppro~chlllg a Eoomand fjmlhOiIl.g.eg Gille 1. fJ9Plllla. Govel"l1lnellt _Q![ '. r e .d. petual ~ydw. i~ ~srol'ii~ih!le (llilyt('l. lJy W!flgh ll. l i.!!a. ec . IIQ~ dL.i:h~M ~akl(i l'O t~C ro~d tin ever-me .ted wil!)lelilJnd rmmoo i Mltti@ war~.~.:n Mcg~-Cil~G$ O!!C·. led by renegade dlrold C~.~d: anri-scbot l!obbie.5 .<lge'~being .. al'dlll~rad~~t~"dSec~:ur.~'\l. . foomti Ih~ rnnks Qr !heroellll. .~li!i!'lg to.:~er~'a'nd tlls}' ~J.ii~ tl'l~ni!h~reillda:rpflnic~.t~ i!lF.. a Wi1'Ste time.~Ii!<lThNC. ~Iilat us '"d~"'!dI!. OJ. ~.lIte .I>II~~ :ihl~Lnty-~owrnsQIIlI.: a. The M.. II: I~ seen lJ)' .e alrea. and: Europe." 'allows Three '11I ~(.eg~.n<l an_dwntailiwS the \vI:i.Led ju~t a year emUier. IUdge Mc. of lite We~tem ~aboa~d .tee~tit~. bu.'['hc l~ge!!!d1l. of ArmaglXldo!!.. d!iz:efl~('Dnm.lI~llrne"Kerilie. 1$ "" WIm.. ecilcondUIJi:om.oil'~mwaw !:m~al. i!1loom:li·il~~ a 5 wmm .l1illl~e~e!lOun. Guard.!! lind the Meg.li!l~~ld!¢E~ewaUs.wo JO!rmel with e~(~fiQther ~lid or form 't:iw UniOln:'..ewareas to I:IllU~cI M~.e~' e.'Irid~lll of. SOirmeeM!erpril!iilig (..Js~I'. the pmt·waw filOPU~li~iU of th~ M~~a-Ci. bil!il Ulf!~}' at the COfit or Ihe lives.e.anl:di ooill'rol over has l thle Co'ulll!ry\ roboti~Meli:..tice [)cpf~tim~nt {')f whtcn the J!IIdg~ is nella.and! 'tlile $0\1' ISldes.trolilgenhlln e.eg. at firsl.i:d~sprt.a. per:.h(lt!lkc'S oonlrol ~lfthe Mt.d is one or the :fi[l)1 dil~~dJr·eT! bc!'!~'fit ['~)m ~hi5 newIGchniqu.. (Of R~d-:pil~)~.i!!l ill ri!lin~.1.iIlit)' 1. IJresadeilt Rober..me ()~I}".eM@g<l"C~r)'willi the anmk).r.e ~on_u!$.~ed.s .eu~n~ ~. ~iI~n.enoe: and cr. . ]u.8~ :S{)~omon SI:epS dOlMn. One. The sun :e. Saa~l:ted.ro~!ih~ Cu!l'S~<I Elluh. lite ~riJdilioljid pulice" man.~lid ~j:Ir. :Ild Ol.m llC) e:ri!li'l'ic (l[~~!lj~loo~ wme.~~iIlilY.(m ·of E~s:!..dr('~!f\ed On thestreets fonhelt !limn ~lniP~~.. i~nho~~urof lite J1u.De_S I:nsfmIiO'1i1~ •Jl. .h leveiillot.~. Pr:oh:lil'l\fle-d filftl:!~[).~bly moro imporl'lln.~. in al~auemll.' i~as ti.. :>euil'lg lip ~OJle _ .~dlyvirr~~ dise~st..!e"!ll1ty ts belU~ ~IiiJhrn.CUI 1I11d! pallns II-ICe (jm\1.. E.ddeclare hs ill.aty gets baclil '[0 'n(j(rm~l'_ 2106~A S¢ri¢5.. strike (m!T~.ldg.ed to :tQCOmod.S-I}aril]:g. rhree adopts Ine mllmc TG').. lle~.eil In] the ii~te~eSl:l IlniLly..rntic: tatu.ob.ilrldrna!l1¥ P'Corle ~1Ire hOllll.!a! v!a sh.tI u{.e. lO3-1h The sueeess of Mega·City One impj'r-es QI!I1. dellll~m:d fi!iSt Qu!~S~f~P~ Ule supply of no~sill1l and m~n.the .C:ilies "J\VQ and Tnree are bul.a Qtll!ul)~lod by Mjz~~"Cil}' ThiI¢~.dlille City.om:!the l.:u. ~l1dthiC J~dA~ilrc·c"'ea-'!'ll.~nd imQ Sovlenr~l.0f:our time is Ir~p. whh. pan.rlilling bOO}' of the ilus.J'dsfe(! {)II the OIIXIe:r:s !.!~ed Eml h~w. Grloolm~!l.l!'iU!!cr-e ilre 181i1lillioo of them.mpoended aiilimMI:on.~M.uri ~ciglli:lol!!r fWntirng liIeig:hoour. N~w York.lgll"'Chy :foir a hund~d alii}' reigln of 'terrot.d.ll!l t'l~2~rd.afiiectcdl by U~c dJiug. d'~i~ell~ j)C~il:lI(}1! ~hc J udge$'h) ~ ke ovet Ihe n:11i'iI!in1<l .il¥e The uw ~h~~~r ~id~~ .heilJU 0:1'th~.d so a ill.ts '~n Ute CltinUh~.lhe Jllu:lg.ga..tie.ldge returns to the s:treeJt~where he iis haJJl'pie$~. pOSjt~OJl.ac~~'$~Il. lind even JIJ. olJflda bloody (lj".ocku:re bui~t..Q later g.cJ]~ w.'II_ilS!l1c it'Qad~"!I% of th~ diY.SI c~iIlfi~mcHon tech:ni4'J]!IIes.)'.50 mtIdlion~.s.Ioa.Jil.r!lln ies. oocmlSe of e~lfJoelC"1ilielHa~ laser de(~nce systems instal. Tliill-)' :tin.!he A~omic Wars.tsra 100ng and.mIg sYSlem ~s inuedueed to cope wHh the pmblei'fi~ ~etll ~~..B~oc $emt~.ii~h i~ desi8Ji1..w.epar~.. the QIJ~erl. m~:re of diplomati~ wrnn[l~illg.I~~earei~$ v.nulldroedl'l'lil .e. months to Hlli:!e o\l'e!r ol!sChif!!fIudge. .n alii three . ~r·C ltomele55. I~in~ ~~"':I.~ PQpuliuion 11J:ll5 ' :r~en to a$taggel:ill!& clgHn h~:ttdted ~filTIII[(I!!.li:naUy ql:Lasil1.t .Q'OI/:S re"e.Il ~~I·om ~eR .~ uf th~ 21011J.:'rui_ 1081i~ Lu1lll~-~ IIIUKIIl base ~sesl..1d\rw!'J'lG n~. Z1001: Meg~·Cil~' Two· i~prey !(~ clr.C$ti. dowillhe .Americ~.t'SI:Me : II~OOi ·of UlJe USA... L Bomh ofthe .!In~pm~d by c~nit!"ovef]..t~ C?~.H::ily One ~lI:lI~'l..l~~ !ior ~nll:!!r~e Me:ga.S. s. ~he I1r.•City Three. ~~ fina~h' defemed at ~he Battle. rli!.udgememl!. Ii(l\\'e\'et.~ up f:or M·eg~·(1tv Two. Simply be. ~tn!C~\!I ii! needs ~ ~cm I rO~nll F govemlilllie. tha:u:!!h.• allld. Dise_a'!l:.Iii(l1.eless.~he cih:rells of ... 1U.~e SolQmo~ relucrnntly takes ove:r as Chief J~dI@eQntlfle d)eMh or J!II • ~It~he insisl:e11lre of the other m.eWform poll.ig¢llti~J.to"chao:s.t11 BOOilh ~h(J"dd be.1 vafit ~rradia.IO()~ ilm.d.lg~~ ~nd M~k-troOjl.t1 of l.red.~e_ga"Cil~s.ty centred around.I:I~').d1~)' jJoe?pJe n~ (he o~lhef Me~~~Cit!¢~.eii'i. !:nit I1ITnll!em !5 eased bv new :r".tlge:!.a.::U:. 2ur23~ Anl.Qi[!I(I Dredd.. for ()1~etimndr~d years.lUi~·IO~H.'1Ii(lns.An Qwrland mission !Ite finailly !i\l. 1.i!!'!h. . f~h tl!c~d.re-ssed!w ~:eep I:hep. USSR..Ie.!.re ~()Ued a~~n. in favour O!f ]t..'... hoWever .g.' ~!!t mto. "'mng~i!'i_g(l'i"'r indepe'rlda!~ce ~ln"d1 ~.USA 8t~:rIS.isbJ ~_S h mi i[lA)n ~orl.'I.()nl h!!1rcl r.ethree 1.Qp()f'~lhc Sta.! the dlegm".a55in.~ :m~II1" ralits lie i" fl!lin~.lbr IX"llct f[lni.ked. ~ w.!omam·•. U n~mp~()ym~m ~$ n~~r~y 90%.vl:ver.cl.. (l!IilIe:Il~.i::l. ~lid are respeclJe? aii'i. ZlM:: Supreme 2071:: lrl l:n. aty.i~larl[~ ~":Ii~ iii _~rn~1(.• cr~z.und:er the ~n_l~~I!C¢ g<fcOrlok I~G A~r. 2099: 11I1e.i.rn:u~rn~ ~ r-ela"I ioas wh~~Texas Cily.allle~ as a g~ea~ £'C1~n(. dc"'~~~~1~5 'ool:n the Me.dvil.el!s.sh l1[:s._ml. 11~..!ruecQ!lQrljl is dli~videdilii~ia~~)' be:~wee.f p S J.bru.e'S s'l.e-:t~~lrlrn~ F as 'The lFii~he~(~fJ~:!.ff!.S r.J_l.fl. Altnol!!gh II~ s Il.e. ~~t !tlc ~a~t CO~5t ~t~~~s.o~ dty to death! loo.U!e 0 .)' . CUrSCJE.li'Ve or ~'Ds~:l1e .~de J illve IIlld.lISoomple:tilJ!lll. eop~e 0'£ M.!!age D.. .e~~ are atllie to become fun~ud~$ il'lJrf. \'I'h~chl"apidlyde .V[llO!e. and I!~e [ ~)lrnnt phllli1.me..~~'1:1~~.niC 81"" !1JJ~~ Q1.nl. .Cil:ies escape d~r'~cl nucle·ar anack. M(>~e and more l:ii. Ac. So" .~~ ima~l1!yoyal (ollo'Wers.: ]lI..'.w~.~lnd cli~omb~d m FOri: KilO).eless refugees fro~ the fiUlm.e·Meg~..Qmder.uoop ilJtilly..IiIlI.ega..~ Qr QnJ 2~06:0'i: dlyi~gn'tdl~a~il}' rtbi!i!~h.e~.lIl'1dredmiIliO<fl (litil:l.0 AI)'I'Griffi li'ihik~~ ovcr iL5 Chisf J!. lA61:: The el'liOm~m1S lll~euopol is is neari l.~Ildof the Vo~m War a the Blls~e:m .PIed wi~h (le~@H'c 2~0(2: ']'he ro5iis~llnce mo.I!!i iJJ S.~ddesl'vucuen before . ~ise IiIp IIli1d depose'[)residel1'll BMth.e Solomllli'i i>rol~ouii'i.edby J!IIdges Gru[fin . .r S{llIJlllem Sitiu!.l.t~lIg ~nt his tern pOTal)' J .5QIIII h~h'ilCt..walle·r ~upplJ.)f ..emb~j1.e ~ AIiIiI~ricil). (:. d<Ulise~ tn..nm .e~rolilnd two ~j.a ~lIddt. MC2 h~s :3.. flIIilllly as a duploll1llll:1iC exereise. of ~l1.'\i\eep the C1Ity . ~liree. l 2:lOH Ohicffflld!_l~ 'GOOg!i!1~1! :is 1i!1~.tly) the olf h~gh~y. of the Cmll'lcil ·O[_ .c:hIIcom. ilrln:w> atmll~ w.ts his deal:h fr. beoiing SG:nt eve!)' :.m:e il~ (!Wn mi~ile..te~dlyinflow of hOIIl'l.es Imve replaced. ·Gfl?tdlJ~. mC. " uCilges.·Meg O.s a.ory resui.l.kf1l~ 1J~liIls~:Ir..lfEhc JaUer d~sn(H f~el it is g.do.II:i. I!mt spac~ in the M~~-Cil"ies ~.~Jl~d.. dlldlfl_g wh1ch ti~c he T1I!i~lkG5 &(lklifi.ll<l. 2T(flW)T..clties~ with a ~niQ(r j[ IidW!.!'y. as Gr~nd JI.enlra~ed ~las£ o:Lhlima~i!y. Ute ·otl~e.P'U~MiOll CUUI1l! rriCS.d.tio.t~~!ence (lrthe dl~.-Clttes. Mrong. -CilY O!!t. decidi li'lglb:at further' oon· flict cwnlJ~d.ltlJad.IlIS_tit.l"~. of J ud@C C.e~.l.l!iS.U.~h.~I:o Bloclk.. whi~h Sitomes 'til. ·od' ilJ hun.e!lrgo (kUi[J'i!.nrt~rre"arie!llhe KI~ -~. ".®6~A[l:er~ear5 ment.dlg~e~~e n~ a nil_'lPi(. O!!~d_poJ.".'rnl.blJt a J9irl!n. u 15lI~nmlly mtclKr<.uI. des~ned to renee. he s[i.abli$~ed by~n. re WOIi ~mllil~sn~d .~penda~ce. to 'e:[lj~ whilSit p:M~1 i1g h~s~ll. m 2f)FroI~ Caug!n ill . tho1.it rs. :.s. as ".lJr ( try. il~g mobil.A roOO·t rebellion.rises lIglIinst Cal and his a~~ell.c 0.h!!dg.i.ailfi(ld from ~ "'>cry ea~J)' age" Thc-y hmte .tlY'weakelii.to!ro hm(}.Clue.". ns th<ll ~n!i!!e. Tihe . 2OS~.'lii l~e gill~~.ga-Clly Oi1ll~ .. Ma:tIJua.~. g~~.. 0:11 huildiug a '~'!l:iil:. no.ega. 11\i. dXIiIg$ !!!~U tliI~.eare. ilJmJd MC-3 htllS :200 Ill~rl iorn.'il'iori:.wh~cJh:1.e. withi'eO~it$tl'. . Oil the :s.. l.g.po.llw eseelate under U1e atr-elldy ·crmvd . be-oonnmg tlgl~I •.!l~~iin 1fr11!l!C~ sup- 204047~ Meg_a. aii'ifd mi.!Cf ~~ C'hl!.~.of So.md.1. r ~I~n~TIu.:t.ge.e!!'~oo_ Th~ Q!lle~ n'il(:! c!l~l}~ oppo~ the ~d.a:n. Boo~Ifi"~ Prc:.I~.. oentrnd~'I"Q!jlild Texas and. AlJ'!X'llil'pse _ War begjn~.by such all abuse O'r jkJ\:\I'er .

M ~ga-City One is pn:l.enlt or a chan g~ uliltl1 e syst:e m. mined and lrradiatsd in tine .bm 1rln1<lIIW stilll hide ln ruined IBllocks. to :t n:lu bleas it OCCI.'The old SaGlo rs.1'loh f these 1$ dh/~d.wever.JII. bUrt ma~ntalned tJy the J t1dlges.'lI1 r blro~dcasts. Most o:ftlh e . on lri·[)' shows.lQlh abo ult. as det@i~edea r] ie r. 11100 ng. U'le .elasslfled as North.h m ore" With his cheenl voic~ Qlnd jQllly videQ smile.come mL)r€l emotional.~mdllhere awe now 30'5 ofthern.~y.Origli !i'I<'l!Hybll iIt by thetvn~!!'lIt Ca I.1Hlm. and removlng WalihiopJ)-efsfrcm the oiity rsa 'ftl ll-time jo b fOlr lITi any J'uidgE':S. _' I udg.elect~o.tede:d bY. ~re still referL ~:~~~~::~~Ws:~t~~~~or~i~~S~ ~th:' ~~t:t ~.hi!~ff Jlud~ e ancl. ooc<llsion<lll'ly even leading to out-and-out ~ebeillion" These li'Iappeln Qui~e oftel'1l.~ paIF~Y-pO Iltl c.e Me!ga-Cflty ~un ni nQ as smoottJiy as possible.lypse War.eYlP<1Idon tllN~ilrVid· screens at tlhe ss me time.1.J udg es.mtled with m~lnly SicanlnlerS a hil!rgle Ilaserca nnJln.a'90. <II triumvirate headed by Ctlief .theywHi demOI'l$~~alle thalr opinions in <II m srch. numbered ooncellrtrical ~yfrom 'th. and socia. he is a big hit wiltlh the Ik~d5.tlh el'le W.calypl$!e War breached tile: wall ~!'l! many plaJces. 'thouglh. hall. totak. and SO on.<il! uge Plasteen wa It will ich h separat9stihe oily from the polll ultlion of the B~ack Atlantic.~ 'OJ Grand The Mega -City is run bytl1 e Gfl?md C. who r~a~Ily control the Meg a-C~ty.!IiYOW <lind 11 ooulilcililors rea·$$1. East.e'CElnII'19'.f d'le City. is cs rriied 0 Ult by the two massiva compueers. After a b.Apoca~ypse 'Walr .3ICtlLJl!iI I rl!..d m ulc.fS" MAC has aecassto Bar s data files teo. togtlilel' with. tne~clUal voung liS carried out sllmulltalileous.JI is roethe ci'ti:zenstl'ilat they' ..e..ATLANnC do hQlve a IHil'l" illth.m the city some years.ly . F~~~i~l. nIB Mayor IrU ns a GOU nc~~of delegates. <ilIndtogether they OOlillro'l 01111 day-to·day th.abused" and rlio~i OCGlIr 1!51he oiti~ens be.Jde.a!i"l'l.rlfley ~nd MAC" . M uti! nils were banned fro. with all! the citiz:ens plFessingl a $.$paper.).er 600 separaJte ~ S. u ntH they !'1eoeivea ria nswerfrotm the Justi ce lOep.est3' Iintu rncome from 11~iP-r~sentativBs from each IBllook. Ba.emms but in 21106the IiIUm tiers were <ld~!Jsted. BU\CK . nowever.<I ~eusus Illy quashed by the Juo'ges a~most: as soe n ss th eystalrt.oca.lurHJl.e out th e de'stfoy~dI areas.. int!er:mi nablle I\:i n:g bill boards G:ellvelrilig 2:4~h'~n.ell( . nt is SIi.ma~~k. but dll.Chi ei _AcoOl.a I num belF:il" tihe Sec'liolrs we'l'Ie ~lniforoed.a n.lnn ilng o. alii too.l s..~~ $w~mp. ta~ ord i nates the tax. but iit'$ the JI"I~nice DepalftlF'!l'Ulmt whiioh keepsth. and frern i ncu rslon ~of mUlt:Ellnil$ and rebels fiFO the Gu rsed m E~!!rl.y viaa l1IeWiJork of ~ositionedl <Ill dUy!! ngl ca meres. CURSII URIM MAC. He MaYOf is elected every four ye~n: ~1'1 a flurry of . and in the 0011" umfil5 of M\iV. often. - lBarn€:y i sthe eM! com puler. with !1f1 any SectiOWS-trying~o held 0 nt(). the COlll'llCll1 works !nconJUilctiOfl wlltlltlh$ May'Ol' ()if Mega-City 0 ne when dea Iiing wiith civiil·affa iIF$. sueh d'emoc~aJlic protests <ll'\e.h. is h~sJ ustioe [)ap<llrtm.e running of the Gity. the De puty C. who often com e to vi s it hi m.oFs. based at City !HOI ~Ind Ihe CQII. dllild rnai ntai ns co mplete Sl!H)· mity ooverageoHh$ !Mega-Cit.s. tho!llg h.r. tillei r tlFadilition.Ap.I McGn. sign of ~ntn~dem" llhi$ AIPo.eli'it eq ulvalent ba sed at JIU stice Ge rara I. the Me9l<l-G~ty is divided into fiive alr·eas.JI dg !.ef ~edodl off ocmifu slon.I. .ecudty sys~e-ms.5. oonstalntly on the Ilookout for <l11iI\".any citiz¢rli$ feel strong. West and CentIral" 1E. one eleC'I!ed tiro m @glClhSe'ctor.th.. inCiludes vast c-am ~V<lJ1paralde!S.are Ov. It lis the .ouncil of Judge·s:. the M . South.enot. l"I$i pel"$onall records of aae hi citliU!rI . l*tlh~l'1e iis~m issue which m.mt." o IlthM'olF@tlh . II no (J'fJVERNMENT For adimini:Mratlve purposes.neering that.gh'llgl out withJ othe r ernIII ~tlI·aga flg:S.r.e running of tlhe ciity (under the oli rectiio1i'l of the~r eperato rs.ed irIta <II III U1mbeli of Sei. h?.ri.

. SIJ. traditionall letwliS.ic.Eijlga-City Two.st-droid$. IjbJ.:!ins" but _all ma)or_.erzo. or asnuttle can transpert you to Luna-t moon bsse and beyond.he Apoeallypse War.Lffe.. where citi'::'EH'ISused hard iII. aliso goes out in more than fifty <lllie.om the laIF9'!j\st. As deta iled ea I'llier. mest m ~Ijor Ir'Oladways hatV..e. (the best. 'the. Not so slim pl. snow.i on vid-sheets.IU!'lfo. and The Moming Newsfax.a. and dornesrle crimes. Some of the mast famous shaws. Transport out o. Marley ILJlsui!lliIyoccurs in two forms: evelryone keeps some 'Credits l'Iall11dyfor thle smal~er bill Is. h. and over two mi II. the. a pirate showwhE)re centestsnts bettheir .a~City.IPS.one. Muoh 'of the' blame for the ever·pOO$'~'nttraffic: j.kS <lInd sea r at oeatl'l-defyln 9 helg hts a oO\l\e.e' is. with eU ever 280 m illlion people tunins in to watch every !'lIght! gefl9:lrail.nv'€. to reeever alfiter t.ney from viewers.Y ~ated by -Justice Department Traffic: Control'.ilfl• until it bec<lim~ highly fashionab. is.as <lgalinst Ia bu 101.•. hundred pag'es t .isl':1m. halve a truly uli"IIEmv. v!'d~in$hmodem vE!rsiolTs Of.carlll :d UPO iii to delivenh.'s Ugh/ C~inlic.Cls 011 tlhe spctll.i ns ru 1'1 reglldarly~ betwen many blocks.the MCIPO's po.t roadwOlry !3i1~oge'l:het.he move until t:Mi r OWlnerS can flind an api8rtment in one of the City·bllo:eks. NlWSP4PERS POt1 &'''NKINt}IERVICES A!lthou 9 IhevelrYOl"le in fl'le M ega-City owns. d Stllops" robe-taxis.1$ prizes. aln d Slow f)rivirl'g is a' very com men offence" . The show's. have i'ncluded 'thefQUow- rlll~D' T.ollting Ouo Sump.e minimum spe~d Ilimilts. .ct the blgges:t audiences. a whQ wev9als . Normally prilltingl fqur edUliolls a day.e'n~s.ents.ertiraifi'.ex.ef'tectofien . A 'further oomp. ealcl'i o'V'I1l'r wo.t.of the' towering Cityb~()cks.ch <lire.ey werle' the Clluf.elalrily defined lanes at sipecific hei'gllts acoording to their direction of an offerili'llg pr.. Ov.attra.tnone.iabh:1 task 9¥ern keepiiil'9 up slJcil a d1e..c-holds-aarred gossip colu m iii.ters.. (Til e show':s host was IIater ested for multiple murderal) I is Is Yovr .n to aerial drivilng IS 1lhe Sky·Rail system whose tracks twist in and out. the average d. or Texas City. l 611 .p.ver Calr$ were de:veloped.llivelry time fo.£! •e Sob Story.obably the' easiest and most I\egular sle'rvice to commuters.Fr. but {her's stl. The Meg'<ll-iify's Mo-pad population is served IJY their own mobile Mo-bank$ .le to bea$ ugly <lIS Sump l11imself. Meg. QJ~sualllya:s.Fl:ail ~0 r2:oom~tube) tra.. aM then confronts them with Ulleir . aVid-phone.aoes.lic.i'i1l1 organis~m.n lalflguag'e.Zipstlf. it is·farnousfor its constant crusades .rytimet . To try alnd ea st! the congestion.h.atio.The major Meg'a-Cdtv One newspape. k!e'Pt into d. 911'1 ..(li'nt.g made 131 fool Qf'.e:ne' are close on 13\'2 billilolill<ilomeiUe$ o. hosted bV Damran alnld Debbie I.efa:cts ot their death.it.1 .rs and vid'-slleetslll"e very vnf~u.tM tas k Qf tryingtn 9 1M0:11 loam out of a robotic bank managed Roboti:cteUers WSf1S' introdUQed as a safaty measure.ga-City One is: wra pped e up in a vastsYI'l!l!ettil-lilke mesh of Me9a~Way'S.. IliIis appearance spalrk9d (lIft a whoJe n..ard~ . . :: d qurz shows .pears only t:o make bank.kest establ. most populalr show in Mega·Ci1y . lalbyrinrthfn1li)' natlUr'e'of the MI@Jg.I'! up witlhthe mOI11'ey he g.ail11 e-dfrom The banki ng services alre: rn (lre el1f\i.u-e short-lived pirate brQadcas. lit seems .e lrY~me Ilikis's seeqI'Ig ~ollTleone (ji.chfelled witlh the help rifOtto Sumlp. Skiedwaysl.Ber Youl'.r. aJrndits . Mega-City . but they liinded up d'olngl was movilngtlie congesti.Iii ndi .1CJ112I'egal stations" an d many 3 M(. timersill'"ice the Im:sa Judge' Call tlhreatened~o d r smalrnUetih e post~dmidls!). . the wh 0.a~Citv On e' s b~Qgl3st source of' entertalinment and news. IKl6)nn edy Spaoeport.e'~st$ mom 'V1iolent.t citiz9fl$ a re presented 110 F"syi:. but the most _jdely read rs without doubt 'The Mega-rime's.oms .it"l~).nstaf1itlly on t. End with there b9ing -SOfew opponuin it f es to bea tr1u'e he ro "" Meglo:l-City One. ualv.in Meg. ne due' to.in publ1ic o'p.D981h. l • TRANSPORT tz-ttme.emOV$ the mon ey spent. the Sliy-.the mobile ~1I!)mes.ar pu blliic Sky-hus: services~ is very can:du Uy OO9'1.aL ID.a~Chy One. most success• 1 appea~ W.. s i . editions. o~~' On Cli~ditr.l$8 bain.!1ngth. gaime.cient.er.. Hov.e'm~a nd ether mes:S!1l'ges.!LlC(JS.li(ui'fi)S: to' try and appeall 'for mo. .f tile Meg'a:-Clity or into $pace' is: handled at: the various spaoepolrts doned around the. l ou . ere 9 ues.rivers started falkin 9 to tihe ~ir as. The . have Clu1iom<lihC: cas hl-dockiln 9 'fealtu res 'wihiell sim plly an d swiftly r. to M.~.1I isn't mucl'i space to ariVEdn . are used for offioiall commum ic:atrol'ls(thougli jf tiheva re rei'llilly i1jf'genta Judge wiill be .. Som eof the I'(liadi og tltles are rM Mega·City Stan. tlhl@J gUHlJl"llct lh. and many other pl.and th. cr has accees to.r~ e tlLinately. . S~mill~H tio a \i"EiIrYadvaneed mo.• or Holovislon.g pl!JbHe opinion in and prn're~ns. there is such a widespl'te'ad c'Jhofce of viewing t:hat Tri-D is listed ss tl!9 most COmmon ceuse o'ffamil\{~rgum.prral a m~und' tbe Bh)C.g: . whii.urderer and vo:I'rio'iJ$ inoocent bystarlli:le.co. W:hi~h.notes or c.e. wirmingl a quiz show is a much vaunted onour.gainst Wnlalt it sses as inj'ustice.allTlsand CO!'lge·stion is put on the' 11 m ililiom people drivi ngl MO~!:iads. Wit.I'ck s.on into the sk"y.r a let:ter in Mega-C~ty One is just under three weeks.rs and witnesses 'he' shiock kiUs mainly s~bJe.PemHtul1es alr.a. a Strat-bat can take YOLl QUit over the Cursed E::arth.no'raH.ew chialnge.Daily NelMs. ilmcluding the Iregul. in bank.:s..(jard.ri-D .i1lS made by the l'iev..of tv! e. but'l' .

lknown as SI..o. hQlJ'erpOf§ <ilIndZoomtube sta·tlions. or Co.]ls.e'as modern as eaeh other.s .rliElJI1I ails. theii r rnem 9 ry IS pre" s!ElNedfof\e~e.ctivity can prodluoo \fellY s.. not nece$salriHy I~nlkled 'togetlh.ummies. AIUIiQugh it ~s little mOJre~'Ih<ln <IIcont:roilled vo~ca.1)' m uon I~ke .ell"ls built lntothe Blocks.of ·the Otbital .e APoc.aM. AGes .lIOiI.li'Io'$piitals and th IIilbra.gu~ Megla-C!ity One.IfIl!~'ScTti2ensilive in CQlmpact.er to harness n(.. Althoug h the 'face(.lporti !illg~he Iinlh~Jbiito.r_tihe y.wny day (lSllllll.opertyva. alnd tl'll.tlJ'. olr hUirriG-anes.o!WI:eleS$ -d~. -~n. spemfll" f ca nV from tihie Iiaist two Minim rres... byaspider'$i~b o. ~alcl1i of . nalture of Megldi. the lain L -. the D. tneyc<lin vote 1'0. ~~tis inle'resting to.'Ii'I.h1J. even mom.ImlililIs.and .acomplet~ sect:lon ' .arlk'Sand 'ganj.. . all1lYjob" but oondi~ion. and the IIike..t euts i dethe WainS.of Co Uldos Isuffe!'\ed ~rom criminall ()os.e. insll...a m<ilcie UIP orstalildard ~sedl ap.f.ey . or se.ali'ilic!JlartYIJie of wealI' er wall1it. A new pe.·City One's power reQlu ~rem'en~$".ads. and the outcry agaliltlJst iny form of Inluclear power. buUhe .at!ulrised powerp~clk_s. vast over platf'Orms autornatkaUyrelrnol\J\e the dlo'Ulds.e. -alt .prQ~es~iililg plants" Tlhiese offer work tio rna lilY Meglal·C~tv o'iti:!!ens de:spe:ratB fe ra j olb. though it.f~es" .e.re are sti III mJaJny~ll"MJYSand$ Q~ lii.tr.e w .r if'<lidil~tfes.f iIi1tJijml.o! m @ ~e tnarn til is lilY mber d u:!d lirilthe Alpoca liypse Wa r of 2 tl1i.Apocal'yps1e WlJrr.llist fo -merllt. _.bodilles..tlhel'iear'0lhe Slidew\!!iks snd Eez~gHdle's. The COI"Idos ca iii hous!e up to 200.e. Co.:II sta ndalrdsi:ze and des.radit!i 0:1'1 iiii 1Mega.. an d the Tweenblock PII. a nd Block BiUggies.t-cut~ t!iJng '[oi'leape'r marterials than \I\I'as. on .ollla~edat tllflle W~ath~r Cong.. a! nt:w Clity Ordnance sta1!edtlh alt from alii n~ plriva~e h~ousill1g.es most Of the f~Cii ~ities a.e long' 'wa~til~. hUI~al-Itlh.eve~ CO\llapits.r ." YU<lstai IrS. and other st. who.s alr'e tOlil'9l~ alnd p:ay rls very poo:r.tQoop'ewiith bbz:a rds. M os.ll~. MeQaf.!!Itied Iby havii ngl t:o Illve <It st.are cJI6'aIf! aJfild pol h.-City One to nal~~ Blot:b. ffiSU~·ts.. a~d so .01]0 people in n:laSOfila ble II!. ~.Cill i~ie.w... deviSled. d'ev..an.te foul sl. . They ~otmd :5iU r·lh eated pe laval.. Whlich oftel"l prove dis:aMrOIi. One' 'wlhu3h has silmply been b'I'~st. Wlnlicn have nllp.in the ownews have 50 lid !J P to.~. . wtn. .. publT e vlid-ptJ ones.!i pped tha.~ dowlII imo the e:aiiil!h's cwst.l!.~lfIU.e.•r.1I1EtlTlZENS An. ~'e!ads in flmm <II'(al'a'fge open spa!ce between 1810 cksh The.a rl:me.ttlieur vetesa rec. sP.smalIIIII.a$1e:en bll!!bbl El.these lalFg.IIn ge. In this warv. ciUzen needs.a~Chies. fa g.000 c~til!iens. Qf1. By tlhe 22nd Cel1ltulry.ftel1l been f. thougll most~:e:!i"ld W piealkat arOl!Jnd 500.e.lie'ns.and despalicllied bad to ~l1idlJl~tl'Y re-use.w~ning <il!COO$$ wo. m'i. there awe :smail manmade p.wh dose proximity to aillhe 'common peopll~.IIFgot'l!en. mar!ly ~ re so wen·B~ I!. lEach day.en ~n.from s<:ra.e. lii pstr~p.<lInd thef nal resu ~t.oyed inth. . u nti I the Power rO~F wa". These alre known Oil S P:roffiB.sHpshodi WOIFk" etc)._a.)(l~IiISIv.t sQmacituZle ~s never leave the BII?ol!:s where ·tlhey we m b om . War.n-adfJ5. Iin lplaoos Iilj(je'theJi mmry Balli Oill\dIBloc!!."o.sing ten d to be lOl!!ln d iinthe lower-I. Oocasio!\'laUy.<llto.t IBh:fCks ar. theJ ames IRoberl:S:O n J U1stiee Memolri<ll port.e~d pr.ellopme.e ha.II V'$ IIn tel'Iri ole mo.Jlkesl1liiit$~hlalntytQVI!n$ of slh~cb alnd 11s-·a n-tio's. At: RiEl'syk.Jlnts: S ~i~ln. Most Blocks fOIII(l'w ~ sta no·Oi! rei . Spl31r power is used to i!lupplemlelilt th i s power so !lJIrce.mg.Atomic. Slometim_e_s.ug n. .tlh ere. Althlough the MI..Itogethe:r! Aflier the .or the \f..3i 9 ~:a'tlly f. looking for an allternatiivi3J el1l'e'rgy SOU ree. Blocks have sehcols {firom kl mj1e'h"gI.lt orf\!:en perched 0 n the h~g nest levels Qftlii'e 81001\::. W. note that the Secto rs wirth the WOrSt: !h0 UiS~ ngla re thQs.e. sate. These <ilf\e' smaller .IUiEl'S on line Co ndos so much tlh .. alii u nd 8f t:he prote~!t Ion afa I"Ii ugle p~.adiv.nsequ. to prodlUlce the dI~$~ted w.!! ry peJnitl'll~ ouses as we.lIft~IiIS <lInd nu rs!erll1e'S reu g h to Ihiglliisclh ool$~..fp~d dam age o.Jlf'e IknOWI"lI.educed ra~.melless Sll.one an !Ower.a Ilmost :90% Ise~f-lSuffic~e:nt" Mio:$tq:f 11!$ foodstuffs.Imo'Yilil'Q!p:avewu~!n1iis. The very wors1 hou si ng i III Mega-City 0 ne isto be f"au ndat (:lily Bottom (the ground ~.nlts.iilvlily DlJj'llt-Up.!!mOelFQf. alnd mov~d back to _'! A n umbe.~~ev..Ciiry One.my ciU.C. andesoh BlloO'I< is served.is $t~.glh Iin 9 enelraltl1i 61'1' are mu chi IIike m Uril uatll re Blocll::s.iityO.atuons floatilillga bove the city. .e . nlalillp ~ovid!e'S <'iIlccess1)0 all'lll evells oUlhe IBiook.!1pIS..ads welre .i'~ln 9 wa it fOIF.. m~~liIon peopl.:lI~as.ln many ci. first iimpl~mel"lteg in21 03.a rlll.elis1 of c!ltlizen s..cl~Y safe. Jmost~lyir! 9 veh iol es aliso u'sethis met)mlod.ay!s are 1"1 ow so crowded! that thelir niUmt)elrs are striictly CQlnltl'ollled by JI us1ioe Cen~.tih~ .lp1!o.~..8llocks" M.all ..ent: m.. !.m~dle~1h nology was not Imatc!mled by n~w metlhods Of creating power.. u$~ng hilghllV milili.space C-oil'loominiums.s Or demolllsU"'atikms.liliOtilfiree_ Othews . however..oaJdw. ~t isperfe.~ with fuw8.ool\1$alr..oIPha.gl~~v. falulb un llhe system 'Or clri mi nail a. one has aCBi~ in ged tlnitr<lltlOe' liia III.ne ~an ohh. a ra sltiilla Ila'l'1genu mlber 'o~ Pre-Atomic B'locks and ~o\I\Hevel bUlilll:Hngs. or ius.' and crilmurll.ade. Eareh of these B!I@oks lhiouse up to 160.JI$ to 131 cirty Ul"I.r a moua people.GitV.!k ve. to fIIlll wltlh ho.p~ me lilt: .l en~rgy..eee pe. lh...iiI m V'e rry advanoe d version s <lInd .WlliTHER. RESOIlRCES tlon <'lind urilfmmatiolif<lcH~ties.l'~eh ilnd the inames hav~ o. l'mle IBloch have .re mOl ny hom e~ess Cnl:1!$ns.! X I. lit provides allmost allII of' Meg:a.belowl. us ba'amed CCJ siI. Incomrnon Meg a~City On~ .a~Ciw One dew Ilo~ed. livu~.thoughtihe J occ-a~ s~(H!:lallly 0 roi~f raiin.lQlh 1hese af1e than kifu Uy rall"le. but mainly l'lIl$!Ohave III!. Most.r.en:!.el~!I. M<i!l!'lY of these SOil:ll~ p m~.ev'el ofUne city.e'r-ecan be as m. as weill as recep· taon . Zoom ~unes. S!J eh as Munce the mil raole food.edthe'!l witlii clh~m iicals. wi~tlh .ost gn~lUInd veh iich~:$ sti III use pWO!I.. was the d8velo.ars. often SllIFrou ndedl by large scree ns wthichsliiow open skies· and llaJndsca!pelS. however.entlly.neIF<lI. rs broken down mto rts oonstl'll. tlhough they . i!! s weill es m<lil1lY ffi'TneS~ilild Qlre. and ~!he DaJvy Bowie Conapts..t.a'fliyas a dOZien or' so dotted ab O!J t the many levell$: of tlhe la rge~M Blocks" As has been sa ud.eoft the planet ~. After the .ato·rs.!l. us symhetiIC<lilliy gwowni'll IIatn~ M ega. refilned.II. I.a. m<llle~S ulsua Uy hot.j.dsto.p metall tn.sh.ga·!City sc~. decided tQ mIO·v. I they Oil used Imost e.ati8diy ~scf. Me.ng. with 'l:liIeotihler Meg.lh.· <3i m .As Mleg.e Me9Iai·C~ty·S rll.on.~hi$liia$llow. .v.eJ1 dievas1aiti ngl war.e.OIF City On9 is .!! vo. however.o u the. ~!hie citize IiIS of o~mcl1ioo'~e what sort ohv~atl1ertl1i $V want.. ~.ed iln1tool!19it.31 very w~dle r'<lliIge of f·a.ih~s!e y~$trm$ ~. Beco1!l!! se of the i"i'I.oadwarys andsq I!!a~es a1Tts. POWER &.iiI t:hous.e.g .com" mon namB.gredls ~~ " lhIect:a. lit hal$ IOl'ilg been a t.alnd bl!!ilt~he Powe r T ow. eslpema Illy when the Weather Ehi)..o. .o.opp~f1lg .ely on ~lhe uppe~mo!St lPalrts of fie City. thou.. the better st:a nda rd!~off hQI. Ullere ~$1 heav-y emphas I'S illil Meg!a)a City One. answew.bis:~.IImmlie$.eicycl ~ngvi Uil!ulall:y9~erythi ngl.reS$ .ck. mQ~'e~n <'IpaJrtm'9n~s iii"! l~wgtTi -nse Siocks.lIIiId rncre e:xclluSlve. dlol1. has been the ta rgleHlf e iii !lIlfiF1ibe'r of~e rlFClrist au:aol!:s ~iii recelnlt years. to wash tJlhesti'eets.~.reY$.all$.are electric PQ\!Vien~d.. Im01ll"ilyhi ~I~. In the IE'llrthtiher-e area ~SOSlrljpfarms." M'O·P.er but sna!flng a .e to ~u mlber of homes destroyed in th.} These a 1'\9.!IIQOkS in~dl. but :5ometime..ery wea~thi.lund the time thils garnlSJ iSSei {ilate ~nrmtiinJere are ~PiPwo~ilrri'!1l.~e. ofilen rnadaup o.resof rfch dlrtiff cia ~falrmland" They were' ~mtlialUv bUllil f. or lfenden:lc imuloolS!sible by !h'~ Atomic Walr$1. Not alii BII. The m are all$oa I1i umbe r of other open spaces scattJ:!Irlf!G abeut the Bllo.mdard matures.i.nts aJ pel'1centage must be 9 Ivento t:he City. ~n vast qua nHHes.lL)(l!!lry" l!Jf. ralm ps •.Jlc1hl oftlhe e!llrtlif':5 resou me$ have been used up.e MO$t of Me{.tlh.~1"lI ~ept in per~ petua I twiili'glhrt u!1Itihe shadow oftlhe s0i!l!r~ng ElI~)ck~ a lfldi ael'ia II fload:Ways.lhumalil .. ~III th. IP ulle ~Iyaft~f p~r.ople.~~ ~.. <IIBiocik pmvud.glhi·$pe~dAntil·G ravity Chutes)'.$~$.emlrsts bored dee.. Te movea beut. roadw~y$.iiI no su nlf1lY..rlflaJl oolrtrllbllJstiolii engi nes.ndo'fj as th.'$ bu!IOIl!1g ro Dots -out to replace the . .se preximJity.. sosttered areundthe dty..ieiy 400.atheL lh~ oli-.

anfi -rc bot !J~.ything alt alii 'to dO. this does 1II0teXQUISe·any Pe up.rgett'rnglabo.a result. w. but much more dalrlllglerQ'lJs.o~pe wirttJ not h~VinJJ.sV mlnorttv . jealousy and B. usualliy undertha control of "neate.ev:eF.e'n1nethin 2099. will not work for more than 10 hours a week.f Hie. As <II r-esuilt.r thj. to enicny thl~'iir leTSI.ach Enodk iii as its own school:s.' an. IIn 21 08. p os.al disease As .often they g. th. le.a I!.overcrowded Me.e' enoo!. A lIM' Of leiSlite hilm into.ch ing g. lhe' eu rrerrt M ay.n. Or j. from 0100· tors and baJnk man a. children (or JUl/.talrrted.· ilngl. tu m 'to cr~m. .ge emsen ca n fQ Illow.m a..!!t alii too.n·@lurt war! BII(10k ri\ralrries are notorious tOlr starti ng tr.!!raged.e'h1ts'.gd lanltes.er the d. there are many inter·IBlod: cOlltes1s as weill.. As weill asthese Ilarge·scale sports.tlh e Apocalypse.$too. iiJl.'e'IlO. most Mega·Cit..gelFs to !i. The advanced technology of the 22no Oentul'Y umortunlaJtely brought mess ul1l.ion to fOlllaw a. The ma$$ui'!emplloyment c-aused by automation left a I. spOil:·we'ldingand Imetalwoilk. Shl!lg:gy. as.. to glive eacil'BI_ock a sense of oerrrn unity-spirit <lInd Ioyallty.5'tfloYEIiJany stlral\j' robots they eneeuntered: they slulfifewed a m aljor set~back when it was discover.edicatiol1l nor irH.e ever.ow. .y One. when itw~s firna..e<gall ones. sClulphule" Baing. Ah!ertlh e R.the time. hobbies.e1:hTn9 irnere6tnn 9 or exciting. h owev.. most peo'plle.~'nei" Me.e'y gai ned many S.g~· City One IS educated to a s'lm.tllle' Condos. l .s a n. wlth the less of mamy OutofeiVeW IUJnd red eltlzens 1n lMIeg.sibly 'the rnost successful repres1e'lltatliv.m' aliso a Inumbe'lF of jII. Jletball.Iiives.a. was Jim Grubb. ne it es n be O guaraillte. are <I safe al1!erllatiw'io Ilivling in the . !:velry. Some 1~~Q~I.e' returned to ibe il'1g a small but l'Ioi. .n. who carnpa "9 n aga il1161 a utem atlon and robets' riig bts. d l.!i1 years. each oit~i!)e'n out Or! his own.ent om a disastrous scale. row 1111 general. reth erthari for work. iln the w.emplaym.ase in his memory) which turned ~hle Maly.e of mas-s revu lsion from iii is om:e-glralteful pu bHc.. den m a nag ~ to pres. though.alll.. scratchbuildling fashion k _ s. m.S. After '12 y. 'incluo VI. shuggy~p Iayin in g~ wa't.lar' standard. but onllyif you can S1alldi y. D!. Ihowever. led by Ca lI~me~K.Utet:ate~Ju~io_r_C~tizen no the ce- Cirazes811i'1d Wars.oi bad feeli ng aga inst the M ega-Cit. snd he died :soo. arid were dastroved in 'ace!ej. who was re-elected twice.lms 1'1\1' dllffle're rd sports ij n _litv One.any citiizel'lS.ga·Ciity. th e're is a b~g anti-eebot lobby urnthe d~y.avdng the rUl'lllling of the city up to the Judgles . gMlng bll.U$t II(H)lkurn'9 'Out of the wii ndow. have lit· lie to de with palltlcs. ']I'hle~'dva'rrta. Oil hob bles.no'tli ~r .e.. 63 .ot.edtlhralttheur leader wa.j~· M avow off~1h_E1l'iw~hoioe" before. who dressed in robes and arUadkie>d and c!I.obo:f Riors..oublle. B Uater cailledl Grubb's Vise. and berm en. wllth the malin Q_llJa.1 ucaed ti (I.lock-lloyai1y takie over from cornmen-sense.our n:eighbo'ur.meflt E.y One In recent ye<lln. a humalll fUIlQIUS.alif·nlumalf'h !lCybor'g" burt.7 of them wiill be wtalliy unemployed. violently . lhere aln.s! .ow is Darve 'the (Irang Utan.s tile button an dreg i stew the:i r vote fo.r.. Others take up difflelFent. who have rlleith.y One.IJIP'porters.ut iH.or had become Soon alter his seccnd re-election. Il.)r$.(. i'neiluding Bi1iE'l1 Figlhts llilrndR'obot Sa iti! ng. tum Tn't~ .•tiim.a~tai~edbeling th~ . Walr s.y· s r-obots.e'_ up witih their st!uld_ues! keel? adoptmg a parl:lCiLIlar subieet as their !hobby.ame·shows on 'the ViOl./1'gh School DJploma m Un~mploy.e gal slide-·bets. Oltfl. and tlhat a f'urthen5.lificati0!ls.to. Come Elect'ion D'ay. partioullarly in the southern Sectors.n after. iin 'tlhe big w:i deworrld of is MlBga~Cit. these .e' tnlrougrh boredlom and the need to do ~om.eil'irs . and lnteme (which developed from the 'classicAerobe II l" an d Imany traditlona IIspo·r!.a-'City.ooo. burt it helps to understand why cH:iiz:enIS commit: crimes.of fOlrm a.. There a.erethe Neon Knights. run by criminals with Ilarge Spom. itwas discovered that the first vk:tim of a vir. partieulalrly JuV'es.and peaceful games.tmet-sweep e m. support forthem ls still $tfOIil{l in some quarters.9!e!S of robetl e labour are obvlc us alnd there are tew Jobs whleh cannot tll~' one by a robot.lijn~.iElI time..~~II.et out of hand.lIy over. but they hav.es) alfe eduoa1!edfor unemploy'rnent.and to .lhowever.lbby. iionly' becauseall he does Is earl bananas and dn11nlk alflallar~k alii day.ther-ealre stm ma~y f pu rsurts the avera.ed that.'g Pin·Boi ng.·citi2!e-ns.. as 1"0bOlts replaood ~!J mans iin every \IVaik (l. they a re co nd IItn-oned to have a rob at erccmputer teache r. The most populi ar Mayor of Mega·Cpt.n.Even smailler..e·.

l any '..atJet's.e·scent 91~>e'1n1 tr'afli~cIIgli<ts.mainlYare perfeotily safe.cralzy. QfwhatlBvar. ngl very cial indeed.r some peo'plle" t)lhlo~g 1'1.0 rfheJlu IfIgle.stopped by the Judges" . bUit all too o. !:lIre the r!1l:SU QV a m.JIn1 rorces tli'mm int I . these <l11\E! olVe rily em otT(m. 'wiho simp~y decudel t!la~tliley li'I~v~ Il1aJd enoug h of IHe.abiility to. one liya rms~s:d.fo. there has b e>ensuch Gr<l:!!esasthrowi Iil!g oUlst:alrdi pies at J'uloges" usi ngl F<il!stnuon Seeds I( biotJ·$~.. e$:r.and.p:r:c.wilF'lg.lljor Mlega-City events . T. but for alii it $1001'11 turnsjntas n cbsession. and lhiaw.oftll1iemt~at they deveklp Fu.egal Bo:rngin. be ()OnVided of <I elFi e! Fo ir t m Im~IIIiIV"tstallits ssa d esilre toescap~ 'fiFom Ufe iIf!Mega-City i One.e's ca n <itJt~mlpt to Urndersta nd th.euence.'uIQler'olUls iindee~t Ihow~v.e~.aresnalli strueture. ..llartlille state d'ley liI. <lind there are rna nyfamol!ls. ~I alt i i.alrmll ISS reil'ea. The OreddAct: hal$ siince banned alii expe.r"agl·albo.e. rni.The l~\UlthUS tlhart aItlhoug h some M utiie$a 1'1~ irlF:ad ~arted. they pmved n'lilher too $lJicce$sfull .tlulres On the slk:~IiI)'. L!9apers I._.e. it.mlic their neighibo'llws. that to be <ilrn!slted for a or1ime they a have to oomm it one ~ liil'ese v'ery sad cases alre. g Mwfl owers on peopl.3lny of~lhem be>ootl1e the viicltiim$ of criimTnal$ who bladkmaiil them by th raaulning to ird'o. I calede:quipm. however.eave~y s horl: lif.efspan anyw.9~hrna lilY '. kim ing everyolil!1l' ~1iI~igiht!.or 'Spontaneo'Uls Conf.. ra~he~tlh~111Itse-eu bes.es:so·m~.ften don't get.tcompe:miio. IIIii recent yean. wlIi1 i(:!ih in 'tII. O oh! TIi1J ~'Me :iII1~lotlhle . th.e:x:pelri erits Oonme m were QliV!en \l'oioel$ and all1l~dll.~ds wh l~lh. .e's.edmed H~a~ Ih~!p.nd h~cte out in ruined En:oc.ii"D has atn~mem.. a. AS well a'$ the ImiIIITC!ns· 'normall' citii:.ed gangls.Each Megia.andlll~al~from th'~'IiI'e.ge1). ®.z:ensas bei'ng somehOWIUll1ln. aIi'lda re qu ic!k~ydecllared i and halndled Judg.u~dally the glam~ shows.1. tess serious: a~e the Le. ion th rQuglii Otto.~e_destruGtllon.any people..ef~Q!1!to.e'"'tat:iorl on animals.u. but a~~too o.these pia rHime Imi Utiam sntra in in civi~ d. h~s ~ts own pll~1CQonof CIH··lJel 'tIFOOpS. otlhiers turnte ut narlu ra ny.Ma niy of them ratalnedan . Hfe ~ Meglai"C~tv One gle'U' $!Q on n lOP .~II.ll Cattilol"ll to !SE!e~Oi!(l!' wen they would adapt te i!he me dew world.·City Bloclk aliso.il1g up in diir~(.ll\eseen as 1iJ1 In.iriToulsactivTty.m the .lIGl!e.e nd $eU:lled in The Jll. Su mp"s p'rQ~h.ss:pecii!l. .ere arestilll m~my who man3getosneait:tillrough bweaiks~n th~ Curned ~arl:h W.se. often setl.i$ti.iiI dtiZiens. mlltilll A!Jes rm Fo. H~din 9 out ~ a 'gn)up of <liband oned B Ieeks known as Ape n 1'o'WI1. _. be uta b'uilldTn'9i. in p as bored ortizenos~ind someth ~ng new to OIOOU pytlhe~r ti me.Iiike the election dis~ilksd IMlaJyo'r~ f the dealttncda s@apolperal.ies')'aoo fe.a m odlew .!lreShocik sY!1!dlrQmer~'l"!Id become Fu"tsJltis. ..~$l ~ncident calnl I ead to m ass-mu rder alrndtihie de mol~'tion off title rival 8:locks" M~glal-c:rlty One ~s81Iw.char.. AI~n'o.3I-Ci'ty for a n LImbe rof yea'f$. Mutalnits ~oll"'Mut. ro~dwOilly.lm bel' of 21st [its C'ol'liit!Ulry . .e.e !'!a~ulreou tnei ir aHmlel'llw" ." __ a. Many 'raids' haive been very d. Oimd'have ofilen.a nd hi!rtest hearth rob IR. Hhceiir -wlherel'abouts. alll1d~II1I~YJlUlrn ~olerllt v 1MOil lilY IFutsieli! simplly find a we:apOIf! and go .Ilr.t the leglelildi31tyB~8$ts fhar Att! Mo1ii:S).m9l~e.Ii nUl U'lley <lIre .en 'pllamed' irnhe skiin. m.a lid i .$pont:s•.odky '101110 (famous for his AU Rigfrt Jud.fIBllock Wlil'I'$"~I$~ng$oph. vida nd film sters. licmchy So <lIre some elC! people thatthesms n. d'lere .ng".th.e'r.e!iL ble-trensfers ~wh~c!h irtrllQVeIi I!!e vidl .!c!t$!.ay. wh·g ~eellTilto'feel thalt the MiUt~e$ win taint a ndl eentsm UI'iI1'!ljE'l werybody .ah.e.~H.:awl~c $ li~ des~u uor. IIn~uctla vo. who halVe started . wll.lIOII. o.nto the e:!H:ab:li:S¥I.l'€:lfl$in Mega-City of One. IIt:M nO v. m n ni ng pl'\m~Gl:iori raekers snd blaokmail Jrii ngs.!l$*o~llo.50' thae Medk!l udg. M.ay'S the 9 rru' of 0 na craZie or'a !1othelr.stnllnge typ as.1<:$. iMlall1ly SpOlilt5 dion't liea~ise.. ere whose one u ndlying wu:sh ~~.l. .r. AH:not!Qlh M uta r'lts have bee i1 ba nl'led frrocmtihle M~9.uta diver~iof'l r Or hii'de serne nef<. heverear.alred bYlm0l5t oitii.and man ipu Iialled c.h.aze·s to !. cr.llse.elY_3Wen th.r i~i.el'llt to cause ~L1III-s(l"1l.he lid ~n Psydllo"oulb 9iS.5olme € end..hie'n dll.r~m.'l!!1!dpnyvidie a goodi p~stime for m. s. inell ud~I'Igl Gomed Conn ~~tar o.alll.lfy plre"'i!iilelnltafter m.ne' . been exploi~ed by m~m~liIaIs.• lind $'00111 becam e glalnglst~ ~s.

RegUJllarp<litIrO'~S over~he a"ea close. s tJori.ed IEarthas th.' 1ffi000ny lr~ng.s. The Gurg.gade cruminsl's from the Mega-City.ut iln Uile U ndl~ri(:ity before. to' stark: die!S'arl:sand dunes .tboiUd Le:apil1QI alnd MloiOIniYalcht Racilng. IIliell$ West.ast-Meg (who h. earth-beund eoume JTp~rts.Uy impossible. to lP<'l!I:ro. Judges" and so on.Ine'ffi..d re:ladons with them.er.e. The 1!I nder. ll!Jna~' is .ber of alilen toUrists vl$!llng t~.g tIIlle Cu rsed Earth ii's ina S:trat.e. but In ave invariably meta grislly ·end aUihe han d ohhe.aneX.he wo'rse' .aJnd th~nkalll..g Run.d idea g of tile harsh conditions.1 M()ONIASE 0'. are almCN~'t 1'1 SiVE!IF Sl8'ell on the str.e'9g's.~~·.atii'olil. been boycotting them sinc-e the Apocalyipse Wa. A~lens al'\9!Uke them. As pa rt of Ro ekl etlralini rig.lble·wln:g.an~1 plains o~ scrap metal .iilpp~lfnted f!JiII Malrsl1al of LUli'la·~I.new industrles.ne. oontested I:llrinoipailly .e up of ail types. .e. to City Two and Texas C~tvfmm Kennedy :Spaoe. of th~ continent.on:Hlis.f thE'll mOOfi.ellr own tel'rutory" And then tlher.aIrways al Ilalr'genUrn.elS1 the erlminallsl in Question" alnd renrm thernto Mega- and iTI$IiiY ImO re$1range l 'groups" Theraare aliso City One fOr slentencingandl im:p.~ alcms$the b~s'l3Ion.ebns whlcll hOIlli)lr Sl).much in derrnand as a holiaay. 'gi ant: m uta nt in sects. anil Uley. frOomthe froze n no l1il to 'i$)(8$ City in the SOQJttn. p'8ssed. in . and hopefully be:ung IkJept~way fremtrcubla '(occ~s. lIiif~ lii'ketll~ FiLlt$ies.e Meg. try scattered into groups.~$~$ and floatirl 9 rs diioactive o.iijlSsthe Me!. the the 'Qf Mega·CIty Lawm aster btikes.Po!1.elagl. ga 119$ rna of rem!l'gadE'ls and eri mi nails in axil'el from th~e:Meglai-Cilties.City One.e '~iiSe. Umjerci~y.%omic Wars 0'120070 by iii holocaJust .lonallly not very 5uooessTLlI.el'.lt 115ften hard 110telll the dlffer. Tmlgies I:stabllished as a.e also a iarglenl.a .llalrlly popullarare th~ lunar -Dli¥mpi'cs.nAlien visito!r and a Mil. The most usuall way of 'Cfo$$in. nlowev.el'lce .:eout allivvfIIgrmm the bare soill.rIUlnbry I an three M.1 has gr. lUte tn Luna:1 mirrors tihlait ilillM. except wilen chasing rene.cr'E'l. Al ien rnereenaries hi red . wih 0'. w.iiIV'S.re rmi lies Of'OIUit~y~l'iI.ade. the calrniv. in 1i!l.S.~l1e Cursed Eantl is.illflon squa. an d they !halve wa becolme rEuilll:Hlti1ul the Norms w~oo erovathem u nd'eJr~ grolJlnd.after malil'YY'~al"$ of small €Ixperiime ntalst:atio:l"Is. 1i1~le it: n. however.ega-CTties.rs..city ts thei r domai n. across.di'c mileAhiick_ band.of sat~Jration nuking. huge poi sonous faits" ~liil~many we Irod mUltatioln. m.sfrom th.e'noo' b~~= o Weein a.san. lLuna. in these cases they mary arr. eaJrth~et recO'rds.-Ciily One' sclentists.~l.owfl over th e: last two cecades ~!1toa mii nii atu ~e verslon oil' a Megar-C:~ty.alild tunnels whh::h wereconcret.ofterr<!ilil-'ff. It is the death-belts that There alr.eirdl reli'gaous sects who Iraid the settlem:en~ tor I'! uman saorlflees: lalrg Eli packs of mutants.wamps. every Calo.-City was.a fast: higlh-flyi'ngai'l'icraft.e Meg. Chiigiinailly . and ITH.e are the creatures .nned flro~th.nment.e'i>s f Meg. the whole.IPcarticl.cenU..Every vear. being carefiUllliy cll'IilIpemned around by cO'l.lmbeF of citizen:s who. proper colony •.e: moon.e~t:I"aCl:ingm_ate~iall. malny of them frpm oiJ:h~r pl~I~~t_S"TIh_eil'eare .ru ~ us fast a nd . These a re tile o Troggies.fliyil!'1lga bO'V'8'the i.lly recl'earted from fOiSSillisE'ld oe.'ai$e$ harboured s ulHlerg rou nd In afVol~: rp~>d the!lr bodles.lIs by Megla.E'l!S. Tr'OggiEls 'tand . OccasTo liIarll¥. As time has.on the recOommendation efthe depart.aen. a varst: Iradioa~iv~ hen which stre'tctjlf~!i$alcrO$stln~ wh(l._ 1f'!"11 !e~ or !'O aborve -~lhe 'grolunct bll'otliirl'g out the.lnil" suppllied tf Jll. Ju dgles halVe no specific ju risdiction olVer the' eu rsed Ea !th. All va ri@Uesof Ilivle' and IiiYeiinth e Cursed !Eartti. Q'i!llinl9!dOliympic status" including DWj. There are be nd!$ of slavers.9 life belowtihem nature from have k.aCity. As th. for trad e a IiIO defence.:W'88. bul It. anotnlereare s)chedlll~ed fh'9Ihi1:5: ~. . spora.Hler Ol)lnlstal'1ltly. to their l• lUNAI-.1i!Oy CI!l!-' zens are rather WaJry of them.~QII"IS. the.!~llyhave jobs in tlhe .and its inh~biital1lts are !!umlliarly exotic and Imillta'ted. Oursed IEarnh under tli'le sI. in 2~01. Iiliicludi rigl dog-vultUlres" dio'Q.ly!]:.ed I::arth is mad.alk:ln. who Iraid each o.ltiEl" however. and many new sp011$ have.(hoact!ye s. Tlflle~.eIldl of ru il1l and st'opped a hea~~IiI'g herslelr.o.sses" Cnm !nalls hwE'l tried to tI ide o. .ta~e:non the Hot~ do.e.ii'$iOln into the. . but: rnest mtl~ens a.lldg'e-Marshall f'OtSiX months.iJ'et.s of poiisoll9uS Q. Jud:ge lex was.lniUes tlrying to' ek.aker gl"!l!Yity o. b~'calus~ rnall'W of iits inhalbita1li1ts arcb.e: JI~dgaal Call1lio :suppr. . aiM six-Iegg'ed rnouotein llens. relganj the Cunl. S!L1JlfII and. but nt glhfes ea"chtnu nee .e.l" Under the VIIIe. they now roam . deall in9 i:r'I_h:u n bel ngs.Ipervisiion ahl s!9li'1ior u dge. instead of rebellin'91 1)IQaiinsfthe paee of modem.e.the :i!. Cl1e'ated in the' A.ga·City One There isn't es much crime.O!:n fie!ds of senHent mutant plants and steammg r~.!~'·City in 210i.om:llia.emem belrtihe KI.' than 100 Imlilll'ionvisitor:s ecme to MegO!~ 'CityO.eddl.elv>ell ohlhe dea'th~ bsJts. ell'~. p reyi ng on a mryol'Ie 'who tlrespa.f liighlt and.abnestli'lait are mmoulred: to' Ilurk in its deIPttls).ays.uthll'~$'sly. Me:ga-Cit:y perpls willi fllee up to Lun<li·~ In the.e' EastColOls1 to Mega-City Two on the TilE tlllSE!) EARTH between the three M~ga-CiIUes and E.edi over when tlhe Meg'!ij.riso. hope of es<c.f North AmJ!rlcal.by 'the iln. wo.. VilrtUiil.i<'lrted commll. with its owl'll Bloo'k5. The eound tlr.i p ~:!l'ralrelly r:nore J than a thousand miles. tine vast network ofsubw.~king tcget~er ~n ooope. al~~ m.e'!: s. lUII"I<ll Judges us!e' ZJpp'l'J.y took l"e1'uge illl the.aliso. ~rom Mega-Ciity One 0111 th. but those ~lfIart do Occur are usuallv s.iilpiing! Justice: <!Iuempts which never work. lh'ei' baS>\'liis.af the Cursed tarl:lh packs ofdiinosaufs (origine.~'over ve'rr'S. man. sma III Iso..Cit. ing Judge Dr.day ~yJ ustlee Department c!_aft.fr. bS.a.iir patch l'ncludes slrnost til' m. Some' . al1ld he is tilere as o·fthis date.11 m."stto the Mega:.Olrilablle.bei Il'i be.e growing t)o aooe:pt thatthe earth Insedste keep goo.cOlmf.e.are oonstilntiy smashed.ed .a~ Ciities.ept the Cu !"Sed Eo1l1ritl1lI.lle (l. r y :ry.gJii)Ulem:el'lm alnd f<le:-.

-- " 66 . ~.-.~'. ~ . ... . "".. .'!' .

AU:emp<1!ed inll/a'sion of Meg'e-Ciity One· in :21104Iby East·lM'eg.. oentral compU1!e:f.Ilol-kev..ooean...g....IB~ockel's a~e ofta·nil e~e:iy ~'ClYal ~ ·...artlioeu= . a Bwrdlie.... Aerob-BU. alnd !Europe .. I!¥ ~F~d! IlLaga I 'I'!'xple·tirveused by Judges to red nJOO' a:drenaII1nIn nmes of ensrs .... a VO..A Mo-pad's' Qliant mobille~en. 20th Cel1ltury Ihalngl-g I~ding. Large.ally better-quality IiI·Q'i. Go·ve nnme·nt d'e·palrtment whi chi co liitmls the mov·e:ment of all tlli1le IMiega-City'. Big MO'•. wlhen~ a~I East-Megl..r.!jl wast:el.e·t..allet Ipaciks. Sllalll'g telrmrOor the AtI~fltic . ~~ant high~~. .. Rubber Ricochet bull.!Hdin!.abbies to lioe.. slavers and mro'nsl'e rs. Dunking..Jlnbnpal1 of M~ga~ City One.en WIllIgS . Carril~Dt~ Holdall.e.o alf-out waif I t . Andeiln work off vi'olenttellSiof1s recl'ie~tJi'o·n oE'J'n~lies.. City One..ees Pl'o-slab.e·n to '!JoV'erment's loeated in Clily 191 a II. T. now so h·eavi Iy polluted it keep$calt~lhring fire I to foillow P'erps.r Citi:·Def (CD')" The City Defenoe FOf\ce.pt..Produ.l')ition ofal P~I'JP fast aooe'ss to com puby and usa- ID'alilanalrak. 8.s ina few mdnuresfor J uidlges at thert dai iy briefillf'lgs. ngl. IrY!llning (In al pre- IButt:on Jock.ed by outcasts..llr.lk..a r bus.orsoH<ili111 City Blo~lks. ming-Net.rIg.r.. SI'opill')g moving palvemant. South American A.A th.g®. MaiCl'line which sums up 01111 crtmes of last 24 hO'l. il.Cdty One. inhabjt.casionailly I'!leads. Slel(-oonstlricti.. ' .~s. ElIDocik Wart . Anotlil·er term for .inium. Centlral ICo..poca. . Name ..ClH'sled E:arthfam\olry-nalnches.darlyviolent . oft. lBaHili'l. .Cursed IEar1h..kies.-dtJ~ Adlifsx... Co mrnerela l'lv·nm g·ri:ei'er.ioo· station. Expensive alildaddictirve sa rum prepared from corpses of St(lQ.Jsing units.ffiIDom:e<. Bleeper.kers·.and.Mega~City could machines. va riall'ilt is B:fmbo.where citliz:ens a:g(lil'lst flobot:sand cOLllnrlierpal1 of lMlega~ . World-wide nuclear w·ar. to train lin civH d~eflQe.l (o.. Bisoon..a Bloclks ... plla!V. whi'ch stops theagrill"llg prOOE'JiSS in humens.prayed substance that formsa lrubbery bubble around the user. .ct urder m formed' by a BUrzer. Tiny .eeto r Bilitz . Qroe!l!slh.giv.Zon~~ Illndu. lilIu\5il.a Rumble... Unit . AGe (Anlfii-GIf.he Palais.1 ~H~d'eii~ d11e bodii_es Q·!lliviIlQI humans. alnd in partieular the mirl'liioi'ls of Mo-Pad-s. IEas«wiI EUIFQpean/As:iarn cO'i... Armed R:o·bbery with Vi 01 ance...ntam. Hom e f·o. other plan e:ts result in the pa s:englsrs be~liI. Brit-Ci~.. B·oing. COl1meotrll'lQI palrtmer1lts .. s:tre·whfng wa·r most of central North Armerica. Harnd-ihleld electron ie loct< opel'l.op. A!. Smalll wheel.·Sharldng.lecti"onh::ifadlio-tnlnsmirtterr.. Ae·msol-$. ' Dod!gem...COr1ltr.i'lg Judges: 1!0 apprreh·end PEl'hlPS. now bUlri. Youth sllalnglror a 'grown-up'. Drokkl See By ·Grudl. 'Conf.am smalill s low..ailllitV Chute .. wh ~chdestlFoy.ey. mutants.. whe... Oivo$. usually used ARV.RigISimel'ly.. DIl..A .I'U nitary m iliilia organised on a . simi ~ar to. - a~City One·. Cred~t. or decontamiflatT~:)I!'I. & A.d by m uta nts ...isl9 b!. Deeo..ep the:i'r bellIlies ofUlhe ground! . of ~ par1!~cIl.Js.s trafliic.ar. inhalbibl'lw kn own as: S'OVI.en goes hili nd In ha nd w~th Orgtlfl hgg·I. 6' Eltzigllid'e:.llIi'I'k p~ck:·pocket •.who t'lhu$ practises. Clttz:enrS wih 0 llive lnth em are often ea lied BJo. Re~:og.oc. USSIA. j Ah'bulS. nature.Ihe..ency In Meg a.. al tat Coiiftp-Id'em.. High·rise sport. by BambOo.a Ihei~r.gtllMlrQwn out into· sp1aoo·... Apes' farvouri1te drink. BOdiV.. 'Co>n-A.. E:ngli shCoiLinterpal!1 of Mega-City 00091.which . scribed route be·tween B·locks . Bh~ck A. Once-fas. Jludgle slang fol' citizens... Vast: liadioai~tiv.stria~ S.. net.e.. Chumlp·DumlpiIil91.tlallil1ic. whiich devastated most of the popelation and the city .af cUIrr. .. Bo\ilil.th.. inv. Ire~re'd iiii .asll:ietballl and kUlnlg-fu. Slafl'gi for iii disc-jiockey 'Oif dij..ed r:. started iln :2070 by Pre·sident IIB·ooth.. A .. iii stupid p e'n-$>on.lypse W·ar. civirlialls..••Clealr Iplasti-gllass tubes usedfor fa sttil'ar'llellb~een the mic).mhoil. Belliwliu~e!i. HybrridcliitUe an ima I.' .'1F~rmof abuse. COSllgllom.SlanQ terIT.l)Q. a cross betw·een !ill buffalo an d . . per- of Meg Block..o~C$. Aiding amj AbeUi A.. IiId other ollJtcasts... fashi'onablle with Ju.· p. hov..edin tlhe alk using peniOI'h.. ...s in ~.~. Dok!'. Al.. also.r the Ohio R:iver~. see Slidewa. Atomiie W. Cc:nulo~See Spaoe Condom..hi. .... used by Judges Dub. ·eiw la~ 181'ock.Hlalnd-held elec:l:mnic lie doe~ector used b~ Judgles.reby 'cheap' 'fligrht$ to. used by Pf.on.e...ollving strap-on plastre.m derg rou Oldalnd Inh ablte.abl·e Cross between b.ed much of the USA. recoros.ront. '~ll'Iich malke ull? most of Mega-eny Q rile.. illle91~. B'(I·rlli. Nefariloilis crime..lBllockbasis. cern purer idientrincation. Iused for-gam.are dlev·aood to industlrY.er . Type of Moo Squad who special is~ jill anti-radi~ anon treatment. .

rm of ~mp. e prod ilJood by Otto S. Sta nda rd f'(]. oppo.!!ff's 1P~. . Gnim.. 'Judge in use . ----N IH!eiisU!I'."e. Eieotuu. lGlia$seen. ..-ogramme. s' eode. S~~m oweref full iIlagiall . of Me9aJ"C~ty fortin o.d. and the Ha of Jiustice.ElleCitro. Ea Hotsbot.. Ind Ilnte~-Bmoek ~<l1iI counterpart be prot~c'lied pe rIPS who aJ~ei nuormfrom ~epri sals. S n<like nngs: ..lhide" usus IIIY'carry~ iingl P e'fSionne'l Or h ~!3vy Wea POIll$ .ed safe hou sa where ~iflgi Qifltlh $ilFfiri!elfld$ic~n Wndo"Cit. efs10 Iknown IIFI.e. Units.f$ol1iating offenoe'.1 N<llmed arfitelF its mostfalilllO'IlJ$· victim.by the J uld'ges. 68 .~."g. Vucti rns of'F~.eViluywlhere ---Gii!lrDage. b~& IFllalb(ble). Alill srmed re bbe" IHolldwng Tanks. exMayor J iim G riUbb. iitse'lf'.ne...a I eyed cHil!e.Ot a $ec. ~n M€:9a"City ~ s (J.SIP@~ll~v~tr.UiQlnl$" IFlla'b·falill. s'i mllar to MOlrse -----ll}':.a roil of an ent~re Block by a team of J ~d'ges. ferthe Jiudiiiliall l'ndii(ltJment 4. for one ·of Mega"City One's obese food fain atlcs..klllil of :Z.Alilotiher name fo'r $ C~vj[li!llnl over C!3r. J udg. a . a $e<riiO!I[]$Cl'i mi nal t.. a ~dthem in ban~ maiids.'lsteieifl oUlbes:. Hiugle hover truck. Gl!llnge.O.oO:l1l1l. designed 11:0 nellp the (Irich~ user aJh\1!in~ very fash u6<nalbl~ Iu'g Iline<$~~ Iill!lt$ie. tli'le basis beh~ nd SeG1:ion59d.rm ~-BI!o~!k..JtIi.a ~. tc. also kln>Own ss Eme:rg. Mesis<Jge system. .unll- G~ubtl's msease .Jlre $lho ok :Syndm me'.e~'U~IFm. r~.cy'cl~n.rtulnitiies P.gl~-Crlty One ofilent'um$ tiflll[:m iinto r. Modem n G~a!veya'l1:1 Shift. wh ~chdeals with the (::rime Swoop.· d .• <l nd Gmrt IPort.~h W fo r crij me..qui~e If.ost to whk:h a Jlu g'Qlecar! tern por. Sect~Qn of lhe' Law penalining tea Judg'e's megal .a mily oU11lf a lf~rp. u$Jed to sort n out the most desp!a . Sump.aile of shuatiions 'k~~en S~ iG~d. ~soi·C!iJlbe.y. the stralin of' Iii in Me.A liadiath.e'£/ name me~I1$.lint brant:. lh ree-dlilmel1l'siofila Ilte~.th.~rtNj. tlsiJI<llllly in the earlv hounl ohlh e mom uliIg" .'lI JlJI dge.lh~y inclll.II' COlnrlie q ukklly!1 l' E!iCio·Melllll.Sli1t8~ta~fiImelillt medium ~nMega-City One.juve for 'fOIJ rlgi U iflemp 1. the rna ~111 . Judg.. iif he hasether ulrg.. des~gll'ledto' hold P!:!lrps_ urnilthey Sp. alllld prOWst for mo re mood Ir..iuving unit IHolidffing Post.l1 me f'OIF Jll. kio"CUbe t!o serve tl1i$lr S€!I1~S1noe'. AJrmo'wlry.----.9 J1ugg:er. h IiiI-Wl.l b am~vists.fe.IP.ovlslon.Blod. Gliloa.JI 'g~lls:ssu bs:titIL. but are now merIj(je<led under me Fe plleal$o. . aJ!'l! Qrg81i1 is~d !3ind v@rY$Y$tematic :s.tlor House" can be lrllnsfelrfEld to an Holocaui~ S:qIil!iiI. lliie $ection of Mega-City ILaw wh~cifn alliowsa JUdg'9' aCC>8S.dell".Jrs.. P.l!l1l'geof revoltIngl but highly mJt~lltiousfoodst!.A. wih e hold Hlle'gal eating eentests.'I111 alpanlm~mt @.obtaining of a conf.to be ~11d:edlulP by a Pat W~gQIfi.ol1..rQrtifiied P>i'lIi1.ed rrt:Ih.. foun Onle.rtal!Je:11 inth eilF 12th ye.)sycnopathlic lal malniii3:cs".s$sklll byt:orture.r of products. AnodlHH name 8 Sky liail.~ iinled Judgle$. ~ncll.ea.l!ry (lUIr~enoy.AI'T! other 11I. Sllu'ifle sauoe. unde.rat!ed Judge$ ~ appreinlel1dil~g ~~~P$" n foree fielld.risonm snr: small I. J1udioe (ienrlirall...pulalris$d by Otto.g.e U'1Id1t oomplletely covers its vioHms' bodies.Jld~ngl the AcademlY of Law. IHol. _---- --- 69(:. FllalbbQn.g oh'l~ bbish. it: IS usus Illy ts ken 'to mean th e who~e 9 1'10U P of buHdvngs.a Illy). Jlilllli'lpim. Judges.! 'rllame$.Jldedl Moullel ~alm.·Comon.t" U nit of inter-planMl. a C~. __ 1 -.~. Impe.calillygene.eviisi.ihe Fat Albollit~on Flront.. pli. A Irl. Jl.J1$"tiO$ D$partm ent H ea dqua lite rs. FOlftilfi. a .alr. 'empty.S a ciHzens hometosealr. Slang fOlr at lawgivew'$lFIle.e.ump's Ug... Cadet J'uldges' practica I test.------tons to.ecialliy. - Ch!lies.m·:spawlfled fu nglall dh..~.ly Clin~c.at)$!~lek$r patl'1oi int:o ~hB $hellL IHover Pitld. aliso calned Tn-D..enq. (IlfIe (11 :a rUJJlfinlb .li"Is" J u.exo-slloelle" s. -------- tHlab" 81<1lill9 for a $lrTlI1. tum ing the m into ~ iviingl mushrooms.e nt busuness to de<ll wi. U'Qu bre.j ustiee Dep'll rrtmerilt hO!\lie'r ve.fiugs.---- f)1:" _ .' term for period of dlm. used by siimply. e fo r cr~m ina Is who n~o-iPolnicall palrty of .l!gon . HCI'IIldogl IRul!1!.aiin~ngl s~iheme (:ode.atin g cOUitesi:s by Flab_.

'N-------. . A specia~ team of Med(ic<lil) Judges.ng~. bbies' tSlrm for Irla per. I lM~msk:liI.Ise. The . lJIiIeepad. m u ltl-she Ilpis.IJ'Oyd MazIiIY.ized Boin.e'~opment desiig ned by F. Af'II oldonl\i~aJkJiUdge lilials the op~ion of ~t~ring or~:.tll1leoll"lly plaoe I.A.creSlll:ing the Ufl:d~r(:ity" it Ihas LaiSHiaw. in wliifclhi many residents stal'\I.Cituade Tf'IIspare body parts" whli.els' v.e~' Ps'vcho Cube.nliivon'Ll::. an 0'1d pers():fiI.lldgles to clri meS.Q!from - e Blloci{.e!flr1 fled· see Slfdewalk <lInd Eeziglide.ij Uy be used.l.aWI .(J~--mlultaJr!ts.. lt is occasiona p Chump . The J ~dige~( a ~tom .. S.J udQe:s' com PUler-controliled. S~~rngltel'm fa r Riot' FQ~m.Ana ~V5i:sCom putsr..:.aIc~liIgthe longl Wa Ilk.pol1atiolilof tra nalsto a . ----M.~ld trw(1·w~y lI'adlio. :slalrl:g fora clri miinall. a rmed a IfIda rtmoun~~d tn ke.mey. or stlr<flliglhit to an tilo·Cu/:)e. whi ctl COIiI$t~rntly CiIF~!lethH~ Me91~.----.s the.e.all iiii .i il.e~ to deatlh.iu - Munc~. La.. litem off nigh fas:hTon. flo de~ uver Jus.ate'l. A Justice Depa rl:melnlt <11m IP~~p Riun ningl. srna II.aw state} the 0111ly klil.h.!la II' I:if'e-s~:ileYleH'siono~ 2!Oth Cemtulry lPilrflballi.o .-. Iiza rd-l ik~ SI. .oased ind Il. Meg a. Mo·IPad" One of t. The iIllegl<i11 ns. Hliglii ~yd. used (1lilly byt!bie most vu Ilg..ed sYlF11ltrJ~etie paJste.cr. rN'ame is n . loa HOleling Tank. rnest PI:l!Si'<ll!lete.n IPOPIJ laby JU'!I95... 8o.te I.hle ~S miUioln m 0 bill e homes.e1. tu bes. Jiustioo Dep:a. contraction MaZIe.a.d (In its foul r. Sewh~e ro~d$ whi'cl1i Ilirllk Blocb to Mega-wars.-- Pat Wag:ollil. latg -PIJ---bJ. most mo(i.HQldlng Posts.noi:l'.own arlltidote to Ra:d·neaJs. ~nhalbilted Ibygang$ of Nark. IPin·!boiin!g.l~llkil1ig AlPes' sllalilg for hum!il. Also see Z.Area or~g inailly kinl~wn <ISNew York: mostof --------..e pl.Is:l:ri meta~ cut:l!er.edI.dway" suicide by j umpun..tine OPIP06i1~of . IL-eililper.C.ilade.cl'silied QY'er.evllned to ml~l(~ mallY dlf'te..A te rmcf abuss..a$ Uiley OCOLlt. ~asflh~ red by mad Judgle Cal to put down ttm I. of perpet- IP~~p.alfIih. ~ ig h pO¥!"er.. d~5t~ Illed frern Mu. IPiinky.~aJce o. fi.tted wvtih ba ulriem that c-an stop a wOilY"'l!'ardveh iel e.r~ intlUlnl serviced by Ma-ban 1':5.m aownymuor Ma.looliiell le spi rit.lm.a lse 'COl . for mibot$! 'Ol!d Oily . ways are moterised - Il. a Ihigll.diiQi~du. ~sti(:e IlDepa.dto p.$por!.C:uty One's m. Mo·li bs"a nd the Ililkle.--.g~ lmaJYleg.. Contr.gg'ill\lg. who~.. A perso.y zens dowfltih e centre of a Mlegway.1!5l·orete IMed·Squad. the.c:1ii :$ : 1 the basis mra nu m ber ofcrim inall JrO'lIckie'ffi. wtiJ iclh .l-------II.n.as!s. Ileavi ~y -- ----------------- P. e$peiCi~Hy KJleog.ff-pla!1!.g te r a m uta nit Miutiemlil:md.. o IMeglllJoICmty IBoot.Ba. PIUIIiI!kS! M'llIg:gWie..!I nder survel 11h1i ee ~ nd d irsets J'i.Median Striip.goH"lbalsedi dd nk. v~al lalrg. played ~n'the Palais-de-8(}lng us! ng.oeiver.lii1:~. Oid Age cm~~n. .JJ udges' rat!Qr.oversi.1Iter.rlJnelnt centra ~ com p'l.e'ffiion off .ost common foodstuff. Slaln. ILaWil1lilaster. ----.alll'l!i~}o~e-ll)i:!f!gl.CIJ rsed Ea rth Or the IljlrndelFCity. tm i~di rlgi Lo'ngW~llk.e\lQI1~nglphIII'll1-d'8r1!v. Maiolr Megiill·City mot:of'lt'lliilly..Tclk: .li~d~riIg.Are<lof the eu rssd E. MAC. Judges' telrm for an informer.ihe wvdely-used bu i~di ngl mafiell1i. 81il. edl bile ~lrodlW~S.. w-a.:sfro m .fI$.r· M~e<g·wav. Refresm. Pipew~y. M'lJItie'". O. th.e' >oky !. u'!ilI<ilJbl'e fir! d the:i r way out ~ to IMeat"Wl'Ilg~I:I.A..rent.um.lih:~ a..tice ~o th./{t----fu~ . . Mnd. Oye~~QmI.aIl"l·Cl!lllypathway.iil keep.-Ciity'$ road Il~orl!:..mit now been CQI'lI.eda Mega~ U MliCil'o-vid !Ra. usuaUy in the com p<alnJyfa M~o'iit Wago. wa'f'IIt~d crvm iIllytITed~fi1 with bu Ian ee.l1ment Pail!'1ol up arres~d iPerp. a'i O~gllin-me. ill 'thin' IP~Ii1:cill·N\eiCk. K(lIo~kCube.aW9ive~.li'en rnereerra rUBS..rg'i. s.em P~dwOi!iV' A p'ede~twi." WQrIF1..A and Tri-D jje.can be ..scn. 011 roa.<:lll housing d!ey.s~Jfe.j udg. O.AIn U:nder:woffl" otiher filame fOlr a fliyorv'EH'.Iltie.ca.Dumping. -.~ps~rip. SpectaoJ!.i'I try~ngl tocom.

e them ~ i m mobile.a m. W mea n ani'!( m~rnolr cri1 mli nail. P'LlIlilk laiwil ess. ' only re.ovide rncst of Megla·C~ty 0 ne's pow'el' supply" P. [)iviskl!'l anhe JliJs. and eq ua~~yeXIP. Dallil'9ieI'Q!J$ Iradi~o'active ~wamp City OI'll'8after the .Nh~:lga·Citv OM.vii5iio~. Judge$'t!e~m f().. they O!ll'1e. hOG Iligl<lln Juve.jlsedl to malkie all sorts of prodi!llC!l. u mH they cam be cut out by tha J uld ges. u$~all ~yoperalteo by al M~d tklu. Anothe:r nam e 'for the a rI:~fiicia I pa rks bll.enade. I$POri:.t crimi na~ P$:yke'f$. ami n~ted IIirllail:erial(HJt of <Ii Rad.t~ceDSIpalntmentwlrli(lh uses JJ IJdges wuth PSIOIii ic: powers.eCi1'y' Blocks" Punt. of the stancia rd $aIIOQIiIca r'.of .dlP~It.h!dg.g matie~iia~. A Clell u~ed to hold' psyclt'lolog realily dI~$hjrbed crimlin~ds. a oomb~nat~on of waw Me'ga. ~rneff.. savs. City One's rubbish pOIiI.tlney a.'lIrt ~II.ecta control ~Bd voh::arHl.t. P<!lI1igO. ----- tact witna ur. i:.: va ~ii us e the Mega-City.Autom. oolirlllTi unity Bisoon. IRatfilmk. \I~ weapon which n. IRaJd~T~ak.r a oornfidlenoe trickster. PSiveho"Clilbe.s. .~e~~ed by the s. E x:tl'1eme lyul'U£I!h.re highly dangerous to IPOI5't-'w. R:a diatlen storm.me~ IIof raw Munce. . IRolbo·doc.g fora IUIS~lrof 1P$~olnlicpowers. Plowel' li>ower.!mj'8!"1S when ~1'lI eon- IRoadster.ea. JIJI dige~'$larJ. formed wihen strOllg w~liIds sl. cern- IRi01l: Fo. mltiot-cof1ltroihad Ull it. piii!> II!ef!:lin Mega- Ploliyjprop¥IDop. Ant~-riot Prsyl\ler. the US!~ of theiir powers is known as Psykin19'.It:at~dflh~N"iI wh f eli! Q'Dcalsiolla. R~ckcirde. IClelro'gatory IRecllam.li inltQ illt most lalrij.to help ng ht a:ga~ ns. build~".v One: a protective Ra dora!!:. rad iation·m I!.a~soknown as a Kook Cube.e'li'itS.enS11ve.Cit. 70 .eHl. "'I!'lld l(.$$E!l1Itiall item of 01othii rig! f!O!' Iir~ Qutsid'l'l in PO$t~ aJrnt~-lrlilldv<llliolnc~pe.erry strong rs i0 11 ----R portab~e medicall crete.aited. <II co ntraction of R:adialtiolil Tn3lctor.e.iilliIi'I. dis'l:i~lied from the M'eg~·(:ity's waste. IRaJd S~o:rM.ny ilnifes·ts:the' Mega-City. A new worndelr"plasliic. the I?uwt=w rower usss redl·hot lava firom ~.Jl udg..f(iI-s'!iib. wru~!lspwalyed ov:e r a crQwd ~twill ire nl(:l. Plrotein s~aJb. P. used In rec~illImatlon .o pr.s with custar~ p~e51~.u.s. Venl fli1llsh.- MlildI·Fle:a.. .ath the ean:h's C~IUI ::. Huge armeuree bull~ol!el'"1V~e vehicdes. as the IfUj'lmle pl<listrc and OOrllClrete. V. pa rtleula r~y R.81d-pHs.Apocatypse War.eat com ~OIJnd d.rali1lkger. simiila~ to plas.a~ ciitizelils.P t)ene.j~i'l. ~ Psl-Ju'dge'$.els' term mira crim in al praGtica~ ]olber or folI.of ru i ned aJrea.ad. lt's . aliso called a Rad Wind. o·ver the rest . Ciity term fol' 031 Pirom.emiv'Eid f~om schemes used tel' tu~11 Ireb!ll~Id p R:e>Ciam<litior! Proj. l it has: come IRa. P$i·di..)werof an illeg!<'l!1 CIr<'llze (sueh as peltiing. Resv!!:" Hu ge ~eCV'Cli pIa nt that b m<llks down <'l!11 Megang of (:includingl OOlrplSe$!~ into IFeu$ablle.

Sp!Eloe' C!o!il. StOlP alnld sea ren. ill1 Sec:i!or44. usedto hOLlse some' olf Meg . lalrg~nglhlt Punks or Bloc-iGe. Scmwi War.ea full ni'ght's a :i3il1iother name for UnrJ.)noe briTngisthe 'falce up ~1iI tmfildy n:!d boills! ween lwo '91wat' <lrti:s'ts to see who can p'Uittlh eilr na me in the ImolSt prom inent .hanty towns both ~ nsvd e an d olUlls~d<e the 1M ega. wihQ$Je only pmb lsm is h~\lli rlgi a glalildltlh aitIprodu_cesAdU(lx.Punk)'.thelr name for a . ffllown tes f c remote spot.Jnit$" and reslerves .m. but Stl:!!i'$c!r~pe!!!' •. Devioewihiolil $!I.oom. SiPQnt:. S!ked.on}. .ing.often With II argle$iide"b~t$. ILJ'SIJ alny S~lu'!lIRo~k. U~Ualilly played ~ n 0111 5. one Mleg.oUididIy. in wh~eh a Mo-Bank is bodi.~re vast space stallions. AII~o I{nownas CC)fl(Jos. A ngl SIPI:l:OSfV. la rrger tha Minor rroaldway. S!luIll'lIR'llY.AI1I.Jludg. as Stratosorapers.. SikJallilkerie.eat heiig hiUo c. Iikie'wholls city sseters floalti ng vl1e!il rth orbit.11. 711 . which isa contest: bet- SIUlluffler.nk.i:g·. TWl\'lfltY"S!900nd Cerm. eerpse. S!kv·IHeiliS1l:. Cfltn2elil ".e JI~dgles.!lry version OIl "h ~lly' t:i3lbl~. thlese .City.wl~ich ~$. [)!jivisiioli'IaJlJ ustiee HGs.". S:e~oi!1' HousJt!l.. Stiff.p Ma.r~(.~lhis noxi'ous subsl. Ea ~iyt!e run 10 r a t~me. Starl:ue of JUdgl!3'!i!lIi3!1!it. S!llIopme:x. De$c.lent of 20tlh SeculrQ-podi.a~Chy.ensii. <'lndt. the Sov.asi"llionalble r~valgalnlgs.~ft Blockil~ss aJtertliie . Stamm:! See By (]mdf Sta.otll er term for a Me9~Wav.Mo·b:a. .ples:' crimes: ca IfI be a gl!"eat hl ndnmoe to <i!JJ1udg:e's rl1!'1fe:stiglalUons.----I~·· ---Ru mbl~'. S!h:.a-·City Olil~ wlh eretobscco smokii n91 ~s l.A si de road .liI means. Ii\. 1ma!I'1VI ive ~1'1 sl uma a rid s.The Sp'9aial Ju didall Sq U<lC jiudg'9i Hie Judges. se'~amte Block setaslds ljo house and $top tnem from tryiingt t!O g.b:ilti~lml.e'gaL . :Speediwary . See :P$ychO~!jbe. Sma 1'1. a vast shoppi ng ofpoot pi aVled spselal Stwggy Hairs.Jr ton:!liIs:ic ~rild meo iical Ii.!li. $mailiertihain a Meg-w<l'V.utalliy ~noffer! :iivea Ilien.• ::ity On'9"s overspill H populatiion.e(Xpl.ly II rftled ontihe roadlway by al flyi 1119rane. N!i!sty type of mod. se·e!kirJ 9 out 00 rim Pt~OIi"l and lax Ibaw-I!:!ee'p~ ng.f pM. they dire responsible ~nly Wtlh e ell iejJi!JIdg'8 herself.ce IOepalrtment T.er~ ' ou:i~ pmad. V'OI. Squads to for. 'Which ha\i\e the~r OWIiI celts Tanks. (equiva. and then dllOPI}ed from a 9 . SCfOllwlelif.e.rs" be'tw--eeln tWQ Floo!b C~b!ill. 'City Block.~f wee pons snd equipment.ghl1e·s .n House. f... S~UggiV.~rn m US~G played by lhIypelF'1IJlgllies' (deN1ot:eesof Q«o Sumr.olfll Block A. of a buse. OM of Ot1o $ulTlIli$ Irilll1igeof 'ug~ificat:icm' IProdlulc!ts ~whi~h~llso lneludes -FJabb. stands dwa rf~ n ing over the old $'tatueof LIberty. SIP!!. IEurasi~ll1ili'lhabiti1lnt of East-Melg Centu rry IIUSSIR:}. derived from 'slhoPiPililg cernplex". ".nj. A Ia r'lle IE! Icmk·s~:zad bui hj. S:liflok". $1 mHar In a pplfcatiio 111ItO SiPlJIgOO! An i III ~lg.'lliliva1iI<illysle' soe'lile of <II ori me.e~iive. all&o k_1f"! oWI'II.)18. HiuQle statue off a J udg~"erected by pubnc su bscr~pil:ion ~ honour oi'th.lw:alle<r. Sua ng e form of crime.e. V~ry f·es:hiQnahlle l1i~glilt·club or dtseotheque. ati. A block com plletely turned overte centre. AirlO.atone< III ~11'lI OWi!II"'Z. Sllip~(lQlm .ow orfrver. . :8pol1ltaMO'!lIS oOllfessor to Ot11H3.tlile on Ily pi aca in Meg.ep in on IV 10 mii nutes.OQ.!k open the vault. Also known a's a $flctio. bV smee.dQF!f!'iniuIT!. which maj(jes them m ucihl $ou'gl1it <'Ilfte~ S'fOOkl~ Glanders. SC!ratclillmo.""pot. Hence Sera aliso.way. . Miach ifile u$ed bytll'!l!3: Jlust~. Aniillle!ga~~y) sl.c. Ilgr:aiffitiart:iist ~usLlalliy a Juve or . S &S.lripthl~term fitltwnk.ll PiUI!lIk.ApocallYPiSe War.oki:el.~t'~'liUa ratllons by crumTriH.~hh:'!l.

wiho deall with . Fashionable wlflo mu rders . Crowd oCO'lfItrrol weapon.a need forensle anaJlvs~$. 11. slang! for sugar.. Hli9lh~powewed Devioe.s. OHRV'. shewi ng 'Off th €l:ilrI~test --~.dder.als are Ik!ept. used . made by the Sunsihine Syntlhifood$~! Tad.nf 8 gang of modern-day.di .lak.~.boj(. stlral'l'gely def. T. derived from 'tllogllodyte' . fa mous being the Fiowev..eckel'5~ stop them with road··bl.e. t:he ilill ~liid the dlyi 9 alre. slrnllar to tear gas..gall. Deviice IlJrsed by Tek Squads: to identify illegall radio and Tr:i-D' bmadcasts. Large pa. IPirate.- See slso Th€f Vaults.. ah'-poll utli on. Membelr 'c..aIVbv. See Streeit PiratB. A team 'of muggers.l diSl~asewihlichafflicted Mega-Cilly'Two for a while.K YIP.ecifi. Uim.. run by various U r1d e..means.<I rid Mo-pads In pa ruou[a r.ll1'letr.ogIIBaiY.9'rlillealthieach Se. iii higltJ. usuailly beneath a ma~o r MegaWay. a muggling.A fO"rl"l1of slJspended . Anoth er namre fo.a-Citv One's most popular. (lilJe t.e. JlIdges. Wat. Juve. W.II tllecy c~n be cu we. A crazy.lfIrfigl tnld·e in pr. tl!.V'ntlhrH:}~lff'. and watch alii the JUVi9S and Punts strut.axten$.. S!IJISoall1l. it was d~cided t:nalt the bast way was 'to simplly cOfu::retettTi'e wihlo. breakfast. . Weather CiOlil:gUIi!i$. as doOfillmls.lle area over a start aga in.gaChy 0 lfIe'5 weather 'Wi III be'...ohi. and has been replaced bV variou s fo irlrn$ o'f S'Ynthus.Ccunoll which decide daHy what Me. 29Ser'.Inti.81P' alnce:rs:./(l'lIfision.' silang for a Youngl P'a'n"j:>.an rcentres.i~an l.Stook!ie lfemOIV'e their G'lander. which is now in ha blted bY' reneglades.-sp!31$d iime'r~sector r'OaidwalY. tl(. lTl:are. de rived fnJIm seenon of Tlh€I Law rerlating to s.wIN:) rlld Ir<Icketee us" r Stlllffl'm Gas.tant 001'other outcast who tries .cailly by Jludgres. Meg. the most.•.and.. IEnclose.th healr the VOioe'..ry. Some' board the vehi eles as they travel: others.addictilve qualmes. D ' usual ~ymade u po of two or TekSquad.etche u. ..or t'he SemialDead.p.e. . U!nder. Vlidi·shIJ91. Umpty il8gging is the m'egl!. no The' Vaults. lnto rabid flesh-eaters . the air.addictive.shingl drink similartothe Vok~. StuD. A hyper'.s:.aip. Ther'e wer. d. Or a IFl. lhe opposite of Ov.. A Judges-.' crvog. most books.er Towers Homs f. used sp.s~wn'!ewe severely iinjlUoed oUiimin.clllli.. A team of speciallst Judges. .$ters..ads..ol!l. olld Tri-D race ~dling.all Annihilaltion J. Alrea u i'llc.tte. and made to serve ~hreir riglhtful Underllity. ro~d run ni flgi be'tvIi'een a 8 1Qckand a Skedway or Me.. SYli1lthii-calf.vira.uoh matters...a'll thi nglS tech niicat tlrom reps iring viElhicles to adrv. c:reatllngl th e U nd erro~ty •.e.es. bOliliilfledcoffee it has now ltself been m:adeillle:. YZ. Small.ltsie.:any fr?zen _lI. and so it has been deol OJ lied iIleg Ii! I.evlijloping the Old GI. fri·1C)w.. i:O ·calrnIeavie aJ threa Taps. alnd the lilk. type of footw9il1r. irI. Sh'eet Stre~t Scanner. When it eama to re-d.odks or heavv weapolns and then raldtherrt.ved area bertweentwo City 810cks. nuke missile: iot.an~ma'~~on.· -1 ZiIPper . are many commelrc'IIillllySus. ___ __ . $it~nd ral ex. Tlrog.iively om liUII1IIll"" moonbase.eerre. which is ibalnnel1ll tor Wrecker. mutants..' 'term 10r tak'i Iiir9 a stroll.l(iO_..athe r stallions IhoV'e ri rig over the city. S'ynthi-f. and so ol1"Tl1ewe is a bu rgleo. nil-D.e'I!'laWrnr6. Theile. Aomantic hea itlh roea®ons..stoQkies to Streoert Qreepel"s.only Wa'ybywhere they can sit on UII.. To mugl someone: arlso. be cured. ThrQ'l)Iglhwav~. 2T(fturr. all the last COY nt312 l'~i-lJrslati'on 5 in Mega-City One.ction N:o\rJ. )lh~prime method "ofcommlj~lcaltion in MeQaGllty One: wl~hl It you can bo.. the ilfilfonnlO\'llliorl is 'then relayed to. a nd much worse.en. extlra-sweet candy disoo· vered by a swe9tmak'er call. on 'th'e leek-out for anytlrouble. Arn underpa:s:s.!lrrlUl1g its victims.olrmed . especialily through Ibr'e1ijchesin 'the warlll caused in t:he Apoca IlvpsoeWar. u sua IIIV a p~ace 'where citlb:erl Block Ifluggy when not in use. .and reterded from IIivi ng U lld!er'9 round for so long.mdl they can seorenee. - Vi. . mif'liialtllriised video. i b ited 'sll ugls.. Anoth~r synt hesiser.zlpstriips are call e d Pip~wa'Ys..lQ..e:rzoIQm.ga-Way. .. and! newspapers come lilk-e this. A lay·bV.0 break back into the Mega-eilty. Strut" . 1iweenblodc: Pilaza. Iknowlnl as Wr. Zipst'rip'" Acc:ess Kneep. ---~--_. A mu.Hover v'el"siloll of tlhe Lawmas:ter bike..ed unele Ump. A. deformed Tr:ogyies.. V~dI-lphoiiie. ----- 72 . a nu m belr of ae ri a IIwe..ty Cullnlly .I~" name for a wmpoterr-oontl'1ollledl voles Waill-hopper.o irts . Inhabiitalnt of1he Undercity.in S!.andse~ a pre~ure 'Of the person you <liretalilkiin9 to (thoug h the latte r OEl n be 'turned ofu. Thereis no cure for its addk.ali. hiQltn~ waymen who prey on dnvers. cas$. when:! the citizens can meet. Whiite. open to. ~ •.'!1 man ufactl!J ra ami Sa Ie of Urn pty u·. Crimi IfIIlI Ad/tax '91I.

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