Turn Over and Roll: Old picture New Picture

Border line is progressing with time.

Mirrored picture.




Turn Over: Basically, width of A and B are same. (of course, B’s protruding part will be clipped.) Roll: B’s width is limited (counter part of border line is clipped.). Others are same as Turn Over. Mosaic: Mosaic is almost same as Fade, but Mosaic shrink and expand new picture before Fade. (The expansion is simple algorithm without antialiasing.)

1.So. if scaling ratio goes up. 31. In the implementation. } . So. mosaic block size goes larger. 15.) “m_pnUntreated[i]” is the block position to draw (Y*16 + X). “m_pnUntreated[]” is below in the case of “Clockwise In”. …. …. 3. For example. 47. 2. 63. 255. 14. 254. 239. {0. …. . 4. “m_pnUntreated[]” stores the order to draw (Screw prepares it for the first time. …. 252. 253. new picture’s scaling ratio goes down with time. and sequentially changes new picture’s block. Screw: Screw divides the screen by 16x16. 240.

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