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How are you? A message was typed, Pigeon lost its way, To come back to the bay Days passed, Once again the blue moon appeared, How are you? The same question echoed, Eyes pleasantly bordered by spectacles, In a slightly tiring yet crisp tone, Venus replied I am fine, It was divine, But not long enough, Jupiter went back into memory lane, Ah he got it, She a isn’t no fine,

Good lords it wasn't her voice, swiftly Jupiter’s pigeon flew, Caressing with supplements, Wishes against the flu, A million times, She coughed all along, Tons of Smiles spread even more, Jupiter knew, It must have been tough, Smiles don’t tell all stories, The next blue moon appeared, Venus was basking in glory, She stood Laughing Away Cough
Dec 20th 2010, 12:46am

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