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English Oral Test Example SPM

English Oral Test Example SPM


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Radio Talk Show
Teacher’s Name: Pn. Jasbir Kaur
Class: 5 Science 3
Members: Muhammad Zhafran bin Ahmad Dirsan DJ Z!
S"ahrul S"afiin bin Sulaiman Chef Piin!
Adi Na#rin bin Samsuri Caller $: Mr. Adi!
Muhammad Afi% &in M'hd. Aris Caller (: Mr. Afi%!
DJ Z: )e"* he"* he". )'+’s e,er"b'd" d'in- .his m'rnin-/ T'da"* "'u’re +i.h me*
DJ Z 'n S0ace 1M* +here .here is n' -ra,i."* br'u-h. .' "'u b" Secre. Nasa*
0r',idin- "'u +i.h .he la.es. c',er. s0ace .echn'l'-"2 As usual* .his m'rnin-
is an'.her se-men. 'f 3C''4 li4e a Pr'’ .eachin- "'u .he la.es. reci0es5 fr'm
.he ,er" m's. unusual .' .he m's. dis-us.in-2 S'* le.’s mee. .he man +h'’s
d'in- i. li,e 'n air* Chef Piin2 S'* chef* .ell us m're ab'u. "'urself.
Chef Piin: Than4 "'u2 Than4 "'u2 6. .''4 me a +hile .' c'me here since "'u called me
'n m" +a" .' Africa .' c''4 f'r hun-r" children .here in 'rder .' a,'id
s.ar,a.i'n* bu. since "'u insis.* 6’,e came here +i.h .he b'd"-uards "'u hired.
7ell* 6 had in,'l,ed in Culinar" Ar.s +hen 6 +as $8 "ears 'ld .a4in- 6CT as
m" ma9'r. 6. +as a dream c'mes .rue. Af.er .ha.* 6 +as denied fr'm .a4in-
Mas.ers in Culinar" due .' m" de-ree cer.ifica.e in 0r'-rammin-. &u.* i. did
n'. made me %ui.* 6 s.udied &a4er" and Pas.r" durin- m" "ears in 3Su-ar N
S0ice’* a 0ri,a.e c'lle-e in .he middle 'f Sara+a4’s :ainf'res.. ;ears 'f
.rainin- and hard +'r4 had earned me .he .i.le 'f 3&es. Chef in S'u.h5<as.
Asia’. 6’m %ui.e ha00" ab'u. i..
DJ Z: <r= Than4 "'u f'r .he in.ri-uin- and curi'us s.'r". N'+* +ha. are "'u -'in-
.' .each e,er"b'd" .'da"/
Chef Piin: T'da" 6 +'uld li4e .' .each all 'f "'u 'u. .here* a ne+ reci0e* ne,er bef're
seen 'n .ele,isi'n called P'.a.' Cris0s2 The in-redien.s are= refer .' f'ur.h
DJ Z: 7'+* i. seems difficul.. Ne,er mind* +e are +ai.in- f'r an" callers 'u. .here
+h' +'uld li4e .' as4 .he chef ab'u. .he reci0e +e’,e 9us. learned. S.a" .uned
af.er .his sh'r. c'mmercial brea4s.
DJ Z: 7ell* "'u’re bac4 +i.h me* DJ Z 'n S0ace 1M* +here .here is n' -ra,i."2 7e
ha,e 'nl" 'ne caller u0 un.il .his m'men.. 7ell* le.’s hear i.. )ell'/
Mr. Adi: )ell'/ 6’m Mr. Adi fr'm AK* Alu Kelan- in Selan-'r. 6 +'uld li4e .' as4 .he
chef ab'u. .he in-redien.s. Assume .ha. 6 d'n’. ha,e an" 0'.a.'esB can 6 use
'.her in-redien.s ins.ead/
Chef Piin: 7ell* if +e assume .ha. "'u d'n’. ha,e an" 0'.a.'es* .hen 6 su--es. "'u c''4
s'me.hin- else. &u.* if "'u s.ill +an. .' .r" .his reci0e f'r +ha.e,er +eird
reas'n .ha. "'u ha,e* .hen 6 su--es. "'u used "am 'r .a0i'ca ins.ead. The
name 'f .he f''d +ill chan-e bu. i.’s n'. .he end 'f .he +'rld.
Mr. Adi: Are sure* chef/ 7ell* .han4 "'u f'r "'ur ad,ice .hen.
DJ Z: Crea. %ues.i'n2 7ell* neD. caller is 'n .he +a". )ell'/
Mr. Afi%: )ell'/ Am= ;es can 6 'rder .+' 0i##as +i.h eD.ra cheese .'00in- +i.h (
carb'na.ed drin4s. Can "'u als' add s'me=
DJ Z: <Dcuse me/ Sir* +e d'n’. 0r',ide an" deli,er" ser,ice here.
Mr. Afi%: ?h/ 7ell* ne,er mind* 6’ll 0ic4 u0 m" 'rders la.er .hen.
DJ Z: N'* n'. 6 mean* .his is a hi-h5end radi' sh'+* n'. s'me l'us" res.auran..
Mr. Afi%: ?h* 6’m hun-r" .h'u-h.
DJ Z: 7ell* "'u c'uld as4 'ur chef ab'u. .he reci0e +e’,e 9us. learned.
Mr. Afi%: :eall"* chef* h'+ man" 0'.a.'es 6 need f'r a fi,e 0ers'n’s dinner/
Chef Piin: 7ell* c'nsider 3D’ is .he am'un. "'u need f'r a fi,e 0ers'n’s dinner. Three
0'.a.'es are needed .' crea.e a 'ne 0ers'n dinner. S'* fi,e mul.i0l" b" .hree*
can "'u find 'u. f'r "'urself/
Mr. Afi%: 6’m hun-r"=
Chef Piin: ?4= ;'u need $5 0'.a.'es. Tha.’s all.
Mr. Afi%: 7ell. Than4 "'u* .hen.
DJ Z: )mmm= Tha. +as a+4+ard. 7ell* chef* .ha.’s all .he .ime +e -'. .'da"*
.han4 "'u f'r .he reci0e.
Chef Piin: ;es* .han4s a-ain f'r Ein,i.in-F me here .'da".
DJ Z: 7ell* Mala"sian* "'u -'. i.. S.a" .uned f'r ,ari'us se-men.s af.er .his 'n
S0ace 1M* +here .here is n' -ra,i."* br'u-h. .' "'u b" Secre. Nasa* 0r',idin-
"'u +i.h .he la.es. c',er. s0ace .echn'l'-"2 C''db"e and ha,e a nice da"2
 G 'r m're medium l-. 0'.a.'es
 ?il 'r fa. f'r dee0 fr"in-
 Sal.
7ash and 0eel .he 0'.a.'es. Slice ,er" .hin.
An 'ld fashi'ned cabba-e slicer can be used careful 'f .he fin-ers! 5 'r use a shar0 4nife
'r f''d 0r'cess'r +i.h a .hin slicin- blade.
Pu. .he slices a. 'nce in.' a b'+l 'f c'ld +a.er and le. s.and f'r a. leas. 'ne h'ur. 6ce
+a.er is bes.* bu. "'u can se. .he +h'le b'+l in .he refri-era.'r if "'u +ish. Dr" +ell b"
sha4in- .hem in a .'+el.
1r" in h'. 'il a. 3HI de-rees 1. un.il a li-h. -'lden br'+n. D'nJ. .r" fr"in- .'' man" a.
'nce* be..er .' 0u. 'ne la"er 'n .he fr"in- bas4e.. Drain 'n 0a0er .'+els 'r an" 4ind 'f
0lain crum0led abs'rben. 0a0er.
6f "'u ha,enJ. an" 0a0er* use a +'rn dish .'+el. Sal. li-h.l". These can be 4e0. f'r s'me
.ime if .he" are sealed in.' 0las.ic ba-s 'r c'n.ainers af.er .he" ha,e c''led.

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