A Poet I

Poet is an artist, who will always be there. Poet is a lonely speaker in the middle of the conversation. Never doubt Poet·s hands, but yours instead. 1 hour, 1 minute, 1 second ago is a history and Poets are the HISTORY of the world of art. Poet·s heart is as red as Saint and Killer, but in the artist way. Truth is what we think is right. Truth is what Poet believes is a word before sight, Poet realized love and hate are the same, but lover and friend are different. Poet writing in the dark tried to remember the long lost past. Life of a Poet such as light as heaven, yet burden with the word of sorrow: of love and death. Poet walks on the line of thorns that bleed word of love and lost. Poet wishes not to hear the word he/she said, for he/she fears to face it him/herself. Poet best with words as it flow like a river in his/her veins. Poet does not sing a song of sorrow, but write it.

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