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RUNNING REPORTS If you have User Privileges to run reports, when you select a report the


Los Angeles Unified School District

Report Request Page appears allowing you to define parameters for the

Query Options
and Parameters

The Query section of the Request Page allows you to set parameters for
the report. The available parameters are predefined and vary by report.
They can include record status, start/end dates, and/or field parameters.

For many requests, you have only three query options:

E-MAILING REPORTS You can choose to e-mail a report from the Request Page. The default to
e-mail is No. If you select Yes, you can either:

The “From” in the e-mail is filled in with the e-mail address from your
employee record in the Labor Table of the database. If you do not have
an e-mail address, and attempt to send an e-mail, the following error
message is displayed:

To E-mail Reports, a valid e-mail address is required. Please
contact your System Administrator to set one up for you.

You must then go back to the Request Page, and delete the e-mail
information to continue.

The default for e-mails is to send attachments (not link) and to send via
blind carbon copy (BCC).

The subject of the e-mail is the complete, spelled out title of the Report’s
name, for example Work Order Tracking for WOTRACK


The Request Page allows you to define the run time for a report.
The available options are:

NOTE: If you select the Recurring Schedule Option, and later wish to
discontinue the report, you must contact your Report Administrator. Only
your Report Administrator has authority to cancel a Recurring Report.


You can view reports in two ways:

Current Record – Uses data from current record. This is the
Selected Record – Uses data from records selected in the
All Records – Uses data from all records.

Select one or many e-mail addresses from the available
MAXIMO e-mail addresses.
Type in e-mail address(es) to send the report to. E-mails can be
sent to non-MAXIMO users.

Right Now — the default.
At This Time — allows you to set a specific date and time.
Recurring — allows you to set the report to run repeatedly at a
specified time, for example every Monday at 9:00 a.m.

Los Angeles Unified School District

Page 159

NOTE: If your User Privileges are only to View Reports you have the
ability to view or print a report, but you cannot make any changes to it.


Clicking the Search link in the Navigation bar opens the Search Pane on
the left hand side of the screen.
You can add or remove fields from your search query by clicking the
fields in the Reports display. You can then enter search information.
Operators (equals [=], less than [<], hyphen [-], comma [,], and
exclamation mark [!]) and wildcards (question mark [?], asterisk [*], and
number [#]) can be used when searching fields.


Once a Smart Search has been conducted, the Report can be downloaded
and saved as either:

PRINTING REPORTS There are two options for printing reports:

Running a report.

Selecting a previously run report from the View Reports list in the
Application reports folder. These reports are displayed in
Chronological order with the most recently run report displayed

Comma delimited data that can be downloaded to a spreadsheet
program, such as Excel.

Tab delimited data that can be downloaded to a text editor such as

Print — opens a separate browser session and displays a
confirmation message.
o Select OK to print the report to your default printer.

o Select Cancel to cancel the printing. The separate browser
session remains open.

View PDF — opens a separate browser session in Adobe Acrobat
Reader. From here you can either save the report as PDF or print
the report.



Los Angeles Unified School District

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