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Neighbor to Neighbor
OUR DRINKING WATER IS AT RISK! OUR CHILDREN ARE AT RISK! MARCELLUS NATURAL GAS DRILLING HAS COME TO MORGANTOWN!! WHAT WE’RE BEING TOLD 1. Extracting natural gas from Marcellus Shale can be done safely. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW 1. Scientific results may not be conclusive for years. But, water, soil, and air have been contaminated from Marcellus natural gas drilling in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states. 2. Our legislators have failed to pass laws to to deal specifically with Marcellus gas drilling in West Virginia. Our governor has not agreed to call a special session of the legislature. 3. Well-drilling permits have been granted by the WV Department of Environmental Protection that, while in accordance with existing laws, allow well drilling operations that may pose risks to our health, safety, and quality of life. 4. Medical costs to address potential health consequences from some Marcellus well impacts could far outweigh any gas utility bill savings. 5. Are these jobs worth the health risks to our children and ourselves? Are they worth the sacrifices of clean water and clean air that we may be forced to make? 6. People like us have said ‘no’ to shale gas drilling and had an impact. Pittsburgh, PA; Buffalo, NY; and Wellsburg, WV have banned fracking. No new horizontal fracking permits are being issued in New York until studies on fracking risks to water and air supplies are completed in July 2011.

2. Laws are in place to protect us.

3. Regulations and enforcement procedures are in place to protect us.

4. Using domestically produced Marcellus gas will save consumers an average of $736 annually on gas utility bills. 5. Drilling in the Marcellus shale will bring jobs to West Virginia.

6. There’s nothing we can do because drilling companies are too big and powerful.

Please get informed! Please get involved! Email: with your questions and concerns. Check out this video on Utube: “Fracking Hell: The Untold Story” Morgantown Area Concerned Citizens Group