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Power Pack VX - Scripts Collection – ''Official'' Documentation v1.0

Power Pack VX - Scripts Collection – ''Official'' Documentation v1.0

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Published by RafaelSolMaker
First release of the ''Official'' Documentation from Power Pack VX - Scripts Collection, a RPG Maker VX script and resource package.
First release of the ''Official'' Documentation from Power Pack VX - Scripts Collection, a RPG Maker VX script and resource package.

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Published by: RafaelSolMaker on Jul 14, 2011
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Rafael_Sol_Maker’s Power Pack VX - Scripts Collection “Official” Documentation v1.0 Introduction!

Hi, everyone! I’m Rafael_Sol_Maker, as you could imagine. No introduction for my person this time, let’s jump onto the project. First of all, I’ll quickly brief the Power Pack VX project. The Power Pack VX objective is very clear: Put in a single package: lots of bug fixes, enhancers and functions from previous RPG Makers, with more resources, some database modifications and extra content. An essential “starter kit” for every maker. I’m still working in a RC (release candidate) version. I still need to do some improvements and modifications before build a final version with merged to RTP scripts and contents. (Oh, and beta testing to wipe out all bugs)There was also a Beta version, very inferior to the actual, no more supported. The Portuguese RC version of the package was already launched and it’s on release/ revision 004 (at the time of this writing). In Theory, this pack is ready to be launched worldwide, to gather feedback and help someone, but there’s a lot of work in translation to do in it before posting in English communities. I was long time ago thinking how I can provide some taste of it, and I finally got a…

And this idea was the following: Throw in another package and redistribute all the “original” scripts I made for the “PPVX”, already isolated from the package modules (plug’n’play purposes, you know). All these scripts were prepared some months ago; I originally wanted to publish sometime later after the release of the “main package”, but I changed my mind and decided to publish it now. Several of these scripts are remakes, or similar to already existing ones, or even extended versions of scripts from others guys, and I decided to put under my name if after considered to have edited "enough". Some script on the Power Pack I edited a lot but kept the credits to the original author, too. Yeah, you didn’t understood wrong. Obviously, I didn’t make all of this, so I prefer to put in the credits all the authors of the original versions I extended, if applicable, and people who had similar scripts or ideas, if these ideas helped me. More: A special thanks to various scripters around the internet, because they helped so much when I was learning, so... Now, without further yap-yap-yap, let's finally go to the scripts, showing what each one does. Just a side note: The usage generally follows the scripts itself, in the header.

A super-special collection with more than 40 scripting commands, containing some brand new and some already seen features into RPG Maker, they could be used by simply using few lines in the 'Run Script' event command. It contains Party Commands, Characters Commands (hero and in-map events), Batch Utility Commands, Picture Commands ('Show Picture' event command), and Standard 'System' Folder Graphics’ Changing, among others. Very easy to use and extremely powerful! At the beginning of the script there’s a list of all commands and parameters. I only adapted some and made few things/commands here, but my collection is simply killer.

You've probably seen some scripts to add the fog in VX. And also there’s a script that can even add multiple fog layers, but probably you never saw some like that I did (or already saw, hehehe, who knows). It, obviously, adds a fog effect identical to the RPG Maker XP one in RPG Maker VX maps. This means that I’ve collected the best features and ease of use of some scripts and merged it with the XP fog code, creating a “Perfect” fog system, as the name of the script may suggest. All commands and usage are in the header of the script. All fog graphics should be placed in the folder 'Graphics/Fogs/'. Just try out this script!

VX SAVE STYLE 2003 v1.2a
(Based on UNIR’s 'Save 2003 Style') Do you think the 'Save' screen VX is ugly? Me too, so I was searching for an alternative, something more classic, beautiful and functional, then I came across some script, the UNIR’s one. I changed lot of small things and this was the result. It allows the increasing of the total of "saveslot" files, for your desired number (just remembering that the VX default was only 4 “saveslots”). Here the scene was redesigned to looks like the RPG Maker 2003, showing characters’ faces and money. Fully compatible with 544x416 and 640x480 resolutions. Nothing too advanced, but the final result is way better than the default.

This is a very basic and simple graphical script, there are several others similar out there, but mine has a few other features and is very polished. Explaining: It makes possible the addition of a slide show of images, and can be used on the map, as well as a logo before the title screen, similar to RPG Maker 2000/2003 (I bet you remember, right?). You can also play a background music if you want, and has one more optional settings, the waiting time for in and out transitions between images. All graphics should be placed in the 'Graphics/ Intros/' folder. An introduction/logo before the title is a very interesting idea used in many professional games, why do not you try one too?

(Based on snstar2006’s 'Enable single icon usage') In RPG Maker VX, everything is grouped into 'sets', but this is not always very helpful or a good idea. Grouping of course has advantages, but in one situation or another you may need to use an individual feature, just like you do with charsets by putting '$' before the name. And that's what this script does to faces (which were only possible using one face and choosing the very first part of it). And more: This works for icons too, and you may even use other iconsets, configuring them in the database (through notetags). All individual icons or additional iconsets should be placed in the 'Graphics/Icons/' folder. The instructions you’ll find in the script header. Now you can choose the easiest way you find to use your graphics.

(9 in 1, English version) After a careful review of RPG Maker VX, I found many little glitches/inconveniences on it. And then, after an extensive research I created this small collection made of “mini-scripts” that have no right place to put in my compilation, grouping all under this name. They're all minor adjustments to improve the usability of VX and correct some errors, bugs and inconsistencies. In this version I included you can perform the following adjusts: • Set the message when you succeeded to escape from a battle; • Adjust the making of enemy names (useful to Japanese default scripts, putting a space before the enemy’s letter, e.g.: " Enemy A") • Optionally recover HP and MP when you level up; • To adjust the encounter rate to be halved if you are in vehicle, even in grass; • Airship can now trigger events with priority 'Over the Hero'; • Correction of the battler positions (Properly aligns the monsters on the screen, add-on for resolutions scripts) • Sound in Expressions; • Modify easily the party’s initial Money; • Modify easily the flight height of the Airship;

Let's be honest, the Status screen of the RPG Maker VX is horrible. It’s only a mono-block window with all the information thrown at it, and moreover there is one thing missing, the party’s money! So I totally redesigned the scene status to be similar to RPG Maker 2003. The information is now distributed and well organized in other windows, and of course, I added the Gold window, by adding/changing and removing what is unnecessary. It may not be the most beautiful Status scene, but it does now have a minimum of quality, in my opinion. Compatible with the 544x416 and 640x480 resolutions.

(Battleback and terrain damage using areas) Replaces the basic ‘Battleback by Area’ script that I made for Power Pack VX Starter Kit BETA, and with some new cool built-in functions! Just see what it does: Set batllebacks similar to RPG Maker XP for certain areas, and also assign a specified damage for each step, simulating the terrain damage from other RPG Makers. And more: adjust the minimum HP that the hero can have when poisoned and when walking on the map, the damage rate of the poison and the regeneration rate of items that recover HP, for each step given. Cool, huh? For this you only need to configure some things and write some commands in the names of the areas. P.S.: It eliminates the Battlefloor, since it is unnecessary. All battbleback graphics goes to the 'Graphics\Battlebacks\' folder.

Technically speaking, it’s the most complete (and complicated) resolution script that I know. It’s not a complete kit to run every single scene and window of a VX game in "full VGA” resolution, but actually makes a great duet with the OrginalWij’s Resize&Scale script, after some modifications, if you want to do this. To understand what I’ m saying, just see it working on Power Pack RC. Below: Let's say that it resembles the Kylock’s "High resolution" script, but it’s more advanced why its keep the aspect ratio and scale, because it takes into calculations all window borders, something that no other script does. And as an additional, you can change the resolution or put the Game in fullscreen with a single key press, pretty much like the RPG Maker 2000/2003 did. Do not miss this chance to put your game on "high resolution"!

My personal favorite, though. And as you must be imagined, it’s an idea from my researches in RPG Maker 2000/2003 functions which were missing from the VX. With this script you can use a custom set of transitions for map teleport, at the beginning or the end of battles. You can configure in and out of all these, a grand total of six different transitions can be used. And if you don’t want to use transitions you can use the good’n’old fade-in/out effect. This makes the game a lot more interesting, because the script is the most complete transition script that ever existed, as it covers all transitions! All graphics should be placed in the ‘Graphics/Transitions/’ folder, obvious. You can modify all transition in-game with some commands, just read the instructions at the header of the script. Look here what you can configure: • Map Transition (in) • Map Transition (out) • Battle Transition (in) • Battle Transition (out) • Battle End Transition (in) • Battle End Transition (out) • Transition delay, in frames.

Manipulating files is a very easy thing in Ruby/RGSS, with the classes File and FileTest. But these two classes aren’t sufficient (or inefficient) for some operations, so I added some functionality from the old and now deprecated ftools.rb, from the default Ruby libray, to extend the "firepower" of the File class. With these new superpowers is now possible to easily copy files, create directory trees, combine names of files and folders automatically (append), delete multiple files at once, comparison of different files, changing attributes, etc.

Basic addition on sound system (class AudioFile, RPG module), reaching all the 4 subclasses responsible for sound in the game: BGM, BGS, ME and SE (background music, background sound effect, sound effect and musical effect, respectively). Since then this script basically serves to recall the last played sounds, now present in the sound effects and musical effects ('SE.last' and 'ME.last'), and mainly to give the possibility to know the position where the sounds were being played, with millisecond precision, which can be extremely useful and advantageous for synchronization purposes. It’s a class extension that can be useful to someone, I think.

A simple and very nice visual effect, which fades the window while it’s opening or closing, performing a soft and more enjoyable effect. As a part of the effect, the window also closes a little more slowly. It does not really have much to be said about this script, just put it on and use.

You know when you put some script on the command "Execute Script" at some event and it gives an error? Now just imagine when you have multiple events on the same map that do this? What can you do? The problem is the following: First, you don’t know what error occurred; second, you don’t know what event was caused this error, and checking one by one would not be easy. But your troubles are over! With this script, you get much more detailed descriptions of the errors generated by this command, which evaluates all the scripts you can write, whether they’re on event commands, move routes, or even conditional statements, stating precisely the ID of the map and of the event, accompanied by the error line number, and also the type of error with its description. Is it a good exception catcher or not?

Considering the need to extend the database of the game that many scripters decided to use the annotation fields of various game objects to add small keywords that serve as commands to create and use new functions. With time and refinement, the idea has spread worldwide and several scripts have what they call a “notetags system”, as the scripter Yanfly named this. But with the utility some problems have emerged, each item had to be processed individually with a complex treatment generally made with regular expressions in order to get the result. But now this script here shows the next step in the evolutionary scale of the system, a global notetag interpreter for various types of data! With a few lines, often with two or even one, you can investigate totally any text searching the expressions and obtaining their return values, even if they have multiple values or are scattered in various commands throughout the text. Now it's much easier to use notes as notetags in database or anywhere else you want with this amazing system!

Important: Terms of Use
Generally, there is no problem if you make any use of this. Every script here is independent from each another, and can be used separately with no problems. If you want to redistribute some of them, or the whole package, with or without any modifications of these, be welcome, only please ask me and I’ll give all support you need. And don’t forget in any hypothesis to credit me. Please observe: Some resources here are edited, but every resource, except if clearly specified (or obvious), counts as Enterbrain resources / RTP, and have the same use conditions. If there is some problem with these resources in your country, I recommend deleting them immediately. I don’t support any problems with graphical resources, and I don’t make or edit images/sounds/musics by request. Please don’t forget to credit to all authors of scripts/graphics/others you use. You can credit “secondary authors”, if they credit the original one. This demo and the scripts are free for every use, since you observe the utilization of the Creative Commons license (see below). You can use this demo and the scripts for freeware games, and even for commercial games, but you need to obtain the author’s permission for this, if part of the original credits are to another person instead me (the “based on” scripts). This script package and every individual script here is distributed “as it is”, with no additional guarantees. In case of problems, please contact me, but I’m not responsible for any direct or indirect damage it can cause. I reserved the right of changing the “Terms of Use” in any moment, so please be careful. Oh, and make regular backups of your projects and files! Rafael Sol Maker’s Power Pack VX - Scripts Collection, by Rafael_Sol_Maker is licensed by Creative Commons ‘Atribuição-Compartilhamento pela mesma licença 3.0 Unported’ License. Check license details at: http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.pt_BR

Where I can find the Scripts, Power Pack, etcetera?
Very simple. Try searching on: http://www.condadobraveheart.com/forum/ (Portuguese RPG Maker Community) or: http://www.rpgmakervx.net/ (English RPG Maker Community) Well, anyway, soon this documentation would be updated and include the real links and scripts. Stay tuned!

Documentation Changelist
“Official” Documentation v1.0 – 18/11/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy) Initial release. Lots of things to improve yet!

And finally…
…There is some of my very first scripts here, there’s not advanced or totally new, I don’t wanted to do this, only to do some improvements for RPG Maker VX. It’s not a real cool and awesome thing, but the Power Pack, if used correctly, could be. If you find some bug, grammar or syntax error in texts, have any suggestions, want to help or even to chat, be welcome. Please help me to improve all this, it’s not an easy thing to me write all this in English, you know. Hopefully I’m not the worst on this, hehehehe. Thanks for the attention; I hope you find something useful for you here!

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