20 Questions Every Artisan Player Should Answer


1) What is your Full Name (Personal, Family, Partner), Age (Most Artisan are
around 4000-6000yrs) and Gender? 2) Give us a full Physical Description of yourself, including height, weight, complexion, defining physical characteristics and style of dress. 3) Do you have any family? 4) Do you have any friends? 5) Are you involved in a relationship with another person? If so, are they Artisan or alien? 6) Are you a fleet-dweller, a settler or live amongst the other peoples of the galaxy? 7) What profession do you hold? 8) Would you consider yourself an ascetic or are you more well-rounded? 9) Are you an empath? 10) What is you opinion on the other races of the galaxy? 11) During the Fall, did you contribute to the fight or were you a refugee (assuming you were born yet)? 12) What is your opinion of the Outsiders? 13) Did you lose anyone during the Fall? If so, how? Have you made peace with what’s happened or are you still grappling with the circumstances today? 14) Do you uphold the Mantle, or do you place your individual freedom over the burdens of your species? 15) Do you have any significant character flaws? 16) Are you hopeful for the future of your species, or do you subscribe to the belief that extinction is inevitable? 17) What is your opinion of the Fleet? 18) Do you have any particular goals you are working towards? 19) What do you want out of life? 20) If you as the player could give any advise to your character, what would it be?

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