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Laying Out Arnold Palmer Hospital

Laying Out Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Published by: ALEXERIK23 on Jul 14, 2011
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Laying Out Arnold Palmer Hospital¶s New Facility Arnold Palmer Hospital created a plan for its new

facility using different variables, layouts, drawings, simulations and a massive planning process. The goal for this process was to incorporate 273 new beds and 11-story hospital with a budget of $100 million. This new facility will serve over 1.5 million women and children, and deliver more than 12,000 babies a year. The mission of this case will be answering the discussions questions, but focusingin layout trategies. The first question is concerning the variables that Arnold Palmer Hospital needs for its layout design. We must to consider the following variables : Security, how to protect patients and specially babies; Nursing Efficiency, it is crucial that nurses don¶t spend too much time walking around the facility; Meal and Supply efficiencies, food have to be delivered warm and supplies on time; Space, for visitors, family members and capacitation; Privacy, a very important variable because this can give to the patients the serenity and peace they need; Location, x-ray, laboratories, management, pharmacy, etc. must have a specific place in the layout and finally incorporate areas for medical and non-medical personnel. The second question asks about the advantages of the circular pod design over the traditional linear hallway layout. One of the advantages of the circular pod design is that is much easier for nurses to see and reach each room, this means that the travel time for nurses will be minimized, but not only will save time, will give more medical efficiency for doctors and staff in general. In addition, the circular pod system can supply two rooms at the same time and this is something that the traditional linear hallway is limited. The third question asks for a total distance traveled for a nurse (Thomas Smith) during the day. He makes 6 round trips to each of the 12 patient rooms, 20 to medical supply, 5 break

room and 12 to linen supply, his total distance in feet will be : 6 trips x 2 (round trip) x 2 x(20+30+40+50+60+70) + 20 trips medical supply x 2 x 50 + 5 trips break room x 2 x 40 + 12 trips linen room x 2 x 30 = 6480 + 2000 + 400 + 720 = 9600 foot , that is in equivalent to 1.8181 = 1.82 miles traveled. The fourth question makes a difference in travel distance for the circular pod system. The nurse Jones distance will be : 7 trips x 2 (round trip) x 12 rooms x 14 + 20 trips x 2 x 60 + 6 trips to Break Room x 2 x 60 + 12 trips to Pod Linen Supply x 2 x 14 = 2352 + 2400 + 720 + 336 = 5808 foot = 1.1 miles. The difference in time is 0.71 miles, but we have to notice that the data is different for both nurses. Finally, the last question, ask about the importance of Servicescapes and give some examples of it. Servicescapes is a term created by Professor Mary Jo Bitner and deals with ambient conditions, spatial layout and signs/symbols/artifacts. In ambient conditions, such sound, temperature and lighting are more than critical for Palmer Hospital. Spatial Layout, the circular nursing pods is the base of this new building and Signs/symbols/artifacts is crucial for a hospital for children, for example, play areas, pictures, artwork done by children indicate that the place is warm and safe for everybody. In conclusion, creating a layout strategy is very important for any kind of industry. The significance of variables of a layout design, the advantages and disadvantages that can create a new structure, and others external and internal factors like Serviescapes can determinate the productivity and efficiency of a new facility, in this case for Arnold Palmer Hospital. Create a new plan strategy is complex for any operation manager, our mission as students is try to maximize profit and minimize cost and this case gave us a very good example of it.

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