Luminal Sodium Action: Long-acting barbiturate.

Sedative and hypnotic effects of barbiturates appear to be due primarily to interference with impulse transmission of cerebral cortex by inhibition of reticular activating system. CNS depression may range from mild sedation to coma, depending on dosage, route of administration, degree of nervous system excitability, and drug tolerance. Initially, barbiturates suppress REM sleep, but with chronic therapy REM sleep returns to normal. Classification: CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM AGENT; ANTICONVULSANT; SEDATIVE-HYPNOTIC; BARBITURATE Indication: Long-term management of tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures and partial seizures; status epilepticus, eclampsia, febrile convulsions in young children. Also used as a sedative in anxietyor tension states; in pediatrics as preoperative and postoperative sedation and to treat pylorospasm in infants.

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