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Published by: Rahul Bishnoi on Jul 14, 2011
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Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503 : Priced at 8869 on Flipkart. mini USB and FM Radio are present. It has WiFi. Wi-Fi. All the Android phones launched in the last two months fall in this segment. miniUSB and FM Radio are on-board.500.10 cheapest Android phones in India! Mobiles 4 Comments and 2 Reactions The most crowded price range for Android phones in India is less than Rs. Wi-Fi. we have compiled a list of 10 Android phones which cost less than 13K and has all the hygiene factors. This a rebranded ZTE phone. Bluetooth. It runs Android 2. Rs. Read more here. Here are 10 cheapest Android phones in India : Acer beTouch E110 : Priced at Rs. 5000 to Rs.5 hours and has a standby time of 21 days. It has an in-built memory of 200 MB and can read microSD cards up to 16 GB. It offers a decent talk time of 7. To get a capacitive touch screen phone you might have to spend Rs. the feature set goes up. . there are 8 phones which did not make it to the list based only on cost. resistive touch screen is XCD28’s only downside. Bluetooth. The only downside of Galaxy 5 is its 2 megapixel camera. Talk time is a little low at 5 hours and it provides a standby time of 16 days. 10000. In addition to the 10 phones.7000 on FutureBazaar. (Suggested reading : Android phones in India analyzed) To help you make an informed decision. To get a good fully loaded Android phone with probably a 5 megapixel camera you have to set aside Rs.8 inch resistive touch screen with a resolution of 320×240. Bluetooth.5 and has a 3. it runs Android 1. XCD28 has a 2. The price range. 15000. XCD28 marks Dell’s official entry into the actual smartphone segment. 15000 price range. has an in-built memory of 90MB and can be expandable up to 16 GB.1.8 inch resistive touch screen with a resolution of 240×320. As many as 18 of the 33 Android phones launched in India are in this price range. Bluetooth. this is the cheapest Android phone available in India.2 megapixel camera should help to take quick snapshot. beTouch has a 2. miniUSB and FM radio. A 3. 10000 might get you resistive touch screen and 2 megapixel camera with everything else being equal. Despite its price tag. Galaxy 5 has a powerful 600 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM. as it goes up.2 megapixel camera. Wi-Fi and Mini USB are standard offerings on all these phones. Dell XCD28 : Priced at Rs. 10. You might want to check those out. All these phones are touch screen phones with 3G capabilities. Read more here. A 600 MHz ARM processor and 256 MB RAM powers XCD28.

A 3 megapixel camera. Bluetooth. It has FM Radio. Bluetooth. Zeus does one better than Mi 300. Zeus is the first Android phone from Videocon. Spice Mi300 : Priced at Rs. . Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity complete the GT540. Motorola Quench XT3 : Priced at Rs. If you have come this far on the price point. WiFi. and is powered by 600 MHz processor from Qualcomm and 153 MB RAM. Galaxy 3 has a Qualcomm 667 MHz processor. Videocon Zeus : Priced at Rs. WiFi.10749 GT540 provides a 3-inch resistive touch screen and 320×480 resolution. Optimus One is a little expensive cousin of GT540 which offers a capacitive touch screen. A 3. The biggest selling point for Galaxy i7500 is its 5 megapixel camera and 8 GB memory. Galaxy 3 costs Rs.2-inch capacitive touch screen with 320×480 resolution but its Qualcomm processor has a 528 MHz speed. USB and FM radio are present. 256MB RAM should suffice the mobile computing needs. It doesn’t have a QWERTY phone unlike Motorola’s other Android offerings. SE Xperia X10 Mini has only one impressive feature – a 5 megapixel camera. Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 : Another one from the Galaxy family. A 3. Quench is a touch screen only device from Motorola. A fully loaded Android phone which also provides an extra battery and a 8GB card. Galaxy 3’s 3. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini : Priced at Rs. Xperia is powered by Qualcomm’s 600 MHz processor.2 megapixel camera is much better than the lowly 2 megapixel camera of Galaxy 5. Galaxy 3 does better than Galaxy 5 in almost all the departments. It has a decent 7 hour talk time and 16 day standby time. FM Radio.2 inch capactive touch screen with 480×320 screen resolution. It has a 3. It has a 5 megapixel camera. At 2.1 with a 600MHz Qualcomm processor. 10999. 10749. Samsung Galaxy i7500 : Priced at Rs.2 megapixel camera and 6.5 hours talk time is just not a good bargain. Quench runs Android 2. That is far less than the other less expensive Galaxy’s on the list. 12299. USB and FM are present. Notable miss on Mi300 is FM Radio. which is a superior offering when compared with other phones in the category. Mi 300 marks Spice’s entry into Android and touch screen segment. It is comparable to Spice Mi300 on every specification.11799. you might as well consider LG’s latest offering. WiFi and miniUSB are present. LG OptimusOne.5 hours of talk time are passable features. 12499.2 inch capacitive touch screen has a resolution of 320×480. Mi300 has a 3. 12899.LG GT540 Optimus : Priced at Rs. Like many phones on this list. Samsung Spica which falls in the same price range is no longer available.5 inch its screen size is lower than the rest and a 3. Qualcomm’s 600 MHz processor provides the much needed computing power to GT540. Galaxy i7500 is the most expensive galaxy. Bluetooth. 130MB in-built memory and can read SD memory cards up to 32GB.

Other phones which did not make it to the list are HTC Tattoo (cost Rs. This should be a helpful guide about what to expect at what price points and nothing beyond. Of these LG Optimus One is the recently launched phone which runs Android 2. 13500). Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (Rs. Motorola Charm (Rs. PPS : A bit about the term ‘cheapest’. on Flipkart and FutureBazaar. 14799). An euphemistic term like ‘cost-effective’ would do the trick.14599) and HTC Wildfire (Rs. 13499). LG Optimus One (Rs.13199). Some of the phones might be out of stock as these were launched few months back. Suggested reading : 10 touch screen 3G phones under 10K PS : The prices mentioned above are the prices as on 21 Nov 2010. 13950). LG GW620 (Rs. That would be two words in place of one word. Current day prices might vary. Cheap here means the cost and nothing else.2 and seems like a good value for money phone. Besides who are we really offending here? Share this: Email Print Digg Facebook Share Reddit StumbleUpon Facebook Comments comments Powered by Facebook Comments . 12999). Videocon Zeus is a fully loaded Android phone and looks like a good buy on paper. Acer beTouch E130 ( Rs.

vadlamani@gmail.com ) View All Author's Posts Visit Author's Website Related Posts Umeox Apollo : Solar powered Android phone for $100 0 Comments Facebook Phones : HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha coming to India! 0 Comments Olive Fluid : Olive’s latest Android phone with Live TV! 0 Comments Micromax Bling 2 is an Android 2. Ten 3G touch screen mobile phones below 10K About The Author Sriram Vadlamani Sriram Sriram Vadlamani is the Editor and co-founder of TheGadgetFan and a columnist at Asian Correspondent. XCD35 – in India Android phones in India : Price range. You can follow him on twitter @indianomics (Email: sriram. 13500! [Review] Motorola Quench XT3 : Fabulous Android phone. Input and Android version LG Optimus One in India for Rs.Related posts: Dell launches Android phones – XCD28.2 phone? 0 Comments Disqus Login About Disqus Like . Price 12500.

Flag Like ReplyReply .Dislike 1 person liked this. the price ranges from almos Rs. Would you like to share? Facebook Twitter Share No thanks Sharing this page … Thanks! Close Add New Comment Optional: Login below..6000 to 14000 and all are androis based phones. Another list of cheap android phone can also be found at http://www. Like ReplyReply Jyotiranjan Pradhan 1 month ago Nice comparison.. Image Post as … Showing 4 comments Popular now Sort by Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS Sunidhi Kataria 2 days ago Huawei is coming out with its Ideos series of handsets or it has already come out.iguruji.com/2011/ch..how could you miss that!!! Flag 1 person liked this. Glad you liked it..

com/mobile-smartphones/10-cheapest-android-phones-inindia.Imraan 1 month ago sony Erricson W8 missing in the list !! Flag Like ReplyReply Raizan95 videocon zeus is better! Flag 1 month ago Like ReplyReply Reactions RockyUpBeat 6 months ago From twitter Cheapest Andriod based phones .. Input and Android version 11/23/2010 11:08 PM [.html indianomics 6 months ago From twitter 10 cheapest Android phones in India http://bit.ly/e5GOVB #android Trackbacks http://thegadgetfa Trackback URL Android phones in India : Price range.. ..http://thegadgetfan.....] reading : 10 cheapest Android phones in India « Previous PostNext Post » 3 Responses to Android .

7000? 11/29/2010 04:01 PM [.] price will be around Rs.] Skyshop. 7999 10 Comments 10 cheapest Android phones in India! 8 Comments .. has launched a netbook which costs Rs. The only cheaper phone .. Email Updates Get Daily Gadget Updates in your Email Top of Form Email Address thegadgetfan en_US Sign Up Bottom of Form Popular Recent Comments Comparison : Olivepad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 9 Comments Wespro ePad : Cheapest Tablet available in India! Cost : Rs. .. That is less than the price of many cheapest Android smartphones. Micromax launches its Android phone – A60 12/09/2010 03:14 PM [. 8000 which puts it directly in the cheapest Androids category.7000..Netbook for Rs.....

Android phones in India : Screen size. 13500! [Review] 5 Comments 3 Huawei Ideos Android phones finally get a India launch date. Processor and RAM 8 Comments LG Optimus One in India for Rs. price 0 Comments How to upgrade to iOS5 right away 0 Comments Why the Indian government is scared of an iPhone app 0 Comments 9 killer features of iOS 5 0 Comments .

.3.. bei.. Th The company founders have a questionable past.2 mp low cost mobile phone . Tarita Kulkani With Android Froyo OS. .. htc acquired o2 right?... Hemal Shah hmm.... . Sunidhi Kataria Huawei is coming out with its Ideos series of hand.Is this the future of mobile apps? 0 Comments buzzparas with touch screen. ..1 GHz Snapdragon processor.

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check your email addresses! Email check failed. your blog cannot share posts by email.Micromax launches its Android phone – A60 Copyright © 2010 · The Gadget Fan · All Rights Reserved Contact Us Top of Form Send to Email Address Send Email Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent . please try again Sorry. Bottom of Form .

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