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Collin should really shut up.

Collin should really shut up.

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Published by Heather
Collin, Seth, Brady and Heather are bored. NOT GOOD!
Collin, Seth, Brady and Heather are bored. NOT GOOD!

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Published by: Heather on Jul 14, 2011
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Heather's POV " I'm bored." I complained for my spot on the couch.

I was resting my head on Se th's thigh and he was playing with my hair. He's so cute!!!!! " Me too." Brady whined. I was just hanging with my boys today. ( Collin, Brady and.... SETH) " We could play spin the bottle." Collin said lean forward winking at me. " No." Sethy said. Hee hee. I called him Sethy. " Truth or dare?" Brady suggested. " Nah I'm still on Parol from last time." I muttered. Collin and Brady gave me a questionabal look. " Well Emmett-" " Don't wanna know." Collin said and I giggled and he winked at me. " Um.... We could set Alice's closet on fire." Brady said. " Did it this morning." I sighed. " We could go streaking." Seth said we all stared at him giving him a WTF look." Well atleast I got your attention." He smirked. " So we can't go?" Collin asked and Brady smacked him in the back of the head. " Well we could go play laser tag." Seth suggested. " Nah we'd have to move." I sighed. " True that." He muttered. " Seriously spin the bottle is a good idea." Collin said. " Dude there's four of us and only one girl we'd need at least one more." Brady said. " Why?" Collin pouted. " Because I am not kissing you or Seth and it would be boring if we all kept kis sing Heather over and over again." He said. " Why won't you kiss me." Collin pouted and Brady moved a few inches away. " Okay we could..... Set Edwards piano on fire." Seth said. " Nah I'm still grounded from last time." I said. " Ugh we could play video games." Brady groaned. " Nah." I said. " Oh I know something fun." Collin said and we all looked at him cautiously. " What." Seth muttered. " Heather could put on a bikini." He said looking at me. " How is that fun." I asked rolling my eyes. " It's fun for me." He winked. Sethy growled lightly. I called him Sethy again! " You know I like that too Collin." Brady winked at me. And Seth pulled me into his lap wrapping his arms around me waist. YAY! " So your not gonna put on a bikini?" Collin asked. " No I am not!" I shouted. " Well we could go to a strip-" Collin began. " No!" I shouted. " Fine." He pouted. " You know were not going anywhere." Brady sighed. " You know at this point I think we should stick with Heather putting on a bikin i." Seth said and I pulled away from him and thumped him in the back of the head . " Well three to one.And you'd look hot in a bikini" Collin smirked. " No." I said rolling my eyes. " Well we could watch-" Collin began but Edward walked through. " Collin don't talk about my little sister like that and you better end that sen tence with TV." He warned and I giggled. " Kay." " Or think about it." He said then left. " Boo." Collin pouted " Lesbo." Brady muttered. " What?" Collin asked confused. " He called you a girl." I muttered. " Oh.... Wait HEY!" He shouted. " Idiots." Seth muttered. " I know." Collin said.

" " " " " " " "

This better not include people without clothes." Seth sighed. Uh... SPIN THE BOTTLE!" He shouted. No.... How about COD." Seth said.. I don't know what that means." I said. It's a video game." Seth said and I nodded slowly. Heather you cou-" Collin began. NO!" Edward shouted. Collin pouted. I don't wanna know." I muttered. Collin grinned. Oh not that face. He quickly grabbed his phone. " Hey Hea-" He began. I looked over at him. " Collin what now?" " Can I take a picture of you?" Asked smiling innocently. " No you may not." Edward said walking in taking his phone. " Kill joy." Collin pouted. " Okay Collin." I said walking over to him I grabbed his hands. " Yes Babes?" He asked. " I will never like you." I said. He looked down nodding. I walked away. " So how about some spin the bottle?" Collin asked. " We could play spin Collin and hit him with a bottle." I said and Brady and Set h grinned. " Well bye!" Collin shouted. " So bikini..." Brady trailed off. Edward walked in again and grabbed Brady by t he ear and dragged him out the door. " You would look good in a bikini." Seth said. Edward glared at him and he ran o ut the door. " I'm gonna call Jane" I said and Edward nodded.

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