Consumption Journal Analysis


Phase I
Maintaining a Consumption Journal

Phase II
Selection of 10 Products


Nestle Milo Drink .

Introduction ‡ Milo is an instant vitamin and mineral enriched drink energy drink ‡ It is a blend of milk. coco and other vital components that provide immediate refreshment to drinkers ‡ It is the choice of the children and the youngsters .


Ad Analysis .

Milo Ad Analysis ‡ Energetic and Sporty Lifestyle ‡ Targeting the Self-oriented values ‡ Use of Green colour  It symbolizes health. renewal. good luck. and high spirits of motivation  green color also helps to calm down blood pressures and motivates depress people to return to a healthy life . nature. life. growth.

‡ Attracting the chocolate lovers -the rich cocoa color of the drink tantalizes the taste bud ‡ It is also providing the recipes to prepare the drink at home. preparation tips. packaging. eradicating all the hurdles to try it ‡ The minor details like sizes available. nutritional value helps in decision making process .

they have targeted the energetic. active and sporty lifestyle of the youth because such energetic and offbeat advertisements attract the youth ‡ The descriptions on the packaging are a so influential as they are revealing the energetic. mineral and vitamin-enriched qualities of the drink .Relevance of the Advertisement ‡ Perfect usage of media. nutritious.

‡ The visual graphics of the ad are perfectly portraying the real essence of the product ‡ In the light of consumer behaviour concepts this ad is relevant enough to cater the target market efficiently. .

structure and distribution ‡ Children and the youngsters (Generation Y) ‡ Most of the consumers of Milo are financially dependent upon their parents ‡ Educated and well aware urban population  Health conscious  Sports lovers .Demographics Demographics describes a population in term of its size.

side bars in gyms and alleys are the places from where they purchase such drinks ‡ They like to recreations do hang-outs and love outdoor ‡ They spend much of their pocket money on fast food.Lifestyle Lifestyle focuses on how the individual lives ‡ They are highly involved in sports like football. basketball ‡ They exercise in gyms like Shapes. cricket. clothing and movies . music. Sukh Cha·n Wellness Club. Gymkhana ‡ College and school cafes. sports. badminton.

Social Class The consumers of this social class belongs to: Upper middle Class Upper Class Milo Consumers .

Household Structure ‡ Young single stage ‡ Married with young children stage ‡ Solo parents stage with young children These stages show that the main consumption of this drink is in those households where there is significance of youngsters and children .

Reference Group Reference group is a group that an individual uses as a guide for behaviour in some specific situation. ‡ Informational influence ‡ Word-of-mouth (friends circle and team mates) ‡ Visible brand name of Nestle makes the group influence stronger ‡ Healthy and energetic ingredients are also a major source of influence .

customs.Culture Culture includes knowledge. active. beliefs. habits acquired by an individual as a member of a society. In our culture the targeted population behaves in following ways: Youth is vital. enthusiastic and highly involved in sports & outdoor recreation They adapt Courageous and Independent behaviours Expriencers-savour new and in-vogue stuff They value their friend·s opinions and usually follow them Health conscious people ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .


‡ It adds life to the product packaging and seeks attention ‡ Endorsement of young celebrities is a source of motivation .IDENTIFICATION OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR CONCEPTS IN THE LIGHT OF THE UFONE PRE-PAY ADVERTISEMENT ‡ A striking combination of orange. green and white is used ‡ Part of marketing strategy ‡ Stimulates and persuades users to try the product.

IDENTIFICATION OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR CONCEPTS IN THE LIGHT OF THE UFONE PRE-PAY ADVERTISEMENT ‡ Color combination of orange and green is evolved from a ritual of Netherlands where.INEXPENSIVE ROYALTY- . ‡ orange is regarded as royal color ‡ green is regarded as a symbol of growth ‡ white symbolizes simple living .

rural etc .DEMOGRAPHICS ‡ Size individuals in the population ‡ Structure age income. sub-urban. education and occupation ‡ Distribution location of the population in terms of urban.

DEMOGRAPHICS 1. Individuals who have limited budget 2. Younger generation ‡ Financial liabilities ‡ Children who are financially dependent .

‡ Limited budget people ‡ The students who are dependent on their limited pocket-money or other forms of financing done by their parents mainly Income factor:‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Middle class Lower-middle class and Lower class As well as the children of upper-middle class .DEMOGRAPHICS Education is not a relevant factor Occupation:‡ Mainly blue-collared.

sub-urban or the rural areas with ‡ Financial pressures ‡ Budget limitations However. exceptions are always there and as we know that we.DEMOGRAPHICS Population Distribution:‡ Used by the people of all areas. here are talking about the general and frequent users of this lawn . whether they belong to urban.

Values and Norms .PSYCHOGRAPHICS AND ITS DETERMINANTS ‡ Demographics (discussed earlier) ‡ Social Class ‡ Reference groups ‡ Households ‡ Emotions ‡ Personality ‡ Motives. Perception and Learning ‡ Marketing activities ‡ Culture.

1000 ‡ Used by the lower and middle class mainly ‡ Children of upper-middle class as well as the working class ‡ Experiencers (VALS) ‡ This ad is majorly depicts the university.100 to Rs. college going students or youngsters which are money dependent .SOCIAL CLASS ‡ Price range lies between Rs.

REFERENCE GROUPS ‡ Informational group influence is prevalent ‡ Young people are well-integrated ‡ Meeting and seeing each other more than one time in a day ‡ Having similar connections will lessen the financial pressure to a greater extend. .

‡ However. . the group influence for the choice of that connection may be high ‡ Ad is mainly catering the people who are financially committed.REFERENCE GROUPS ‡ Brand is visible and of a household use ‡ The group influence will be low for a prepaid connection as it is a necessity. therefore the product is relevant to the reference groups which ultimately increases the group influence. burdened or dependent.

working) ‡ The solo parent I: Young solo parents stage ‡ The solo parent II: Middle-aged singles with children at home .HOUSEHOLDS ‡ Dependency of households over each other is relatively higher and mainly family households are seen Household life Cycle Financially committed or dependent people. we will se that the consumption rate would be relatively higher among ‡ Young Single Stage (living at home.

Change orientation ‡ Active vs. Passive orientation . Status orientation ‡ Tradition vs.IMPACT OF CULTURE ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND ADVERTISING ‡ Performance vs.

lower-middle and middle class. it may be stereotyped and positioned as a cheap brand ‡ Change welcoming society ‡ Passive oriented society prefer leisure over luxury showing a twisted ad with changed elements of style. fashion with the competitive rates where they . the lower. i.e.CULTURE Pakistani society is a: ‡ Status oriented society showing real target market.

university. and sometimes working part-time as well ‡ Highly distractible due to load of work and promises and leisure activities .TIME PERSPECTIVE IN THE LIGHT OF THE AD Polychronic Society ‡ Where many things are done at the same time i. party.e. hangouts. work.

groovers. .T THE AD ‡ Targeting GenY ‡ High conformity to the new innovative ideas ‡ Experiencers: less money but so much to adventure and experience ‡ Acquire independence or minimum dependence of their parents ‡ Daring and rebellious ‡ Consider themselves as right ‡ Diverse generation where if there are sportists.AGE SUBCULTURES W.R. and stylists on one hand but on the other there may be loners and fringe dwellers etc.

AGE SUBCULTURES Actually are targeting both Generation Y as well as the lower. lower-middle and middle class members of Generation X .

RELAVENCE OF THE AD WITH CONSUMER BEHAVIOR? Ads of Ufone pre-pay generally show ‡ Youngsters (or Youth) here is depicting an energetic class who are daring technophiles. always ready to come up and try different innovations ‡ These young people are well-integrated. meeting and seeing each other more than one time in a day ‡ The activity of these people make them to influence each other .

RELAVENCE OF THE AD WITH CONSUMER BEHAVIOR? ‡ Not only catering and targeting the youngsters ‡ They are trying to target all the financially committed people in an elegant way ‡ Showing blue-collared middle class or lower class may not be that effective ‡ stereo-typing and perceiving the brand ‡ position the product in an undesirable manner ‡ reducing the sales and customers of Ufone prepay .

as shown in the ad. on one hand are a great symbol of budget limited. we can say that youngsters.RELAVENCE? Therefore. financially dependent people who on the other hand are innovative. active and excessively influential .

RELAVENCE OF THE AD WITH CONSUMER BEHAVIOR? CONCLUSION YES! Ufone advertisements very much fit into the identified target market both directly and indirectly. yet in a great elegant economical way .

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