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Hot Dogs for Dwight/West River Saturdays

Hot Dogs for Dwight/West River Saturdays

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Published by Patricia Dillon

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Published by: Patricia Dillon on Jul 15, 2011
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Family CMT s D al Hot Festiv ale!!

Dog S

Hot Dogs $2

Please come o ut and port th supe resid Dwigh ents o f t, Edge wood, West R and iver ne hoods ighbor with th e purc of a H hase ot Dog ! Proce will be eds nefit t he Dw Centra ight l Mngt Summ Teams er Fes tival o n Sat-

Every Saturday until August 13, 2011,

In Dwight Place * 150 Whalley Avenue NH
Contact: Ann Demchek for more info
Dwight Central Management Team

urday, August 13th.

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