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INTERESTS Social interaction for the purpose of enhancing knowledge skills and also for relaxation Listening to music

Reading books of different kindsfor the acquisition of in knowledge in different fields Public speaking withan aim ofimproving theknowledge skills andwellbeing of thelisteners Playing football Travelling and touring places and experiencing various cultures and lifestyles Participating in policy development Influencing and participating in any activity that produces positive change at any level as Much as possible REFERENCES Mrandimamoses Telecom engineer Warid telecom Tel =256 776005023\256704005023 Email mosesandia[a] yahoo;com 2;mrmotovudavis Head of department Computer engineering;Busitema university P,o box236 Tororo;Uganda Tel;=256+703198514 Email; davismatovu [a]yahoo com 3 mr Muwanga mathias Field officer

Tel=256782374467\=256758441702 Email muwangamathias[a]