Alex Miskin,11 Kitchel Road,Mount Kisco, NY 10549,(914)-629-83333 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 160 Height: 6'0"

THEATER: Iphigenia (2009) Soldier Eckerd College Bininger Theatre

Magnet Theater York, NY

Improv Team

254 West 29th Street, New

Call of the Wild (2010) Buck (Lead)

Eckerd College Bininger Theatre

The Gamester (2011) Theatre

Valere (Lead)

Eckerd College Bininger

The Salon (2011) Studio

Count Kinsky (Lead)

Actors Movement

Training: Theater Major Eckerd College (2009-Present)

Dance, Stage Combat, Improvisation Studio (2011)

Actors Movement


Professional fencing. and Modern Dance .Irene Ryan Nomination ( Call of the Wild 2010) Irene Ryan Nomination (The Gamester 2011) Special Skills: French dialect.

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