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Published by: Houston Chronicle on Jul 14, 2011
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Let me just go back here. So you have or you haven't

been to Mr. Canseco's house?

A I sure could have been. I wasn't here at this -- at

a party that he had. I could have gone by there after a

golf outing. So -- but I was not at this party.

Q And could you have been at his house during this

time period, June 8th to 10, 1998?

A No.

Q Why do you say that?

A I wasn't at the party. I know I wasn't at the


Q I want to ask on some of these paragraphs whether

there is any written records or facts that you know that


would substantiate that you weren't there. I realize I am

asking you sometimes to prove a negative, which is a hard

thing to do --

A Yeah.

Q -- but it is helpful for us. For instance, if you

knew you didn't attend this series in the Blue Jays because

you weren't playing then, that would be, obviously, helpful

information for us to know.

A I just know for a fact I wasn't at the party. I

mean, I don't -- I wasn't there.

Q Could you have been at Mr. Canseco's house on other

dates in 1998?

A I don't believe so.

Q Do you have a -- you said you could have been at Mr.

Canseco's house. What would have been the most likely time

frame if you were at his house?

A I was teammates with him in '95 in Boston. He was

my teammate in '98. He was my teammate in New York in 2000.

And we have golfed before. So it could have been any of

those -- any of those times. It wasn't like I was, again,

staying at his house or there was a party at his house. I

was golfing. I think if I remember correctly his house was

around the Westin golf course area.

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