ECONOMICS PART 1 jagadish full employment leads to free market : discuss ?

free market actually is defined as where their is no restrictions or regulation between demand and supply of items traded in market. i am reading economics books where authors are debating on the topic called as does full employment leads to free market where control is not needed to regulate the market if employment given to citizens is nearly full or 100% all economists forget one thing are resources available with market is scarce. people wants are more than need leading to scarce products with the policy of 80:20 Pareto principle where 80% of products are easily consumed by 20% of population because of concentration of money in their hands and remaining 80% of population tackle and fight over 20% of products to be consumed on money matters full employment gives a country the opportunity to earn money but because of scarce resources available on earth and want being more than need free market is not possible so control over demand and supply at any given point of time is mandatory or must thought for the day : money in plenty with family still massacres a family because of scarce resources available within society NEXT Billionaire and investment in real estate its quite a natakbaji scenario is what i thought about when it comes to real estate business of Indian scenario. i am writing it to those who are billionaires where to invest money. real estate is considered to be a good option by most of the finance hub people and is promoted also with a huge hungama. if real estate is purchased in lesser denomination its always safe why ? because you don't come in the way of huge public if state governments and central government asks you because you are a billionaire to invest in real estate business infusion of capital to bring cost of real estate a little bit lesser to facilitate

common man to set up a house you are considered to be a fool because it is demand and supply based type of investment thought for you billionaires is demand and supply does it affect investment in real estate think along with others NEXT operating system in the hands of armed forces i got a beautiful insight just five minutes back and as usual my Internet was nearby so on the spot i thought of writing it what did i think i thought that is Microsoft going to create 30+ operating systems just like that, is it so simple to create operating system . the new operating system launched recently windows 7 was a revolutionary operating system and still some might come from the arsenal of Microsoft if research work is taken up seriously the other problem is how come over the period of decades it can do expansion plans , within INDIA if i am correct Microsoft has to tackle minimum 20 states expansion plan within INDIA , is it possible to handle such a huge crowd, personally i have given cudos to Microsoft . it is USA but even USA is only a nation, later on African nations are going to play a havoc, dangerous thought process of mine going with civilians is full of tension and if at all anyone tries to create operating system in their country , sincere advise of mine jagadish is never ever leave the vicinity of armed forces and never ever venture with public why ? thought of day is :

Managing administration even if glocalization has to have knowledge on what you aspire for otherwise even grapes are sour if awareness and foresight well in advance isn't their on what you tread upon NEXT Operating system and Management and Research Management is a civilian field and operating system is run by armed forces for safety and security of common man. if management is taken up by operating system division , it should be taken up in collaboration of educational institutions with financial aid being provided to them through OS division their are 20 million students and 3 to 5 million educational institution catering to management division across the globe minimum. so facilitation of management is much more feasible than starting a wing of management by Operating system division is what jagadish feels should be the solution . Thought for the day : If management is started by operating system guy what are steps needed to secure it for the benefit of the world ? problem is civilians so concentrate upon educational institutions facilitation Am i correct in my judgement of depending upon educational institutions participation with OS support coming under financial aid think ? NEXT

Research and students now a days if am correct by this time most of students wings must have taken research to see their proficiency and capability in handling research the first thing that comes to my mind is if to give them a helping hand

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students must possess knowledge on what to do research, without clear cut goal and thought process students can never do research even if helped accomplishment and goals achievement within few years is mandatory depending upon secondary data is a must but original text accomplishment is mandatory using help of educational institutions to accomplish their tasks gives them added advantage Result oriented research and accomplishment gives you push in moving on in knowledge capitalism era of 21st century

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thought for students think which type of research gives you satisfaction and result within few years NEXT Research with support of companies I don’t know whether I wrote on this topic but it is considered to be very critical so most probably writing it once again. It is very hard to search whether written text on this topic of article is present in the blog or not . Doing research by country like INDIA should be mandatory but how to groom the entire nation on research wing . Nations usually think that financial part provision can solve the problem. jagadish to certain extent do believe in this type of grooming but when it comes to a nation like INDIA to launch a nationwide research with success is hard You are quite amazed along with me why such type of literature is being written by me. It is my general belief that students wings should take up management side research as I have taken up. To put it into practice what are the steps needed to make research in INDIA a huge success Companies’ participation in this research side should be required and premier institutions tie up with selected big corporate and medium scale participation through finance and intellectual insight should be the basis to groom up research in INDIA Company board of members should participate in board meetings of educational institutions most probably premier institutions of INDIA and look into nuances of how to spread research in their respective institutions under research.

If this type is already being done by government’s wings and corporate circle is a hearty news for all. thought for the day : which type of companies or colleges you would like yourself to be associated with to get result

NEXT How to generate ideas in board meetings Board meetings by companies are crucial for looking at direction of company for at least a decade down the road to make it going concern concept. To make the board meetings crucial and to make it result oriented with knowledgeable discussions to be opened up in the meetings, link up with existing knowledge happenings in both educational front and books reading by board of directors with link ups with professors and their participation in board meetings should be made mandatory It all boils down to how many friends and links and cooperation available to me to make myself and the organization to which I am associated work successfully in all fronts thought for the day : which wing does companies feel comfortable to tackle when it comes to premier institutions tie up

NEXT Pursuit of general self interest would lead to well being of the society This coinage of term statement was done by none other than Adam smith in wealth of nations. I still haven’t read the wealth of nations book and still reading the free-fall which has highlighted the point. So for argue sake lets discuss Is this statement really correct ?

Does self interest leads to well being of society , Suppose you are negative personality generating negative emotions what would happen to society, control over the society through ethics and punishment should play an important role otherwise society norms would go to bonkers Positive emotions lead to development and self interest in this line is always acceptable with disciplinary action leading to well being of society Thought for the day is :

negative emotions self interest aren’t acceptable to society positive emotions self interest are welcome by society discuss ?


Monopoly and its impact on society

Country having Monopoly Company is very rare. Monopoly is not seen now a days but still I would like to comment on one aspect of monopoly just for name sake. People also have idea but it is advised by all that monopolist suffers more and compromises more than oligopoly (having companies under industry wings)

Thought for the day : Monopolist suffers or enjoys his life ------ official life

NEXT Rational man vs Irrational man Rational man follows pattern, a set of instructions whreas it is quite opposite when it comes to irrational human being. Rational man to select such types of men a company has to follow career anchor and emotional intelligence tests to determine the average score human being suitable to required post

irrational human being are also important but are required less in society because companies requiring this type of irrational mindset are few asking people to think on lateral thinking terms also on radical thinking terms----- usually innovations ( mavericks) thought for the day in today's century which type of men and in which percentage should these two types be associated with your organization think ? NEXT when resources are scarce and income earned doesn't or cant fall it is generally believed that income of individuals don't fall , salary remains as it is and suddenly the government realises that natural resources have depleted and alternative resources are yet to be innovated , inflation shoots up this is in economics called demand and supply pull where because of income earned resources have depleted , their is huge demand whereas supply of resources have depleted or is becoming lesser than expected

what to do in this scenario ● what about work from home concept where with technology installation tasks can be completed office home side by side , shifting geographical and income affect to similar locality with the help of money in circulation provision of food geographically produced and concentrated within limited geographical location of walkable distance providing employment and food to say like suburban exchange of ideas and books online thought for the day

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think that you all are in stone age and technology what can you imagine your life would be


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